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Ratings: NC-17

Codes: M/F, oral, though the female is a robot.

Spoilers: None really, maybe the first few episodes.

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Summary: I wrote this after the first few episodes (actually I came up with
when watching the first commercial that featured Summer Glau). I often get
bogged down in writing so I wanted to write something short, my goal under
1000 words.

There is certainly plenty of room to turn this into a series but I probably
won't ever get around to it.

Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles: John's Gift to John
by Archer

John Connors glanced out the window as his mom walked out the door. His hands
were already unbuttoning his jeans, his eyes guilty looking at how nice her
body looked in her dress. He fell back on his bed as he began to pull down
his pants.

His mother always kept close watch on him due to the constant danger. They
never had any large houses, never had any privacy. As a result there was a
certain male teenage urge that he needed to take care of but rarely had the
opportunity. When he did, like today when there was a meet up that his
mother just had to make alone, he used every second.

His hand was pumping his cock as soon as he had pulled his clothing off. His
mind was just drifting into a fantasy when the door popped open.

"Jesus Cameron," he yelled as he awkwardly rolled off the bed. "Don't just
barge in here."

Cameron seemed unphased as she watched him kneeling down behind the bed.
"What are you doing?"

"Well ..." he stammered as he searched for an answer. "I was just getting

"Why were you getting changed in the middle of the day? And why are you
hiding, I have seen you naked," she said referencing their trip through time
when their clothing was lost.

"Could you just leave already," he shouted, his mind on other things. His
eyes were already sweeping over her body. He knew there was metal under
there but his mind was telling him it was a very, very hot girl.

"Something is going on," she said as he ignored his request walking over
towards him. He covered his cock with his hands as she leaned in close and
smelled him. "Are you masturbating?"

"What?" he said but she instantly looked down to his crouch. "Fine, yes,
that is what I was going to do."

"Where you going to fantasize about the harem of girls you will have when you
become the leader of mankind?"

It took his mind a moment to process what she had said. "What!?"

"Or perhaps you will fantasize about the school cheerleaders," she continued
dispassionately. "Where you perhaps going to sit by the window, thinking
about the girls that walk by and how you could take them? Or maybe you were
going to do the fantasy about your mother?"

"How ..." John began his throat dry. "How do you know that?"

"I was programmed by you with detailed knowledge of all your sexual
fantasies. What you like, dislike, and what you secretly desire but wouldn't
tell anyone."

"Why would you know that?"

"So I can help you," Cameron replied like it was the most obvious thing in
the world. "In the future you have given everything for the people. When
you programmed me you decided to give a little back to yourself."

"So you are here to help? By knowing my fantasies?"

"By enacting them."

John stared at her, it seemed like his whole world had changed (again). "So
you are going to start listening to me? Obeying my orders."

"No. Only on sexual matters. On that I have been programmed to do a wide
range of functions," she droned.

"You know if you are suppose to be helping me sexually you really need a
change in tone," John complained.

Cameron leaned in to his ear, her hands began to slide down his body as she
whispered, "God John, you have me so hot. My pussy is literally going to
soak through my jeans. I have been wanting to suck down loads of your cum
since we first met. Why do you think I have been wearing such skimpy
outfits? I have been such a cock tease."

She slid down to her knees in front of him. "Please, give me your cock. Let
me be your first cum slut."

John had been stroking his cock very quickly while she spoke. Now she was on
her knees in front of him, looking up at him, giving a pleading look that he
was surprised she could manage. He bucked forward with his hips, sliding his
cock into her mouth. It was surprisingly warm, feeling just like a real
mouth (or at least how he imagined one would feel).

He didn't last long. She was able to create just the perfect amount of
pressure and her tongue flicked and caressed his cock at unmatchable speeds.
Cameron had pulled back as she felt him about to cum, so just the end of his
cock was in her mouth while she looked up at him. His load of cum was
extremely large, it had been a long time since he had been able to get off,
but she was able to take it all.

As his cock finished spurting he pulled back, his body weary. She opened her
mouth to make sure he could see that her mouth was filled with cum, before
tipping her head back and swallowing. A shudder went through her body, almost
as if she was having an orgasm from drinking his cum.

She stood up as he fell onto the bed, her tongue running over her lips to
clean any last bits of his seed. "Thank you for the load of cum, John. I
hope we can do even more next time."

He watched her hips sway as she left the room, almost as if she was happy.
He felt his cock twitch as he imagined how his life had changed.


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