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Teen Titans: Part 3 - Vacation In Steel City Part 2
by Tricksterson

The two heroic beauties, Raven and Bumblebee, spent the next twenty-four
hours making plans to ensnare their male teamates in their sexual web. That
and passionate sex.

Unfortunately their plans were temporarily derailed by the Great Shrimp
Invasion, a seemingly spontaneous dimensional rift dumping thousands of
giant shrimp onto the city. It only lasted two days but local and state
authorities, as well as the Titans, including Raven, her powers stabilized
by lots of hot lesbian sex, were kept busy.

It was, however, done by midweek, allowing the two superpowered vixens to
put their seductive plans into action. In the aftermath of the final battle
Bumblebee proposed that they soak their injuries away in the massive
hotub/pool that Cyborg had built in with Aqualad in mind but that everyone
used from time to time.

Bumblebee had subtly diverted the twin speedsters, MasyMenos away from the
planned party as, in her words, they were "too short, too chubby and waaay
to young!" Then, she in a black bikini and Raven, who hadn't brought a
bathing suit, wearing her navy blue leotard as a substitute had walked hand
in hand to the poolroom.

"So is this a surprise party or do they know what we have planned?" asked

"I gave them a thumbnail version. Aqualad was more than happy to comply."

"And Speedy? Wait, what's his real name? I just *can't* picture myself
moaning 'Faster, Speedy, faster!'. Not with a straight face anyway."

"Roy. Anyway, you should know that he and Aqualad have a...relationship."

Raven frowned. "So, he's not interested?"

"Oh, he's interested, he's just 'possessive', to use Aqualad's word."
Bumblebee smirked. "Selfish, little bitch is what he is. It'll do him good
to see someone else be the center of attention."

As they entered the poolroom they stopped. Evidently the guys had decided
to start without them. Both were in the hottub which was more the size of a
heated Olympic-sized pool. Speedy was leaning back, lean, muscular arms
stretched out, head flung back as Aqualad nuzzled his neck and played with
his nipples. For the first time Raven understood the fascination that
watching two women make love held for most men.

"Ahem," said Queenie. Both young men looked up, Aqualad smiling, Speedy
somewhat resentfully, especially when his lover pushed himself away and
gently swam backwards then arched into a backward dive that revealed every
inch of his athletic body.

"Showoff," snorted Bumblebee. Beside her Raven's jaw had dropped, both at
what had been revealed and what had not.

"He has no..."

Aqualad popped up at the pool's edge, smiling, having heard from under the

"Like most marine animals it's kept inside my body until needed. All you have
to do is give it some incentive and it will definitely make an appearance."

"Oh, well then, let's see if I can," with that she launched herself into the
air, skimming the pool's surface and soon she and Aqualad were engaged in a
peculiar combination of racing and flirtation. Keeping pace with each other
he would reach up and flick his fingers against her nipples or she would
swoop down, letting her hand trail up the inside of his leg.

Finally she soared to the middle of the room and peeled off her leotard,
letting it fall into the water. Uncharacteristically she decided to show off
an exhibitiontic streak for her rapt audience of three, running her hands
over her breasts and pinching her dark nipples. Then she turned around and
spead her firm ass cheeks, shaking it to their appreciation and applause. As
she slowly spun around to face her admirers she spread her legs, then spread
her pussy lips with one hand while inserting a finger of the other into her
love canal. At last she floated down to the pools shallow end where Aqualad
met her with a fond embrace. Soon arms legs and tongues were entwined.

At the opposit corner of the shallow end, glowering, was Roy/Speedy. Lying on
her stomach was Bumblebee.

"Aren't you going to join them?" he grumbled.

"My wings don't like to get wet. And don't be so selfish," she admonished
kneeding his tightened neck and shoulder muscles. "Haven't you ever heard the
saying, 'If you're not with the one you love, love the one you're with'?"
With that her hands ran down his chest. That, combined with her nibbling at
his neck brought forth a gasp and broke his sour mood. He pulled himself,
body clad only in tight orange Speedos, out of the pool to join her.

As he did this, Aqualad was engaged in a new form of underwater exploration,
namely between Raven's legs. She'd never been eaten quite like this. It
wasn't so much her partner, although he was quite good, but the environment.
As his tongue speared into her, his long black hair floated aound her thighs
and hips, caressing them like a thousand tiny fingers. At the same time the
water flowed around her with each movement and accompanied his tongue up her
tube as if she was peeing in reverse.

"Yeah, yeah! FUCK me with your tongue, Aqua, FUCK ME!!!" She had settled on
calling him Aqua after asking his real name and recieving a series of clicks,
gurgles and high pitched whines.

When she slipped a finger into her asshole, moving it in time with his
tongue, both she and the water around them exploded.

During this time Roy and Queenie had stripped and she had straddled him. Roy
wasn't really fond of being on the bottom but her wings required it. "Aw,
c'mon, it ain't *that* bad, is it?" As she said this, she licked a trail down
his throat and chest, across his rock-hard sixpack to the root of his cock.
Her tongue proceeded to lick it's way slowly to the tip and then engulfed it
as one of her hands massaged his balls.

"It''s compensations," he admitted, said backhanded compliment
bringing a warning scrape of teeth against his shaft, which only excited him
more since, like most vigilantes he was something of a danger junkie. Slowly
Queenie pulled back from sucking to tickle his pisshole with her tongue,
relishing the taste of the precum oozing from it. She pulled herself off and
then placed his rod between her ample tits, moving them back and forth. It
was an amazing sensation for him, something he'd never done before, like
fucking pillows or a cloud. Soon he was coming all over them, as well as her
neck and chin. But they weren't done yet, not by a long shot.

Nor were Raven and Aqua done. Both were out of the pool now, Raven on all
fours and Aqua behind her He eyed her firm, round buttocks appreciatively and
considered putting it in there but he and Speedy had promised to save that
for each other.

Raven moaned and closed her eyes as his cock, now fully and impressively
exposed plunged into her throbbing pussy. When she opened them again, Queenie
and Roy were standing in fron of her, the archer behind her, framed by her
wings, hands running up and down her compact, voluptuous body.

"Come to...unh...join the party?"

Her reply was delayed by Roy's cupping a breast with one hand and slipping a
finger into her vagina with the other.

"If we're...mmmm...invited." She took his finger out of her pussy and put it
into her mouth, licking it clean.

"Of course you are...uh," Raven bit down on her lip, then continued. Could
get complicated...oh!...though."

Queenie reluctantly took Roy's hands off of her. "Well, that's why they pay
me the big bucks, ain't it? Okay, hun, slide yourself under her, that's it."
He did so, looking rather like a mechanic servicing a car a he did so. Raven
felt his hands and lips on her breast at the same time that Aqua leaned over
to kiss down her spine and trembled with delight. the trembling turned to
giggles as Roy's tongue her belly and then turned into a piercing scream as
the same tongue started work on her clit in tandem with Aqua's cock.

Okay, that's far enough," said Queenie, as she had a use for the lower half
of the archer's trim body. She lowered herself onto him with a sigh even as
Aqua pulled out of the still orgasming Raven.

"Move forward love," suggested the amphibian hero. It took a few seconds for
her to be capable of movement but once she was, she grasped Queenie's bobbing
shoulders and pulled herse;lf along the archers body. The she and the other
woman went into a liplock, arms wrapping around each other. Raven's legs
half-wrapped around Queenie's hips so that it felt as if Roy was fucking both
of them simultaneously. As she moved her mouth to her lover's tits she felt
Aqua's back against hers as he positioned himself in front of his lover's
mouth. Another degree of sensuality was accheived as his back moved against
her while he fucked Roy's mouth.



"Fuckme, fuckme!" screamed Queenie as Raven counterpointed with "Fuck us!
Fuck *us*!"

Both girls came even as Aqua spewed, groaning, into Roy's mouth.

* * *

This and the rest of her wild week were accounted during a marathon session
of phone sex between her and Bruce at the end of her "vacation". He in turn
had reported his less sexual adventure, although he *had* mentioned Talia,
Rais Al Ghul's daughter in term sufficient to send a wave of jealousy through

"...and that's the rest of the story," she concluded. Both she and her bed
were drenched in sweat. She had been surprised and a bit perturbed to find
herself still horny after her sojurn. Perhaps it was because now, between
Bruce, Barbera and her friends at Titans East, sex was no longer a chore but
a delight. Maybe she would be able to bleed off enough energy to keep her
desires under control. It was as yet, a vague hope, but one she clung to.


"Yes?" His voice was ragged. His own iron control had slipped and he was
struggling to regain it.

"Three things."


'I love you, tell him that' said a voice in her head that she squashed down.
"Tell that slut Talia that if she comes on to you again, I'll break both her

"That's hardly fair, considering what you've been up to," he said in a
teasing voice.

"Nonetheless. It's about time we women got to apply a double standard too."

"Fine," he replied, knowing that this wasn't a battle he could win, "I'll
pass it along, next."

'Say "I love you",' "Next time we get together do you think Barbera..."

"Almost certainly. The question is, would I survive?"

"Maybe not but I bet it would take the surgeons two hours just to get the
smile off your face."

'And what's number three?'

'I LOVE YOU!' "Shut up!"


"Sorry, my inner voice is being a pain."

"I understand."

"Anyway three is...I...I mean if three months from now the world is in


"Call Superman."


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