That 70's Show: That 70's Sex Revolution! (m/f,m/ff,inc,reluc)
by CTsotsoras ([email protected])

Laurie was angry. Her last date didn't satistify. Actually he had come to
soon as most boys did but the others could have a second hard on in minutes.
Especially after she sucked them! But this time nothing!

<> Laurie thought running upstairs. < never give up!>>

Passing outside Eric's room she heared noices. She put her ear un the door
and listened carefully. Someone was moaning inside. She was sure that her
brother masterbating with his thoughts on Donna's full breasts. She bent her
knees and looked through the keyhole and almost screamed in surprise and
jumping back! It was Eric who was moaning but he wasn't masterbating. He was
fucking! He was fucking Donna!

She possitioned herself at the keyhole again and she saw Donna pushing Eric
away and getting dressed.

"Donna! I am not ready yet!"

"I am! Eric we fuck for two hours! I can't take anymore tonight! You are a


"Sorry Eric! Enought for tonight!"


"Maybe, if I feel better!"

Donna opened the window and left the room the way she had come. Eric looked
unter his bed and took a nude girls magazine.

"Thank God I kept some if these sweeties here. Very usefull in case of

He started to stroke his cock looking at the nude pictures, Laurie was
hypnotizes looking through the keyhole. She could'nt believe that her
brother, the skinny Eric, was capable to take care of Donna so easy! And
his size!

Suddenly she realized that she was peeping her own brother and the worst
thing was it aroused her! With one hand she was rubbing her eaching pussy
over her jeans and with the other she was rubbing her tits over the thight
T-shirt. That made her lose her balance and fall forward! The door was
unlocked, Red never let them lock them and nobody ever entered a room
without knocking, until now! The two teenagers looked at each other in
panic. Both with her hands at their genitals, fully aroused and asamed!

"Eric!... I am sorry I didn't want to look! I just heard noises and..."

"Laurie...please don't tell nothing to dad! He will kill me..."

Laurie walked backwards to leave the room while Eric tryied to cover himself
with the blanket. She closed the door and ran to her room.

The two teens tried to calm down in their rooms but the hours passed through
without any result. They both keeped thinking of what just happened and
could'nt sleep.

Sometime later they both had the same idea. Cold shower! Only that Laurie's
room was closer to the shower. When Eric opened the bathroom door to get in
his jaw falt down from the shock. His sister was standing nude in frond of
him! They both ran into their rooms again and closed the door behind them.

Eric was keeping the door closed with the weight of his body and breathed
heavily. He just had seen his sister nude! He did'nt believe it! His penis
was becoming hard again. So he started to stroke it. He closed his eyes and
tried to remember every detail he saw and tried to forget she was his sister.
He always called her a slut after all!

Suddenly someone knocked at his door. He put his cock in his pant and opened
up trying to look cool. He hoped it was one of his parents but he was not
lucky. It was Laurie. Dressed just with a towel. His dirty thoughs came back
as well his erection!


"Sssss... Eric let me talk! I am more experienced in those things!"


"Shut up! We both know that we are in a point of no return! For the moment I
saw you with Donna I am thinking of you! And as far I can see, you too!"

"Well... yes... but you are my sister!"

"Eric you always call me a whore, slut, easy to have, cheap and a dozen
others nicknames. Why are play shy now?"

"You are my SISTER!"

"Then why you have a hard on? Thinking of Donna or me?"


"Then why not?"

Laurie let the towel fall down and Eric's eyes opened wide. He didn't
remebmered this detail. She had her pussy saved! No hairs in sight!

"Like it huh?"


"Come here hunk!"

She pulled him close and they kissed for the first time. First time as
lovers! Eric was holding back but soon he found no diference berween kissng
his sister or Donna. Then he started his offensive. He grabbed her buttocks
and raised her in the air. She embrace him with her arms around his neck and
her legs around his waist. She could feel his huge cock pushing to get free
between her legs and the way Eric spun her around drove her to heaven.

Eric walked to his bed and set her down. Laurie sat ar the edge of the bed
and started to unbutton his jeans while Eric took off his shirt. His cock
slapped her in the face as she pulled his jeans and boxers down to his
ankles. She looked at it in a trance. She was a slut and she had fucked
around for years but she never had seen something like this.

Her little brother had a huge one, it was thirteen inches long and two or
three thick, and the most important it was straight. She had many big cocks
but they looked like J's or L's. Eric's looked like I. She took it in the
hand and started to stroking it. She felt his hardness and smiled. It was
time to give her brother a special!

Eric waited for her to lay back and spread her legs. He had forgot that she
was his sister and he just wanted to fuck the cute cunt in his bed. He had
also forgot that she was a slut! Her tongue licked his cockhead making him
remember and moan loud! As Laurie opened her mouth and started to swallow
his dick she put her hand in his mouth. She didn't want his moans to wake
her parents.

Eric looked down and saw his cock all the way down his sisters throat. He
felt the thightness of her throat and her wet and hot mouth around his shaft.
Donna had never did this. She always said that this was dirty and only whores
do it. Now he was really happy that his sister was one. Who cares about what
Donna says! This was great!

Laurie bobbed her head up and down the lenght of his cock sucking him to a
huge orgasm. Eric spasmed and shot his load in his sister's thirsty mouth.
Laurie swallow most of it but some ran down her chin and dropped to her tits.
She scooped it up with her fingers and licked them clean. She had her eyes
closed and enjoyed the taste. She knew that Eric had already fucked Donna
earlier that night and was amazed by the quantities he sprud.

She felt Eric pushing her back and opened her eyes. Open them wide! She had
thought that some sucking will be helpful in make him hard again but she was
surprised to see that he was still hard as a rock. She moved upwards to the
bed and pull her legs up to her soulders and spreading them wide. Eric
positioned himself at the entrance of her wet pussy and started to enter

"Hard Eric! I am not a little girl!"


"Let me show you!"

She pull him in her and started to move with power. Eric understood and
started to fuck her hard. He really like it! The others always said that
Laurie must be loose from so many cocks she had but Eric found her perfect!
He didn't have to be careful like he did with Donna. He could let the animal
in him take over and did so! They looked as each other in the eyes and kissed
again. With passion! Laurie was in heaven Eric too!

He rammed his hammer in her cunt with fast powerful pushes. He moved faster
and faster and then came! Laurie`s nails raked his back leaving scatches
behind as she came too. He fall beside her breathless but not limp. They
smile to each other.

"Well little bro, this time I do the job!"

"As you wish sis!"

Laurie stood over her brother and bent her knees impaling herself on his
erection. She jumped up and down riding her brother and herself to another
orgasm. Eric started to like this position. He found out like this he had his
cock inside a cunt and he didn't have to support his weight from crushing the
girl beneath it. Not that he was heavy enought to crush Donna or even Laurie
but it was a waist of power.

Then Laurie took his hands from his side he showed him another reason. She
put the left one in her asscheeks and the right one in her tit. Eric got the
idea and started to fuck her and squeeze her in the same time. He really
liked this position!

Soon they came again in unison. This time Eric had enough and went limp.
Laurie laid in his small chest and sighed.

"Oh Eric, I was fucking around and I had the best hung guy next door!"

"Thanks Laurie! You are good too!"

"Hey! Its the first time you called me by name and not slut!"

"You are right but I can't call the love of my life a slut. Right?"

"Right loos...Eric!"

They kissed furiously and Laurie rubbed her leg arcoss his stomach. She felt
his cock geting hard again and smiled.

"Eric? Have you ever fucked Donna up the ass?"

"Laurie that's dirty!"


"Well lets have a shot at your sweet ass!"
_ _ _


"Yes, Kitty?"

"Is that right?"

"Did she take the pill?"


"Then its okay! They got our combined libido! They will never find better

"Do you think they are happy?"

"Well! I hear my son making your daugther happy!"

"My daugther making your son happy too!"

"Yea! Turn off the light will you? We have to go to work tomorrow!"

"Goodnight Red!"

"Goodnight Kitty!"

"Take your hands out of there! You already had candy tonight!"

"Oh Red..."
_ _ _

Donna wanted to apologizw to Eric for her behavior few hour ago and the way
she let him alone in the middle of sex. She was sure that by now Eric sould
have tired from masturbating and she could talk to him.

She was tall and strong so she climbed the tree outside Eric's window very
easily. She had done it since she was a little girl and now came over at
least four times a week to fuck with him. Even with his smaller frame he
easily overpowered her in sex and that made her crazy. She was better in
sports and she could go one on one with most of the boys in the school in
power. But Eric always beat her during sex.

She jumped in the garage roof and walked quietly to the window. She smiled
as she saw it was still open. She was sure he had left it that way waiting
for her. She stuck her head in through the window smiling and she froze!
Eric had company! Another woman! She heard them moan in pleasure as Eric said
something about her tight ass!

Donna stood their unable to move from shock until she heared them coming
together! She became mad! She'd never came the at the same time with him!
She entered the room making her hands into two dangerous fists. She pulled
Eric aside and grabbed the blonde girl by the hairl. She wanted to know who
she was. Her jaw dropped and her knees went limp as she saw Laurie! She
smiled at Donna and she stepped back in surprise. Eric was fucking his
sister! She went crazy raising her fists and was ready to punch Laurie in
the face when Eric jumped between them and stopped her. She tried to push
him aside but he didn take a step. She pushed him again and for the first
time he pushed back!

Donna fell down hard and started to cry as Eric knelt down beside her.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you! Are you hurt?

"No!!! I thought you love me!"

"I do! But I... I found out that I love Laurie too! More than a sister!"

"Eric that's sick! How could you?"

"I don't know, Donna, it just happened."

"I have to go! I have to get out of here!"

"Don't tell anybody!"

"Don't worry, I'll keep my mouth shut."

She stood up and walked to the window. Laurrie blocked her way.

"Wait a minute girl. Let's talk!"

"I said I wouldn't tell!"

"Who cares! I saw you before and you have a great body..."

"You are sick!"

She pushed Laurie out of the way and got to the window. Laurie pulled her
back and grabbed her big breasts!

"Have you ever tryied with a girl?"

"Let me go slut! I am not a lesbo!"

"I saw you kissing Jackie!"

Donna froze. Eric grined, the thought of two girls kissing make him hard

"Look at him Donna! Even the thought is make him hard! Let's give him a live

"You are perv! I did it once and never again! Let me go!"

"Okay! No problem but let me tell you something. I fuck around the whole time
and I know Eric is the only one around worthy to be fucked!"

"Hey if I need it so much I go with Mike or Steven!"

Laurie laughed.

"They're smaller and they don't have his stamina! They finish before he's
even halfway done!"

"I finally found someone!"

"Are you saying you decided to became a slut?"

"No!... Yes!.... Why not?... If I need to."

"Save it. You will end to Eric again. Listen to the pro!"

"C'ommon Donna we had great time together! Don't spoil that!"

Donna was in a big dilema. Laurie was behind her and kept her breasts in her
hands licking her ear. Eric stood in front of her and was kissing her on the
neck while he slid his hands in her ass inside her jeans. She felt her pussy
getting wet and her nipples harden under Laurie's touch but her mind screamed
that this was sick.

She struggled and got free from them. They stood facing each other. Eric and
Laurie on one side and Donna on the other. She looked at them as they kissed
and saw their hands roaming all over each other's bodies. She saw Eric's cock
fully erect and shinning from his pre-cum and Laurie's juices. She saw the
way they looked at her almost begging her to join.

With one move Donna took off her shirt. Bright smiles appeared in Eric's and
Laurie's faces.

"Okay what do I have to do?"

"Let us help you!"

They went to her and Eric kneeled and started to unbutton her jeans. Laurie
opened Donna's bra and watched her big tits sagging slightly free from their

"Girl you have beautiful breasts!"

"Yours nice too!"

Laurie didn't answered she was busy sucking Donna's nipples. Eric pulled her
pants down her ankles and she raised one foot after the other to help him
take them off. Then Eric stood up and did the same as Laurie with her other
nipple. Donna was moaning loud now, her mind gave in to what her body wanted
to! She felt lips in hers and opened her eyes to see Laurie trying to kiss
her, she opened her mouth and Laurie's tongue invaded her mouth. Donna sent
her own to a counter attack. She had once tried with Jackie but that didn't
compare to the kiss Laurie gave her. Laurie knew what she did. She and Jackie
were just curious.

Eric watched as his biggest dream came true. Two girls kissing each other and
he had fucked them both! And now he will fucked them at the same time! They
walked all together to the bed and Laurie ordered Eric to lay back. He obeyed
because he knew his sister had something special in mind. They sat to his
sides and Laurie took his cock in her hand and stroked it.

"Have you ever taste it?"

"Yea many times!"

"I mean suck it!"

"No! That's dirty!"

"Says who?"

"My parents!"

"Donna, be serious do you really think they don't roll play, fuck in strange
cars or all over your house and they didn't do blow jobs?"

"I don't know..."

"Listen. Just try it and if you don't like it don't do it again!"

"I don't know..."

"Look at me!"

Laurie bent over and took Eric's cock in her mouth. He closed his eyes and
started to moan emidiately."

"Okay, I'll try."

"That's it girl!"

Eric openned his eyes not beleving what he just heard. He had tried so hard
to make her give him a blow job but she always said no!

"What do I do?"

"Okay, first use you tongue around his head."

Eric laid back an closed his eyes again. He didn't hear Laurie's instructions
anymore. He just enjoyed his girlfriend licking and sucking him!

After a few minutes he came shooting another load of cum. Laurie knew that
Donna wouldn't swallow her first time and was ready. When Donna pulled back
she let her go but held her close enought to have a good view. The first
squirt hit her in the face but then she put her lips around the cock of her
brother and swallowed the rest! Donna was watching amazed and Eric was
talking nonsense. When Laurie finished she nodded to Donna.

"Come over here sweety, I have something for you!"


"You have to learn to swallow cum."

"No way!"

"Lick the sperm from my face! Just to taste it!"

"No way!"

"Few minutes moments ago say you wouldn't blow him."

Donna knew there was no way out, she took her long tongue out and carefully
licked some of the sperm from Laurie's face. She liked it. She really liked
it and started to lick the rest furiously! When she finished she bent over
and started to lick Eric's cock for some more!

Suddenly her eyes opened in surprise. Eric was surprised too. Laurie had
dove between Donna's legs and she was licking her pussy! Suddenly she stopped
causing Donna to moan in disappointment.

"Eric dear, do you like the cock sucking we do?"

"Oh yes sis! It was great! When am I gonna fuck?"

"Not yet! First you have to return the favor!"

"What? How?"

"You see what I did? Do it yourself!"

"Lick her?....ok why not, she did the same to me..."

Laurie helped Donna to lay back and opened her legs, then she positioned her
brother between her thighs and told him what to do. The sensation was
incredible and Donna was very soon over the edge! Before she came back to her
full senses Laurie kissed her in the lips.

"I know that this is gonna hurt but its part of the game! Sorry love!"

Eric flipped her over and they put some pillows unter her belly. Laurie kept
Donna's mouth closed and stroked her head. Eric in the other side rammed his
dick in her virgin ass taking her cherry! Laurie felt Donna's scream in her
hand and saw the tears, she knew that it was a hell of a pain especialy with
a big one like Eric but she also knew that Donna had to do all the tricks.
After few minutes Donna calmed a litlle and Laurie took her hand from her
mouth and kissed her.

"You are a tought girl! Relax everything is okay."

"Why? It hurts so much!"

"I know love, don't worry its only the first time. Later you are going to
enjoy it."

Eric bent forward and kissed her neck. "I love you Donna! We both love you!"

"That's true Donna, we both love you."

"Promise me something?"

"Yes, what?"

"I want to swallow the sperm!"

"You became a slut like me! Welcome!"

"I promise I came to your mouth!"

"I love you too!"

Eric came in Donna's mouth and this time she swallowed it all. They showered
and fell to sleep for few hours before they had to go to school.
_ _ _

After school the whole clique meet to the Foreman's basement. Jackie did a
comment about Laurie being a big slut. Donna stood up and punched her in the
face breaking her nose!

Steven, Fezz, and Kelso looked at the readhead standing full of rage over
the bloody Jackie and wondered what the hell was going on. She was her

Laurie and Eric looked at each other knowingly with smirks on thier faces.


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