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That 70's Show: Red Is Laid (Off) (MFf,oral,cpie)
by Shaggy77 ([email protected])

It had been a month since Red Foreman had been laid off from his supervisors job at the plant, and he had gone through the "anger" and "depression" stages, and was now well into the "acceptance" stage. He had made all the local rounds looking for employment, and had come up empty on acceptable offers. There had been a few menial, minimum-wage jobs available, but he knew he was more qualified than that, and besides he had a family to support.

Kitty, his wife of twenty years, worked as a nurse at the local hospital, but was vastly underpaid. The apple-of-his-eye, his twenty year old daughter Laurie, was bouncing between schools and had never worked, and then there was his son Eric, the dumb-ass. Red guessed he was a good enough kid, he got great grades in high school, had never been in any real trouble, but he was a wise ass and had all those worthless friends who just hung out in the Foreman basement and mooched off of Red. Truth be told, the only thing Eric had ever done wrong was to be born two years after Laurie. She would always be Red's favorite, and no matter what Eric did, it would never please Red.

Most days now, while Eric was in school, and Kitty was at work, Red would putter around the house and watch TV, while waiting for the phone to ring with a job offer. Never in a hundred years would Red have thought it possible, but he was now in the habit of watching the "soaps" every afternoon. His neighbor Midge was to blame. She had started coming over every afternoon while he was reading the "help-wanted" ads in the paper, and turning on the TV. She said she had always come over and watched with Kitty, until she had gone to work full-time. At first Red was annoyed as hell, but over time he had been sucked into the story lines of the "afternoon dramas." Now, every day you could find Red and Midge sitting next to each other on the Foreman sofa, Red with a beer in his hand, and Midge with a martini.

Sometimes, after a few beers, Red would begin to notice what an absolutely stunning woman Midge really was. She was a former model with an angelic face, who had kept herself in great shape, and she never wore a bra. Red was guessing her breasts must be about 38D's, and as firm as one of Kitty's jello molds. She was a tall, brunette, with an ass so taught you could bounce a quarter off it. Sometimes when they were sitting next to each other, her long hair would fall onto Red's shoulder and he caught himself breathing in the pleasing scent of her strawberry shampoo. "That Bob is one lucky bastard," Red thought to himself on more than one occasion. "How the hell could she have married that fat loser." Bob, Midge's husband and Red's neighbor, was short, fat and wore a toupee that looked like a Brillo pad.

Midge watched the soaps as an escape from reality, dreaming of what her life could have been like. She had been a model with a promising career, dating a rich and powerful man. She had become pregnant, with her daughter Donna, before she discovered the man was already married. He had made it clear that he was done with her, and if she ever tried to contact him again, he would hurt her and her unborn child. The pregnancy, of course, put an end to her modeling career (unwed mothers were viewed somewhat differently in 1960), and she was left with no means of support. That was when she met Bob, a naive small business owner who could bring stability to her life. She had made it seem like he was seducing her, and he never questioned her pregnancy. Midge would go to her grave with the secret that Bob was not really Donna's father. Her life now was not glamorous, but she had friends, a wonderful teenage daughter, and a husband who adored and supported her. The only real problem was that she was still in her prime sexually, and Bob's short stubby penis did not satisfy her needs, neither did the various objects and vegetables she had tried over the years.

Today, after a couple martinis, she had been giving Red the once over with her eyes. This was a real man, she thought to herself, one who probably knew just how to please a woman. He had been out in the garage working on his old beat-up Datsun, and when he had come inside, grabbed a beer out of the fridge, and sat down beside her to watch their "stories,' he had been all sweaty and pumped.

The longer she stared at Red, the more she fantasized about what kind of lover he would large his penis might be. She fixed herself a third martini from the Foreman bar, settled back down next to Red, and they both became engrossed in the storyline of the "soap." It involved a beautiful woman seducing her naive, hunky neighbor while their respective spouses were at work.

"That crap never happens in real life," announced Red, "that's why these shows are so unrealistic."

"Oh, I don't know," Midge answered, "I can see something like that happening. Especially if the woman wasn't fulfilled at home."

"I guess," Red remarked as he returned from the kitchen with another beer.

As the story on the tube continued to get more steamy, Midge continued to get more horny, until she snuggled up tight next to Red and almost innocently reached over and stroked his chest through his shirt. Red was so engrossed in the TV that he didn't even notice until Midge lay her head on his shoulder and blew her breath on his ear. He jerked his head to the side, took notice of her large nipples poking through her shirt, and asked, "What is this all about, Midge?"

"You know Red, you are a very sexy man. I've noticed you staring at my chest a few times, have you ever wondered what my breasts look like naked," Midge inquired innocently.

Normally Red would have been tongue-tied, or agitated, but the beers had loosened his tongue as he replied, "I have to admit Midge, I've always thought that Bob was one lucky bastard. I think every man in the neighborhood has fantasized about you."

"Well, this just might be the lucky day for one of those men," Midge promised.

She continued to massage Red's chest, let her hand drop onto his crotch, and took hold of the sizable bulge in his jeans. She turned his head toward hers, clamped her luscious lips onto his, and let her tongue flow into his mouth where it was eagerly met by his. Midge looped her leg over top of Red's and straddled his lap facing him. She broke their kiss, reached down, grasped the bottom of her shirt and slowly lifted it over her head and off.

"Holy crap," exclaimed Red as her absolutely marvelous, flawless tits sprang forth in all their glory. They were perfect: large and completely firm, with jellybean sized nipples capping rosy, pint areola. They were like magnets to Red's hands...he couldn't have resisted touching them if he had tried.

Red reached out with both hands and wrapped his fingers around Midge's perfect globes, squeezing her full nipples between his fingers. Midge moaned with pleasure as her hands began to massage Red's bulge. She leaned forward and once again began trying to reach Red's tonsils with her tongue. Red was totally out of control now, as he put his hands on Midges' waist and lifted her off his lap. As she stood in front of him, he unsnapped her waistband, and yanked her slacks and panties down all in one motion, revealing her totally bald cunt to his eyes.

"Holy crap, Midge," exclaimed Red. He hadn't seen a bald pussy since Eric was born and it was incredibly erotic. Midge had always kept her bush trimmed so she could wear her bikinis in the hot tub, but a couple years ago she had read where all the European models were shaving their pubic hair completely off, so she decided to try it.

The result had excited Bob, so she had done it ever since. Red reached around, grasped Midges' fantastic ass cheeks, and pulled her to him. She knowingly spread her legs as Red buried his face into her crotch. He breathed in her scent and it drove him wild. He started to actually munch on her swollen cunt lips and dragged his tongue from the bottom of her moist slit all the way to the top, where he rubbed his nose across her pea-sized clit. Midge shuddered as she coated Red's face with her juices. He continued to lick and bite her pussy until she begged him, "Red, I need to be!"

Red kicked off his shoes and stood up in front of her as she fumbled with his belt and zipper. She knelt in front of him and as she jerked his jeans and shorts down, a monster of a cock spilled out of his pants. "Oh my gosh, Red," was all Midge could say as she stared at the pole in front of her face.

Red's erect cock was at least eleven inches long, but the outstanding feature was that it was as thick as a salami, with a crown the size of her fist. She just stared, awestruck, at the pole waving in front of him. Her head moved forward, she stuck out her tongue, and began to lick Red's cock all the way from his scrotum to the head, just like an ice cream cone on a hot day. When she reached the head, she opened her mouth as wide as possible and forced it into her mouth. Breathing through her nose, Midge tried to swallow Red's cock, but it was impossible...her mouth simply couldn't hold it all. Red threw his head back in ecstasy as she tickled his vein with her tongue. He wanted to explode in her throat, but decided to save his load for her sweet pussy. As Red sat back down on the couch, his cock unplugged itself from Midges lips and she was left squatting in front of him.

"Well, what are you waiting for...climb on," Red smiled.

As Midge straddled Red's lap again her pussy lips were naturally spread as her legs stretched on either side of his thighs. Red held his cock at her opening as she placed her hands on his shoulders and eased her body forward. She struggled to try to fit his head inside her and Red lunged upward as it plopped through her lips. They held their positions as Midge tried to get used to the monster stretching her cunt wider than it had ever been. Then when she was feeling more pleasure than pain, Midge continued to sit on Red's lap as his monster cock drove into her belly. When she had finally engulfed the entire pole, she had to stop and catch her felt like his cock was pressing against her diaphragm. Midge was sure that not even in childbirth had her cunt ever been stretched so far.

Red bent forward and nibbled on Midge's erect nipples as he ground his pelvis against hers. When he was sure she was getting used to his invasion, he grasped her ass cheeks and began to thrust up into her cunt as hard as he could. He pounded into her pussy as he watched her tits bounce in front of his eyes. He couldn't believe he was fucking this beautiful woman, and it made him even happier to know he was screwing Bob.

Midge rode Red's cock like she was the star at a rodeo, and he jammed into her pussy like he was trying to punish her. Midge was certain her pussy was going to be sore tomorrow, but she didn't care as she jammed herself down onto Red's lap. Red squeezed her cheeks, pulled her tight against him, and stood up with Midge still impaled on his cock and her legs wrapped tightly around him. He started to walk around the room carrying her in front of him. He sat her ass on the back of the sofa and began pounding into her cunt standing up. He bit down hard on her left nipple, reached down and pinched her protruding clit, slammed his cock balls-deep into Midge's hole, and held her against him as he flooded her pussy with his hot seed. Midge convulsed violently as she felt his twitching, spasming cock erupt inside her. She actually thrashed around at the end of his cock like a fish out of water gasping for breath. This is what it feels like to get fucked by a real man, she thought.

As Red was emptying his balls into Midge's belly, they heard a voice in the kitchen yell, "Mom, are you over here?"

Red and Midge were still connected when Donna burst through the kitchen door, caught sight of the naked adults, and just stood there with her jaw dropped open. She had grown bored at school and convinced the school nurse to let her come home because of a migraine. She had done this on rare occasions and Midge understood how she needed a little break now and then.

"What the hell," Donna finally exclaimed, as the lovers just stood there, Red's cock still buried inside Midge.

"Now Donna, I can explain," assured Midge, as Red backed up and his cock slid out of her pussy.

Donna, glanced down and whispered, "Oh my God, is it supposed to be that big."

Red saw that Donna was almost hypnotized at the sight of his cock, knew he was in danger of Kitty finding out, and immediately thought of a plan to alleviate his guilt. "Why yes, Donna, a real man's cock is supposed to be this size," Red replied.

A mesmerized Donna answered, "But Eric's is so tiny compared to yours."

Until now, Red had no idea that Eric and Donna had been having sex. For once in his life, he was actually proud of his son. If he was enough of a man to be fucking this fox, maybe he wasn't such a dumb-ass after all. Red knew he had to act quickly before Donna completely regained her senses, so he asked, "Would you like to touch it?"

Midge quickly caught on that this might be the way out of Donna telling Bob about her indiscretion, so she put her arm around Donna and guided her over to stand in front of a naked Red. As if in a trance, Donna reached out her hand and closed her fingers around Red's formidable tool. Her fingers wouldn't go all the way around his massive cock, and she stooped to get a closer look at it. Donna, in love with Eric since grade school, knew that sex between them left her unfulfilled, and felt her pussy getting moist as she stroked Red's huge cock.

"Would you like to feel that inside you," Midge whispered in Donna's ear.

Donna felt herself nodding affirmative, and then her mother was pulling Donna's shirt up and over her head. She had to let go of Red's tool as her mother removed her shirt and then unclasped her bra, freeing her youthful breasts. She quickly grabbed a hold of Red with both hands once her upper body was naked.

Red felt his cock get even harder as he stared at Donna's magnificent tits. They were almost as big as her mother's, and Donna's nipples were a brighter shade of pink. As Red reached out to fondle them, he discovered that they were not as firm as Midge's, they actually jiggled more when he bounced them, they were more fleshy. He never thought he would think this, but that Eric is one lucky bastard. As Red rubbed and squeezed Donna's pliable tits together, he was amazed at the softness of her skin, it was like silk on his fingertips. He leaned forward, took her right nipple between his teeth, and gently bit down on it.

Donna's knees got weak at the sensation and she dreamily asked, "Mom do you think it would be OK if Red fucked me?"

Midge replied, "I think it would be lovely dear...and there's no need to worry because you've been on the pill for almost a year now." Midge knew that they had to continue quickly before Donna regained all her composure, so she reached out, unsnapped and unzipped Donna's jeans and lowered them to the floor. She quickly grasped Donna's pink panties and slowly lowered them down her legs. Midge helped Donna step out of her shoes and the clothes pooled around her feet, leaving her gorgeous daughter completely nude.

Red glanced down and saw the first teenage pussy he'd seen in twenty years. Donna was, of course, not bald like her mother, but her bright red pubic hair was very fine and sparse. Red could make out her glistening slit and very prominent cunt lips. He thought to himself, "I can't wait to sink my cock into that pussy."

Donna, still in a daze, followed Midge's guiding, and sank to the floor, positioning herself on all fours with her back to Red. In this position, her huge tits hung down like bags, and swayed back and forth when she moved. Red sunk down behind Donna, used his legs to spread hers farther apart, and nudged his cockhead against her slippery slit. Midge actually used her fingers to spread Donna open as far as she could, and Red pushed forward until his huge head popped through Donna's opening and into her cunt. Red then slowly, but steadily, moved forward and, inch by inch, buried his monster cock inside Donna's juicy tunnel. When he was finally buried to the hilt inside her teenage pussy, Red reached around her and wrapped his hands around her magnificent tits.

Donna could feel Red's cock invading her belly and the sensation was incredible. Never before had her pussy been so completely full... so totally stretched out. When he began slowly withdrawing his huge tool, Donna lost all control, and if Red had not been holding her, she would have collapsed onto the floor. Her orgasm seemed to last for minutes as Red slowly withdrew and then plunged hard back into her depths.

Red loved the sight of his cock dragging Donna's large cunt lips out of her hole and then forcing them back inside her when he thrust forward. Red put his hands on Donna's waist as he started to pound into her cunt with all his force. Her tits were swaying to a silent beat as he continued to jam her pussy. He was fucking her so hard and fast that their lubrication was actually making a froth around her cunt lips.

Midge kneeled next to Red and squeezed his scrotum as he kept slamming into Donna's pussy. Red put his arms around Donna's waist, found her clit with his fingers and pinched. He thrust hard into her belly and they both came together. She could feel her cunt suddenly get hotter as Red squirted inside her. He was so excited at this tightness of this teenage pussy that he couldn't stop cumming. Her orgasm was squeezing his pole like a vice and Red wanted this feeling to last forever.

He lay his head on her back and they just stayed in this position until he started to shrivel. As his shrinking cock slowly slid out of Donna's hole, his cum drooled out of her opening like pudding. Donna collapsed onto the floor, rolled over on her back, and just lay there looking up at her mother and Red. As she lay there, her beautiful red hair cascading around her shoulders, her wonderful breasts flattened against her chest, and their juices still seeping out of her wide open hole, Red thought she looked like an angel. Midge thought she looked like a whore, but a beautiful whore.

"Ok then," Red announced, "Mums the word on this, right."

"Only if we get to do it again," answered Donna.

"Absolutely," agreed Midge.


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