This story is pure fiction, and not to be taken seriously. Feedback is in
encouraged, after all this is my first Third Watch story. I enjoy the show
even though I've only seen it a couple of times. For those of you who have
watched the show, you probably know that Eva LaRue played Brooke, Jimmy
Doherty's fiance on the show. She's famous for being on All My Children as
Dr. Maria Santo's. If you haven't seen her, lets just say she is one hot
Spanish woman. For those of you who have seen her, you already knew that.
Now on with the story.

Third Watch: Infidelity (MF,FF,inter)
by MiaIsTheBomb ([email protected])

Jimmy Doherty was having his pre-wedding party at a huge mansion that
belonged to Brooke's family, he invited all his friends, police officers his
fellow EMT's and so on. He was marrying a beautiful Spanish girl name Brooke
Carney. All of his friends knew about his past relationships, he had a hard
time with commitments and loyalty.

Alex Taylor was on her way to the bathroom, when she saw Jimmy. He was having
sex with a woman, and it wasn't Brooke. She immediately got out of that room.
What Alex didn't see was that the woman was police officer Faith Yokas. Faith
had been influenced by a few drinks, so Jimmy took advantage of this.

Jimmy watched as she slid down the straps on her red flower dress dropping
it to the floor, Faith wore no bra with her dress only black panties with
red lacey trim. He felt up her C cup breasts, they weren't something out of
the pages of Playboy. They had a bit of sag to them, but he liked the way
her pink nipples stuck out. The two locked in a long French kiss as hands
roamed all over each others bodies. She then slid to her knees. Taking down
his slacks, she took his 8 inch cock into her mouth. He began to pull on her
light brown hair and pull her back and forth on his rod. Faith took all of
his cock down her velvet smooth throat, and Jimmy was moaning in pleasure as
the sexy officer gave him a blowjob unlike any he received in a long time.

Her hands gripped his ass as he face fucked her. The slurping sounds she
made sucking him off were so loud that it echoed in the bathroom. Faith
couldn't help but slide her hand under her sexy underwear, and rub on her
clit. She brushed her nails across her clit getting her pussy even wetter
than it already was, as she continued blowing the younger stud. Faith
started gyrating up and down, bathing Jimmy's cock with her mouth and
plunging a finger deep into her womanhood. Jimmy wanted nothing more than
to shoot his load down this sexy bitch's mouth, but he wanted much more
than oral sex from her.

He raised her to her feet and turned her around then pushed her against the
wall. He grabbed the lacey waistband of her slutty panties and pulled them
off of her with a hard yank. He could tell that her pussy was already wet
with excitement with her inner thighs shiny wet with female juices. He knew
that lubrication wouldn't be a problem, so he pushed his hard tool into her
pussy. Faith pushed against the wall with her hands as she bent back giving
Jimmy the best access to her pussy, and also pushing more of him into her.

Jimmy watched his rod penetrate deep into her pussy, her pink lips gripping
his meat like a second skin. Faith's boobs bounced all about as Jimmy's balls
slapped against her ass. His hands gripping her hips as he rammed his bone
home. Faith kept pushing back wanting every inch of him inside of her.
Jimmy's hands fondled all up and down Faith's tan body, as she moaned under

"Oh Jimmy that feels ohhhhhhhhhh fuck ooooooooohhhhhhh soooooooooo GOOD!!!!
That's it deeper yeah deep..........ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!!!!!!!!!!"

Faith released her orgasm all over Jimmy's big cock. Jimmy didn't miss a beat
pounding into her, even after her orgasm! Jimmy grabbed a good hold on her
swaying tits as his balls slapped against her harder and harder!

"Ohhhhh yeah baby ahhhhhhhhhh fuck here it comes turn around I want you to
take it on your face!!!!"

Faith spun around and got on her knees as Jimmy jerked his cock off, letting
loose streams of his semen. It coated Faith's face hitting her cheeks and
chin, some of it on her mouth as Faith stuck out her tongue. After he was
done cumming she scooped up every bit of the cum she could find with her
fingers. Jimmy pulled up his pants and left her there on the bathroom floor,
cum still dripping from her chin.

* * *

Kim Zambrano had just arrived at the party. The EMT had arrived late at the
party because of an emergency at her job. So she was still in her dark blue
uniform as she arrived. She noticed the party wasn't as big as she thought
it would be. Apparently the party had fizzled out with her being late. She
didn't see too many of her coworkers so she felt a little out of place, with
mostly just family members left. Then she was greeted by someone who was a
little familiar.

"Well, hello there Kim."

Kim looked behind her and saw Brooke, Jimmy's fiance. She was looking very
hot tonight, in a low cut black dress that's showed plenty of cleavage, she
wore long dangling silver earrings. Finishing off the outfit was 4 inch open
toe black high heels.

"Hi, um sorry I'm so late."

"Not a problem, glad you could make it, come on let me get you a drink."

Kim took a drink and joined Brooke at her table, she was surprised to find
that Jimmy was no where to be found. She also noticing that Brooke kept
looking at her and smiling. This really puzzled her.

Unknown to Kim, the beautiful Brooke had a crush on her. Brooke had always
been bisexual, and with the alcohol in her system she had lost her
inhibitions. Plus her hand had made its way to Kim's thigh. Kim didn't know
how to react, Kim knew she wasn't gay, but she had to admit, Brooke was a
beautiful woman. Any guy or girl would be lucky to have her. So even though
having another woman's hand there made her a bit uneasy, she didn't stop
her. She was curious to know if the latina woman was joking around or was
really hitting on her.

It wasn't long before she got her answer. Brooke slid her hand past Kim's
inner thigh and was now rubbing her fingers on the sexy EMT's crotch. Brooke
crossed her legs and bent forward on the table. Kim glanced toward her and
saw her incredible copper skinned cleavage, it was obvious that Brooke
wasn't wearing a bra underneath. Kim felt just a bit naughty knowing that
she was looking down another woman's dress. She was shocked that Brooke
coming onto her, and rubbing on her crotch through her pants, didn't disgust
her, it actually aroused her. It aroused her even more so than whenever a
guy would come onto her.

Kim caught another view down Brooke's dress at her extremely nice boobs,
then her eyes met Brooke's. Both women smiled at each other for a few moments
before, Brooke whispered in her ear.

"Wanna go somewhere a little more private?"

Kim nodded, she was flattered that Brooke had an interest in her but was
really thinking 'i gotta get out of here!'

Brooke led her to an upstairs bedroom, and shut the door, locking it. Kim
took a deep breath and said "Look Brooke I'm really flattered by your um
flirting but I really think we should..." She was cut off by Brooke forcing
a kiss on her lips. Brooke pushed her body into Kim's. Her mouth opened and
she began to caress Kim's tongue with her own tongue. Kim moaned into
Brooke's mouth' Damn she's a good kisser' she thought. Suddenly Kim found
herself kissing Brooke back, it felt so naughty. Her breasts pressed against
Brooke's as she opened her mouth and started to return the favor and give
Brooke her tongue.

Brooke started to unbutton Kim's uniform top. Kim's white bra started to
appear bearing Kim's luscious jugs incased in the cotton fabric. Kim's top
hit the floor and Kim watched as Brooke stepped back. She unzipped her dress
in the back and slid it off her hot body. There she stood in front of Kim in
black high heels and a black G-string. Kim was mesmerized, Brooke was so
gorgeous, she just stood and stared at the sexy brunette before finally
taking the initiative. Kim unbuttoned her belt and her pants. She unzipped
them and slid them down her sexy legs. Now Kim was in her white bra and side
string bikini panties.

Again Brooke gave her a sexy smile that melted Kim's heart, as Brooke grabbed
the string on her black G-string and slid out of it. Brooke stood in front of
Kim naked except her heels. Kim smiled seeing the beautiful sight which was
Brooke's very hairy pussy with dark pubic hair. Plus her female scent filled
the room with her G-string removed.

"You think I'm pretty Kim?"

"I think you're incredibly pretty Brooke." She said softly caressing her

Brooke began kissing her on her neck, as her hands found their way to her
panty covered posterior. Kim moaned at her gentle touch as Brooke slid her
hands down the back of Kim's panties and caressed her firm buttocks. Brooke
caressed both of her cheeks, squeezing the twin globes and pulling them
apart. Kim's sexy moans encouraged the sexy latina woman as Kim was lost in
lesbian lust. The two met in another long kiss as Brooke slowly made her way
up Kim's tan backside. She gently rubbed her lower back gently, up her spine
to her bra.

One quick twist on her bra clasp and Kim was unhooked. Brooke slid the bra
off of her. Naked breasts and aroused nipples rubbed together on the two
women as dampness also started to build between both their legs. Kim felt
Brooke sliding down her body. She kissed one breast, then the other. She
gave them both equal time as they pointed up at attention with Brooke's
tongue work. Brooke's mouth made its way past the saliva covered nipples
and down Kim's washboard tummy, coming to a stop right at her panties.
Brooke hooked her thumbs in the waistband and slid down Kim's panties.
Kim's pussy was a nice trimmed heart shape of light brunette pubic hair.

Brooke led her to the bed and pulled the covers back. She kicked off her
high heels. Brooke then held her hand as the two women crawled into bed
together. Kim got on top this time and latched onto Brooke's left breast.
As she suckled it, her pussy softly rubbed against Brooke's silky smooth
leg. Brooke caressed her hair as Kim swallowed her whole breast in her
mouth. Kim sucked hard on her tit, then nibbled gently on her nipple.
This went on for several minutes until Broke pulled her away.

Brooke pushed her right breast into Kim's face.

"This one's feeling neglected." She said with a pouty face, which soon
turned into a smile.

Kim didn't need anymore motivation, she took the right breast in her mouth
and sucked it hard. She made sure that the right breast got equal attention
as the other one. It got more intense as Kim started to bite the nipple
causing Brooke to thrash about on the bed. Kim grinded her crotch into
Brooke's leg as her pussy was already gushing with her juices.

Brooke rolled Kim over and dove between her legs. Kim became spread eagle as
Brooke made her nearly do the splits on her back. Kim raised her breasts and
started licking on her own nipples. Brooke licked up and down Kim's love
button finding her clit quickly.

"Ohh Brooke ohhh yes ohh that's the spot honey, ohhh lick it lick me, mmmmmmm
your so good at that. Lick me baby oh please God don't stop!!!!"

She jabbed her tongue deep inside Kim's pinkness. Kim's ass raised in the air
as Brooke hit the spot and showed no mercy at trying to get her off in record
time. Brooke reached up and pulled on Kim's nipples as she licked and tongued
and sucked and even lightly nibbled all over her pussy.

Kim could take no more as her body released its fluids.

"Oh Brooke I'm coming oh baby oh baby ohhh oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck
here it comes!!!!!!!!"

Kim's sweet female essence covered Brooke's gorgeous face. Looking down
seeing Brooke's smiling face covered in her cum, just made Kim's orgasm go
on and on. When Kim got her wits back, Brooke crawled back up to her kissing
her once again.

Then Brooke scissored her legs with Kim's. They're pussies touched as their
clits rubbed together. Brooke grabbed both of Kim's arms pinning them above
her head as she kissed the sexy woman. The feeling was incredible as their
clits grinded together, exciting each other with the warm sticky feeling of
another woman's aroused genitals. Brooke felt her orgasm on its way and
increased her grinding into Kim. Kim was well on her way to her second, and
humped back at Brooke. Brooke slapped her pussy hard against Kim's pussy as
her release finally came.

"Oh Kim oh fuck here it comes you fucking sexy bitch here it comes God

Brooke's hot talk sent Kim coming too, and both women lay there spent on the
bed, both of their pussies soaked with their pussy juices. As they kissed
softly on the bed, they decided to rejoin the party, so they got dressed and
made there way back out, hoping no one noticed how long they were gone.

* * *

The next day Alex Taylor felt she had to tell someone about what she saw, so
she confided in Kim Zambrano the EMT, and ambulance driver. Kim was shocked
to hear about this, thinking that Jimmy was a changed man now that he was
getting married to Brooke.

"Well, you know what they say about infidelity Alex."


"Well, its a two way street." Kim couldn't help but let out a smile.

Alex shook her head in confusion. Did Kim know something she didn't?

Alex later was with Doc another EMT in the locker room, for medical training.
He was an attractive black man close to Alex's age. Alex told him about
Jimmy, he didn't seem to surprised, he seemed more interested in what all
Alex saw.

"Well, he's not married yet ya know. Did you like what you saw though?"

"What? I was more concerned about what Jimmy was doing at his engagement
party than check out Jimmy's body." She spoke under her breath "To tell you
the truth I would have been more interested in checking you out."

Alex suddenly turned red with embarrassment realizing she said that loud
enough that Doc had heard her.

"Oh really, are you into black men Alex?"

"Well, I guess you know now."

"Yes, I do, so you ever gone black before?"

"No, but I've though about it."

"Why haven't you done it?"

"I don't know maybe haven't found the right guy to try it with, or the right

"How bout right here, and right now Alex?"

"Here in the locker room? What if someone sees us?"

"They're out on a call, were all alone here, what do you think?"

Alex didn't speak instead Alex leaned forward on the bench and kissed Doc.
Doc returned the kiss, not beating around the bush he stuck his tongue into
her mouth. Alex kissed him back as she felt him unbuttoning her white
uniform top. She suddenly hoped he found her desirable. She had sexy
Victoria's secret bra's and panties at home, but to work she wore just a
plain cotton bra and white silky panties. Doc didn't seem to mind as he took
off his shirt and started squeezing her boobs through her bra.

He pushed her back on the bench and pulled her tits out of her bra. Her tits
were a healthy B cup and very firm with nipples that were dark red and
pointed. He went back and forth sucking on each tit while his hand pulled on
the nipples of the one that wasn't being sucked on. He was smooth as he
slowly unzipped her slacks.

He then pulled off his own and Alex was mesmerized by his incredible bulge.
She pulled his underwear down and found the biggest cock she had ever seen.
It was 8 inches soft! Alex leaned in and started to suck him off. His cock
grew to 10 plus inches. He reached back and caressed her ass through her
white silky panties. She started bobbing her head up and down on his cock as
she was really getting into this taboo now. Doc was into it too as he slid
his hands down the back of her panties and felt up her fleshy white ass.

Alex licked and sucked up and down his black member as Doc went down further
in her panties rubbing his fingers on her pussy and her asshole. When Doc
finally had enough of the blowjob he lifted her up in the air and impaled
her down on his cock. He loved how tight her white pussy was. Alex screamed
in pleasure as his black meat stretched open her tight womanhood.

"Oh Doc oh baby oh yeah give me that dick oh yes give me your black cock oh
God, oh its so long ohhhhhhh give me all of it, give me every fucking

Doc pushed her up against the lockers and started driving his black cock deep
into her pussy. Doc gripped her ass cheeks tight and sucked on her bouncing
titties as her legs and arms wrapped around his waist and his neck. He drove
into her like a jackhammer ramming her into the lockers, waking a loud noise.
Alex started to worry that if anyone was still at the station, they would
definitely be caught now! She was brought back to her situation as Doc
slammed all 10 plus inches into her cunt.

"Oh God yesssssssss FUCK!!!!! Fuck me oh damn that feels so fucking good God
give me that black dick you mother fucker!!!!!!!"

He was already ready to cum, and he had some hot talk of his own would send
Alex over the edge with him.

"Oh fuck Alex, you got some good white pussy, want me to cum in you? Huh?
Answer me bitch? You want me to fill you full of this hot nigga cum??"

Doc gave both her tits a good hard suck.

"YYYESSSSSSSSSSSSSS" She exclaimed as her muscles tightened and her orgasm
was released.

Her female juices coated Doc's cock and dripped down his balls. Doc couldn't
hold back as her pussy muscles gripped his rod hard like a vise. He shot load
after load of his hot cum up inside of her as the two collapsed against the
lockers. They started to hear voices and they both quickly found a place to
hide and get dressed, knowing they could be fired if they got caught.

After they got dressed they went back to her training. Alex looked up at Doc
and smiled.

"So have I got a date for the wedding Doc?"

"Oh yeah were gonna shock some people girl!" He smiled back.

One thing was for sure, there was no shortage of fun taking place with New
York's finest!


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