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Author's note: This story takes place just before Thor and is based on the following request: Darcy sticks around for a late night astrophysics session with Jane, and Jane is so focused on her work (and Darcy is so clueless about this particular discipline anyway) that she suddenly wonders why she's even there. And then, fingers smudged with pen ink, Jane shows her. ;)

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Thor: Under The Stars
by MTL ([email protected])

The stars. Light from suns burning millions of miles away which were unquestionably beautiful to stare at. Just how long was debatable. It kind of depended on the person.

For Jane Foster it was practically a lifestyle. She could do it all night long and never get bored, her research so very fascinating to her that she could stay up all night without taking a single break.

For Darcy Lewis they were just kind of there. They were pretty and all, and Darcy guessed she could imagine why someone would find them so fascinating, but they were never really her thing. In fact she was totally clueless about anything to do with them outside of their 'pretty' despite Jane's frequent attempts to educate her. It all just went in one ear and out the other though, and once again Darcy found herself wondering what she was doing here. Not just tonight but in general. After all there had been so many other internships available which were closer to what she was studying, and so many other places a woman with a rocking body like hers could be right now. So for the millionth time she asked herself what she was doing here? And for the millionth time the answer was the same.

Jane Foster. Her boss. The girl Darcy had seen pinning a 'help wanted' note to a noticeboard near her dorms a few months ago.

Darcy had never believed in that love at first sight crap, and she still didn't. Lust at first sight, now that was totally different. She had been in total lust at first sight with Jane. Not to a crazy degree or anything. She didn't go running down the street after her and make a fool of herself, despite a little part of her wanting too. No, instead she had casually strolled over to the noticeboard, mostly expecting to find a little 'roommate wanted' flyer or something. What she had found was an incredibly detailed description of an unpaid internship in something she had no experience in which offered her the glamorous chance to spend hours in the desert during both the day and night.

If she hadn't seen who put it up Darcy wouldn't have given it a second look, let alone finish reading it not once but twice and then pocket the damn thing. Which she had a feeling she was going to regret, yet at the same time knowing there were worst things then getting to follow someone that pretty around all day.

So basically Darcy had brought this on herself, but every time she questioned what she was doing there all Darcy had to do was look at Jane. Which was also her cure for boredom, Darcy making a game out of counting the seconds in her head until it was ok to glance over at Jane again. Of course she could have just stared at her non-stop and Jane wouldn't have noticed. Jane was completely oblivious to the way Darcy felt, which was both cute and frustrating. Hell, even Eric knew and he was almost as oblivious to real world things as Jane.

"Ok, let's go!" Jane suddenly called out, waking Darcy from her thoughts.

"Wha, what?" Darcy mumbled, but Jane was already out the door of the Winnebago and climbing up the steps.

Bemusedly Darcy followed, surprised to find two plastic deckchairs set up on the top of their vehicle, Jane already sitting down in one of the chairs as she called, "Hurry, you don't want to miss it."

"Miss what?" Darcy asked, sitting down in the other chair.

"Shhhhh." Jane said, pointing up at the stars. But nothing happened, and that worried Jane, "I, I... there should be... erm, ha, if you just give it a second... I'm sure..."

Suddenly Darcy notice something out of the corner of her eye. It started out slow, one little shooting star filling the night sky. Then it was followed by another and another and another, creating a rainbow like effect. By this stage in her internship Darcy wasn't really impressed by stars, but this was the exception.

Naturally Jane started yammering on about it, Darcy politely humming and nodding every so often for several minutes before finally offering, "It's pretty."

"Kind of like you." Jane suddenly blurted out.

Looking over Darcy was surprised to find that Jane was leaning over so their bodies were almost touching. It was surprising as while Darcy was easily distracted Jane normally moved with the subtlety of a tiny but powerful bulldozer.

Briefly Jane look like a deer caught in the headlights, then she looked down to Darcy's lips, then back up to Darcy's eyes, then totally freaked out, jumping back and practically squealing, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

"For what?" Darcy mumbled in confusion.

"Nothing." Jane blushed, "Nothing at all. Can, can we just forget it?"

"Forget what? Seriously Jane, what's going on?" Darcy asked, still feeling confused until suddenly realisation set in, "Wait, was that... was that you hitting on me?"

"No, no, no, no I, I, I... no I, erm, of course not, I would never, I, I... ha... erm... I... didn't mean it..." Jane stammered weakly, desperately trying to look anywhere other than in Darcy's direction, especially as she softly added, "Look, I'm... I'm sorry ok? Please don't tell anyone."

Darcy was stunned. No, there was an understatement. She was completely and totally floored. She had been knocked to the floor which had opened up and swallowed her, her body still currently travelling through the Earth. Hell, she was so out of it she didn't hear Jane continue to babble on at least for a couple of minutes, Darcy too busy desperately trying and failing to process this new information to put Jane's mind at ease.

As a result Jane's mind became stuck on panic mode, "Plea, please... I swear I've never done anything like this before. I, I never even thought about it. But, but you're just so... so very... God, I'm so sorry Darcy, please forgive me? I didn't mean it, I, I... it's not like I'm even gay or anything, I, I... I just wanted to show you why 'this stuff' is so important to me. I swear. It will never happen again."

"Showing me the stars, or the other thing?" Darcy finally asked, the huge smile crossing her face hopefully meaning she was taking this as well as could be expected.

"The, the other thing." Jane blushed, looking down in shame, "Again I'm, I'm sorry Darcy... I-"

"For what?" Darcy suddenly interrupted, "It's not every day I get hit on by someone so beautiful."

"Oh... ok..." Jane blushed an even deeper shade of red and then again struggled for what to say next, her mouth opening and closing as she began babbling incoherently.

It was so cute. All Darcy wanted to do at that moment was close the gap between them and kiss Jane right on her pretty little mouth. Just like she'd wanted to do since she first saw Jane, except now Darcy might actually have a shot at the other brunette kissing her back. However considering Jane looked like a frightened rabbit Darcy decided to take a more cautious approach.

So, waiting until there was a gap in Jane's rambling, Darcy leaned in a little closer and said softly, "Look, you're gorgeous, and sweet, and brilliant, and way, way out of my league. I mean seriously, you deserve like... a God or something. But... if you want to... we can do anything you want. If you want to forget this ever happened that's fine. Or, if you want, we could talk about it... or... you could kiss me. You know, if you want. It's totally your call."

Jane had looked at Darcy after the first complement, her eyes not leaving hers until there was a pause in conversation. Then Jane's eyes lowered to Darcy's lips briefly then up again, repeating this process a couple of times before biting her lip.

As this was assigned that Jane was still clearly nervous Darcy added, "It doesn't have to mean anything, or go anywhere. It... think of it like an experiment. See if you like it. If you don't, that's cool. I swear I'll never mention it again, to anyone. It's up to you gorgeous."

Darcy regretted that last choice of words instantly. It sounded so cheesy and dorky, but honestly it was hard to come up with anything that good when she was so close to getting the thing she wanted most. Besides, she was far more concerned with Jane's reaction than her embarrassment. Luckily it didn't seem that Jane had been put off by Darcy's clich‚-ness as after a few more long seconds staring at each other the older girl finally close the gap between them and touch the younger girl's lips with her own.

It was... kinda awkward actually. Jane was tense and so nervous Darcy thought she might pull away at any second. She didn't and after a few seconds Darcy caressed Jane's lips with hers. It was kind of like kissing a statue at first, albeit a statue with extremely soft lips, but then Jane relaxed. Not completely but enough that she started kissing Darcy back, the two friends cautiously caressing each other's lips for about a minute or two before Jane pulled back and stared at her assistant.

After a few seconds Darcy opened her mouth to ask how Jane was feeling but before she could get a single word out Darcy's boss leaned forward and kissed her again. Unlike a few other bosses she'd had this attention was very welcome, especially the unexpected but very encouraging aggression Jane was showing first by pressing her petite body more firmly against Darcy's curvy figure and then by Jane almost literally pushing her tongue into Darcy's mouth. Of course Darcy welcomed Jane's tongue and caressed it with her own, the awkwardness quickly fading away and the kiss became like the ones in Darcy's most vivid fantasies.

Jane wasn't sure what had gotten into her. She was actually pretty embarrassed about her behaviour, but she couldn't help herself. Darcy Lewis was like the embodiment of sex. So ridiculously sexy that surely even the straightest woman on earth would find her attractive. Or at least that's what Jane told herself to help her sleep at night.

It hadn't always been this way. Jane had found Darcy attractive from the start, sure, but the girl had gotten on her nerves. She was rude, at times even vulgar and she knew nothing of Jane's work. But then Darcy had proven herself in other ways and very slowly Jane found herself noticing the other woman more and more until she had to admit to herself she had a crush. Then it kind of felt like something more, Jane's work suffering a little because she couldn't stop thinking about Darcy.

For some people it wouldn't be a big deal but it was huge for Jane, not to mention unacceptable. She never let anything distract her before, not like this, and she had almost fired Darcy on the spot. Then Darcy had bought her coffee and smiled at her and Jane knew she could never ever do that so she had to come up with a alternative. A very enjoyable alternative. Because sure, it had been terrifying at first but Darcy's soft lips had felt so good against her own, and that body, those big glorious tits pressing against Jane's vastly inferior pair, it was also overwhelming.

Suddenly Jane found she wasn't in her deck chair anymore. She was in Darcy's, the plastic straining against the weight of two bodies... Jane laying on top of the ridiculously sexy figure of Darcy Lewis.

Jane had no idea how they ended up in this position but she couldn't imagine anywhere she'd rather be. It was like the softest bed ever, Jane just wanting to snuggle up to the soft and curvy body beneath her and never move again. At the same time she never wanted to stop kissing Darcy as the only thing better than feeling the other girl's lips against her own was to feel them while their tongues were caressing each other. Then there was the fact Jane could feel... Darcy's private area against her thigh, her own pressed against the other brunette's thigh in turn, both their centres incredibly warm and... and wet.

That thought caused Jane to let out a long moan which started while she was still kissing Darcy and became louder when she broke her lip lock and moved back, the astrophysicist staring down at her curvaceous assistant for several long seconds before murmuring, "Darcy..."

Darcy waited a few seconds and then replied, "Yeah?"

Gulping so softly it was barely audible even in the relative silence of the desert Jane summoned all the courage she possessed to softly mumble, "We, we're alone... there's... there's no one around for miles."

Darcy's eyes widened. Jane couldn't possibly be suggesting what she thought she was suggesting, could she?

"Yeah, so?" Darcy mumbled softly, hoping Jane would clarify what she meant. When Jane lowered her head and blushed it became clear that not only would she not get the clarification but if Darcy continued down this path Jane would freak out, which was the last thing the loudmouth brunette wanted. So as gently as possible she lifted Jane's chin with her thumb and forefinger until they were looking into each other's eyes again and whispered, "Hey, it's ok. Like I said, we can do anything you want. Anything. That means talk about it, or not, or we could have sexy naked fun time right here underneath your precious stars which FYI aren't half as beautiful as you. It's totally up to you. I'm good with whatever, so just... just tell me what you want."

Jane almost told Darcy she didn't know what she wanted, which was pretty much the truth, but if she actually said that Darcy might take her home and insist that she think about it until she was sure. In fact Jane was positive that was what Darcy would do, as for all her bravado at the end of the day Darcy was a good person ans would always do the right thing. She had certainly always done the right thing by Jane, which didn't exactly help Jane's whole 'falling for her assistant' problem. If problem was the correct term for it.

Forcing herself out of her own head Jane blurted out, "You, you said we should treat this like an experiment?"

"I did." Darcy said, a soft hopeful smile crossing her face.

"Well... then I, I want to try something..." Jane said, pausing to get off of Darcy, moved back to her own chair and then gathered up all her courage to force the next words out, "Take off your shirt."

Darcy's eyes went wide, both at the shock that Jane really did want to go further right here out in the open and that Jane would say something so bold. Well, bold for her. After all Darcy had a mouth like a sailor, but this was sweet, innocent Jane Foster. And sweet, innocent Jane Foster wanted Darcy's shirt off. Fuck that was hot.

Unfortunately her eyes widening caused Jane to blush and second guess herself again, which was cute but Darcy was running the risk of freaking her easily spooked boss out. Luckily she had an easy solution.

Reaching down Darcy started undoing the buttons to her shirt, starting from the bottom and making her way to the top, watching Jane the entire time to gauge her reaction. To Darcy's delight Jane's eyes followed her fingers before becoming transfixed on her chest area, the scientist's gaze never leaving that region as Darcy finished removing her top and then grabbing her huge tits.

"You like these Jane? You like my big tits? Huh? Do you?" Darcy teased softly and gently as possible, squeezing and fondling her own large rack, occasionally even pushing them up and together to show off her pale cleavage, "Normally I know when guys are staring at my tits. They're not even subtle about it. It's harder to tell with girls, but normally I know. I never caught you staring, but given the look on your face I'm wondering if I was just too busy staring at you to notice. Is that it? Huh? Was I so busy staring at you I missed you staring at my tits?"

There was deafening silence for a few moments which terrified Darcy as she thought she had gone too far. Then Jane softly whispered, "Yes."

Unable to stop herself from pushing the issue Darcy asked, "Yes what?"

"Yes I... I was staring." Jane mumbled, unable to stop herself from adding, "I, I stare at them all the time."

"Really?" Darcy grinned, "So you're a breast girl? Good to know."

Jane was blushing furiously again but she still hadn't taken her eyes away from Darcy's chest, the younger brunette deciding to take a risk because of that fact and reached behind her and uncliped her bra. Jane's eyes went wide when Darcy pulled the bra away from her body to reveal those big round tits in all their glory, Darcy grinning proudly as she reduced her super smart boss to a drooling teen boy seeing his first boobs. Then after a couple of long minutes of letting Jane stare she gently took Jane's hands and guided those smudged with pen ink fingers to the round globes of Darcy's admittedly amazing rack.

"You know you can touch them, if you want." Darcy said, waiting a few seconds for Jane to lightly squeeze her boobs before she let go of her boss's hands, "It's ok. Remember, you don't have too, but I'd like you too. I want you too. I want you to touch me. Ohhhhhh God Jane, you can touch me where ever you want."

Although she was aware of Darcy talking Jane didn't hear a word. Normally it was the other way round, although there had been a few occasions where Darcy had been talking to Jane about a band or a movie in such length in detail that the astrophysicist couldn't help but let her mind wander elsewhere. The difference was she was good at faking interest to hide her internally solving some equation, or thinking of something to put in her notes, or as had increasingly become the case simply marvelling at Darcy's beauty. Often that marvelling included ogling Darcy's gigantic breasts, those large globes being the most distracting thing Jane had ever encountered.

When Jane first met Darcy she thought her breasts had been impractically large. Ironically it was perhaps the size which Jane found most fascinating, the scientist's brilliant mind being reduced to a teenager every time she saw them. Jane had even studied Darcy's movement so she could get away at looking at her without getting caught.

However looking had nothing on touching, Jane feeling herself losing what little was left of her mind as she fondled those massive globes of female flesh. She was gentle at first, still marvelling over what she was doing, but it didn't take long for Jane to embarrass herself. She groped, she squeezed, she caressed and she pinched for what felt like an eternity, Jane making it absolutely crystal clear she had no idea what she was doing while Darcy politely moaned in what Jane was sure was fake approval. Then if that wasn't bad enough Jane actually had the audacity to lower her head and take one of those nipples into her mouth and suck on them.

Of course much as she tried Jane couldn't feel too horrified for her actions, nor could she cease and desist. She couldn't even apologise to Darcy, or at least ask her for guidance. Jane probably wouldn't have even heard it, the poor scientist becoming completely lost in desires that she didn't fully understand and was partly ashamed of.

Darcy had definitely faked approval before, although it was really to be polite. In fact that wasn't the case, Darcy simply faking it so whoever she was with would gain confidence and hopefully start doing a better job. More importantly they would go further, attention being moved to where Darcy really need it. However this was not one of those times.

Sure Darcy wanted Jane to go lower but her moans were anything but fake. Not that Jane was an expert tittie pleaser right from the start, but it was so thrilling to finally have her beautiful boss touching her that everything Jane did felt electric. And there was something so endearing, and so very Jane, about the older brunette's clumsy touches, Darcy trying to fight the urge to grin like an idiot as Jane continued staring at her awesome rack. Then Jane added her mouth into the equation and fuck, grinning became the least of Darcy's worries.

Darcy had a filthy mouth and love to use it during sex, but Jane didn't like swearing and had asked Darcy not to use 'vulgar language' in front of her, meaning that the younger brunette had to bite down on her lips so hard she almost drew blood. Eventually she had to let something out, Darcy at least able to make it a helpful suggestion, "Your tongue oooooohhhhhhh Jane, please, mmmmmmmm, use your oooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeeesssssss! Lick me! Lick my tits! Suck them mmmmmmm suck on my big fat tittes! Oh fuck Jane, oooooohhhhhhh Jane!"

As Jane graciously complied, her tongue swelling around each nipple in turn between lengthy sucks, Darcy tried to keep the swearing to at the very least a minimum, mostly just moaning the older girl's name as she continued worshipping her large chest area for what felt like an eternity.

Although she had never exactly been good with being patient Darcy felt this was one exception to the rule. She could happily lay back and let someone go to town on her big titties close to an hour or something before she insisted they move on. And with Jane she allowed even more time than usual, Darcy letting her female boss have her way with her mountain like boobs for what had to be literally over an hour. Eventually though Darcy could take no more.

"Please Jane, lower." Darcy whimpered without thinking, quickly adding when Jane froze, "Or, oh, or we could swap over. Whatever you want, just please... I can't... fuck Jane, I'm about to pop!"

Ignoring the vulgar word Jane concentrated on what was important, namely what she should do next. Internally she was totally freaking out, telling herself she should stop this before it got anymore out of hand. It would be unbelievably awkward later but that was still an option, Jane somehow knowing that while Darcy would be incredibly annoyed at being left hanging she would be nice about it. No pressuring Jane into anything. Even agreeing to never bring it up again if Jane insisted on it. Which only made Jane want to continue for some odd reason, the scientist incredibly frustrated by the fact that she didn't understand what she was feeling. So Jane concentrated on what she did know, that being that she didn't want to leave Darcy high and dry, which meant stopping OR letting Darcy take over, both of which Jane decided weren't acceptable options.

Jane didn't know why she felt she had to do this, she didn't even know why she wanted too, and it frustrated her as much as anything ever had. But for once in her life Jane Foster didn't try and figure it out. She had been doing that for months without success, and she couldn't do that now. Not now Darcy needed her to be brave. Or stupid. So Jane shut off her brain as much as she could, undid Darcy's fly, grabbed hold of the busty brunette's pants and panties, pulled them down to her knees and then dived her head down to slide her tongue over another woman's pussy for the first time in her life.

Quickly following that up with another lick, and another and another and another, Jane established a slow but steady rhythm, always pressing her tongue to the bottom of Darcy's pussy lips and then slowly gliding it all the way up to the top. After she had mastered this routine Jane turned her brain on again, first nervously analysing Darcy's reaction and finding them to be positive. While it was highly possible they were also out of mere politeness Jane was confident that this act, no matter how badly performed, would at the very least bring her ridiculously sexy assistant some pleasure. That was a theory Jane had more or less proven from her own experience receiving head, and overhearing the popular girls talk in the bathrooms at high school what felt like a lifetime ago.

It was a then Jane realised something, she was enjoying this. She couldn't really explain it, at least not yet, but there was something enjoyable about the licking motion. She also enjoyed Darcy's moans, although Jane was sure that was because it was nice to get positive feedback for a change. But the most shocking, and perhaps telling, revelation was that Jane enjoyed the taste. She enjoyed the taste of another woman's pussy.

Once she had reached that conclusion it was impossible to ignore, Jane inwardly freaking out so much she almost pulled away but... Darcy just tasted so good, that fact overwhelming Jane's already overloaded brain to the point where she became lost to her desire for more of this heavenly treat.

Darcy also felt overwhelmed. She must have thought about this a thousand times, but not even in her most vivid fantasies had Jane ever been the one to go down on her first. Nor had Jane ever been this eager, or shown so much... aggression. However now it was happening Darcy liked it. She really, really liked it. Sure Jane was as awkward and as clumsy as she'd imagined, especially at first, but that was all part of the charm. Darcy had always enjoyed being with a first time pussy licker, especially a female first time pussy licker, feeling as they slowly relaxed and became more comfortable with it. Jane was no real exception, Darcy loving the way her boss took to it if anything quicker than anyone else she'd been with.

The second Darcy thought that Jane proved her point by slamming her tongue as deep into Darcy's cunt as it would go, the assistant immediately crying out in pleasure, "OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH FUCK! Oh fuck, oh Jane, oooooooohhhhhh yesssssss please fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me with your tongue! Mmmmmmmmm oh God yes, just like that, oooooooohhhhhh, fuck me. Fuck me Jane. Tongue fuck me you beautiful woman. Taste my fucking girl juices! Oooooooohhhhhh fuck!"

Very quickly after that Darcy's words dissolved into moans, groans, cries, whimpers and screams. Which was theoretically for the best as Jane disliked that type of talk and, if she had been in her right mind, Darcy would never have said that stuff out of fear that Jane would stop. And the very last thing Darcy wanted was for Jane to stop because fuck, this was fantastic. Which was kind of a problem in the sense Darcy was finding it difficult to control herself but luckily Jane was too preoccupied with tongue fucking Darcy to orgasm to notice.

All the tittie worship had revved Darcy's engine and she had been ready to go full throttle right from the start. Previous experience told her she wouldn't get that, even the most eager of her lovers giving her some gentle fucking out of common courtesy if nothing else. The more nervous and inexperienced ones normally took ages to get going, and Darcy fully expected that with Jane. In a way she had kind of been looking forward to it, but while Darcy definitely got half a dozen gentle licks to start Jane plunged her tongue inside her in what had to be record time and then started fucking her with that soft muscle which made Darcy writhe and squirm so much she thought she was going to break the chair.

Out of what seemed more like accident than design Jane's tongue was rubbing against Darcy's inner walls with every thrust, inevitably finding the assistant's sweet spots, the astrophysicist quickly reminding Darcy why she loved women so much. Further proving this point Jane curled her tongue upwards and hit Darcy's sweetest spot, the oh so smart girl repeating the process over and over and hurling the less 'book smart' girl over the edge of one damn fine orgasm. It was maybe the best Darcy had ever had from a first time cunt licker, and it would have been more than satisfactory if Jane had stopped there, but if anything the older woman began slamming her tongue in and out of Darcy even harder than before and making the other brunette cum again. Darcy didn't object, letting Jane tongue fuck her to multiple orgasms, wondering when she was conscious enough whether it was the tongue work or the sound of Jane loudly swallowing her cum which continuously sent her over the edge.

After a while Darcy began to feel faint, the prospect far from unappealing as she was lulled towards sleep by blissful sensations and the indescribable beauty of the stars above her head and the sight Jane Foster's head buried in between her thighs. However Darcy had wanted to fuck her latest boss more than she ever wanted to fuck anyone before, and as exhaustion threatened to knock her out that want became a burning need which could not be ignored.

Jane had liked Darcy's pussy juice, but she loved her cum. It was by far the best thing Jane had ever tasted, the scientist almost becoming a junkie constantly desperate for more. No matter how much she swallowed or fucked out of Darcy it was never enough, and an unfortunate amount ended up covering her face as Jane pressed herself as deep into Darcy's pussy as it would go. Then suddenly she was being pulled away from that heavenly hole, Jane desperately resisting but she suddenly realised how sore, aching and tired she was. Then a pair of soft lips crashed against her own and a tongue forced its way into her mouth, Jane moaning when she realised her unbelievably sexy assistant was kissing her, Darcy tasting herself on the astrophysicist's lips.

The kissing seem to last for hours and yet seconds, the next thing Jane fully aware of being Darcy none too gently pushing her down onto the chair which had suffered most from their surprise bout of lesbian sex. Jane wasn't sure if the chair finally broke under the abuse or she knocked it over but she found herself on the floor with the remains of the chair underneath her and Darcy on top of her. She didn't have time to complain, Darcy ripping her pants and panties from her in what felt like seconds, Jane barely having time to spread her legs in a silent invitation before her friend/helper was between her thighs and attacking her with her tongue.

For a few seconds Jane's mind was once again lost to sensation. It took her a few seconds to even fully comprehend that her pussy was just being licked, the act seeming a million times better than when her previous boyfriends had reluctantly done this for a few minutes and then insisted on fucking her. Darcy didn't insist on moving on. She seemed perfectly content with what she was doing, the strokes of her tongue showing skill that could only come from experience.

When Jane had first met Darcy she was ashamed to admit she had look down on her. Comforted herself with the thought that she was smarter while Darcy was much, much prettier, Jane's mind staying with her long after time took Darcy's looks from her. Now she could never imagine Darcy not being gorgeous and as the busty brunette was currently proving Jane might know her stars but Darcy was smarter than her in other ways, which definitely included sex where she exposed Jane for the amateur she was.

That rather depressing thought was Jane's last of the night, Darcy slamming her tongue inside her and reducing the scientist to a trembling pile of flesh, Jane nothing but a mindless wreck who stared up at her precious stars for comfort as she was flooded with an ecstasy which was completely alien to her.

Darcy had always imagined Jane would taste sweet, but damn. Sweet didn't do justice to this, Darcy wishing she was half as smart as Jane so she could think of an appropriate word. Then again it could be fun to talk it over with Jane, the older girl blushing as she came up with something long and complicated while Darcy grinned mischievously and then abbreviated it to something simple and crude sounding. The image made Darcy smile, and promised that was something she would try to do at some point, but as of right now she had something way more important to concentrate on.

It had been a few years since Darcy had tasted her first pussy, and loved it FYI. She and a friend had got tipsy off a couple of stolen beers, that friend had got 'friendly' and the next thing Darcy knew she was officially bi. Not that she really had any doubts by then, but it was nice to confirm it. Hell, if anything she preferred women, everything about the situation reminding her of why. Of course Darcy was mindful of her past, all those one night stands, friendly hook ups and girlfriends she'd had turning her into the world-class rug muncher she was today and Darcy using all those skills to give the nerdy but incredibly sexy girl the best sex of her life. Perhaps more importantly the greatest orgasms of her life.

As badly as she wanted to shove her tongue inside Jane right from the start Darcy forced herself to start off with gentle licks. Well, gentle-ish. Then increase the speed and force of her licks, moving her tongue clockwise and anticlockwise as well as up and down. Then she teased Jane's entrance and clit. Then, finally, Darcy slammed her tongue into Jane's cunt, almost immediately being greeted by a taste somehow even more delicious than Jane's pussy juice. Immediately knowing what it was only forced Darcy to swallow it down as quickly as possible before beginning to tongue fuck Jane nice and slow, quickly increasing the pace until she was slamming the other girl's fuck hole with her tongue and making the scientist cum on what seemed like every thrust.

This continued until Darcy's tongue ached painfully and she had swallowed many, many batches of Jane's cum. Then instead of stopping Darcy replaced her tongue with two of her fingers, slamming them in and out of the other girl's cunt while sucking on Jane's clit, switching between that and the tongue fucking until her fellow brunette's body finally stopped shaking. Jane continued to make a few gurgling sounds but they were hardly as noisy as her previous wordless screams, and they eventually fade away leaving Darcy to look up.

Unsurprisingly Jane was unconscious but Darcy still patted herself on the back, further rewarding herself by cleaning Jane's pussy and thighs followed by her own face, scooping girl cum into her mouth while she fingered herself to one more very satisfying climax. Then she looked down at Jane, her boss, and bit her lip.

Tomorrow things were going to be complicated. Jane would almost definitely freak out and Darcy might lose her internship, and more importantly her friendship with this wonderfully quirky woman. But that was tomorrow. Right now Darcy just wanted to enjoy the moment, and the beautiful sight before her.

Darcy looked up at the stars which Jane loved so much, then back down to the astrophysicist and smiled. Stars were pretty, beautiful even, but they had nothing on the enchanting creature beneath her.


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