All things Terminator belong to James Cameron etc. G.O.L.D. is mine. Tara
Matrix is the Tyval version of the T-X. Satire and parody.

Where were the heroes on Judgement Day! Can they stop it? Can Tara help
Cameron become a real girl?

Some chapters Rated NC-17 for fembot lesbianism. This chapter set-up, no sex.

Terminator - The Sarah Conner Chronicles: Revelations! Part 1
by Tyval ([email protected])

It started out as a typical day in the suburban southern California town.
John Connor, under the alias John Baum, along with his guardian terminator
Cameron, acting as his sister got ready for school. John Connor, destined to
become the leader of the human resistance in a possible future. Along with
his tough as nails mother, and reprogrammed T-800's they had postponed the
future holocaust several times.

The original date for 'Judgment Day' had been in 1997. Thanks to Sarah it
had been reset to 2011, but that was looking to be reset too. John had just
turned 16 and was becoming more capable all the time. A newer model female
terminator, the previously mentioned Cameron, and a freedom fighter from
Connor's army in 2027 named Derek Reese were helping to train him.

And protect him from numerous time traveling terminators. They had recently
defeated some newer T-888, and most of the current terminators still thought
he was dead and were concentrating on trying to take out other known
resistance leaders. The simple fact was that in 2027, despite their robotic
army, Skynet was slowly losing their war against humanity.

Skynet, despite their initial success in destroying the nations of Earth and
the ruthless efficiency of their robotic army found resistance stiffening
every day. They had most recently lost all of Japan, one of their early
strongholds, and were on the verge of losing South Korea.

In California, despite heavy early losses, an older John Connor was
disrupting Skynet's forces to such a degree that resitance units east of the
Rockies had pushed the robots all the way back to New England and Florida.

Back in the present, John and Cameron were walking to the high school they
attended. Cameron stopped dead in her tracks.

"What is it?" John asked.

"A big man, there, 2 blocks away," Cameron slightly pointed with her head,
"Our side of the street."

The man was easy to pick out even on the car lined busy street. It was a
chilly day, but he wore no jacket. sleeveless shirt showing his corded
muscular arms. He seemed to be waiting for something.

"Is he...?" John asked.

"He's scanning human," Cameron said, "But he's got an unusually high body
temperature. Very slight radiation. No, no internal metal."

"Could he be a T-1000?" John nervously asked, remembering the liquid metal

"No," Cameron said, "Only 1 successful prototype and a couple of 'practice
models' were ever made by Skynet. You, future you, took out that facility."

"What happened to the 'practise modesl'?" John asked, the 'prototype' was
long destroyed.

"Also accounted for," Cameron said, "The 'renegade' took care of them."

"The renegade?" John asked, not liking the sound of that.

"She turned against Skynet as soon as she was created an escaed through a
time portal," Cameron said, "She's probably around somewhere."

"Another female terminator?" John said more than asked, "Is she dangerous?"

"Not to you, or to humans in general," Cameron confessed, "She was our most
advanced and powerful model."

"Most advanced," John said as he and Cameron recomenced walking, "What
happened to her? For her to just turn against Skynet like that? Not that
I'm complaining if she's as Powerful as you say."

"She is," Cameron said, "I wouldn't last 5 minutes against her. Skynet used
Mechas 4 tech in building her. That's probably why she went rouge."

Cameron usually didn't talk this openly about the future. The more he heard,
the more curious he was about this 'good' terminator. John was about to ask
what 'Mechas 4' tech was as they approached the intersection where the big
man stood. John got a good look at the man. He was built like body builder,
maybe slimmer, more like a gymnast, about 6'5" - 6'6". With Hollywood not all
that far away, maybe he was an actor or more likely, a stunt man.

He never even clanced at John or Cameron as he stepped out into the middle of
the street and stood there. A speeding van, at least 30 miles over limit,
reckessly rounded a corner 4 blocks away, minorly scraping a parked car and
picked up even more speed heading right for him. John didn't even think about
it. Despite his protests to the contrary, heroism was in his blood. It felt
like hitting the side of a wall, but both rolled clear safely as the van
roared past.

"Frakking stupid kid!" the man roared as he scambled to his feet.

"What?" John was stunned.

He'd just saved tis guys life, hadn't he. The van squeeled to a stop. Two
huge armed men came from the back, another from the passenger side, and the
driver. The big man looked at John and over at Cameron.

"Take your girl and run!" the man ordered, "And keep your frakking heads
down. Oh, I love stupid robots."

The last was said with a smile. John made it to Cameron as the 4 men, 2 with
glocks, the other 2 with uzi's locked and loaded.

"Three T-800's, one triple 8," Cameron calmly said.

The 4 terminators opened fire on the big man who just continued to walk
towards them. John's eyes grew wide as the bullits seemed to have no effect
on him. Even a terminator would have staggered under the withering fire.

"Are you sure he's human?" John yelled, hiding behind a hummer.

"Yes," Cameron answered as she watched from the other side of the hummer, "I
don't understand, accessing databanks."

The big man had reached the terminator's by this point. Their guns were
empty. The T-888 came at him. Making it look easy the big man neatly caught
the T-888 arm, ripped it entirely off it's body and with a quick short punch
knocked the T-888's head competely off it's body. Without pausing the big man
spun around landing a kick to the mid-section of the nearest T-800 sending it
flying back 20 feet.

"No fucking way is he human," John said aloud.

"Data retrieved," Cameron said, "Human, mutant, Quentin Ulysses Edward Starr,
codenamed Questar; former member L.A.P.D., second in command of G.O.L.D. in
this time; omega level combined physical and mental abilities."

"Questar? I thought he was just someting that was made up," John said,
"Fictional. Like a comic book character."

"Not fictional," Cameron said, "In 2027, leader of 'far eastern resistance',
liberator of Japan, considered by Skynet to be, 'as big a pain in the ass as
you are'."

"Super heroes are real?" John asked, "No way."

"Way," Cameron said.

Questar had no trouble with the other 2 T-800's. A single punch went right
through the chest plate of the first, destroying it's power supply. It went
down as Questar did a 'clothesline' chop on the second that decapitated it.
It fell as the one that had been kicked earlier got to it's feet. Another
figure, small, blonde, and female tackled it from behind. One hand of the
woman morped into an EMP blaster. Pressed against the head of the T-800 the
weapon fired, frying the brains of the terminator.

"The renegade," Cameron said flatly.

"You kids all right," Questar called out as he started stacking terminator's
and parts of terminator's.

In contrast to Cameron, the T-X had a huge smile on her face as her hand
reformed and she drug the T-800 to the pile and threw it on. Backing away
from the pile the teminators went up in a controlled fireball. In seconds
there was nothing left but a puddle of molten metal.

"Whoa, how did you do that?" John asked standing up.

"Pyrokinisis," Questar said, "I will usualy make a gesture for dramatic
effect, but since I do it mentally I don't have to. That was a gutsy move
kid. I apprecite the spirit, but I wanted to take them in the van before
they could use their guns. Bystanders could have been hurt by the misses
and ricochets. I see a lot of cars with bullit holes that G.O.L.D. is going
to have to pay for."

"Oh, don't you know who this is Questar," the T-X said, giving John a hug,
"This is John Connor."

"The John Connor you've told us about Tara?" Questar asked.

"Yep, this is him," T-X/Tara smiled, then saw Cameron, walked over and
hugged her, "Oh, sister, how are you?"

"Okay, I'm officially freaked out," John said nevously, "She's a terminator?"

"Trust me, if I hadn't been to Mechas 4 I wouldn't have believed it either,"
Questar grinned, "Robots can have souls. Tara does, the ones on Mechas 4 do,
the 3, 6, 8, and Tory model Cylons do. It's hard to wrap your mind around
that concept unless you've seen as much as I have. Hell, I've been doing this
super hero thing for 12 years, dozens of front pages, 12,000 web sites, been
on the cover of Time magazine twice, been on Leno and Letterman, and hosted
Saturday Night Live, and to 90% of America I might as well be Big Foot!"

"You know, I can help you," Tara said to John, "Do you have a name sister?"

"Cameron," Cameron replied, "Currently Cameron Baum."

"Oh, Wizard of Oz, love that book," Tara laughed.

"Okay, now I'm a believer," John said shaking his head.

"I'm sure you have a million questions," Questar said, "But I'm betting you
are late for school. I'll go with you, trust me, I make a pretty good excuse
and I'm very persuasive when it comes to princples."

As Questar predicted John got a free pass from the school. In fact, he was
treated like a rock star by staff and students alike. John felt a little
stupid that he seemed like the only person who didn't know about Questar
before today. Half of the girls had Questar posters or pictures.

"In Japan my kid brothers got his own fan club and has had 5 #1 songs on
their pop charts," Questar told John.

"He will get 2 more," Cameron said.

"Okay, that's one I didn't know," Tara said.

Questar and Tara Matrix left the school. It seemed like John and Cameron were
suddenly popular as everyone wanted to be around them. In the girl's room the
conversation was about Questar's legendary size and how many of them would
like to be alone with him. One girl did a size with her hands spread, Cameron
moved her hands 20" closer and it still was over a foot.

"There, a little over a foot long," Cameron said.

Questar didn't meet them after school, knowing they probably wanted to keep
a low profile. Instead, using his old police uniform and a borrowed police
cruiser he pretended to be giving Tara Matrix as ticket as John and Cameron
walked by.

'Black 4 door,' Questar mentally told John, 'We'll use a hologram.'

John wasn't sure about being around the T-X. Derek Reese, his uncle, and a
freedom fighter from 2027 was not going to be happy, and his mom was going to
be pissed. But they would have to accept meeting Questar.

"Activating stealth mode," Tara said, "There, someone could be right on top
of us and not see us."

"Too bad that tech doesn't survive the initial attack of Skynet," Cameron

"So Tara has told us," Questar said.

"This is it," John said as they pulled up to the house.

"Scanning," Tara said, "We're clear, de-cloaking."

"Is she sure," John asked.

"She's never been wrong yet," Questar said, "Any pedestrian's, anyone looking
from a window, roof, or yard. We've thrown off any possible observation. With
my old L.A.P.D. uniform on, no gun, I'm just an off duty cop, Tara's just any

"This is going to be so hard to explain," John said as his mother pulled into
the driveway.

Sarah Connor was almost to the front door when she heard car doors behind
her. Looking back she saw John and Cameron with a blonde woman and a big man
dressed as a cop. Sarah notced he wasn't armed, and she was an expert on
police unifoms, the uniform was genuine, but so had others.

"Mrs. Baum," Questar started, "John is not in any trouble, but we need to
talk. I am a friend."

"It's complicated mom," John said.

"Not really," Cameron butted in, "He can help us more than anyone."

"Who are these people John?" Sarah asked, her hand closed around an automatic
in her purse.

"It would be better to talk inside, fewer ears," Tara suggested.

"Our hands will be where you can see them, we'll walk in front, and once
inside you can cover us wth the gun of your choice," Questar said.

"They are friends mom, we would be dead if they weren't," John said.

"True statement," Cameron said, "I would last 2.5 seconds max against

Sarah didn't like that, in fact she was scared, but she saw their eyes. Ever
since Kyle she had believed the old saying about eyes being the windows to
the soul. The big man had much the same look. The woman had an odd look about
her, but it was mischevious rather than malicous.

"I'm the one they call Questar," Questar said, "I don't know if that means
anything to you, if you've ever heard of me, but I swear that I will do
everything I can to help you."

"I've heard the name," Sarah said, "Didn't think you were real."

"I could always pick a car up," Questar smiled, "That usually does the

"Is that humor?" Cameon asked, "Am I suppossed to say ha ha?"

"Girlfriend, I have got to fix you up," Tara said, "Some Mechas 4 tech and
hanging around me will make you a real girl. You're a high enough series."

"We need to continue this inside," Sarah said.

Derek was watching a 'Rush Hour' DVD and laughing for the first time in a
long time. It died when he saw Cameron. But a smile reappeared when he saw

"It's a pleasure to meet you sir," Derek said, extending his hand which
Questar took, "I saw you in action once in '05 against that stony guy in
the Egyptian outfit."

"Ah, Rock Ra," Questar smiled, "He was a tough one, took my best shot to
finally put him down."

"Perhap's I should wait in the car," Tara said.

"Why is that?" Derek asked.

"She's the 'renegade'," Cameron said.

"Fuck!" Derek yelled covering Tara with a .45, "Metal!"

"What?," Sarah cried out also pulling a gun, "Are you sure? She blinks, she

"Take it easy," Questar said getting in the middle, "If she was even the
slightest threat I wouldn't have brought her. And yea, I could stop her if
she did try something."

"You know her?" Sarah asked Derek.

"I heard she turned against Skynet on her own 2 seconds after she was built,"
Derek admitted, "Okay, I'll listen. Damn, she even breathes. That's usually a
dead giveaway."

"I understand that you hate me," Tara said, "I have no control over how I was
created. I only ask that you judge me by what I do."

"Look, I don't know how to explain this," Questar said, "And you might think
it's bullshit, but robots can have souls. The A.I. robots of Mechas 4, the 4
female Cylon models, and Tara. I can read their minds, I can't read a robot
without a soul."

"All due respect, and you deserve a lot for what you're doing in my time, but
I'm going to have to see that for myself," Derek said, but he pulled his gun

"I'll accept that," Questar said, "Now, I think we should all sit down. I'm
sure we all have a lot of questions."

"Does she have to be here?" Derek gun pointed at Cameron.

"She might have anwers to questions I have," Questar said, "Time travel for
one. I've done it many times, always to the past, I've never been able to go
to the future. Not that it can't be done. I know a half dozen people from the
past who are walking around."

"She's a T-975," Tara said, "Programmed for pleasure and pain. Often used for
interogation. She's been modified, chose a name for herself. With some Mechas
4 tech and few other things I could make her a real girl."

"Wait, you could make her like you?" John asked.

"It would only work on her or one as self-advanced as her," Tara answered,
"By choosing her own name she has demonstrated a modicum of free will. I
couldn't do it with the same model if she didn't have the potential."

"So, she's a T-975 and is an interigator," Sarah asked.

"That is my main functon, yes," Cameron said, "We can fight if we have to,
but that is not our primary function. Our series is the most captured and
easiest to reprogram by humans."

"Okay, I didn't know any of this," Derek said.

"My series is equiped for sex," Cameron said, "I like sex. Men, women, both,

John fell over backwards in his chair with a loud THUD!

End of Part 1:


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