70's Show: Unaired Episode - Fez Loses It (Finally?)
by Dave ([email protected])

The gang had gathered as usual in the Foreman's basement, all except Donna.
Eric, Hyde, and Fez where sitting watching Kelso and Jackie. Jackie was
sitting half on Kelso lap and half turned on a chair. Kelso had the joint
in one hand and two fingers in Jackie's snatch with the other.

"How great is this?" thought Kelso, "A great smoke and a dripping pussy and
those morons don't even suspect a thing."

"He's doing it again," thought Eric, "Right in front of us."

"That's one tight sounding pussy," thought Hyde as Kelso's fingers drove in
and out of Jackie's tiny mound.

"Pass the joint stupid," thought Fez.

Jackie was horny when she had arrived, but after a few tokes and a
finger-bang she was a giggling mess.

"Its cold in here," said Kelso, "I'm just going to get a blanket from your
room Eric."

He tried to signal Jackie to follow him but she missed it as she was to busy
staring at the growing bulge in Hyde's pants.

Kelso entered Eric's room and waited for Jackie, after a minute or so he
looked out Eric's window just in time to see Midge remove her top.

Over at the Pinciotti's Midge was slowly stripping for her husband of many
years, she had screwed around a bit but he was still the only man who could
truly satisfy her. His 12 inches of meat had a veined thickness that touched
her like no-one else ever had.

Bob sat in a chair on the other side of the room watching Midge strip. She
still turned him on as much as she had the first time 18 years earlier. She
was, at 36, a full bodied perfect woman her tits had hardly sagged at all
and her belly was still firm and flat. She was the only woman he had ever
had and didn't realise that her ability to swallow his cock to the balls and
take it all the way up the arse was unusual. He just knew he loved fucking
her. He glanced out the window and saw the outline of someone in Eric's

"Right," he thought, "if that little pervert wants to watch, I'll show him
what fucking is all about."

Bob walked over to Midge who was naked by now and dropped his cock out of
his pants it almost reached his knee and then rose like a python and aimed
itself at her. She bent over and caressed it then dropped to her knees and
swallowed it whole in one motion. Bob turned slightly so he was in profile
to the window.

* * *

Kelso watched Midge undress thinking this was his lucky night she was naked
and bent over her pussy clearly visible. It was slightly parted and a drop
of moisture was glinting on it.

Jackie walked into the room and saw Kelso at the window she was just about
to start yelling at him when Bob dropped out his cock and she stopped and
stared at it across the fence line. Her mouth had stuck open and she could
not speak as Midge swallowed Bob's cock like a magician.

Kelso's hand worked its way down Jackie's back and into her panties, he
flipped her skirt up onto her back lowered her panties and stuck three
fingers straight in her pussy and started driving them in and out never
taking his eyes of the scene in front of them.

Jackie leaned forward slightly spread her legs and squatted on Kelso's hand
her eyes glued to Bob's enormous cock.

* * *

Eric, Hyde and Fez made there way slowly up the stairs figuring they had
given Jackie and Kelso enough time to get fucking and anxious to catch them
at it and BURN them. Eric opened the door to his room slowly and the entered
only to see Kelso and Jackie at the window, Jackie's arse was glowing in the
moonlight and Kelso's fingers where steadily pumping in and out of her tight
nearly hairless pussy. Eric and Hyde's hands rose as one to clamp Fez's mouth

They walked over behind the silent couple and admired Jackies arse, it was
small and firm her butt-hole was winking at them as Kelso pumped her pussy
and the juices where flowing down her legs.

Fez squatted down in front of Jackie for a closer view, Hyde and Eric dropped
out their cocks and started stroking them, watching.

Kelso opened his fly and pulled out his own 8 inch weapon and started
caressing himself nearly taking out Fez's eye. He started to remove his
other hand from Jackie's pussy and Hyde stepped forward and drove his
cock straight into the vacant hole. Fez stuck out his tongue and started
licking on Jackie's clit as Hyde drove into her.

Neither Jackie or Kelso took their eyes of the scene next door as Bob turned
Midge around spread her pussy lips and started stroking his giant cock in and
out of her luscious pussy.

Eric, starting to feel left out, reached over and started rubbing Jackie's
arsehole. He slipped a finger moistened by the surrounding juices in and out
in time with Hyde's strokes.

Fez meanwhile had been watching Kelso's cock with growing interest. He had
been sucking his own for a while. His gymnastics training paying of big time,
but this was something new. He opened his mouth and started sucking gently
rubbing his tongue around the head the way he enjoyed himself.

"OH, JACKIE!" cried Kelso.

"OH, MICHAEL!" moaned Jackie.

"Oh shit!" thought Hyde as he unloaded a massive wad into Jackie's sodden

"Oh, yeah!" thought Eric as he pushed Hyde out the way and drove his 7 inches
into Jackie's arsehole.

"MMMMH!" thought Fez as Kelso's cock drove deeper into his throat.

* * *

Midge thought Bob was even more excited than she had ever seen him as he
drove into her pussy he seemed more alive and harder as he fingered her arse
but why wasn't he looking at her, was he thinking about another woman. She
braced herself as he entered her anus fingering her clit and worrying that
maybe Bob was getting bored with her.

"Why is he looking up at Eric's room?" she thought. "Is he fanticising about
fucking Eric while he's fucking me?"

* * *

Hyde pulled his pants up and watched as Eric went to town on Jackie's arse.

"Nice move, Foreman," he thought.

Fez had moved back to Jackie's pussy not enjoying the cock of another man as
much as he enjoyed his own and he started to get ready to fuck Jackie.

"Finally!" he thought, "It is Fez's Turn NO MORE Virgin FEZ!"

Eric gave a final thrust and emptied into Jackie just as Bob emptied into
Midge. Fez got up and moved around behind Jackie, his 6 inches at the ready,
her pussy wet and waiting.

* * *

"I know what your thinking you pervert!" Midge yelled at Bob just as he
started coming. She leapt forward, Bob's cock sprung from her tight arse and
started spraying the room like a fire hose. She pointed at Eric's window.
"You where thinking of the Foreman Boy all the time you where in me!"

* * *

Kelso and Jackie saw Midge point straight at them. Kelso reached around and
pulled Jackie's skirt down and tucked his cock in. Eric and Hyde grabbed
Fez, clamped their hands over his mouth and dragged him down behind the bed.
Jackie looked at Kelso dreamily, Kelso looked at Jackie hornily as they ran
from the room.

"That was amazing, Micheal," said Jackie.

"That was the best blow-job ever," said Kelso, the grass and their basic
stupidity blinding them to what had happened in Eric's room.

* * *

All this time in the backyard Donna and Laurie had been chatting. Ever since
Eric had stuck his finger in her arse while they where fucking Donna had been
thinking about anal sex, though she could never tell Eric. The only person
she could think to talk about it with was Laurie, being the town slut, she
thought she would know all about it. Donna had always been attracted to
Laurie and sometimes she thought she was only fucking Eric because he was so
like his sister and while she enjoyed his hard cock up her she enjoyed the
oral sex even more. It had gotten to the point that Eric dropped to his knees
and she was astride his face every time they where alone. Eric's technique
was good he put his tongue well inside her hole and sucked on her clit like
a baby at a nipple, swallowing her copious juices. He did seem to be spending
more time on her arsehole lately and she had not objected when he started
putting his tongue in her anal passage.

"Laurie," said Donna, "have you ever done anal?"

Laurie was shocked she knew Donna and her brother where fucking regularly but
had never talked to Donna about anything much.

"Sorry to be so blunt," said Donna, "but I didn't know who else to ask."

Laurie felt a thrill deep in her cunt, the big red head had always turned her
on. "Well," said Laurie, "you better describe what happened."

Donna plunged straight in. "Eric and I where fucking one night, he had licked
me out for a while, he's really good at oral sex, his tongue is nearly as
long as his cock. He had been giving my clit a real work out sticking his
tongue deep inside and sucking my juices when he moved around and started
licking my arsehole putting his tongue deep deep inside it felt great and I
started cumming all over his face. He spun me round and plunged his cock deep
in my cunt really giving me a pounding, I could feel my pussy spasming and
grabbing his cock when he suddenly stuck his finger in my arse. He says he
saw it in a movie and thought I might like it. Well, it was such a shock I
yelled at him and now I can't think of anything else. So is it really painful
or what?" asked Donna.

Laurie was in shock, she had never been so turned on in her whole life she
had been rubbing her pussy and nipples all through Donna's story. She reached
over and stroked Donna's tits as she thought about what to say. Donna found
herself responding to Laurie's touch and returned the stroke. They looked at
each other and their lips met tongues deep in each others mouth their hands
continued stroking each other slowly working their hands under each others
tops and caressing nipples Laurie stuck her head down under Donna's loose top
and started sucking on her nipples. Donna reached over and started rubbing
lauries pussy through her tight shorts. She could feel how wet the other girl
was and unbuttoned her shorts Laurie did the same and soon both there pussies
were exposed to the open air. The fact they where out in the open didn't
occur to them and they dropped into a 69 lapping at each others cunts like
there was no tomorrow.

If Donna thought Eric gave good head he was an amateur compared to Laurie.
Her technique left Eric in the shade. Her tongue roamed around the nooks and
crannies of her lower body and suddenly there was a finger in her arse, then
2 then 2 fingers in her pussy as well and a tongue Donna orgasmed like she
never had before. They got up after a while soaked in sweat and delirious.

"Does that answer your question?" said Laurie.

* * *

Up in the Foreman's bedroom Nurse Kitty removed the enema tube from Red's
arse. He was standing wearing his army tunic hat and boots staring out the
window. He had the biggest erection Kitty had ever seen. She dropped to her
knees and struggled to swallow the huge engorged organ. Red shot a load
straight down her throat, she never even tasted it. He then picked her up
put her on her hands and knees on the bed and thrust his tongue straight in
her arse.

"OH, RED!" squealed Kitty, "You've never done that before!"

Before she had time to think, she was impaled. Her arse full to the brim
with cock. Red put his arms around her and lifted her up in the air her legs
failed wildly as she was driven even harder onto Red's cock. Red headed for
the wall of the bedroom and Kitty put her hands out before her. Her feet
never touched the floor and she orgasmed so violently a squirt of cum
splashed on the wall then she fainted. Red never slowed down spinning her on
his cock like a rag doll she dropped to the floor and Red stuck his cock into
her open unconscious mouth and unloaded again.

* * *

Eric, Hyde and Fez where back in the basement toking up again and not saying
much. When Kelso and Jackie returned, Jackie had ditched her cum soaked
panties in the kitchen rubbish bin and sat down next to Kelso her legs
crossed demurely. She had been thinking on the way down about what had just
happened and something seemed wrong, something had felt different but she
just couldn't place it. Kelso just knew he had had a great head job seen a
fine naked Midge get fucked and wanted some more. The joint worked its way

Donna arrived looking disheveled and anxious.

"What happened to you? asked Eric.

"What... what do you mean?" asked a slightly panicked Donna.

"Your all grassy and wet," said Eric.

"Oh, that! I slipped over," said Donna.

"Oh, where does it hurt?" said Eric walking over to the love of his life.

"Is it your knee?" he caressed her leg, "or maybe you landed on your tushy,"
his hand rubbed her firm round arse.

"Yes, that's it!" moaned Donna. "I fell on my rear, just rub it some more,"
she whispered.

Eric and Donna where in a world of their own as he caressed her lovely round

Hyde quietly handed her the joint and she took a good long pull. Jackie
watched Hyde as he moved across the room and a thought slowly dawned, how
had Micheal been fucking her when he was standing NEXT to her looking out
the window. She looked at Hyde and Fez and they looked back and nodded.

Her legs spread a little as the thought of what must have happened dawned on

Kelso felt her start to squirm next to him and thought, "YES, she's ready for
some more!"

Hyde got up and went over to his room, he got a couple of beer's from his
stash opened one, had a big sip and half filled the can with vodka. He had
had an idea. He took the beers back out and handed them around giving Kelso
the vodka beer. Kelso always a cheap drunk drank it straight down without

Eric and Donna drank and smoked some more. Eric continuing his search for
sore spots on Donna's large firm body.

Fez was confused. He couldn't watch both couples at once. Kelso was fingering
Jackie again and she seemed to be moving to let it be seen. Eric and Donna
had moved from stoke to pet to foreplay without noticing the audience.

Laurie let her self in to the basement and took it all in with a glance. She
may not have been smart, but she knew sex when she smelt it.

Hyde kept the beer coming, giving Kelso another big hit of vodka. Then sat

Laurie squeezed between Fez and Hyde managing to stroke both their cocks as
she did so.

Jackie was ready to explode with passion and started stroking Kelso's cock
through his jeans staring at Laurie as she did so, Laurie responded by
stroking both Fez and Hyde and blowing a kiss at Jackie.

Fez and Hyde started stroking Lauries tits and rubbing her pussy, she spread
her legs to give them better access to it Kelso watched Laurie being mauled
by his two friends but the grass and Vodka and hand full of Jackie stopped
him saying anything.

"This could be great," he thought as he felt his fly being undone.

Laurie responded to the challenge and unzipped Fez and Hyde pulling out their
cocks she spit on her hands and started stoking them both into action.

Jackie fumbled with Kelso's tool but not much seemed to be happening, the
vodka had started to work and Kelso slumped to the floor cock out and asleep.
Jackie crawled over to Hyde, Laurie and Fez and slipped her mouth over Hyde's
cock. Her arse up in the air little skirt not even close to covering it.
Laurie lifted her top to give Fez access to her tits and he started nuzzling
them, while keeping one finger rubbing her pussy. Hyde reached around and
stuck a finger in Jackie's dripping snatch the another in her tight arsehole,
all the while rubbing Lauries pussy and arse with his other hand
and watching Jackies head bob up and down on his cock.

Laurie lent over and started giving Fez head, long slow luxurious strokes and
generous tongue work around the head. After a minute or so her back stared to
hurt so he disengaged Hyde and Fez's fingers and got on the floor next to
Jackie. Their heads started working in synch on the two cocks in front of
them and they kept glancing at each other comparing techniques and trying to
top each other.

Donna and Eric saw and heard nothing of this they where wrapped up in their
own world of pleasure and still half clothed 69ing away on the other side of
the room pants around knees struggling slightly but doing a damn fine job all
the same.

Laurie and Jackie had started fondling each other while they worked the
cocks and when Fez blew down Jackies throat she moved behind Laurie and
started poking around her cunt moving Hyde's hand out of the way but not
before sucking on his fingers. She liked what she tasted and headed for
the source tearing the last of Jackies short shorts out the way and
plunging tongue first into her pussy. Laurie squirmed back onto the
tongue behind her. Fez watched for a moment and moved around behind
Jackie, he lined his cock up with the dripping snatch in front of him,
finally Fez was going to fuck someone. FINALLY he was getting into the
sweet dripping pussy he had longed for so much. He grabbed his cock, his
soft limp cock.

"NO!" screamed Fez.

Every head in the room snapped around to look at him. Eric his cock deep in
Donna's cunt, Donna ankles behind her ears, Hyde his cock snatched from
Laurie's throat, and Jackie her face coated in Lauries juices.

"WHAT!?" they all thought.

Eric pulled out his cock and pulled up his pants, Donna stood up and
straightened her clothes they held hands and ran for Eric's bedroom.

Hyde picked up Jackie in one arm and Laurie in the other and carried them
to his room.

Fez was, in a matter of moments, alone in the basement with only a sleeping
Kelso for company.

* * *

Midge and Bob where in the kitchen fighting. As usual Bob had no idea what
was happening and Midge had no idea. She just knew she was angry and it was
Bob's fault. She pulled her robe around her and stormed out of the kitchen

"I'm going to see Kitty," Midge screamed "and tell her about the pervert that
I'm married to!"

Midge walked straight over to the Foreman's. The kitchen door was unlocked
as usual, Red was in the kitchen smelling a pair of panties he had just found
sitting on top of the bin he was still wearing his uniform top and had a
towel wrapped around his waist.

"Where's Kitty?" Midge asked.

"Sleeping," said Red. "She's tired very, very tired."

"Can I talk to you then, Red?" asked Midge, "Its very Important."

Red always the gentleman when half naked buxom ladies called, particularly
one smelling of sex and cum on their lips, pulled out the kitchen chairs and
helped Midge sit down. He sat down opposite her, Jackie's panties still in
his hand.

"What are those?" asked Midge.

Red held up the tiny juice soaked panties and Midge leaned over to look at

"Well they can't be Kitty's or Donna's, they are way to small," said Midge.
"And Laurie and I don't wear panties, so they must be Jackie's."

Midge's tits had swung into view when she leaned over, so Red nearly missed
the last piece of information. "How would you know that?" said Red.

"I read detective novels," said Midge.

"About Laurie's panties," said Red shaking his head.

"Well," said Midge, "when she was 13 she had a problem and she didn't feel
she could talk to Kitty about it, so I gave her some advice."

"What problem?" said Red.

"She had lost 20 pairs of panties in a month and Kitty was getting annoyed,"
said Midge.

"Lost?" said Red.

"Well, they had probably been stolen by the boys as souveniers," said Midge.

"So you told my daughter, when she was 13 year old, to stop wearing panties,"
said Red.

"Well, she sure wasn't going to stop fucking," said Midge. "The stories that
little girl told me. OOHHH, just thinking about the positions, the men, the
strange places she had done it and what she put where. Its making me feel all

Midge had started rubbing her nipples and fingering her cunt as she told Red
in detail about an orgy Laurie had described where she had been coated in
oil, her hands and legs bound together up in the air and sliding round on
her back being used like a human pinball, bouncing off 20 cocks circling her
on a sheet of plastic. Her cunt and arse and mouth all gaping open and being
filled and slid, in the end she was coated in cum and oil and spent half an
hour rubbing it into her skin until she had glowed, she said her skin had
never felt so soft that she reccomended it as a daily skin care.

"But Bob would never cum into a cup for me, so I could save up enough to try
it," complaned Midge.

Red was speechless but hornier that even earlier, he lifted Midge up onto
the table dropped his towel and spreading Midge wide plunged his cock in and
started driving her, Midge who had worked herself up remebering Laurie's
story lay back and enjoyed the feel of a new cock. it wasn't as big a Bob's,
but it sure felt great.

Red buried his face in Midge's tits and Midge buried her face in Jackie's
panties they did not even notice Eric and Donna run through the room.

* * *

The door to Eric's room slammed behind them as he and Donna dived for the
bed Donna stripping off her clothes and kneeled on the bed her glorious arse
sticking up in the air she looked back over her shoulder demurley and said
to Eric the words he had been longing to hear.

"Stick you big cock up my arse, Eric. Spread that tight brown fucker and jam
it in there, all of it. I want it hard I want it rough and I want it NOW!"
she commanded.

Eric always submissive to Donna's commands line up his cock and and rode.

* * *

Donna's screams of ecstacy woke up Nurse Kitty, she found herself lying on
the bed nurses uniform up around her waist, her arsehole stinging and
dripping cum. She stood up straightened herself out and went to investigate
the noise that had woken her

"Maybe Laurie has one of her cramps," thought Kitty. "That girl sure gets
herself in some strange positions."

* * *

Laurie at that moment was in a strange position indeed. She was upside down
her legs wrapped around Hyde's neck licking his cock every time it emerged
from Jackies soaking snatch.

Fez had got bored sitting in basement and went up to the kitchen to look for
candy. He walked in just as Red pulled his cock out of the naked Midge's hot
pussy and drove it into her tight arse. For once he kept quiet and leaned
on the living room door to watch the show his dick started to harden.

"That would be right," he thought, "Now my little man wants to salute the

Red started grunting and moaning as he pounded Midges arse mercilessy, Bob
had usually been much gentler on her arse until tonight, but Red just acted
like an animal on heat, his hard cock and tongue where everywhere and Midge
loved every moment of it.

Kitty had tracked the noises down to Erics room and was about to open the
door when she heard Reds moan, she turned and raced downstairs but the
kitchen door wouldn't open.

"RED!" she screamed.

Red looked at the door saw Fez and motioned him violently to keep the door
shut, he pulled out of Midge wrapped the towel around his waist and raced to
the door leaning against it.

He whispered into Fez's ear for him to take Midge down to the basement and
don't forget to wipe the table with her robe and take it with you.

Fez led the dazed naked Midge to the basement, Red sat on the floor and moved
slightly to one side letting Kitty enter the kitchen. he explained how he had
slipped and hit his head on the door.

Kitty looked for what he had slipped on and saw the sodden, stained panties
on floor. She tucked them in her pocket

"Thank GOD!" she thought, "the little slut has started wearing panties again.
No wonder she loses them, she just leaves them lying anywhere."

Midge lay back on the couch in the basement, dripping fluid from every hole,
naked and cum covered.

* * *

Fez pulled out his cock. "Finally!" he thought, "Fez gets laid and with a
naked Midge."

Midge looked up just in time to see Fez's cock about to enter her dripping

"NO WAY!" said Midge grabbing her robe and wrapping it around her. "I'm all
fucked out, that Red is an animal."

Midge thought for a moment about something she had said earlier. She looked
around the basement and saw one of Kitty's Tupperware containers. She put it
on the floor and started squeezing her cunt and pussy with her powerful
internal muscles.

Cum started to ooze out of her and into the bowl. She grabbed Fez's cock and
started milking it. Fez shot a load into the bowl Midge looked at the cum
then noticed Kelso lying on the ground, cock hanging from his pants. She
picked up the bowl and walked over. It was semi-hard but not quite hard
enough. She lowered her head and started sucking.

"Jeez!" thought Fez, "He gets more action asleep than I do awake."

Midge sucked for a bit then milked Kelso cock into the bowl, picked up the
bowl wrapped her robe around her and left.

Jackie, Kelso and Laurie had moved around again and now Jackie and Laurie
69ed Laurie on top. Hyde fucking her arse so as not to disturb Jackie's
access to the surprisingly tight and pleasant pussy she was tonguing, even
the juices flowing from the hard driven arse above her just added to the
moment. Hyde blew his load deep in Laurie's arse, rolled over and went to
sleep. Laurie and Jackie worked away a but longer but the beer and smoke
caught up with them and they fell asleep still 69ed.

* * *

Kitty and Red snuggled up in bed with just the faint rythmic thumping from
somewhere in the house lulling them to sleep.

"Damn pipes!" thought Red as he fell asleep.

* * *

Eric his cock firmly in Donnas arse let loose his second load without
withdrawing Donna had orgasmed her self into uncousciousness and then sleep
several minutes earlier, Eric eased her down flat and still inside her went
to sleep on her broad back.

* * *

Midge arrived home got some pure olive oil out of the cupboard mixed it in
the bowl and put it in the fridge.

She went upstairs having, due to her goldfish like memory, forgotten all
about her fight with Bob. She snuggled up in bed and went straight to sleep.

Bob woke up and drowsily went into the kitchen for a snack.

"MMM chowder!" he thought as he wolfed down Midge's special body lotion.

* * *

Only Fez was still awake and he had still not been laid, oh he had licked
some pussy, had his cock sucked and even sucked a cock but he had still not
gotten his cock inside he was still a rotten lonely VIRGIN.

He looked over at the sleeping Kelso, his bare arse up in the air where Midge
had left him.

"CLOSE ENOUGH!" he thought.

The End

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