Hey every one my name is Silent Bob (no relation to the real Silent Bob I'm
just an author please Kevin Smith don't press charges.) I'm writing you the
readers out in porn land about the TV show Taxi. I was granted the pleasure
of seeing an episode early this morning around 3 it involved all the guys
Alex Reiger, Tony Banta, Reverand Jim, Bobby Wheeler going to the woods for
the week to discover thier manliness and be men. Then end up buying food
realizing no electricity equals no fridge they leave food outside. The
morning after 'boom' its been eaten by animals. They end up eating minnow
that Alex catches and berrys Jim find including a hilarious blue berry mix
up. They were not blueberries. They were blue berries. Six days later still
no food a turkey then walks literaly in through the open door of the cabin.
No one wants to kill the the turkey, so alex does it. At dinner Jim insists
on grace. He then gives a very touching but equally hilarious eulagy for
the deaceased bird. They tear at it scene changes. Here is what im writing
about. We see Elaine Nardo played by a beautifal and still beautifal Marilu
Henner. She then tells Louie if Alex calls then call her at her number (you
do know my number right? Louie replys I always got your number) she sighs
in disgust and starts to leave the phone rings. Its Alex. Here's the story
I hope you enjoy.

Taxi: Uncut (MF)
by Silent Bob

Louie looks at Elaine and hands her the phone. She tries to take it through
the cage however Louie has other plans. He invites her in the cage.
Distracted Elaine takes the phone. He then locks the door behind them. She
not realizing being wrapped up in the conversation. Louie thinks in his nasty
little bald head, "Now she taking the phone in here, its my chance I've been
waitin for oh man. Elaine those tits and that ass."

A tent soon appeared in his black pants. A little known fact about Louie is
he may be 4'5" but he'e all Italian so he was endowed with the gift that his
father had and his his father before him and so on. A perfectly mastered 12
inch penis at 4 inches around. He could put a horse to shame and he was about
to release "The Beast" on an unsuspecting gorgeous red head with a body that
could kill. Hot red hair that framed her face an awesome rack that stood out
from her chest independently even when she wasn't wearing a bra they stood up
by themselves very perky. She has a nice tight ass and legs that go on for

And Louie himself, the nasty sexist boss of Sunshine Cab for 20 years, was
gonna get some with out even asking. Hell, in his mind this was the only
way he could get any with out having to pay good money. At least Elaine
wasn't dirty or used. Besides her turning him down and treating him like
crap for so long would give him a chance to get even. Louie lowered the
blinds one by one after splashing some colonge on. Cut to the inside of the
cage Louie sneaks beind Elaine and roughly grabs her breasts squeezing and
pinching the nipples through the fabric while taking in her slight scent of
arousal and fear.

"LOUIE!" Elaine screams and just stands there in shock her feet won't move.

He then climbs up on the counter about to open his pants, she heads for the
door he jumps down and blocks it before she can get out. "Sorry Elaine your
Louie's now. Your going to do everything I say and more."

Elaine starts crying from fear and not being able to escape, "What makes you
so sure I will? You're a horrible beast, Louie. Is this the only way you can
get me into bed is by forcing me?"

Louie advances toward elain menacingly with his hands curled into claws. "Do
you really think I care Elaine what you say to me now? I'm going to do
everything I've wanted to do for the past 5 years."

"I could call the police," a very scared Elaine replies.

"You could," replies Louie, "I could get arrested you could play the helpless
bitch who gets away with my freedom and maybe a healthy chunk of money from
this cab company. But Elaine I know you won't do that."

"Why wouldn't I?"

"Well, simply because I single handedly hold your JOB in my hands now. I know
you don't wanna lose you apartment and you need to take care of your self. Or
else you're out on the street selling yourself to strange men giving blowjobs
sucking down all that nice jizz for a few meazly bucks. Taking it up the ass
and mouth at the same time. They'll beanpole ya! Heh. Or Elaine Nardo you
could open up my pants, take out my cock, suck down my jizz and no one has to
know but me and my cock. What do ya say?"

Elaine thought about it. If she was quick maybe she run out and get away
from this cage which was beginning to look smaller and smaller by the minute
or she could pleasure Louie no harm no foul. Only it was Louie the most
perverted grotesque man she had ever encountered. Or she would really like
it if Alex was here. Wait... the phone. She looked over and prayed it wasn't
hung up. She grabbed it and started telling Alex what was going on but before
she could get a word out Louie cut the phone line with a pair of scissors.

"Sorry big tits. This line is now offically closed. Heh, heh, heh!"

She backed up againgst the wall once more scared and alone crying very
steadily. "Don't do it Louie!"

He advanced once more and pressed himself up against her rubbing his cloth
covered cock up against her leg. She was a lot taller than he was. He got a
crate and stepped up on it to look her in the face he said, "Hey babe watch
this." He pushed a few buttons and pair of metals cuffs buzzed out of the
wall trapping her hands to the wall behind her. "I bet you didn't know about
that little peice of machinery. I've been reading this book about bondage it
gives exact directions on how to build one of these fake walls your up
against. Its really not that hard to figure out. All the parts I needed were
right here from the switches to the motors. I used the cabs to aid me in my

"What quest would that be?" Elaine asked.

He pushed another button, "A torture table."

The wall Elaine Nardo was strapped to tilted back leading into a neighboring
secret room. "Were'd this room come from?" Elaine asked in puzzlement.

"Well," Louie began, "I was going over the blue prints to this place one
night when I noticed a room were the wall right in my little cage should be.
I took the wall down and found a little storage room. Well, not so little I
should say. The room was about half the size of the cab company and had
almost nothing in it except a table and a deck of playing cards. I think it
was some kind of gentlemen's club back in the 20's except there's no
gentlemen here now. Ha ha."

"Louie you're crazy! Let me go, please!" Elaine pleaded.

"Nope, I'm afraid I can't do that, Elaine. I want you and you want me."

"Are you crazy? I don't want anything to do with you."

"How about now?" Louie loosened his fly and unbuttoned his pants they dropped
to his ankles.

Elaine looked on in disgust as Louie dropped his yellow cab boxers. Her
disgust then turned to pure amazement and lust as she saw what was hanging
between his legs it was 9 inches soft going half way down his thigh. His
balls were as as big as soft balls (heh heh). Elaine immediatly began to
feel wetness between her legs and saliva accumulated at the corner of her
mouth. "Louie its... its..."

"Yeah, I know," Louie retorted. "You want some of this? You want some of Big

She didn't know what to say. It was more than she had seen ever. Her
primitive mind over road her ability to think clearly and murmured, "God,

"Ok then," Louie replyed very happy. "Now I'm going to let you go. I don't
want you to escape or nothin'. Just do what I say. Ok?

"Ok," Elaine replied.

He push a button. The cuffs snapped off she got up.

"What do you want me to do big boy?"

Louie smiled. Somehow she made him feel special almost not evil, but sorta
good. He then wiped that fractured fantasy away from his mind. "First, get
on your knees and crawl over here."

She swayed her ass as she crawled slowly across the dirty floor and stop
right in front of his crotch. She automatically with out warning was all
over Louie's cock. Using her right hand she couldn't even get it around
the whole penis. She started stroking his cock hard and soft with her
gentleness and roughness all in the same time. Her knuckles going white
from the effort being put in.

Louie's dick got hard fast 12 inches of raw meat. Louie expected the cute
red head to swallow. She started kissing it around the plum colored and
equally sized head. She then pursed her lips against the piss hole and
opened her mouth immediatley only able to take the head stroking off the

"Ohh god, Elaine, you are good," Louie moaned.

"Thank you," Elaine reply dragging her lips along the head as she took the
head out of her mouth to speak also elictiing a new moan from Louies mouth.
Elaine was really working it, stroking up and down, up and down, creating a
powerful suction pleasing Louie for now.

He then pulls the head out of her mouth. It comes out with a loud pop. "Turn
around baby."

Elaine smiles she turns around and gets on her hands in a classic doggie
style position. Louie comes up behind Elaine and undoes her belt and pulls
her jeans down. She's wearing pink lacy underwear. Louie pulls those down.

"Louie, fuck me," Elaine growls in a husky sexy voice.

Louie then spreads her pussy lips and sticks a finger in for measure.

"Ohhhhhh that feels good!"

He then pulls back aligning himself with her and slams in as hard as he can.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh gooooood it hurts so much. I've never had any one that deep."

Louie liked her red bush. It was thick and it seemed to turn her on when he
ran his fingers through it. After her initial reaction she started rocking
back in forth slamming as hard as she could against his pubic bone. It was
amazing. Most woman couldn't take all of it.

"Oh god, Louie. Louie. Louie. LOUIE!" she had the biggest orgasm she had ever
had. Then something else was coming she was hit with an unexpected second
orgasm. The rumble following in its wake she almost passes out from the

Louie reaches under her blouse and bra and feels her big tits. "Oh yeah, you
like that, Elaine," he pinches her nipples and feels the softness and
firmness of them.

Then suprising the both of them she sits back and switches to a postion were
she's riding Louie up and down her red bush now dominatley displayed along
with her torn blouse and ripped off bra.

"Oh Louie," Elaine keeps moaning. "Oh Louie!" She slows down and climbs off.
"Oh my god, I'm so sorry Louie, you havn't blown your load yet. Here let me
help you with that."

She then takes it in her mouth once more and starts sucking now half it's
length. A good 8 inches. She deep throats it and takes ten. That's her limit.
Guiding with her hand she bobs up and down looking up at him with her sexy
blue eyes saying, "Don't you love this?" Then she comes back up and tongues
the head. Her lips playfully tugging at the throbbing member. That was the
last straw.

"Ohhh my goooood!!!"

Louie blows it all over her face and mouth. Her hair was covered along with
her chest. Louie looked down at her smiled and had a warmth in his eyes that
he hadn't had in 20 years.

"Elaine, thank you. All I wanted was to be loved. Here's looking at you,
kid." he winks at her, zips his pants up and walks out leaving her silently
hugging her self smiling against the cage door.

"My Louie..."


Hey guys if u want a sequel or any old tv show don't hesitate to ask. The
email is: [email protected] It took me about 2 hours to wirte this. I hope
you enjoyed it. If you want anything like an alternate ending for you or
story changes feel free.


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