Set in the second episode when Sarah has told john no to leave the house they
are staying in.

Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Motherly Love (mF,inc,oral,anal)
by Jazz

It had been a few days since Sarah, John and Cameron had made their time jump
into the future and Sarah could tell being in lockdown was getting to John.
She was sitting in her room when she heard a "THUD". Ever vigilant Sarah got
up to check on the noise and general security of the house. She looked around
and guessed it must have been nothing until on her way back to her room. She
heard heavy breathing coming from John's room. She put her ear to the door
and her eyes popped open enough that she could see inside. What she saw
aroused her. She quickly looked away and scolded herself. A mother can't
think like that about her own son, but she couldn't stop herself. She looked
back there.

John was laying on the bed naked stroking his 9 inch cock. Sarah couldn't
believe the size it. She thought to herself his father wasn't that big. In
fact she had never been with any quite that big. She couldn't stop thinking
about it. He blew his load and she thought, 'What a waste. I could be
drinking that.'

Sarah never liked the idea of cum being wasted. It should at least go into a
hole if it's not going to be drunk. She silently made her way back to her
room where she lay on the bed for what seemed like days thinking about her
son's cock. She started to masturbate not realizing it was morning and John
walked in.

"Mom," he said, "it's time to make a-- What are you doing? I don't need to
see that!"

"John!" she yelled back tidying herself in the process, "It's a perfectly
natural thing. Hell, you do it. I saw you last night."

He looked back. "You watched me?"

She said, "I couldn't help it. You have such a beautiful cock. Its huge!"

John looked down. He never thought of himself as that big. He looked back and
said, "We need to get out of here."

She walked over to him and reached down the front of his pants and said, "We
don't need to go anywhere. We can entertain ourselves."

He could not help but get hard. Sarah quickly dropped to her knees and pulled
his pants down. She licked her lip and the then rammed his cock to the back
of her throat. She only got 6 inches down but Sarah thought that's not good
enough. She reached round her son and hugged the back of his legs and pulled
his body into hers.

John's mind was going a 1000 miles a minute. He shouldn't be doing this but
it felt so good as his cock popped into her throat. She started to gag her
throat actually milking John's cock. He couldn't go any longer. He said, "I'm
gonna cum."

Sarah pulled him in further while he blasted his cum right into her stomach.
When he finished she pulled away and said, "That was intense."

He pulled his pants up and went to walk out, but turned back and said," This
never happened."

Sarah stood, grabbed John and said, "We are not done yet. I need this!"

Tearing his pant off completely, she once again grabbed his cock. She felt it
twitch and start to get hard again. She thought, 'To be young it's a great
thing,' as he got hard. She dragged him over to the bed and said, "You're
going to do this then we will both be happy."

Not knowing what to do he just followed his mother's instruction. As she got
on the bed on all fours her ass pointed at him. She looked back and said,
"Get up here and ram the monster into my arse hole. I want to feel every inch
of it."

He got up on the bed with a blank look on his face. Not believing he was
doing this he placed his cock at the entrance to her arse and began to push.
There was a lot of resistance. He couldn't get it in. She looked back and
demanded, "Push for god's sake! I can take it!"

Leaning in most of his body weight her hole finally succumbed and opened. He
quickly propped himself up with just the head of his cock in her. She looked
back and said, "Why did you stop?"

He said, "I thought I might hurt you."

She said, "No matter what, this is going to hurt. I've never had one that big
in there."

He shifted his weight again, but got nowhere so he put his whole body weight
in to her and her leg suddenly gave out. She fell to the bed with John
following behind. She hit the mattress and the John landed into her forcing
all 9 inch right into her. She screamed so loud he thought she was going to
break the window but he suddenly felt great. His moms tight arse sucking his
cock in. He pulled back and slammed in again. Sarah was in ecstasy he rocked
back and forth. When he felt that familiar feeling he was going to cum he
pumped hard into her once more as deep as he could go. He came so hard it set
off Sarah's orgasm. She screamed again, "Oh god yes!

They both collapsed John still inside her.

She looked back at him and said, "We are going to have to make this a regular
thing." She closed her eyes and finally went to sleep.

John got up not knowing what to do just left the room.

The End... or Is It?


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