Again please give me a break on my grammer and spelling english is not my
native language. Plus now I'm under drugs due to recent injuries. I don't
own the Terminators but like everone else in Tel Aviv I'm waiting with baited
breath for T-3.

Don't bother trying to e-mail me because I lost my old laptop in a bus
bombing and this is a borrowed one and I'm to lasy and doped up to change
the address.

Terminator: Humping The Machines (MF,robot,exhib)
by Shewolf Of Tel Aviv


Skynet the death computor that ruled nuked American was almost howling in
rage. Not only are the humans winning on all fronts beginning to endanger
it, but the two times Termanators were sent in the past to kill that SOB
John Connier all had failed. 'Maybe,' it thought, 'only one Termanator was
not enough, but a Team?'


LA was almost flooded by a week long thunderstorms when a bluest lighting
rose from the ground to the sky near a downtown powerstation. When it
vanished four naked forms stood in the center of where the lighting wese
all women. One white, one asian, one black, and one latnio all model-like

The tall blond turned to her three partners and began to speak. "Find John
Connier and..."

Just then a major lighting bolt in the power station next to the four sending
bolts of power in all points. One of these bolts hit all four of the naked
lovelies causing them to shake and tiny blue lighting to run up and down
their bodies. But instead of being burned and laying dead on the ground all
four were still on their feet after the bolt faded.

The black spoke first, "Mission ... what's Our mission?"

The blond looked as confused as the black. "To find John Conner and... and
what?" she said slowly. Then a command came to her body. "All units follow
me," she ordered.

The four naked females walked down the street in the pouring rain, which
rolled off their bodies like moving statues till the Asian one glanced to
her right and saw something in a store. The four gather around the store
front and the blond stated, "Data storehouse," and in one seeming effortless
powerful move ripped the door off it's hinges and all of them marched into
the Pussycat XXX Videoshop.

John Conner was walking down on the darkened beach four days later. He was
a good looking darkhaired man but the weight of the world seemed on his
shoulders. He had left the others so he could do some thinking by himself.
"God am I going to be attacked by kill crazy cycborgs every few years," he
asked himself.

Stopping he then suddenly realized that he was the only one on the beach.
He turned to go back and noticed a alone female figure blocking his way. He
felt uneasy as she approached, but lust rose too. She had knee long blond
hair. A swimsuit 44-24-38 body, that was covered with a wide open net mini
dress and thigh thigh boots.

As she came closer he saw with a happy shock that she wasn't wearing anything
under it. At three feet away she stopped and said in that all to familiar
metallic tone. "JOHN CONNER?"

Hope crashed and fear rose in John. "SHIT NOT ANOTHER ONE!" he screamed as
he turned to run for he knew that this was a T-X Termanator. But before he
could take ten steps a powerful hand grabbed the collar of his coat yanking
him back, throwing him on his back and ripping his chothes off.

"Now what you dumb fuck?" John asked himself. He knew these things were after
him, but like a total asshole he had to wander off by himself.

As he looked up at the killer cyborg trying to think of a way out of this
fix. He was stunned to see the T-X reach up to the neck of her dress and rip
it down into two leaving her as naked as he was. In spite of the danger he
was in or maybe because John felt the a stirring in his cock as the killer
body was there for his looks.

Wearing only the boots the T-X dropped to her knees, grabbed each tit in one
hand and slowly leaned forward and wrapped John's awaking cock in between
them. He knew that they were made of liquid metal but they felt so smooth
warm and soft. John couldn't tell them from the real things. His head fell
back gasping and his his began to pump up and down as he helped the T-X in
Her titty fuck of him. Then without warning as his tip popped out of the all
enclosing boob flesh. The blond bent her head down and gave in a lick, an
action that sent shockwaves through John's body.

"YYEEEESSSSSS!!!" he screamed into the night sky and somehow increased to
speed of his thrusts.

Without a word the cyborg bombshell kept pumping her tits over John's hardon
until he felt himself reach the point of no return. Somehow as if she knew
before hand, she pulled off John's cock and in one smooth movement swallowed
the near brusting cock all the way into her hot steaming mouth.

"UUUUUGGGHHHHHH!!!" he screamed as he unloaded gob after gob into her seeming
bottomless mouth.

John laid on the sand gasping not sure what had happen when a hot sucking
feeling came from his groin. He looked down to see the blond head of the T-X
termanator pumping up and down on his cock like a oil pump. 'Shit! Is she
trying to fuck me to death?' John asked himself then wondered if that would
be so bad.

Suddenly she stopped sucking and gave the cock a final lick then swung her
leg over his groin. She looked down at John and in a almost Human tone said
"Fuck me. Slam my cunt. Ram that dick all the way to my brain."

John didn't know what the hell was going on, but if this borg wanted to fuck
him instead of killing him he'd try his damnest to knock her up. He reached
out with his hands and grabbed the T-X's hips and brutally rammed his cock up
into her at the same time the blond dropped down on top of him groin. They
slammed to together with a force that caused pain in John's groin as he slid
in fully into the tightest hottest cunt he ever fucked.

T-X threw her head back and screamed, "EEAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!" as if she
was a real human woman.

John almost pulled her off then rammed her back down with such force that a
human woman would be ripped open and most likely bleeded to death in agony.
"That's right bitch... Take it you metal cunt... Bleed for meee you bitch!"
John snarled.

FUCK ME... TAKE ME USE ME BREED ME!!!" the TX chanted seeming mindlessly

John almost became a machine himself as he ruthlessly, brutally, cruelly,
fucked the cyborg. A human woman would be bleeding half to death by now, but
all the T-X did was fall forward, her hips still being hammered by John's
raging cock. John looked up to see the blond's mighty tits bouncing almost
in his face. He leaned his head up till his mouth could catch a nipple then
he bit it as hard as he could. A human would have screamed in pain but the
borg just closed her eyes with a look of pure joy on her face and chanted.

John's face tiwsted and roared, "Take it slut...TAKE IT..TAKE IT..TAKE IT!"
as one huge spurt of baby batter after another shot deep into the T-X's
welcoming slit.

He felt his scum pooling around his softing cock that still acted like a plug
in the dam in the blond's cunt. Then he felt the sugarwalls begin to move and
the her body begin to start a vibe that to John's amazement caused a third
hard on as if he hadn't just unloaded twice before.

The T-X slowly pulled off John and dropped to her hands and knees next to
him. She looked him in his eyes and whispered, "Fuck me in my ass."

'Dear GOD! She is trying to fuck me to death.' John thought as he got up
behind her. He placed the tip of his ever hard dick at the enterance of her
ass and paused.

She looked back and begged, "Yesss, be cruel. Be hard. Be savage. Rip me
apart. Make me bleed. Tear MY ASSHOLE APART!"

John took a deep breath then rammed his hips foward as hard as he could.

The blond's eyes bugged out and screamed, "AAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!"

John felt as if he shoved his cock into hot butter yet never had he fucked
anything so hot and tight. So tight that for a monment he was worried that
the skin would be stripped off his cock, but he still pulled it out till
only the tip remained in her, then rammed up to his groin into her.

Her head flopped around throwing her long blond hair around like a whip and
she chanted mindlessly. "OOOOHHHH YYYEESSSSS.. SSOOOO G..GG..GOOOODDDD...

John keep on pounding her ass, his breath coming in ragged gasps. Then after
30 lust crazed minutes he shot a cum enema into her as he passed out and
laided on the beach naked where he woke the next day alone save for a message
written in the sand next to him.



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