That 70's Show: That 70's 3-Way Part 1 (mff)
by thecelebwriter ([email protected])

"Oh, Donna, Oh yea baby," Eric moaned as he watched Donna's red hair fall
across his lap as she bobbed her head up and down on him. "Donna I'm gonna
cum!" He said as he gripped her shoulders.

"Wait," Donna whispered as she lifted her head from his crotch, "I have a
surprise for you." She slowly opened the door to his room, and in walked a
sexy young brunette. "I hope you don't mind that I invited Jackie over for
some fun."

Jackie looked long at Eric's hard-on "Wow, Donna you were right. He is big."

Donna turned on the radio and began to strip for Eric. She pulled of her top
to reveal her large cleavage pouring over a white bra. Jackie joined in the
strip show by dancing and rubbing up against Donna, she squeezed the
redhead's big tit's and unbuttoned her bra. Donna then pulled Jackie's shirt
off. Jackie had nothing on under her shirt, so the two girls stood there
topless. Eric couldn't believe what he was seeing; he just about fell on his
ass when he saw the two girls kiss each other.

Jackie turned and looked at Eric, "Eric I want you to fuck me. I want to feel
your big cock in my pussy. Please, please fuck me hard."

With those words she dropped here skirt to the floor and bent over placing
her hands on the dresser, with her ass in the air waiting for him. That was
all Eric could take. He jumped off the bed and placed himself behind the
beautiful dark haired girl. He guided his dick into her dripping wet box,
slowly at first, and then picking up speed as he grabbed her ass, thrusting
deep into her.

Watching the hot seen unfold in front of her Donna's jeans were in a pile on
the floor while she rubbed her wet cunt, slipping her middle finger into her
hot pussy. She watched as Eric shot his cum in Jackie. He pulled out and
squirted on her ass and back. "Looks like you need a clean up," Donna said
with a smirk.

She gestured for Jackie to come over to the bed. Jackie placed herself on the
in front of Donna with her legs spread wide. Donna buried her face in the
other girls bush lapping up the fresh cum and licking her clit. Donna sucked
her friend's pussy until she had her second orgasm of the night. Seeing this
made Eric hard again.

"Come here baby and I'll finish what I started," Donna said as she got on her

Eric stood in front of her as she slowly licked his dick. Jackie got on her
knees beside Donna and began licking Eric's balls. Donna moaned as she slid
three inches and then four inches of his cock into her mouth, she sucked him
hard as she with one thrust took the rest into her mouth; she bobbed her
head up and down on his dick as Jackie sucked on his balls. The two girls
took turns with his dick in their mouths, until he started to cum.

The two sluts opened wide awaiting his hot jizz. Donna rubbed his balls while
Jackie jerked him off, aiming at their faces. His first shot landed on
Jackie's tongue and lips, he shot another glob hitting her chin, and another
on Donnas face and tits.

"Maybe we should do this more often?" Jackie says as she licks her lips.


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