This chapter rated NC-17 for fembot sex

Terminator - The Sarah Conner Chronicles: Revelations! Part 2
by Tyval ([email protected])

Questar had to suppress a laugh, Tara couldn't and totally lost it, kicking
her feet and holding her stomach. A sheepish John set his chair back up and
sat down.

"I think I'm a believer," Sarah said staring at Tara, "That can't be

"If we can all maintain our balance, maybe we can get somewhere," Derek said.

"I'm quite sure the biggest question is one I don't fully know," Questar
said, "An that one is, 'if super heroes are real, if they really exist, why
didn't they stop 'Judgement Day'? Simple fact is we couldn't if we tried, and
I'm sure we will. The easiest way to explain it is by running the numbers.
There are 6.5 billion people on the Earth. Out of that number only 500 people
have ANY kind of meta human abilities. There seems to be more because there
are an additional 300 costumed athletes, gadgeteers, scientists, magicians,
martial artists, and lunatics running around."

"But the number of people with actual powers is 500," Tara added,
"That's it."

"Out of that 500 only a little more than 200 have powers that are considered
'useful'," Questar said," About half of that 200 use their powers for
personal gain, about half, like me, try to help people. The number of those
who can stop even 1 nuclear missile out of that 200 is 12. That's 12 out of
6.5 billion. Out of that you have 7 good and 5 bad. The bad could care less
about helping other people."

"On 'Judgement Day' Golden Girl stopped 5, that was the most by any hero,"
Tara said, "And it could have been worse. Shiro Sanlemoto managed to hit
Skynet with a virus. It sent most of them away from the United States.
Unfortunately they had to go somewhere. All of Africa, India, and Pakistan
took the brunt of it. That was almost 2 of the 3 billion that died. Except
for the coasts the U.S. didn't take much damage."

"Russia got pounded," Cameron said, "Turned out that almost all of China's
nukes were pointing at them after all. China, south of Beijing got by pretty

"This still doesn't mean it's going to happen that way," Questar said, "It
was supposed to happen in 1997, then 2011, now it's probably later. Hell it
may not happen at all."

"You are supposed to be dying of cancer by this time Mrs. Connor. Instead you
are 100% cancer free," Tara said, "The evil woman who sells humanity out to
the machines is not going to be president. The okay woman might eventually

"Also, we can take you G.O.L.D. headquarters," Questar said, "It's a
fortress. You would be completely safe there. Or we could hide you in Lung Ki
if it came to that. Hell, I could take you to other planets."

"You don't have to run anymore," Tara said, "We can continue to try to
prevent Skynet from ever happening. If the price of that is that I no longer
exist, so be it."

"Well, even I am convinced now," Derek said, "But take her and keep her the
fuck away from me."

The last of course was directed at Cameron. Tara was sure that in his own
time one of Cameron's models had tortured him or did something terrible. Tara
was right.

"I will take her and make her a real girl," Tara said.

* * *

A few week later; The Connors were living at G.O.L.D. HQ. With the full
resources of G.O.L.D. all the current terminators on Earth had been
eliminated. The TURK computer had been eliminated and Judgement Day was
reset to 2050. John personally was almost out danger and it was HIS son
who would now be the target.

As for Sarah, thanks to medicine from the Sappho system* she wasn't going to
have to ever worry about cancer. Of course she now had a natural lifespan of
500 years so she was going to be fighting for a long time. As a side effect,
and she was warned beforehand, Sarah now only found other women attractive.

John was okay with it. He had joined the band of Questar's brother Mace (Max
Starr) and had plenty of groupies when he wasn't training. Derek was drawn
back to 2027 and found he was now a successful businessman with a beautiful
wife and 3 kids. Eventually all his memories changed to his happier life.

It wasn't over though. Cameron and Tara were still there, though from later.
As for Cameron, with human d.n.a., emotion chip, Mechas 4 tech, and some
other modifications she was now like Tara and could never be re-programmed
for evil. She thought for herself, laughed, cried, loved. She was a real
girl. Like the other women of G.O.L.D. she was naked all the time.

Cameron was skinnydipping in the G.O.L.D. Olympic sized swimming pool. Tara
came in, also naked and extremely horny. Looking at the blonde T-X made
Cameron very hot.

"Hi sweetie," Tara called out.

"Hey," Cameron smiled and waved at her.

Tara dove in and swam over to her.

"How are you doing?" Tara asked.

"Great," Cameron smiled, "I love it here and the girls are great. They're all
so pretty, I just want to make love to all of them."

"I bet I know who you want the most," Tara teased, "Sarah."

"That obvious huh?" Cameron blushed, "Now that she likes girls I keep trying
to find a way to tell her how I feel."

"Just give it time," Tara said, "It's got to be hard for her to believe that
robots can be real girls. She's only known souless killing machines."

"I hope you're right," Cameron said, "I am in love with her."

They didn't know Sarah was watching and listening to them. Cameron and Tara
swam to the edge and started kissing. They got out of the pool, Tara walked
over to a panel and pressed a button. A bed slid out of the wall.

"The other Tara, Princess Tara, she's Atlantean," Tara smiled, "She spends a
lot of time down here."

"Oh yeah, the mermaid or whatever," Cameron said.

The 2 women sat on the bed and started kissing again. The kiss grew deeper
and hotter, tongue's played with each other. Tara then started kissing down
Cameron's neck while roughly kneading Cameron's tits.

"Ohhhhhh Tara," Cameron moaned.

Their lips found each other again. Cameron's arms and legs wrapped around
Tara whose roaming hands now caressed her ass. They pulled slightly apart,
Tara teasingly licked one nipple then the other, her fingers now lightly
touching Cameron's pussy. Tara slipped a finger inside. This was quickly
followed by a second finger causing Cameron to moan.

"You're all wet already," Tara grinned, "You're dripping!"

Tara waved her soaked fingers in front of Cameron's face.

"Lick," Tara ordered.

Cameron obeyed, sucking Tara's fingers clean, tasting her own juices. Tara
pushed Cameron on her back, deeply kissing her again. Tara moved lower,
really working Cameron's tits over. Slapping, kneading, pinching, pulling,
licking, sucking, and biting Cameron's tits, Tara had the smaller girlbot
screaming as she came and came.

"More! More! Aaaaahhhhh!" Cameron screamed in orgasm.

Watching through the clear glass door Sarah roughly toyed with her own huge
melons. Tara showed no mercy as she moved lower, giving Cameron's pussy a few
teasing licks.

"So pretty," Tara coo'ed, "Let's see if you taste as sweet as you look."

"Oh please, don't tease me," Cameron begged.

"Oooooo, your clit is so big," Tara smiled as she toyed with Cameron's pussy,
"And so excited."

"Please, please," Cameron pleaded as Tara blew on her clit, then lightly
touched it with her tongue.

"What will you do for me if I let you cum again?" Tara asked.

"Anything, anything!" Cameron gasped, "I'll suck your toes, I'll lick your
ass, anything!"

Tara smiled in triumph attacking Cameron's pussy with her lips and tongue.
Cameron was soon cumming as she thrashed helplessly, her cries incoherent.
Cameron lay panting for several moments. Tara kissed her way up to Cameron's
belly button, kissing all around it, then probing inside with her tongue.

Cameron came to as Tara's lips again found her tits. Their lips met again,
tongue's dueling. Sarah sneaked one hand to her pussy, she was soaking wet.
Sarah was ironiclly the only woman in G.O.L.D. who didn't shave bare. Sarah
only slightly trimmed and so had a full mound. Looking at the hot hairless
pussies of the 2 fembots was making her rethink it.

Tara and Cameron got into the scissors tribadism position and started
pussyfucking each other.

"Oh yes, fuck me baby, fuck me," Tara begged, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

"Ahhhh, I love it," Cameron cried out, "Fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!
Fuck me!"

"Oooooooo," Tara moaned," I'm cumming!"

"Aaaaahhhhh," Cameron panted, "Cum! Cum!"

The 2 fembots collapsed and lay panting for a few moments. Sarah had to bite
her lip to keep from crying out as she brought herself off. Up to this point
Tara had been the aggressor, now Cameron took the lead as she moved on top of
her, their lips pressed together. Cameron now kissed down Tara's neck, her
hands roughly squeezing and kneading Tara's titties.

"Harder," Tara ordered moaning, "Maul my tits! Beat my tits! Hurt me!"

"As you wish," Cameon smiled, slapping Tara's tits, cruelly twisting her

Cameron then pulled a nipple, stretching Tara's tit, then slapping that tit
before doing the same to the other. Cameron contnued to squeeze and knead
Tara's tits, the added hard bites, not hard enough to draw blood, but still
painful. Tara shivered as she came.

Cameron was now the one licking and kissing downward. Camron payed special
attention to Tara's belly button, circuling it with her tongue, then licking

"Oh baby, baby," Tara moaned.

"Omigawd," Cameron gasped as she licked down to Tara's pussy.

Tara's clit was fully erect and a full 3" long. It was both erotic and almost
obscene to Cameron, making her mouth water in lust. Cameron had wanted to pay
Tara back for her earlier teasing, but she couldn't resist, taking the big
clit in her mouth and sucking.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa," Tara screamed as she came.

Cameron was eating her pussy for real now causing Tara to now writhe
helplessly. Tara screamed and creamed under Cameron's assault on her pussy.
Cameron and Tara lay side by side, gently kissing and stroking each others
hair. Sarah couldn't take it any more and walked in.

"Got room for one more," Sarah said smiling.

This was the way it was always going to be. From now on Sarah and Cameron
would be hardcore lesbians. They would join in on the almost constant lesbian
orgies at G.O.L.D. and at the Rumpas Room, the club for lesbian heroines.
Sarah and Cameron would become kinkier and and both soon loved lesbian bdsm
the most. 'Judgement Day' never came and Tara and Cameron models were made,
but for peaceful purposes.

But there is more to the story, because nothing ever ends.

The end???
_ _ _

*= Sappho star system medicine only works on women because the 5 planets
are inhabitated only by women. They never knew men existed until a few
years ago.


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