I Go for a Ride

By Uncle Mike
(Max S. Wojtylak)
[email protected]

It started with an argument. Karyn, one of the secretaries at work, is
always getting into some kind of flaky movement -- psychics, UFOs, whatever.
Her latest one was witchcraft. Well, she called it something else, but that's
what it amounted to.

Anyway, we all started talking about it over lunch. I was skeptical, like
I usually am about Karyn's ideas. But one of the other guys, Pete, started
really getting on her case about it, so I ended up in the middle -- doubting
Karyn's stories, but telling Pete not to be so cocky.

So, to thank me for sticking up for her -- and, I guess, to prove my
doubts wrong -- Karyn said she'd have one of her friends cast a spell for me.
Anything I wanted, she said, any power, whatever. You know I wasn't taking it
seriously, but, what they hey, how often does a witch offer to do something
good for you? Even a "white witch?"

So I told her how I'd always had this dream of being able to make
characters in books and movies come to life, or to enter their reality. I told
her I wanted to be able to talk to Tom Sawyer or Atticus Finch. Those weren't
the folks I had my dreams about, but I saw no need to tell Karyn everything.

Anyway, she said she'd see what she could do.

So it's a couple of days later and I get home late from work, having
pulled two overtime-shift days back to back. I'm just about ready to zonk out,
but it's "Taxi" night, and I missed this episode the first time around. So I
plop myself down on the couch, stretch out with a couple of pillows behind me
and turn on the tube.

It's the one where Elaine, the one woman cabbie, is hosting some
hoity-toity party for the folks she works with at the art gallery or something.
She's got Alex over at her apartment before everybody else comes. Elaine --
that's Marilu Henner, you know -- is dressed in this killer gown. It's like a
second skin, showing off a big pair of tits with erect nipples, and every time
she moves you have to stop and remind yourself she's got a dress on, because it
looks like you can see every ripple of her muscles.

I figure this is an added bonus to watching the show, because I just like
it 'cause it's funny; usually Elaine is in jeans and some sloppy old shirt.

So I'm on the couch checking her out and the commercials cut in and I
start to drift off. I guess it was the overtime kicking in.

The next thing I know, I'm watching the TV and the picture gets sort of
fuzzy, and then it looks like the tube's coming apart. And then there she is:
Elaine, in that gown, standing in my living room.

I rub my eyes but she's still there. She sees what I'm doing and starts
to smile.

"I could pinch you if you like," she says, "to prove you're not dreaming.
But I have other things in mind."

As she walks toward me, my jaw drops open. She's even more beautiful and
sexy in person. I can see the outline of her long, shapely legs flashing as she
stride across the room. Her nipples look the size of cherries on top of mammoth
mammaries. She's got a perfect face, smooth and tanned and surrounded by
shimmery auburn hair. She even smells sexy, musky and flowery all at once.

I feel my cock stiffen and I know it's tenting my slacks; from the glance
she gives me she sees it, too. Her lips part slightly and her tongue slips out
and slides back and forth.

As she gets to the couch, I start to rise up into a sitting position but
she puts a hand out to hold me down. The other hand is unzipping my pants. With
both hands, she undoes the buckle and pulls them down, yanking my shorts down
with them.

My cock springs out like a jack-in-the-box. There's already a drop of
pre-cum glistening on the tip.

As I look across my chest, Elaine -- Marilu? -- gets on her knees and
takes my cock in both warm, soft hands. The feeling is incredible, and I try to
rub against them.

"Un-uh," she murmurs as she bends down. Her red lips open and I feel her
hot breath on my cockhead just before they make contact. She just barely kisses
the helmet, then makes little butterfly kisses all over the top and down the
sides. Then she's back on the tip again, opening her lips wide and taking me

Her lips close around my shaft and ride it as she moves down on me,
taking all seven inches. Her hands are playing with my balls and tickling my
chest hairs -- I've ripped off my shirt and kicked my slacks and shorts all the
way off.

Elaine's hair slides down in a cascade that falls gently onto my waist
and thighs, forming a curtain over her face. But I can still feel it -- Oh,
God, can I feel it. Her tongue is tickling the sides of my cock as she gobbles
it down. When her lips slide all the way down to the base, I let out a groan of
pleasure that seems to encourage her.

She varies her speed. She's bobbing up and down fast, her hand flying up
and down the shaft as the head pops in and out. Then she slows down and takes
me a-l-l t-h-e w-a-y i-n, the tip burying itself in her hot throat.

I've got my hands tangled in her hair, pushing her down onto me. Finally
I can't take any more.

"I'm gonna shoot!" I warn her, but she doesn't let up. She even starts
picking up speed and when I let go my cum shoots right into her and she
swallows it all. She even comes back for more, licking the last drops the tip
and the sides of my cock.

I'm already covered in sweat and breathing hard. When she gets to her
feet, I start to thank her.

"Don't thank me yet," she says. "I'm not finished."

"But -- but I think I am," I stammer out. She smiles and her eyes sparkle
as she takes a couple of steps back.

"I think I know how to get you back in the game," she says as she slips
the silky gown off her creamy shoulders. It slithers down her body as she
shivers and wiggles. I see her breasts out in the open, just as big as I'd
dreamed, with large dark circles around the prominent nipples. And her flat,
hard stomach. She pulls at the sides of her G-string and it slips off. And...
And I see the thin strip of white around her hips from the bikini line, then a
large patch of dark hair, then -- yes! -- her pussy, already gleaming with
moisture! And those long, lean legs, with enough muscle showing to give the
promise of sexual gymnastics ahead.

As the gown falls into a shiny heap, Elaine steps out of it and walks
over to me on her high heels. Sure enough, my cock's erect again. And I'm
certainly ready for her.

"Don't move," Elaine says. "I want to do everything myself first." She
steps up onto the couch, straddling me as she faces the far end. Slowly she
squats. As she comes down, I see her cunt blossom before me. Then it's poised
directly over my cock. She takes the shaft in her hand and holds it up as she
impales herself on it in one fluid move.

"AAAAHHHH!" I can't believe the feeling as her wet pussy engulfs me. It's
like every dream I've ever had has come true. Her cunt clamps around my cock
and I tell myself this must be real. No dream could ever be this good.

Slowly she rises, her strong cunt lips dragging along my shaft, seeming
to pull all my nerves along with them. Then back down, and up and down. I reach
out to hold her but she warns me off.

"Not yet," she says with a laugh. "I told you, I'm in control for now.
You'll get your turn later."

So I lie back as this beautiful goddess fucks me crazy, bouncing on my
cock. She's go so much control of her cunt that she does things to me I've
never felt before: squeezing the head with her lips, pushing it in and out
without even moving her hips, almost sucking it in.

I'm afraid I won't stay hard long enough to enjoy everything she's got to
offer, but though I feel myself coming close a time or two I never go over the

Finally she slides off me, but she's not through controlling yet. She
gets onto her hands and knees and orders me to enter her doggie style. Then she
tells me to hold still as she slides herself back and forth. I can't resist the
temptation and I lean forward to take her tits in both hands. She lets me get a
good feel of each before she slaps my hands away.

It goes on like that for another five minutes before she says it's my
turn. I immediately order her onto her back and spread her legs wide. Her cunt
opens before me like a flower and I bury my face in it, licking and lapping up
her juices. My tongue drives into her and soon I've got her wriggling and
screaming in orgasm.

Just as she calms down I move into position and sink my cock into her. I
start stroking and she bucks back at me and we develop a great rhythm and then
I pull out.

She snarls at me as I poke the head of my cock at her entrance, teasing
her. Then I slip it in oh! so slowly, just until the edge of the helmet pops in
and her cunt lips close around it. Then back out, and in again, and out. This
time she's the one who tries to force the pace, driving her pussy up at me and
trying to pull me down with her hands.

"No, I don't think so," I laugh as I pull out of her reach. But I want
her as bad as she wants me, so it's not too long before I'm slamming my cock
deep into her cunt. I bend over her, suckling those incredible breasts, as she
moves side to side beneath me. Then I move up her chest, nibbling her neck, and
we press our mouths together in a crushing kiss. Her tongue is like a hot wet
snake, wrestling mine and exploring my mouth. I feel my cock growing harder and
bigger and I pick up the pace, ramming it into her.

As we break our kiss to come up for air, she gasps out, "Damn, you're
good! Drive that cock into me! Come on, harder! Harder! I want it all! Yes,
that's it. Oh, God, yes, that's the way! Slam it into me! Come on, fuck me!"

Her words drive me even further into a frenzy as her sweaty body wriggles
underneath me. I can't hold back and again the cum boils out of me, this time
jetting into her cunt. She's so tight that I can feel my jism fill her up and
ooze up the sides of my cock and out of her cunt along with a flood of her own

Instead of softening, though, my cock stays hard. For a minute or two I
can't move because even the tiniest shift sends a jolt of pain and delight
through my body, forcing shouts from me. But then the sensitivity recedes
slightly and I start to move back and forth again.

"What?" Elaine's thighs close around me as she opens her eyes in
surprise. "How can you.... ooooohhhh, yes!" This time she squeezes my hips
tightly as her high heels rest on my ass. It feels like I can go deeper into
her cunt than ever. Her tunnel's slippery with cum and her own lubrication, so
my cock slides in and out like it was greased. I can smell the musky odor of
our lovemaking soaking into the couch cushions as I piston into her.

My hand slides onto her burning hot chest. I take a thick nipple in my
fingers and rub them back and forth; I can feel the tremors of her body shiver
around my shaft. I bury my face in her neck and we fuck and fuck, the couch
springs protesting at the pounding.

Again Elaine erupts in orgasm, arching her back over and over while I
just hold my self inside her. When she's done I start to drive again but she
weakly protests.

I'm close to cumming myself, so I pull out and straddle her chest,
planting my cock between her tits and squeezing them tight around it. It takes
just a few strokes before I shoot, showering her neck and face with my gooey
white spunk.

By then we were both exhausted. I went to sleep on the couch with her
curled in my arms, her fast-beating heart throbbing against my chest.

When I woke up the next morning, I was naked and alone. The TV was still
on and one of those annoyingly perky hosts was babbling on about some new way
to make zucchini bread. As I rolled over, I felt a wet spot beneath me. One
sniff assured me that I had cum -- but was there anything more? It seemed as if
I could remember every stroke, every touch -- but it couldn't have happened.

I got washed up -- my cock was a bit sore, but maybe I was just sleeping
on it funny. I was making breakfast when the phone rang.

It was Karyn.

"Well?" she said.

"Well what?"

"Did it work? Did our spell work? Do you have your special power?"

I knew what she meant right off, but I pretended to have to think about
it awhile. "Powers, huh?" I said with a snort. "Yeah, right. I had dinner last
night with Captain Ahab and then we went off to hunt the Great White Whale."

Karyn sounded actually disappointed. "You're kidding, right?" she said.

"Of course I'm kidding! Look, you don't really believe in this stuff, do

She sighed. "I guess not. Hey, I'm sorry I bothered you. See you at work,

I gobbled down my toast and a couple of scrambled eggs. The TV in the
living room had shifted to a segment on how to organize your closet. I organize
my closet by keeping the door closed -- it's a simple system, but it works for
me. I went off and clicked off the set.

As I was turning away, something white caught my eye. I bent down. On the
floor at one corner of the TV was a piece of silk. I picked it up. It was a
small triangle with some thin straps hanging down.

That night, I checked all the shows and found what I was looking for in
the late movie. "One Million B.C." You know. The one with Raquel.


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