Fictional story about fictional characters.

This is my fantasy of Season 2, Episode 10.

That 70's Show: Red's Birthday (MF,MMMF,MFF,dp,dpp,fist,creampie)
by shaggy77

Red Foreman hated his birthdays. It wasn't that he minded getting older; he didn't feel older. It wasn't that he minded losing more hair; he began losing it in high school, so that was no big deal. No, the reason Red hated his birthdays was because of all the fuss people made...over him. Basically, Red disliked people in general; they were bothersome and he had no interest in interacting with them...most of them were dumb-asses. If the world could have existed with just him and his adored wife Kitty, Red would have been a happy man. Even his children: his nearly perfect daughter Laurie , and his teenage son Eric, were annoying. It wasn't that they were bad kids...just constantly irritating...especially Eric.

But as birthdays go, this one was beginning to show promise. His lovely wife was waking him up at 8:23 and she was lying next to him completely naked. He could feel her warm skin pressing into his back as she reached around him and grasped his morning erection through his pajamas. "Happy Birthday to you and Big Red," she whispered in his ear, referring to their nickname for his penis. "I have your present here and it's already unwrapped."

"And it's just my size," he responded by turning his head to give her a kiss. She was the love of his life and he knew he didn't tell her often enough. They had met when he was in the Army serving in Korea and Kitty had been touring with the USO. At an after-hours party, Kitty and a few of the other girls had been "entertaining" some of the troops and she had been the only one willing to take on "Big Red." After that night, she only "entertained" Red and they had been married when he returned home. As much as he loved her though, sometimes even Kitty seemed to obsess with him having a good time on his birthday...but this morning's treatment, he didn't mind.

Just as Red was getting down to business, they heard a loud cracking-sound overhead and suddenly they were covered with plaster, broken boards, and shingles as the roof collapsed right over their bed. As the dust settled Red drolly stated, "Happy Birthday to me." Throwing back the bedcovers and debris, Red looked with lust at the naked body of his mate as she brushed off the plaster dust. "Are you OK," he asked, watching her shake her dirty-blonde hair, her curlers hanging loosely.

"I'm fine, I guess," Kitty responded; then in her sometimes annoying cackle, "heh, heh, heh... wow!"

Her slightly sagging 36 D breasts jiggled as she brushed them off, and as Red watched her pick little bits of plaster out of her generous dark-blonde bush, he ordered, "watch where you step, but come with me to the shower. You're a dirty girl and you need washing."

"Heh, heh, heh, oh Red," she blushed, "are you sure? Won't the kids come running in to see what happened?"

"Are you kidding," Red smiled, "they wouldn't wake up if a truck ran through the living get that sweet ass in the shower."

Kitty threw the bedcovers down on the floor to cover the roof-remains and ran to the Foreman's bathroom, her ample breasts flopping up and down with each step. Red tip-toed his way and joined her as she was turning on the shower. He quickly shed his pajamas, his cock now only half-erect after the roof catastrophe. Even after all their years together, Kitty still skipped a breath every time she saw Red's penis. It was a true freak of nature, and she could feel the dampness in her crotch increase as it waved in front of him. When fully aroused, it was a full thirteen inches long (she had measured it) and as big around as a Coke can. His big purple crown was the size of a tennis ball and she could hardly wait to feel it inside her.

They hopped into the shower stall like a couple of teenagers and Red wasted no time in pinning Kitty against the shower wall and exploring her mouth with his tongue. He backed off, grabbed the Lifebuoy soap and began to rub it all over Kitty's naked body, paying special attention to her groin area. Kitty had large fleshy pussy lips concealed by her dark blond pubic area and Red loved to slide the bar up and down her slit. "Oh Red," Kitty moaned as he actually inserted the soap up into her cunt, "scrub your dirty girl, wash my pussy." As the water flowed over his nearly bald head, Red nibbled on each of Kitty's jellybean sized nipples, which became as hard as little stones when she was aroused. Kitty squeezed the soap bar out of her hole and rubbed it up and down Red's throbbing pole. Moving her hands up and down his shaft, Kitty could feel her body shiver as Red bit down hard on her nipple.

"Since this is your birthday, you get a special treat today," Kitty winked at Red as she pulled away, turned her back to her horny husband, and bent over until her hands were flat on the shower floor. Due to Red's size, anal sex was not a frequent occurrence in their love life, but Kitty loved the feel of a hard cock in her ass and it had become a treat for Red.

"I don't care how much soap I use," Red grinned, "you are still a dirty girl." He ran the bar of soap up and down her ass crack, making sure it was totally slippery, before he used his hands to spread her plump ass cheeks wide. Wedging his slippery crown against her ass-hole, Red began to push forward, struggling to enter her rear hole. It was an incredibly tight fit and Kitty pushed her hips back as Red thrust forward.

"Oh shit," Kitty gasped as Red's giant head broke through her sphincter ring, "go easy Birthday Boy or I won't be able to walk today." She braced herself with her hands and Red pushed forward, slowly pushing his massive cock up her ass-hole. Every couple of inches, he would pause to let her channel get used to his girth. When he had inserted about half his length, Red began to slowly fuck Kitty's ass, her fleshy cheeks jiggling as he thrust. He loved his mate and would never try to shove his entire cock into that hole. "Oh Red," Kitty moaned as he reached around her and began to finger her slit. He loved the way her huge tits flopped around under her as he fucked her ass. Tweaking her large clit between his thumb and forefinger, Red felt Kitty's body shudder and sink lower as her knees became momentarily weak.

Truth was, Kitty was the only woman he had ever been with who was even willing to try to accommodate his huge cock in her ass; just another reason his Kitty was so special. He steadied her, and then began to playfully slap her ample ass cheeks making them jiggle like Jello. "You are my dirty, bad, bad girl," he scolded her as he spanked her repeatedly.

"Oh Red, I love your cock in my ass...Happy Birthday, heh, heh, heh," Kitty exclaimed as she felt Red begin to pump her ass-hole full of his seed.

Red slid his still spurting cock out of her ass and showered her pale backside, watching it wash immediately away in the shower's stream. Kitty groaned as she stood, grabbed the soap and began to wash Red's slowly shrinking snake. As it shriveled in her hands, Kitty slyly remarked, "what's happening to Big Red?"

Smiling, Red answered, "well, you know I'm not as young as I was yesterday; Big Red needs a break, but he'll be ready to tickle your fancy later." Even at his age, Red was very virile and only needed a few minutes to "recharge."

"I'll take your word on that sailor," Kitty agreed, "it's just as well because you have a big day of birthday surprises ahead of you."

"Oh crap," Red shook his head, "I was afraid of that. What else is going on?"

"Well, the Pinciottis are taking you to dinner," Kitty informed him.

"Oh no, not the Pinciottis...that Bob is such a dumb ass," Red declared, turning the shower off and reaching for their towels. Bob and Midge Pinciotti were the Foreman's neighbors and Red despised the Brillo-headed Bob. Midge, on the other hand, was a different story: every male in the neighborhood past puberty lusted after the gorgeous Midge. She was often compared to a "Bond-girl" or a Playboy Bunny. The biggest mystery on the block was how she had ended up married to Bob. Another plus was that their nubile daughter Donna was dating Eric, and Red thought that maybe Eric was finally going to amount to something if a girl that hot was interested in him.

Kitty slapped Red's bare ass and tried to convince him, "it'll be OK, you can drink and have a nice free meal; you don't even have to talk to Bob if you don't want, heh, heh, heh."

"Oh all right, but I'm ordering the biggest steak they serve and sticking Bob with the bill," Red smiled, "that'll teach the dumb ass."

Before spending most of his birthday cleaning up the disaster-area called a bedroom, Red had to endure more fawning when Kitty called him into the living room to open his gifts. Eric, in an attempt at humor, wrapped up four two-by-fours in newspaper gift wrap and gave them to his father, "you know...for the roof," he clarified.

Red's model-thin blond daughter Laurie gave him a card containing seven dollars and of course Red acted like it was a gift of the Mona Lisa. Actually Red was well aware of Laurie's reputation as the neighborhood whore, but he would never acknowledge it, at least not in front of Eric: he couldn't let Eric get the idea it was OK for him to slack off. Red hoped that by holding Laurie in such high regard, Eric would try even harder to please him and succeed in life. Kitty had given Laurie twenty dollars to get Red a gift, and told Laurie that before the day was over, she wanted her change.

Stephen Hyde, one of Eric's friends who the Foreman's had virtually adopted, gave Red a bottle of peach schnapps that he had "appropriated" from the Pinciotti house when he had been talking to Donna. Hyde had always had a crush on Donna, and even though she was Eric's girlfriend, he still held out hope of getting into her panties someday. "Hey Red," Hyde offered, "I hear you're having dinner with might need that bottle."

Later that afternoon in the Foreman basement, which was the daily gathering place for all of Eric's friends, Eric and Hyde had gotten into a verbal disagreement about Donna. Eric was upset because Donna had confided to Hyde that her parents were still living together (albeit in separate bedrooms), but were dating other people. Hyde had put Eric in his place, "you're pissed off at me? You're the one making out with her, while she just talks to me. I'm pissed off at you, you ass."

Fez, the school's foreign exchange student who no one was ever sure what country he came from, volunteered, "so Midge is dating other people. I would date Midge...she has great boobies. I love boobies."

Michael Kelso, the self-proclaimed teen lothario, agreed, "yeah that Bob is one lucky bastard. If I wasn't going with Jackie...."

While her parents were out to dinner with the Foreman's, Donna was sitting in the old Vista Cruiser station wagon with Eric and it was evident that something was bothering him. She had brought a few of Bob's beers from the fridge to keep her mind off her parents and as they sat in the darkness gulping them down, she took off her flannel shirt and leaned over to kiss her boyfriend. Eric felt like he was in heaven as her tongue tickled his tonsils and he rubbed his hands over her huge breasts which were straining against her t-shirt. "God, she tastes like a Jolly Rancher," he thought. He wanted to confront her about the "Hyde situation" but there was no way he was going to press his luck. Donna had downed three beers to Eric's one and she didn't even resist as his hands slipped up under her shirt and he began to squeeze her bra covered tits.

"Mmmm," she moaned into Eric's mouth as his hands forced her bra up over the top of her breasts, freeing them to his touch. Donna's breasts were the envy of every girl in her class and the object of lust to every boy. They were a full 36 D and bounced and jiggled with every step she took. Her head, already spinning from her rapid consumption of the beers told her she should stop him, but it felt so good she just lay down in the seat with Eric on top, and enjoyed it. Eric kneaded her soft tit-flesh and rolled her gumdrop sized nipples between his fingers, pressing his groin against hers and hoping she could feel his erection through their pants.

She looked absolutely beautiful with her long red hair spreading out on the car seat. He had never gone this far with a girl before and he was in uncharted territory as to what to do next, but trusted instinct to tell him. Donna's tits were huge and they felt fantastic in his hands as their tongues played tag. Eric was so aroused that there was no finesse involved in his technique, just pure lust. He slowly slid his left hand down over Donna's taut stomach and, as gracefully as possible, wedged his fingers under the waistband of her jeans. Surprisingly, she let him continue and even sucked in her abdomen to permit it; his hand continuing down under the elastic of her panties.

Donna was still upset with her mother, but subconsciously thanked her for being so liberated. In the 70's, not many eighteen year old girls went on the Pill at the suggestion of their mother; and even though Donna was still a virgin, she was free to explore her sexuality. She loved the way her skin tingled as Eric's fingers crawled between her legs, and spread them wider to invite him. His fingers tickled her pubic hair as they inched their way downward to find her already moist slit. Donna thought that for someone who had no idea what he was doing, Eric was performing admirably as he ran his finger up and down the length of her unusually long pussy lips. Afraid he would stop, Donna grasped his hand through her pants and held him there, making sure he knew she wanted him to continue.

Eric's knowledge of female anatomy and how to seduce a girl was restricted to the pictures and articles in the Playboys hidden under his bed, and he just hoped he didn't make a mistake; or worse yet, hurt his beloved Donna. He couldn't believe his luck when she let his hand proceed all the way down to her crotch without objecting. The dampness between her legs surprised him, as did the abundance of flesh surrounding her slit. Most of the girls in Playboy had puffy mounds, and not fleshy flaps. He was resisting the urge to pull his hand out so he could smell her aroma; afraid if he did, she would not let him down there again. With his other hand, he awkwardly shoved her t-shirt up and over her magnificent breasts, finally getting a look at them in the moonlight. "Holy crap," he exhaled when he saw their size, and the way her large pink areola seemed to almost glow in the pale light.

Donna's mind was racing when she felt Eric's long finger press between her slit and slide up into her pussy. "Oh God, Eric," she groaned as he pushed it all the way in, his head resting on her chest like it was a soft pillow. He started to slide his finger in and out of her cunt, fucking her with his long digit. "Oh...right there," she moaned and her body trembled in orgasm. She kissed him passionately and then it was as if she had an epiphany: she was almost ready to let Eric go all the way...almost. Donna decided that she wasn't going to lose her virginity just because she was mad at her mother. She was pretty sure she wanted Eric to be her first...but not tonight.

"Eric that was so nice, but I think we should go home now," she kissed him several times.

"But...but Donna," Eric protested, "jeez, I'm ready to explode here."

"I'm sorry, but I'm a little drunk now and don't want to rush into understand," she explained as she pulled Eric's hand out of her pants and sat up.

Eric knew that Donna was nothing if not head-strong and determined, so watching her pull her shirt down over her fantastic breasts, he agreed and slid over into the driver's seat.

He knew he was rock hard and would be sore if something wasn't done to relieve the tension, so he was determined to hurry home and masturbate. He was sure of one thing as he passed his finger under his nose: he was never washing that finger again.

At the Foreman home, with Red and Kitty out of the house, Kelso, Hyde and Fez had decided to go upstairs to the living room and watch Star Trek in color. They had also raided Red's bar and were passing around a quart of vodka, drinking straight from the bottle. Kelso remarked, "that Uhura is kinda hot...I wonder if they do it the same as our women."

"Kelso, you're such a dumb ass," Hyde objected, "Uhura is a human."

"Oh...yeah. Well she's still hot," Kelso answered, taking another swig from Red's vodka."

"I would do it with her," Fez added.

Kitty and Red had arrived at the restaurant first and when Bob and Midge walked over to the table, they were arm-in-arm with another couple. Red thought they were just other friends of the Pinciottis until Bob opened his mouth, "this is my date Carol; and that is Ted, Midge's date for the evening."

Red blurted out, "wait...what...what the Hell is going on here?"

Kitty put her hand on Red's arm as Bob explained, "we've decided to date other people; it's very liberal and gives us an opportunity to explore our sexuality."

"Are you serious," Red queried, "Midge are you OK with this?"

"Oh yes," Midge smiled, "it's very's in Cosmo."

"Heh, heh, heh, isn't that nice," Kitty cackled, trying to soothe Red.

As they sat, Red was about to get up to leave when Kitty slipped her hand under the table and rubbed the bulge in his pants. He was at a loss for words so it was a good thing that Carol began to tell about her love for horses. "Horse's ass," Red thought as he held his tongue. She went on to explain about equine intelligence while Red's face now resembled his name. The ironic aspect was that Ted was a Marriage Counselor. It was fortuitous that the waiter chose that moment to bring Red the largest, juiciest steak he had ever seen, because that was the only thing that kept him at the table.

As the meal was drawing to a close, Bob and Midge excused themselves to go out to their car and have sex; leaving the Foremans with the strangers. By this time, Kitty was very intoxicated. She had ordered several cocktails in order to make the Pinciottis behavior tolerable. Red shoved the check into Ted's hand and he and Kitty scampered out of the building.

Walking from the garage to the back door, Red wondered aloud, "what the Hell is going on with this world. Married couples dating other people...together. I mean I can see occasional sex...but dating? Our neighbors are degenerates Kitty."

"Now Red, don't let them ruin your birthday. I've still got a present for you...and it's already wet," Kitty soothed him. "Now let's go upstairs birthday boy."

"Oh Kitty, not the bedroom," Red objected, "have you forgotten there's no ceiling...suppose a plane flew over."

"Well, the kids are out. There's a big, comfy couch in the living room," Kitty reminded him, "I'll race ya."

When they opened the door to the living room, they were shocked to find Kelso, Hyde and Fez already on the sofa. "Holy crap," Red declared, "this house is always littered with's like we're Mormons."

Retreating into the kitchen, Kitty suggested, "you know if the kids are up here, there's a perfectly good sofa in the basement."

"Oh jeez Kitty," Red pleaded, "just give it up. My birthday's over. I would be afraid to sit on that sofa fully never know what might come oozing out of the cushions."

Suddenly stern, Kitty scolded, "you know sometimes birthdays are not just about you, they're about the people who love you. Now you get downstairs right now and get those pants off Mister...heh, heh, heh." They scampered down the basement steps, Red nearly decapitating himself on a water pipe in his haste. He kicked off his shoes, and flung his jacket onto the messy coffee table, followed by his tie, shirt and undershirt.

As he was unbuckling his belt, he looked at the old sofa and declared to Kitty, "that looks like a Salvation Army reject. God knows what's happened on there."

Kitty grabbed an old green blanket off the back of the couch and spread it on the cushions, "there you old fuddy duddy; heh, heh, heh. Now get those pants off Red Foreman." He shucked his trousers and boxers all in one motion, tossing them over the back of the sofa. As he stood there, his giant cock hanging between his legs like an elephant's trunk, Kitty pushed him backwards and he sat down on the blanket. "Don't worry," she assured him, I wash that blanket every week. Now I'm going to unwrap your present for you." Her body began to sway to the beat of music only she could hear and she kicked off her shoes. Reaching behind, Kitty slowly unzipped the back of her dress, slid it off her shoulders and wiggled it down her pale body until it cleared her wide hips. Then she just let it fall to the floor, and stood in front of Red wearing only a bra and old-fashioned stockings.

"All night long, even at the restaurant; you weren't wearing panties," Red exclaimed, astounded.

"That's correct birthday boy, heh, heh, heh," Kitty chuckled at her secret, "do you like your gift?"

"I'll let you know when you finish unwrapping it," Red grinned, fondling his penis. Kitty unsnapped her plain white bra, slid it off her arms and twirled it over her head, before flinging it into some far-off corner of the basement. Next she placed her left foot directly on Red's cock and proceeded to roll her stocking down to her foot. Red assisted her by removing the stocking and tossing it somewhere near her bra. She repeated this process with the right foot and by this time, Red's penis was at full attention. "How did I get so lucky," Red asked as he pulled Kitty up close and buried his head in her dirty blond pubic hair. Kitty repositioned her feet wide apart and Red started to spread her hair with his thumbs. When he had revealed her prominent mound, his tongue traced her slit from the bottom to the top. She was already soaking wet as he forced his tongue inside her pussy, reaching around to grasp an ass check in each rough hands.

"Oh Red," Kitty moaned, "that feels so good, but maybe we should hurry up a bit, you never know when the kids will be coming back down."

"Not to worry," Red comforted her, "when you have an infestation in your living room like that; it takes an exterminator to get rid of them...but I must agree, because I can't wait to sink my cock in you."

"Oh you old sweet talker; heh, heh, heh," Kitty laughed. Red lay back against the back of the sofa, putting his hands around Kitty's waist and turning her so she was facing away from him. She spread her legs wide, straddling Red's lap, reached down to grab his mighty pole and then raised up on her tip-toes. Her pussy was literally dripping onto his huge crown as she wedged it against her slit, and then, like so many times before, she began to lower herself onto his cock. "Oh Red," Kitty gasped as his crown spread her lips and began to penetrate her cunt. Lower and lower she sunk, impaling herself on Red's gigantic pole, feeling it stretch the walls of her pussy. Kitty never tired of the feeling of being completely filled by her husband's cock. When she was sitting on his lap, she laughed, "heh, heh, heh, I think you're getting bigger."

Red grasped her waist and began to bounce her on his lap, calling, "ya-hoo...ride 'em cowboy." He started to thrust up into her as he jounced her up and down on his lap, slamming his massive cock up into her pussy. Kitty's huge tits were flopping up and down, slapping against her chest as Red jammed in and out of her hole. He encircled her waist with his arms, hugging her tightly against him as he fucked her hard.

"Fuck me birthday boy," Kitty demanded, "drill me with Big Red." They knew each other so well that they could anticipate each others moves and desires. Red slid his hand down and stroked and pinched Kitty's large clit, as she trapped her jellybean nipples between her fingers and squeezed. Kitty's body began to tremble and she groaned, "oh Red, you fucking stud...I love your cock."

"Then you're really going to love this," he predicted as he jammed his prick up into her cunt and began to pump her belly full of his hot seed. Kitty always loved the way the warmth spread through her tunnel when Red came inside her, and just lay back against him enjoying the moment.

The amazing thing about Red's cock was that it was so large, that even when it shriveled, it would stay inside her. Sometimes at night, they would just lay in bed with his flaccid pole still inside her and just wait for it to get hard again. Kitty loved the sensation of it growing inside her pussy. She knew that they didn't have that kind of time, so she raised up, letting his cock slip out of her like a huge snake. As they lay back on the sofa, something "crunched" under the blanket.

Reaching down, Red produced an open bag of corn chips. "Hey, a snack," he declared, "you know what would go good with these...cold beer." He stood, settling Kitty on the blanket, "you wait right here while I run upstairs and get a couple cold ones." He kissed Kitty on the forehead and threw on just his pants and undershirt; not even bothering with his shoes. Kitty wrapped the blanket around her and watched Red bound up the stairs like a kid.

Red quickly grabbed two cold beers from the refrigerator and was about to return to his waiting wife when he heard the TV in the living room. He had assumed the boys had gone home by now so he went storming through the door to investigate. When he saw the trio still loitering in his home he demanded, "what the Hell are you dumb asses still doing here, don't you have anyone else to annoy?"

Kelso had tried to hide the vodka bottle by stuffing it up his shirt, but it was cold against his skin and he jumped, causing the bottle to drop to the floor as he simply said, "oops."

"Ah ha," Red bellowed, "stealing my booze...and you're probably soused."

"He he, soused...what a funny word...say it...soused," giggled Fez.

"I oughta put my foot up your asses," Red yelled as the boys cringed and drew back.

"But Mr.'re barefoot," Fez continued to giggle.

"Now Red, I mean Mr. Foreman," Kelso tried to weasel out of the situation, "I tried to explain to these youngsters about the evils of alcohol."

"Put a sock in it Kelso," Red commanded, and then he began to smile as he got a great idea.

"Here's the deal," Red began, "it's my birthday....

"Happy Birthday Red," Kelso interrupted and held out the vodka bottle, "would you like a drink," and then realized it was Red's bottle...and empty.

"Shut up Kelso," Red glared before continuing, "Mrs. Foreman just gave me a nice present down in the basement, now I am going to do the same for her...or three are. I want you to go down there and make her very happy; and if she doesn't come upstairs with a smile on her face, I'm going to put my foot up your asses."

The three inebriated boys looked at each other, and Hyde asked, "do you mean what I think you mean?"

Red just grinned and demanded, "what are you still doing here...get your asses down there; give her this beer and tell her Big Red sent you."

Kitty heard the thundering footsteps and tightened the blanket around her as the boys ran down the stairs. They saw her lying on the sofa, her bare shoulders showing and glanced at each other, acknowledging that she was probably naked. Kelso handed her the beer can saying, "Big Red sent us...he said to make you happy."

Popping the can and washing down the corn chips, Kitty responded, "why that old softie...well what are you waiting for; heh, heh, heh," and she flung back the blanket revealing her nude body. Clothes began to fly in all directions and soon all three were completely naked in front of her. "Why Fez," Kitty remarked, "you're nearly as big as Red," as she observed his penis waving in front of him. It was, of course, already hard and nearly a foot long and as fat as a Coke bottle.

"Whoa Fez," Hyde sarcastically asked, "did you have to declare that at the border?" Hyde's rod was a respectable seven inches and looked like a pepperoni stick. Kitty smirked when she saw that the self-declared teenage playboy, Kelso, had the smallest cock. It was probably seven inches long, but slender like a hot dog.

Kitty lay back on the sofa and spread her legs to invite them as Kelso dropped to the floor between them. "I'll show you amateurs how to please a woman," he boasted as he wasted no time in spreading Kitty's matted bush and burying his tongue in her pussy. She was, of course, already wet as he lapped at her slit, sucking in her juices as the others watched. "Mrs. Foreman," he mumbled, "you taste good...different than Jackie, but good."

"Call me Kitty," she responded, "that feels nice Michael."

"You dumb ass," Hyde shouted, "you're tasting Red."

Everyone else in the basement began to laugh hysterically as Kelso stood up and began to run around the room, sticking out his tongue and clawing at it with his fingernails, yelling, "noooooo."

"Stephen, come over here," Kitty requested, and Hyde eagerly stood in front of her. He had always had a crush on the older Foreman woman and for some reason he always thought it was reciprocated. "Oh my," she remarked as she stroked his hard-on, "you really are glad to see me, heh, heh, heh." Fez stood behind the sofa, reached his hands down, and apprehensively began to fondle Kitty's huge breasts. "Oh yes Fez," she encouraged him, "you don't have to be afraid." As Fez began to knead her tits more enthusiastically, she licked the tip of Hyde's crown and started to run her tongue up the entire length of his cock as she fondled his scrotum. Kelso had picked his shirt up off the floor and was scrubbing his tongue with it. He grabbed what was left of Kitty's beer, swished it around in his mouth and then spit it back in the can.

Kitty opened her mouth wide and enveloped Hyde's erection with her lips, taking him instantly down her throat. She began to bob her head back and forth, sliding his prick in and out; while Fez bounced her tits in his hands. She knew that since Hyde was a teenager, he probably didn't have much experience with blow-jobs, so she pulled his hard-on from her mouth when she sensed he was nearing climax. Hyde was ready to protest when Kitty suggested, "I have something else in mind Stephen; something very special that I only give to Red. Now I'm going to get up and I want you to sit down on the sofa."

Kitty pulled away from Fez's grasp and stood while Hyde sat in her place, his hand stroking his tool. "Have you ever had anal sex Stephen," Kitty asked as she turned her back to him.

"No, never Mrs. For...I mean Kitty," Hyde responded, "girls my age are not really into that...I don't think."

"Well, Stephen," Kitty informed him, "then today will be a first for you...I think you'll enjoy it. I know I will, heh, heh, heh." She used her hand to gather the fluid that was leaking out of her pussy and smeared it all around her ass-hole. Kitty really wasn't too worried about lubrication, after all she had just had Red inside her this morning and he was twice Hyde's size. Hyde held his cock upright, pointed at Kitty's ass-hole as she slowly lowered her body. She braced her hands against the couch cushions, feeling his crown nudging against her sphincter ring she quickly dropped down onto his cock. Immediately impaled on his prick, Kitty groaned, "oh yes Stephen; that's nice."

Hyde tried to remain cool as always, but his eyes bulged as she began to move around with his cock in her ass. "Oooo Hyde," Fez cried out, "you're fucking Mrs. Red's ass."

"That's right Fez," Kitty smiled, "now I want you to come around here and fuck my pussy."

Fez ran around the couch as Kitty spread her legs wider, reaching down with both hands to spread her matted bush, giving Fez a clear target at her slit. Sensing this was his first time, the way he stabbed at her fleshy lips, Kitty grasped his impressive rod and helped him find her opening. She reasoned that in this way she could control his penetration. Since she already had a cock in her ass, and Fez's prick was nearly as large as Red's; Kitty wanted him to go slowly and not plow right in. "Now take it easy and enjoy it sweetie," Kitty instructed Fez, "we've got all night."

When he was poised at her hole, Kitty allowed him to push forward about four inches, and Fez groaned, "holy crap, I think I am in heaven."

"It gets even better honey, heh, heh, heh," Kitty assured him, as she let him slide another three inches into her pussy. She took her hand off his penis, saying, "OK honey, I'm all yours, enjoy yourself." Fez immediately shoved the rest of his giant cock into Kitty's pussy while his eyes rolled back in his head. Both he and Hyde were now buried in Kitty's holes, and she just lay back against Hyde's chest and enjoyed the sensation. Fez, of course, wasted no time and quickly began to thrust in and out of Kitty's cunt. Feeling Fez rubbing against him through a thin layer of Kitty's skin, Hyde matched his strokes as they fucked Kitty's holes as hard as they could. "Oh shit," Kitty squealed, "fuck me...fuck my holes...fuck me hard."

She loved the sensation of having both holes penetrated simultaneously, and it wasn't long before her body trembled and shook. Feeling her muscles spasm around their cocks, Hyde and Fez increased their pace, pounding her holes as they thrust in and out. Kitty's massive tits were flopping aimlessly on her chest, and Hyde trapped them with his hands, pinching her jellybean nipples. Utterly and totally stuffed with cock, Kitty ordered, "fuck me...fuck me." Kelso just stood by, stoking his rod and waiting his turn.

Red had already downed three beers as he sat on the couch watching Johnny Carson, when Laurie came stumbling in the front door. Her blouse was wrinkled and she had buttoned it wrong, missing a button hole. Even from where he sat, Red could tell that she reeked of stale beer and cigarettes. She slurred, "oh hi Daddy," as she started up the stairs.

"Come over here pumpkin," Red ordered. He was just drunk enough that he was going to be perfectly blunt with his daughter for once.

"What is it Daddy," Laurie asked as she stood in front of the sofa, swaying unsteadily.

"Well it's like this," he began, "every where I stop for a beer, I hear people hushing up about what a great cock-sucker that Foreman girl I want to find out first hand."

"But...but, I'm a good girl Daddy," she pleaded.

"Look," Red admitted, "we both know what kind of girl you are; now get down on your knees and suck my cock."

Red immediately shoved his pants down to his ankles, his snake hanging nearly to the floor as he sat on the sofa. Laurie dropped to her knees like she had been shot, her jaw hanging open, "wow Daddy...I thought you would never ask."

She grasped his pole in both hands as it quickly grew rigid, stroking it almost reverently, amazed at his size. Beginning to lick his crown, she leaned back slightly to allow Red to finish unbuttoning her blouse and spread it open. She never bothered with a bra and Red rubbed her tiny tits with his rough hands as she opened her mouth as wide as possible around his tennis ball sized head. Wondering if the corners of her lips would split, Laurie somehow managed to suck Red's giant crown into her mouth. Tickling his head with her talented tongue, Laurie moaned slightly in the back of her throat as Red harshly pinched her pencil-eraser nipples. She fondled and squeezed his balls through his scrotum and sucked on his crown.

Watching her blond head between his thighs and feeling her trying to suck the fluid out of his balls was proving to be very stimulating for Red, and he suddenly wanted nothing more than to flood her throat with his cum. He grasped the sides of her head and tried to fuck her mouth, but of course his crown was as much as would fit. When she looked up at him with her angelic, if slightly bloodshot, eyes, Red lost control and began to spew his juice into the back of her mouth. Laurie fervently gulped down every drop, while sliding her dainty hands up and down Red's giant shaft. When she was done, and managed to extricate his crown from her mouth; not even a single drop remained on his cock-slit.

"Holy crap Laurie," Red exclaimed, "everyone is right, you really do have some talent; now get that skinny ass up to bed."

"Thanks Daddy," she beamed as she went to kiss him.

"Nahhhh," Red yelled as he ducked her cum covered lips.

No sooner had Laurie gone upstairs, than Eric came through the front door in a big hurry. Noticing Red on the sofa, Eric offered, "hi Red. Happy birthday...g'night," as he bounded up the stairs to retrieve his stack of Playboys, looking for relief from his case of "blue balls."

"Jeez what a dumb ass," Red mumbled to himself, "always fidgeting." Red walked to the kitchen, liking the feel of his bare feet on the carpet, to get another beer. When he got there, he spied Hyde's gift on the counter and returned with his bottle of peach-schnapps instead. Just as he was getting comfortable on the couch, the front door opened and Kelso's cute, but annoying, little girlfriend Jackie let herself in. "What the Hell is this, Grand Central," Red mumbled as she looked toward him.

"Oh hi Mr. Foreman," she explained, "I'm sorry to barge in but Michael called me and said they were watching TV here and had a bottle...ummm...of soda to share."

"Yeah don't have to worry about letting the cat out of the bag. They drank the whole bottle," Red informed her. As she stood there, he couldn't help but notice how cute she was...not much "up top," but cute as a button. In Korea they would have called her a "spinner;" a girl you sat on your cock and spun her around.

"Oh, well, sorry to bother you...are they down in the basement," she asked as she moved towards the cellar door.

"No," Red blurted, "I got rid of them...ah...sent them to the store. Why don't you sit down here with me and wait for them. I'm watching Johnny Carson, but we can watch whatever you like."

Jackie had never seen Red so friendly, usually she was just plain scared of him, so she sat down next to him on the sofa. Some new comedian, Jay Leno, was on Carson as Red took a swig from the schnapps bottle and handed it to the petite beauty. "it's OK, you're all of legal age now, and it's not like you're driving."

"Thanks Mr. Foreman," Jackie acknowledged as she swallowed a generous amount.

"Call me Red," he suggested as he leered at her little form.

Suddenly the front door opened again and Donna walked into the living room. "What the Hell," Red thought, and then his attitude softened as he gazed at the beautiful redhead.

"Oh hi Red...Jackie," Donna said, puzzled at the combination sitting on the couch, "sorry to butt in, it's just that I left my shirt in the Vista Cruiser and Eric locked it. I thought I could just get the key from him. Is he upstairs?"

"Yeah, yeah," Red gently told her, "but I think he's asleep. I have an extra set of keys I'll get for you, but why don't you join us; we never get a chance to talk."

If Donna had not had three beers already inside her, she probably would have thought it more strange that Red wanted to talk with her, but she saw him pass the schnapps bottle to Jackie and decided to join them. Plopping down on the sofa on the other side of Red, she took the bottle from Jackie and downed a large gulp. Before long they were all talking and laughing and Donna and Jackie were making fun of the rest of the gang. "You know Red," Donna admitted, "Hyde stole that bottle from my house."

"Bob's liquor," Red chuckled, "that makes it even better." When Donna talked and gestured, Red couldn't help notice how her huge breasts bounced around in her t-shirt. "That lucky bastard," he thought when he pictured Eric playing with them. "Hey today's my birthday you know, how about a birthday kiss from my two favorite girls."

Giggling, Jackie leaned over and, instead of a brief peck on the cheek, the alcohol urged her to give Red a full passionate kiss on the lips. He could feel a stirring in his pants when Donna saw Jackie's kiss and decided she was not going to be outdone. Donna planted her luscious lips on Red's and even slipped him her tongue. Donna was, of course, already horny from her encounter with Eric, and the schnapps had totally loosened Jackie's inhibitions. As they sat back on the sofa, Red began to cleverly prod them to reveal details of their love life, "so Donna is that dumb ass son of mine treating you right; and Jackie how about that idiot Kelso, does he know how to treat a lady?"

That opened the flood gates as Jackie told him how Kelso was constantly taking her for granted, and staring at other girls. Donna said that she really had no complaints about Eric, he worshipped her, but sometimes she wished he was more forceful; more of a man, like his father. Red smiled, put one of his large hands on each of their knees, rubbing them firmly and suggested, "well, they're just boys. They'll grow into manhood, you just need to give them time. Sooner or later they'll realize you have needs that need to be addressed."

Looking down at Red's hand on her knee, Donna suddenly realized that Red was barefoot, "Red, where are your shoes? I don't think I have ever seen you barefoot before." And as she looked down she noticed what looked like a section of fire-hose concealed under Red's trousers from his groin almost to his knee. Having forgotten his underwear also, the outline of Red's horse-cock was plainly visible through the material of his pants, and for a second Donna actually stopped breathing as she realized what she was looking at.

"Oh I was in a hurry and I just forgot to put them on," he chuckled as he squeezed their knees.

Donna began to blink her eyes rapidly, trying to get Jackie's attention; and when she finally did, she motioned with her head toward's Red's crotch. When Jackie finally got the signal, she looked down and her eyes nearly bulged out of her head when she saw the lump in Red's pants. Her panties were already damp from her session with Eric and Donna could not help herself from blurting out, "I bet you know how to please a girl, Red. Kitty always seems pretty happy. You always seem to just take what you want, like a real man."

Nestling up against him, Jackie agreed, "yeah Mr. Fore...I mean Red, I bet you really make a girl feel like a woman."

Grinning and seeing that the two teenage beauties were playing right into his hands, Red slyly answered, "well, not to brag, but I've never had any complaints."

Gingerly, but bravely, Donna extended her hand to Red's pants-leg and began to massage the huge lump that was his cock. "Holy shit," was all she could think to say as she felt it growing steadily longer and more firm. Jackie added her tiny hand to the long bulge, her mouth falling open as she stared at his groin.

"That can't be real," Jackie whispered to Donna, "can it?"

Hearing her question, a smiling Red asked, "would you like to see it?"

Neither girl could speak, they just nodded their heads in the affirmative while Red stood and began to shove his pants down his hairy legs. When his pants had cleared his knees and his cock flopped out like an anaconda, Donna gasped, "hooolllllyyyy shit," and Jackie was rendered speechless.

"Go ahead," Red urged, "you can touch it if you want...and I know you want."

Reaching forward gingerly, almost as they were afraid it would singe their hands, Donna and Jackie grasped Red's elephant-trunk with all four hands, and there was still room to spare. "I didn't know they grew that big," Jackie was amazed, "how big is it going to get?"

"I guess you'll just have to find out," Red stated as he looked down proudly as their hands stroked his meat.

"I've only felt Eric's through his pants," Donna admitted, "but it isn't half as big as this."

"Yeah, neither is Michael's," Jackie confessed, "his is like a hot dog."

Donna could actually feel the blood pulsing between her legs and literally could not resist sticking her tongue out and licking the side of Red's giant penis; it was like a magnet drawing her to it. It had finally reached its full thirteen inches and Jackie sat back and murmured, "ooooo, that's amazing."

"Fuck me...fuck me...jam those cocks into me," Kitty ordered as Hyde and Fez slammed into her holes simultaneously, making a "squishing" sound as they fucked her.

Fez reached his hands up and began to squeeze Kitty's huge tit-bags, "oh Mrs. Red, I love your boobies," as he fucked her cunt as hard as he could, "and your pussy is wonderful."

"Heh, heh, heh," Kitty laughed, "thank you Fez. You boys are doing a wonderful job. When you're ready I want you to cum in me...fill me up with your cum."

"Yeah, so Kelso can suck it out," Hyde laughed as he thrust up into Kitty's ass-hole.

"Oooo, that was a burn Kelso," Fez gasped, breathing hard from fucking Kitty so violently.

As their cocks rubbed against each other inside her, Fez and Hyde began to buck as their cocks pumped Kitty's holes full of their seed. They slammed into her and held inside while they emptied their balls deep up in her belly and ass.

"Oh yessss, fill my holes," Kitty pleaded, feeling their warm fluids inside her.

Fez was sweating profusely as he proudly announced, "I am not a virgin any more...America is a great country." He slowly backed up, watching his log slide out of Kitty's juicy pussy. Kelso bounded eagerly around the sofa like an excited puppy, his hard-on in his hand.

Kitty raised up and sat beside Hyde, taking his shrinking cock in her hand and stroking it vigorously. "Now don't you go soft on me, I'm not through with you yet," she urged him. Being a teenager, who sometimes got an erection if a stiff breeze blew up his pants leg, Hyde maintained his hard-on with her coaxing.

Hopping around like a Mexican Jumping Bean, Kelso begged, "what about me Mrs. Fore...Kitty?"

She was busy once again sitting on Hyde's lap, only this time she guided his cock into her already open cunt.

"Oh yeah, that's radical," Hyde yowled when Kitty had hit bottom and he was buried inside her, "tough luck Kelso."

"Oh no, there's plenty of me to go around," Kitty proclaimed, "Michael I want you in my pussy too."

"You mean at the same time? But I'll have to touch Hyde's...thing...with mine," Kelso grimaced. Kitty reached her hands down, slid her fingers into her pussy along-side Hyde's prick and spread her fleshy lips as far as she could, offering Kelso an open target. Kelso shrugged his shoulders, "oh Hell," moved between Kitty's spread thighs and in one motion shoved his thin cock all the way up her cunt. "Alllll rrrright," Kelso shouted, "I am the man," and he raised his arms up as if to show his muscles; which of course were nonexistent.

"Yeah, the man with Red's cum on his chin," Hyde teased, and Kelso tried to punch him around Kitty's naked body.

"Now, now boys," Kitty directed, "are you going to fuck me or not."

"Oh yyyeah," Hyde assured her as he began to thrust up into her warm cunt. As if it were a contest, Kelso started to jam his prick into her pussy just as hard. They moved their cocks simultaneously, acting as one huge penis inside Kitty's pussy; thrusting in and out, Kelso's balls slapping against Hyde's.

"Ohhh, that's nice," Kitty moaned as they slammed into her, grinding their groins against hers, "fuck me boys...fuck me hard." Even though her cunt was stuffed with two cocks, they easily slid in and out because of all the lubrication already inside her. Fez stood beside them, furiously stroking his giant cock as he watched Kitty being double penetrated. Securely trapped between the two teens, she reached up and wrapped her hand around Fez's pole, assisting him.

"Man, you're a real slut Kitty," Hyde remarked as he slammed into her pussy, "and I mean that in a nice way."

"Heh, heh, heh, why thank you Stephen," she responded, "and you're quite the cocksman."

"He he, cocksman," Fez giggled as he began to shoot his load all over Kitty's flopping tits. She tried to catch as much as she could in her mouth, but they were bouncing her up and down as they fucked her hole.

"You know it doesn't seem fair that my pants are off and you too beauties still have all your clothes on," Red stated as Donna and Jackie continued to stroke his pole. By now the schnapps had disappeared and both girls were under the trance of Red's log, so they immediately began to shed their clothes. Jackie pulled off her blouse and her lacy pale blue bra, freeing her tiny breasts. They were just hand-fulls at 34 B, but her nipples were unbelievably long and just inviting someone to bite them.

Red turned his attention to Donna who had already lost her t-shirt and was unclasping her plain white bra. When she slid her bra off her arms, her magnificent tits spilled out like giant water balloons. They hung on her chest and jiggled with every movement she made. Her nipples were vivid pink and the size of gumdrops, centered on large areola. Red couldn't help thinking they were even nicer than Kitty's.

Jackie was shoving her pants down her slender legs, followed by her matching blue bikini panties. Red's eyes widened as he spied her completely shaved pubic area, that made her look much younger than she was. Seeing Red staring at her crotch, Jackie explained, "I read where all of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders shaved down there so nothing showed around their uniforms."

"Yeah, it's nice," Red agreed as he turned to watch Donna pulling off her jeans. Her legs seemed to go on forever as she pulled her jeans off and then shed her plain white (with a little pink trim) panties. Her bright red bush was trimmed short and in a V-shape; Red guessed so nothing was exposed when she wore her bathing suit. She had the classic thigh gap and Red couldn't help but notice that her pussy lips were like long flaps that hung down between her bare thighs. He was sure he saw them glisten with moisture. "Happy Birthday to me," he thought, "this is turning out to be the best birthday of my life."

When they were completely naked, they stood on either side of Red as he sat on the sofa, like nude bookends. He reached his large rough hands out and cupped their pubic areas, feeling their warmth spread to his hands. They both closed their eyes and softly moaned as he rubbed their mounds, sliding his fingers up and down their wet slits. Slowly and deliberately, Red slid a middle finger just barely inside each of their slits, making their knees buckle as he slid them deeper.

Donna was aroused to the point of losing control and she gasped, "Red, I have to tell you I'm a virgin...but I want you to fuck"

"Fuck me too Red," Jackie pleaded as if she was afraid Donna was going to get all his attention.

"I think you'll agree, I have enough cock here to go around," Red assured them as he stood and guided Donna to sit down on the couch. He wasn't surprised that Donna was still a virgin; it just reinforced his opinion of Eric as a wimp; but he figured he would be doing his son a favor by breaking her in. Then she would feel free to have sex with Eric. When Donna was sitting on the sofa, Red pulled her incredible naked body forward until her firm ass cheeks were at the edge of the cushion. Her neck was propped up by the back of the sofa and Donna looked down between her flattened out breasts as Red held his gigantic cock in his hand and rubbed the crown up and down her slit, smearing it with her slick fluid. He was fascinated by her incredible pussy lips which were so long he wondered of he could tie them in a knot.

Seeing his tennis ball sized head poised at her opening, Donna was suddenly feeling very reluctant about her predicament. "There is no way that will fit inside me," she told herself, comparing his crown to her virgin hole. "Red, maybe you shouldn't...," she began to protest.

But Red attempted to soothe her mind, "oh nonsense Donna, remember your vagina was designed to allow a baby to pass through...I'm no where near that size. Just relax and enjoy it." Jackie sat on the couch next to Donna and began to rub her belly as Red used his thumbs and forefingers to pull Donna's lips apart. He stretched them so far that they resembled rubber bands as he eased his cock-head between them. Donna could feel the pressure against her slit as Red steadily pushed forward trying to gain entrance to her virgin cunt. He used his thumbs to pry her open even farther and lunged forward, finally penetrating her pussy with his huge crown.

"Holy crap," Donna squealed as Red's huge knob spread her opening and lodged just inside her. It felt like he had actually split her pussy lips, but as they rested, it gradually began to feel good.

"OK," Red asked as he put his rough hands around her waist to hold her in place.

Donna nodded up and down, and when she looked down between her legs it looked like a fence post was poised at her entrance. Red, kneeling on his knees, began to push slowly forward. Donna's body squirmed as Red's enormous cock began to stretch her pussy inch by inch until he nudged against her virgin barrier. He looked at her and she mouthed, "do it," as she grit her teeth and grabbed handfuls of the sofa cushions. Knowing the best way to break her hymen was to plow through it, Red tightened his grip on her waist and forcefully shoved forward. "Ooohhhh," Donna muffled her scream and then relaxed as Red ripped through and waited for her to adjust. It felt to Donna like someone had shoved their entire arm up her cunt, and Red still had about six inches to go.

Pausing to let Donna catch her breath, Red once again began to push forward, his massive cock sliding farther inside her incredibly tight pussy. Donna could feel her tiny tunnel stretching with each inch, as Red plowed deeper and deeper into her hole. Finally Red was completely inside her, his balls resting against her ass. He leaned over, wrapped his arms around her and hugged her to him, whispering in her ear, "how does it feel to have a big, fat cock inside you for the first time?"

She wanted to tell him that the sensation of having the entire length of her vagina utterly and completely filled with cock, stretched beyond her wildest imagination, was actually indescribable, but she just answered, "wonderful."

Red asked her one more question, "are you ready to be fucked?"

"More than ready," Donna whispered back, and Red released her so she could lay back against the sofa. He once again grasped her firm waist and she felt his horse-cock sliding out of her pussy, her tunnel shrinking around it as he retreated. He checked for traces of blood on his shaft as he withdrew, but there was only a drop. When he had withdrawn everything but the crown, Red slowly slid the entire length back inside her, stretching her cunt as he went.

"Holy crap your cunt is tight," Red remarked as he continued to slide his tremendous pole slowly in and out. He enjoyed watching her magnificent tits jiggle as he rocked her naked body.

Donna watched as his enormous cock slid in and out of her hole, her lips gripping his shaft as he withdrew and being forced back inside her when he thrust. It was like watching a magic trick, because there was no way something that huge should be going inside her. The sensation truly was indescribable: when he was inside her it was almost hard for her to breathe, he was taking up so much space. She was becoming mesmerized watching his steady rhythm, and then suddenly after withdrawing, he plowed forward with all his strength, jamming her cunt full of his horse-cock. "Oh my fucking God," Donna screamed as Red started to violently thrust in and out of her pussy. "Oh God...fuck me Red...fuck me...stretch my fucking pussy," she screeched.

Red grasped her beautiful ass cheeks, one in each hand, and he began to forcefully plow his giant cock into her cunt. Her magnificent tits were flopping against the sides of her chest, making "slapping" sounds as Red slammed into her pussy. "Oh my God...fuck me...fuck me...shove that giant fucking cock into me," she begged. It was like being fucked by an elephant, and Donna literally saw bright light spots in front of her as Red ground against her clit. Her entire body trembled and shivered as she had one orgasm after another. Jackie had leaned over, taken one of Donna's huge tits in both hands and was feeding it to herself; sucking it into her mouth and nibbling on her gumdrop nipple.

All that existed in Donna's world at that moment was Red's monstrous cock buried deep inside her cunt, stretching her to new limits with each violent thrust. "Oh Red, fuck me...fuck me...I love your fucking cock," she pleaded. Now all she wanted was to feel him cum in her, deep in her belly. "Oh Red...cum in me...cum in my fucking cunt."

Red stared at the absolutely beautiful naked teenage beauty in front of him and he was more than happy to oblige. She was gorgeous with her long red hair spread out on the sofa and her magnificent tits bouncing on her chest. He put his arms under her endlessly long legs and hoisted them onto his shoulders, tipping Donna's body backward and allowing him to penetrate her hole even deeper. Thrusting ferociously hard into her battered cunt one last time, his enormous cock made contact with her womb and Red began to pump her hole full of his hot seed. The walls of her cunt began to spasm as Donna's body shook and squirmed and all she could verbalize was, "aaahhhhh."

He squeezed her ass cheeks against him, forcing every inch of his massive cock deep up into her belly while he spewed her full of cum. Donna humped back against him, her cunt muscles undulating around his pole, milking his rod of every drop. Still squirting inside her, Red leaned forward toward the tit Jackie had neglected, sucked her areola between his lips and bit down harshly on her gumdrop. "Oh fuck," cried Donna, feeling Red's pubic bone mashing her clit, "oh my God that's good."

When Red had finally emptied his balls into her pussy, Donna virtually collapsed against the sofa; totally spent and exhausted. Red sat back on his heels, his shrinking cock naturally sliding out of Donna's stretched out hole like a snake. Even that felt good to Donna, and she shivered as it slithered out of her pussy.

Seeing Red's log shriveling, Jackie began to pout, thinking she was going to be left out. There was no need to worry as Red gazed at her tiny naked body, and her inviting bald mound. He stood up, placed his sloppy, wet snake between Donna's massive tits and began to run it up and down between her peaks. Laying back on the couch, her tits had flattened out and she used what energy she had left to push her "water balloons" together, making a tight channel for Red's cock. "Every time I've seen those tits wobbling around under your shirt when you walk around our house, I've wanted to do this," Red admitted as he fucked Donna's incredible tits. In no time his cock was rock hard again and he sat down on the couch between the two naked teens.

Putting his hand on Jackie's thigh, Red asked, "OK little one, do you think you can handle this?" Sitting on the sofa, it looked like Red had three legs instead of two, but it only encouraged Jackie as she jumped to her feet and stood in front of him. For such a tiny girl, she really did have an incredibly hot body. The gap between her thighs was wide and the light behind her outlined her fleshy bald mound. Wasting no time on foreplay, Red encircled her tiny waist with his huge hands, picked her straight up, and set her down on his lap. His giant cock slapped against her trim waist and extended almost up to her teeny tits.

Red stood her up on the couch so her feet were on either side of him, and with her crotch at face level, he leaned in and began to lap at her fleshy slit. "Oh shit," Jackie gasped as Red's tongue pushed through her lips and into her pussy. He had never licked a pussy without hair before and found it highly arousing. He buried his face between her thighs, his nose tickling her rather large clit. "Oh Red," Jackie moaned as her knees buckled and she literally sat on Red's face, "I need to get fucked."

"I agree, my little cheerleader," Red concurred as he once again grasped her waist and pulled her down to his lap. She was straddling him, sitting on her knees as he raised her tiny little body in the air as if she was a doll. When she was far enough in the air, she helped out by grabbing his pole in her hand and wedging it between her wet lips. His crown was so huge that it was like trying to fit a quarter into a dime slot. Jackie used both hands to spread her folds around Red's cock-head as his "tennis-ball" pushed through her opening. It felt like her slit was ripping as he penetrated her mound.

"Oh shit," she exclaimed as Red held her there, his crown just inside her pussy, her lips stretched as far as they would go. Then without warning, he just removed his hands and let gravity take over. "Oh God...oh God," Jackie shrieked as she was immediately impaled on thirteen inches of the fattest cock she had ever seen. Her head snapped back, eyes bugged and her mouth flew open, as in one second every inch of her cunt was stretched farther than it had ever been before...much farther. "Oh my God," she screamed as it felt like Red had shoved his arm up her pussy. She would have sworn she was in pain, and yet she was experiencing one orgasm after another as every nerve ending in her pussy was stimulated simultaneously.

And then...Red began to fuck her.

He didn't take it slow like he had with Donna because Red knew this little minx had been having sex for quite some time. Red wasn't that surprised to find that her cunt was not nearly as tight as Donna's, and he guessed it wasn't just because she was used to being fucked. Not that he considered himself to be an expert but, in Red's experience, sometimes the skinniest girls had the largest holes. Jackie was so easy for Red to fuck: she weighed virtually nothing and he could bounce her on his lap with no effort at all. He was intrigued by the way her tiny titties jiggled as he pounded her slick pussy with his monstrous cock. It seemed a miracle the way her petite little body accepted his entire horse-cock.

"Holy shit Red," Jackie squealed as his pole penetrated her, "your fucking cock is so big." She threw her head back and screamed, "stuff my little cunt with your big, fat cock...oh my God, fuck me...fuck me." Grasping her little waist, Red lifted her up with ease and then jammed her down onto his enormous cock as he thrust up into her. He fucked her like this for several minutes, battering her cunt with his immense weapon. Next to him, he watched Donna reach down to her wide open hole with two fingers, scoop up a gob of his spunk and then suck it into her mouth before licking her fingers clean.

The two gorgeous teenagers had made Red feel like a teen himself. He squeezed Jackie's perfectly round ass cheeks in his coarse hands and stood up with her still impaled on his giant pole. Instinctively she reached her arms around his neck and wrapped her slender legs around his waist for support, as he began to fuck her standing up; bouncing her up and down while his massive cock slid in and out of her pussy. He walked around the living room with her clinging to him like a leech, thrusting his cock deep into her belly with each step. Red backed her against a wall and slammed his monstrous cock up into her, their pubic areas smacking together. "Oh my fucking God," Jackie squealed, "fuck me harder...jam that fucking cock into me."

Red bent down and rolled her long left nipple between his teeth, fighting the urge to bite down hard. He could feel her vaginal muscles gripping his cock as she climaxed again, her tiny body shivering against him. Red was really enjoying himself, and he knew that since he had already cum so many times, he could now stay hard all night if he wanted; but he really wanted to shoot his wad up into this little pixie's cunt. Still grasping her firm little cheeks, he walked over and set her down on the back of the sofa behind Donna, who was now playing with her own huge tits.

Jackie's cunt had never been so full, and she was in absolute heaven as Red's enormous cock thrust in and out of her stretched out hole. Squeezing her ass hard, he pulled her into him as he ground his pelvis against hers and started pumping his seed deep inside her belly. His cum was so hot that it felt like he was scalding the inside of her cunt, "oh God, oh God...fuck me...fuck me," Jackie moaned as she felt her body losing control. Donna came around to the back on the sofa and kneeled next to Red, fondling his balls as he emptied them into Jackie's hole.

When he was done, he backed away, watching his cock slide out of Jackie's pussy. She no longer had a fleshy slit between her legs; it was now a huge wide open hole with his cum drooling out of it. Donna seemed hypnotized at the sight and reached her hand between Jackie's legs, inserting three fingers with ease...then four. Jackie offered no objections, so Donna cupped her thumb inside her fingers and easily shoved her entire hand up into Jackie's cunt. When her hand was wrist deep inside Jackie's pussy, Donna closed her fist and began to fist-fuck her little friend.

Jackie leaned back over the sofa to brace her hands against the cushions as Donna twisted and turned her fist inside her cunt. "Holy fucking shit," she gasped as Donna began to open and close her fist, wiggling her fingers around inside her pussy, stimulating her G-spot and every other spot. Her legs shot straight out as her cunt muscles gripped Donna's hand and fluid dripped out of her hole. As Donna carefully withdrew her hand, Jackie's body seemed to melt onto the couch like warm butter. It was as if every muscle in her tiny frame totally relaxed simultaneously.

Red, finished with his birthday playthings, had put on his trousers and suggested, "well, it's getting pretty late. I guess you two should be getting home;" and he began picking up their clothes and handing them to each girl.

"Oh that's nice," fuck me boys...fuck me," Kitty encouraged them as they thrust into her juicy cunt. She hadn't been double-fucked in a long while and Kitty was thoroughly enjoying herself as the teens plowed her pussy. It was as if they were in a contest as Hyde and Kelso tried to see who could thrust the hardest, battering her cunt between them. They alternated their strokes and then synchronized their thrusts; their cocks acting as one. "Oh yes...right there," Kitty urged them on, slumping back against Hyde's chest. She loved the feel of two cocks sliding in and out of her pussy, feeling totally comfortable with Eric's friends.

Kelso, not known for his stamina, began to increase his pace, jamming his slender rod in and out of Kitty and feeling Hyde speed up to match his rhythm. Kelso grit his teeth and made a strange face as he suddenly erupted into Kitty's cunt, his rod jerking and twitching as he spewed his load. Feeling Kelso's prick vibrating against his, Hyde jammed his cock as far up Kitty's cunt as possible and began to pump her full of his seed also. "Oh yes," she moaned, feeling her pussy growing steadily warmer as they flooded her tunnel. She thought to herself, "wow, it's been a long time since four different cocks have shot their load in me in the same day." Her muscles milked every drop out of their shafts as she shivered between them.

Kelso pointed his finger at Hyde, "ha, I won...I beat you."

"You're such an ass," Hyde chided him, "the whole idea is to last longer...ask Jackie sometime."

Kelso stood up, his "hot dog" slipping out of Kitty's hole and she rolled off of Hyde; her pussy now feeling empty. When she stood, a flood of cum gushed out of her pussy. She retrieved Red's shirt off the floor and used it to wipe her dripping thighs, then just tossed it onto the washing machine. "Heh, heh, heh, thank you boys for a nice night, but I think you had better be getting home; and I'm sure Red is waiting for me upstairs."

When Kitty walked into the living room and sat on the sofa, Red put his arm around her, "I hope you had as good a time on my birthday as I did. Donna and Jackie stopped by and kept me company...I think we should keep them in mind for your birthday. Even with the roof, this may have been the best birthday of my life...thank you. Now what do you say we go upstairs and look at the stars."

"Heh, heh, heh...I'll race ya," Kitty replied as she jumped up and ran for the stairs.

(Thank you for reading my story. I know it's not perfect but remember it's just for fun. Hope you enjoyed it. As always, comments and suggestions are always welcome. [email protected])


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