(fictional story about fictional characters)

(This is not about Red; it is about what happened at the Drive-In that night.)

That 70's Show: Red Goes On A Date Part 2 (dp,creampie,f-gang)
by shaggy77

Donna Pinciotti and her friend Jackie Burkhart were in Donna's bedroom sharing the usual teenage "girl talk."

"Jackie, I can't go to the Drive-In with Eric alone," Donna nervously confessed, "you know, he might try something." She was an absolutely gorgeous redhead, and she and Eric had crushes on each other since grade-school. He had finally asked her on a romantic (for teenagers) date where they would be all alone at a recognized "make out" location, and Donna was apprehensive. They had both just turned eighteen and she was afraid this would give him sexual ideas. It wasn't that she didn't get horny with Eric, she was just worried about seeming "easy." "You and Kelso have to come with us," she pleaded, "Eric would never try anything with you there."

"Are you trying to tell me you and Eric have never done it," Jackie asked incredulously, "geez, you've liked each other, like forever."

"Look, I know you and Kelso have had sex lots of times, but I just want the first time with Eric to be really special," Donna answered.

"Oh Michael is such a dork sometimes," Jackie admitted, "he likes to tell everybody what a stud he is, but the truth is we've never done it either. I know what you mean though; the first time should be someplace romantic like Paris or Disney World."

Now it was Donna's turn to be dumbfounded, "I can't believe it...Eric always says we should do it because you two have done it so many times...wait 'till I tell him.

"Oh no, you can't do that," Jackie pleaded, "then Michael will know I told you."

"Oh all right," Donna agreed, "but it would be such a burn."

Red Foreman was in the best mood he could remember: none of the flock of kids that seemed to inhabit his house had bothered him all day; and that night he was going to spring a very special surprise on his faithful wife, Kitty. He had been planning it all day, and it involved her being ravished by relative strangers. As he anxiously awaited their "date," he could hardly stop smiling...something very unusual for Red. He didn't even get upset when Stephen Hyde, Eric's friend who actually resided in the Foreman's basement, slipped a condom in Red's shirt pocket as a joke.

He was in such a good mood that when Eric asked him to "borrow" ten dollars for his date; Red slid a twenty into his hand. Now twenty dollars was a considerable sum back then when gas cost sixty cents a gallon, and Eric feigned a heart-attack by clutching his chest. "Thanks Red...I mean Dad. You know we're going to the Drive-In, and popcorn is pretty pricey."

"The Drive-In, mean the old make-out heaven," Red stated, "yeah, I have fond memories of the Drive-In when I got back from Korea."

Rolling his eyes, Eric added, "yeah it's a scary double-header: "The Omen" and "Carrie;" hopefully there will be lots of cuddling and hugging."

"Riiiight," Red said drolly, "and maybe even Donna will get scared. ya...I think Stephen calls that a burn."

"Real funny," Eric replied, surprised at how friendly Red was acting.

Red grabbed Eric's hand and pressed something into it on top of the twenty, and Eric blushed when he saw it was a condom.

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do," Red chuckled, passing along Hyde's condom, "and if you do, don't name it after me, ha ha ha."

"Uh...gee thanks, but you know Donna is on the...," Eric began.

"On the pill, yeah I know...the whole neighborhood knows," Red informed him, "geez, what hippies Midge and Bob are. I was just joking with you son, I know Donna's a good girl and you have about as much chance of getting lucky as I do of becoming the Packers head coach. But, have a good time anyway...I know I will be. No beer in the Vista Cruiser or you'll get my foot up your ass."

Eric could barely contain his excitement; he was finally going to be alone with his totally desirable girlfriend. In the basement hangout, Eric, Kelso, Hyde and Fez (Point Place's foreign exchange student) were gathered around their table made from a discarded telephone-wire spool smoking some of Hyde's stash. "Eric, I tell you that when my host parents played the KISS album backwards, you could hear the Devil speak," Fez was nearly crying.

"Fez," Hyde instigated, "it's the government. They want to ban rock-and-roll music because they know it makes us horny."

"Come on Hyde," Eric reasoned, "quit scaring Fez. There is nothing on the record, Fez; it's just your imagination. But speaking of horny...I'm going to the Drive-in with Donna tonight."

"We know...we know," Hyde groaned, "geez, you've told us twenty times already...change the record."

"Yep, you're going to be in make-out city," Kelso chimed in, "those scary movies are chick magnets."

As dusk was approaching, Eric floated on air through the Pinciotti backyard to pick up Donna. She was an absolute dream in her tight jeans, blouse and sweater jacket. Her silky red hair cascaded down over her shoulders like a waterfall and Eric noticed right away that she had bright red lipstick on her luscious lips. As they were getting into the Vista Cruiser, Kelso and Jackie suddenly appeared in the driveway. "Hey, what are you guys doing here," Eric inquired in a peeved tone, "did you forget we're going to the Drive-In."

"Oh, thank you Eric," Jackie replied quickly, "we would love to go with you...get in the car Michael."

Kelso started to apologize to Eric but was interrupted by Jackie pulling him, "get in the car, Michael." Kelso was carrying a brown paper bag and threw it in the backseat as he stumbled in beside Jackie.

Eric was ticked-off as he got behind the wheel and seeing this, Donna and Jackie began to chat, trying to take his mind off the fact his anticipation of having a night alone with Donna was spoiled. As soon as they had parked on one of the humped aisles at the Drive-In, they were startled by a ruckus in the back of the Cruiser. Suddenly the Army-surplus blanket that Eric used to cover the holes in the back seat was thrown in the air and the heads of Hyde and Fez appeared yelling, "surprise."

"Holy crap," Hyde and Eric yelled in unison as the hidden duo grinned. "What the Hell are you doing here," Eric demanded.

"I had to show Fez what the Devil was really up to," Hyde chuckled, motioning to the screen where "The Omen" was just beginning. "Hey man we snuck in for free," and he "high-fived" Fez.

"You dumb ass," Kelso laughed, "the burn is on you...this is car-load night. No matter how many are in the car, the admission price is the same."

"He's right," Eric agreed laughing, "finally Hyde gets the burn."

"Oh yeah," Hyde snorted, slugging Kelso twice in the arm, "well you flinched. If you don't stop being dumb asses I won't share my special brownies with you."

Holding up his bag, Kelso added, "well if you don't...I won't share my beer with you. I stole it from my brother."

"Oh man," Eric ordered, "after we drink that, make sure you throw the cans away or Red will put his foot up my ass."

For the first fifteen minutes of the movie, five of the six friends munched hash-brownies and washed them down with warm Old Milwaukee. No matter how hard they tried, they could not convince Fez to join in their snacking. "No, I know they will be waiting to give me some sort of test when I get home. I don't want them sending me back to my country."

As soon as the brownies were devoured, and everyone else settled back to watch "The Omen," Jackie and Kelso began to furiously make-out in the back seat, leaving Donna feeling very uncomfortable. When Kelso came up for air and asked Eric, "you guys OK up there," Donna had a quick reply.

"I want some popcorn," she spoke up, "and I want you all to go get it."

" to the snack bar," Kelso announced, getting out of the car with Eric, Hyde and Fez.

As soon as they were gone, Donna admonished Jackie, "you know I didn't ask you to come with us so you could suck Kelso's face off."

"I know, I'm sorry," Jackie apologized, "when they come back we'll just watch the movie with you...I promise."

Just then Kelso poked his head in the window, "about that popcorn...I need some money."

"Popcorn...who wants popcorn," Donna changed her mind, "I don't want popcorn...just get in the car."

Looking at Eric, Kelso complained, "she doesn't know what she wants."

Eric simply shrugged and slid in behind the steering wheel.

"Hey, where's Stephen and Fez," Jackie asked.

Kelso told her, "oh you know Fez...he wanted to go play on the swings." It seemed like every Drive-In had a small playground area off to the side to keep the children occupied when they got bored with the movies.

The marijuana laced brownies mixed with the beer was having an almost immediate effect on the teenagers, making them incredibly horny. During one particularly gory scene, both Jackie and Donna screamed and went diving into their boyfriend's laps. Seeing Donna disappear in Eric's lap, Kelso gave him the "thumbs-up" sign and went back to making-out with Jackie. Donna slyly slid over next to Eric and snuggled up against his side to watch the screen. Eric, being the suave teenager, pretended to stretch and then confidently put his arm around her shoulders. They both had huge smiles on their faces as they relaxed against each other, until the couple in the back seat began their contortions, and Eric and Donna kept getting kicked in the head. "You know, it's hot in here; would you like to watch from a different location," Eric asked.

"Great idea," Donna agreed as she took off her coat and got out of the car. Eric lost his sweater and joined her as they lay on the hood of the car. The engine had cooled off and it was actually a very comfortable location as Donna cozied up to him and Eric put his arm around her.

As they lay there gazing at the stars instead of the movie, the Vista Cruiser started to rock and Eric commented, "well, Jackie and Kelso sure made themselves comfortable."

"They sure did," she replied, "it's a roomy car."

"It IS a roomy car," Eric exclaimed, his eyes widening, "you know the bench seat...there's enough room in the back for a full-size human."

It was as if this realization drove their libido to the breaking point and the long-time couple began to furiously make-out on the hood of the car. They were in such a passionate embrace that Donna actually slid off the side of the car, and onto the ground.

Jackie and Kelso had indeed made themselves comfortable. With Eric and Donna out of the car, Jackie's dwindling inhibitions virtually disappeared as Kelso's tongue explored her mouth. Her head was spinning as Kelso's hands caressed her chest through her shirt. She barely weighed ninety pounds, so one can of beer and a couple brownies were definitely enough to blur her judgement. Her jacket and shoes were long gone when Kelso began to unbutton her blouse and tug it out of her pants. Kneeling between her legs in the back seat, he ran his hands up her flat stomach, under her flimsy bra and shoved it up over her tiny mounds. Laying back on the seat, Jackie's breasts were nearly unnoticeable, but she had incredibly long nipples that rose straight toward the roof like elongated jelly beans.

Leaning forward to lick her minuscule mounds, Kelso exclaimed, "geez Jackie, your nipples are awesome."

"Thank you Michael," Jackie cooed as if in a dream, "suck on them." He quickly began to suck on first one large nub, and then the other as Jackie grasped his head to hold him in place.

"Don't mess up the hair," he instructed her

"Sorry...sorry," Jackie scolded herself, "come on...don't stop sucking."

Kelso resumed servicing Jackie's hard nipples and slowly worked his hand down under her waistband and into her panties. He couldn't believe she was allowing him to grope between her legs, but she was actually spreading them farther apart. Expecting to feel pubic hair, Kelso was perplexed when he did not. He was encouraged though when he felt how wet her crotch had become. Sliding his middle finger between her very plump labia, Kelso wiggled it around until he felt an opening and then began to insert it up into her pussy.

Her body began to twitch and shiver as Jackie moaned, "oh my God, Michael...get your pants" As he shoved his pants and ridiculous leopard-print bikini briefs down his legs, nearly rolling off the seat as he kicked them off; Jackie threw her blouse and bra off before unsnapping her slacks. "Help me get these off Michael," she ordered as he sat back on his heels staring at her perky nipples.

"Everything," he asked, not believing his luck.

"Everything," she confirmed, staring at his seven inch hard-on, which she thought looked like a boiled hot dog. It was the first penis she had ever seen, and it seemed to draw her like a magnet.

Kelso lost no time in hooking his fingers into the waistband of her pants and yanking them down her slender legs, making sure her panties accompanied them. Despite wanting everyone to believe he was the class lothario, this was the first time Kelso had ever seen a vagina, and he was speechless as he gazed at Jackie's shaved mound. All he could think to say was, "I thought there'd be hair."

Too impaired to be embarrassed, Jackie responded, "I read in my mom's Cosmo that all of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders shave their pubic area so that nothing shows out the side of their uniforms."

Almost hypnotized, Kelso remarked, "it's so cute," and he pulled Jackie's legs on either side of him so he could lean forward and get a closer look. Leaning in so close that his nose was almost touching her crotch, he noticed, "it's so're dribbling."

"Yeah, I know," Jackie admitted, "now get up here so I can see your dick." Like someone had stuck him in the ass with a pin, Kelso crawled up her naked body on his hands and knees until he was straddling her chest; his prick waving in front of her face. "It's so hairy," she exclaimed as she reached up with her hands and encircled his rod with her tiny fingers. She was so petite that her fingers made his "hot dog" seem larger and she leaned forward to lick the pearly drop of pre-cum off his pee-hole. "That actually doesn't taste too gross," she told him as she opened her mouth and encircled his prick with her slim lips.

"Holy crap, Jackie," Kelso exclaimed as she sucked him deeper into her warm mouth, "where did you learn to do that."

"MmmI, m'ont mow," she mumbled with her mouth full of cock, and she truly didn't know why she knew how to do just seemed natural to suck on something that was stuck in your face. Kelso grabbed the side of her head, running his long, bony fingers through her dark tresses, and began to fuck her baby-face.

Standing beside the Vista Cruiser making-out, Eric suggested, "it IS a roomy car, would you like to sit somewhere more private?"

"You read my mind," Donna agreed, breaking their embrace and moving around to the rear of the car; both stumbling because of the brownies and beer.

Opening the tailgate, they could see Kelso's upper body as he was obviously kneeling on the back seat, "hey Kelso," Eric greeted him, and Donna just nodded, not even acknowledging his presence. Everyone had other things on their minds, as Donna and Eric spread the Army surplus blanket, and crawled into the back of the car. "See," Eric grinned, "there really is enough room back here to lay down."

Kelso let Jackie know they had company in the vehicle, "Eric and Donna are in the back."

"Umm hmm," Jackie just rolled her eyes as she continued to suck his hard-on.

Laying in each others arms, Donna and Eric played "tonsil tag" with their tongues as their arousal neared the breaking point. Eric boldly slid his left hand up under Donna's blouse and caressed her huge breasts over her bra. "These clothes are just in the way," Donna announced, her libido peaking. She sat up, pulled her blouse over her head, reached behind her and un-hooked her plain white bra, and shrugged it off her milky shoulders; not the least bit inhibited.

"Holy crap Donna," Eric's eyes bulged as much as his prick, "you tits are incredible." And they were: a full 38 D, and they hung on her chest like huge water balloons.

His hands were drawn to them like magnets, and Donna actually blushed, "I'm really glad you like them."

Her areola were the size of silver dollars and a light shade of pink, surrounding gumdrop sized nipples that were completely engorged with arousal. Eric gently began to knead them, being so tender that it was as if he thought they were going to burn his hands. He leaned in, took her right nipple between his teeth and gently sucked it into his mouth, never releasing her left breast.

"Oh Eric," she moaned, "that feels so good...suck on my titties." Donna was so turned on that she stuck her hand down outside her pants and began to run her hand up and down her crotch. Eric devoted equal attention to each nipple and then stuck his head between her large milk-bags, squishing them against his ears.

He couldn't believe his luck, "Donna they are just incredible...better than in my dreams." He sat up in front of her, pulled off his shirt and pulled her to him; enjoying the feel of her magnificent tits flattened out between them like giant cushions.

They kissed for what seemed like hours, totally oblivious to Kelso's prying eyes as he exclaimed excitedly to Jackie, "Jackie, you should see Donna's tits...they are huge."

Jackie stopped sucking, pulled Kelso's prick out of her mouth and just stared at him incredulously, "really...are you kidding me !"

"No, they really are...just look," he nearly shouted.

"You dumb ass," she yelled, sliding out from under him, "I'm giving you a blow-job and about to give myself to you, and all you can think about is Donna's chest."

"Oh hey...don't stop," he pleaded, "you were doing good...why are you so mad."

Gathering up her clothes, she only took the time to put on her blouse and slacks, "if you don't know, I'm not going to tell you," she shouted as she slipped on her shoes and opened the car door.

"Oh come on...Jackie, come got me all excited," he begged as she grabbed a couple beers, slammed the door and he watched her walk away. Looking down at his hard-on, Kelso talked to it, "I guess it's just you and me again." He immediately turned, rested his arms on the seat back and resumed watching Eric and Donna.

More horny than she had ever been, Donna grasped Eric's wrist and guided his hand down inside her jeans. Surprised and very pleased, Eric slid further down and pushed his luck by slipping inside her panties down to her moist crotch. Raising up on her knees to give him easier access, Donna moaned when his fingers found her long lips and began to explore her folds. She closed her eyes when his long middle finger ran up and down her wet slit, gathering lubrication and then slipped inside her pussy. No one had ever fingered her pussy before, and Donna's body shivered as she encouraged him, "oh yesss...right there Eric."

Without even knowing it, Eric had rubbed her swollen clit and, even if she had not consumed a large quantity of hash brownies and beer, it had driven Donna beyond the point of no-return. She knew what she wanted and that she wanted it from Eric, "get your pants off...hurry."

" mean...does this mean," Eric stammered in disbelief as he unzipped his pants and began to push them off his skinny legs.

Unbuttoning her jeans, Donna assured him, "that's right, we're going to do it." Eric nearly got a charley-horse shoving his pants and tighty-whities off then turned to assist his beautiful girlfriend. Donna had never seen a penis before and she was impressed with Eric's eight inches as it waved in front of him. He grabbed the bottoms of her pants-legs and tugged as she wiggled her ass and shoved her waistband down over her wide hips. "Would you like to do the honors," she asked him, her fingers in the waist of her pink panties.

She spread her incredibly long legs wide as Eric crawled up between them, hooked his fingers under the elastic and began to slowly slide her panties down and off. Shifting his body backward as he drew them off her legs, Eric paused to stare at his gorgeous girlfriend. It was like he had gone to heaven as he gazed up the length of her incredibly long legs to the bright red triangle of pubic hair between them. She had trimmed it short and into a V-shape so that she could wear her bathing suit, and it looked like an arrow pointing to her slit. She had raised up on her elbows, watching him undress her and her marvelous breasts spilled out on the sides of her chest like fleshy balloons. "God she's beautiful," Eric thought as he crawled up to her crotch, running his hands along her creamy thighs.

He had never actually seen a vagina before; only in the Playboys he kept under his bed; and he was mesmerized at the sight of her unbelievably long labia. He placed his hands on her thighs and looked pleadingly at her, "can I touch it?"

"Oh God yes," Donna breathed heavily, "what are you waiting for...I want you to do everything."

She began to knead her own breasts Eric kneeled between her legs and, using his thumbs and forefingers, grasped her elongated lips and began to stretch them wide. As he tugged on her pussy lips, her slit opened and Eric could see inside her cunt. "It's so pink," he remarked to no one in particular, leaning closer until he could smell her arousal. A drop of her fluid seeped out and dripped down between her ass cheeks as her scent seemed to drive him crazy. Donna was so horny that her entire body was twitching as Eric leaned in closer and extended his tongue until it made contact with the little pearl that was her clit.

"Holy fucking crap," she shrieked as Eric nibbled on her bud, seeming to know instinctively what to do. Eric could see her slit spasm as it opened and closed involuntarily, more fluids leaking out, so he began to use his tongue to scoop up her cum; surprised at how good it tasted. Donna grasped his head in her hands and pulled it up to kiss her, "I need to feel your cock inside me."

Eric could literally feel his prick grow harder as he tried to ask, "you're a you-know, I have to be careful?"

"You are so sweet," she answered, "I've never been with a man, as you know, but I'm not technically not a hairbrush handle took care of that long ago...just fuck me..I need to feel a real cock inside me." She wanted to take the time to fully explore the first penis she had ever seen, but she needed to know what it felt like to be fucked; she was dripping wet and she needed it. Donna lay back in the Vista Cruiser, using her rolled up jeans for a pillow and spread her legs as wide as the confined space would allow. Reaching down with both hands, she spread her lips apart to give Eric an inviting target and pleaded, "fuck me neighbor."

Looking down between her spread out breasts, Donna watched as Eric held his hard-on in his hand and pressed his purple, plum-like crown against her open slit. He wanted to make this moment last forever as he gently pushed forward and watched his head slip into Donna's pussy, spreading her hole wider. "Oh yes Eric," she moaned, "push it it."

Following her instruction, Eric slowly pushed forward inch by inch until his balls were nestled against her wonderful ass cheeks. "Oh my God that feels nice," she exclaimed, "why did you make me wait so long."

Grinding his pelvis into hers, Eric complained, " make YOU wait...I wanted to...what the Hell," and then he saw her wink at him and smile.

He just lay on top of the beautiful redhead, savoring the feel of his cock surrounded by her warm, wet cunt. He kissed her passionately, afraid that if he moved his groin right away, he would lose control...and he wanted this to last. "Mmmm Eric, your cock feels so good inside me," Donna assured him, "fuck me baby...fuck me." As Eric began to slowly withdraw and then slide back in just as slowly, enjoying every inch of penetration; Donna wrapped her endlessly long legs around him so that he couldn't if he wanted to. The sensation of a warm, hard cock sliding in and out of her pussy was even more wonderful than Donna had imagined it would be. She lay her head back against her makeshift pillow and just enjoyed it.

Eric placed his hands on either side of her naked body and raised himself up until the only contact their bodies had was their genitals. He began to thrust his cock into her harder, almost violently, loving the sight of her magnificent tits jiggling with each thrust. They hung against each side of her chest like flattened out balloons and each time he slammed into her pussy, her tits jiggled like Jello. Eric was in heaven, looking down between them and watching his cock slide in and out of Donna's cunt, pulling her long, fleshy lips out and then shoving them back into her.

He began to fuck her as hard as he could, driving his cock into her and smashing his pelvis against hers...grinding against her clit. "Oh my god, Eric," Donna yowled, "fuck me lover...fuck me...jam your cock into me." He leaned down, took her left nipple between his teeth and bit down. Her body shivered and her cunt muscles contracted, squeezing Eric's cock as she climaxed again. Hearing her groaning, "yessssss," Eric shoved up into her cunt and began to spurt his cum deep into her belly. "Cum in me...fill my pussy," the beautiful redhead cried out.

"You are the best girlfriend ever," Eric conceded as he pumped his load into her, flooding her pussy. Feeling her pussy grip his cock as he emptied his balls into her warm tunnel was the greatest experience of Eric's young life and he seemed to cum for an eternity before collapsing beside her nude body. Her long legs were still wrapped around him and his shriveling cock slowly slipped out of her hole, leaving her feeling empty.

"Holy crap that's hot," Kelso breathed as he stroked his prick; still leaning against the seat-back, and still being ignored by the copulating couple.

"That was amazing...thank you," Eric gazed into her green eyes.

"You don't have to thank me, you dork," Donna teased him, "yeah it was amazing."

"I hate to spoil the mood," Eric began, "but those beers have to go someplace...I've got to go really bad," and he quickly put on his underwear,shirt and pants.

As she lounged around naked on the coarse blanket, Donna teased him, "well don't be gone long...I might want more," and she purposefully licked her lips.

Displaying absolutely no modesty with Kelso in the car, Donna lay back and listened to the movie dialog coming through the speaker. Kelso fondled his hard-on, staring at Donna's naked body; the body he had imagined for so many years. "You know Donna," he stated, "you're the reason I didn't get laid tonight. I would have done it with Jackie, but I complimented your body and she got pissed."

"You're such a dumb ass Kelso," Donna scolded him, and exasperatingly said, "what do you want me to do to make it up to you. I do appreciate the compliment."

"Welllll," he cajoled her, "I'm going to have a serious case of blue-balls here if something isn't done to relieve me...and that's painful, just ask Eric."

If her judgement had not been impaired, she would have told him to "take a hike," but she fell for the famous Kelso-pout: "alright, climb back here and we'll figure something out." He clambered over the seat-back complimenting her, "you really are hot, Donna."

Still horny from her session with Eric, Donna blushed at his comment and stared at the "hot dog" waving between his legs as he sat beside her. As if on "auto-pilot" Donna reached over, grasped his prick in her soft hand and began to stroke it up and down. Leaning over his groin she began to lick his crown like a lollipop; like she had been doing it all her life. The fact that his rod was so skinny and the head was barely larger, registered in Donna's mind and an idea began to form. I don't think Eric would be pleased if he came back and found you fucking me, but how about if you do my ass...he has never shown any interest in that; and until right now, neither have I.

"Oh man...are you ass fuck," Kelso blurted out. He was as excited as a kid on Christmas morning as Donna got on all-fours and presented her incredibly firm ass to him.

"Eric's cum is dripping out of my pussy, so use that to lubricate your cock," she ordered as she spread her knees farther apart, " and go slow, this is my first time, or I'll knee your balls." Just as Kelso was crawling up to her delectable ass, a large gob of cum hung out of her pussy and he captured it on the head of his cock. Rubbing it all around her sphincter with his crown, Kelso used his thumbs to spread her cheeks and pushed against her hole.

"You have a great ass," Kelso announced as he thrust forward, his cock pushing through her muscle ring and into her ass-hole. He didn't even pause, he just slowly and steadily pushed forward until his entire cock was wedged inside Donna's other hole. "Oh man that's tight," he exclaimed as he placed his hands around her waist to hold her steady.

At first Donna was going to tell him that it was a mistake and she wanted him to stop, but as they just paused, his cock buried in her ass, she gradually got used to the intrusion and it actually started to feel was touching places that were causing pleasure. "Just take is easy," she warned him as she bent forward to rest on her elbows; in turn giving him a better angle to enter her.

Kelso, grinning from ear to ear, couldn't believe how lucky he was: he was fucking Donna's incredible ass. He felt like a real porn star, and began to imagine he was starring in an X-rated movie. As he started to slowly withdraw and thrust into her tight hole, Kelso began to imagine porn-names for himself, " Dirk Longmire," he thought as he slid back into Donna's tight ass. Getting carried away with his fantasy, she suddenly slapped Donna's cheek so hard he left a reddened hand-print. "Oh shit...sorry," he apologized, waiting for her reaction.

"What the Hell, Kelso," Donna yelled and she was going to kick him, but abruptly stopped when she realized that it had actually felt had turned her on and she was on the verge of an orgasm. "Do it again," she demanded.

"What...are you serious...I said I was sorry," he asked curiously.

"Don't talk, just do it again...I'll tell you when to stop," she ordered.

"OK," was all Kelso said and he slapped her other ample ass cheek just as hard. He loved the way her flesh jiggled, and he kept slapping her ass as he thrust in and out of her sphincter. He gradually picked up the pace until he was really drilling her ass with his cock; her magnificent tits swaying beneath her like huge milk-bags. "God you're hot, Donna," Kelso assured her as he stabbed her ass.

"Shut up and fuck my ass," Donna groaned, "jam your cock up my ass hole. I want to feel you cum in me." She braced herself on one arm, reached down between her legs and pinched her clit when she felt Kelso start to shoot his cum deep in her ass. "Oh God Kelso...fuck me...fill my fucking ass," she shrieked and felt her own cum running down her hand.

When his "hot dog" began to shrivel, Kelso sat back on his heels as Donna rolled over and lay back. "She is so fucking sexy," he thought as he stared at her naked body. "That was amazing how about some pussy," he urged.

"Get bent Kelso," Donna proclaimed, "I need to take a break. You know you should go look for Jackie. You remember her right...your girlfriend."

"Yeah, I guess," he admitted as he slipped on his ridiculous underwear.

Jackie couldn't decide if she was more mad or disappointed as she wandered around the Drive-In, stumbling in the darkness; more because of the beer and brownies, than because of the dark. Her head was spinning when she found herself at the playground, so she leaned back against one of the slides for support. "Hey, this is nice," she thought, enjoying the cool slide against her backside, and the angle was perfect for watching either the movie or the stars. "Hey Jackie," she heard a voice next to her, "what are you doing here?"

Turning, she saw Hyde and Fez standing next to her staring. It didn't register that they were staring at the result of cool night air making contact with braless nipples. Jackie's breasts might have been small, but when her huge nipples became erect, it took more than a flimsy blouse to conceal then. "Oh that dumb ass Michael was looking at Donna's chest instead of mine so I ditched him," she explained. "Hey I know my breasts are small, but he shouldn't have ignored me when I was giving him a blow-job. I was going to let him be my first," she casually admitted.

Hyde's ears perked up when he heard that, and he sensed an opportunity to take advantage of little Jackie. "He IS a dumb ass if he ignored a fine female like yourself," he soothed her. "You could be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader," he fed her secret desire, "and from where I stand, your tits are looking fine," (and he wasn't lying, as her nipples were threatening to poke through her blouse).

"Oh thank you Stephen," she blushed, "do you really think I could be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader."

"Sure, whatever," Hyde answered, "you know what would be the perfect way to get revenge on that ungrateful dumb ass..if you let someone else be your first. And it would be even sweeter if it was someone he knew. "

" think so," Jackie questioned him, her head swimming trying to process all the information, "I don't know...what do you think Fez?"

Fez had sat down in one of those rubber-strap swings, the kind that conform to your butt and he began, "well, I like Kelso, and I'm not sure...," but then he saw Hyde make a fist at him and he continued, "yes, I guess that would be the perfect burn."

"You're right, " she chirped, "that would be the absolute perfect burn. Stephen, would you fuck me?"

"Well, if you really want me know, just to burn Kelso," he pretended to be reluctant.

"Let's do it," Jackie shouted as she pulled her blouse off over her head exposing her tiny tits.

Both Hyde's and Fez's eyes bulged as she didn't hesitate one second before she began to tug her slacks off over top of her shoes, before stopping to kick them off. "Those are some major nipples you got there," Hyde complimented her as he slid off his boots, and tugged on his jeans. He surprised her by not wearing underwear either; "I never wear them; the Man wants you to wear them."

When her slacks were finally off and Jackie was totally naked, both Hyde and Fez were speechless. They knew she was of-age, but her bald mound and tiny breasts made her appear to be about thirteen. "Holy crap," Fez whispered, "you are beautiful."

"Thanks Fez," Jackie blushed as she leaned back on the cool slide, jumping when her ass made contact, "what do you think Stephen."

"Oh Hell yes...let's do this...let's get you fucked," he urged. She spread her slender legs, planting her feet firmly on the ground on either side of the slide. Hyde also straddled the slide, moving up until he was just in front of Jackie, staring at her prominent mound. "Now you said Kelso was going to be your're not going to scream or anything are you," he inquired, somewhat concerned that a cop was suddenly going to appear out of nowhere and fulfill his paranoia.

"Awww, aren't you sweet to worry about me," she felt even more flushed, "this will be my first time with a boy. My mom has a few toys, you know, with my dad in prison and all...we share." She really wasn't too worried...Stephen's prick looked about the same length as Kelso's; just a little fatter with a head the shape and color of a plum.

"Yeah, that's right...I'm worried about you," Hyde faked concern.

She had been dripping wet for an hour when Hyde took his rod in his hand and nudged it between her puffy lips. He looked down between their bodies at his cock poised at her bald mound, and eased forward until about two inches were imbedded inside her juicy slit. Surprised at how easily he had penetrated her, Hyde thrust forcefully upward, burying his cock inside her pussy. "Oh yes," Jackie wailed, "that'll show that dumb ass Michael."

"That's what it's all about," Hyde agreed as he began to slam his hard-on in and out of her cunt. Leaning forward, he took one of her elongated nipples between his teeth and nibbled as he thrust into her.

"Ohhh that feels good," Jackie groaned, "fuck me Michael...I mean Stephen...sorry about that."

Fucking her as hard as he could, punishing her cunt, Hyde replied, "that's OK...make sure you tell Kelso who was your first. You know what would be an even bigger burn...if you were to give Fez a blow-job while I was fucking you. Kelso would go nuts."

Her head seemingly in a cloud, Jackie agreed, "yeah...Fez get over here."

Fez had already kicked off his Hush Puppies, and fell while trying to walk and pull his pants off at the same time. By the time he reached the slide, he was shoving his boxers down his legs and Jackie gasped when she saw what was hanging between his legs. "Oh shit Fez," she exclaimed. Fez's cock was not yet completely erect, but was already nearly a foot long, as fat as a Coke bottle with a crown that resembled a tangerine. "There is no way that thing will fit in my mouth," she stated.

"Holy crap Fez," Hyde hooted, "I can't believe they let you bring that weapon into the country. Man, that thing belongs in the snake cage at the zoo."

Embarrassed, Fez asked, "well maybe you could just lick it a little...I would like that."

As Hyde drilled her hole, Jackie grasped Fez's monster with both hands and licked around the crown like an ice cream cone. She couldn't believe how heavy Fez's pole was as she licked up the underside; attempting, but failing to get his head into her mouth. "I have to feel your boobies," Fez admitted as he reached out with both hands and cupped her tiny tits. Laying back, they were barely even mounds as he closed his hands around them, trapping her huge nipples between his fingers and squeezing.

Hyde grasped Jackie's slim waist, drove himself into her pussy and began to pump her full of his seed. "Holy shit...fuck me," Jackie yowled as she felt her cunt spasm around Hyde's cock.

"Oh yeah," was all Hyde said as he spurted into her. When his prick began to shrink, he backed up and let it slip out of her slit, always scheming, "you know, since you didn't give Fez a blow-job, I think you should fuck him...that would be the ultimate burn on Kelso."

The last two beers were taking full effect and Jackie felt like she was in a daze as she agreed, "yeah, they're friends...that would be the ultimate burn...come on Fez...fuck me. Stick that monster fucking cock in me."

Fez took Hyde's place straddling the swing in front of the nude cheerleader after Hyde clapped him on the shoulder, "you can thank me later."

"Oh man, I'm going to fuck Jackie," Fez congratulated himself as he stood in front of her admiring her naked body. "You are really pretty Jackie," he complimented her, "Kelso really IS a dumb ass. He should worship you like a princess."

She always thought of herself as a princess, so this statement hit home and Jackie put her hand behind Fez's neck and kissed him, as she grasped his huge pole with her other hand. "You are so sweet Fez, I can't wait to feel that monster inside me," she admitted. Falling back against the slide, she reached down and used both hands to spread her slippery folds wide while Fez began to wedge his giant crown into her slit. Looking down, Jackie thought it looked like he was attempting to push a fence post into her. It was indeed fortuitous that Hyde had provided added lubrication because Fez was having difficulty gaining entrance to Jackie's tunnel.

Feeling the pressure against her slit, Jackie had an idea: she picked up her feet and let the angle of the slide assist her as her body slid down and Fez's cock poked through her opening. "Holy crap," she groaned as she felt her slit stretch farther than it ever had. Fez reached under her and grabbed a perfect ass cheek in each hand, pulling her slowly onto his pole as he pushed upward.

"Oh God," she blurted out, "you're splitting me apart." Slowly and steadily Fez shoved forward, his horse cock sliding farther up Jackie's cunt. She could feel every inch of her tunnel stretching as Fez slid deeper and deeper inside her until finally his balls rested against her groin. Squeezing her cheeks, Fez held her tight against him, burying every inch of his monstrous cock.

"Oh Jackie, you feel so good," Fez told her, "your sweet pussy is so tight."

As he began to slowly back out of her hole, Jackie seemed to have difficulty catching her breath, "holy shit Fez, your cock is so fucking big. Fuck me Fez...fuck me hard."

After slowly withdrawing, letting her feel every inch sliding out; Fez shoved forward as hard as he could, impaling Jackie on his gigantic cock.

"Oh my fucking God...fuck me...fuck me," she squealed, throwing her legs out to the side as her body quivered. Fez let go of her ass and grabbed one of her ankles in each hand, keeping her spread like the wishbone on a Thanksgiving turkey. He started to fuck her hard, slamming his elephant sized cock in and out of her stretched out hole, her ass slapping against the metal slide. It seemed to Jackie that every time he entered her pussy, he was stretching her even farther, "oh shit Fez...I love your fucking cock...stretch my fucking cunt."

Fez was living the dream: he was fucking little Jackie and she was begging him for more. Holding her slim legs out to the side, he bent forward and nibbled on her long nipples; first the right, and then the left. They were so intent on themselves that the duo did not even hear Hyde, "man I'm thirsty and I've got the munchies...I'm going to the snack bar." Fez could not get enough of the sight of his snake sliding in and out of Jackie's hole. His cock was now coated in a white froth that had built up around her slit as he pounded her juicy cunt.

"Don't stop Fez...don't ever stop," Jackie insisted as Fez rammed his enormous meat into her tiny hole. They were fucking in rhythm: Jackie was sliding downward and meeting Fez's thrusts; their groins slapping together. Fez was pushing into her pussy so hard that she was moving up and down the slide, even though it was actually less slippery now that is was coated with her perspiration.

"Jackie, I feel I should tell you that I am about to cum," Fez admitted sheepishly.

"Oh Fez...fuck me...cum in me," Jackie begged him as she ground her pelvis against his.

"Here I cum," Fez yelled as he banged forward, driving his giant cock up into her hole.

Suddenly it seemed like a fire-hose had been turned on inside her pussy, and Jackie could feel the heat as her walls expanded to accommodate his fluids. "Oh shit it...fill my pussy," she demanded.

"Your wish is my command, my princess," Fez answered as he pumped her full of his sperm.

Hyde had found his way to the snack bar and realized he only had a dollar in his pocket. As he stood there trying to figure a way to make some quick cash, he listened to all the disgruntled men who had been sent by their dates to get popcorn or Junior Mints. It seemed they were all complaining to each other about having to foot the bill, but their dates not "putting-out" in return. Suddenly the instigator in Hyde took over and he began approaching each guy, "listen how would you like to do it with a cute cheerleader? For a measly five dollars I can tell you where to find this eager to put-out little's a guaranteed lay." Within five minutes Hyde had thirty dollars in his pocket and a grin on his face.

He loaded up on popcorn (extra butter) and Good & Plenties, and when he was leaving the snack bar, he bumped into Kelso's brother: Casey Kelso. "Hey you're one of my idiot brother's loser friends aren't you. Have you seen him? I've got a bone to pick with him; he stole my beer."

"Oh hey, nice to see you too Casey," Hyde quipped, "I don't know where he is but I do know how you can really burn him. How would you like to do it with his girlfriend before he does?"

"You mean that cute little brunette he's always hanging around with," Casey asked.

Hyde proceeded to give Casey directions on where to find Jackie, and Casey said he was going to get a couple of his friends to join him. "Man, could this night get any better," Hyde thought to himself.

Jackie lay back against the slide, cum drooling out of her open hole, running down the slide and dripping off the end. Fez was just putting on his shoes when the first man showed up at the playground, "oh hey there she is," and he began to unzip his pants.

Fez, puzzled, tried to intercept the "pervert," but he assured Fez, "it's OK, I already paid Hyde. He wasn't kidding...she really is cute. I hope her pussy is as tight as he said."

Fez still was puzzled, but figured if Hyde said it was OK....

Jackie, her head still spinning didn't really protest as the stranger straddled the slide and jammed his cock up her pussy. "Mmmmm," was all she said as he began to fuck her.

"Not that tight, but not bad, "the stranger declared, "are you really a're definitely cute enough."

"Of course I'm a cheerleader," a suddenly insatiable Jackie answered, "now shut up and fuck me."

"No problem," he agreed, and began to jam his cock into her.

"Jackie, I'm going to find Hyde," Fez yelled as he walked off into the darkness.

By the time Casey and his buddies found Jackie, she had been fucked by six strangers and there was a puddle of cum at the end of the slide. "Holy shit," Casey remarked, my little brother's girlfriend loves cock...let's give her some."

Casey and his three cronies wasted no time in dropping their pants and Casey straddled the slide to confront his brother's cock-hungry girlfriend. "Hey Jackie, do you remember me," he asked as he grabbed her by the ass cheeks and lifted her tiny body off the slide.

Exhausted and dazed, Jackie's eyes widened in recognition, "oh hey...I know're Michael's brother...thanks for the beer."

"Oh you're welcome, and now I have something else for you," he motioned to his groin.

Jackie saw that his prick was about the same size as Michael's, only a little fatter, "allllright...I now love cock...there's always room for one more. Michael would want me to be nice to his brother." Seeing that her hole was still wide open from use, Casey just shoved forward and buried his cock inside her pussy. He was holding her by her cheeks and Jackie wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck as Casey began to fuck her.

"Hey Jake, come on over here," Casey suggested as he turned Jackie so that her ass faced his friend, "here's a hole for you." There was so much cum dribbled between her ass cheeks that Jake merely ran his cock up and down her crack several times to gather lubrication and then started to nudge his crown against her brown hole. Casey made it easy by lowering Jackie's tiny body until Jake's head plowed through her sphincter ring with an audible "pop."

"Holy shit that ass is tight," Jake remarked as he began to push upward, impaling her on his cock.

When they were both buried in her holes, they began to fuck her. Throwing her head back, Jackie screamed, "holy crap that feels good...fuck me guys...fuck my little body."

Jake put his hands under her thighs to help Casey hold her, not that her petite body was very heavy, and they bounced her up and down between them; their hard cocks plowing her holes in unison. Jackie's ass had been virgin also, and she now found herself craving a hard cock in both holes. "Fuck me...fuck me hard...don't stop," she begged as they violated her, "oh my God that feels good."

"She is a hot little bitch, isn't she," Casey stated, "let's give her something to scream ready." Jake released one hand to give him the "thumbs up" sign and they both slammed their cocks into her as violently as possible.

Jackie moaned, "oh yesssss," when she felt her holes filling with their warm semen. Gripping Casey's neck tightly, she bounced up and down on their poles, attempting to milk every drop from their balls, "oh God...fill me with your cum." Jackie had enjoyed more orgasms than she could count as Casey set her down on the ground, his shriveling penis slipping out of her overused hole. She was exhausted and her knees weak as she tried to stand, so Casey called out,"hey David, you and Steve get over's your turn before she falls down or passes out."

Steve lay down on the old manual wooden merry-go-round, his seven inch prick pointing at the sky. Casey virtually carried Jackie over and helped her to sit on Steve's lap, facing away from him. His rod easily gained entrance to her cunt, it had been used so many times that it was wide open; cum drooling down her inner thighs. "Oh yessss...more cock," she sighed as he thrust up into her.

"Just you wait," Casey assured her, and whispered in David's ear. Smiling, Steve grasped her tiny tits in his hands, rolling her long nipples between his fingers, and pulled her back against his chest. David had a penis shaped like a banana, it was about seven inches long and curved upward, and he kneeled on the merry-go-round between their legs.

Before Jackie even knew what was going on, David began to push his cock into her stretched out cunt, on top of Steve's.

Surprised at how easily he was slipping into her hole, David just kept pushing until he was also buried to the balls in Jackie's pussy. Now fully conscious, Jackie squealed, "oh my fucking God," as she felt her cunt stretching to accommodate two hard cocks. It was an amazing sight as Casey and Jake just stood back to watch as this tiny cheerleader now had two cocks stuffed into her bald pussy. The sensation of her formerly tiny cunt stretching around two cocks was at once uncomfortable and exquisite. When they began to withdraw together, she could feel the walls of her tunnel shrink and then expand again as they thrust into her. "Holy fucking shit...fuck me...stuff your fucking cocks into me," she demanded, her eyes rolling back in their sockets.

While Steve and David fucked her, Casey and Jake kneeled on each side of her head, jerking their cocks while watching her pussy stretch around their friends. "Open your mouth bitch," Casey ordered and Jackie immediately complied. She looked like a baby bird being fed by the mother bird as they shot ropes of cum into her mouth and hair.

Every nerve in her pussy was being scraped as they fucked her. Casey and Jake sat on each side of the copulating trio and each began to pinch one of her prominent nipples, eliciting more groans from the cute cheerleader. Her body was thrashing between them as Jackie begged, "stretch my fucking cunt...fuck me...fuck me." Watching the insatiable waif lost in ecstasy, David and Steve drove their cocks into her pussy as hard as they could and simultaneously began to flood her hole with their seed. Her tunnel expanded even farther to accommodate their ejaculations and Jackie saw bright spots of light in front of her eyes, that had nothing to do with the stars overhead.

As soon as they had emptied their loads inside her, Steve and David pulled their jeans up and the quartet just wandered off, leaving Jackie laying on the merry-go-round in a pool of semen.

Eric had finally made his way back to the Vista Cruiser and when he opened the tailgate, he found a dozing Donna, still completely naked. "Sorry it took me so long," he apologized, hoping for another round of sex, "I stopped to get us some Jolly Ranchers." God she's beautiful," he thought, his dick already hard as he moved his eyes up her endless legs to her red "arrow," and on up to her magnificent tits.

"Oh hey Eric," she mumbled, "you should go find Jackie, its getting kind of late," and then she put her head back down.

"Damn," he thought, knowing that he was not going to get lucky again that night. "OK babe, here's the Jolly Ranchers," as he set them down, closed the tailgate, and went off into the darkness looking for Kelso's irritating girlfriend.

Just as Eric left, Fez made his way back to the car. Every window except the back one were fogged over so he carefully peeked in, not knowing what he might see. "Hooolllyyy crap," he whispered as he saw a nude Donna, her legs splayed obscenely wide, laying in the back. She was a dream come true, as Fez had spent many nights masturbating to his imaginary vision of Donna. Sensing she was sound asleep, Fez opened the tailgate and climbed in to get a closer look at this dream-girl.

Only dozing, Donna did not even bother to look, just assuming it was Eric returning as she spread her legs even wider and invited him, "OK, let's do it." For the second time that night, an eager Fez shed his clothes in record time as he crawled up between her incredible legs, not able to keep his eyes off her red patch. Finally Donna opened her eyes and saw Fez kneeling between her legs, his monstrous cock in his hands, "what the Hell...where is Eric." Her eyes widened as she saw Fez's pole poised between her outstretched legs, "holy shit that for real?" Donna could not help herself as she reached her hands down and grasped his monster, ""

"I'm sorry Donna," Fez expressed his regret, "you said "let's do it" so I just wanted to make you happy."

Donna was in a trance as she ran her hinds up and down his python, "ummm...yeah...that's OK Fez. Ummm...would you like to fuck me. I think I would like to feel that inside me." She wasn't sure if it was the brownies and beer talking, or if she was just unbelievably horny, but she knew she had to feel his giant cock inside her. She released his cock and it waved on front of him like a magic wand as he kneeled between her thighs. Donna bent her knees up until her heels were touching her ass cheeks, and used her fingers to spread her fleshy labia wide. Already well lubricated, she eagerly awaited as Fez rubbed his huge crown against her slit, coating it with fluid. When he began to push forward, Donna could feel the pressure against her opening and then he was inside her.

"Oh shit Fez, that's freaking big," Donna exclaimed as she felt her lips stretch to accommodate his girth. Staring down between her legs, she thought it looked like a baseball bat spreading her lips apart. She had only ever had one cock in her pussy and she could feel her walls stretching as Fez slowly shoved forward. It was a totally new experience having a gigantic cock sliding up into her cunt. It felt like Fez was shoving his arm inside her as he penetrated her deeper than she had ever been, and yet Donna wanted more. Her feet planted firmly on the floor, she thrust her wide hips upward trying to impale herself on his pole. "Oh my God Fez, your cock is incredible," she howled as he continued to stretch her walls.

When his balls finally rested against her beautiful ass, and his crown nudged her womb; Donna realized that her stomach actually felt full. She could see that it was distended from the enormous log of meat inside her. Fez could not have been happier: his cock was buried in Donna's pussy; something he had dreamed about many times, and now he was going to fuck her. Kneeling between her milky thighs, Fez watched as he slowly withdrew his log, dragging her elongated pussy lips with it. It seemed almost magical as he pushed forward and his gigantic cock disappeared into her hole. He was mesmerized watching her fleshy lips grip his prodigious pole as it slid in and out of her cunt.

After several deliberately slow strokes, Fez grasped her tapered waist and began to increase his tempo, until he was jamming his monstrous meat into her pussy. "Oh my fucking God, Fez," Donna gasped, "stretch my fucking hole...fuck me...fuck me...fuck me."

Her body was twitching and squirming beneath him as he drilled her cunt with his horse-cock. She could hear her pussy making squishy sounds when Fez slammed into her. The sensation was unbelievable as Fez's monster scraped against her G-spot and every other nerve inside her stretched out tunnel. Donna was almost delirious as Fez fucked her as hard as he could, "ahhhhh, fuck me Fez...fuck me. I love your fucking cock."

Suddenly the tailgate opened and a startled Fez turned, pulling his dong out of Donna's hole in the process. "Well, what have we here," Hyde sarcastically asked as he stared at a nude Donna, her legs spread wide in front of Fez. "Wow that's a nice set of tits Donna, I always knew they were."

Exasperated that they had been interrupted, Donna yelled at him, "you are such an ass-hole Hyde; what do you want."

Now Hyde had lusted after the gorgeous redhead for as long as Eric, and since he was always scheming, he saw his opportunity, "well, we wouldn't want Eric to find out about this would we, so I think you should treat me a little more kindly." He shoved off his boots and began to unzip his pants, never taking his eyes off Donna's exquisite body.

Knowing that he had her over the proverbial barrel, Donna acquiesced, "alright, but Fez isn't done fucking me. I think it would be appropriate if you did my ass." Without waiting for Hyde's reply, Donna motioned for Fez to take her place and lay back on the blanket. Straddling his body and facing him, Donna grasped his log in her hand, raised up on her knees and gently lowered herself on his giant cock. "Oh shit that's nice," she moaned, feeling his huge meat stick impale her pussy, "your cock is so fucking amazing Fez."

Noticing that Hyde's prick was just a little thicker than Kelso's, Donna lay down on Fez's chest. Hyde kneeled behind her wonderful ass, admiring the sight of Fez's cock imbedded in her pussy, used his thumbs to spread her cheeks and expose her other hole, and rubbed his head up and down her ass to capture the cum leaking out. When he was satisfied his crown was sufficiently slick, Hyde wedged it against Donna's muscle ring and shoved forward. When he had plowed through her sphincter ring, Hyde struggled to push farther into her tight ass which was even tighter because of the room Fez was taking up. Grasping her trim waist, Hyde shoved steadily forward until he was buried in Donna's ass.

"Hooollyyyy shit," Donna howled, feeling her holes stretching farther than they were meant to. "Oh my fucking God...wait a minute so I can get used to this." It was, of course, Donna's first double-penetration, but she had a feeling it wouldn't be her last...the feeling was sensational. They were touching nerves inside her that had never been reached before. As if on cue, Hyde and Fez began to fuck her simultaneously; slipping their cocks out and it together. "Holy fucking shit," Donna screeched, "fuck my fucking holes." Planting her hands on the floor, she pushed herself up off Fez's chest, giving them a better angle to penetrate her, and it worked: she could feel Fez's cock rubbing against her swollen clit. Quivering, Donna screamed, "holy fucking crap I love cock...fuck me...fuck me."

Fez was in heaven as he watched Donna's magnificent tits flopping aimlessly, slapping against her chest. Reaching up, he corralled her huge bags with his hands and began to knead them like bread dough; then pinching her gumdrop nipples hard. No matter what happened the rest of his life, Fez would always remember the night he stuffed his giant cock into Donna's tight pussy.

Hyde and Fez were like machines as they drilled Donna's holes, ramming their cocks into the ravishing redhead. "Cum in me...fill my fucking holes," Donna breathlessly demanded as they thrust in and out of her.

"Let's do it Fez," Hyde agreed, "let's drown this bitch." Fez put his arms around Donna and hugged her to him as they began to pump her full of their hot seed. They fucked her until every drop of their cum was either in her ass or her cunt, and their pricks began to shrink.

"Wow, that was amazing," Donna gasped as she lay between them, completely exhausted, "but we better get cleaned up before Eric gets know how possessive he gets."

Eric had made his way to the playground where a nude Jackie was curled up in the fetal position on the merry-go-round. "Jackie, is that you," he asked with concern as he gathered up her clothes.

Standing on wobbly legs, Jackie seemed relieved to see Eric and inquired, "would you like to fuck me Eric."

Admitting to himself that he was surprised at how sexy her naked body was, Eric found himself answering, "I never thought I would refuse sex...but no. You're a real mess Jackie." And she was: cum was drooling down her inner thighs in a river, and matted in her hair.

As they stood looking at each other, Eric heard a familiar voice behind him and turned to confront Kelso, who was chewing loudly on Jujubes. "Hey Eric, I just heard at the snack bar that they were calling the cops because some hooker was turning tricks at the playground. You haven't seen anyone have you?"

Eric dipped his head, stepped aside and gestured with his hands, "ta-da."

When Eric stepped to the side, Kelso immediately saw his nude girlfriend standing behind him. "Jackie! Holy crap...where's your clothes? What are you doing here with Eric...naked?"

She began to cry as she yelled at Kelso, "I'm not doing anything with Eric...he was being nice to me. I'm here because of you, you dumb ass."

"Yeah, you dumb ass," Eric added.

" mean you're the hooker," his eyes bulged.

"No, I'm not a hooker...I was giving it away," she admitted.

Kelso stuffed his box of Jujubes in his back pocket, stepped forward, put his arms around the shaking Jackie and hugged her, "I'm so sorry Jackie. Don't cry. Come on my little Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, let's get you dressed. When we get home you can put on your cheerleader outfit for me. Hey Eric, have you got something to wipe her down with...I got nothing."

Eric shrugged his shoulders, stripped off his sneakers, pants and "tighty-whities," then got dressed again. He used his underwear to clean Jackie's sticky thighs and the gobs of cum in her hair. Eric couldn't believe it but he got an erection cleaning her totally shaved crotch...she really was pretty cute.

"Thanks Eric, now get your hands off my girlfriend," Kelso told him.

As Jackie dressed, Eric advised Kelso, "I think we should hurry up and leave unless you want to be visiting Jackie in jail."

When they got back to the Vista Cruiser, Donna, Fez and Hyde were sitting on the tailgate eating Jolly Ranchers. "We gotta go," Eric urged them.

"Oh you party pooper," Fez complained, "the movie is not over. Carrie is going to the prom."

"Trust me, we gotta go," Eric repeated and they all piled into the car, "we'll talk about it later."

It took them an hour to make the twenty minute trip home because Fez was the only one that had not been drinking or munching on hash brownies. They had to teach him to drive on the way. When he went in the house, Eric found Red sitting in his favorite chair with a smug smile on his face, smoking a cigarette. "Hey Dad," Eric greeted him.

"Hey son, how was the movie," Red inquired.

"Pretty gory," Eric informed him.

"How did it end," Red asked.

"I don't know," Eric grinned from ear to ear, "by the way...when do you report to Lambeau Field for your new job."

Red perked up with a big smile, "atta boy."

"How was your date," Eric wanted to know.

"Fan-tas-tic," Red declared, blowing a smoke ring. "Say, I heard there was some kind of trouble at the Drive-In. Did you see anything?"

"Naw, it was all good where we were. You know how rowdy some guys get at the Drive-In...I heard Casey Kelso was there," Eric added.

"Yeah, he's a bad seed," Red declared. "Michael may be a dumb ass, but at least he's not a troublemaker. By the way, when you get upstairs be extra quiet...your Mother is REALLY tired."

"G' night Dad."

"G' night Son."

(Thanks for reading my story. I know it's not perfect, but remember it's just for fun. As always, comments and suggestions are appreciated and welcome. [email protected])


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