That 70s Show: Something for Fez (MF,MMF,inc)
by Ben Grimm ([email protected])

Fez was sitting alone in the Foreman's basement. He was tired of being the
oser of the group. Everyone had had their turn with Jackie or Donna and he
thought it was high time these two beautifull young ladies gave him a piece
of the action. Fez had finally come up with a plan. He had rolled up a
couple of special joints that were laced with a sexual stimulitive. And just
for safety he had cooked up the rest of the weed in a batch of brownies that
were cooling on the stove upstairs.

Just then Eric and Donna came in. They were laughing and making out as they
opened the door, until they saw Fez there. Donna pushed Foreman away, "Hey
Fez we didn't know you were here."

"Oh that's okay I thought I'd come by and spend some time with two of my very
best friends. And I brought a present." Fez said as he held up a joint.

The three of them got in a circle and started to smoke, but then after a
couple pulls Fez said. "Oh Eric I am so sorry but Mrs. Foreman came down here
earlier looking for you. She said there was something she needed you to do."

"Oh great" said Eric as he finished the joint and went upstairs to find his

Fez wasn't sure how long the joint would take to kick in but he noticed that
Donna seemed a little flustered. "Oh Donna you look so tense why not let me
give you a massage."

Donna just kind of laughed and said "Massageeee, that's a funny word."

Fez started to work his magic fingers across Donna's neck and back. He could
tell he was having the desired affect becasue Donna's breathing started to
get more and more ragged. All Donna could think about was how good Fez's
hands felt, she wondered if he was a good a kisser as Jackie said.

Fez started to move his hands down her back when he said. "Donna why don't
you take off your bra."

Donna did as he asked. Fez continued to work his way down and then back up to
her shoulders. Then he start to slide his hands down across her front. Donna
knew she should stop him but it felt so good and Eric had gotton her all
worked up on their way over.

Soon Fez had one of Donna's milky white boobs in each hand and was teasing
her nipples with his nimble fingers. Then he bent Donna's head back and
started to vigirously tongue her mouth. It was the single most erotic moment
of Donna's young teenage life and she returned the kiss with a passion as
Fez's hands continued to work their way.

Meanwhile upstairs Eric Foreman entered the kitchen looking for his mom.
Instead he found his slut bitch of a sister snacking on some brownies. "Hey
shrimp want to try some, they're really good."

Eric looked at her. He couldn't help notice what a tight body his sister had
and he started to feel a tent being ptiched in his pants. He tried to think
of something else, baseball, politics, but his erection wouldn't go away.
Laurie was also beggining to feel the effects of the drug. Already a slut
Laurie's pussy was dripping wet and when she saw the rather impressive boner
her brother was sporting she figured what the hell. She licked her lips and
started at her brother, Eric took a big gulp and then before he knew it his
sister's mouith was wrapped tightly around his dick. He and Donna had never
gone this for and as disgusted as he was by his sister the pleasure was so
intense that he went weak in the knees and feel to the floor.

Laurie slid the cock out of her with a pop and said just lean back little
brother I'm gonna make you a man. With that she unzipped her jeans slid her
panties to the side and hopped on top of Eric's cock sitting down all the
way. Eric's brain was about to explode. He couldn't believe how good his
sister's pussy felt. It was incredible and as she thrust her ass down on
him he knew he wouldn't last long. He reached up and grabbed her head to
him and said from now on your my slut.

Then he flipped them over into missionary and started to fuck her with a raw
animal passion. Laurie never knew her brother had it in him. She leaned back
and focused her attention on her clit and reaching climax. In a few minutes
the two Foreman children collapsed both their bodies having been racked by
powerful orgasms.

Eric got up having cleared his head he was worried Donna might catch them.
He quickly pulled up his pants and took one last look at his sister lying
on the floor. She brought her finger down to her pussy scooped out some of
Eric's cum and then licked her finger clean while giving him her big innocent
doe eyes. Eric rushed down to the basement unsure about what had just

When he got down their he couldn't beleive what he saw. Donna was slung over
the couch and starring right at him. But she was buck naked and behind her
was Fez. Her bright red hair was wet with sweat and covering her face. For
his part Fez had his hands around her hips and was fuckig her as hard and as
fast as he could. He didn't know much but Hyde had told him about the clit
and he kept rubbing it in circly motion.

Donna was in heaven she was panting and moaning. "YESSSS YESSSS! That's it
Fez! Fuck my tight pussy! Fuck it hard! Send me there! Send me over the edge!
Make me, make me, uhhhhhh uhhhhhhhh uhhhhhh YESSSSS!!!"

Eric knew he should be pissed but looking at Donna acting like such a slut,
seeing her body glistening with sweat he couldn't help but get turned on. He
had pictured her this way so many times. He culd feel his dick get hard so he
walked up to Donna pulled it out and started rubbing his cock against her
lips. Donna looked up she had never seen her boyfriend look so fierce. She
slowly opened her mouth and found her face being fucked, and fucked hard.
She kept gagging but Eric would only pull it out for a second before forcing
it back in. She was choking and gagging so much slaiva started to dribble out
the side of her mouth, but Eric wouldn't relent and neither was Fez.

He had picked up his pace and was fucking her so hard he was slamming her
foward with each thrust, forcing her to take Eric's cock deeper and deeper
into her throat. The without warning Fez pulled out and shot load after load
of sticky cum onto Donna's back. Donna couldn't believe Fez had pulled out he
worked her into a frenzy she was on the brink and she just needed one more
push. Eric wasn't relenting though, he was about to bust for the second time

With an estatic groan he cut loose and shot his cum into Donna's hot mouth.
Between the cock sliding down her virgin throat and the copious amounts of
cum it was to much for Donna to handle and she started to cough and gag. When
she regained her breath Eric's cock was out of her mouth and there was cum
dribbling down off her lower lip.

Covered in cum and sweat Donna was a little embarassed but she needed to
expeprience an orgasm and she needed it now. She threw Fez down on the couch
and climbed onto his face. She began to grind against his foreign tongue as
Fez did what he did best. Donna began to pull and pinch her huge titties and
erect nipples.

And after a few minutes Fez's rolling tongue sent her over the edge. She came
all over his face before passing out on the floor. A glazed look in her eyes
and a smile across her cum covered lips. Then Kelso and Jackie walked in from
the upstairs, they had a couple brownies in their hands.

The end...?


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