A fictional story about fictional characters.

That 70's Show: Happy Valentines Day (MF,MFF,MMF,anal)
by Shaggy77

It had been a rough twelve months for Red Foreman, but through all the trials and tribulations there had been one constant: his totally devoted, loving wife Kitty. He had struggled working for his idiot neighbor, Bob Pinciotti, at his appliance store after the plant had shut down. For one thing, Red was used to giving the orders and he just could not accept being ordered around by dumb-ass Bob. Red had quit that dead-end job and taken a menial job at PriceMart, where they at least offered benefits for his family. Kitty had been by his side supporting and encouraging him. He had finally gotten a promotion to co-manager and once again he was doing what he did best: give orders to others (including his son Eric). Just when everything looked normal again, he had suffered a problem with his heart. this was the hardest setback for Red because he had always been the strong one; the tough one; Superman, if you will. Kitty had stood by him and nursed him back to where he no longer had any restrictions on his physical activity...meaning sex.

All the setbacks had made him realize how very lucky he was to have such a selfless and wonderful wife, so this Valentines Day he vowed to show her a special time. Red had made dinner reservations at the best restaurant in town, at the Point Place Excelsior Hotel. They even featured a Ballroom, although it was really just a portion of the restaurant where a disco ball hung from the ceiling and they could shove all the tables against the walls so that people could dance. At the last minute he had reserved a room at the hotel for Valentine's night so that he and Kitty could drink and not have to drive...he had to set a good example for Eric (and besides, Kitty was a nurse and would never let him drive while impaired). Secretly, Red wanted the room so he and Kitty could have sex and Kitty could scream as loudly as she wanted without the kids hearing her.

There were only two hotels/motels in Point Place and the other was a real "dive" where only total "deadbeats and perverts" would stay, according to Red. They even rented rooms by the hour; so the Excelsior was the only place "decent" people would stay. He had wanted one of the suites on the third (top) floor, but had to settle for a regular room on the second floor because he had waited too long to call. Red was sparing no expense, because Kitty was worth it (at least this once). There was even going to be a bucket of ice with a chilled bottle of champagne waiting in the room, and a bouquet of flowers. Of course when Red told Eric about his plans he didn't want to appear soft so he merely said, "I'm taking your mother out to dinner on Valentines Day...we won't be back until the next day. If you or any of your dumb-ass friends screw anything up around here; I'll put my foot up your ass. You're all eighteen now, so you can have one beer for Valentines Day."

Eric just chuckled to himself because that was Red's favorite threat, the old foot up the ass, and he answered, "You can count on me Red...I mean Dad."

"Yeah, smart ass," Red grumbled, "that's what I'm afraid of."

Of course Eric and everyone in the neighborhood knew every detail of Red's plans because Kitty had been bragging about the planned rendezvous ever since Red told her. She was so excited about a whole night out, and wanted everyone to know there was a lot more to Red than just the coarse and rough exterior he always presented. Red and Kitty would have been surprised to learn that Eric and several of his friends also had reservations for the same night at the Excelsior. Even though they knew the Foremans would be there, no one seemed concerned about encountering each other because none of them planned on leaving their rooms. Eric and Donna, the beautiful daughter of Bob Pinciotti, had been neighbors and friends since childhood and it was inevitable that they would fall in love. Eric was actually the first one to reserve a room for the special evening, and had a very romantic evening other words: lots of sex. He had actually gotten a discount on the room because he had once waited tables at the Excelsior and the maitre d' reservations clerk had remembered him.

Donna's girlfriend Jackie, an absolutely gorgeous pixie, had hounded and pestered her boyfriend, Stephen Hyde, after learning of Eric and Donna's plans and he had finally relinquished and reserved a room. "I will knuckle under to the man and conform to the establishment," he informed Jackie. Hyde was never without his marijuana and made it clear to Jackie that if he had to celebrate this "manufactured" holiday, he was going to do it his way. Another of their friends, the high school's foreign exchange student, Fez had taken Eric's advice and rented a room to celebrate Valentines Day with his new girlfriend Caroline; a stunning blond. Caroline was a real beauty, but also incredibly possessive, almost to the point of being psychotic. Fez, however, was blind to her faults and merely was excited about finally having a chance to "do it."

On Valentines night after feasting on a dinner of steak (for Red) and lobster (for Kitty), they adjourned to their room after already consuming a full bottle of champagne. Kitty was tipsy, giggling with every sentence, as Red guided her upstairs at the Excelsior. She enjoyed her champagne and cocktails (and occasionally cooking wine), but was famous for not being able to tolerate liquor. Once inside the room, she flung her arms around Red's neck and kissed her man passionately. His hands fumbled with the zipper on the back of her bright red party dress as they kissed, and when they parted, he gently began to peel the dress and her half-slip down and off her still firm body. She had worn his favorite bright red matching bra and skimpy panties and Red whistled as he backed up to gaze at his bride. He poured them both a glass of champagne and they toasted a wonderful Valentines Day.

Red unbuttoned his shirt and removed it along with his undershirt while Kitty reached behind her to unclasp her bra. She let it slide off her shoulders, to the floor, and then stood before him squeezing her still very firm tits together. "You know that drives me crazy," he admitted and Kitty immediately dropped to her knees, undid his belt and trousers and yanked them down to his knees, boxers and all. His enormous cock, already erect, sprang up and slapped his stomach as Kitty reached out for it.

"Mmmm, I love Big Red," Kitty cooed as she used their nickname for his penis. Grasping its girth in both hands she pulled it down to her face and ran her tongue all over the crown, a strand of pre-cum stretching from her mouth to his slit. His crown was the size of a tangerine and Kitty struggled, as usual, to get it past her lips and into her mouth; but she managed. Red stared down at his blond haired wife sucking his cock and was reminded how much he loved her. He reluctantly pulled back until his head popped free of her lips and urged her to stand.

Red used his feet to shove his pants off his legs and hugged her to him saying, "You know I love that, but this night is all about you." He guided her back until she sat on the side of the bed and then as she raised up, he slid her sexy panties down her legs and tossed them aside. Spreading her legs with his hands, Red wedged himself between them and eased his head into her crotch, breathing in her arousal. Red had never been one to administer oral sex, he thought it was perverted, but this once he wanted to totally please his wife. Gingerly sticking out his tongue, he felt Kitty jump as it made contact with her plump lips. Juices were drooling down her milky thighs, matting her dirty-blond pubic hair as he parted her slit with his fingers, sliding both index fingers inside her pussy. Spreading her cunt lips apart, Red slipped his tongue inside her and began to lap at her hole.

"Oh Red," was all Kitty could say as her husband licked her pussy for the first time in recent memory, and her body quivered as she climaxed. "I need Big Red inside me," she informed him as she began to stand so he could lay down.

"Oh no Kitty," Red directed, "I have full clearance from the doctor now so there is no need for you to be on top doing all the work. You lie down and I am going to fu.., I mean make love to you the way you old times." Kitty lay back on the bed and spread her legs wide as Red crawled between them, his cock jutting in front of him like a third leg. Kneeling at her crotch, he grasped his pole and place the crown between her lips, making sure it was totally smeared with her lubrication. Smiling widely at her, Red just moved forward and laid down on top of Kitty, the entire twelve inches of cock sliding deep inside her cunt. "Your pussy feels so good," Red assured her as he began to slowly fuck her; inch by inch sliding his pole out and then back in, deliberately teasing and lingering. He loved watching how her lips clung to his giant log.

"Heh, heh, heh, you old sweet talker," Kitty laughed, "fuck me Red." He started to make wild love to his wife, fucking her pussy hard and deep, slamming his giant cock in and out of her now sloppy cunt.

* * *

Normally they would nave been hanging out in the Foreman basement, but on this day the entire gang was congregating in the home of Michael Kelso, the self-crowned teenage lothario of the group. The change of venue was necessary because Kelso's parents were out of town for three days, and he had acquired a half-keg of beer for the occasion. Red and Kitty had been home almost all day, so the gang decided to keep the keg at Kelso's and spend the day there. Even Caroline, who was relatively new to alcohol, had joined Fez for a day of drinking and smoking some of Hyde's best stuff.

Fez was in a great mood because he assumed with Caroline getting drunk, it would be a sure thing that they would finally "do it" that night. He, like Red, had pulled out all the stops: he had bought a giant candy filled red heart for Caroline and decided to give it to her in front of the whole gang, just to show off. When she opened the decorative heart shaped box, it was empty. Fuming and embarrassed, Fez looked directly at Kelso, who was still chewing and had specks of chocolate on his lips. "You son-of-a-bitch," Fez yelled in his funny accent, "you ate all my con-dee."

Caroline restrained Fez as she pinched his butt and whispered, "It's all right Fez...I have a surprise for you too. I'll give it to you at the hotel."

By the time they left for the hotel, the alcohol and weed had made everyone very mellow and horny. They had eaten nothing but Cheetos all day, so the beer had been absorbed rather quickly. Kelso, without a Valentines date, had decided to wait tables that night so he joined them in the Vista Cruiser for the trip to the hotel.

Arriving at the Excelsior, they each went their separate ways (although they saw each other in the hallway) to their respective rooms. As soon as the door closed, Donna flung her arms around Eric and began to French-kiss the horny teenager. "Whoa, light saber activated," Eric announced and Donna cringed at yet another Star Wars reference.

Being totally wasted, she played along, "Get those clothes off Star Trooper." They simultaneously began to undress, Eric pausing to watch his gorgeous redhead get naked. Donna had worn a nice dress for the occasion, and when she lowered it down her long, lean body it revealed she had purposely not worn any underwear. Eric's mouth literally fell open as he reveled in the sight of her incredible body in the bright light of the hotel room. Normally Donna was very timid about letting Eric see her nude, but she was so high and drunk that she felt more like a nymphomaniac and even twirled so he could get a better look. Her long shapely legs ended in a sparse patch of bright red pubic hair, highlighted by the classic thigh gap between her legs. Her tapered waist led up to the most magnificent pair of breasts Eric could imagine. They were the talk of all the boys in their class and just as wonderful as any pair in Eric's collection of Playboys. Her large areola were capped by already erect nipples the size of jellybeans. Eric knew he was the luckiest boy in Wisconsin.

Noticing that Eric was still undressing, Donna went over to the room's mini-fridge and downed a tiny bottle of Jack Daniels while waiting. Eric's decent sized seven inch dick waved in front of him as he crossed the room to embrace his cupid. Standing in front of her, Eric marveled at her magnificent tits, 38D's...yes he had measured. He began to massage and knead them as they hung down on her chest like water filled balloons. He fed first one, then the other, to his mouth; licking them and nibbling on her nipples. Being completely inebriated and overcome with lust, Donna violently shoved Eric down onto the bed proclaiming, "All right Luke Skywalker...time to stop playing around and stick that light saber inside me." She roughly crawled on top of his prone body, grasped his cock in her hand, pointed it straight up until it's head was wedged between her incredibly long cunt lips, and then just sat down on his lap, impaling herself on the entire length. "Ohhhh that's nice," she moaned loudly, "now fuck me."

"Holy shit Donna," Eric groaned, "you are the best girlfriend in the world," and he began to thrust his body up into hers as hard as he could. As he jammed upward, Donna was bouncing up and down on his lap, riding him like a horse, their groins slapping together as they fucked each other. His cock slamming up into her totally wet pussy, Eric watched almost mesmerized as her massive tits flopped around on her chest. "Oh my God," Eric told himself, "she is the most beautiful girl in the world and I'm fucking her." He looked down between them as his cock slid in and out of her hairy red slit, her long cunt lips trailing down as he withdrew, and disappearing up inside her when he thrust. Eric put both hands down between her legs and began to massage her prominent clit with both his thumbs as she rode his hard-on.

"Oh shit Eric," moaned Donna as she rode his cock, enjoying the feel of it sliding in and out of her hole, "fuck me baby, fuck me harder." She reached up and pinched both her pink nipples, pulling them and stretching them out. "Oh my God Eric, cum in it now," Donna screamed as she shuddered with her climax. Glad to oblige, Eric jammed his cock up into his girlfriend and began to pump her full of his seed, blowing his load as deep inside her as he could get.

* * *

Down the hall, a totally naked Jackie was protesting, "Stephen, you know I don't like this," as she closed her mouth around Hyde's seven inch penis, her red lips leaving traces of lipstick on his shaft.

He just replied, "Hey, it's Valentines Day for me too, you know so just suck it." Hyde was just finishing the joint they had been sharing and enjoying the view as he watched his cock disappear into Jackie's dainty little mouth. She was incredibly annoying, he thought, but she really did have a nice little body. Short and slender, not an once of fat on her, Jackie was like a tiny fashion model. Her little tits were proportionate to her body, but capped with the longest pink nipples Hyde had ever seen; they must have been nearly an inch long when they were now. Her little ass cheeks were just a nice handful when he was fucking her and she had those shapely legs wrapped around him. Hyde guessed that, just maybe, all the diva crap he had to put up with was worth it. As he watched his cock sliding in and out of her pouty mouth, it was like getting a blow-job from a cherub. As he felt himself nearing the point of losing control, Hyde ordered, "OK, that's get your cute little ass up on the bed."

Crawling on the bed on all fours, Jackie had to tease him as she wiggled her ass and taunted him, "Oh, so now you think my ass is cute." As she spread her knees wide on the pulled down sheets, Hyde stood on his knees and wedged his body behind her, spreading her puffy cunt lips with his thumbs. He smeared her lips with her juices and then stuffed both thumbs up inside her tight pussy. Prying her wide open, Hyde slowly slid his hard-on into her tiny hole, feeling it stretch around him. For all her bullshit, Hyde had to admit he loved fucking her. He began to thrust in and out of her cunt with increasing speed, reaching around her waist, grabbing her handfuls and squeezing them. When he violently pinched her elongated nipples between his fingers, Jackie buried her face in the pillow so that no one could hear her scream. This aroused Hyde even more as he slammed his cock into her, his balls slapping against her creamy white thighs.

* * *

Eric had collapsed on the bed, worthless to her for awhile, so Donna got out of bed and went to raid her new friend the mini-fridge again only to find it empty. Slipping on Eric's dress shirt, she announced, "I'm going next door to see if their fridge is full," her words slurred almost to the point of being unrecognizable. Barely able to walk straight, she stumbled out of the room, turned right, perfunctorily knocked on the door and then entered without waiting to be invited, as if it were the most natural reaction in the world. The light was very dim compared to her room but she could make out a naked couple on the bed and they were fucking...not just fucking, but the man was really plowing the woman under him. "Holy shit," Donna thought, "is that a cock!? It looks like a tree trunk between his legs." In an inebriated daze, she shuffled closer to the bed to watch, her tunnel vision keeping her from questioning the situation.

Red finally noticed the motion out of the corner of his eye and began, "What the fu..," as Donna drew closer.

Kitty's eyes had been closed as she basked in the pleasure coursing through her body but when she heard Red's exclamation, she opened them wide and in the dim light coming from the slightly open bathroom door, she was startled by the figure standing beside the bed. Slowly her eyes sparkled with recognition and she remarked, "Why Red, heh,heh,heh, it's Donna...hello, dear." And then just as nonchalantly as if they were in the Foreman kitchen, "Is there anything we can do for you?" Red had finally stopped thrusting and just sat between Kitty's splayed thighs, still embedded in her pussy.

It still had not registered in Donna's clouded mind that this was her boyfriend's parents she had interrupted having sex. "Ohhh, I know you," she laughed, "yes I came in here for something...oh, I know: do you have any of those little bottles in your fridge."

Red wanted to be perturbed, but he was now staring at the beautiful teenager's body as she stood next to him wearing, he thought, only a man's shirt...probably that dumb-ass Eric's shirt. He knew she wasn't wearing a bra because of the way her huge breasts wobbled when she moved and the fact that her nipples were threatening to poke through the thin material of the shirt. The shirt tales prevented him from being sure about the lack of panties, but he was fairly certain that he could make out the bottom of her ass-swell when she bent over slightly. "You're welcome to check," Red told her, "but we're kinda in the middle of something here," and with that said he resumed reaming Kitty's pussy.

Donna just stood next to the bed watching Kitty take Red's giant cock all the way to the hilt. She absentmindedly unbuttoned Eric's shirt and began to massage her own nipples as she watched Kitty's pussy being stretched. With one final lunge, Red buried his log inside his twitching wife and began to spray the inside of her pussy with his seed. "Oh Red, that was wonderful," Kitty praised him as he rolled off and lay beside her, "Now Donna, what was it you wanted."

"I could use some of that," she replied as if in a dream.

Kitty slid over to the side of the bed, hung her legs over the side, spread them wide and invited Donna, "Would you like to see what it tastes like," as she dipped her own finger inside her cunt, produced a big, white gob and swallowed it. Without even replying, Donna dropped to her knees between Kitty's legs, stuck her tongue straight out and into Kitty's pussy. "Oh my," was all Kitty could reply as Donna proceeded to lick at her pussy, using her tongue like a spoon to capture and swallow Red's cum.

Without even realizing what she was saying, Donna remarked, "It tastes way different than Eric's," as she leaned back, her face dripping wet. It went without notice by Red and Kitty also, as Red scooted over to the side of the bed to watch Donna service his wife. Donna, as if urged by some unspoken voice, shrugged Eric's shirt off her shoulders and let it drift to the floor, revealing her magnificent naked body.

"Holy crap Donna, that's some set you've got there," admired Red as Donna crawled over to sit on her knees in front of him. He reached out and began to tenderly fondle her huge bags as they wobbled in his hands. Being incredibly gentle for a man known for his roughness, Red lifted and weighed Donna's tits, rolling his thumbs over her jellybean nipples. She raised up on her knees and Red began to run his immense tool up and down in the valley created by her breasts, squeezing them together to put wonderful, warm pressure on his cock. Donna watched in a trance as the huge crown came at her face, just missing her chin with each stroke.

She looked pleadingly at Kitty, "I've never felt anything that large inside me."

To which Kitty replied, "heh, heh, heh, well I think it's time we made a woman out of you, don't you Red."

Red, a huge grin on his face, agreed, "I'm not going to fuck your pussy Donna because it would spoil you, and you would never be satisfied with Eric again...and I am really looking forward to having you be a part of this family...but I think that beautiful ass of yours could use a good fucking."

"I've never done that before," Donna admitted, "Eric tried it one time after they all went to that x-rated movie, but I punched him so hard he fell on the floor."

As Red slid back to lay down against the pillows, Kitty helped a nude Donna to climb up on the bed and straddle Red's lap with her back facing him. Kitty reached between her own legs, scooped up the rest of Red's cum as it drooled out of her pussy, and smeared it up and down his tool. Donna raised up off Red's lap as Kitty grasped his mighty tool and held it straight up, nudging it against Donna's tiny ass hole. Donna, not knowing really what to expect, used her hands to spread her perfectly round cheeks apart and felt his huge crown attempt to penetrate her. She very slowly began to lower her body, feeling her sphincter ring being spread farther than it had ever been. She began to have doubts as the pain of her ass hole being stretched increased; and then suddenly the head popped through her sphincter ring and in her ass. "Ohhh shit," Donna squeaked as she felt the intruder begin to push into her back door.

Losing her balance, she dropped down onto Red's lap, his gigantic cock penetrating deep inside her ass. The color red flashed in front of her eyes as his monster cock was embedded inside her where nothing had penetrated her before. She sat motionless, and thankfully Red remained still also, as she adjusted to the anal intrusion. Slowly she adjusted to the pressure inside her and realized that it was not horrible at all; as a matter of fact she began to actually enjoy the feeling.

"My God your ass is tight," Red exclaimed, "I think you pulled my foreskin loose." He started to slowly withdraw his gigantic cock and then slide it back inside her as Kitty crawled between their legs and pushed Donna back to lay on top of Red's hairy chest, bending his cock. Donna's legs were beginning to cramp, so she extended them out parallel to Red's, presenting her fiery red bush to Kitty. Kitty ran her hands up and down Donna's unbelievably long, smooth legs massaging them before using her thumbs to spread her cunt lips, exposing her pink flesh. Even Kitty was impressed with the way Donna's magnificent tits spread out on her chest and jiggled as she lay back on Red's chest.

Kitty reached over to the end table, grabbed the partially full champagne bottle, put her thumb over the opening and shook it. Red and Donna both heard the bottle shake and craned their necks to look down between their legs to see what Kitty was doing. Kitty quickly nudged the tip of the bottle between Donna's long cunt lips, removed her thumb and shoved the neck of the bottle up inside.

"Oh my God," Donna screamed in shock as the inside of her cunt felt like it had exploded when the chilled champagne began effervescing inside her. Coupled with the feeling of having both her holes fucked simultaneously, the bubbling champagne inside her pussy sent Donna over the edge and her entire body began to twitch and shiver as she climaxed. Kitty slid the slender neck of the bottle in and out of Donna's cunt while Red continued to stretch her ass hole as he thrust his cock into her. "Holy shit," Donna gasped, "fuck my holes, fuck me." Seeing the bubbly seep out of Donna's pussy, Kitty did what seemed only natural: she removed the bottle and began to lap up the champagne as it escaped her tunnel. "Oh that's nice Kitty," Donna groaned, "eat me Kitty...lick my fucking pussy."
Kitty, never thinking that she was also eating her own son's semen, literally drank every drop of the champagne she could capture with her tongue.

Kitty's tongue on her clit sent Donna over the edge again, and the sensation of her ass squeezing his cock caused Red start pumping her ass full of his hot sperm. "Holy shit," Donna moaned as Red's cock erupted in her ass hole, stretching her hole even more with his heated fluid. Kitty, champagne dripping from her chin, nibbled on Donna's prominent clit while Donna's huge tit bags flopped against the sides of her chest. Donna writhed on top of Red as her body climaxed again and again. When the shudders finally subsided, Donna rolled off of Red feeling his snake slip out of her widened ass hole, and dreamily declared, I think I better get back to Eric...thanks."

As she left the Foreman's room after drinking all their little tiny liquor bottles, dragging Eric's shirt behind her, she thought to herself, "Now where is our room...I turn to the right, right? Yeah, right." Turning to the right (which was, of course, the wrong direction) she opened the first door she came to and entered an almost entirely dark room. "Didn't we have all the lights on," she wondered... "Oh well, Eric is probably pissed I took so long."

All her eyes were able to make out was a prone figure on the bed with an obvious hard-on. What she didn't know was that she had mistakenly entered the room occupied by Fez and Caroline. Earlier in the evening when Fez and Caroline had entered their room; sweet, supposedly shy Caroline, feeling the effects of Hyde's weed and all the beer, had drank several of the bottles from the mini-fridge and her temperament had changed. She had become the aggressor and revealed she had made some plans for the night. She ordered Fez to get undressed while she went into the bathroom to change. Caroline had brought a brown paper bag containing her change of clothes and some surprises.

Fez had shucked his clothes in record time and when Caroline emerged from the bathroom, his erection throbbed at the sight. Caroline was his wet dreams come true: she was wearing a completely transparent short white nightie which barely covered the swell of her ass cheeks. He could make out a tiny pair of bikini panties underneath which themselves were so thin that he could see the shadow of her blond pubic hair. No bra covered her wonderful 36 B breasts as her nipples poked through the nightie's thin material. She took one look at the naked Fez and her lower jaw dropped as she saw his cock waving in front of him: it was enormous. Fez's penis was at least twelve inches in length and looked like a coke bottle sticking out from his thighs. The crown was like a big purple plum staring at her.

When she regained her composure, she instructed Fez to go lay on the bed and she followed him carrying the paper bag. As he lay back on the bed, his huge cock laying on his stomach like a third arm, Caroline sat down beside him and asked innocently, "You trust me don't you Fez?"

Fez, convinced his chance to finally "do it" depended on the right answer, replied, "Of course, my beauty." Out of the bag, Caroline produced several men's neckties. Fez had a quizzical look on his face as Caroline began to methodically tie his hands and feet to the four corners of the bed with the neckties until he was secured spread-eagle. He probably would have been at least slightly worried if he had not been distracted by her near-nudity, and all the blood rushing to his groin. When she was convinced that Fez was almost completely immobilized, Caroline hopped onto the bed and stood on the mattress straddling his body so that when he looked up he was staring straight up her crotch. "You are so beautiful Caroline," Fez assured her as he looked up her creamy smooth legs at the thin material of her white panties. Her body began to sway as she reached up and slid the nightie off her milky shoulders, letting it slip down her body and pool on top of Fez. She lifted one foot and kicked it off the bed, as her hands caressed and played with her firm breasts.

Fez thought his cock was going to explode as he watched the erotic sight above him. Caroline jumped down off the bed, stood beside the bed, and slowly lowered her skimpy panties down her long legs. There was just a trace of fine hair covering her puffy lips which were already glistening with moisture. Fez started to speak, "Oh Caroline, I can not wait...," but Caroline put her finger to her lips motioning for quiet. She leaned over him, trailed her panties all around his face allowing him to inhale her scent, and then stuffed them into his mouth. She then produced another tie which she tied around Fez' head, securing the panties and serving as a gag. Reaching up to her blond tresses, she removed an elastic hair tie which she doubled-up and smoothed down the length of Fez's giant cock until it was secured at the base, just above his scrotum. Suddenly she got a strange look on her face and bolted to the bathroom, leaving Fez ready to erupt. When she didn't return, Fez could only guess what happened, not knowing that the alcohol finally caught up to her and she had vomited in the toilet, wrapped a towel around herself, and curled up in the tub to sleep.

Between the weed and the alcohol, Donna's eyes were having enough difficulty focusing, and the darkened room only compounded the problem. She could see Eric moving about on the bed like he was having a bad dream, and just assumed he was pouting for being left alone for so long. Fez was cursing and screaming, trying to be heard through the gag Caroline had tied around his head. Donna just accepted that Eric was angrily muttering under his breath, but what she was really hearing was Fez attempting to scream, "Get back in here you crazy bitch...where the hell are you." He sensed Donna in the room, assumed it was Caroline and began to thrash against his restraints and yell into the gag.

Donna squinting to see, reached out, felt Fez' stomach and ran her hand down to his penis (still assuming it was Eric) and reassured him, "OK Eric, I know you're mad, but you just lay still and let your Princess Leia make it all, my, you are excited...I never realized how big your light saber could get." Fez, hearing Donna's voice and feeling her hand wrap around his cock, quickly stopped screaming and decided to take full advantage of the mistaken identity. He had always dreamed about "doing it" with the beautiful redhead...she had the finest set of boobies of anyone he knew. She dropped Eric's shirt on the floor and climbed on the bed to straddle her man. Fez could now smell her distinctive shampoo and he knew it was indeed Donna; many times he had stood behind her as she sat on the sofa in the Foreman basement and breathed in the scent of her hair. As Donna straddled his waist, she was reminded how sore her ass was from Red's reaming, and when she raised up on her knees, she once again was astounded by the sudden growth of Eric's (Fez') cock.

Fez was so excited that he thought he was going to blow his load before he even entered Donna, but suddenly realized that with the hair-tie secured around the base of his prick; ejaculation was almost impossible. He mentally thanked Caroline because his erection would now last indefinitely. Donna raised way up on her knees, grasped Eric's suddenly huge cock in her hand and began to wedge it between her long fleshy pussy lips. Fez huge crown spread her slit wide as Donna began to sit down, "holy shit Eric, your cock has never felt better." As the monster cock stretched her cunt to new limits, Donna slowly and carefully impaled herself on what she thought was her boyfriend's pole. When she was finally sitting on his lap, Donna groaned, "oh my God Eric...we have to fuck more often...I never realized how amazing your cock was." She began to rock back and forth, enjoying the feeling of her pussy being stuffed with cock. If she could have seen Fez, she would have seen the biggest grin since the Cheshire Cat.

She began to rise up and down, Fez' horse-cock sliding in and out of her stretching pussy. Fez mirrored her actions and started to thrust up into her cunt with all the force his restraints would allow. Donna was in heaven and never questioned why Eric didn't grab her tits or at least talk dirty to her...she was content with the fucking of her life. Fez strained his eyes and could just make out her massive tits flopping up and down and slapping against her chest. As his giant pole continued to piston in and out of her juicy hole, Donna was astounded by Eric's stamina; usually he shot his load rather quickly. She reached up and began to knead her own tits, pinching and pulling her nipples vigorously, moaning, "Fuck me baby...fuck my little pussy."

* * *

Kelso, shirking his waiter's duties, had decided to play a prank on his little buddy Fez and burst into his room while he was trying to seduce Caroline. Kelso knew exactly what Fez would say: "Kelso, you son of a bitch," and he couldn't wait to hear it. Maybe he would even catch a glimpse of that cute little blond's body. Kelso had gotten the room number from the maitre d', but when his hand touched the doorknob, he heard the distinctive sounds of passion inside and decided to sneak in. Upon entering, Kelso tiptoed over to the bed and when he got close enough he could just barely make out the outline of two bodies making love. Deciding his buddy wouldn't mind sharing his good fortune, Kelso swiftly lost all his clothes and began to climb onto the bed.

Both Donna and Fez felt someone else join them on the bed and Donna, even in her dazed condition, yelled out, "What the hell." Kelso realizing whose voice that was, even in the dark, assumed the maitre d' had given him the wrong room number, and decided to see how far he could get.

He figured Eric would tell him to go to hell, but when not a sound emanated from Donna's partner, Kelso took it as a sign of approval and he announced, "Hey Donna do you mind if I join you guys."

Donna was in pure ecstasy from the huge cock buried inside her cunt, and since Eric had not uttered a word of protest, she just muttered an inebriated, "Guess not," even though it was the almost loathsome Kelso.

Kelso crawled up behind Donna's perfect ass cheeks with his average seven inch penis in his hand, but instead of sliding it into her already lubricated ass hole, he pushed Donna down onto Eric's chest (actually Fez, of course), and began to try to wedge it into her sopping cunt along side the one already penetrating her, announcing, "I saw this in that porn flick we went to see...the chick really seemed to like it." If Donna had been sober, she probably would have punched Kelso in the face, but she had already experienced several orgasms with Eric's suddenly massive cock inside her and decided to go with the flow. Fez slowly withdrew his monster part way, allowing Kelso to gain entry, and then they both pushed into Donna's widened cunt hole.

"Oh my fucking God," she shrieked as her pussy was stretched beyond belief by the two invading cocks. Every nerve ending inside her cunt was being stimulated as they simultaneously began to fuck her. Fez was in heaven as he felt her huge tits flattening out against his chest and his cock buried deep inside her belly. "Fuck me...fuck me you bastards...fuck my fucking cunt," Donna screamed as they slammed their cocks in and out of her pussy, stretching it farther with every thrust. Neither Fez or Kelso even gave a second thought that their cocks were rubbing together; all they thought about was that they were fucking the gorgeous Donna...their cocks were buried to the hilt in the big-titted bitch who had always rejected them. Donna was having so many orgasms that her breathing became shallow and her whole body was one big spasm as she gasped, "oh my God...oh my God...oh my God." The only regret Fez had was that Caroline had tied his hands and he could not reach up and squeeze those huge tits.

Even with the elastic around his tool, Fez was so incredibly turned on by fucking Donna that his monstrously large cock literally began to flood her cunt with his semen, his prick jerking violently. When Kelso felt Fez' penis expand against his, making Donna's stretched out hole seem even smaller, he too began to pump her full of his seed. The sensation of her already completely stuffed cunt being stretched even farther by their ejaculations nearly drove Donna insane and she screamed at the top of her voice, "shoot your fucking cum in me...fill my pussy...jams those fucking cocks in me harder...come on, fuck me, fuck me harder."

* * *

Kitty, cuddling up against Red, felt something sharp poke her naked ass and after fumbling around in the dark, found an earring underneath her in bed. "Heh, heh, heh, oh Red, Donna lost one of those earrings Eric gave her for Christmas. I've got to go give it to her because she'll go nuts when she discovers it's missing."

"OK," Red agreed as he playfully slapped Kitty's ass and turned on the bedside lamp "but hurry back...Big Red is almost ready again."

"Oh Red, heh, heh, heh, you naughty boy," Kitty laughed as she threw on the almost transparent nightgown she had brought for the night and skipped out the door; almost falling as the champagne took full effect. She left the door slightly ajar so she could find her way back. Kitty felt like a deviant as she listened at each door trying to decipher which room housed her son and Donna. She even found herself checking out the maids linen closet, and did not even notice the familiar figure of Jackie passing her in the hall.

* * *

Hyde had quickly shot his load in Jackie's tiny pussy, and they had just lit up another joint when Jackie stated, "Now I have the munchies...I've got to go find Donna; she always has something to eat in her right back Stephen." He watched as Jackie slid her tight red party dress down over her naked body, not bothering with any underwear, and left the room, remembering to leave the door open just a crack so she would know which was hers. The room numbers were written in some fancy script, not just plain numerals, and in her condition, her eyes would just not focus on them.

Kitty, coming out of the linen closet had lost her bearings and decided that she could give Donna her earring back the next day so she headed back, or so she thought, to the room she shared with her husband. Trying all the doorknobs, she finally found one unlocked and ajar, assumed it was hers and went into the room. To her surprise, there in the bed, bare chested and smoking a funny looking cigarette, was Eric's friend Stephen Hyde, his lower body covered with a sheet. He was so startled by her appearance in his room that he actually gulped and swallowed the lit joint, and then began choking and coughing. Kitty rushed over to the bed, sat down beside him, and began to slap his back while reassuring him, "it's OK Stephen, remember I'm a nurse."

The immediate shock of ingesting the lighted weed quickly wore off and Hyde realized that there was really no damage done. He became aware of the nearly naked Kitty sitting so close that he could feel her heat and see her erect nipples through the thin material of her nightie. "I think I'm OK now Mrs. Foreman," Hyde informed her, becoming increasingly aroused by the housewife.

"Yes, I think you are Stephen," she responded, "how many times have I warned you kids about the dangers of smoking. And remember, it's Kitty," she reminded him. Last year when he was getting ready for the school dance and wanted to impress Jackie, he had shyly asked Kitty for dance lessons, and they had developed a special relationship during their many days of practice. Kitty had grown quite fond of the "bad boy" of the gang and Hyde had grown an erection on more than one occasion when they were "slow dancing." "Heh, heh, heh," Kitty cackled in her trademark laugh, "as matter of fact I think you are especially glad to see me," as she stared at the tent his penis was now making under the sheet. The champagne exerted its effect and Kitty slowly slid her hand under the sheet and wrapped her fingers around Hyde's shaft. "Oh my Stephen, I think we'll have to do something about this," Kitty seductively informed him as she pulled the sheet away with her other hand.

"Oh Kitty, that's nice," Hyde admitted as she began to stroke his cock. She leaned over and began to lick the crown like the ice cream on the top of a cone, and Hyde reached up under her nightgown and gently fondled her still impressively firm breasts. Kitty released his rod and when he began to protest, she put her finger to her lip indicating silence, pulled her nightie up and off over her head and climbed onto his lap. She straddled his body, facing him, so that her legs were fully extended behind him, sitting on his legs as they extended behind her. Inching her way up his legs by digging her heels into the bed behind him, she was soon face to face with the teenager. Hyde reached out with both hands and caressed and kneaded her C cup breasts, leaning down to tongue them and suck on her hard nipples. Kitty reached down and spread her pussy lips apart with one hand, aimed his erection with the other, and proceeded to crawl forward taking his cock inside her.

Hyde looked down and watched his cock disappear inside Kitty's cunt, her dirty-blond bush and his brown pubic hair merging as one. Her cunt felt like a furnace, it was so hot and wet and he penetrated her easily. "Holy crap your cunt feels good," Hyde moaned as Kitty sat on the entire length of his prick. Their bodies were now together and Kitty reached out with both arms, put them around Hyde's back and hugged him close. Hyde did the same, loving the feeling of Kitty's tits squashed against his chest. Neither moved for several minutes, both just enjoying the sensation of Hyde's cock buried inside Kitty's pussy. They slowly began to rock back and forth, Hyde's cock sliding in and out of Kitty while her breasts acted like a cushion between them. They increased their speed as each fucked the other; Hyde's cock thrusting in and out of Kitty's cunt until their groins were slapping against each other. "Oh just like that...fuck me Stephen," Kitty urged him.

He had already screwed Jackie, so Hyde lasted a little longer than he expected, but when he was ready, he hugged Kitty tight against him and began to pump her hole full of his hot seed. "Oh yes Stephen...fill me up...fuck me hard," Kitty encouraged when she felt him erupt inside her, his cock twitching and jerking deep inside her pussy. While he was cumming inside her, Kitty kissed her young lover hard, their tongues entangled.

* * *

It seemed to Jackie that she must be walking in circles because she was having no luck finding Donna. Actually feeling a little dizzy from the alcohol and the latest joint, when she finally found a door ajar, she assumed it was her own and gratefully went inside. She was in shocked silence when, there laying in the bed stroking what looked like a third leg, was a very naked Red Foreman. Hearing the door close, Red stated, "I'm all ready for you, my little Valentine." Then, looking up and seeing Jackie, he continued, "what the hell...what are you doing here," but he never stopped fondling his log.

"Uhh, uhh," stuttered a shocked Jackie, "uhh, I forget...I was looking for something...I think." Seeing the petite waif standing there in her skintight dress made Red remember the time she and Donna had been in their bathing suits, sunning themselves in the Foreman driveway. He had been convinced they were just doing it to tease the boys, but he had been turned on also. He had watched from the kitchen window as they displayed their nubile teenage bodies, and had reached down to adjust his "package" as it swelled in his pants. Jackie reminded him of the "one night stands" he had while in the Army in Korea. She was tiny like the Korean women and he and his buddies had given them the nickname "spinners," because they could set them down on their cocks and "spin" them around.

"Well, maybe I've got what you were looking for," he suggested, shaking his pole at her as she stared. Jackie had not been able to take her eyes off Red's giant cock since she came into the room and she slowly advanced toward the bed as if in a trance. Her tiny hand reached out as if it had a will of it's own and grasped his rod, her fingers only going half way around.

"It's amazing," she whispered, "I didn't know they grew that big." She could feel her juices beginning to drip down her thighs as she fondled Red's tool and she asked, "do you think it would fit inside me?"

"Well sweetheart," Red replied eagerly, "there's only one way to find why don't you lose that dress." Reluctantly she removed her hand from Red and swiftly pulled the tight dress off over her head, revealing her complete nudity. "Doesn't anyone wear underwear anymore," Red thought to himself as her tiny pale white body came into view. Her little tits were the perfect handful as Red grasped them and tweaked her unbelievably long nipples. "You have nice little titties," Red complimented her as his rough hands caressed them like sandpaper. He had swung his legs over the side of the bed and reached between her slender legs to cup her mound. He loved the natural gap between her thighs and the wispy dark bush covering her puffy lips. Red confirmed that she was already sopping wet when he parted her slit and slipped one of his meaty fingers inside her pussy. It was a struggle to add a second finger and Red knew that it was probably going to be a little painful for both of them when he stuffed his cock in her; he just wished Kitty would hurry up and return so they could share this little morsel.

Red ran his hands up and down her entire body, from her knees to her shoulders, marveling at the softness and smoothness of her young skin. He took first one whole tit into his mouth, and then the other, playing with the long nipples with his tongue, and then biting gently as they grew even longer. He was used to Kitty's ample breasts, but had to admit that Jackie's cute little body was incredibly exciting. He marveled at how tiny she was as he reached around her and cupped her firm ass cheeks. She surprised him by dropping to her knees in front of him, grasping his pole with both hands and bringing it down to her face. It resembled a baseball bat with her petite hands trying to encircle it as she stuck out her tongue and lapped at the slit. She attempted to surround his purple head with her lips, but there was no way his tangerine crown was going to fit in her mouth, so she just continued to lick it. Red was trying to figure out which position would be the best way to fuck her when she said, "usually Stephen does me doggie-style."

"Yes, that would work, but I have something else in mind, I want to see that cute little face," Red answered and began to help her up on the bed; a long strand of his pre-cum stretching from his slit to her lips. She was so adorable as she licked her lips clean that Red gave her perfect ass a little slap, and she giggled in response. He Instructed Jackie to lay on her back while he piled two pillows under her ass to raise her up for a better angle of penetration; Red wanted to be sure he could get every inch inside her. Jackie spread her legs as far as she could, her heels hanging over each side of the bed as Red crawled between them. She was spread so wide that he could make out the vivid pink of her cunt as her slit parted. Just for contrast, Red laid his log on Jackie's stomach and it stretched past her belly-button. If she had been sober, Jackie probably would have been afraid, but as it was, her body shivered in anticipation of Red's enormous cock penetrating her.

With the pillows in place, Jackie was at the perfect height for penetration and Red could feel his penis throb with desire. He hooked both thumbs inside her plump lips and spread them wide as he positioned his crown in her slit, her juices providing plenty of lubrication. He began to push forcefully forward as his huge head met with resistance, her pussy lips stretching to their extreme to permit entry. Red looked at her face and saw that her eyes were closed and she was gritting her teeth as his monster forced its way inside her. He gave a quick little lunge, and his crown plowed through her opening and into her cunt. "Holy crap," she exclaimed as he paused for her to get used to the intrusion. Now that the head was in, Red knew she could take the rest and he began to slowly push into her. He grasped her waist in his hands and he was astonished at how tiny she really was when they almost went all the way around. With her ass raised, Red could push straight into her tunnel and he continued to push forward, her tiny hole protesting, but expanding.

When he was about half way inside her, Red paused to enjoy the sensation. Her cunt was so tight it felt as if someone had wrapped a blood-pressure sleeve around his log and inflated it. Red was understandably excited as he marveled at her incredible little body and he suddenly tightened his grip on her waist and pulled her down as he thrust up. The entire length of his gigantic cock jammed up inside her tiny pussy, stretching every inch of her cunt. He could actually see her stomach distend as she screamed, "holy fucking crap," and her whole body went into a spasm. Her legs shot straight out and she quivered and shook as she experienced the most massive orgasm of her young life. Red could feel her cunt muscles contract and release repeatedly as her fluids coated his rod. Not wanting her climax to subside, Red began to violently pinch her incredible nipples.

When it seemed she was beginning to relax, Red very slowly started to withdraw his monster from her hole and then just as slowly, inch by agonizing inch, to penetrate her again. After employing this rhythm several times, Red surprised her by forcefully slamming his giant cock up into her pussy. He continued to aggressively jam his huge log in and out of her hole, fucking her fast and hard. She looked down between her legs at his cock driving into her and it looked like a tree trunk fucking her. "Oh my fucking God, Red, "Jackie shrieked, "fuck me hard..fuck me...fuck me...fuck me...jam your fucking cock in me." Red grasped her ankles in his hands, spread her legs as wide as they would go and began to slam his cock into her pussy as hard as he could; grinding his pubic bone against hers with each thrust. She was so tiny in his hands it was like he was fucking a rag-doll as her ass sunk into the pillows. Jackie's legs looked like a giant wishbone as Red plowed his monster in and out of her cunt. He was fucking her so fiercely that a white froth was now coating his cock.

He held her legs out wide and stared at their groins, entranced by the sight of her puffy lips gripping his pole as he withdrew, only to be forced back inside her when he thrust forward. The spectacle of her hole stretching around his massive tool was incredibly erotic and they both found themselves wondering how that much cock was possibly fitting inside her tiny cunt. "Oh my God," Jackie begged, "fill my fucking cunt Red...split me apart...jam that fucking cock in me. Red loved to hear her talk dirty, and he began fucking her so hard that the head of the bed rattled against the wall. Jackie's body was wracked with another orgasm and when Red felt her pussy muscles contract around him, he shoved his cock as far as it would go, ground his pelvis against her clit, and emptied his balls deep inside her belly. He let go of her legs, grabbed her slim waist again and held her tight against him so that every drop of his seed shot deep inside her cunt.

Everyone eventually found their way back to their respective rooms and mates, and they all agreed that it was a Valentines Day they would never forget.

(Thank you for reading my story.As always I appreciate any comments or suggestions. If you enjoyed it, please let me know...that is what keeps me writing. [email protected])


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