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If You Mess With The King's Queens You Better Watch Your Ace, Jack
by Hamster (

Jack drove up to the King Triplets' home on his scooter. He had never played
strip poker before and the three hot blondes asking him to some over and play
was almost too good to be true. He pulled into the driveway and noted that
the girls' car was in the driveway, while their father's car was absent. He
did not have a lot of time to get on with it. He rang the doorbell once and
waited nervously.

The door opened and the triplets were on the other side. All three were
wearing short jean skirts. Molly was wearing a pink top, Missy a blue one
and Mindy was in green.

"Hi Jack." They all said in harmonious unison.

Jack couldn't believe his luck. Three weeks ago he had agreed to test a new
formula for Axe Body spray. He had no idea what was in the spray but whenever
girls were around and he was wearing the stuff they just couldn't stay away
from him. His buddies in the D&D club were becoming jealous of all the
attention that he was getting. His friends on the chess team were become
disturbed by the appearance of cheerleaders all cheering for Jack at chess
competition. He'd already been kicked out of the AV club after using school
video cameras to film the school’s girls' volleyball team doing a group strip
tease. Still despite his successes he had yet to seal the deal with any girl,
especially the girls that he wanted most. The King Triplets. They were
blonde, identical, and had rocking bodies to match their pretty faces. When
he had finally been invited over to their house he was ecstatic.

"Let's go downstairs and play in the basement." Said Mindy.

"Sure." Said Jack.

He followed the triplets down the stairs to the basement which was converted
into a posh game room. The three girls sat opposite of him. Mindy got them
started by shuffling and dealing. Each of the girls got their card dealt
before Jack looked at his. He had nothing.

"Dammit." He said "I got nothing. Just a pair of twos."

"More than I got." Said Mindy

"Beats my hand said Missy.

"Yeah, I'm out." said Molly.

The Triplets didn't show their hands. If they were cheating on his behalf
then it was just fine with him. Each of the girls removed their shirts.
Without the color-coding of their t-shirts he was no longer able to tell
the three apart. The girls' magnificent breasts were all on display for
him, though confined by bras. They played another hand. Based on his on
his pair of fives and pair of sixes the girls lost their socks and shoes.
Three sevens on the next hand won him the girls' skirts. Jack finally got
a decent hand consisting of a full house fives x2 and Queens x3. For this
he was rewarded with the drool inspiring sight of the triplets’ naked
boobs. All he could do was stare like an idiot.

"Jack?" Mindy said.

"Mmm hmmm?" He said as he oggled her tits.

"OK now it's time to get serious and get Jack naked too." Molly said.

"Right!" Said her sisters in unison.

The Missy dealt and he could tell that the girls were now intent on winning.
Jack however got a royal flush.

"OK girls pay up." Jack said.

They all looked at each other.

"But you won all of our cloths." Missy protested.

"Well we are just going to have to think of another way for you to pay up."
Said Jack.

"Like how?" The girls all asked at once.

"You can all make out with each other." Jack suggested.

"OK." Triplets said together.

Molly turned to Missy and kissed her. Their tongues danced together as Jack
stared with lust. Missy broke the kiss and then turned to Mindy and also
kissed her. But she upped the ante by grabbing her sister's boob and giving
it an affectionate squeeze. Mindy then went over to Molly and kissed her.
The sisters’ hands roamed all over each other's bodies as they made out.
Both Missy and Jack were getting highly turned on watching them.

"That's it. I can't take it anymore. Jack, strip now!" Missy yelled.

"Uhh ok sure." Jack said as he flew out of his cloths.

Missy and Jack came together and kissed. He pushed her onto the table and
groped her tits while kissing her.

"Hey how come YOU get to fuck him first?" Demanded Missy's sisters at the
same time.

"Don't worry girls there's plenty to go around. Mindy, Molly why don't you
two eat each other out while I fuck Missy, then we can swap." suggested Jack.

"You BETTER still have energy left." Warned Mindy.

"I think I can help there." Said Molly.

Molly found her purse and retrieved a pill bottle.

"What's that?" Asked Jack.

"It's our Dad's, it's going to make sure that you have the staying power for
all three of us." Molly said.

Jack didn't want to disappoint any of the triplets so he took the pills and
downed them quick. Molly stared at him in slack-jawed shock.

"What?" He asked.

"You were only supposed to take one, not all five." She said.

"What?" Demanded Jack. "Shouldn't you have told me that before I took the

Jack started to feel funny. He felt a massive painful throbbing in his cock,
which grew to the alarming length of 13 inches.

"OMIGOSH!!!" Exclaimed the triplets a once.

"Shit!" He said. "OK if the erection lasts more than four hours I have to
call a doctor right?"

The girls giggled.

"It's going to NEED to last at least that long." Said Missy.

"Right!" Agreed her sisters.

Jack pushed Missy onto the table and spread her legs apart. He plunged his
frightening large cock deep into the girl’s hungry, wet cunt. She gasped as
the thick cock invaded her. Jack opened his mouth so that her could suck the
hard nipple that topped the girl's enormous heaving breast. The big raging
cock abused Missy's beaver enthusiastically and repeatedly. At the same time
Molly and Mindy were French-kissing sloppily while burying their fingers in
each other's pussys. After several strokes Missy was cumming like crazy but
Jack wasn't even close. He just kept on fucking her to another orgasm and
then another and another. Missy was getting raw and exhausted by the time
Jack decided to move o to another triplet. He pulled out of Missy and then
moved on to Molly. Mindy sat on her sister Missy's face as she watched Jack
plough into Molly like a demon. She came twice and he moved on to Mindy. She
had cum three times and Jack still wasn't close to cumming himself. Jack
flipped Mindy over and gave her ass a good hard smack before pounding his
cock in her ass. FINALLY he shot his load in her sore ass and collapsed on
top of her.

There was a loud creak as the basement door opened and footsteps were heard
entering the room. Everyone looked up at once like prairie dogs in the
presence of a coyote.

"Girls are you down here." Asked the triplets' father as he came down the
stairs. Mr. King surveyed the scene. The naked daughters, one oozing cum from
here ass, and a naked boy. Rage gripped his heart and every cell in his being
called for swift and blinding vengeance. "DEATH!!!"

Mr. King grabbed a baseball bat at the base of the stairs and charged at Jack
who deftly grabbed up some random cloths and made a break for the stairs.

WARNING: The makers of Tag body spray would like to remind you that if you
mess with the King's Queens, you better watch your ace, Jack.


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