(In season 5, episode 13; Donna hosts a slumber party for herself, Jackie and
Annette...this is what should have happened.)

That 70's Show: The Slumber Party (FFFF,MF,oral,anal,food,squirt,first)
by shaggy77

Donna and Eric were just beginning to regain the trust of their parents after running off to California without permission during summer vacation. Donna had accompanied Kelso, much to his dismay, in a cross-country van trip to just get away from boring Point Place, Wisconsin; while Eric had gone to prove his love to his scarlet haired girlfriend. Eric's father (Red) had been ready to bury his foot up Eric's ass, but his mother (Kitty), although very upset, had recognized his quest as the most romantic gesture she had ever seen. Michael Kelso had just been dumped by his long-time girlfriend Jackie, and quickly tried to hook-up with the incredibly beautiful Annette. She was a middle-America boys dream come true: she was blond, tanned and built like the proverbial "brick-house." It was as if the Beach Boys song "California Girls" was written with her in mind.

Unbeknownst to Kelso, while he was in Malibu, Jackie had become the girlfriend of his friend Stephen Hyde; a fact they attempted to keep secret from the rest of the gang. Eric's mother, Kitty, had caught the new couple in an embrace and exclaimed, "You kids trade partners more often than square-dancers." After returning to Point Place, Kelso just assumed that Jackie would be pining for him and return to his arms, but was dismayed at the reality of the situation. After six months of failing to win Jackie back, Kelso called Annette and asked her to come for a visit; a romantic gesture she couldn't resist when he invited her to the Valentine's dance. When Annette arrived in Wisconsin, Kelso begged Donna to let her stay at the Pinciotti's home. Knowing things would be awkward, because they had not exactly been best friends in California, Donna convinced Jackie to join them for a slumber party on the first night, telling her they could make fun of Annette behind her back.

That night, Jackie and Donna dressed in ultra-conservative but totally comfortable flannel pajamas for the party, and Annette wore the only night-clothes she had brought: a sheer, white "baby-doll" set which exposed her more-than-ample cleavage and every inch of her long shapely legs. They quickly ran out of common topics of conversation until Jackie remarked that she couldn't believe the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders were adding their first red-headed cheerleader. Annette quickly scoffed, "ewwww;" and Jackie had found a new friend. They began to whisper to each other, excluding the red-headed Donna in her own home.

Suddenly Donna's "Brillo" haired father came into the living room and told Donna, "I just got a call from the police and I have to go down to the appliance store. Apparently the sprinkler system malfunctioned and water is flooding out of the store...I guess I should have listened to Red and hired a professional to install it. I'll probably be down there all night cleaning up so I called Kitty and asked her to come over so there will be an adult here."

"But Dad," Donna protested, "we're all adults...we're eighteen."

"Yeah right," Bob retorted, "the last time I left you alone, you went to California."

When Kitty came in through the kitchen door about forty minutes later, she was wearing her chenille robe over a sensible cotton nightgown and carrying a couple brown paper grocery bags. "Hi girls, heh, heh, heh," Kitty greeted them with that annoying yet somehow endearing cackle of hers, "thanks for letting me join your slumber's my first one. Since we're all adults, I brought some wine. I rushed down to the store and the man said this Boone's Farm Apple Wine is what all the kids were drinking."

"I don't drink, Mrs. Foreman," Annette informed her.

"Well that's fine dear," Kitty acknowledged, "you can just have a few sips and try it...and please everyone, call me Kitty...I'm just one of the girls tonight. Now the first thing we're going to do is close all these drapes because those naughty boys are out in our driveway being peeping-toms." Kitty and Donna retrieved some glasses and chips from the Pinciotti kitchen and then they all settled back on the sofa and chair to relax and engage in "girl talk." They talked about school a little, Donna thanked Kitty for being like a mom to her after her own mother (Midge) walked out on them, Annette told them about California, and then they focused on the major teenage girl topic: boys.

Despite "not drinking," Annette continued to sip on several glasses of wine, and all the girls were feeling rather tipsy as they discussed their likes and dislikes about the opposite sex. Donna asked Kitty how she and Red stayed so happy and Kitty readily replied, "Oh we have our share of fights, but we are just comfortable together. I won't lie...fantasy can play a big part in a relationship. You see Red as just a big, old scary bald man; but to me he is a caring wonderful husband and father. Sometimes when we're...being intimate...I imagine him as Mr. Jim Rockford; and it doesn't help that Red is hung like a horse, heh, heh, heh."

All their eyes bulged and Jackie choked on her wine at this revelation, and she asked, "Really."

Kitty held her hands about a foot apart and acknowledged, "Oh yeah, he knows how to please a gal." As the wine influenced the conversation farther, the talk grew progressively more raunchy.

Jackie asked Annette if she was really a virgin, because she had heard a lot of stories about California girls. "Oh, yes, I've never been with a man like that," Annette assured them, "of course I'm pretty athletic and, you know, a girl has to please, medically speaking, I'm not exactly intact...if you know what I mean."

"Oh sweetie, I'm a nurse so I know exactly what you mean," Kitty replied.

Jackie asked, "Mrs. Foreman...I mean Kitty...since you're experienced and a nurse, do you know any ways can I say this, it's know...make yourself feel good? As you all know, I've been with Michael and Stephen and sometimes I just don't feel satisfied after."

"Yeah," Donna added, "don't get me wrong Kitty, Eric is great, but he isn't always around and sometimes he seems to be in a hurry...if you know what I mean."

"Oh don't be embarrassed," Kitty calmed them, "remember I'm just one of the girls tonight. Of course I know what you mean...of course with Red's size, he usually hits all the right spots even when he's in a hurry, heh, heh, heh; but sure there are times that he is tired or not in the mood. Do you experiment with objects or just use your hands?"

"Just fingers," they all responded except Donna who admitted that her hair brush handle was her occasional lover.

"Ok," Kitty informed them, "I'm going to quick run over to my house and see what I can round up, and then we'll experiment together." She didn't realize how lightheaded she was until she nearly fell when she stood up, but Kitty quickly headed out the back door and across the driveway to her own kitchen. On the way, she informed the snoopy boys that they might as well go back into the basement because the rest of the night she was going to be giving the girls a cooking lesson. Her story seemed to be legitimate because she gathered assorted fruits and vegetables before heading back to the Pinciottis.

Staggering back into Donna's kitchen, Kitty ordered her, "Make sure you lock the doors sweetie, we don't want to be interrupted." She dumped the contents of the bag on the coffee table for the girls to survey. There were various fruits, vegetables, and meat sticks of varying sizes; a bottle of olive oil, some spray whipped creme, and a generous handful of condoms. "Heh, heh, heh," Kitty cackled, "I bring home a handful of condoms from the hospital every day, as Donna and Jackie are need to be safe, and these will protect you in many ways. I brought some vegetables from my house because knowing bob, you probably don't have any healthy food in the house."

"Unless you consider jelly donuts healthy," giggled a very tipsy Donna.

When they were all back in the living room, Kitty, giggling herself, stated, "Ok now, if we're going to get this experiment going, we need to get naked, heh, heh, heh. There's no need to be shy, we're all friends here and we haven't got anything we all haven't seen before, heh,heh,heh." And with that, Kitty ceremoniously kicked off her fuzzy slippers, threw her robe on her chair, and let her nightgown slide from her shoulders, down her surprisingly taught body, and onto the floor. She wasn't wearing any underwear as she announced, "There, now it's your turn." The teenagers were amazed at Kitty's body. Her 36 D breasts sagged a little and she had a slight paunch around the middle, but for her age she was a knockout. Her areola were large and dark brown, surrounding gumdrop sized nipples which were quite prominent. She was indeed a natural blonde and sported a bushy dark blonde patch between her still shapely legs. Kitty was completely unselfconscious as she reminded them, "Remember, I'm a nurse, I see naked people every day."

Being a totally liberated California girl, Annette was not the least bit embarrassed about nudity; she was proud of her nearly perfect body. As she raised her arms and pulled the baby-doll nightie over her head, they were treated to the most magnificent pair of breasts they had ever seen. Perfectly round 36 C and so firm Donna thought you could probably bounce a quarter off them. She blushed when she realized she was staring, but Annette's breasts were truly a work of art. Her rosy pink areola were capped by pencil eraser sized nipples which seemed to leap out at you. Annette quickly shoved her white matching shorts down her perfect legs and everyone else in the room audibly gasped...her pubic area was completely bald.

Noticing that all activity in the room had ceased and that everyone was staring at her crotch, Annette nonchalantly proclaimed, "Haven't you ever seen a shaved pussy before. All the girls in California do it so that their pubic hair doesn't peek out the sides of their skimpy bikinis."

Now both Donna and Jackie trimmed their bushes and shaped them so that their bathing suits didn't reveal too much, but of course the girls in Wisconsin didn't routinely wear the tiny bikinis that were common in Malibu. Jackie couldn't take her eyes off Annette's prominent, wrinkly lips and asked, "Doesn't it hurt or anything when you shave it?"

Annette had finished undressing and sat on the sofa, "No, not at all. It was a little sensitive the first couple times, but now I'm used to it. It does itch when the hair starts to grow back, so you have to keep it closely shaved. If you like, I can do yours for you."

Both Donna and Jackie looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders; thinking that it might be fun to surprise their men. Kitty spoke up, "No, thanks Annette...Red would think I was some kind of floozy." Jackie and Donna slowly undressed, still a little self conscious, despite the increasing effects of the wine, but not wanting Annette to know. Jackie hadn't bothered to wear a bra and when she removed the tops of her flannel unicorn pajamas, she showed everyone a pair of 34 B breasts that were just as perky as she was. They were perfect handfuls; with just incredibly long nipples...they must have been nearly an inch long as they responded to the chilly winter night. Lifting her slender legs out of her pajama bottoms revealed her small, trimmed black patch. It was completely bare on the sides and shaped in a triangle that seemed to point at her puffy lips.

When Donna tossed off her flannel top, she uncovered the largest breasts of the four girls: they were a full 38 D and hung on her chest like bags filled with Jello. Rosy pink jellybean sized nipples capped her pink areola. She was the only one who had worn panties, and since they were her "granny panties" she just shoved them down with her pajama bottoms hoping no one noticed. Her bright red pubic hair was also trimmed in a triangle, and cut very short so that her long pussy lips hanging down between her legs were completely visible.

Annette, a first time drinker, was feeling totally uninhibited and suggested to Donna, "Hey if you get a pan of nice warm water, some of yours or your Dad's shaving cream, a razor, and a bottle of baby oil; I'll help you guys shave that shrubbery." Donna, feeling just as liberated, ran to the bathroom and returned with the items and a couple of towels and washcloths slung over her shoulder. "Ok Big Red," Annette stated, "you're first, just sit on the edge of the sofa cushion and spread those long legs."

An excited Donna did as she was told, but politely and nevertheless sternly asked Annette not to call her "Big Red," because that was what the boys used to call her when they made fun of her size as a child. She had grown into her body and now all the boys were dying to get their hands on her tits, but the sting of childhood was still there. Annette wet a washcloth and placed it over Donna's pubic hair to moisten the area, having Donna shift so that her crotch was directly over the pan of steaming water on the floor in front of the couch. The warmth of the wet washcloth felt very soothing as Donna spread her legs as far as they would go. Next, Annette shook the shaving cream can and squirted a generous amount around Donna's mound, smoothing it with her hand. Neither girl seemed the least bit self conscious about touching another girl's crotch.

Donna had made sure there was a new blade in the razor, but still held her breath when Annette began to shave her pussy mound, moving Donna's long labia out of the way as she scraped the sides of her slit. She assumed it was an accident, but once Annette's fingers actually grazed her slit between her lips and Donna realized that all the attention to her pussy was making her very aroused. Kitty and Jackie were both on their hands-and-knees staring between her legs as Annette shaved her bald. Donna could not remember a time when another girl had seen her pussy, let alone three. Fighting the urge to reach up and massage her own breasts, Donna hoped the others would just assume the moisture between her legs was just the water from the washcloth. The shaving cream was menthol and really made her pussy tingle as Annette finished the operation. She gently wiped Donna's crotch clean and then began to massage it with a generous amount of baby oil. Donna had to bite her lower lip to keep from moaning as Annette massaged the folds of her pussy lips.

Her pleasure was interrupted by an excited Jackie chattering, "Oh do me me." Donna, ever the gracious host, took the pan to the bathroom and returned with fresh, warm water. Jackie had already assumed the spread position on the sofa, a huge grin on her face. As Annette repeated the procedure on Jackie, it became increasingly evident that Jackie was becoming aroused by the attention. Drops of fluid were seeping our of her hole and she was squirming as Annette tried not to cut her flesh. Since Jackie's body was so tiny, it didn't take long to finish shaving her and when Annette began to massage the baby oil around her pubic area, Jackie's huge clit began to peer out of its sheath. It was the size of a gumdrop and when Annette ran her slippery fingers over it, Jackie's petite body shivered and fluid shot out of her cunt as if there was a squirt-gun inside her.

All three girls jumped back in surprise as Jackie blushed deep red and apologized, "I'm so sorry, that is so embarrassing. Now you know my secret...I'm a "squirter.'"

"That is soooo cool," shouted a completely inebriated Donna, "do it again."

"Well it only happens when I orgasm, Donna, and I think that feeling has passed, "Jackie informed her, slightly indignant.

They, well mostly Donna, quickly cleaned up the shaving mess and everyone sat back down and waited for Kitty to begin the discussion. "I'm really glad you brought out that big bottle of baby oil Donna," Kitty began, "because now we won't have to use that olive oil. Now remember, never stick anything up inside yourself that could break off, heh, heh, heh, you wouldn't believe how many embarrassed girls we see in the Emergency Room. Sometimes it is better to put a condom down over the object rather than just coat it in oil, or KJ jelly if you have it. Take these cucumbers for have to be very careful to remove the spines or it can be quite painful...not that I have any personal experience, mind you; heh, heh, heh. Of course, they can also be very stimulating. Ok now, everyone select an object and we'll practice our technique."

Annette, being "almost" a virgin, selected the thinnest object on the table: a foot long hot dog. Kitty reached for one of the big, fat cucumbers, since she was used to being stretched by Red. Jackie grabbed a long pepperoni stick, and Donna selected a nice green banana.

"It's important to use bananas that aren't ripe yet," Kitty instructed them, "because they are more firm. When you use a nice, yellow one, it tends to get all mushy right in the middle of using it." Annette, Donna, and Kitty just squirted some oil on their "natural dildos" while Jackie covered her pepperoni with a nice bright red condom. Kitty spread her legs wide, bent her knees, and hooked her heels on the edge of the chair cushion; while the girls all followed suit and dug their heels into the edge of the sofa cushions. Watching Kitty, they all ran their objects up and down their slits, wedging them between their pussy lips and spreading their natural juices all up and down the lengths of their shafts.

Following Kitty's lead they all leaned back and began to tickle their clits with the very tip of their selected objects. Kitty's dense pubic hair was already matted with her fluids as they seeped out of her pussy and she spread them around with her cucumber. Every one of the girls was now wiggling her hips, aroused by the contact with their nubs. Kitty pointed the tip of the cucumber at the entrance to her hole, began to twirl it around in her hands, and then very slowly started to insert it up into her cunt. The other three watched intently as Kitty's pussy lips parted, gripped the green natural dildo, and her hole opened to permit penetration. They had never seen any other pussy being fucked and the sight of the cucumber disappearing between Kitty's legs was fascinating. Kitty unhooked her heels from the chair edge and extended her legs out in front of her, spreading her legs as far as possible. Sliding the cucumber in and out of her cunt with increasing speed, she looked at the others expectantly and said, "Well what are you waiting for...give it a try."

Donna quickly spread her long labia with the fingers on her left hand and gently nudged the end of her banana between them, before sliding the entire length of the fruit up into her cunt with one steady motion. "Mmmmmmm," she moaned when the whole yellow dildo was buried inside her. With barely a pause, she began to thrust it in and out of her pussy, vigorously fucking herself; the banana glistening with her juices.

Beside her, Jackie had extended her legs out in front of her and was rubbing the latex covered tip of the pepperoni between the cleft of her puffy mound. Still fascinated by the sight of her own bare pussy, she carefully wedged it into her hole, twirling it like Kitty had demonstrated. Using both hands to control the slender foot long stick of meat, Jackie gradually slid it up into her tiny pussy. Annette was the only one actually watching, and she was amazed as the entire length disappeared inside Jackie. It was like watching a magic trick to know the whole twelve inches of meat was inside such a petite girl. She saw just the whites of Jackie's eyes rolling in their sockets as she threw her head back and groaned, "Hooollllyyyy shit." Fluids dripped all over the carpet as she slowly withdrew the entire red stick and then jammed it back inside.

Annette had never put anything inside her except her fingers, but seeing the pleasure the others were deriving from their makeshift cocks, she couldn't wait to try out her hot dog. Baby oil was dripping down her hand as she nudged the wiener between her fleshy pussy lips and without hesitation shoved it up into her cunt. "Oh hell yes," she shouted as she felt something deep inside her pussy for the first time. Slamming the foot-long in and out of her dripping cunt with abandon, she suddenly stopped and said, to no one in particular, "I need something bigger." Annette threw the used hot dog onto the table and grabbed one of Kitty's cucumbers, quickly squirted some baby oil on it and began to wedge it up inside her tight hole. "Oh my God that's good," she moaned as she buried it up inside herself. The cucumber was stretching her lips farther than they had ever been and the feeling of her pussy being filled was extraordinary. Kitty had been right: the spines of the cucumber scraping against the walls of her cunt were increasing her stimulation. Without warning, her entire body was wracked with a giant orgasm: her legs shot straight out in front of her and her body shook with a continuous shiver.

Annette allowed the slick cucumber to drop to the floor as she collapsed back into the sofa and watched the others pleasure themselves. She was totally fascinated by the way Donna's unusually long pussy lips gripped her banana when she withdrew it, and then disappeared inside her pussy with every thrust. She dropped off the sofa and crawled over to sit at Donna's feet and get a closer look. Annette reached between Donna's beautiful long legs, closed her hand around Donna's and innocently asked, "May I." Although slightly embarrassed, passion took precedent and Donna nodded in the affirmative and let go of the yellow fruit, letting the gorgeous blond control it. Donna spread her legs wider, giving Annette full access to her crotch, reached up with both hands and began to pinch her own jellybean nipples.

Slowly at first, Annette began to slide the banana in and out of Donna's soaked cunt, her face so close to her hole that Donna could feel Annette's breath on her lips. As Annette increased the pace, Donna just closed her eyes, fondled her magnificent tits and enjoyed the sensation of being fucked. Soon, Annette was furiously jamming the natural dildo into Donna's cunt sending her over the top as her body trembled and her thighs convulsed. Just as her orgasm was ending, Donna felt the fruit being pulled from her hole and Annette's tongue licking the entire length of her wet slit. Startled she looked down between her legs and could only see Annette's head from the nose up. Annette quickly met Donna's eyes and pleaded, "I'm sorry, I don't know what made me do that. I've never done anything like that before."

Donna surprised even herself by replying, "No, it's OK, it actually felt pretty nice." Annette's glistening face dipped back between Donna's thighs and she resumed lapping her slit. It seemed to come naturally to Annette as she took each of Donna's long labia in her mouth and nibbled on them gently with her teeth. She grasped the lips with her fingers and stretched them apart so that she could bury her face into Donna's hole, her nose rubbing Donna's clit. "Oh shit," Donna groaned as her body trembled when Annette's tongue invaded her pussy. Annette lapped Donna's slit from the bottom to the top, slurping up as much nectar as she could and eagerly swallowing every gathered drop. Her face was drenched when she finally sat back on her heels as smiled at a satisfied Donna.

Jackie was still ramming the twelve inches of thin meat up into her tight pussy with both hands, violently abusing her hole. Annette and Donna sat on either side of the tiny teen and each took one of her perky nipples in their mouths and nibbled. They began to massage her silky thighs, watching the foot long dildo slither in and out of Jackie's hole. As they simultaneously bit down hard on her incredibly long nipples, Jackie's legs tensed and suddenly there was fluids literally flowing out of her hole around the sides of the pepperoni. Donna surprised herself by leaning down and taking Jackie's gumdrop sized clit between her teeth and gently nibbling on it until Jackie again sent a flood of juice streaming out of her pussy.

Kitty had been methodically fucking herself with the long, thick cucumber and watching the other girls cum seemed to spur her on. She began to frantically thrust the fake cock up inside her hairy pussy. The girls, having been temporarily satisfied, crowded around Kitty's chair and decided to assist their teacher. Jackie grasped the tip of the cucumber and took over for Kitty, alternating the thrusts between fast and slow. Annette and Donna licked and nibbled on Kitty's still quite firm tits as Kitty grasped the arms of the chair for support as her cunt began to spasm. "Oh my," she moaned as her whole body shivered and her pubic hair became even more matted.

When her orgasm had subsided, Kitty remarked, "Well, wasn't that exciting, heh, heh, heh." As the trio of teenage beauties sat back on the sofa, Kitty suggested, "You know, I think you girls have been neglecting your California guest. I don't think anyone has assisted Annette. There are other objects that can be used for pleasure besides fruits and vegetables." She reached out and grasped one of the nearly empty wine bottles and twirled it around in her hands, smiling mischievously. Donna quickly jumped up from the sofa and took the bottle from Kitty, reached on the coffee table for a condom and was about to open it when Kitty leaned forward to whisper in her ear.

"Really," asked Donna, "should I." To which Kitty nodded in the affirmative, and Donna returned the condom to the table. She approached absolutely gorgeous Annette and kneeled in front of her on the floor in front of the sofa. Donna set the glass bottle on the floor, asserted herself between Annette's perfect long legs and placing her hands on Annette's knees, spread them wide apart. Looking up, Donna saw that she was already kneading her own magnificent tits in anticipation as Donna's hands slid up her silky thighs all the way to her crotch. With a seductive and sultry look on her face, Donna lowered her face between Annette's legs and studied her pussy. She had never seen another slit this close up and she was fascinated by the fleshy lips and the musky aroma emanating from Annette's cunt. Annette's lips were not as long as her own, but they were thicker, more meaty. When Donna spread them apart with her thumbs, she thought they looked like the wings of a butterfly surrounding Annette's slit.

She had never really seen it, so she wondered if the inside of her own cunt was as vividly pink as Annette's. Donna reached down for the thin necked wine bottle, and after licking the rim, she gingerly inserted about two inches inside Annette's pussy hole. Lubrication was no problem as Annette's pussy was dripping wet. Annette spread her legs even wider and Donna tilted the bottom of the bottle upward, letting the remaining liquid to drain into Annette's pussy. Annette shivered and screamed, "Oh my god that's cold," as the wine mixed with her juices. Donna smiled up at her, removed the bottle and immediately began to lap up the wine as it dribbled out of Annette's pussy.

"You were right Kitty," Donna mumbled, "it does taste good."

When she had licked the last drop, Donna again inserted the green bottle neck slowly up into Annette's juicy cunt. "Oh that feels good," Annette assured her, "jam that bottle up my cunt." Donna gently shoved the glass dildo farther into Annette's pussy, watching the flaps of her cunt grip the intruder. She was surprised how much of the bottle easily disappeared inside Annette before the tapered body of the bottle met with resistance because of its girth. Despite wanting to experiment and see if the thickest part of the bottle would actually fit, Donna was considerate and just fucked Annette with the neck.

Just as she was increasing the pace and Annette was breathing rapidly, they all heard the sound of a familiar voice boom out from the doorway into the kitchen, "Hey Kitty, where did you put the...holy crap...what the hell is going on here!" Donna froze and let the bottle fall to the carpet as she turned and saw Red standing in the doorway, the color of his face perfectly reflecting his name. The position she was in, kneeling on the floor, Red could see Donna's perfect bare ass, but that was all, so she didn't immediately reach for something to cover up with; but he was staring right between Annette's widely splayed legs at her exposed pink slit. Being a better friend than Annette deserved, Donna grabbed a throw pillow and jammed it into Annette's crotch. Annette was so slow to react to the intrusion that it seemed she was just awakening from a coma.

When she did realize that Eric's formidable father was standing a few feet away, she crossed her arms over her naked chest and screamed, "What are you doing?"

"What am I doing," Red shouted, "What the hell are you all doing?"

Jackie had grabbed a flannel top from the floor and had covered her most intimate parts and was cowering on the floor beside Donna. Kitty just sat there in all her glorious nakedness and matter-of-factly said, "Hi Red, we're just having a lesson on human sexuality and the female orgasm; they don't cover those things in Health class, heh, heh, heh."

"Oh jeez know I hate it when you talk like that," Red replied, suddenly calm and embarrassed.

"Excuse me Red," Donna spoke up, "just how did you get in here, I know I locked the door."

"That dumb ass Bob isn't fooling anyone with the old key under the flower pot trick," Red answered, "for crying out loud it's February in Wisconsin, that Mum has been dead for four months...and just out of curiosity: I couldn't help see what was going on and what gives...all the boys talk about is how blondie there is a virgin. It sure didn't look like it."

"Well she's never been with a man," Kitty explained.

"So technically I am a virgin," Annette added as she indignantly re-crossed her arms under her absolutely perfect breasts, causing them to thrust forward; virtually presenting them to Red; her sense of modesty obviously affected by her wine consumption.

"Well, little missy," Red excitedly replied, "I think it's high time you sampled a man...a real man. What do you think Kitty?"

"Well since she's not really a virgin," Kitty answered after thinking for a moment, "I think it would be a good learning experience for she would never forget, heh, heh, heh."

Now that he had Kitty's approval, Red kicked off his shoes and began to unbuckle his belt. All eyes were focused on Red as he unzipped his trousers and shoved them down his legs along with his boxers. For the second time that evening, everyone in the room audibly gasped (with the exception of Kitty). Red had unleashed a cock of gigantic proportions as it hung between his legs like a fire hose. It was nearly a foot long with a girth matching that of a soup can. Donna thought that his crown must be as large as an orange; the really big Naval oranges that you only seemed to see in the supermarket during February and March. Jackie had dropped the pajama top and was just staring, her lower jaw having dropped open. Kitty had a huge proud grin on her face as Red advanced toward Annette, his cock swaying between his thighs like an elephant's trunk.

Annette seemed again like she was in a trance as her eyes focused on his tool and she spoke slowly and deliberately, "I didn't know they made them that big." She had subconsciously spread her smooth legs even wider and a drop of spittle was dripping down her chin as Red got closer.

"Have you ever tasted one of these," Red asked, indicating his penis, as his foot kicked the wine bottle aside and he stood directly in front of her. Annette just shook her head from side to side and reached out with both her petite hands to grasp the log being presented to her. Her fingers did not even come close to encircling his fat pole as she held it parallel to the floor and touched the very tip of his cock-slit with her tongue. His pre-cum created a thin string between the two of them and Annette seemed semi-conscious as she leaned forward and enveloped his crown with her lips. She worked her lips around the head several times before she was actually able to stuff it into her warm mouth. Only the crown would fit inside as she kept one hand on his shaft and began fondling his scrotum with the other. Red reached down and began to fondle her soft, yet completely firm tits, bouncing and weighing them. He trapped her pencil eraser nipples between his rough fingers and pinched, causing her to moan around his crown. "Did you see this set of tits Kitty," Red asked, "they are really something. Yours are pretty amazing too, Donna."

"Well, now that you've slobbered all over me, I think it's time you felt a man inside you," Red proclaimed as he withdrew his head with an audible "pop."

Jackie immediately handed Red a condom, to which he remarked, "I don't use those...besides I want her to really feel me."

"It's OK," Annette spoke, still sounding like she were in a daydream, "I'm on the Pill."

"What," Jackie wanted to know, "why are you on the Pill if you're a virgin?"

And Annette confirmed what Jackie had always believed, "Every girl in California is on the Pill."

As Red stood between Annette's tanned legs, he grasped her ankles, pulled her forward to the very edge of the sofa, hoisted her legs in the air and draped one over each of his shoulders. She was spread open and helpless as he leaned forward and spread her meaty flaps apart with his thumbs revealing her bright pink slit. He slid his crown up and down her opening, making sure it was good and wet and then he began to push forward, her lips spreading wider as she tried to accommodate his gigantic head. He was making no progress, so Annette reached down with both hands, hooked her fingers into the sides of her pussy and spread herself open as wide as she could. She shoved her hips upward inviting him inside her. She was so aroused that she could actually feel her juices flowing; she had waited so long and she now craved to know what a cock would feel like. Red bent his knees, using all his weight and suddenly his orange-sized crown plowed through her opening, into her pussy. "Holy shit," Annette shouted as she felt her hole being spread wider than it had ever been.

The skin around Red's crown was being stretched so tight that it would have been painful for a lesser man, and he politely paused to allow Annette to adjust to his invasion; but she was so stimulated that she was shoving her hips toward him trying to force more of his shaft inside herself. With her knees hooked over his shoulders, Red grasped her waist and began to slide his gigantic cock farther into her cunt. Inch by inch Red shoved downward, thrusting more of his enormous cock inside Annette's tight pussy. She was kicking her heels against his back as his cock made the cucumber seem like a pencil. Stretching her pussy open further than ever before, Red continued to penetrate her juicy tunnel. Annette felt like a piece of meat on a barbeque skewer as Red's monster continued to slide into her belly. She thought is felt like someone had shoved their whole arm up into her.

Kitty had been right, Red's cock was so large that it just naturally hit every erogenous spot inside her and Annette's body began to tremble uncontrollably as she experienced one orgasm after another. He finally hit bottom, his balls resting against her ass cheeks and he just stood there enjoying the view as her cunt muscles convulsed around him. Annette looked up at Red, a glazed look in her eyes...and then he began to withdraw his pole. As his huge cock scraped against her nerve endings, Annette shrieked, "oh my God...fuck me Red...fuck me...fuck me." With a smile on his face, Red slowly withdrew the entire twelve inches of cock and then violently slammed it back inside her pussy. "Ahhhhhhhhh," was the only sound Annette could verbalize as her body shook and trembled. Then Red began to seriously fuck her, pounding his cock in and out of her cunt, stretching it with each successive thrust. Red was really enjoying fucking her: he had never fucked a pussy that tight, and he loved looking down and watching her wonderful tits bouncing and jiggling on her chest. He slammed his monstrous cock in and out of her hole, stretching it; his shaft now coated with a milky froth.

Jackie had moved close to the sofa where she now sat cross-legged on the floor, intently watching the couple and absentmindedly fingering her own pussy. She couldn't believe something the size of Red's cock could actually fit inside Annette. Kitty had joined Donna on the floor and asked her if she had ever experimented with anal sex. Thanks to the wine, neither had any modesty left to interfere and Donna admitted, "Well once after the guys had gone to see an x-rated movie, Eric tried to put his finger in my ass, saying it was an accident. I shoved him off the bed, and that was the only time he tried that."

"Of course Red would think it was deviant," Kitty explained, "but back in college us girls would try it with the ends of out rattail combs...and it actually felt pretty good. I've got some thin carrots here if you would like to try it." Donna, feeling very aroused from watching Red and Annette, nodded her head and Kitty slid over and reached for the carrots and baby oil. Kitty, carrot in hand, suggested, "Why don't we do each other, it's kind of awkward to reach back there." Donna quickly got up on her hands and knees and presented her perfectly shaped cheeks to her future mother-in-law. Kitty squirted some oil on her hand, spread it the entire length of the carrot, and having Donna spread her knees apart, very gently began to insert the orange stalk up Donna's ass hole. Being so slender, the thin dildo encountered very little resistance and was soon nestled up Donna's rectum.

"Ohhh, you were right again Kitty," Donna remarked, "that carrot must be hitting something just right because it feels pretty good. Now let me do you." And with that remark, Donna sat on the floor; the carrot still snug up her ass; and watched as Kitty assumed the "doggy" position for her. Donna followed Kitty's method and was soon slowly pushing the carrot between Kitty's mature, but still firm, ass cheeks.

"Just like I remember," Kitty sighed as Donna worked the carrot in and out of her ass. "I have an idea to make this really interesting," added Kitty, "You have long arms, can you reach that pepperoni, and I'll grab a couple condoms." Donna stretched toward the sofa and just barely could grab the discarded meat stick, while Kitty retrieved two condoms; a red and a green one. When Donna handed the pepperoni to Kitty, she hastily unwrapped the rubbers and unrolled one on each end of the meat log. She skidded across the carpet, wedging the carrot further up her ass, until her legs were intertwined with Donna's, kind of like crisscrossed scissors. Kitty's right leg was under Donna's left leg and vice versa as the faced each other's nude bodies. Kitty grinned mischievously and she placed the pepperoni between them saying, "why don't you take the red side, heh, heh, heh."

Donna had been in the dark about Kitty's intentions until now and smiled back at her. The colorful latex encased pepperoni looked like some kind of obscene Christmas gift as Kitty spread her legs and began to nudge the green side into her slit. Donna grasped the meat with two fingers to steady it and then slid forward until the red end was surrounded by her long pussy lips. The two friends kept creeping closer to each other until the twelve inch pepperoni stick was buried in both their cunts. The meat stick was not that thick but the added pressure of the carrot pressing up against it was incredible. Both women began to squirm against the impaling dildo and then to rock back and forth, basically fucking each other. Every time one of them moved, the pepperoni would be jammed further up the other's cunt.

They grasped hands and pulled and pushed each other, fucking their pussies with the meat stick while their motion rolled the carrots in their asses. "Oh my God," wailed Donna as their pubic bones ground against each other and their clits rubbed together. Fully impaled on the substitute cock, they put their arms around each other to hug, but were kept apart by the four huge tits between them. Kitty leaned down and lifted Donna's left breast, presenting it to herself and began to lick it like an ice cream cone. Donna did the same to Kitty's left tit, gently nibbling on her huge gumdrop nipple. All the while they were grinding their crotches together, jamming every inch of the meat stick into their cunts. As they ground their pelvises together, their clits rubbed together and they both shuddered in orgasm.

Red had reached back, grasped Annette's ankles and had spread her marvelous legs apart like a Thanksgiving wishbone as he repeatedly shoved his obscenely huge cock in and out of her stretched out hole. Annette's head was thrashing back and forth against the sofa as she just repeated, "fuck me...fuck me...fuck me," over and over. Red was making sure she would never forget her first cock as he hammered her pussy, grinding his pubic bone against her aroused clit.

"Get ready blondie," Red warned, "it's time for old-faithful to erupt," as he shoved the entire length of his mammoth cock into her battered cunt and held it there. Annette's eyes opened wide as Red began to pump her pussy full of his hot seed. Comparing him to a fire hose seemed accurate as he flooded her hole; his copious cum leaking out between his cock and her pussy lips.

"Oh my God...keep fucking me," Annette begged as Red continued to spurt inside her belly. Her legs shot straight up in the air as she joined his orgasm and she ground her crotch back against his. "That feels so fucking good," she screeched as Red's enormous cock kept slamming into her. When she had totally reached the point of exhaustion, Annette collapsed back against the sofa and Red backed up, allowing his still hard cock to slide out of her, now, huge hole. Jackie was fascinated by the size of Annette's stretched out opening, reached between her splayed legs and shoved her whole hand up inside Annette's cunt. "Ohhhhhh," was all Annette said as Jackie began to fist-fuck her.

Suddenly Red put his arms around Jackie's waist and effortlessly lifted her off the ground, her hand slipping out of Annette's hole. "You can save that for later," he announced," you're next in line on the Red ride. You really are tiny...back in the Army we would have called you a spinner." As he set her down on the carpet, Jackie looked at him intrigued and he explained, "a spinner is a tiny girl that you set on your cock and spin her around." As Jackie stood next to Red she realized that his cock was nearly the size of her forearm, and that it made her want him inside her even more. Red sat on the sofa next to the dazed and exhausted Annette, and put his legs together while directing Jackie to straddle his thighs with her back to him. In this position her legs were wide apart and her puffy lips just beginning to separate. She looked back at Red and his cock looked like a third leg sticking straight up.

Red marveled at her tiny, but perfectly round ass cheeks as she backed up towards him and raised up on her toes. Using both hands she spread her swollen pussy lips as far apart as she could as Red nudged his enormous cock-head between them. Her cunt was dripping, coating his crown with lubrication as she wriggled her groin, attempting to permit his penetration. She allowed gravity to assist her as her weight forced his orange-sized helmet to finally plow past her opening and into her pussy. The sensation was incredible: pain mixed with pleasure as she though her slit would tear. She emitted a continuous groan as she lowered herself inch by amazing inch onto his pole, her cunt being stretched to an obscene width. Red had a surprise in store for Jackie as he suddenly kicked his legs apart knocking her legs out from under her. In one agonizing and amazing motion she was completely impaled on his monstrous cock...all twelve inches of his gigantic log buried up into her belly.

Jackie screamed at the top of her lungs, "Oh my fucking God," as she now sat on Red's lap like a piece of skewered meat. "Holy shit that's so fucking big," she groaned, the breath knocked out of her. Her scream awakened Annette from her trance and the sight next to her seemed almost surreal: it looked like tiny little Jackie's body had been impaled on top of a fence post. Jackie sat motionless on Red's lap, her cunt more full of cock than it would ever be, hoping her pussy would adjust to his enormous size. The feeling was indescribable as his huge head nudged against her cervix and his girth touched every nerve along her tunnel. Her cunt was so stuffed with his cock that she actually could not even move. Red lowered his knees so that her feet could touch the floor and she began to stand up on her toes, his log sliding partially out of her as she moved. As his cock scraped against every inch of her cunt walls, she again moaned, "Oh my fucking God."

She stood up completely as he shoved his legs out in front of them, his pole emerging from her tight hole; and then he thrust violently upward burying his monster inside her. He again kicked her legs out from under her and began to bounce her up and down on his lap, his cock seeming to go deeper inside her with every bounce. "Holy fucking shit," Jackie shrieked as her cunt seemed to stretch even further, "Fuck me you bastard...jam that fucking cock into me." As Red slammed his cock up into her, he reached around her and fondled her tiny tits. They fit in the palms of his rough hands perfectly, and it felt to Jackie like he was scraping them with sandpaper. Her body convulsed on top of him as she was lost in her climax, her head thrashing back and forth. Red trapped her unbelievably long nipples between his fingers and forcefully pinched them as she continued to wriggle on his lap, driving his cock even deeper into her belly.

Donna and Kitty had stopped to watch when they heard Jackie scream, and now Kitty suggested, "I have an idea for a different position: let's get in the "doggy" position, on all fours with our butts together." Kitty pulled the pepperoni from their holes and they both assumed the position, their asses together, facing away from each other. Donna had to stifle a giggle as she noticed the orange carrot sticking out of Kitty's ass hole, and then realized that Kitty was getting the same view of her. Kitty reached back between her legs and slid the meat stick back into her pussy and held it in place until Donna had backed up and let it slide in her cunt. They remained in that position for a few minutes, grinding their ass cheeks together, and forcing the pepperoni as deep into their holes as it would go. they then began a rhythm of rocking back and forth, first one was, then the other. Depending on which direction they rocked, each one received more of the natural dildo inside her cunt.

As they rocked back and forth, Donna's wonderful tits looked like water balloons swaying back and forth under her. They changed rhythm and began to separate and then come together at the same time, their ass cheeks rippling and slapping against each other; the pepperoni being jammed completely inside their cunts, and the carrots being forced deeper into their ass holes. As they smashed their cheeks together, grinding their asses, both Kitty and Donna reached one hand between their own legs and vigorously rubbed their clits as they simultaneously orgasmed. "Oh my," moaned Kitty, and Donna just dropped her head and groaned. Kitty, spent and tired, leaned forward and slumped to the floor, leaving the pepperoni dildo sticking out of Donna's pussy.

Red decided he needed better leverage to properly fuck his tiny partner, so he put his arms around Jackie's slender waist and effortlessly stood up, with her still impaled on his meat. She hung from his cock like a doll as he turned around to face the sofa and deposited Jackie on the floor. Her knees were kneeling on the carpet but her head and torso were resting on the sofa, her arms spread wide on the cushions for balance and stability. In this position she was laying comfortably against the sofa cushions and yet she was trapped...she could not move if she wanted, she was virtually pinned underneath Red as he kneeled behind her. Taking advantage of her helplessness, Red nudged her legs further apart as he took up position behind her, his pole still buried inside her pussy. He grasped her waist tightly and began to drive his monster cock up into her cunt with violent force, fucking her as hard as he was able. Fucking her "doggy style" he was able to get every inch of his cock inside her, stretching the entire length of her canal.

Red wasn't making love to Jackie, he was fucking her: pounding his immense tool into her and stretching her lips as his balls swung and slapped against her stomach. As he drilled his monstrous cock into her, he pulled back on her waist achieving maximum penetration. He looked down and loved the sight of her puffy pussy lips wrapped around his log which was glistening with her juices. Fluids were literally dripping out of her cunt every time he withdrew and making a puddle on the carpet. He slammed his giant cock in and out of her snug hole and Jackie screamed into the sofa cushion, "holy shit Red...fuck me...stretch my fucking cunt." It was very arousing to hear this little teenager talk like a sailor and Red decided it was time to fill her tiny hole with his seed, so without warning her, his cock virtually exploded inside her drenching her pussy with his hot cum.

It felt to Jackie like someone had turned on the hot water faucet deep in her belly as Red's cock gushed inside her. She suddenly realized, "Oh shit Red, I'm not on the Pill you know."

He nonchalantly replied, "Well maybe you should be," as he continued to pump his hot semen into her. It seemed to Jackie that he continued to cum inside her for an hour, when in truth it was only a few seconds. When he was done, he backed up and let his shrinking tool slide out of her pussy. As she kneeled there, leaning against the sofa cushion, a steady stream of fluids drooled out of her stretched out cunt and onto the carpet. All Donna could think was that she was going to have to clean up their mess before Bob got home. Red playfully slapped Jackie's perfectly round ass cheek and told her, "You have a really tight pussy; I thoroughly enjoyed fucking you." Annette, still a little perturbed about Jackie jamming her hand up her pussy without any warning, retrieved one of the wine bottles from the floor and kneeled behind Jackie, between her legs. Jackie's hole was still stretched wide open and her pussy looked like a toy train tunnel.

She inserted the neck of the bottle into Jackie's pussy and did not even touch her lips, it was still so wide open. Then she jammed the entire bottle up into Jackie's pussy; even the thick base and met with no resistance. With the entire bottle wedged inside Jackie's hole, the only thing visible was the dark green glass bottom peeking out of her cunt.

Red began to get dressed and looked at Donna, "I'm not going to fuck you because if I did you would never be satisfied with Eric again; and don't tell him but I'm actually quite fond of him." Winking at Kitty, Red told her, "Big Red will be waiting for you when you get home;" not giving away the fact that "Big Red" was their secret name for his penis. "I've got to get back next door because I'm sure I heard Kelso mention "Jiffy-Pop," and I don't want the dumb-asses burning the house down," he explained. And without further conversation, Red departed the way he had arrived. The girls decided it was time for a break and some cheese (after all they were in Wisconsin), crackers, and (you guessed it) wine before their next session.

(Thank you for reading my story. I know it is not perfect, but remember it is just for fun. Comments and suggestions are always welcome: [email protected] )


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