That 70's Show: My Girlfriend's Hot Mom (Mf,anal,reluc)
by Wilcox

No one answered my knock at my girlfriend Donna's house, though I knew
that her mother Midge was home. The sound of the shower running upstairs
immediately got my attention, it could only mean one thing, Midge,
beautiful, soapy, and naked. I'd been having fantasies about her ever
since I'd overheard her and Donna talking about one of Donna's dad Bob's
self-serving schemes.

President Ford was coming to our town for a speech and Q and A session.
Donna's dad had these patriotic jump suits made up. Two were made up of red
and white stripes and the third was blue with stars on it so that the three
of them went side-by-side would look like the American flag. Donna refused
to go along and her dad walked off hurt and angry. That's when I found out
something that changed the focus of my relationship with Donna and her Mom.

Donna's mom Midge was telling her that she should go along as she was going
to. "With your father's requests I've found that going along with something
like this lets me avoid other things he wants me to do," she said. Donna
gasped as she had the same thought as I did, SEX. Her Mom laughed as she
realized what Donna was thinking.

"No, not that honey," she said. "I love that and it doesn't take much to get
me going either."

I was in shock. My girlfriend's pretty mother loved sex and was hot to trot
at the slightest provocation. I saw her in a new light from then on and
looked at her much more than I'd ever done before. Sure Mrs. Pinciotti was
36 but she was a MILF who still had a great body that was more mature and
curvaceous than her daughter's. With her pouty lips, big full breasts, flat
tummy, flaring hips and firm round meaty ass she became a walking, talking
wet dream to me.

I tried to find a way to get her alone so I could find out if what she'd
told Donna was true. It shouldn't take much, I thought and determined to be
persistent and just go for it. Anyway, today was the day and my cock hardened
at the thought of her trim body under the water, innocently soaping her
breasts, the suds running down her flat stomach and into her thatch of blonde
pubic hair.

I walked quietly to the bathroom door and listened closely. I could hear her
sweet voice humming to herself. I slowly turned the knob on the door and
pushed it open. Hot steamy air poured out as I silently let myself in and
pulled the door closed.

Through the steam I could see her gorgeous body behind the clear glass door
of the shower. She was facing the spray with her face uplifted. The gentle
curve of her hip led my eye down to the long leanness of her leg. The side
of one full breast tilted upward at the tip and capped with a large hardened
nipple was clearly visible.

I undressed as I looked at her, then absently ran my hand down, caressing my
dick softly. As I watched she poured body wash on a pouf and lathered it up.
She then closed her eyes and began running the soapy thing over her tanned
body. She rubbed it over her breasts in a slow circular motion gently cupping
each one with her free hand. I was awestruck when she flicked at each nipple
a couple of times and tweaked one between her thumb and finger.

She then ran the pouf down her stomach and over her thighs bending at the
waist to reach the rest of her legs. Her big tits swung slightly as she
washed her calves and feet. She then straightened and reached her arm back
over her shoulder to swipe across her back. She let the pouf drop and ran
her hands over her body under the water to rinse.

When she reached the vee between her legs she slowly ran her fingers over her
pussy up and down over her slit. Her hips moved slightly and it was obvious
that she was enjoying this. My long thick cock was now sticking out hard and
pulsating. My hand stroked it firmly and slowly. Up over the shaft and around
the head and then back down.

I knew that I no longer wanted to just watch this gorgeous display. I quickly
pulled open the door. Midge jumped and snatched her hand away from her now
pouting pussy lips. "Eric, what are you doing in here?" Mrs. Pinciotti asked
sharply eyeing my huge hard on.

"This" I said and captured her lips with mine. The water was hot and tasting
it on her made my dick jump. She fought me, but then as I kissed her she
began responding and I felt her wrap her long slender fingers around my rod.
Her hand began pumping up and down my shaft causing my hips to surge toward
her. "Oh God," I breathed as I broke the kiss and she lowered herself to her
knees. She amazed me as she took the full length of me into her beautiful
mouth and all the way down her throat.

She began sucking and licking my dick expertly, letting her tongue roll
around the head and flick firmly at the tip. She pressed the tip of her
tongue against the hole at the top of my prick and gently moved it side to
side. My fingers tangled in her hair and I pulled her face to me so that
her mouth was completely filled with my hot meat.

Faster and harder she sucked until I knew that I was about to cum. I pulled
my cock out of her mouth. She looked up at me and said," Let me finish you
off Eric. Then you can leave and no real harm has been done. Come on Eric ...
let me suck you off. I promise to swallow for you. What do you say?"

I told her to stand up. Knowing exactly what I wanted, she slowly stood up
and turned around so that her delectable ass was facing me. She bent slightly
at the waist, placed her hands against the wall and looked back over her
shoulder at my big cock bouncing at full mast only inches from her married
cunt. "I've never cheated on my husband Eric. Please don't do this!"

Her pussy was pink, the lips swollen with lust, and those were the lips I was
listening to. The water that ran in rivulets down her back glistened over her
puckered asshole. I took my cock in hand and ran it over her lips and along
her slick slit. I gently pushed against her tight hole and gasped when the
head entered her heat. She pushed back against me and all at once my prick
was engulfed in her tight twat.

"Oh Eric," Midge moaned, "we really shouldn't be doing this. You shouldn't
have your big hard cock between my legs like this. It's very naughty of you,
you know. I'm a married woman and you are my daughter's boyfriend."

"It feels so good, Mrs. Pinciotti," I muttered, almost incoherent with lust.
"Can I please fuck your pussy, Mrs. Pinciotti? Please?" I begged as I leaned
over her back, reaching around her to cup her full breasts. "You have
gorgeous tits, Mrs. Pinciotti," I whispered as I fondled Midge's big fleshy
mounds. "I love how your nipples press out in your tops, they look hard even
when they aren't."

I caught a nipple between the fingers of each hand, and began to roll them
in my tweaking fingers, feeling them stiffen. Her thighs tightened, and she
pushed back, taking another inch of my cock into her slit, moaning loudly.

"Stop touching my titties that way Eric. It makes my pussy so wet and hot
when you do that. You can't fuck me. That would be very bad. Really," she
gasped. "You have to stop this right now!" Her attempt at gaining control
was undermined by the fact that her hips were hunching back against my cock.

My fingers continued to pinch and twist her sensitive nipples as I asked
her, "Don't you need to feel my cock stretching open your tight cunt Mrs.
Pinciotti? Don't you need to get fucked?" I didn't wait for an answer as I
reached down, grabbed her hips in both hands and slammed home every long
thick inch to the hilt.

I began fucking her fast and hard. She was so hot and tight that I knew I
wouldn't last long. I reached around and grabbed her breasts pinching the
nipples almost painfully while I took her from behind. She was moaning and
bucking back against me faster and harder. "Fuck me!" she yelled and I felt
her pussy clamp down on me like a vise as her orgasm gripped her.

I pulled almost completely out of her love tunnel and then slammed back in.
Her head smacked against the shower wall but I was too far-gone to notice. I
could feel the sperm building up in my balls. I began fucking her furiously
and pulled out of her right as my cock exploded rope after rope of man juice
onto her tight ass. I rubbed my dick against her buns until all traces of
cum were gone.

"Turn around and get cleaned up," I ordered and stepped out of the steamy
shower. Midge did as she was told and I knew that I had her. She didn't want
me to let anyone know that my girlfriend's mom was an easy lay who loved cock
... or that she'd come when I'd fucked her. I bent my head, and kissed her
soundly, deeply on the lips, causing her to moan softly.

"Tell me you want me to fuck you again Mrs. Pinciotti," I whispered against
her mouth.

"I can't."

"Sure you can. Say it. Eric, I want you to fuck me." My hands dropped down to
around her waist then moved around to cup her buns and pull her against my
body. "Say it."

She entwined her arms up around my neck as she searched out my mouth for
another kiss. Pressing her body against mine was enough for me. I picked her
up, walked to her bedroom and placed her on her bed. Lying down next to her,
I gave her a passionate kiss and spent several minutes fondling and squeezing
her firm fleshy mounds and spiky nipples. Then I broke the kiss, bent and
captured her nipple, biting it and sucking it softly.

My girlfriend's sexy mom threw her head back and moaned loudly,
"Ohhhhhhhhhh ... ohhhhhhhhhh! As her sensitive pink nipples were being
suckled one after the other. She responded with another moan, arching
against me, now totally oblivious to the fact that it was her daughter's
boyfriend and not her husband nursing on her melon boobs.

I slipped down her ripe body and tasted her sweet little cunt. Her clitoris
was up hard as I twirled my tongue around it and tasted her flowing juices.
My tongue slid up and down her hot crack as I alternated between her sweet
pussy and tiny puckered anus. My tongue was digging deeply up her tiny
asshole as she tossed her head from side to side, her hair flying in all

I climbed up between her wide spread legs and stroked my cock to its full
length. Then lifting Mrs. Pinciotti's legs up onto my shoulders, I slid
my long thick cock up and down the full length of her wet, swollen blonde
fringed slit as I said, "Tell me you want me to fuck you again Mrs.

She blinked her eyes several times as reality flooded her consciousness. She
looked down at my huge cock knocking at the door of her temple of love and
whispered, "Fuck me ... fuck me Eric." I smiled in triumph as I rammed my
cock home in her pussy. She gasped, but raised her ass off the bed to take
all of me to the hilt. By my tenth stroke she was cumming, and about twenty
minutes later so was I. The neighbors might have heard our cries, grunts and
moans as I fucked her brains out on the bed she shared with her husband.

Although my cock went down after I came each time, in some ways we never did
really stop fucking until much, much later. Very soon after we finished she
got on top and held her tits together as I sucked them while she rocked her
pussy against my mostly soft cock. We hadn't cleaned up at all, and we were
wet and slippery from my cum and her juices.

Soon my dick started to rise, and she put her hands on my chest and was
doing sort of an "ocean wave" with her sweet little ass. She had her clit
positioned in such a way that she was masturbating against me, and she soon
reached orgasm again. It was an erotic sight as she gripped her tits, tossed
her hair, and writhed and moaned above me with her head thrown back, and I
was hard again when she finished.

Midge relaxed just a minute and then slid down and grasped and jacked my
cock. She rubbed it in her slit until I was panting for it and then slid her
wet pussy down on my cock to the balls. She dragged the fucking out longer
than I thought possible. She would stop when she felt me getting close and
just grip my cock with her pussy lips. Then she would start again slowly and
sigh and shudder and moan as my cock thrust deep in her pussy.

Finally, she got her hands down next to my chest and picked up speed and
leverage. She was saying, "Yess, yess. Fuck me Eric, cum in me," and I almost
shouted as we both came again. With her pussy on top, some of my cum leaked
out and coated our thighs. I think I was more aroused than I'd ever been.

At my age I wasn't sure how many rounds I had in me. Before the day was over
I found out it was more than I thought. It seems that the sexual peaks for
men and woman differ by many years and it just so happened that I was at
mine, the same as Donna's mom was at hers and I found out first hand that
Midge was an insatiable fuck slut once she got started.

For now, she wanted me to suck her pussy again. I got my head between her
thighs as she was on her back with her knees up over my shoulders. I started
licking, sucking and fingering her, and I had to fasten my mouth to her pussy
as she moved around. I slid my tongue deep in her fuck hole and tasted my cum
and her juices as I reached up to capture her lucious tits, fondling and
squeezing the firm fleshy mounds as I ate her out.

She spread her arms and gripped the sheets, then moved her hands to my head,
and then to my arms and back to the sheets as she whimpered and gasped.
Again, it didn't take long for her to cum with her head thrown back as she
moaned loudly.

When she recovered she licked the cum and juices off my thighs and balls and
sucked my cock slowly and sensuously, stopping to rub it on her face and then
her tits. Then going all the way down on it and sucking hard as she came back
up over and over until I was rock hard and ready to fuck her again.

Then she got on her hands and knees in front of me, looked back over her
shoulder and whispered, "Take me Eric. Fuck my pussy from behind. I just love
doggie style and Bob isn't into it." Man did she look good as I moved in and
fit my dick into her juicy hole. I entered her with one thrust and fucked it
to her hard. Her tits swayed under her as she humped back against me.

My hands crawled up over her hot sweaty body to her big full tits as I fucked
her hard and deep. I couldn't believe her husband wouldn't take her like
this. She looked incredible as she undulated her sexy ass back against me ...
and her tightly milking pussy felt even better than she looked. My balls and
thighs made a slap, slap sound against her ass, and our fucking made a wet
sucking sound in her cum soaked pussy.

She was moaning, "Fuck meee," and I gripped her hair partly for leverage and
was doing just that with long forceful strokes. Her tiny rosebud anus looked
so nice and inviting that I reached down and lubed my fingers in her flowing
pussy juice. I circled her tiny anus with my finger for a while as her
breathing became louder. She gasped when I pushed my finger up her asshole.

It went in without a hitch, and with plenty of fuck juice, she took it and
begged for more. So I jammed a second finger up Mrs. Pinciotti's tight colon.
Now having both holes jammed I picked up the pace and I could feel her cunt
muscles twitching with my fingers through the thin wall between her pussy and
her rectum as she began a super intense orgasm. She shoved her hips back to
meet mine, twisting and gyrating in circles on my fully embedded cock.

Her head and shoulders dropped to the bed as I humped her through her climax.
I pulled my fingers out of her ass and asked, "Have you ever tried it up the
ass Mrs. Pinciotti? You liked my fingers so much; do you want me to fuck you
up the ass? Tell me you want me to fuck you up the ass." I figured that she'd
agree to it, but I wanted to here her say it.

"Yes ... please..." she said in a soft whisper, "Fuck my ass, I want you to
fuck me up the ass Eric." make it yours."

I locked my hands onto her flaring hips, then slowly slipped the tip of my
thick cock into her tight asshole. We both gasped at the same time as I
forced it in past her over matched spincter, stretching her tight anal
passage taunt around my big dick. She tightened up immediately, but I
maintained my pressure.

As Mrs. Pinciotti relaxed I inched my way in slowly. Groaning she relaxed
even more and little by little I moved into her ass, watching my thick dick
sink up my girlfriend's mother's tight little asshole deeper and deeper until
I'd buried every long thick inch of my teenaged dick to the hilt.

"God you're so tight Mrs. Pinciotti!" I moaned holding her flaring hips
tightly against my loins as I came to a stop with my heavy sperm laden balls
pressing against her firm little buns. I let her adjust to the presence of my
long thick cock in her tiny ass, then began a slow in and out motion as I
fingered her erect clit. After a minute or so she began bucking back against
me, begging me to fuck her hard so she could cum again. My cock slid in and
out of her stretched open anus like a piston as I picked up the pace and
drove my dick as hard and deep as I could into her tight little asshole.

She looked back over her shoulder at me and began rotating her ass in slow
sexy circles around my huge dick sodomizing her. Looking and sounding like a
total slut, she ran her tongue over her lips and sexily whispered, "I love
it ... I love your big dick in my ass Eric ... I love it so fucking much.
Fuck my hot asshole! Don't stop, please. Fuck my tight little asshole, AHHHH

It was incredible, I couldn't believe that my plan had come together so well
that I was actually sodomizing my girlfriend's MILF mother on the very bed
she shared with her husband. I was the king of the world, pushing in and out
of her, pumping her glove tight ass with the strength and stamina of a young
stud that'd already shot his load and was primed for the long haul.

Time lost meaning as we indulged in the wickedness of our taboo joining. She
came three times before I felt my churning cum again rise up from my balls
and surge through my anal vise-gripped shaft. I grabbed Donna's mother's hips
and pulled her back to me as tightly as I could.

Mrs. Pinciotti whimpered and cried out in joy, "Oh GODDDD!" and began to
writhe and twist in front of me as I stayed still. I held her wildly
wriggling butt tightly against myself and groaned loudly as I got my rocks
off. I exploded, shooting my heavy load deep inside of her bowels. She came
again as I did, arching her butt up, pressing back hard against me as I drove
my cock home. With my hands on her hips I gave her a few more slow thrusts,
until she had finished cumming.

After a couple of minutes I withdrew from the still moaning, quivering wife
and mother's ravaged little asshole with a loud plop. Then I fell next to
her, saying nothing as we lay beside each other on her sweat and cum soaked
marital bed.

Finally, she spoke. "Oh Eric, that was incredible ... you're a real stud? We
have to do this again. Only it has to be our little secret ... no one can
find out."

I nodded my head in agreement, "Yes Mrs. Pinciott," I said with a smile.

She smiled back and took my cock in her hand, "Eric, I think we know each
other well enough now to use first names when we're ... ahhh ... together
like this, sweetie. Call me Midge." I took her into my arms and gave her a
big kiss with lots of tongue as I fondled her sexy body.

We were a sweaty, cummy mess as we lay there recovering. Then we got up and
went back to the shower to clean up. I realized as I looked at the time that
we'd been fucking for hours. It was getting late and I had to leave before
her family came home. Now I fuck her whenever I get the chance, especially
her tight little ass which has become exclusively mine.


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