That 70's Show: That 70's 3-Way Part 2 (m/ff,voy)
by thecelebwriter ([email protected])

It was a hot summer night in July when Jacky, Donna, and Eric got together
for another romp, it took a month since their last encounter for them to
build up the courage to try it again. The setting was Jacky's room, Donna
and Eric walked in and saw that Jacky was waiting for them, laying across
her bed wearing a tight white T-shirt with no bra, and a pair of skin-tight

"I just love the feel of tight jeans. . ." She said as she began to roll
around on the bed. ". . . especially when I'm not wearing any underwear. I
can feel the fabric massage my pussy everytime I move. Oh god, my pussy is
so wet, I need someone to lick it!"

Eric practically ran to the bed when he heard those words, but when he got
to her Jacky sat up and said the words he most did not want to hear: "Wait,
not yet." but the next words to come from her beautiful lips made up for it:
"I want Donna first."

Just the thought of seeing Donna on her knees licking and sucking on Jacky's
clit made Eric's dick hard as a rock. Donna walked slowly towards the bed,
her perfect ass moved beautifully packed into her tight faded jeans, her
large round breasts bounced lightly as she walked; the sexy redhead knelt
down before the bed in front of Jacky and began unbuckling the brunet's belt.
Jacky ran her hands through Donna's long red hair and instructed her to climb
onto the bed. Donna got onto the bed, and the two lay on their sides facing
each other.

They started to rub one anotherís thighs Jacky reached around and grabbed
hold of Donna's ass, Donna responded by sliding her left hand up under
Jacky's T-shirt, she gently rubbed the girls small tits, and then focused on
her right nipple, rubbing and lightly pinching it; Jacky moaned with pleasure
and excitement, as her body twitched from the sensation of it.

"Oh Donna, you love the feel of my tits don't you?" She said in a sexy voice.
"You love the feel of a woman don't you Donna? I bet I'm the only girl you've
ever been with." Donna blushed. "It's alright..." Jacky continued. "...I've
only been with one other female before you, it was Eric's sister."

"What!?!" Eric yelled.

"I'll tell you guys about that another time." she responded.

She turned her attention back to the beautiful girl beside her; she squeezed
Donna's ass with her right hand, and grabbed the back of her head with the
left, bringing their lips together, she softly kissed Donna on the lips and
then pulled away, she returned for another kiss, this time gently sucking on
her upper lip, she pulled away again, tilted her head and went in for a full
french kiss, Donna slipped her tounge into Jacky's mouth, as she continued to
massage her breasts. As the two sucked each others tongues harder and faster
Donna pulled Jacky's shirt up exposing her tits and rock hard nipples.

After about five minutes of watching the two girls kiss and rub each other's
tits and ass Eric couldn't handle it any more, he unzipped his pants freeing
his hard-on, and jerked off as he watched the girl on girl action going on
in front of him. The girls were to lost in their passion for one another, to
even notice. Jacky rolled over climbing on top of Donna and started to rub
her jean covered crotch against hers, she started to move faster and faster
until she was riding Donna like a mechanical bull her bare tits bouncing up
and down and her hair flying, there was a large wet spot developing in the
crotch of her jeans as she rubbed her clit against Donna and started to cum.

"Oh Donna! OOOOOOHHHHHH!!!" She screamed as she thrusted her hips twice more
and then callapsed on the bed beside the sexy redhead.

"Oh no you don't, we're not done yet." Donna said as she unzipped Jacky's
pants, she stood up and slid the jeans all the way off revealing a trimmed
bush and a wet pussy, leaving Jacky wearing nothing but her white T-shirt
which was still up around her shoulders. Donna got down on her knees and
pulled Jacky's ass over to the edge of the bed, Donna leaned over, putting
her face between Jacky's legs, she took a moment to enjoy the strong smell
of her pussy, before diving in, she didn't waste any time though, she quickly
buried her face in Jacky's wet hole lapping up the pussy juice and sucking
her clit. Eric stood behind her stroking his dick, wondering if they even
remembered that he was in the room.

Jacky started to arch her back and moan in ecstacy as Donna ate her pussy.
Eric, seeing his oportunity, sat down behind Donna and started to grind his
cock against her ass, he reached around and unzipped her jeans, he slid a
hand down the front of her pants, and ran his fingers through her bush, then
moved down and placed his middle finger on her clit, he moved it in a
circular motion, until her legs spread for him and she started moaning into
Jacky's wet box as she continued to lick her out. Eric slowly pulled her
jeans down to her knees, she was bent over just enough that Eric could see a
hint of her pink pussy lips, he wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled
her ass up in the air over his cock, he slowly lowered her onto his dick and
guided it in with his left hand; Donna dropped down taking Eric's entire
cock into her cunt with one swift motion.

Jacky put her feet on Eric's shoulders while she watched Donna go down on
her and get fucked from behind at the same time. Eric pumped away at Donna's
pussy as he licked Jacky's toes, he pulled her big toe into his mouth and
sucked on it while he felt up Donna through her shirt. Donna lifted her
head from Jacky's lap and stood up leaving Eric sitting on the floor with a
hard-on. "Let's try another position." She said.

"Which one?" Eric asked.

"Let's do the magic triangle." She responded with a grin.

"The three-sided Pussy pleaser?" Jacky said with excitement.

"Oh you mean the pussy pyramid!?! I've always wanted to try that!" Eric

Donna ripped off her shirt and the black bra under it soon followed. The two
girls took turns licking and sucking each others tits, and then Donna sat
on Jacky's chest facing away from her and slid back until her pussy was on
Jacky's mouth, she rubbed her slippery cunt lips up and down Jacky's sweet
face covering her with juice, Jacky took hold of Donna's ass holding her in
place while she slid her tongue into her dripping wet pussy.

Eric placed a pillow under Jacky's ass raising her twat in the air, he got
between her legs and put his hard dick at her entrance, he slid the head in,
grabbed her tits and then plunged the rest of his cock into her, he pounded
at her cunt for about five minutes and then raised his hands up and cupped
Donna's huge breasts, Donna leaned in and kissed Eric. The two sucked each
others tongues long and hard while he was fucking Jacky, and Donna was riding
her face, making a large sex triangle; Donna bounced up and down on Jacky's
tongue until she exploded with orgasm covering the sexy young brunette's face
with hot sticky girl juice.

Donna got off of the girls face and fell on to the bed exhausted; Eric
continued to fuck Jacky's tight juicy pussy, he rammed his meat into her
little hole until she screamed with pleasure as her cunt clenched on Ericís
cock, she arched her back and pressed her pussy against him harder as she
was rocked by her orgasm. "OOOOOHHHHH ERIC! OH I'M CUMMING! OH GOD, OH GOD,
AAAAHHHH!!!!!" She screamed.

Eric leaned down and licked some of Donna's pussy juice off of Jacky's face
and whispered into her ear, "You want me to cum in you Jacky? You want my hot

"OH ERIC I WANT YOUR CUM SO BAD!!!" she responded.

Eric pulled out of her tight slippery pussy and moved his cock up to her
lips, she licked around the head of his member savoring the taste of her
own pussy, she opened her mouth wide and slid his dick all the way in; she
sucked him harder than Donna ever could, he pulled almost all the way out
and then slammed his dick all the way back down her throat. Jacky kept
sucking his cock as his balls slapped against her chin, she wrapped her
tongue around his dick and licked the head until a flood of cum filled her
mouth covering her tongue and running out the corners and down her chin.
Eric pulled out, as Jacky choked trying to swallow all the cum, she let
some of the jizz run out of her mouth and rubbed it into her lips and
cheeks with her fingers, she then stuck out her tongue to show the large
glob of cum on it and then sucked it back swallowing the whole thing.


Kelso sat at home alone stroking his cock as he watched the video from the
hidden camera he placed in Jacky's bedroom. He just hoped to see her naked,
and maybe playing with herself, but he couldn't believe what he caught.
"It's my turn now." He said to himself. "I'm finaly going to get Donna's



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