Third Watch: Closet Case (MF,mf,FF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Faith Yokas sat down in a chair in her room. She was plagued by thoughts
which weakened her. She was not accustomed to being weak. All her life she'd
been a strong woman. She had grown up tough and the pride of her parents. She
was not used to hesitating or backing down. She couldn't be feeling what she
was feeling.

It was illegal in some places and immoral. It shamed her to the core of her
being. She watched television and knew how these things went. Some women
unnaturally lusted after other women and were willing to leave their husbands
and families to be with them. She didn't want to be one of those. She had
always loved men. She loved her husband Fred Yokas and the children they had
together. They led busy lives but she made time to balance a healthy family
life with her career as a cop. Plus, she enjoyed sex with men. So, she
couldn't be gay, right? But if she wasn't gay then why was she dreaming of
sex with other women? She did not want to be one of those short-haired
masculine chicks who seemed to hate guys yet acted like them so friggin

She remembered her first time. It had been in high school. She was dating
Jack Menard. He was a soccer player. They were in her room. He was an inch
taller than her, a tall and lean black boy. They had been dating for three
months. He was sixteen and she was seventeen. He held her in his arms and
they kissed. Then, he took her to bed. She had been a nervous wreck, also,
excited. He kissed her and they made out. Then, they undressed and he took
his sweet time to arouse and pleasure her, sucking her nipples then eating
her out. He was so good at what he did. Then, she held his cock in her hands.
He was big. She put the condom on him and he entered her gently. He took his
time, caressing her and whispering sweet words to her. He went into her,
hard and fast then slow and steady.

That night, they orgasmed simultaneously. It was her first time. Since then,
she and Jack had been inseparable. They ate lunch together at school and saw
each other on the weekends. They made love in her room and sometimes in his
basement. Other times, they took his car or went to a secluded place. She
loved him. They remained together until Jack's racist black friends rejected
her and, although he stuck up for her, their romance did not last. But she
loved Jack and he loved her. She enjoyed being with him, he was a nice guy
and a great lover.

So, she couldn't be gay, right? She was seventeen and she made it with Jack.
A boy. Dykes couldn't do that, ergo she couldn't be a dyke. Plus she was
married to a wonderful man she loved. So, she couldn't be a dyke. She had
kids with Fred, for Christ's sakes. She just wanted these feelings to go

She went to bed with her husband, the rough-yet sweet Fred Yokas. He kissed
her on the lips when she came and, smiling, took her in his arms. "What's
bothering you, my girl?" he asked.

Faith considered telling him the truth. But he might not understand. Plus,
she read somewhere that dykes were repulsed by men. Here she was, cuddling
with her husband. The man she loved. So, she couldn't be a dyke. She was
going to prove it.

She surprised Fred by kissing him, then reached between his legs to take his
cock in her hands. She leaned over and proceeded to suck him off. Fred was
pleasantly surprised. He looked at his beautiful wife as she sucked his cock,
and grinned. When he was hard, Faith got on top of him and began to ride him
for all she was worth. He held her waist, watching her bounce up and down on
his cock. He fucked her, hard. He reached out, firmly holding her into place
and sucking her tits as he fucked her. Then, he came in her, without warning,
sending hot jizz deep inside her. Faith shrieked, and staggered. He held her,
watching her ample yet beautiful body as an orgasm rocked her. They remained
like this. "Wow," he said. Faith looked at her husband and smiled.

"I love you." Then, she snuggled closer to him and they went to sleep.

When Faith Yokas woke up the next day, she felt better. She had a hot night
of lovemaking with her husband. She enjoyed. How could she think she was a
dyke? Dykes didn't like sex with men. Couldn't stand to touch one or be near
one, from what she heard. And she loved Fred Yokas with all her heart and

She was pulling up into the Police Station Parking Lot when she saw
someone walking by. It was Kim Zambrano. The tall and exotic-looking female
paramedic. Faith Yokas felt her heart skip a beat. Kim was gorgeous! She felt
a yearning she couldn't understand, a dark hunger which rose in her, sharp
and demanding. No!!! She couldn't be feeling like this, not for Kim!!!

Kim walked up to her. "Hi, Faith."

Faith looked at the arrogantly beautiful woman. "Hello, miss Zambrano."

Kim smiled. "Formal, aren't we?" she said.

Faith cocked an eyebrow. "Why do you say that?" she asked testily.

Kim grinned, showing perfect teeth. "Oh, nothing. What haven't YOU been
getting?" she said.

Faith looked at her coldly.

"For your info, my husband and I enjoy a very exciting sex life."

Kim looked Faith up and down, nodded and Faith shuddered. "Then why are you
eyeballing me, lady cop?"

Kim smiled and walked away, leaving Faith Yokas stunned.

For the next few weeks, she tried to avoid Kim Zambrano. But it was next to
impossible. The woman was everywhere. She kept smiling provocatively at
Faith, causing Faith to... feel things. It wasn't just a feeling, either.
She had dreams of embracing Kim, of making love and being made love to in
ways she had never thought possible. She woke up sweaty from her intense
dreams and even found herself wet, down there. She tried sex with Fred and
it was satisfactory. He had a talent for making her orgasm but she seemed
to crave... more. Something she did not admit, even to herself. She wanted
something her husband could not give her, and it terrified her. She told
herself she would ignore Kim Zambrano and these feelings of hers would go
away. Yes, ignore it and it will go away.

She went to work and went to her locker to get ready. The locker room was
deserted. Suddenly, there she was. Kim Zambrano. The tall, strikingly
beautiful brunette. "Hi, Faith," she said with a grin. Faith gasped. "I've
been wanting to talk to you," said Kim.

"I can't right now," said Faith.

She was about to leave when Kim threw her back against the wall with
surprising strength. "I want to talk to you," said Kim. "You WILL listen."

Faith looked at her. "No way am I listening to you."

Kim smiled wickedly. "Ignoring it will not make it go away. You can fake
being a straight chick as long as you want. But it's gonna come out sooner
or later."

Faith's eyes widened. "What is gonna come out?" she asked.

Kim Zambrano smiled like a devilish fiend. "You're a lesbo!"

Faith seethed with anger. Who the hell did this little dyke think she was?
"I ain't a freak like you!"

Kim looked stunned. Faith saw what looked like pain show in her eyes for an
instant, then it vanished. "At least I can admit to myself what I am. I am
not lying to myself and the people I love."

Faith felt angry. She grabbed Kim and threw her back. Kim yelped in pain.

Kim looked at Faith. The tall, beautiful yet rugged policewoman towered over
her. She knew she shouldn't do this but she couldn't help herself. She threw
herself at Faith, who, surprised, back into a corner. Kim put her arms around
the taller woman and kissed her. Faith gasped at the shock of feeling soft
feminine lips on her own. Kim's tongue invaded her mouth and Kim's hands
caressed her.

Faith felt ready to surrender just as the urges she'd been fighting came back
to the surface. No!!! This was betraying everything she had been taught. She
was a normal person. A wife and mother. A faithful spouse. Not some adulterer
and definitely not a dyke!!!! She pushed Kim away. "I am not gay!" she
screamed. And ran.

"Faith, come back!!!" Kim yelled.

Faith just ran like the devil himself was after her.

Faith Yokas went home. She was tired. This time, when she tried to make love
to Fred, all she could see was Kim's face. It was Kim's face over her, Kim's
hands on her body, Kim's lips on her own. It wasn't Fred's large cock that
entered her but Kim who fucked her, wearing a strap on!!! The experience of
being with one person yet imagining making love to a whole different person
was... unsettling at best. Still, she couldn't complain. If Kim was out of
her life, then stuff would come back to normal.

She went to work. She talked to her fellow cops Maurice Boscorelli and John

She avoided Kim like the plague. Three months passed. The situation
worsened. The lovemaking with Fred Yokas became unbearable and her craving
for a woman's touch became a constant thing. She felt miserable and sometimes
cried herself to sleep. She yearned for something she knew she shouldn't be
wanting. Her work suffered. She lost weight. She became depressed. She
couldn't help staring at the women walking around her in public. She felt
something when around some of them. She could feel...something. God, she just
wanted it to end. Why couldn't she go back to being normal? She knew she
loved Fred Yokas, just not physically. She loved their life together and
their kids but somehow it was not enough. She wanted more.

So, she finally picked up the phone and called Kim. She just wanted to talk.
Kim picked up. "Come over to my place." said Kim.

Faith agreed. She wanted to talk to someone who would understand what she
was going through. She showered, put on a black T-shirt, blue sweatpants and
sneakers and drove to Kim Zambrano's apartment. Kim Zambrano lived in a small
apartment in New York's Bronx. She buzzed Faith in.

Faith walked to Kim's door. Kim opened. She looked at Faith, and Faith looked
at her. Kim wore a gray T-shirt and gym shorts. "Hi." she said, smiling.

"Hello," said Faith.

She went inside. Kim sat her down on her couch and went to her small kitchen
to prepare some hot coffee. Faith took a look around. The place was...small.
"You were expecting more?" Kim said.

"It's...nice." said Faith.

"So, what did you want to talk about?" asked Kim.

Faith hesitated, then told Kim of her dreams of sex with women and how
unsatisfying her lovemaking with her husband Fred had gotten. She loved Fred
and didn't want to leave him but sex with him was unsatisfactory. "I just
want it to go away." she confessed.

Kim took Faith's face in her hands. "It is who you are. Not some disease.
You are a woman who loves women. It had to hit you sooner or later. It's

Faith shook her head. "But I like men, I loved my first boyfriend and I love

"You can love a person, but that doesn't change who you are." said Kim.

Faith looked at her. "I don't want to be one of those women who abandon their
husbands and children to be with other women."

Kim felt like slapping her. But she held back. "The heart wants what the
heart wants." she said.

Faith began to sob and Kim felt her heart go to this woman, this seemingly
normal, heterosexual married woman, faithful wife and mother.

"Shhh, baby." she said. Kim held Faith and began to rock her gently, so very
gently. Faith let herself go. Kim kissed Faith's forehead and then her cheek
and neck. Faith was completely still.

She looked at Kim with frightened eyes. Kim's heart beat faster. Faith was so
beautiful! She hugged Faith and whispered, "I'm going to help you. Nothing's
ever gonna happen to you."

Faith kept looking at Kim and Kim's heart beat faster and faster. She had
been with many people in her life and never had anyone affected her so. Faith
took Kim's hands in her own. "I am so sorry for hurting you."

Kim stared at Faith, now she was as nervous as heck. "I-I-it's okay, Faith."

Faith hugged her, and she hugged the other woman back. Kim found herself
kissing Faith over and over, and once again Faith had a fearful look on her
face. "I'm not gonna hurt you," she said.

She caressed Faith's head and neck and slowly began to undress her. She ran
her hands over Faith's rugged, somewhat ample yet beautiful body. She fondled
Faith's breasts and Faith gasped when Kim's hand found its way to her pussy.
"Ah," Faith said.

Kim continued to explore Faith's body. Faith moaned as Kim's knowing hands
explored her body. She closed her eyes when she felt Kim's hands parting her
legs and Kim's sleek fingers beginning to explore her pussy. Kim's tongue
soon began to snake its way into Faith's pussy just as her fingers tickled
and probed Faith's ass. She gently bit Faith's clit and Faith gasped, eyes
wide open. Kim continued to eat Faith's pussy, savoring the exquisite taste
of that cunt. She licked it inside and out, toying with it using her fingers.
She suddenly stuck her tongue as deep as she could, tickling Faith's gentle
folds. Faith screamed in pleasure, gripping Kim's head with her strong hands.
Kim kept at it, making Faith reach orgasm after orgasm. Kim made her scream
so loud she could be heard all the way to central park.

Later, Kim and Faith lay in bed, snuggled together. Faith slept, a content
expression in her face for the first time in months. Kim didn't sleep. She
looked at Faith, sleeping. God, the woman was so beautiful. A hint of tomboy
inside an amazon's body. She was usually so sanctimnious and righteous. Kim
loved seducing straight women. They usually had a lot of curiosity inside
them but always denied it. She'd been with so many of those so-called
upstanding heterosexual wives and mothers. So many of them. Dykes of all
shapes and sizes. Black. White. Latino. Mulatto. Asian. They were butch and
femme and everything in between. They were usually discreet about their
affairs and crawled back to their husbands, their sons and daughters. The
same women who screamed against the evils of homosexuality in church were
the same ones who screamed so loud in her bed in previous days. She had come
to hate such women. Pathetic closet cases. She liked to make them suffer.
But not Faith Yokas. The woman was so... different.

Kim hated to admit it but she had a crush on Faith for a long time. She had
always thought Faith was a straight woman, since she was married and had kids
and never cheated on her husband with anyone. What she felt when looking at
Faith amazed and scared her. A feeling so powerful it threatened to overwhelm
her. Was she crazy? Getting involved with a confused woman, someone as
innocent as a Lord knows what. Someone who is very married....with kids. Too
much baggage. Any man or woman knew better than to get involved with someone
who is married with children. It spelled trouble for you, no matter what your
gender or orientation. Kim knew better. But how could she resist Faith?
Everytime she saw her, she just wanted to hold her and never let go.

How the hell was she gonna get out of this ? Hmm. She'd figure it out.

The End


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