A fictional story about fictional characters.

I realize not all the characters were on the show at the same time, but since this a complete work of fiction: let's pretend.

That 70's Show: New Years Eve Party (mf,MFf,mF,mFf,MFF,inter,inc,oral,anal)
by Shaggy77

It was New Years Eve 1978 and the talk of Point Place, Wisconsin was that Kitty Foreman had succeeded in persuading her usually sourpuss husband Red to throw a party welcoming in 1979. Well, not really the whole town, but certainly anyone who was even remotely acquainted with Red, and was familiar with his kill-joy attitude. The reason Red had finally acquiesced was that the Minnesota Vikings were playing the Rams that evening and he knew he would be occupied in front of the TV, so his contact with the intruders in his house would be minimal. His beloved Packers had lost the Division to the Vikings and he was hoping for a rout by Los Angeles. Kitty was the extrovert of the couple and had long wanted to expand their social activities: she was a "people person" and enjoyed being a host. She had prepared all the food herself and Red had readily agreed to serve as bartender (as soon as the game was over).

As the guests began to arrive, Red barely paid attention to who was passing through his front door...he was too intent on watching football on TV. Red's mood was gradually improving as the Rams began to run up the score on the seemingly hapless Vikings. With every Los Angeles score, Red grabbed another beer, which also contributed to his good spirits. His attention was diverted when his annoying neighbor, "Old Brillo Head, Bob Pinciotti came through the door accompanied by his new girlfriend, Pamela Burkhardt. She was the mother of one of his son Eric's friends, Jackie, and she was an absolute knockout in every sense of the word. "How the hell does Bob do it," Red thought as he eyed the tall, leggy Pamela, who could have passed for a fashion model. Dressed in a full length silvery, shimmery gown with a slit all the way up the left side to her waist, she was a walking dream. Her long brown hair fell over bare shoulders and Red could swear she winked at him as he stared up and down at her figure.

About two minutes later Bob's ex-wife, Midge Pinciotti arrived and Red was once again drawn from the TV as she made her grand entrance. Even more gorgeous than Pam, she had a very short glittering red sleeveless dress on that accentuated her incredible legs and enormous breasts; she reminded Red of a "Bond girl." Once again Red shook his head as he marveled at Bob's luck in women. Midge spied Red admiring her and smiled widely at her former neighbor. Despite his interest in the game, Red felt a stirring in his groin. He finished watching the hated Vikings being manhandled by the Rams, happily took his place behind the Foreman's makeshift bar and began to mix drinks for his guests. Besides the Pinciottis, there were a few people he had invited from Pricemart (where he was a manager) and several friends of Kitty's from the hospital where she was employed. Of course, the basement was full of Eric's friends.

As he watched his endlessly cheerful wife Kitty flit from guest to guest, he couldn't help notice that she was becoming increasingly tipsy and almost slurring her words as she continued to consume cocktails. It was nearing eleven o'clock and Kitty was trying to gather everyone around the TV to watch the big lighted ball drop in New York's Times Square. She called to all the kids in the basement to join them, and when they brushed her off, Red yelled down that if they didn't get there asses up the stairs pronto, they would get his foot up their asses. Kitty loved to watch Guy Lombardo on New Year's Eve, and even though he had passed away earlier that year, his Royal Canadians band still performed in the ballroom of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. At midnight, they traditionally played "Auld Lang Syne," and everyone kissed as the clock struck twelve. Even though it was only eleven o'clock in Wisconsin they still celebrated it as the New Year.

The closest thing Wisconsin had to the New York lighted ball was the large lighted beer bottle that descended atop the Shotts Brewery building in Milwaukee and when it reached the bottom, a huge wedge of cheese would light just wasn't the same. As the kids (they were all eighteen, but sometimes seemed so immature to Red) trudged up the basement steps to join the party, the Foreman living room became almost crowded. One of Eric's friends, Stephen Hyde, began serving brownies to all the guests and Red was impressed at his generosity as he accepted his chocolate square. "Thanks Stephen," shouted Red above the din of the crowd, "these taste great." Little did Red know that Hyde's brownies were from the Alice B. Toklas cookbook and the main ingredient was marijuana.

As the big ball dropped and the huge "1979" lit up, everyone in the Foreman house looked for someone to kiss. Red grabbed his beloved wife and was surprised at her tongue reaching down his throat. His son Eric wrapped his arms around his pretty, red-headed girlfriend Donna Pinciotti and the embraced for several minutes. Donna's father Bob seemed to make a big production of embracing Pamela Burkhardt; Hyde coyly kissed Pam's daughter Jackie; Michael Kelso grabbed Red's daughter Laurie and slipped his tongue into her mouth as she roughly squeezed his bottom in both hands; and Fez (the exchange student who never seemed to know what country he was from) found Midge Pinciottis' huge breasts pressed against his chest as her lips ground into his. Taken completely by surprise, Fez responded by grabbing her wonderful ass cheeks in his hands and squeezing (and was pleasantly surprised when she offered no resistance).

As everyone broke off and began to hug and shake everyone else's hands, offering congratulatory "Happy New Years," Midge nonchalantly kissed Red deeply and gave his crotch a playful squeeze. By this time no one at the party was feeling any pain due to the combination of alcohol and "special" brownies, so Red just shouted, "Happy New Year to you too Pam." He was feeling so good that he told all the teens that they could each have a beer. For the next hour, every time he saw one of them they had, what he assumed, was the same bottle of beer in their hands.

Just after midnight Wisconsin time, as the soundtrack of "Saturday Night Fever" played on the stereo for the tenth time, Kitty pressed a ball of cloth into Red's hand and giddily whispered in his ear, "those are my panties...would you like to meet me upstairs ?" He took her hand and she led him up the stairs to their bedroom without anyone even noticing that the hosts had disappeared.

Just five minutes earlier, Red's son Eric had ascended the same stairs following his beautiful girlfriend Donna Pinciotti. Her father, Bob, had insisted that Donna wear a dress to the party and all the way up the stairs Eric was staring up it at her marvelously long legs, attempting to get a glimpse of her panties. All evening he had not been able to take his eyes off her as he watched her bra-less breasts bob up and down inside her blue print party dress. Finally she had stuck her tongue in his ear, grasped his hand, and led him up to his bedroom. Both had consumed several beers and a few brownie squares as their passion peaked. As soon as the door closed behind them, Eric had begun shucking his shirt, shoes and unbuckling his pants. When he was down to his "tighty-whities" and socks he paused to see what his red headed angel was doing.

She stood in front of him and with her body swaying to the sounds of the Eagles' "Hotel California" in the background, she slowly unbuttoned her dress, slid it down her shoulders and let it drift to the floor, revealing her magnificent totally naked body as it fell. "Oh my God," exclaimed Eric as he stepped forward and wrapped his arms around his nude goddess. Donna felt his erection pressing against her stomach and could hardly contain her passion as her lips and tongue attacked his. She could feel her juices actually dripping down the inside of her thighs as she broke their embrace and lunged for the bed, laying on her back and spreading her legs wide.

Eric just stood mesmerized, ogling her incredible naked body. Her tits were a full 36 C and hung on her chest like water balloons, her rosy pink nipples inviting him. She parted her wonderful legs farther and he could actually see her long pussy lips spread open, framed by her closely cropped red triangle. "Well, nerd man, are you going to fuck me or not," Donna kidded him. Trying to walk as he was shoving his shorts down his lanky legs, Eric nearly tripped and Donna had to stifle a giggle for fear of ruining the mood.

His average seven inch penis slapped him in the stomach as it escaped its cotton prison and Eric called out, "To paraphrase a great man; may the force be in you." Donna merely rolled her eyes at yet another "Star Wars" reference and thought that it was a good thing she loved him because he really was the biggest nerd. As he crawled up the bed between her endlessly long legs, Eric reminded himself for the umpteenth time that he really was the luckiest man alive. He cupped her right breast in his hands, licked all around the nipple and then took the pink jellybean between his teeth and gently nibbled. Her tits were magnificent as he fondled and kneaded them in his hands.

"Come on Eric," Donna pleaded, "my pussy is on fire," and she grasped his cock in her hand and squeezed it. Balancing himself on his knees, Eric allowed Donna to line up his crown with her dripping wet slit and then lunged forward, laying on top of her as his cock completely penetrated her cunt. "Oh God yes," she screamed as she felt him inside her, "finally."

"Are you enjoying my light saber," Eric inquired as he held it in place inside her.

"Knock off the "Star Wars" shit and fuck me," Donna ordered as she thrust her hips up to try to stuff more cock inside herself.

"Your wish is my command, my lady," he answered as he began to thrust in and out of her pussy. They were both too wasted to care if anyone could hear them and Eric began to pound Donna's cunt, his cock making squishy sounds as he fucked her. She wrapped her long legs around his waist and tried to pull him into her as he pinned her to the mattress. He raised up on his hands so he could watch her huge tits flop around on her chest...he loved that. Eric couldn't have stopped now even if Red had walked into the room and he yelled, "here it comes baby," as his cock began to spurt inside Donna's hot hole.

He leaned down, bit her left nipple and she screamed, "Holy shit Eric...that feels so fucking good," and her body shivered in climax as her legs tightened around his waist trying to milk more spunk out of him.

* * *

As the door closed behind her, Kitty was shoving the arms of her red party dress off her shoulders and down her arms. Red just stood motionless by the bed as she reached behind her, unzipped the back and then wiggled her entire body as she peeled the tight-fitting garment down her still shapely body revealing only a cleavage baring white lace bra and nothing else except her naked skin. She had trimmed her dark blond bush into a distinct triangle of short cropped pubic hair and Red's eyes grew wide as he could actually make out her puffy pussy lips.

As she reached behind her, unhooked her bra and let it drop to the floor allowing her huge 38 D breasts to flop out, Red exclaimed, "I swear you look better than the day we were married, my little fuck-bunny."

Her large brown areola stood out in the moonlight shining through the window, and Kitty replied, "Oh you say the sweetest things honey, and I just want you to know that I'm really wet right now." She approached her husband and fell to her knees in front of him, grasping his belt and proceeding to unbuckle and unsnap his trousers. As she tugged his pants and boxers down to his knees, his gigantic cock sprang up and whacked Kitty on the bottom of her chin as it rose in front of her face. She smiled and cackled her usual semi-annoying laugh, "heh, heh, heh, I see Big Red is glad to see me," using their secret nickname for Red's penis. It really was marvelous, a good eleven inches long with the girth of a beer can. Kitty grasped it with both hands and began to lick the tip of his huge head, sliding her tongue along his slit and licking up his pre-cum. Red smiled lovingly down at his eager wife and pulled his shirt and sweater up over his head, knowing how much Kitty loved his hairy chest.

Kitty opened her mouth and sucked Red's cock as far down her throat as she could manage as he reached down and fondled her dangling tits, pinching her dark brown nipples between his rough fingers. She worked her tongue on the underside of his log as Reds eyes rolled and he actually felt dizzy from the adrenalin rush combined with his alcohol consumption. He hooked his hands under Kitty's arms and urged her to stand as his log slipped out of her mouth. Backing them up to the side of the bed, Red lay back on the soft comforter and pulled his beloved bride on top of him, saying, "I think it's time Big Red found his bunny hole." Kitty wasted no time straddling his waist and as Red held his cock upright, she began to lower herself onto his pole. No matter how many times they fucked, Kitty always looked forward to this moment when his huge orange sized crown spread her cunt lips apart and forced its way inside her.

"Oh my," Kitty loudly groaned as she sat down on Red's lap and felt her pussy walls being stretched around his giant cock. Kitty just sat there for a few seconds just enjoying the feeling of being full of cock, then began to bounce up and down, riding Red like a horse. Red propped himself up on the pillow and watched her generous tits flopping around and slapping against her chest before reaching out and squeezing a handful in each of his large hands. Kitty leaned forward and ran her hands through the thick jungle on Red's chest as he began to thrust upward to meet her every bounce. "Oh Red," she cooed, "fuck me honey." It always excited him to hear her talk dirty and Red began to jam his huge cock up into her pussy.

"You're still tight after all these years," he complimented her as he slid all eleven inches in and out.

* * *

Next door, Eric's shriveling prick had slipped out of Donna's pussy and he rolled over to lay beside her, proud of the lover he had become. She heard sounds coming from his parents bedroom and announced, "sounds like your Mom and Red are getting ready for bed already. I'm going to go over and thank your Mom for the party and everything."

"Well, OK," Eric acknowledged, "but be sure to knock, you don't want to catch Red with his pants down," and he chuckled at the thought.

"You perv," Donna punched him in the arm and slipped on his long sleeve dress shirt, buttoning it as she walked to the door. They were both so drunk and high that it never occurred to them that her nipples were completely visible through the thin material and his shirt tails only came to mid thigh. As Donna neared the door to Red and Kitty's bedroom, the noises got louder so it was no surprise that the love-making couple did not even hear her faint reluctant knock.

She heard Kitty yell, "Oh, yes," and assumed that was her permission to enter the room.

When she did, Donna could see the Foreman's bouncing naked on their bed and she instinctively closed the door behind her and nervously stated, "I'm so sorry...I didn't realize." She was mesmerized by the sight of Kitty raising so far up off Red's lap, and yet she still could not see the end of his could it be that long...and thick. It looked like Kitty was fucking a fence post.

The Foreman's both saw her standing there at the same time and Red irritatingly said, "take a picture, it will last longer."

Kitty, being more of a diplomat even in her inebriated state stopped bouncing and asked, "Hello Donna, what can we do for you dear."

"Well I knocked and...", Donna nervously began," I just wanted to say thank you for the party and for, you know, acting like a Mom to me when my mother took off." She reluctantly continued spurred on by the "special" brownies, "I can't believe the size of Red's cock...I didn't know they grew that large."

By this time Red had noticed what she was wearing and was ogling her jiggling breasts when she moved. He quickly assumed that she and Eric had been fooling around next door and gaining a new found respect for his son, suggested, "why don't you come over here and join us. Maybe you can see close up what a real man's dick looks like."

"Yes dear," added Kitty, "maybe you can thank me by licking my pussy." As she neared the bed, Donna unbuttoned Eric's shirt, wiped the semen dripping down her thighs, and tossed it aside revealing her totally nude body. Red whistled his appreciation as her tits bobbed up and down and she sat on the side of the bed. As Kitty began to very slowly raise up and sit back down on Red's prodigious cock, Donna laid her head on Red's stomach and timidly stuck her tongue out so that it made contact with Kitty's wide spread slit. Donna was seemingly in a trance as she began to nibble on her boyfriend's mother's clit as it slid up and down Red's pole. She began to lick up and down his shaft as Kitty would allow it to be exposed, then resume tonguing Kitty's gash as the cock disappeared inside her. "Oh yes dear," Kitty moaned, "that's very nice...keep licking my pussy."

Donna could not believe how wide Kitty's pussy was being stretched, and Red had raised up on his elbows to watch his son's girlfriend lick his slick cock. When Donna bit down a little too eagerly on Kitty's nub, Kitty suddenly convulsed and began to drench Donna's face with her orgasm. Not knowing what to do, Donna began to slurp and swallow every drop she could capture. Kitty shivered and then rolled off to the side of the bed, leaving Red's log waving in the air. He responded by crawling up on his hands and knees and declaring, "I think it's time Donna felt a real man inside her." Kitty nodded in agreement and helped a still seemingly dazed Donna to crawl to the center of the bed on her hands and knees, instinctively offering her backside to a smiling Red. He raised up on his knees behind her, nudged her knees wide apart with his and stared down between her long, shapely legs. Her legs were so wide spread that her slit was beginning to open, and he could make out a long line of glistening pink nestled among her bright red bush.

Red's cock grew even larger as he was further aroused by the sight of the gorgeous naked teenager. Her huge tits hung straight down from her chest like large water balloons, and her innocent face was totally obscured by her long flowing red mane. He grasp his weapon in his right hand and began to rub the obscenely large crown up and down Donna's sopping slit, making sure the tip of his cock was fully lubricated. Was it his imagination or was she actually rocking back and forth in anticipation; urging him to fuck her. Kitty sat on the edge of the bed fingering herself as she watched Red prepare for penetration. He leaned forward and began to wedge his head between Donna's long pussy lips. She had obviously never been penetrated by anything that size before and he was having difficulty gaining entrance to her tunnel. Red grasped her waist with his course hands and tried to pull her onto his cock as he forced his body forward. Finally his head popped past her lips and into her pussy, making them both groan.

He paused momentarily as Donna dropped down to her elbows, giving him a good downward angle, and then Red began to drive his whole body forward, plunging his monster cock into her tight cunt. "Holy crap your hole is tight," Red exclaimed as he buried his entire length inside her.

"Oh my fucking God," Donna shrieked, "your fucking cock is splitting me apart."

"Quit complaining," Red answered, "you'll get used to it. Kitty did. Just relax and enjoy the ride while I fuck you like you've never been fucked before," as his balls slapped against her wonderful ass and she was totally impaled on his mammoth log. Red looked down as he slowly withdrew, watching her incredibly long lips grip his shaft, and then he slammed his cock back into her so hard her ass cheeks jiggled. Her magnificent tits began to sway violently back and forth as Red began to ram his pole in and out of her stretched cunt.

"Oh my God," Donna screamed, "fuck me...fuck me...fuck me." With every thrust Red was stretching her cunt to new limits; at first the pain had been almost unbearable, but now the pain was exquisite. Her cunt was bursting with hard cock and Donna was in heaven. She could feel every inch of her tunnel stretching when he plunged into her, forcing his way deep into her belly. "Oh my God your cock is so fucking big Red," she shouted, "fuck me...jam that cock into me." Kitty scooted up on the mattress and kneeled in front of Donna as Red banged her doggy-style. She presented her blond muff to Donna's face, and without hesitation, Donna buried her tongue between Kitty's slit.

Kitty had not experimented like this since nursing school and closed her eyes as Donna lapped at her hole. Red had reached down and was vigorously kneading Donna's tit bags like he was milking a cow, slamming forward as he fucked her teenage pussy. His motion was forcing Donna's head against Kittys crotch and Kitty ground her pussy lips into Donna's face. For the second time that night, Donna succeeded in bringing Kitty to orgasm and virtually drinking up Kitty's fluids.

* * *

Laurie Foreman had cornered Bob Pinciotti in the living room and had begun her act of seduction. "My eyes are up here Bob," she directed, as he stared at her protruding nipples. Laurie did not have very large breasts, but every male in the neighborhood knew that she could probably not spell the word "bra" let alone ever wear one. Her nipples were famous for being as prominent as a politician at a parade.

"It's Mr. Pinciotti," Bob answered, trying not to be embarrassed, "you really should show your elders some respect."

Not giving an inch, Laurie replied, "how about if I meet you halfway and call you Mr. P." Without giving him a chance to answer, she continued, "and if you play your cards right, I'll show you more than respect." Bob just gulped; everyone knew that Laurie was a huge slut and would basically bang anything in pants and he was intrigued. "Everybody always wonders how a man like you could score with such beautiful women," Laurie continued, "but Midge let the cat out of the bag when she told us her nickname for you was 'her little fireplug.' " Bob had always been proud of the fact that he always seemed to bed the most beautiful women in town. It certainly wasn't because of his looks, he was no Burt Reynolds, but he had been endowed with an extremely fat cock, and once his reputation got around, women usually followed. Moving closer Laurie reached down and gave his crotch a playful squeeze, adding, "if you would like to show it to me, follow me upstairs."

Waiting a couple minutes so as not to seem too obvious, Bob swiftly ascended the Foreman stairs, found Laurie's room (it was actually labeled "Laurie's Room), and entered to find her already completely naked. She had flicked on a lava lamp near the pink covered bed and stood with her hands on her hips as if she were growing impatient. Bob wondered if it really mattered to Laurie who had come through the door, but he really didn't care because, despite the fact that her tits were nothing more than small handfuls, she had a very sexy body. Slender and yet shapely, her hips flared and Bob could make out her puffy lips nestled under her sparse blond bush. Bob was determined now to make her pay for her lack of respect; he would have no mercy in shoving his cock inside her. Wasting no time, he began to shuck his clothes, tossing them in random directions until he was wearing only his knee-high black socks. He was the hairiest man she had ever looked like he were wearing a fur coat.

Laurie stared between his legs at his thick weapon. It was not overly long, but it had the girth of a Campbell's soup can. Actually that was exactly what it looked like, a flesh colored soup can. She could feel her juices begin to flow at the anticipation of having it inside her, and she began to rub her pussy lips. Sizing up the situation quickly, she decided that the last thing she wanted was for this sweaty, hairy whale to collapse on top of her when he was finished, so she shoved him back on her bed and climbed on top, straddling his groin. She grasped his thick pole in her hands, leaned down, stuck out her tongue and began to just barely lick the tip and his slit. Laurie loved the taste of cum, and just the sample of his pre-cum drove her wild. Raising up over him, she reached down with both hands and used her fingers to spread her pussy lips apart. His soup can cock stood straight up and Laurie began to wedge it inside her hole, dropping her body down as she was slowly impaled. She wiggled and squirmed until she was fully sitting on Bob's lap, then Laurie grabbed her chest with her hands and began to claw at her own tits, moaning, "oh, that's good Mr. P. The last time my cunt got stretched that far was when I had two cocks in me."

"Thanks, I think," Bob muttered as he just lay their feeling her well developed pussy muscles squeezing his cock. For a fleeting moment he wondered what Red would think about Bob screwing his daughter, never dreaming in his wildest imagination that the exact same thing was occurring just across the hall. So what if she was the town slut...Laurie Foreman could really fuck, and Bob was enjoying it immensely.

* * *

Eric was curious what was keeping his girlfriend, so he slipped on his "Star Wars" pajama bottoms and wandered out into the hall. He heard the familiar sounds of bed springs coming from Laurie's room and decided to see who her latest victim was. He remembered thinking that the music from the stereo downstairs was incredibly loud and he wondered where Red was and what he was doing that he would allow it. Eric carefully cracked the door to Laurie's room, peered in and was shocked to see that she was riding some man's cock to the exact beat of "Staying Alive." Not only was he afraid he would go blind, but she had now ruined the Bee Gees for him. Surprisingly, he could not look away; it was like driving by a car accident and rubber-necking; and even more surprising, he realized that he had a raging hard-on.

Laurie had laid down on the man's hairy chest and was grinding her crotch against his and groaning, her cute little pale ass sticking in the air. Eric and the boys had once snuck into an x-rated movie where the participants had seemed to enjoy anal sex, and ever since he had been curious about it. He had attempted it with Donna once, but after she punched him, he had insisted it was an accident and had never dared to try it again. The longer he watched her little ass twitch, the more aroused he became. Finally he convinced himself that it would be punishing her for all the times she had tattled on him to Red, and he tiptoed into her room, tossed his pajamas aside and leapt on the bed behind her yelling, "this is for you bitch." Without warning he spread her cheeks with his hands and began to stuff his cock into Laurie's ass hole, sandwiching her against the other man. Surprisingly there was very little resistance as he sunk his cock deeper into her ass hole. Eric shrugged it off by telling himself that surely his slutty sister was no stranger to anal sex.

"What the f...," Laurie exclaimed as she felt her sphincter being violated, and whipped her head around to see who the violator was. "Oh, hey little brother," she smiled broadly, "I was wondering when you were going to come around."

Bob, feeling company inside Laurie's body, raised up to look over her shoulder and yelled, "Holy shit Eric, what the hell are you doing." Bob began to get very angry, and then told himself that if Eric was banging his own sister maybe he would leave his daughter alone (convinced she was still a virgin). Eric was getting ready to run when Bob smiled at him and said, "What do you say we fuck the shit out of this slut." Completely full of cock, Laurie was not about to be the passive one, and all three began to fuck each other as hard as they could. If the music had not been so loud, everyone in the house would have heard her bed vibrating against the floor as cocks pounded in and out of her pussy and ass. Laurie had been in this position many times before...she just plain loved cock.

"Come on little brother," she urged, "cum in my ass. Fill me up Bob. Come on boys, is that all you got...fuck me harder."

* * *

Kitty rolled off the bed, slapped Red playfully on his bare ass, threw on her terrycloth robe and announced, "I need to use the right back." Stephen Hyde had just served the last of his brownies and headed upstairs to the bathroom. When he emerged he almost ran right into Kitty as she strolled down the hall. He couldn't help but stare because she had neglected to tie her robe's sash and he could clearly see her ample cleavage and her wet, matted down blond bush. "Cat got your tongue Stephen," Kitty inquired as she saw him staring at her nudity.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Foreman, but you forgot to tie your belt," he admitted.

"It's Kitty remember...and who said it was an accident," she replied.

There had been a growing sexual tension between the two ever since Kitty had helped Hyde learn to dance for the school Spring Ball. She had told him to call her Kitty whenever they were alone. The king of all wisecracks was not used to being speechless as Kitty forced him back into the bathroom and trapped him against the sink. She immediately kicked the door closed, sank to her knees in front of him and began to unbuckle his belt. Tugging his jeans and boxers down his legs, Kitty smiled up at Hyde as his average seven inch cock sprang out and slapped against his stomach. Kitty was pleased with his size because she had never been able to fit Red's monster into her mouth, and she had enjoyed sucking a good hard cock ever since nursing school. She pulled it down and began to lick it like an ice cream cone; twirling her tongue around the head.

In an instant she lay it on her extended tongue and then closed her lips around the entire shaft, sucking it back into her warm throat. As her eyes met his, her throat muscles began to milk Hyde's hard-on, her cheeks withdrawing as she suckled. "Holy shit Kitty," Hyde sighed, "you can really suck cock." Most teenage girls resisted oral sex so Hyde was in heaven as his best friend's mother feasted on his prick. While her tongue tickled the underside of his dick, Kitty reached behind him and squeezed his ass cheeks with both hands.

He moaned and Kitty pulled back declaring, "I have a better place for you to deposit that load, Stephen." She stood up and shrugged her robe off her shoulders leaving her completely nude before him. Turning them around, she hopped up to sit on the sink and wrapped her legs around his torso, drawing him to her. She had already been stretched by Red, so Hyde's comparatively small cock slipped inside her pussy effortlessly as she pulled him forward. The cold sink against her ass made their coupling feel even hotter as Hyde began to piston his prick in and out of her hole; it was like he was in a race with a jackrabbit. Kitty's large tits were flopping around on her chest and Hyde took her right breast in both his hands, leaned down fed it to his lips, licking and sucking her dark nipple.

"Oh Stephen," Kitty whispered, "that feels so good." She wrapped her legs around his waist even tighter, holding him closer and slowing him down to make it last.

He grasped her firm ass cheeks in his hands and ground his pelvis into hers, pinching her clit between them. Hyde looked down and they were so tight together that all he could see was their pubic hair merged as one multicolored nest. Her pussy felt like it was scalding his sensitive flesh as his cock slopped in and out, her juices drooling down the front of the sink. He threw back his head enjoying the feel of Kitty's pussy surrounding his cock as he slid it in and out of this suburban housewife. Totally out of control, Hyde began to pump his seed into Kitty's hot hole, his body jerking and twitching as he came inside her. His semen began to seep out of Kitty's pussy and drip down the front of the sink's white porcelain.

* * *

Red was sweating profusely as his body slammed against Donna's wonderful ass cheeks, causing them to ripple and jiggle. Donna was reveling in the feeling of every inch of her tunnel being scraped by Red's enormous log. She had leaned down and buried her face in the comforter so that she could scream as loud as she wanted. Red had grasped her shoulders and was jamming his monster into her cunt with all his strength as she pushed her ass back to meet his thrusts. She had never felt so alive, it was as if her cunt was the center of the universe and nothing else existed. "Fuck me Red," Donna begged, "fuck me harder." She had lost all control as her body twitched and quivered with her endless orgasms.

"Welcome to the family," Red calmly proclaimed as his cock seemed to explode inside her stretched out cunt, drenching the inside of her hole with his hot cum. His cock seemed to jerk and spasm for minutes as he continued to pump her full of his seed, his expanding pole stretching her pussy even farther and his cum leaking out around her taut lips.

Donna saw sparkling white lights in front of her eyes as her body convulsed around Red's mammoth cock and she screamed into the bed covers and grabbed fistfuls of the comforter, "holy fucking Christ...fuck that cock into me."

* * *

Pamela Burkhardt had sidled up to Fez, standing next to the stereo in the living room, and stood in front of him to block the view of anyone watching as she gently reached out and stroked the crotch of his pants. His reaction was immediate, her eyes flew open wide, and she asked, "Oh my Fez, is that all you, or are you pulling a Kelso?" Every girl in school, and their mothers, knew that Kelso always stuffed a sock down his trousers so as to exaggerate his endowment.

"Oh no Mrs. Jackie's mom, I would never do anything like that," he answered. "And if I may say so, that is a very nice dress you're wearing," he added as he stared down the deep v-shaped neck which revealed Pamela's cleavage for all to see, "I love boobies." She did not have much in the way of breasts, but she loved to tease with them.

Pamela leaned over, stuck her tongue in Fez's ear and she inquired, "is there anywhere we can go to be alone?"

Beginning to sweat but thinking quickly, Fez blurted, "I just saw Hyde go upstairs, and he has a bed, I mean room, in the basement...." Before he had a chance to finish his sentence, Pamela had grabbed his hand and was leading him to the basement stairs. Fez was in heaven: Pamela's entire leg and thigh were visible as they descended the steps and his erection was threatening to pop his zipper. As soon as they entered Hyde's room Fez flicked on the lamp next to the bed (which was nothing more than a fancy cot ) and red light bathed the tiny room. Hyde had thrown a red cloth over the lamp for mood, and the color seemed to serve as an aphrodisiac for them both. Pamela stood in front of Fez, unhooked both the straps from her shoulders, and released the glittering gown. As it slowly drifted to the floor, more of her naked body was revealed, and it became clear that Mrs. Burkhardt did not believe in underwear. As the garment pooled at her delicate feet, her completely nude body was unveiled to Fez.

She was a wet-dream come true: her incredibly long legs were perfect, and slender and her hips flared around a crotch that displayed just a wisp of a brown bush. She had that classic gap between her thighs and with the light behind her, Fez could see her very puffy lips peering out. Her breasts were only handfuls, but were perfectly firm with rosy pink nipples that stood at attention. "Holy crap," Fez gasped as he kicked off his shoes and began to pull his dress shirt over his head, not even bothering to unbutton it.

"Here, let me help," Pamela offered as she unbuckled and unzipped his pants. She had to pull his briefs way out because his erection kept getting caught on the elastic, and when she tugged them down, it was her turn to gasp. "Oh my Lord," she exclaimed as she grasped Fez's cock with both hands. It was indeed a marvel: it must have been a good foot long and as big around as a coke bottle, with a head that resembled a large purple plum. "Bob's is thick, but only about half as long," she informed him almost in a trance as she fondled the freak of nature. "I need that inside me right now," Pamela urged as she lay down on the cot, pulling Fez by the cock to lay on top of her. Planting her endlessly long legs on the floor on either side of the cot, she spread them as wide as possible and placed Fez's crown between her puffy lips.

Fez, on his knees between Pamela's silky thighs, placed his hands on the cot on each side of her, and began to lean forward as his spear split her cunt lips. "Holy crap your pussy feels nice," Fez breathed as he continued to push into her hole. She was used to Bob's fat log, so it was pretty routine for Pamela until Fez was about half way inside her and he began touching depths never reached before.

As he sunk further, inch by inch into her cunt, Pamela's hips began to gyrate and her breathing became quicker. When almost the entire foot of cock was inside her, Pamela groaned, "Holy shit Fez, that's an amazing cock you've got, now fuck me with it." Fez began to slowly withdraw his tool and then slowly slide it's entire length back inside her sheath; then he very slowly withdrew, before slamming it into her pussy with all his strength. "Holy shit...fuck me Fez, fuck me," Pamela begged as his cock hit new depths inside her cunt. He began to ram his monstrous cock into her as hard as he could, his balls slapping against her perfect ass cheeks. He wasn't just fucking Pamela, he was banging her. She threw her long legs up into the air as she hugged Fez into her body, trying to get even more of his cock inside her, her tiny tits flattened against him.

Jackie was searching for Hyde, when she went down the basement steps calling, "Stephen, are you down here?" Hearing the unmistakable sounds of passion and assuming that her boyfriend was cheating on her, she burst into the makeshift bedroom and just stood there at the sight in front of her: here was her mother with Fez on top of her...and they were both naked...and Fez was fucking her...and his cock was enormous! Her mouth dropped open and the thing she found the most astounding was the size of Fez...did they really make them that big? Regaining her composure somewhat, Jackie mumbled, "oh, sorry Mom...I didn't realize."

Recovering from the throes of passion quickly at the interruption, Pamela nonchalantly rolled to one side, with Fez's cock still buried inside her, and stated, "Oh that's OK honey...tell me, have you ever seen one this big."

Feeling the blood rush to her face and knowing that it had to be bright red with embarrassment, Jackie could only peep, "Heavens no...I didn't know they came that big." Jackie was a miniature Pamela, petite, slender and just as cute as the proverbial button. She was currently the girlfriend of Stephen Hyde and had been the steady girlfriend of Michael Kelso until about a year ago when she found out he was cheating on her with Laurie. Having been intimate with only those two boys in her short life, Jackie had never seen a penis even close to the size of Fez'.

"Oh honey, you have to come over here and feel it; it truly is a freak of nature," Pamela invited her daughter.

"But it's Fez," Jackie snorted, as if Fez was unworthy of her.

"Now that's not how I raised you," Pamela snapped; then smiled and said, "I will tell you something very important: you have never known pleasure until you've been fucked by a really huge cock. You won't find many like this in your lifetime, and I feel it's my duty as your mother to make sure you experience that get your clothes off."

"But...," Jackie began to protest, but her subconscious desire to feel Fez inside her betrayed her as she began to unbutton the back of her brightly printed party dress. Kicking off her shoes, she let the dress drop to the floor of the basement revealing her tiny pink lace bra and matching bikini panties.

Pamela began to push Fez off of her and as he stood, his cock flopped out of her hole, banged against the cot and hung nearly to his knees when he stood. Jackie's mouth just dropped open as she got her first view of the entire weapon swaying between his legs. Pamela stood up, towering over the tiny Jackie, unclasped Jackie's bra and slid it down her arms to bare her tiny little tits. They were barely handfuls and Fez thought that he could probably fit one entirely into his mouth. Her nipples on the other hand were amazing; when Fez reached out to pinch them between his forefingers and middle fingers, they stuck out from between his fingers a good half inch.

"I love your boobies," Fez confessed as he fondled her little mounds.

"Oh Fez," Jackie whispered, "that feels so good," as he caressed her sensitive nubs. Pamela again assisted, this time by sliding Jackie's lacy panties down her slender legs and letting Jackie step out of them.

"Wow, you are beautiful," Fez remarked at the sight of the totally nude Jackie. Her skin was so flawless that she looked like a naked porcelain doll. They were both staring at each others crotch: Jackie at Fez huge cock, and Fez at Jackie's unbelievably long pussy lips. He wondered if she could tie them in a knot. Fez could not believe his luck, he had often dreamed about fucking Jackie's tiny little body...wet dreams of course.

"Fez, you lay on the cot," directed Pamela, "and we'll have Jackie sit on your lap, this way we can control the penetration...I wouldn't want you to hurt my baby." Fez lay on his back, his cock stretching up past his navel, while Pamela urged Jackie, "come-on baby; let's make a real woman out of you," as she assisted her in straddling Fez prone form. Jackie decided to face away from Fez so that she could pretend it was someone else fucking her, as Fez grasped his tool and pointed it straight up toward the ceiling. Pamela kneeled down to the side of the cot, pinched her daughter's pussy lips between her long fingers and stretched them wide apart, Jackie's juices already dripping down onto Fez' cock. "OK honey," Pamela assured her, "just lower yourself at your own speed."

Feet firmly planted on either side of the cot, Jackie began to bend her knees, lowering her petite body over Fez crotch. His purple head easily slipped between her pussy lips and into her hole as she continued to squat above him. Jackie's juices were drooling down the sides of Fez' pole as it slowly entered her tiny body. Not only was Fez' cock long, but Jackie had never had anything that thick inside her before, so every inch of penetration was stretching her pussy to new extremes. It was like having a Coke bottle stuck up her hole. When Jackie had allowed about six inches of Fez' gigantic cock to penetrate her, Pamela winked at Fez and without warning kicked one of Jackie's feet out from under her, causing her to lose balance and to immediately sit flush on Fez' lap.

"Oh my fucking God," Jackie shrieked as she was suddenly completely impaled on twelve inches of fat, hard cock. It felt to Jackie like someone had rammed a fence post up her pussy and she was furious at her mother. Then she felt Fez move and his cock twitch inside her, and suddenly she realized it wasn't pain she felt; it was extreme pleasure. "Oh my fucking God," she repeated, but this time it was more of a moan than an exclamation. Fez began to gyrate his hips, causing his monstrous cock to corkscrew inside her and Jackie threw her head back as her body convulsed in orgasm. She could feel her cunt muscles grip the huge log of meat inside her and she craved more. "Fuck me Fez...fuck me," Jackie ordered the foreign exchange student.

She planted both feet back on the floor and began to flex her knees, fucking herself on Fez' gigantic cock. He began to slam his body up to meet her strokes, jamming his huge rod up into Jackie's tiny pussy. Pamela sat on the side of the cot and pulled on her daughter's elongated nipples, stretching them forward and then letting them snap back, like rubber bands. Fez was fucking the girl he had dreamed about and he wasn't just fucking her...he was punishing her tight little cunt...ramming his cock up into her and stretching her further with every thrust.

* * *

Hyde had thanked Kitty and was now looking for his girlfriend as he purposefully strode down the cellar stairs. Hearing the unmistakable sounds of his cot springs, he almost ran into his room to see who was using his bed without permission. He was not expecting to see his cute little girlfriend fucking his friend while her naked mother watched. Amazingly, his first thought was not that his girlfriend was being fucked; rather it was how incredibly hot her nude mother was. Immediately sensing he had the upper hand in this situation Hyde boldly said, "Well, well, what have we here."

Opening her eyes, Jackie blurted out, "Don't be mad can fuck me and my mother." Jackie was in heaven with Fez' monster cock inside her and there was nothing on earth that would have made her stop now, so she just hoped Hyde wasn't too upset. Without even answering, Hyde kicked off his boots, dropped his pants and began to straddle the cot facing Jackie. She was puzzled as he pushed her onto her back on top of Fez' chest.

Then her eyes went wide as Hyde announced, "I think I will fuck your Mom, but right now I'm going to fuck you...I can't believe you would screw Fez behind my back." Without any hesitation Hyde lay his cock on top of Fez' log and tried to stuff his head into Jackie's slit along side it. Hyde hooked his thumbs inside Jackie's long cunt lips and stretched them even farther apart as his cock began to penetrate her, formally, tiny hole.

"Oh my fucking God...are you out of your mind," Jackie screamed as she felt her cunt stretch to the ripping point.

Fez just lay there, his enormous tool embedded inside Jackie's pussy, her smooth back against his chest, while Hyde struggled to join him inside her. With agonizingly slow progress, Hyde was steadily stuffing his cock into Jackie's already completely full cunt. Pamela squatted next to the cot completely enthralled with the spectacle before her, even though it was her only daughter being used. She attempted to explain to Hyde, "Stephen, really it was all my idea...don't blame Jackie."

To which he replied through gritted teeth, "I'm not mad; it's just that she seems to enjoy cock so much, I want to make sure she gets enough," and he lunged forward finally completely buried inside Jackie's cunt.

"Holy fucking shit," Jackie screeched as she felt the two cocks expand her snug opening. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine her pussy could be that flexible. Her mind raced as she realized she had two whole cocks inside her cunt. When both Fez and Hyde began to slowly withdraw simultaneously as if by some form of telepathy, she breathed a sigh of relief, until they slammed their cocks back in so hard that the cot moved across the floor. "Ahhhhhh," was all that Jackie could verbalize as they began to steadily double-fuck her, stretching her little pussy wider than it should have been. Jackie had lost count of her orgasms as Hyde's cock raked against her clit with every thrust.

Pamela jammed three fingers up her own pussy and begged, "You guys are gonna do me next, right."

* * *

Donna left the Foreman's bedroom dragging Eric's shirt behind her, not even bothering to cover her naked body, Red's cum drooling down her milky thighs. Red had awakened a beast inside her...a hunger...a hunger for cock. She caught sight of Michael Kelso climbing the stairs in search of the bathroom, reached out, grabbed a handful of his shirt and pulled him into Eric's bedroom. Kelso, the self proclaimed Point Place lothario, was speechless at the sight of this completely naked goddess. He had wanted to fuck Donna for years and now he saw his opportunity. As he watched her wonderful tits bob up and down, she demanded, "well Kelso, you've wanted me for a long time; are you going to stand there staring or are you going to get those pants off...I need a cock." Kelso wasted no time losing everything except his socks as Donna stood in front of him pinching her gumdrop sized nipples, waiting impatiently.

She laughed when his leopard-print bikini briefs hit the floor and a rolled up sock popped out, then literally threw him down on the bed and climbed on top of him. His cock was only about seven inches long and as slender as a hot dog, and after being assaulted by Red's weapon, she knew it probably wouldn't satisfy her, but she needed to be fucked. Straddling Kelso's lap Donna pounced on his hard-on and slid it inside of her pussy in one motion. She began bouncing up and down like she was riding a bucking bronco in the Calgary rodeo that Bob watched on TV every year. Kelso was absolutely mesmerized at the sight of her tremendous tits flopping up and down on her chest, slapping against her flesh. "Holy shit, Donna," he exclaimed, "I never knew you were such a slut."

"Don't ruin it by talking Kelso," she answered, "just fuck me."

Eric had blown his load inside his sister's little ass and was returning to his room, hoping Donna had finally returned when he heard a commotion behind his bedroom door. Bursting inside he was speechless at the sight on his bed: here was his girlfriend humping his best friend and obviously enjoying it. "What the fuck, Donna," was all he could think to say."

Turning her head and acknowledging his presence, Donna calmly replied, "don't worry, I still love don't just stand there...climb on."

It must have been the brownies influence because normally Eric would never have gotten naked in front of Kelso, but he threw his pajama bottoms across the room and bounded onto the bed behind his stunning girlfriend. As she continued to fuck herself on Kelso's cock, she bent forward, presented her perfect ass checks to Eric and added, "go know you've wanted to since you saw that movie...fuck my ass." Ever the thoughtful boyfriend, Eric reached on the nightstand for the bottle of baby oil he kept there for "date nights" with his Playboy collection, squirted a generous amount on Donna's ass and then spread her cheeks with his hands. He nudged his crown against her tiny brown opening and began to push forward; feeling like an expert on anal sex now. Donna stopped bouncing while Eric pushed past her sphincter ring and into her ass hole. He didn't stop pushing forward until his cock was buried inside her butt.

"Oh that's tight," he announced as he saw Kelso peering over Donna's shoulder. They could feel their cocks rubbing against each other separated by only a thin membrane of flesh and they began to fuck Donna's holes together.

"Oh shit that's good," Donna groaned as they pounded their cocks into her, "fuck me guys...fuck me hard." Eric and Kelso thrust in and out of Donna's ass and cunt in rhythm, completely stuffing her with cock. When they thrust forward, she would grind herself against them attempting to get even more meat inside herself. "Give it to me," she begged, "I need to be fucked." With her gorgeous tits flopping and her silky red hair flying in every direction, Donna fucked them with all her energy. Having her body full of cock was the only thing that mattered...she craved it. She felt Kelso's prick begin to spray the inside of her pussy with his seed, and ground her clit against his pelvis. Eric, feeling Kelso's cock twitching against his, began to dump his load inside his girlfriend's ass hole. "Oh yeah...fill me up," Donna urged as she felt their hot fluids flood her holes.

* * *

Midge Pinciotti had gone upstairs looking for Kitty and Red, who had disappeared from their own party. She had come there tonight specifically to talk to them; to thank them for watching over Donna after she had left. She knew Donna thought of Kitty as a second mother. The doors to Eric and Laurie's rooms were clearly marked by flower cut-outs and Star Wars posters, so she knocked gently on the other bedroom door. The Eagles music blaring on the downstairs stereo prevented her from hearing if there was a response from inside, so she began to open the door to peek in. Illuminated by the lights from the outdoor Christmas lights shining through the window, Midge could see Red prone on the bed and Kitty kneeled between his legs licking some kind of pole like it was a giant candy cane. As she stepped into the room, she realized they were both totally naked and the pole was the largest cock she had ever seen. It was as if the sight had hypnotized her, and she steadily advanced until she was standing beside the Foreman's bed.

Opening his eyes, Red was startled to see Midge and exclaimed, "Holy crap, what is this Times Square...first your daughter pops in, now you."

Brought back to reality by his booming voice, Midge began to apologize, "I...I'm sorry...I just wanted to thank Kitty for watching after Donna after I left Bob. I knocked, but...with the music...I am so sorry...holy shit Kitty, no wonder you were always smiling."

"Heh...heh...heh," cackled Kitty as she stopped lapping and looked up at the gorgeous Midge.

"Well stop staring and get those clothes off if you want a sample," Red offered.

"Yes, Midge," Kitty encouraged her, "there's plenty to go around, as you can see."

She could not take her eyes off Red's cock; with Kitty's hands wrapped around it, it looked like a baseball bat rising from his thighs. Midge quickly flicked off her heels and began to peel her glittery red party dress down her body. Pushing it down to her waist, she uncovered the most magnificent set of tits Red or Kitty had ever seen. No bra, of course, she didn't need one as her 36 C breasts were as firm as a football and stuck out straight from her chest. Her nipples were erect and the size of jellybeans, and Red remarked, "holy crap," as they jiggled.

After shoving the tight dress down over her hips and letting it fall to the floor, Midge stepped out of her tiny red bikini panties and revealed her totally nude body in all its glory. They knew she was a former model, and it showed: she was absolutely gorgeous...perfect. "Oh, my," declared Kitty when she saw Midge's completely bald pubic mound.

"Oh, that," Midge explained, "all the models in Europe are doing it so that nothing peeks out when they model bikinis, and since I left Bob, I have been doing some modeling for men's know...naked."

"Enough talk," Red stated, "let's get this show on the road," and he scooted to the side of the bed so Midge could lay down.

Midge lay on her back in the middle of the queen sized bed, bent her knees, and spread her perfect legs. Kitty surprised her by crawling up between them and lowering her face to Midge's crotch. Using her thumbs, Kitty gently spread Midge's fleshy pussy lips apart to reveal the most vivid shade of pink flesh inside her slit. Leaning forward, Kitty began to lap at the opening, starting at the bottom and slurping all the way up to Midge's already engorged clit. When she began to nibble at the nub, Midge groaned, closed her knees around Kitty's head, and her entire body shivered as she drenched Kitty's face with her juices. Red had crawled up beyond Midge's head and now lay his huge penis on her face. She opened her mouth and began to lick Red's crown, then trailed her tongue all the way down to his balls. Midge opened her mouth wide and took his whole scrotum into her mouth, lightly munching on his balls.

Kitty looked up at Red, Midge's fluids dripping down her chin, and announced, "I think she's ready Red." He disengaged his bag from Midge's ruby lips and bounded down the bed between her legs. Midge knew she was in for a treat: she had been stretched by Bob's soup can, but she had never had anything this long inside her. Red advanced between her luscious thighs, took his weapon in his hand, and lodged the crown between Midge's meaty pussy lips. As he pushed forward, his huge head popped inside her waiting hole and then in one violent lunge, he buried the entire giant cock inside her cunt.

"Holy fucking shit," Midge squealed as she felt the entire length of her tunnel being stretched. She hadn't had anything that large deep inside her since Donna was born. She felt Red slowly withdraw his monster and just as slowly slide it back inside her, scraping every nerve ending in her cunt in both directions. It was exquisite...the most wonderful feeling she had ever experienced. Then Red changed rhythm and suddenly he was jamming his enormous cock in and out of her hole at a blazing speed; fucking her as hard as he could. Her cunt was being stretched to new extremes as Red's gigantic pole thrust in and out of her. Midge's ass was gyrating and she was thrusting her hips forward to meet every stroke. Kitty had kneeled beside her and was nibbling on her jellybean nipples, first one then the other. Midge felt like she had died and gone to heaven as the Foreman's serviced her.

"Your cock is so fucking big," she panted, "fuck me Red...fuck me hard." Midge had one orgasm after another as Red reamed her hole with his giant cock, slamming in and out of her pussy. He had already reached climax that night, so he seemed to last forever and Midge was sure her cunt was going to be raw. When he finally did cum, Red withdrew and shot his load all over Midge's amazing tits, watching it drool down her twin peaks.

* * *

All the beer had taken a toll on Fez, and despite not wanting to take a break from his mini-orgy with the Burkhardt women in the Foreman basement, he excused himself to go upstairs to the bathroom. He thought about just going outside but he knew Red would see the yellow snow in the morning and get really pissed. He threw on his pants and shirt, not even bothering to button it: he knew everyone in the house was either drunk or high on brownies, so what the hell. The crowd had thinned out considerably, and actually all of his friends seemed to be missing as he passed through the living room and went up the stairs.

Donna, disgusted at the flaccid cocks on Kelso and Eric after they filled her holes with their spunk, decided to take a bathroom break and then scout the house for more hard cock. She didn't even bother to cover her nakedness as she shuffled to the bathroom. When she threw the door open, there stood Fez in front of the toilet with what looked like a fire-hose in his hands emptying it into the bowl. Startled, he turned saying, "what the f...," but before he could finish he saw the totally naked Donna standing in the doorway staring at his penis. They just stood motionless staring at each other. Fez had stopped urinating and the hose in his hand rapidly grew as he saw the naked beauty in front of him. She was more beautiful than he had dreamed. Her tits were absolutely spectacular as they heaved and jiggled from her heavy breathing. The sparse red bush between her endlessly long legs glistened and seemed matted down. Donna's sweet face framed by her flowing red mane was angelic.

"Holy crap Fez," Donna gasped as she reached out and grasped his tool, "have you always had that." Realizing it was such a stupid question, she continued, "you are just what I need right would you like to fuck me."

"I would like that very much," Fez replied calmly.

Swiftly, Donna's foot closed the toilet cover and she shoved Fez backward until he sat on the lid, his pole extending toward the ceiling. With cum dripping out of her pussy, Donna faced and straddled Fez (and the toilet), grasped his cock, aimed it between her slit and sat on his lap. "Oh my fucking God," she moaned as the entire length of Fez' monstrous cock penetrated her cunt. "I need it Fez," she begged, "fuck me...fuck me...your cock feels so fucking good." Fez tried to jam himself into her, but with her sitting on his lap, he just could get no leverage; so he put his arms around his naked goddess and stood up. With her impaled on a foot of hard cock, there was no danger of slipping off as Fez walked to the nearest wall and shoved her ass up against it. He slipped his hands under her beautiful ass cheeks and then began to slam his giant cock into her cunt hole as hard and fast as he could.

"I'm fucking Donna," he told himself as he jammed his pole into her, trapping her against the wall. Her magnificent tits were flopping between them, slapping their bodies as he fucked her with all his strength.

Donna was panting and out of breath from the pounding as she pleaded, "I love your fucking cock Fez...fuck me...fuck me harder...stretch my fucking cunt."

Fez just smiled, as did everyone else in the Foreman home that night. It was indeed a Happy New Year.

(Thanks to everyone for reading my story. As always, I welcome, and appreciate all comments and suggestions. HAPPY NEW YEAR [email protected])


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