This story is fictional and not to be taken seriously. It is an adult story,
so if your under 18 then please leave now. Remember this never happen on TV
its just fantasy. This story contains: incest, fetish, inter, oral, MFF, Ff,

Third Watch: Coming Out
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

Kim the sexy EMT was glad to be getting off work. She was meeting her new
boyfriend for dinner. He was a writer named Aaron Noble. He was an older man
in his mid-forties. Kim Zombaro was a woman who was barely thirty. Kim was
very sexy, brunette hair just past her shoulders, a sexy figure, a bit on the
athletic side but still very feminine. Her breasts were a very healthy C-cup,
and her ass had curves that would make any male drool when she wore her tight
dark blue uniform pants.

On this night though she wore black skirt with high heels and stockings along
with a red silk blouse that buttoned all the way down. Kim was looking hot
to say the least. She was supposed to meet Aaron at his hotel restaurant at
midnight, but looking at her watch it was 12:45 and he still hadn't arrived.

Kim looked to her right and to her shock saw her friends Doc and Taylor. Doc
was an attractive black man who was also an EMT, while Taylor was a pretty
blonde firefighter. Taylor didn't have the curves or the breasts like Kim
did, but she was still attractive. Kim had no idea that these two friends of
hers were dating. It was obvious that they were though by the way that they
were was close, kissing and hugging at the table. Doc was all dressed up in
a navy blue suit and looked like a business man. Taylor was in a long red
evening gown very low and it exposed what cleavage she had. She really looked
like a Miss USA contestant. Kim made her way over to the table.

"Hey guys, would you mind if I join you?"

"Kim, hey, please sit down." insisted Doc.

Taylor smiled and pointed to the empty chair as if to say 'go ahead.'

"Hey you guys sorry to interrupt but I got stood up tonight and I happen to
notice you two and......well I'm just glad to see some friendly faces."

"Hey its OK Kim glad you could join us how bout a drink?" Asked Taylor.

"Tequila! straight shots!" Kim answered.

"Well, OK if you think that will make you feel better."

Doc ordered drinks for all of them, Doc and Taylor had beers as Kim downed
her Tequila. After a while of socializing they decided to join in the fun
and were soon taking shots of Tequila with Kim. Before long it was nearing
2AM and they were all feeling the buzz. They were disappointed when the bar
closed, because enjoying the drinking games they were playing. They planned
on saying good-bye for the night when Kim suddenly realized she was way to
blitzed to drive. Doc and Taylor invited her to crash at their hotel for
the night. Kim didn't wanna impose, but they insisted.

So Kim joined them at the hotel. They were all feeling the Tequila so as Kim
left the bathroom she wasn't at all shocked to see Taylor on top of Doc on
the bed. She didn't interrupt, she sat back in the chair and watched. Doc saw
her sitting there and liked what he saw as her legs were open and showing off
some black lacey panties.

Doc motioned her over, so Kim smiled and got on the bed. Surprisingly though
she didn't go for Doc though, instead she went for Taylor. Taylor felt the
hands on her breasts and was shocked to see Kim. On top of that she was
shocked when Kim leaned in and started kissing her. She felt Kim slide her
hands to the zipper on her dress and unzip her, causing her bare tits to fall
free. Kim sucked on both of Taylor's luscious boobs, teasing each nipple with
her tongue all the while her hands caressed Taylor's sexy tan backside. Doc
made his way off the bed, he was eager to see how far these two straight
girls would go with alcohol in their systems.

Taylor and Kim were locked into a long french kiss as Taylor started to
fumble with the buttons on Kim's blouse. After it was unbuttoned she grabbed
Kim's lovely tits covered in a black bra. Taylor kissed Kim's shoulder and
slid down one of her bra straps. Taylor kissed her way to the other shoulder
and pulled down the other bra strap, kissing the other shoulder as well. Kim
pushed her away then looked her square in the eyes and said... "you wanna see
them?" Taylor nodded.

Kim reached behind and unhooked her bra, removed it and tossed it aside.
Her tits were quite impressive they were not overly big, they were
perfectly sized and the pink nipples stood erect like two pencil erasers.
The two leaned in and pressed their bare breasts together. Nipples rub
against nipples as they started to kiss opened mouthed. Maybe they both
had always wanted to try lesbian love before, maybe it was the alcohol
that caused them to lose their inhibitions, either way it was apparent
that they both wanted this. Doc sat in the chair watching, he was already
completely naked and stroking his nine inch cock as he loved the sight of
the two hot women in front of him.

Kim pulled Taylor's dress off completely then yanked down Taylor's red
G-string. Taylor returned the favor sliding of Kim's black skirt. She then
unclasped the garter belt attacking her black stockings and slid down her
black stockings. Both women had nicely trimmed pussies, Kim's pubes were a
dark brown color while Taylor's was a light brown color. After they were
both naked both Women's hands started to explore the others hidden treasures.
Kim was pushed to her back as she pumped two fingers into Taylor's cunt.
Taylor sucked on Kim's luscious bouncing titties as she furiously fingered
Kim with three fingers forced inside of her. The women both seemed to have
been injected with adrenaline as they both were eager to get each other off.

Then it happened, Taylor came and came hard all over Kim's hand. Kim took a
minute to catch her breath, then buried her face in Taylor's tits.

"I wanna make you cum, I wanna taste you!"

Taylor pushed Kim back on her back and quickly dove between her legs. Her
tongue went right to the clit that she found easily. Doc was really getting
hot at seeing his new girlfriend eat out the sexy EMT! He was stroking his
black meat as Kim's gorgeous legs were up in the air giving Taylor the best
access to her pretty lips. Taylor made sucking sounds on Kim's cunt lips as
her fingers dove in and out of Kim feeling like a little cock. A cock though
wouldn't get the spot that Taylor was though, as Taylor was now sucking on
her clit. Kim started to squirm as her orgasm neared. Taylor felt Doc get in
behind her and he started sucking on her pussy. Taylor loved the feeling of
her pussy being licked, but could tell by Kim's moans she was close to
orgasm. So Taylor doubled her efforts as her clit was teased and nibbled on
my Doc.

It finally became too much as Kim came and came all over Taylor's face.
Taylor found that she loved the taste of another woman, and wished she had
tried it sooner. When the two women were done with each other, Doc moved in
and started to kiss and suck on Kim's nice tits. Taylor not wanting to feel
left out, went down and started to suck Doc's cock. Kim pushed Doc into her
tits, she really liked his sexy love bites on her hard nipples as he pushed
fingers into her soaked box. After a while they moved positions and Doc was
treated to both women going down on him. Kim sucked on his cock as Taylor
now sucked on his balls. Doc leaned back in pleasure, both women doing their
best to get him off, but he was trying his best not to. Just seeing these
two hot women between his legs was a sight to get him off in a minute flat,
but he had other plans.

Both women were reluctantly pushed away and he had Kim get on all fours and
Doc stuck his black cock into her pretty white pussy. Kim moaned as Doc
filled her up with his long dark rod. Taylor got in front of Kim and spread
her pussy. Kim didn't need to be told what to do, she immediately dove into
Taylor's pussy. She easily found Taylor's clit and tongue teased on the
little pearl. Taylor's legs clamped tight around Kim's face as the brunette
took every inch of Taylor's boyfriend in her pussy. This went on for several
minutes. Before Doc finally had to shoot his load, so he pulled out and shot
it all over Kim's back. The women barely noticed as Kim wanted more than
anything to taste Taylor's pussy cream.

She didn't wait long to get her wish, as Taylor seemed to flow an endless
river of female juices all over Kim's face. Then feeling naughty Taylor
licked some of Doc's cum off of Kim's back and ass. Taylor even shared some
of it with Kim in yet another long lesbian kiss. They all three laid back on
the bed spent. It wasn't long before the alcohol finally got to them and they
all passed out and fell asleep on the bed.

* * *

The next morning beautiful blonde police officer Faith was at home in her
bedroom. Faith had been a neglected woman as of late. Her and her husband
Fred had been fighting and now she was sexually frustrated. She laid back
in her bed and slid her hand down her plain white panties. She hoped her
daughter and son were still sleeping, which was likely with it being
Saturday morning. Her fantasies drifted not to her husband but of her
former partner Bosco. Bosco was a younger but very attractive man. She
worried about him with his new partner Sgt. Maritza Cruz. Sgt. Cruz had
lured Bosco into her bed and she had control over him. Faith knew that Sgt.
Cruz was a dirty cop, and that Bosco was only headed down the wrong path
to trouble with her.

For now though she let out a loud sigh as fingers entered her pussy. She
imagined it was Bosco there fingering her. She opened her mouth and sucked
the finger on her free hand as she slid a second finger into her pussy. She
lifted up her white sleep top and imagined that her hot young former partner
Bosco was feeling on her breasts. She pulled on her pointed red nipples. She
pushed a third finger inside her pussy. She let out a loud moan as her pussy
gripped tight on her fingers. She got lost in her fantasy as she saw Bosco
and his smiling face looking down on her. She imagined his cock in her face
and her sucking his dick as he rammed his fingers into her dripping box.

She imagined his hairy ball sac in her mouth as she stroked his cock. She
was sure he had a big cock, it had to be 10 inches, mmmm God how it would
fill her pussy up! Faith went to remover her panties all together, they were
already very wet. As her panties went off she spread her legs wide. Faith
imagined Bosco smiling as he placed his cock between her legs. He wouldn't
tease her, he would just thrust his rod into her, just the way Faith wanted

Faith wanted nothing more than Bosco to shove his cock so deep into her that
it hit against her cervix. So many deep fantasies of him. She continued to
finger fuck herself faster as she imagined all the things she'd want him to
say. Like 'oh your a much better fuck than Maritza will ever be, oh God your
pussy feels so much better than Maritza's!'

She smiled in pleasure imagining him choosing her over that mega-bitch Sgt.
Cruz. She felt her orgasm getting closer as her fingers were moving in and
out of her cunt at rapid speed. She was so into her fantasy that she didn't
hear the footsteps in the hallway. Walking by Faith's room was Emily, Faith's
15 year old daughter. Emily was different from her mom, a thinner figure and
her hair color was a dark brown color with red highlights. Emily stopped as
she heard moans coming from her moms room. Her curiosity got the best of her
as she gently opened the door. She was careful so the door didn't creak.
Imagine her shock at what she saw.

Emily saw her mom in bed she was bottomless, she had her sleep top on but it
was pulled above her chest so that her breasts were exposed. Emily had seen
her mom naked here and there before, but never with her legs spread or
fingering herself. Emily stood there not believing what she saw. Her fingers
went faster and faster until they were practically a blur going in and out
of her pussy. Emily had her mouth open in shock, standing there in just a
black T-shirt and purple panties. Emily felt strange, even aroused by this
for some reason. Her hand slowly rode up her young tan thigh. Higher and
higher her hand went until it found her pussy and she gently squeezed her
crotch outside her purple silk panties. Her other hand went under her top
and cupped on one of her braless A-cup sized tits. She gave her red little
nipple a hard pinch and a good hard pull.

She saw that her mom was on the verge of coming. Emily slid her purple
panties to her knees. Then she shoved two fingers into her pussy. Her eyes
didn't leave her mom's body. The incredible expression on her face, the way
her breasts jiggled as she diddled herself, and the pinkness in her mom's
pussy as she had it spread open. Emily licked her lips as she watched her
mom rub her clit with her thumb, and push three fingers into her box. Emily
started really loving this, she felt like such a bad girl, a naughty girl
watching her mom masturbate while she did the same.

It was so hot as her moms body started to spasm, it was obvious Faith was
coming. Faith did cum and coated her fingers with the sticky sweet female
juices. Emily felt her own orgasm coming as well. Emily bit her tongue so
her mom didn't hear her as her young pussy became a gusher of teen girl
juices. It dripped down her legs as she got weak in the knees. With her
panties at her knees she accidentally fell. This noise alerted her mom.
Emily got up quickly and made her way quickly into her room.

She leaped into her bed to pretend she was asleep. She heard the sound of
her door opening, and knew it was her mom. She kept as quiet as she could.

Faith knew she heard someone outside her door, she heard footsteps after
hearing a thud. So she went to check on Emily since her daughters room was
the closest to hers. She saw Emily was on her stomach, she was in her black
T-shirt. That wasn't what got Faith's attention though. It was the fact that
her purple panties were not all the way up, and Faith could see her own
daughters ass crack. They definitely looked like they were pulled up quickly.

'My God did my own daughter see me...fingering myself?' She wondered. Looking
at her there hardly moving she wondered if she should confront her, ask her
why she was watching her. Still the more she looked at her, the more she
noticed the younger woman's curves, and how naughty it looked with her cute
ass hanging out of the purple panties.

'Mmmm that looks tasty, God what am I thinking that's my daughter, I gotta
get out of here, and clear my mind, I've become a sexual freak!' She left the
room and went to get a shower and dressed. Emily breathed a sigh of relief.

"God I thought she'd never leave." Said Emily, as she readjusted her panties
and hoped her mom would just shrug off seeing them that way.

* * *

Back at the precinct Bosco a good cop was having serious issues with his new
boss and girlfriend Sgt. Maritza Cruz. She was a dirty cop, who didn't care
how she got the bad guy. Whether it was planting evidence or lying to
internal affairs about a shooting so that she looked like a heroine. Bosco
knew that he was letting the things she did go because she always distracted
him with sex. Thing was he also knew this had to stop, which is why he was
waiting for her in her office. He only waited a few minutes before the latina
woman arrived.

"Oh good your here Bosco, would you close and lock the door please."

He locked the door and watched as she closed the shades in the office.

"What going on here Sergeant?"

"Oh please Bosco, I told you when were alone to call me Maritza."

"Sorry, look, I don't think I can lie to internal affairs when I talk to
them later, I mean what we did, planting a gun at the scene its wrong, a man

"Yes, a guy who we believe was dealing crack, the world is better without
him Bosco. Look if you had seen the things I've seen you'd understand, street
justice will sometimes do more for these lowlifes than the real justice
system ever will."

"It isn't right though."

"Come on lets forget about work for a few minutes, after all a few minutes
is all we have."

With that Maritza Cruz unbuttoned her uniform top and opened it exposing a
black bra, that barely contained her huge tits. Bosco was speechless as
Cruz dropped to her knees and unbuckled his pants. Wasting little time she
engulfed his already hard 10 inch cock in her mouth. He had lost any
intentions of arguing with her now as her head bobbed back and forth on his
cock. He reached down to unhook her bra in the front letting her jugs fall
free. He grabbed both of them and played with the big brown nipples.

Maritza Cruz kissed his cock head as she started to slid her tongue up and
his shaft and played with his balls. Up and down his shaft she went until he
was at maximum hardness. After that she rose to her feet and removed her
pants and panties at the same time.

Pushing him onto the desk she climbed on top of him and pushed his cock
inside of her. She started to ride him, her hands holding him down as she
rode him hard. Bosco reached out with his mouth and sucked on her tits. He
wouldn't admit it, be he liked the way she controlled him, he found a woman
who knew what she wanted and took it to be very sexy. Looking up he saw her
starting to jump up and down on his cock. He loved the feeling of her pussy
as it grabbed his cock like a vise.

Apparently his cock felt good for her too as she starting cumming all over
him, coating his shaft with her spicy pussy juices. He knew that he was
already on the verge of cumming himself so he pushed her off him and told
her to bend over. Surprisingly she didn't protest as he bent her over her
desk and got in position behind her. He rammed his cock into her and reached
his hands down and cupped her titties. He fucked her hard, the slapping
sounds of flesh on flesh echoing in the room. Maritza's ass was so perfect,
it was like JLo's only better, not as big.

The sight of that copper colored and round derriere and seeing his cock go
in and out of her pussy sent him over the edge and he told her he was gonna
cum. Immediately she had him pull out and Maritza swallowed his entire load
down her throat.

"Mmmmm well that was great, well you better go, don't you have an interview
with internal affairs."

"Yeah, um I know what I need to do...I'll see you later."

"So, you do know what to tell them, right?"

"Yes, I know what to say, just like we discussed."

"Good, be at my place later tonight and I'll be sure to reward you Bosco. See
you later."

* * *

It was later that night at Faith's house. Faith had been distracted by the
events earlier that morning. Faith had masturbated thinking of her former
partner Bosco, but what disturbed her was that her 15 year old daughter Emily
may have seen her. She had been talking to Emily before about Emily being
sexually active and how it was dangerous at her age. Now she knew that she
wasn't being the best example with her playing with herself and maybe getting
caught. There was even something more disturbing though, it was possible that
Emily masturbated seeing her fidget herself.

The only thing that bothered her more was that she stopped herself admiring
her daughter's ass. All day long thoughts of her daughter's ass kept
appearing in her head. She imagined the purple panties that barely covered
her daughters sexy ass. 'God if only those panties were all the way down I
could see all of that cute little butt, mmm I bet she has such a pretty
little pussy I bet it looks and taste so sweet...God what is wrong with me?
That's my daughter!'

She heard the door slam, it was her daughter who was home from hanging at the
mall. She opened the door to her bedroom and realized her daughter had gone
straight to her room. Faith wondered 'what should I do? Should I confront
her?' She contemplated back and forth before making her way to her daughters
room. Looking in there she saw that the room was empty. She wondered where
Emily went? She knew that she had to of come home. After all her husband and
her son were gonna be gone for the day so it could have only been Emily. Then
suddenly she heard the shower water running.

Normally that was all Faith needed, just to know where Emily was. This time
though she was curious and she walked to the bathroom, the door was unlocked
and she opened it. She saw Emily's clothes on the floor including the purple
panties. She told herself she was doing this out of a mother's concern for
her daughter, but deep down she wanted to sniff her daughter's panties. She
hoped that her daughter had eyed her just like she had eyed her. If she
smelled a discharge in her panties she would know that was the truth. She
picked up the panties, and put them to her nose, sure enough they had that
familiar smell to them. It was so intoxicating and Faith loved the smell and
for some reason she just kept sniffing.

Then suddenly she heard the sound of the shower curtain opening.

"Mom is that what are you doing!!!"

Faith's curiosity really left her in an awkward position, her daughter had
caught her sniffing her panties. What could she say?

"I was...I...I just..."

"Why do you have my panties?"

Faith had never been so embarrassed in all of her life! There was a long
silence before Faith finally snapped out of it and remember the 'other
reason why she was doing this.

"Well, this morning I was well....doing something in my room and I wanted
to know if you were well spying on me, I smelled your panties to see if you
were, and I believe you were, weren't you?"

Suddenly Emily became the embarrassed one.

"Um....I don't...know what your talking about."

"I wanna know Emily were you watching me masturbate!?"

Emily took a deep breath before giving her head a little nod and softly
saying "yes" in a weak voice.

"Get dressed and meet me in my bedroom Emily we need to talk."

Emily had towel dried her hair and was wearing a white robe when she entered
her mom's room.

"Come sit down, Emily."

Emily sat nervously with her mom on the bed. Faith decided to let her
daughter off the hook.

"Look hon, everyone does what you did, its called voyeurism. Lot's of people
get aroused watching others...well you know engaged in sex in some way.
Masturbation is actually considered to be a healthy thing believe it or not."

"Really so your not mad at me?"

"Well, no but I am your mother, and it is kind of perverse for you to see me
like that...but I'm just as guilty, I mean I admired you in your room with
your panties pulled down, I'm just as guilty of anything as you."

"Oh so your not mad thank God I um...did you say you admired me in my room,
does that mean, you think I have a nice body?"

"Emily that's really not..."

"Cause I think your beautiful mom, that's why I watched you."

"Well, thank you honey but...well, yess I think you have a very nice body,
in fact I've been imagining that cute butt of yours hanging out of your
panties all day (sigh) that's also part of the reason I was sniffing your
panties, God I'm so terrible."

"Your not terrible mom, you always told me to speak my mind and that's what
you just did, its better to have things out in the open, remember its easier
for use to communicate together mother to daughter, isn't that what you

'Wow she really does listen to me sometimes, I always thought I was always
being ignore.' Faith thought.

"Well, I guess if were being honest Emily...I'm burning with curiosity... God
I can't believe I'm saying this...what are you wearing under your robe?"

Emily stood up and dropped her robe, she was wearing a purple lace bra and
those same purple panties she wore that morning. Faith stood there in awe her
daughter was becoming a very sexy young woman.

"Well, mom, I was wondering would you touch yourself again, I'd really like
to see that."

'God this is so perverse, this is my daughter for crying out loud, I can't do
this' said the voice in Faith's head. That wasn't the words that came from
her mouth though. Instead she said "Only if you'll take your panties all the
way down for me sweetie, so I can have the full view of that butt of yours."

Emily didn't hesitate, she grabbed the waistband of the lacey top purple
panties and slid them down all the way to the floor and stepped out of them.
Faith looked to see a pretty pussy with dark pubes hovering over it. Then
Emily turned around and showed her mom her ass. Faith was really loving what
she saw now. Emily's ass was something Faith had longed to see and she was
anything but disappointed. It was very curvy and sexy with no tanlines at all
just a perfect tan, it seemed apparent that she had gotten naked when going
to the tanning parlor.

Faith unbuttoned her tight jeans, then was thrown back a little as Emily
helped her, pulling her jeans and panties both off at the same time. Faith
looked up to see Emily unhooking her own bra. She held it in place then said.

"I'll show you mine mom, if you'll show me yours." Emily said with a sexy

Faith lifted her T-shirt off, then reaching back removed her plain white bra.
Emily kept her promise and dropped her own bra as well. Faith saw two breasts
only a little bigger than lemons but no doubt Emily was developing very
nicely for a girl her age. Faith couldn't resist the urge and reached up and
gave one of her pointed dark red little nubs a squeeze.

Faith then focused her attention on Emily's ass. Faith started playing with
herself as Emily watched. Emily's eyes did not leave the sight of her mom's
pussy spread open and getting fingered furiously. Faith's eyes didn't leave
the sight of the sexiest ass she had ever, male or female! Emily started to
finger herself along with her mother. Both women knew how bad this was, but
that fact just seemed to arouse them more, knowing who they were doing this
with and it being so wrong this only excited them more as fingers worker
faster and faster into their own privates. They seemed to be in sync with
their rhythm as they both increased speed together. Their moaning got louder
and louder until finally they both released together!

Faith and Emily both caught their breaths then stared at each other for the
longest time, neither one knew what to say about what just happened it seemed
liked half an hour that they stared, though it was actually several minutes.
Then Faith took her daughter by the hand and had her join her in bed. The
mother and daughter leaned in and start to kiss. Softly and gently they
kissed, as naked flesh pressed against naked flesh. The kissing then became
french kissing as crotches pressed against crotches. Emily broke the kiss and
kissed her mom's neck. Then went lower and lower to the sweet pussy, a place
where she had come out of 15 years ago, but now her tongue was going back

Emily stuck her tongue deep in Faith's depths. Faith massage both of her hard
aching nipples as she was sure she would cum in two seconds flat with the job
Emily was doing. It was only a couple of minutes before Emily was treated to
her first taste of pussy, and it was from her loving mother. Emily found her
mom to taste delicious and she didn't miss a drop of her sweet love juice.
She looked up at her mom Emily looked so good with her face covered in her
mom's cream. Faith pulled her into another french kiss.

Faith begged her daughter to stand up, so she did. Faith positioned herself
behind her daughter ass, an ass she told herself she would be worshipping
from now on. Faith opened those gorgeous ass cheeks leaned forward to stick
her tongue in the puckered opening. Her fingers found her daughters clit and
rubbed it feverishly. Emily never knew that her mom could be so nasty, but
she loved it. Her mom was on her knees and worshipping her ass, and she
suddenly felt aroused knowing that she had power over her mom. It only pushed
her closer to the brink of pleasure.

"Oh mom oh mommy yessssss I love it of your gonna make me cum!!!"

Faith really got nasty slapping her daughters tight ass and leaving red
hand prints. This kinky side of her mom sent her over the edge and she
came and came hard. Faith pulled her fingers out of her pussy and licked
her daughter's sweet cum off her fingers, she tasted so incredibly good!

The two laid down in bed together naked and held each other. They both knew
things were gonna change between them. Faith smiled to herself. 'Well, I
always wanted us to be closer that doesn't seem to be a problem now.' The
mother and daughter held each other close, one thing was for sure if her
and Fred were ever fighting again, lack of sex in her house wouldn't be a
problem anymore.


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