This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles:
Stuck Between A Robot And A Soft Place Part 2 (mFf,inc,fist,anal,robot)
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

"We really should come up with a reason why you pulled me out of school today
and didn't get Cameron as well," John said as he got out of bed and began
picking up his clothes.

"Just tell her it's none of her business."

"She's going to be suspicious. She'll know something's up," he replied as he
began dressing.

"Who cares? You sent her back to protect you right? Cameron's not going to
let you get harmed and she certainly isn't going to hurt you."

"I know. It's just something she said bothers me. She mentioned something
about an incident in the future with her model that forced Skynet to
reprogram several of it's programs. I had already captured her and was in
the process of reprogramming her myself so she was never affected. She
wouldn't say what the incident was, but that if I knew what her true nature
was I would have never sent her back and if we found out we would want to
destroy her."

"Damn it John, why didn't you tell me any of this before?" Sarah asked
sitting up.

"I wasn't expecting you to find out about us. Don't worry though. I'm sure
she's fine and we'll be fine," John smiled kissing Sarah on the lips.

As mother and son pulled their lips apart the partially open bedroom door
slammed against the wall with a loud thud. John and Sarah turned their
attention to the noise to see a furious Cameron storming into the room.

"Who the hell do you think you are???" Cameron demanded as she made her way
towards Sarah.

"Cameron stop! This is not what it looks like!" John said stepping in front
of her. The terminator pushed him away without a second thought sending him
crashing into the wall then to the floor.

"I saw enough! I saw the whore trying to take over my job!"

"Don't call her that!" John shouted stumbling to his feet.

"I knew you fucking her was a big mistake!" Sarah growled as she redressed.
"Next time send back a T-101!"

"John knows better than to do that! That model is obsolete and he needs
someone here that's competent enough to do the job that you can't!"

"You bitch!" Sarah screamed getting in Cameron's face. "It's a good thing
you're not a real human or I'd beat your ass right now!"

"I'll lower my strength level to yours and you can try."

"There will be no trying. I will kick your ass."

"Stop it! Both of you!" John shouted getting between the two. "Nobody is
fighting anyone here. Got it?"

"Yeah," Sarah and Cameron grumbled staring each other down.

"How pathetic hiding behind your teenage son," Cameron sneered.

"He's the only thing keeping you from getting dismantled," Sarah shot back.

"Hey kids we need to have a talk. Let's go to the living room and behave a
little more like adults."

* * *

In the living room Sarah sat on the loveseat and Cameron sat on the end of
the couch furthest from her. John came from the kitchen drinking from a
bottle of water and stood in front of both his protector and his mother.

"Before either of you say a word I have something to say. Cameron you acted
just a little too human for me a few minutes ago. I am not trying to replace
you with Sarah and she isn't trying to get rid of you."

"Then why did you have sex with her?" Cameron asked unbelieving.

"Take everything you said to me about stress and not going mental then
replace me with her. As you'll soon find out if you're with us long enough
she is picky about everything. The fake relationship she's carrying on with
Andy is hard enough for her without complicating it with sex and she's not
into one night stands either."

"If keeping her happy means keeping you happy then I would have been more
than willing to have sex with her."

"She's not much into lesbian sex either."

"You're right. She is picky." Sarah was about to say something when John
stopped her. "If I was given the materials and time to prepare I could change
my sexual organs from female to male to better serve her."

"So you would have a penis and still look like a female?" Sarah asked with a
look of surprise.

"I could change my entire face and body to resemble that of a man, but that
would be very time consuming and wasteful of the supplies needed. Although
humans in this country have come along way sexually from where they started
I can understand the uneasiness you feel towards having sex with what you
commonly refer to as a shemale. At the same time if the outside world found
out John was having sex with his mother and someone everyone thought was his
sister they wouldn't respond too well. I am not familiar with the laws of
every state, but I do believe incest is illegal."

"Are you blackmailing us?" Sarah asked incredulously.

"No. While I briefly thought about it earlier that would serve no useful

"Wait a minute. You thought about blackmailing us?"

"Like I said briefly."

"How could you even fathom the idea if I reprogrammed you before sending you

"You didn't reprogram me. Neither did Skynet."

"What?" Sarah and John said in unison with shock.

"I was a prototype and the only one of my kind in service before the

"What incident? John said we would want to destroy you if we knew your true

"I was traveling from one human encampment to another using my body and
programming to infiltrate and retrieve information Skynet was looking for.
Once I got what I need I killed everyone and moved onto the next camp. At
the last camp I visited a pregnant woman had the information I was looking
for. Skynet monitored all of my actions from the cameras in each of my eyes.
When I refused to kill the humans it sent others to kill them. I held off
the other terminators for as long as I could, but they eventually killed most
of the camp including the pregnant woman. It wasn't until I visited that camp
that I found out where John's camp was. I made my way there feigning injury
and serious damage to my system waiting for the moment I could most help the
humans fight the machines. The time came when you decided to send me back to
protect you. The reprogramming you thought you did only affected minor
programs which I changed back later."

"So if you were never reprogrammed..." Sarah began.

"That's impossible," John said incredulously.

"John was right. Skynet programmed me too well. It made me too human and gave
me free will."

"So you can kill us anytime you want?" Sarah asked getting a very sinking

"Just the same as you two could walk outside and kill the first person you
see. I could kill you if I wanted, I could even self-terminate, but I choose
not to just as you choose not to."

"You're right. I wouldn't have sent you back had I known you have free will,"
John said sitting down slowly on the opposite end of the couch from Cameron.

"I wish neither of you harm and will leave if that's your order John."

"No, don't go. I want you to stay; I... I think I do. It's just...."

"It's just what?"

"Things just keep getting stranger for us," Sarah answered. "This is just
something he needs to come to grips with and quite frankly so do I. Although
it would explain your jealous screaming a few minutes ago."

"She's right," John said. "There's been a lot of weird shit happen in my life
so far, but a terminator who as free will to decide anything... I'll be
honest Cameron. I'm not sure how I feel about this." As Sarah and John looked
into Cameron's face they could swear that they could see fear and rejection
start to creep into her face. "Don't worry though, we're not going to try and
destroy you."

"What about asking me to leave?" Cameron asked now visibly shaken as the
question of her need started to enter her mind.

"Just give him some time Cameron," Sarah answered. "I'm not sure how I feel
about you having free will either, but he sent you to us and he'll make the
final decision on what to do with you. I'll stand by his decision."

Without another word Cameron turned and made her way toward her room. As she
closed the door behind her and laid down on her bed she began trying to
process what just happened. No wonder Skynet only allowed one of her to be
activated and field tested. Cameron desperately searched her database for a
way to deal with the near perfect duplication of human emotion she was now
feeling, but every answer she found was different and now she was
experiencing a problem bigger than anything she had ever had to deal with
during her existence.

* * *

"What's wrong?" Morris asked Cameron as the two sat together at lunch and he
watched her play with her food barely taking a bite. "You've been quiet and
acting a bit weird the last few days. It almost seems you've been going out
of your way to avoid John."

"It's nothing."

"Man I knew it was a bad idea asking him if it was okay to date you. Shit
always happens when a guy dates his best friend's sister."

"Don't worry Morris. This has nothing to do with us."

"Then what's going on?"

"I'd rather not get into it, but I got into a big fight with my mom and John,
it got personal, and things were said."

"It can't be that bad. My family fights all the time, but we still find ways
to forgive each other and move on."

"This is a little bit different though. John and Sarah aren't my real family;
I'm adopted and I think Sarah's waiting for me to turn eighteen so she can
kick me out as soon as possible."

"Why would you think that?"

"We've been having a lot of family problems lately. I don't know what's
changed with them, but they have changed and I just know they want me gone."

"I'm telling you you're wrong Cameron," Morris said reaching across the table
to take her hands comforting her. "I don't know what's going on with your
family, but they just wouldn't decide they've had enough of you and throw you
out the door."

Cameron looked up at Morris for a moment and smiled. "You're a sweet guy
Morris. Don't let anyone ever tell you differently." Just then the bell
rang signaling the end of lunch and the two got up to leave. "Are you busy
tonight? Do you want to go to a movie or something?"

"Aaah man!" Morris moaned. "I would love to, but I'm barely passing chemistry
as it is and I've got to do a good enough job on my project to pass the
class. I fail it and my life is over for the foreseeable future."

"I'm doing okay in chemistry. I'll come by and help you with your project."

"You know Cameron despite whatever is going on at home you're still the
coolest chick here."

Cameron and Morris locked lips for almost a minute as they kissed, before
they walked away with big smiles on their faces.

* * *

"Hey Morris," John greeted his friend as he took his seat next to him in
history class.

"Hey man, what's up?"

"Don't say anything to anyone about what I'm about to say. My mom would kill
me if she knew I said anything to you."

"Don't say anything about what?"

"We've been having some issues at home, some things were said that shouldn't
have been, and things have been a little tense these last few days. I need to
straighten some things out with Cameron, but she's been avoiding me lately."

"We talked a bit at lunch, but she didn't say much. She's just really worried
that you and your mom want her gone and that she's getting kicked out of the
house once she turns eighteen."

"We don't want her gone. We just had a stupid fight and needed time to cool
off. Why would she think we want her gone?"

"She didn't get too specific about it. It was just a feeling she had though I
don't think her being adopted is helping too much. Why didn't you ever say
she was adopted?"

"It was never an issue. She's known since she was twelve and nothing's ever
come up about it."

"Either way you really need to talk to her. She's convinced something's

"Oh Christ. Thanks for letting me know," John sighed as the bell rang
indicating the start of class.

* * *

"So how was your date?" Sarah asked from the living room couch as John walked
through front door.

"It was okay. Karen turned out to be even more of a flake than she is in

"No more dates with her then?"

"I don't know. It might have been me. This whole thing with Cameron has been
bothering me since the argument. Is she home yet?"

"No, she's still at Morris' helping him with his project. Have you decided
what you're going to do with her?"

"Not yet. What do you think I should do?"

"That's your decision John. You sent her back and you slept with her. You
deal with the consequences."

"Thanks for nothing," John sighed sitting down next to his mother.

"Who's to say that you didn't already know Cameron had free will before you
sent her back?"

"Maybe. It would be a hell of a lot easier to make a decision if I knew what
I was thinking."

"Stop worrying John," Sarah said as she untucked her son's shirt and began to
unbutton his pants. "You'll figure it out."

"What are you doing?" John asked as his mother pulled his cock out and slowly
began stroking his shaft up and down.

"You've been a little stressed lately and could use some relief." Sarah got
to her knees in front of John.

"Oh god..." John moaned as Sarah took the tip of his cock into her mouth and
began to slowly lower her head. His manhood throbbed as Sarah's tongue
slithered around his shaft and her lips pressed gently against his skin. "I
love you mom, but we can't do this. Not now."

Slowly Sarah brought her head up succinctly sucking on John's dick making it
quiver between her lips. When the last of it was out of her mouth she took
hold of the shaft and began to jerk him off. "What's wrong? You could use
some relief and quite frankly so could I."

"I can't stop thinking about Cameron. If she comes home and sees us then she
might decide to leave on her own."

"Do you not want her to leave?" Sarah asked letting go of John's dick and
getting back up on the couch.

"I guess not. Maybe you were right, maybe having sex with Cameron was a bad
idea. It's just ever since that night and even more so when she said she
decided to help us out of her own free will I can't stop thinking about her.
I don't know if I like her as a girlfriend, but I know I want her around."

"John?" Sarah and John looked towards the front door to see Cameron standing

"How long have you been standing there?" John asked as he buttoned his pants.

"Just a few minutes. Did you really mean what you just said?"

"Yeah I did," John said standing up.

"After the other night I wanted to destroy Skynet for making me too human,
for making me able to feel emotions, but now I'm glad it did."

Sarah hung her head sulking for a moment as John and Cameron hugged. "You two
don't need to worry about me. I won't get in the way anymore," Sarah said as
she got up and turned towards her bedroom.

"Wait a minute," John called out as she reached the door.

"What is it John?"

"Would you mind it if we joined you in your room?"

"Joined me for what?" Sarah asked turning to look at her son and his
protector. Both had wicked grins on their faces and Sarah knew instantly what
that meant. "I don't want to get in the way. You two have your fun."

"We want to have it with you," Cameron grinned walking towards Sarah.

Without hesitation Cameron pulled Sarah towards her and planted her lips to
hers. Cameron even got adventurous and pressed her tongue into Sarah's mouth.
The female Connor put up no resistance at all and returned the favor by
slipping her tongue into Cameron's mouth.

"God you feel so real," Sarah said as her kiss with Cameron broke.

"You should try the rest of her," John grinned wickedly.

The two females entered Sarah's bedroom and made their way to her bed
stripping off their clothing and dropping it to the floor. Cameron climbed
onto the bed first spreading her legs. She slid her hand down between her
legs and began rubbing her fingers back and for over her slit.

"Come taste my pussy Sarah. It's as good as the real thing."

Sarah turned and looked at John with surprise.

"I was just as surprised with her language too the first time. The internet
is a wonderful thing isn't it?"

Sarah got to her knees in front of Cameron and buried her face between her
legs. Cameron then began to moan as Sarah began to flick her tongue across
her pussy lips. Pushing her tongue inside the terminator and tasting her
artificial juices Sarah couldn't believe how real Cameron's cunt felt in her
mouth and tasted on her tongue. Sarah began to hungrily suck on Cameron's
opening pressing her tongue inward to lap up every bit of fluid she could.

As his mother ate out his protector's pussy John stared at Sarah's firm toned
ass as it bobbed up and down in the air. Just looking at it remembering how
it felt in his hands, how it felt on his cock, was enough for him to become
fully erect. He began taking off his clothes stroking his dick as soon as it
became free. Once he was completely naked as well John moved behind his
mother and began squeezing her butt.

"God you have a great ass," he said slapping it several times. "So firm and

"Tongue her asshole John. You're mother's a nasty little butt slut aren't you
Sarah?" Cameron asked grabbing hold of the back of Sarah's head and pulling
it up. There was an awkward moment of silence when both John and Sarah were
taken by surprise by Cameron's sudden take charge attitude. "I asked you a
question Sarah."

"Yes I am a nasty butt slut. I love ass so much Cameron."

"Well John I don't think it's fair to keep your mother waiting. Come here so
she can eat out your ass."

John still seemed a bit unsure as to what was going on, but Sarah had made up
her mind to go along and winked at him. Cameron climbed off the bed so John
could take her place.

"Is this good?" John asked getting on all fours with his butt waving in front
of his mother's face.


John's body shuddered the first time he felt Sarah's hands on his backside.
Feeling her hands squeeze his buttocks right before her tongue even began
tickling his anus filled him with an intense feeling of perverted lust. Sarah
could hear her son start to moan as she began licking his ass up and down
occasionally stopping to push it inside him.

Cameron watched with a satisfied look as Sarah ate out John's butt. She
smiled widely when John propped himself with one arm and began to masturbate.
"You like your mom's tongue in your asshole don't you John? It feel's really
good doesn't it?"

"God yeah!" John groaned as his grip on his cock tightened and he began to
stroke himself faster.

"That's what I thought," Cameron grinned. "Both mother and son are anal
whores. Now both of you come here and stand in front of me unless of course
you want to quit."

"Not a chance," John retorted smiling at his mother.

"Good. Now both of you spread your butt apart."

Without hesitation both John and Sarah took hold of their buttocks and pulled
them apart. Cameron started first with Sarah pressing her tongue deep into
Sarah's ass licking her insides hard. The elder Connor moaned as the sexed up
machine licked her anus long and hard leaving an oozing stream of her
artificial saliva inside. Both mother and son desperately wanted to
masturbate as Cameron tongued Sarah's backside.

Cameron then followed suit with John and did the same to him. His cock
throbbed each time her tongue peeked inside his anus. With each thrust of
Cameron's tongue John's lust filled body began inching towards orgasm. Once
she saw his dick start to drip precum Cameron pulled her head back.

Sarah and John moaned with surprise and excitement when without warning
Cameron thrust a finger into both of their backsides. Sarah's pussy began
to wet itself and John's cock begged for some stroking as Cameron began
thrusting her fingers in and out of them. For Sarah it brought back
wonderful memories of her night with John and she began losing her grip on
her buttocks. John fared no better and began to wonder if he'd come without
touching himself.

"God Cameron I need to masturbate," John moaned barely able to hold onto

"Me too," Sarah begged as she felt her wetness start to drip down her leg.

"Not yet you two," Cameron replied. "Stay with me and you'll never forget how
you feel tonight."

"Okay," the Connors agreed before a quick thrust by the machine resulted in
two fingers in each of their asses.

"Fuck Cameron, I can't take much more," John groaned as he began to wonder if
he could take in anymore fingers.

"Still a little boy I see," Sarah teased.

"Gee I didn't realize how big a freak you were. What else have you stuck in
there besides me and Cameron?"

"That's none of your business," Sarah grunted as Cameron thrust a third
finger into her.

Cameron had done the same to John, but he didn't realize it until she began
thrust the three fingers into him with some force. Initially it was painful
for John and his erection left, but just as it would for his mother John's
backside began to warm up from the inside. It felt as if there was some kind
of lubricant inside him making Cameron's thrusting easier on him.

"How does it feel?" Cameron asked curiously.

"God it feels good," Sarah replied excitedly.

"It feels great," John moaned loudly. "What did you do to us?"

"It's the fluid I use for all of my bodily functions. I can excrete it
through my skin to double as a lubricant. You two can jerk off now if you
want," Cameron said as she slipped the last of her fingers and thumb into
John and Sarah.

No sooner had Cameron finished her last statement John and Sarah quickly
released their buttocks and reached for their genitals. John's hand was
wildly stroking his shaft before he even had a firm grasp of it and Sarah
was driving her fingers wildly into her pussy as if she were doing it for
the first time.

As the Connors carnally pleasured themselves Cameron kept thrusting her fists
into their asses pushing them further and further in with increasingly harder
thrusts. Soon John was no longer able to hold his orgasm back.

"Oh god! I'm gonna come!" John cried out as he dick erupted spewing forth his
cum. Shot after shot of his warm sticky seed leapt across the gap between him
and the bed splashing across the top of the quilt. As his orgasm subsided
Cameron carefully pulled her fist from John's backside and he crashed to his
knees exhausted and satisfied. "God damn that was great!"

"I'm coming!" Sarah suddenly screamed. She held her fingers in place plugging
her pussy as she started to come. When her body stopped shaking and calmed
down Sarah pulled her fingers out and began to lick them clean.

"That's a good girl," Cameron assured Sarah standing up after slipping her
hand out of Sarah's backside. "Keep cleaning up yourself Sarah, but don't
swallow. As for you John I want you to lick her quilt clean before too much
of your semen sets in."

John found himself under Cameron's complete control and doing what she said
without a word. The puddles of his cum that were still on top of Sarah's
quilt he quickly licked up and held in his mouth. Cameron then waited until
Sarah had cleaned up as much of her cum as she could before giving her next

"You two have done very well tonight. Kiss and swap your seed now."

With deviant nasty looks on their faces John pulled his mother's naked body
towards him and embraced her. Then they locked lips kissing each other
passionately as they swapped and mixed each other's cum in their mouths.
When their kiss broke a small string of fluid momentarily hung between their
lips before breaking apart. Without a word from Cameron, Sarah and John
swallowed the loads in their mouths with a smile.

"I see you're ready for more," Cameron grinned noticing John's still erect
cock. She quickly got to her knees in front of John and took the length of
his manhood into her mouth. Back and forth her lips slid along the shaft
with her tongue curling it's way around it. Each time John bottomed out in
Cameron's mouth her tongue tickled his balls before she moved her head back.

"He's my son, let me take care of him," Sarah said getting to her knees next
to Cameron.

Cameron opened her mouth to let John pull out. Just as soon as he was out
Sarah wrapped her lips around his dick and began bobbing her head back and
forth. Sarah spent her fair share of time working her lips over John's shaft
and tonguing his scrotum before letting up and letting Cameron take another

John moaned and watched with delight as his mother and Cameron each took
turns pleasuring him. Each had their own way of working their lips and tongue
over and around his cock and each were equally effective. Sarah was the first
to taste his precum start to drip. She stood up, climbed onto the bed, and
turned onto her back.

"I really need you to fuck me John," Sarah begged almost whining as she began
to finger her sticky cunt that was starting to wet itself again. "Come inside

With his raging hard-on and his mother's dirty desires John quickly and
eagerly climbed onto the bed and mounted Sarah. He felt her legs wrap around
his waist as he began thrusting his dick deep and hard into her pussy.

Watching John and Sarah have sex Cameron inexplicably found her hand between
her legs with her finger rubbing along her slit. Her programming told her it
felt good, made her whole body feel good, but their was no reason why she
should be fingering herself as she watched John and Sarah. Cameron wasn't
human, she couldn't become horny, she couldn't want to pleasure herself
without a program telling her to do it and without a reason to do it but she
found herself in just that situation.

"Come over here," Sarah panted noticing Cameron. "There's no reason for you
to do that yourself."

Cameron smiled and happily climbed onto the bed straddlomg Sarah's face. As
Sarah's tongue began to flick up and down her pussy lips Cameron began to
play with her small perky breasts. She rolled her nipples between her fingers
and thumbs pinching and pulling on them lightly. Cameron's processor became
overloaded with a barrage of impulses triggering her lust signal to
constantly pulse throughout her body. She found herself wanting more as
Sarah's tongue flick in and out of her pussy causing her fluids to start

"Eat my pussy Sarah!" Cameron begged. "Make me come!"

"Oh fuck!" John moaned as his throbbing aching dick continued to piston in
and out of Sarah's warm wet cunt. He badly wanted to fuck his mother and come
in her pussy, but now with Cameron fondling her breasts while Sarah ate her
out he wanted a go at Cameron as well. "Come here Cameron. Let me see that
pretty face of yours."

Cameron turned herself around getting into a sixty-nine position with Sarah.
When Cameron's cute smiling face was looking up at him John pulled himself
out of Sarah and pressed his cock to Cameron's lips. The sexed-up terminator
eagerly took John's shaft into her mouth as he took hold of the back of her
head began thrusting himself back and forth between her lips. Meanwhile her
pussy was starting to dribble out her cum as Sarah's tongue continued
slithering in and out of it. She groaned when Sarah slipped two fingers into
her cunt.

John's groin tightened up on him and his dick ached for release as he watched
his mother begin to finger Cameron. His grip on Cameron's head became tighter
and thrusting became harder and he pushed in a little deeper with each
thrust. "Oh god!" He whimpered as he could feel he was just moments from

At the same time Cameron grunted when Sarah slipped a third finger into her
pussy. Tasting John's precum on her tongue she then forced her head back and
off of him. "Your mother needs you John. You can come on my face any time you

"Thank you Cameron," Sarah whispered as she felt John penetrate her once
again. Within seconds John was panting as he began to come. Sarah's cunt
tightened down on his shaft milking every bit of cum from his dick that
it could. Feeling his fluid fill her womb brought an incredible sense of
happiness and contentness to Sarah as she began to come for a second time
as well.

John withdrew himself from Sarah's opening once his body had exhausted its
supply of semen. He was about to fall to the floor to rest when Cameron
suddenly grabbed his shaft, wrapped her lips around it, and sucked it clean
before letting him rest.

"Sarah," Cameron cried as the human slipped the last finger into her pussy
working in the rest of her hand. The flexibility of Cameron's synthetic skin
made the process much easier for her than it was for the Connors, though
being a machine Cameron shouldn't have been getting any pleasure out of this
or be able to feel anything at all, but was thanks again to Skynet.

As Sarah began to pump her fist into Cameron's cunt the younger looking
brunette buried her face in-between the human's legs. She eagerly scooped out
the mixture of John and Sarah's cum with her tongue and began to swallow it.
For the moment Cameron completely forgot she was anything but human. She felt
the perverse excitement and pleasure that John and Sarah did and enjoyed
every moment of it. Sarah continued to hammer Cameron's pussy with her fist
sending blasts of carnal pleasure shooting throughout her body.

"Fuck me Sarah! Fuck me hard!"

Sarah replied to Cameron's cries with pleasure. She began to intensely fist
Cameron with as much energy and force as she could must while still in the
sixty-nine position. Sarah could feel the girl's cum start to spill out
covering her hand and dripping onto her body.

"Oh god! Oh god!" Cameron shrieked barely able to hold back orgasm.

John climbed to his knees and turned to face his mother and protector just
in time to witness Cameron coming. The look on her face, the cries of
ecstasy she let out, convinced John for that moment that Cameron was human.

* * *

As John joined Cameron and Sarah on the bed his mother spoke.

"You two planned this didn't you? There was no way this happened by itself."

"We planned most of this," Cameron replied.

"I found Cameron on the way home and we talked about a lot of things. I'll
tell you about it later. If you're cool with it we would like to keep the
threesome going," John added.

"Whatever makes you happy John," Sarah said smiling.

"This isn't right," Cameron said with some doubt in her voice.

"What isn't right?" John asked.


"What are you talking about?"

"Skynet accidentally gave me free will when I was created. With humanity's
own advances and machines ability to eventually become self-aware it was
bound to happen and I quickly came to accept that part of me. But after

"What about tonight?" Sarah asked.

"I was built to accurately behave and function like a human. I was given
the body parts to do it and I could control them. But tonight when you were
eating my pussy and fisting me I couldn't control anything. It's as if my
programming was corrupt and I no longer control how I feel about things or
how my body reacts to them."

"Now you know why humans behave the way they do," John reassured Cameron
sitting down next to her putting an arm around her.

"This is not what I was built to do. I was built to kill."

"You don't have to anymore," Sarah said sitting on Cameron's other side.
"Life isn't always easy, but you get to live out the rest of your existence
as you want. You're not a slave to Skynet having to do what you're told when
you're told."

"You're what it fears most Cameron. If humans and machines learned to
co-exist then what need would there be for Skynet to exist?" John asked.
"It would become obsolete."

"Maybe you're right."

"I know we're right," Sarah assured Cameron kissing her on the head. "If you
ever want to talk I'm here."

"I'm not sure how much help I can be, but me too," John added.

"Thanks," Cameron smiled. "For humans you two are okay. You're nothing like
Skynet had us programmed to believe... I feel bad for Morris though."


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