Teen Titans: The Sleep-patch Part 2 (ff,reluc)
by DES081735 ([email protected])

After Starfire left the room, she came up to Raven's door with mustard and Pepsi in hands.

Starfire: Um... friend Raven, may I come in?

Raven: Sure.

Starfire handed over the Pepsi to Raven and she put it on her dresser.

Raven: Um.. Starfire, can you do a favor for me?

Starfire: Sure, friend Raven. What is it?

Raven: Could you... could you kiss me, please?

Starfire was confused by what a "kiss" was.

Starfire: Tell me, friend Raven. What is a kiss?

Raven: Well, it's kinda like this.

With that said, Raven grabbed Starfire's face and gave her a light kiss on
the lips. Starfire was shocked but she enjoyed it and kissed Raven back.
Things got heated up when the kiss turned from lightly to tenderly as their
hands explored each other's body. Raven stopped the kiss only to take off
Starfire's shirt and discover she wasn't wearing a bra. Starfire took off
Raven's shirt to reveal a black lace bra and panties. They continued to kiss
and while they were kissing, Raven took off her bra and started to fell
Starfire's breasts. They laid on Raven's bed, still kissing each other.
Starfire started to feel Raven's breasts and she moaned softly in pleasure.
They stopped kissing so Raven could lick Starfire's firm breasts to make
Starfire moan loudly. She kept on squeezing her breasts and pinching and
licking her nipples. Starfire moaned in ecstasy and wet herself.

Starfire: Thank you, friend Raven.

Raven: Thank you, too.

Starfire: But why?

Raven: Sooner or later, I plan to have sex with Beast Boy and I wanted him
to enjoy it and I needed practice.

Starfire: Don't worry, he will.

Starfire gave Raven one last kiss and left for her room. And Raven fell
asleep on her bed. But unknowing to both of them, Slade was watching the
whole thing from a mountaintop near the Tower.

Slade: Soon, dear Raven. Soon your sexy body shall be mine with a little help
from my "modified" sleep-patch.

While Raven was still asleep in her room, Slade snuck in, carried Raven in
his arms and kidnapped her, taking her to his lair, without no one knowing.


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