Fictional story about fictional characters.

That 70's Show: The Gang Plays Poker (mmmFff,inc,oral,anal)
by Shaggy77

It was Friday afternoon, and Red Foreman and his wife Kitty were all set to depart for Milwaukee to attend a Saturday evening wedding; and he was giving very explicit instructions to his teenage son Eric.

"No partys, no taking the Vista Cruiser out of town, and most important of all; no being a dumb-ass. Break those rules and when I come home I'll put my foot up your ass. We'll be back Sunday. Is that clear," ordered Red.

"Hey, Red; no problem. You and Mom have a good time," answered Eric, wishing they would hurry up and leave.

"Oh Red, Eric is a responsible boy; you have nothing to worry about," interjected Kitty.

"Yeah right," mumbled Red, "at least his sister will be here to keep an eye on things."

"Right," Kitty answered sarcastically , rolling her eyes. She knew Laurie was just the opposite of responsible; but had somehow pulled the wool over Red's eyes for years, and had him wrapped around her finger.

As the Foremans pulled out of the driveway, Eric was bounding down the stairs to the Foreman basement where several of his friends were already assembled. The Foreman basement was their hangout; their second home. One of his friends; Stephen Hyde; had been sort-of adopted by the Foremans and actually lived in a basement room. Hyde had been living with his mother; but she had split town; and Kitty had persuaded Red to let him live there. Hyde was the true wise-ass of the group; the instigator, who loved nothing better than to "innocently" start an argument between the others and just stand back and enjoy it.

Fez was also there, playing with a yo-yo. He was the foreign-exchange student who didn't seem to have a last name; and no one was ever sure exactly which foreign country he was from. He was a lot of fun, and seemed eager to join in on any of their pranks or adventures.

The other person in the basement was Jackie Burkhardt; a spoiled little rich girl, who was only allowed in the basement because she had latched onto another of the friends; Michael Kelso. Eric found her self-centered, egotistic attitude to be incredibly annoying. He had to grudgingly admit though, that she wasn't all that bad looking. She was very petite; with a nice little body; long black hair ; and a cute face. She was just so annoying and bossy.

"All right people, let's get this party started...the folks just left," he shouted.

"What party," responded Hyde, "you mean another boring weekend in your basement?"

"Exactly," answered Eric, "only this is a boring weekend without Red!"

Just as Eric was getting settled on the beat-up sofa, and reaching over to flip the TV channel; they heard a commotion on the outside stairs leading to the sounded like an elephant coming down.

"What the hell..." started Hyde, just as the door flew open and Kelso backed into the room.

"Come on, you guys; give me a hand," he yelled as he struggled to drag something into the basement.

He was pulling what looked like a beer keg, as he staggered into the basement. Hyde and Eric jumped up to help him; and they lifted it onto a crate that they had been using to store record albums.

"Oh man, can you believe it. My neighbor had a pool party last night and asked me if I would return this for his keg and tap deposits. I bet there is a third of a keg left in there and it's still cold," he yelled out.

"This is outstanding, man," Hyde stated, "maybe the weekend won't be so boring, Foreman."

Eric ran upstairs to get some cups, and when he returned they started to pump the cups full of beer. As they started to enjoy the brew; Kelso looked around the room and asked Eric, "hey, where's Donna ?"

Donna was the final regular member of the group, and Eric's neighbor and girlfriend. Her father had not been pleased when she started dating Eric, so he had enrolled her in a Catholic school in the next town.

"Oh you know; it takes her awhile to get home from school," Eric reminded him, just as the basement door opened and in walked Donna.

She was a stunning teenager with long, luxuriant red hair; huge breasts; and legs that seemed to go on forever. She was still dressed in her school uniform that consisted of a white blouse, knee-length plaid skirt, and knee socks.

Hyde whistled and commented, "looking good Pinciotti."

"Bite me, Hyde," she retorted, smiling; as she scanned the room. "Hey, what's that," she asked as she spied the keg.

"That, my dear," stated Eric, as he admired his gorgeous girlfriend, " is a gift from our friend Kelso."

"Thanks Kelso," she said graciously, as she grabbed Eric's cup and began what would be the beginning of many drinks.

"I know what would make this party even better, " offered Hyde, as he went into his makeshift bedroom; and emerged with a large plastic bag containing his "stash" of marijuana.

The six friends immediately gathered around their "smoking table;" which was a make-shift table made out of a discarded round, telephone wire spool. After passing around a couple joints, and downing a few more beers; they were all pretty wasted.

They joked and laughed about nonsensical topics until the conversation lagged; and Fez stated, "this is fun, but I am bored."

"Fez is right," Hyde answered, "let's get some life in this party. Let's play some cards."

Eric reached over by the stereo; grabbed a deck of cards; and started dealing before they had even decided what to play. Since he had dealt each one, five cards; they decided to play poker. Fez kept trying to get a glimpse up Donna's skirt; as she seemed oblivious to her attire, and it kept riding far up her thighs. Kelso kept trying to put his hand in Jackie's lap, but she kept slapping his hand away. After about an hour of playing cards; smoking; and drinking; Fez again stated, "I'm bored."

Hyde agreed, saying, "Yeah, since none of us has any money; this is pretty lame. We need to have something for stakes...we need to bet something." Ever the instigator, he slyly suggested, "let's play strip poker."

Eric had only seen Donna's breasts naked one time; and he didn't want to share her first time nude with anyone else, so he objected, "I don't know if that is such a good idea."

Donna, totally wasted, mellow and horny, disagreed, "oh come on you wimp, let's do it."

Hyde, sensing a great opportunity, chided Eric, "Yeah, Foreman. You got something to hide?"

Kelso added, "I say we do it."

Jackie was so wasted at this point, she would agree to anything Kelso did; and Fez was getting so excited that he was bouncing in his chair.

"Ok then," stated Hyde, "ground rules are this: shoes and socks are one item of clothes; and after every hand, everyone except the winner must remove an item of clothing. Agreed?"

Everyone nodded, and just as Hyde was dealing the first hand; Eric's sister Laurie came bouncing down the basement steps. The way her breasts were jiggling inside her t-shirt, it was obvious she was bra-less; a fact that did not go un-noticed by the four males around the table. Hyde, Kelso and Fez each sat a little straighter in their chairs and Eric just rolled his eyes. She inquired, "so what are you juveniles up to...I'm bored." Noticing the keg and the rolled joints laying on the table, she added, "well, isn't this nice. While Red's away....." She didn't bother finishing her thought.

Fez blurted out, "we're playing strip poker."

Grabbing a cup of beer, Laurie stated, "I'm in;" and she shoved an empty chair over to the table by Kelso, and sat down.

"No way," yelled Eric.

"If you don't let me play; I'm telling Daddy about all this when he gets home," Laurie teased him.

Kelso added, "Yeah I think we should let her play." He had cheated on Jackie with Laurie, and he was afraid if he didn't agree with her, that she would tell their secret.

Hyde couldn't have been more pleased, as he said, "Ok then; lets deal another hand." Laurie may have been a bitch to Eric but she had a dynamite body, and he couldn't wait to see it.

He didn't have to wait long because Fez won the first hand; and whereas everyone else chose to remove their shoes; Laurie wasn't wearing any and readily pulled her t-shirt off over her head; and since she wasn't wearing a bra; revealed a beautiful set of tits. They were about 36C's and just as perky as everyone had imagined. Her nipples were centered and a bright shade of pink. Fez could hardly contain himself as he exclaimed, " I love boobies."

Laurie won the next hand, and everyone took off their socks. She also won the next, and off came all the shirts or blouses. Donna was too wasted to be embarrassed, as her conservative bra was revealed; and Jackie seemed proud of the fancy, lacy pick bra she was wearing. Eric was the next winner; and Hyde ,Kelso and Fez gladly pulled off their pants; and waited for the girls to strip farther. Laurie gleefully tugged off her cut-off jean shorts revealing a pair of black lace panties. Jackie stood up and struggled to push her slacks down her slender legs, revealing pink lace bikini panties that matched her bra. Donna, unceremoniously, got to her feet; un-zipped her shirt, and let it drop to the floor; showing her fancy, white lace panties. The four males were now sporting tents in their underwear. Eric was trying his best not to laugh at Kelso, who was wearing some kind of leopard-print underwear.

"Hey, the chicks dig 'em," Kelso proclaimed.

Laurie, kept her lucky streak going by winning the next hand, and thereby keeping her panties. Eric shyly pulled off his jeans, and quickly sat back down, trying to hide the visible bulge in his "tightly-whities." Jackie, with a little help from Kelso, shyly lowered her pink bra, uncovering her cute little tits. They were about 34B and just as perky as she was. Eric, who had only seen Donna's tits once, tried to look away, but couldn't; as she unclasped her bra; slid the straps off her pale shoulders; and tossed it aside. She was totally wasted, and thrust her heaving breasts out for everyone to see. They were magnificent. They must have been about 38D's, and when she moved they bounced around on her chest like bags filled with jello.

"Holy crap," exclaimed Hyde when he saw them.

Eric wanted to say something, but he was almost mesmerized by the sight of Donna's breasts...he had to agree with Hyde's assessment. Everyone knew that after the next hand, all but one of them would be totally naked. Laurie dealt, and Hyde ended up with the winning cards. Laurie gleefully stood up and shoved her black lace panties down past her knees, letting everyone see her sparse blond bush.

Eric tried not to look, but couldn't help himself, as he pleaded, "Please God, don't let me go blind."

Kelso's leopards went next, and as he lowered them, his boner sprang up and slapped his stomach. His penis was a respectable seven inches in length, but quite slender. Eric reluctantly stretched his undies down his legs revealing his erection. It was about the same length as Kelso's; but thicker; resembling a pepperoni stick. Donna, never having seen it before, smiled, and was impressed. She decided to follow her boyfriend, and slowly inched her white lace past her hips before letting them fall to the floor. Her bush was bright red, but very fine and sparse; allowing her slit to be visible to all. Eric's erection was threatening to explode as he stared at his magnificent girlfriend.

Hyde whistled between his teeth; and Kelso yelled out, "Yeah!"

Donna, so wasted that she was not the least bit self conscious, sat back down; and Jackie stood up. She too, was totally wasted, and hadn't said a word in a long time; as she quickly hooked her thumbs under the elastic and slid the pink lace down her smooth legs. Her skin was so pale that the dark black line between her legs seem even blacker. She kept her pubic hair trimmed so it wouldn't show when she wore her bikini, and the males at the table could clearly make out the outline of her pussy lips. As she sat; Fez got out of his chair, and everyone's eyes grew larger as they saw the bulge in his pants. His shorts kept getting caught on his penis, but when he had finally lowered them; he revealed a monster of a cock. It must have been at least twelve inches in length, as wide as a Coke bottle; with a head the size of a tangerine.

Hyde had to comment, "Jeez Fez, is that legal in this country?" Hyde then stood up , saying, "well , I'm not going to be the only one with clothes on;" as he tugged his shorts off and threw them aside.

His cock was about the same length as Eric's, but even fatter; kind of like a salami.

As they stared at each others naked bodies; Laurie was the first to ask, "well, now what?"

They were all so totally wasted and all their inhibitions had long ago been removed, as Laurie suggested, "In college, we played this and now the winner gets to order any one of their choice, to perform any act they desire."

Seeing more nudity than they had ever seen in their young lives, had made them all incredibly horny; so they all nodded in agreement.

Hyde won the first hand in that round, ever the instigator, and said, "I want Eric to kiss Laurie."

"You bastard," cursed Eric as he went over to Laurie's chair.

She wasted no time in pulling his face down to hers and planting her lips on his...she even slipped him the tongue.

Eric jerked his head back startled, and virtually ran back to his seat.

Eric won the next hand; looked directly at Hyde and announced; "Payback is a bitch. I want you to kiss Kelso."

Hyde, trying to get out of it; shouted, "Oh, come on."

But Kelso, from across the table, surprised them all by remarking, "hey, I've got no problem with that."

They leaned over, gave each other a quick peck; and leaned back. As they continued to smoke; Laurie was the next winner and she ordered Kelso to suck on her nipples. He didn't want to appear too eager, because of Jackie, but he wasted no time turning to her and taking her right nipple into his mouth. He followed it up by sucking on her left one; and when he lingered a little too long; Jackie pounded him on the back.

"Hey babe, just following the rules," he explained.

Kelso won the following hand, and he decided to take the game to the next level, as he ordered Donna, "I want you to show me your pussy...really show it to me."

More horny than she had ever been in her young life, she shoved her chair sideways as Kelso came around the table to where she sat. She knew she couldn't back down even if she wanted to ; not after calling Eric a wimp. As Kelso kneeled down in front of her; she spread her endlessly long legs wide; reached down with both hands; used her thumbs and forefingers to grasp her lips; and proceeded to spread her cunt as wide open as she could.

As Kelso just stared, mesmerized by the sight of her wide open pussy; Hyde exclaimed, "Holy friggin' crap!"

The inside of Donna's pussy was almost as red as the hair on her sparsely covered mound. Eric, sitting right behind where Kelso was kneeling; was unconsciously stroking his was Hyde and Fez.

Eric thought to himself, "my God she's beautiful."

Donna held herself open for a couple minutes; turned back to the table; and waited for the next hand to be dealt. Everyone at the table was now aroused to the point of no return; and each could not wait until the next "order." The next winner was Jackie; who was quietly seething that, her boyfriend, Kelso wanted to look at another girl; and hastily decided that she would get her revenge. Jackie took the air out of everyone's lungs when she requested, " Fez, I order you to stick that huge cock between my legs and fuck me!"

Fez shot out of his chair, like being shot out of a cannon; and exclaimed, "I get to fuck Jackie...I love America!"

Truth be told, Fez had always been in love with Jackie. He resented the way Kelso treated her; and many times had almost told her about her cheating. This was a dream come true for him. There was an old blanket draped over the wooden-spool table; so Jackie flung the cards on the floor; sat on the edge of the table; and when Fez approached, with his monster tool waving in front of him; she spread her slender legs in anticipation. True, she was wasted, and could use that as an excuse in the future; but she knew exactly what she was doing...she was horny as hell, and wanted Fez to stuff that monster inside her. She reached down with her hands and spread her pussy lips apart as she waited to be violated. The five other friends gathered around so they could get a good view of the epic penetration.

Fez stood in front of his little princess; grasped his pole in his hands and rubbed the "tangerine" head up and down the entire length of her slit, lubricating it as he did. He didn't think there would be a problem, because fluid was actually dripping out of her spread open hole. Jackie grit her teeth as Fez nudged his cock-head between her lips and forcefully pushed forward until it broke through and wedged itself inside her cunt. Everyone in the room gasped at the sight. Both Jackie and Fez looked down; and watched with amazement ; as Fez slowly, but steadily pushed forward and his cock disappeared inside her.

She lay back on the table and groaned, "Oh my G...;" but she never got to finish her sentence because Hyde had gone around to the other side of the table and had jammed his cock into her mouth; as her head hung over the side of the table.

The look of surprise on her face was priceless and Hyde grinned, as he reached out and held her head in place. Even more surprising was when she actually began to suck him and wrap her tongue around his cock-head. Hyde had meant his action as a punishment because he; even more than Eric; resented this "princess" insinuating herself into their group. She was the most annoying person he had ever met...why did she have to be so damn cute. It annoyed him that she actually seemed to be enjoying his treatment; she had reached up and was rubbing her own nipples.

Fez had settled into a nice slow rhythm, and he knew this was the best day of his life. He was stretching her small cunt further than it had ever been stretched before; and her cunt was incredibly tight around his log. He was withdrawing his cock until just the head remained inside her; pausing; then slowly sliding it back inside. He was enjoying every stroke. Jackie, trying to also concentrate on Hyde's cock; was in heaven also. She knew her pussy was absolutely filled with cock, and it felt incredible.

After watching this invasion for a couple minutes, Donna was uncontrollably horny and whispered in Eric's ear, "if you don't fuck me in the next two minutes, I won't be your girlfriend any more."

These were the words Eric had been waiting to hear. They were both virgins, and he knew they were destined to lose their "cherries" to each other. Eric retreated to his chair and sat down; his hard cock sticking straight up. As she approached him; he stared, almost hypnotized, as her wonderful, full breasts bobbed up and down on her chest. She straddled his legs, facing him; her bright red patch right at face level; as he put his arms around her and grasped her perfect ass cheeks in his hands. Eric pulled her crotch towards him and inhaled her wonderful musky scent as her pubic hair tickled his nose. He obviously had no experience at this, but it seemed to be instinctive; as he extended his tongue and licked her juicy slit; from the bottom to the top. She shuddered from the sensation, and her knees lost all strength; as she cradled his head, holding it in place. Eric continued to slurp and swallow her juices until he didn't think he could wait any longer. He withdrew his head and Donna put her hands on his shoulders, as she very slowly began to sit down on his lap. He reached down; held his rock-hard cock in place pointed directly up at her pussy slit; and held his breath in anticipation.

Donna held her body in place with her boyfriend's penis poised between her cunt lips and thought about the best way for both of them to lose their virginity. She decided that quickly, would be best; then they could savor the feeling (after any pain she might endure). she slowly lowered herself until just his cock-head had entered her pussy; and then she picked up her feet; and let gravity take effect; impaling herself on his cock all in one motion. After a very brief flash of discomfort, she thought she had died and gone to heaven...the feeling of being filled with Eric's cock was incredible. They wrapped their arms around each other and held each other for minutes. Then Eric started to rock back and forth; and Donna assisted him by planting her feet and lifting herself before letting her body fall back on his cock.

Eric gratefully whispered in her ear, "oh, man; you are the greatest girlfriend ever."

He could not believe the felt like he imagined it would feel to stick your dick into a warm bowl of pudding; only a bowl of pudding that squeezed you. As Donna leaned back; Eric just gazed at his dream-girl and reminded himself how lucky he was. He watched her as she bounced up and down on his lap; her wonderful tits flopping around on her chest; Each time she let herself fall on his crotch; he would thrust up into her as hard as he could. He was fucking his girlfriend for the first time and he knew he wouldn't be able to last for long.

Looking around the room at all the carnal activity; Laurie took Kelso by the hand; led him to the couch; and pushed him backward onto his back. With his cock pointing at the ceiling; she literally jumped on him; and his cock jammed squarely into her cunt.

Kelso yelled out, "Now that's what I'm talking about," and started pumping into her hole. He reached up and pinched her long nipples between his fingers as she rode him hard. He had fucked Laurie before, but never tired of it.

Donna, meanwhile, was jamming herself down on Eric's cock with all her strength as both neared their climax. Eric was gently biting her left nipple; which had extended to the size of a gumdrop; and he knew the end was near. He grasped her ass with both hands and held her as tight onto his crotch as he could; as his cock exploded deep inside her belly. Donna felt his cock twitch and jerk inside her pussy; followed by a radiating heat as he flooded her insides. She violently ground her crotch and clit against his pelvis; and she joined him in heaven. She went into convulsions on top of him as they came simultaneously. They held each other tight and kissed until his cock began to shrivel and slipped out of her hole. Donna stood up, and wiped the fluids streaming down her milky thighs with Eric's discarded shirt. Seeing her standing there completely nude decreased Eric's recovery time; and he was almost instantaneously hard again.

He looked around the room; got a devilish look on his face; and approached the sofa where Laurie was riding Kelso.

He had revenge in mind for all the times Red had favored Laurie; when he stated, to no one in particular; "I'm going to Hell anyway."

Eric's cock was already lubricated, thanks to Donna; as he straddled Laurie and Kelso; and placed his cock-head between her ass-cheeks. He spread them apart; and thrust forward with all his strength as he buried his cock into her sphincter.

Laurie squealed, and Kelso yelled, "What the Hell!"

She looked over her shoulder; saw Eric, and nonchalantly said, "Oh, hi little brother; enjoy yourself."

He couldn't believe she was actually enjoying this; so he began to ram his cock into her ass as hard as he could. Kelso, feeling Eric against him; separated only by a thin membrane inside Laurie; began to match Eric's wild thrusts; as they pounded Laurie front and back.

Hyde had just emptied himself down Jackie's throat' causing her to gag, when he saw Donna sitting by herself observing the action around her. He had always had a crush on the beautiful redhead; and seeing her naked drove him crazy. Her tits were absolutely magical and he had to have her. He went over to Donna and finding her still totally wasted and horny; led her to his make-shift bedroom in the back of the basement. He tried to smooth- talk her, saying she deserved to be made love to on a real bed (meaning his mattress thrown on the floor).

She responded by declaring, "Hyde, you ass...enough of the sweet talk. If you want to fuck me; just do it. " He pushed her onto her back on his mattress; watching her jugs flatten out on her chest; and crawled up between her legs. As she spread her legs wide; her already wet hole opened to accept his crown; and he just lay down on top of her; driving himself deep into her pussy as the same time. She felt absolutely great; and he began hammering his cock into her.

Jackie was glad Hyde was gone, now she could concentrate on the monster stretching her little hole. She could feel Fez cock way up in her belly, and when she looked down; her stomach was distended. She was amazed that her tiny little pussy could have that much cock in it. Fez had closed his eyes and was fucking her furiously; driving his huge tool in and out of her battered cunt. She couldn't believe he was lasting this long; Kelso never did; and she was pretty sure Fez was a virgin. Sweat was pouring from Fez' brow as he plowed into her cunt relentlessly. Jackie was pinching her own nipples as Fez reached down between them and squeezed her, surprisingly large, clit between his fingers. He thrust into her so hard she moved further back on the table ; and suddenly she felt her belly being absolutely flooded with his cum. His cock expanded; stretching the walls of her pussy even further; and shot his seed far up into her belly. This triggered an explosion of her own, as she came with him. Normally she was a "squirter," but her pussy was so stuffed with cock; her juices had to squeeze out around it; and dribble down her ass crack.

As Fez backed his log out of her pussy; he graciously said, "thank you very much Jackie; your pussy is very tight."

"It was," she breathlessly replied.

Eric glanced over; saw Fez back away from the table; and announced, "Oh, yeah, I want some of that; as he disengaged himself from his sister's ass-hole."

He bounded over to the table; stood between Jackie's wide spread legs; and noticed that there was no longer a slit between her legs; just a wide-open hole where Fez had stretched her.

Ever the wise-ass, Eric quipped, "don't mind if I do," as he stepped forward and easily slid his hard-on into Jackie's pussy.

Kelso had dumped his load into Laurie's cunt and got up from the sofa. Laurie lay on her back and told him, "you're no fun; you can't last long enough."

Hearing this, Fez kneeled between her legs saying, "Fez at your service."

Totally aroused again at the sight of his huge cock, Laurie flung her legs high over his shoulders; spread them as far as possible; and ordered him, "Go to it big -boy."

Fez, excited at having his first blonde; and wasted no time pushing into her well-used hole. She accepted him with surprising ease; and thrust her hips up to meet his every stroke.

"Now that's a cock she screamed; where have you been all my life; foreign- boy."

"In mmmmm, where I was born," he answered; but she couldn't understand him because he grunted on the thrust.

Kelso, meanwhile was searching for Hyde and Donna; mostly Donna. He heard noises coming from Hyde's bedroom; went through the hanging blanket Hyde used for a door; and was pleasantly surprised by what he found. Donna's long, shapely legs were wrapped around Hyde's back and he was fucking her for all he was worth. Just as Kelso entered the room; Hyde wrapped his arms around Donna and flipped them over so that she was on top.

Seeing Kelso out of the corner of his eye, Hyde inquired, "What do you want, dumb-ass?"

Kelso gave him that goofy grin, and answered, "I just thought I would join in on the action."

As Kelso kneeled on the bed; his knees straddling both their bodies; Donna felt his hands on her ass; stared at him over her shoulder; and declared; "hey, you perv ; you know I've never done that ; so you better be gentle."

"Oh don't worry," soothed Kelso, "That's not exactly what I had in mind."

Kelso couldn't believe how luscious Donna's body was; her bouncing tits were gigantic compared to Jackie's. As Donna gritted her teeth for the worst; Kelso nudged his cock at the entrance to her pussy alongside Hyde's.

"Hey you moron; you've got the wrong hole," Hyde exclaimed.

"That's what you think," smiled Kelso as he tried to spread Donna's pussy lips even further to accept a second cock.

When she realized what Kelso was attempting, Donna yelled, "Jesus Kelso; you can't be serious!"

But he was; and in one hard shove; his cock-head stretched her lips just far enough to permit entrance. He paused for a few seconds; then slowly and steadily pushed forward; as his cock slid into Donna's cunt along-side Hyde's.

"Oh my frickin' God," screamed Donna; as she felt her cunt being stretched to the extreme.

She was now absolutely stuffed full of cock. She couldn't believe how full she felt; even her stomach felt full, like after a big meal. It felt incredibly good. When they both started to withdraw simultaneously; her body went into spasms as she had the most intense orgasm of her life. She convulsed between them; her body jerking back and forth; making her tits flop around in the air. Hyde and Kelso withdrew; and then shoved their cocks back up into her cunt with full force. She was so tight around their cocks, that it almost hurt to thrust independently; so they kept plowing into her together, in rhythm. They had both already cum; so they continued to fuck Donna for what seemed like hours. Hyde began alternately sucking and nibbling on her gumdrop nipples; and Kelso reached around her and played with her completely engorged clit.

Donna lost count of the orgasms she experienced. She felt absolutely wonderful...she almost wanted more cock...almost. She felt both of her lovers bodies stiffen, and knew they were about finished. They felt both cocks starting to twitch inside and convulse inside her and suddenly her whole belly was flush with warmth. They were gushing deep in her belly and there was no room for the extra fluid; so it was forcing itself out around their cocks and dripping down onto Hyde's crotch. They collapsed in a pile on Hyde's mattress and were still laying there when Eric, who had finished with Jackie, entered the room. He saw his true love laying on the mattress between his two friends; and the first thing he noticed was that , instead of a slit; there was now a wide open hole between Donna's legs, surrounded by her wonderful red bush.

As if reading his mind, Donna assured him, "don't worry sweetie; it'll go back."

The friends, in various stages of dress; and Laurie; soon collapsed on chairs, the sofa, and the floor. Eric and Donna spooned for the entire night. The entire group didn't awaken until they heard the "Scooby-Doo" theme music coming from the TV, signaling it was Saturday morning. Everyone was a little embarrassed; even though they couldn't remember exactly what had occurred the previous night.

Kelso was the first to speak up, "Well what do you want to do today...Red won't be back until tomorrow!"

Hyde, chimed in, "Well, that keg isn't empty yet...;" and everyone smiled and nodded in agreement.

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