NOTE: Guest stars are Shannon Elizabeth as Brooke, Brooke Shields as Pam
Burkhart, Morgan Fairchild as Carolyn and Tanya Roberts as Midge Pinciotti.

That 70's Show: Mother And Child Reunion Part 2 (MF,FF,voy,b/d)
by Honker

Red and Kitty Forman enter Bob Pinciotti's backyard. "I tell you, Kitty, I've
had it up to here with all the noise! Whatever Bob's building over there, I'm
going to tell him he's got to keep it down!"

"Well, Red, I'm sure it won't be much longer before..."

They see Bob Pinciotti and his girlfriend, Pam Burkhart, sitting in a large
redwood tub of bubbling water. "What the hell..." says Red.

"Oh, hey there, neighbors! What do you think of my new jacuzzi? Pam says
they're all the rage in Mexico!"

"You do realize we live in Wisconsin, right, Bob?"

"Even better," says Pam, "when winter comes, we can roll around in the snow,
then jump right into the jacuzzi - it's great for the skin!"

"I know something else that's great for the skin..." Bob suddenly realizes
Red and Kitty are listening. "Uh... exercise! Exercise and hot tubs, great
for the skin!"

Pam stands up to get a drink from a nearby tray, and Red stares at her body
in her very small bikini. Kitty notices - "Oh, for Pete's sake, Red, pick
your tongue up off the ground and let's go!" She drags him away.

"They're gone, honey," says Pam, "you know what that means - no need for
swimsuits!" Pam takes off her bikini top and shows Bob her tits.

"You look fantastic..."

Pam takes off her bikini bottom under the water. "Good enough to eat?"

* * *

Red and Kitty enter their kitchen through the side screen door. Their son,
Eric, and his friend Hyde are at thekitchen table. "Honestly, Red, did you
have to stare at her like that?"

"Kitty, I swear, I was...admiring the hot tub!"

"Hot tub?" says Hyde. "Who has a hot tub?"

"Bob!" yells Kitty. "He bought one for Pam!" She leaves the kitchen in a

Eric thought out loud. " a hot tub?" Eric and Hyde jump up from the
table and run off in different directions.

Kitty storms upstairs, with Red following after her. She gets in the bedroom,
and lies on the bed, face-down in the pillows.

Red looks out the bedroom window at Pam, then starts getting horny and turns
toward Kitty.

"Red, what are you doing...I...oh, Red!"

* * *

Eric enters the kitchen of the Pinciotti house, where his girlfriend Donna
Pinciotti and her friend Jackie Burkhart are doing their homework. "Donna, I
have to use your bathroom, right now!"

"What's wrong with your bathroom?" asks Donna.

"Hyde's using it." Eric seems really agitated.

"OK, go ahead."

Eric goes into the bathroom and pulls open the curtains - from there he's got
a great view of the backyard, where a naked Pam is sitting on the edge of the
hot tub while Bob licks her pussy.

"My god, Hyde was right - look at those tits, they're perfect!" Eric pulls
down his pants and opens his underwear while watching Pam and Bob. He starts
jacking off while fantasizing about Pam's breasts. "Forget about Bob, Pam,
you need a young man in the hot tub with you...someone like me, I'll give it
to you real good...."

"Did you say something?" asks Donna, as she opens the bathroom door. "Eric?
What the hell are you doing?"

Eric is standing there, with his pants down, facing the window with his dick
in his hand. "Donna, I was just.... I mean, it's not what it looks like!"

Donna walks over to the window and looks out. "Oh, so you weren't jacking off
while looking at Jackie's mom?"

"Well, sure, that's what it looks like, but actually..."

"Get out. Just get out. You're disgusting." Donna storms out of the bathroom,
and Eric pulls up his pants.

"Yeah, well maybe if we had sex more often, I wouldn't have to do that!" He
walks out of the room to find Jackie staring at him. Eric leaves.

* * *

Meanwhile, Michael Kelso is at his girlfriend Brooke's apartment, for dinner
with Brooke's mother, Carolyn. He's looking for the bathroom when he walks by
a bedroom and sees an open suitcase on the bed. He walks in the bedroom and
starts looking through her lingerie, when he hears someone coming. Kelso
ducks into an open closet and hides behind some clothes.

Brooke's mother Carolyn enters the room. "I just want to take a quick shower
before dinner, Brooke. I'll just be a few minutes."

Kelso peers out through the clothes to see the gorgeous blonde brushing her
hair. She gets up from her chair, and undoes the belt on her dress. She slips
the dress off her shoulders to reveal a lace white teddy. As she leans over
to put the brush back on the dresser, Kelso gets a good look down her

Carolyn walks over to the closet, and Kelso ducks behind the clothes again.
She turns her back toward him and he peeks out again. She slips one strap of
the teddy off her shoulder, then the other one, and Kelso's jaw opens wide.
Slowly the teddy slides down her body, and he sees her naked back and then
her ass. She grabs a towel and heads toward the adjoining bathroom.

Kelso thinks to himself - "I can't believe I'm seeing my girlfriend's mother
naked! I can't believe my girlfriend's mother is so HOT!"

Carolyn sits on the edge of the tub, and as she puts her hair up, Kelso gets
his first look at Carolyn's beautiful breasts. He catches a quick flash of
pussy as she stands up and climbs into the shower.

Once the water is running, he takes the opportunity to sneak out of the
closet. Through the shower curtain he can see the silhouette of Carolyn
taking a shower. He considers taking a peek in the shower, but realizes
he would be immediately caught, so he heads out of Carolyn's bedroom.

* * *

Donna and Jackie are up in Donna's bedroom, both girls are upset.

"I can't believe Eric," says Donna. "Actually pleasuring himself, while
looking at your mom!"

"Donna, you're missing the bigger problem here - my mom was having sex
with...your dad!" Jackie says as she makes a face of disgust. "What are we
going to do about that?"

"What's wrong with my dad? Oh wait, I see your point. Look, forget that,
what about Eric?"

"Donna, it's perfectly normal. Guys do it all the time, it's no big deal."


"Sure, that's why I give Steven so many pictures of me! And after I broke up
with Michael, I did it all the time!"

Donna is shocked. "You? You...touched yourself?"

"You don't? I guess this is what happens when a girl grows up without her

"I mean, sure I do. Yeah, all the time." Donna pauses. "How do you... do it?
I mean, what's your favorite way?"

"Well, sometimes I like to light some candles, and take a hot bath...
then I fantasize about something...."

"Like what?"

"Oh, sometimes I imagine I'm a captive princess, waiting to be rescued - or
a lonely heiress surrounded by my male servants. Sometimes I imagine I'm one
of Charlie's Angels!"

"Would me?" asks Donna.

* * *

Kelso joins Brooke in her kitchen and gives her a hug. "Hey, Michael, did you
find the bathroom OK?"

"Uh, yeah...listen, Brooke, about your mom..."

"Michael, whatever you're going to say, don't say it. Please, I just want
things to go well tonight, can you just try to get along with her, please?
For me?" She kisses him.

"OK, I'll try. For you, anything. And for little baby Brooke, or whatever we
end up calling her. How's dinner coming?"

"It's almost done. Can you bring these dishes to the table?"

As Kelso goes into the dining room, Carolyn enters, elegantly dressed. She
sees Kelso setting the table. "Brooke, dear, how wonderful. How many bananas
did it take to train him to do that?"

"Mother, you promised you'd be nice. Michael is a good man and the father of
my baby."

"Are you sure about him, dear? He's got no future - you'd be better off by

"Mom, we've been through this - Michael's been trying really hard, he went
with me to parenting class, and he even enrolled in the Police Academy!"

"Well, I suppose a policeman's pension is nothing to sneeze at. Let's just
hope he gets shot. Soon."

Kelso enters and picks up the dishes of food. "The table's set and dinner is

"Well, he does make a pretty good waiter," says Carolyn. They all sit down
and pass thefood around. "So, Michael, what are your intentions toward my


Kelso interrupts. "No, it's OK. It's good to get these things out in the
open. I already proposed to your daughter, but she said we weren't ready."

"Oh really? And how would you provide for her?"

"Well, I'm thinking about selling my van - I won't need it anyway while I'm
at the academy. That should be good for a few hundred. And I can probably
pick up some odd jobs at night."

"And why is she so special to you, Michael?"

"I just think it's, like, fate, you know? I mean, we only "did it" that one
time in the bathroom at that rock concert, and look what happened!" Brooke
kicks Kelso under the table. "Uh, I mean, she's really special to me. More
than any other girl, and I've been with a lot of girls. I mean, a lot of

Brooke hangs her head in defeat as Carolyn looks disgusted.

* * *

"OK, we've got some soft music, some candles, and your Shaun Cassidy poster.
I think that should do it." Jackie strips down to her bra and panties and
sits down on the bed.

"I usually like to start with my underwear still on - if I'mwearing something
silky it just feels better right away..." Jackie reaches down between her
legs and starts rubbing herself through her panties. "Then I might think
about what Shaun Cassidy looks like in his underwear - that big bulge in his
pants!" She starts pinching her nipples through her bra. "And maybe he picks
me up in his limo, and asks me to strip for him..."

Donna watches in fascination as Jackie pulls her bra down and tweaks her
nipples, then pulls her underwear aside and starts rubbing her pussy.

"See how hard my nipples are, Donna? Then I just keep rubbing my pussy, and
it starts to feel all warm and tingly..."

Donna's on the other bed and starting to get into it, tentatively touching
her own breasts.

"Then my clitty gets all hard, and I rub it for a while. Feel how hard it
is...go ahead, it's OK." Donna leans over to touch Jackie's pussy.

"God, Jackie, you're so wet!"

Jackie goes back to rubbing her nipples. "I know - now rub it up and down for
me!" Donna pulls away. "What's the big deal?"

"Jackie, we're best friends! And I'm not some kind of lesbo!"

"OK, I'll do it myself. But you have to touch yourself, too!" Donna sits down
on the other bed, and takes off her bra and panties. Jackie looks at her and
masturbates, pushing two fingers in and out of her pussy.

"I'm not sure I'm doing this right..." Donna says after a while.

"Here, let me show you." Jackie grabs Donna's hand and rubs it over her clit.
"How does that feel?"

"It feels funny. Good, but funny."

"Imagine how good it would feel if you did that for a long time..." Jackie
looks up and her eyes meet Donna's, and Donna pulls Jackie close for a long

In the bedroom window, a silhouetted figure can't believe his eyes...

* * *

Hyde and Eric are standing on a tool shed, peering through some leaves. "You
see anything?" asks Hyde.

"Yeah, they're getting out of the hot tub, and Pam's putting on a robe."

"Damn, I wanted to see those jugs again. It's all I can think about!"

"Yeah, I know what you mean," says Eric. "I saw them from the bathroom in
Donna's house - they're awesome! Then Donna caught me."

"What, she caught you jerking off? Tough break, man. That's why I do it at
work, I never get caught!" The boys climb down off the shed.

"Yeah, well, I don't think I'd last long as a PriceMart cashier if I did

"Hey, look who's getting out of that taxi, it's Midge!"

"Donna's mom is back?"

"Yeah, and she's looking hotter than ever! You know what this means, Forman?
This means that of all of us, Bob's got the best chance of having two women
at once!"

On their way to Eric's basement, Fes calls to them from up in a tree. "I
think there's something up here you two should see."

* * *

Kelso is having trouble concentrating at dinner - his mind keeps wandering
back to what Carolyn looked like naked in the bedroom before. Staring at
her cleavage from across the table is getting him aroused again. "Don't look
at her boobs," he thinks to himself. "Just don't look at her boobs."

Carolyn reaches for her water glass, and her breasts are in Kelso's view
again. "OK," he thinks, " it's OK to look at her boobs - as long as she
doesn't see me looking at her boobs."

Carolyn looks at Kelso. "Crap! Did she just see me looking at her boobs?"

"Are you all right, Michael? You seem..distracted."

"I....uh...I couldn't help notice that lovely dress you're wearing, Mrs..."

"Please, Michael, call me Carolyn!" She turns to Brooke. "Brooke, honey, you
look very tired! Maybe you should go lie down for a bit, I can clean up

"Well, I am a little tired. Being pregnant does seem to have that effect on
me. Maybe I will rest for a little bit before dessert." She leaves the room.

"So, Michael, tell me about these girlfriends of yours. What do you do, pick
them up in your van, and drive them to your local make-out spot, what is it,
Mount Shag?"

"You mean Mount Hump? I mean, no, I don't do that any more. Not since I met

"Really? That seems a shame, what with all the young, naive, eager girls
in this town. And you with all your" Carolyn gets up to
clear some plates.

"What do you mean?"

"I just think you could use a woman with more...experience. You know, maybe
someone older could show you a thing or two."

"I guess I know what you mean. I was the first freshman in Point Place to
take a senior to the prom."

"There, you see? I bet she taught you a lot. There's something to be said for
older women. Sometimes they're very lonely, and they'd do just about anything
to please a young man..."

Carolyn leans over to clear some plates from the table, placing her breasts
right in Kelso's face.

* * *

Eric, Hyde and Fes are all on the roof of the Pinciotti house, gathered
around Donna's window, hidden by tree branches. "How long have they been at
this?" asks Hyde.

Fes counts to three on his fingers while making a beating-off motion with his
hand. "About 15 minutes..."

"But what are they doing?" asks Eric.

Hyde hits him. "They're making out, stupid. Girls do it all the time. You
know, like men do by themselves. For practice."

"They're getting pretty good at it, if you ask me!" says Fes.

"But with Jackie?" Eric gets up to leave. "I'm putting a stop to it."

Hyde pulls him back down. "Don't be an idiot. Think about it - who knows more
about what a girl likes, than another girl? Pay attention, you might learn

* * *

Inside, Donna is leaning back on the bed, gripping a teddy bear. Jackie is
rubbing her pussy with her fingers, slowly increasing in tempo. "How does
that feel, Donna? Feels good, right?"

"Yeah...." says a dazed Donna. "Feels so good...."

"Imagine how good it would feel if I did that with my tongue..."

Donna lets go of the teddy bear and grabs her own breasts.

"Would you like that? Do you want me to put my tongue down there?"

"Oh, yeah..."

Jackie leans over, puts her head between Donna's legs, and takes a lick of
her pussy. Donna writhes in pleasure as Jackie eats her out.

"I can't believe this!" says Eric. "Jackie's going down on Donna?"

"I know," says Hyde, "have you ever seen anything this hot?"

"So, what, Donna's a lesbian now?"

"Who cares, just enjoy it!"

* * *

Carolyn returns to the table and approaches Kelso from behind. She's holding
a pair of handcuffs. "I found these in your bag - if you were to, I don't
know, cuff me to this chair, you could pretty much do anything you wanted..."

"That doesn't seem right..."

"C'mon, I saw the way you were looking at me. I know you want to. And I'm
guessing you need it just as much as I do." Carolyn puts the cuffs tight
around one hand, then slips them through the bars of the chair. "Come on,
just tighten the other handcuff, and I'll be at your mercy..."

Kelso knows it's wrong but finds himself being turned on by the situation -
it reminds him of the fantasy he shared with his friends earlier in the pot
circle. He walks over and tightens the second cuff around Carolyn's wrist.

"That's a good boy. Now you can do whatever you want to me. Just one thing,
please don't tear my dress."

"OK, I'll be careful."

"No, dummy, that means I want you to tear my dress off."

Kelso slowly picks up on the code. "Oh, I get it. You don't want me to do
this..." He tears at her dress, exposing her bra.

"No, please, no," Carolyn quietly whispers. "I'll do whatever you want. Just
don't hit me!"

"Hit you?"

"Please, don't hit me! Don't slap me around!"

"I get it. You're a naughty girl..." Kelso mock-slaps her.

"Harder", whispers Carolyn, "come on, harder!"

Kelso tries but finds he can't really bring himself to hit her very hard.
Carolyn, however, treats each light slap like it's causing her a great deal
of pain.

"No, please, stop!" she says as she motions for him to continue. "I'll do
whatever you want - just don't make me suck your cock!"

"Oh, no? You'll do whatever I tell you to do!" Michael is getting into the
role-play, so much that he unzips. "If I tell you to suck my cock, you're
going to suck it!"

Carolyn's eyes open wide at the sight of Kelso's large cock. She pretends
to be afraid of it, though. "No, I can't. Don't make me! It's too big, I
couldn't possibly..."

Kelso's teasing her by moving his dick closer to her head - but as soon as
it comes near, she grabs it with her mouth and starts sucking it.

"Yeah, you like that, don't you? Come on, do it faster, you dirty girl." He
grabs the back of her head and forces her into a faster rhythm.

After a few minutes of her faster sucking, Carolyn senses that Kelso's about
to come. She stops for a second. "Whatever you do, just don't come on my
face, OK?"

"OK, gotcha!" Kelso says with a wink. The thought of this brings him to the
edge, and when he feels he's about to come, he pulls out of Carolyn's mouth
and spurts all over her face and long blonde hair. Kelso wants to rest but
Carolyn won't let him.

"Quick, uncuff me before Brooke wakes up!"

* * *

Jackie's working two fingers in and out of Donna's box while sucking on her
clit. Jackie feels Donna tensing up and getting ready to come, so she teases
her by just rubbing her fingers on the outside of her labia, then thrusting
them in unexpectedly.

Donna's legs start to shake and Jackie builds her up to an explosive orgasm.
"You see? That's exactly what you needed." Jackie leans back and goes back
to touching herself. "And the best thing is, I can make myself come as many
times as I want!"

After a brief rest, Donna gets up. "Jackie, that felt so good! Can it
to you?"

"Are you sure you want to?" Donna nods and moves in closer.

Jackie spreads her legs and guides Donna to her pussy. "Just lick it here.
That's it."

Donna starts out slow, then realizes that she likes the taste. "A little
faster, now," says Jackie. "Now put your finger inside. Yeah - fuck me with
your finger!"

Donna starts getting into it. "You want me to fuck you? Yeah, I'll fuck you!
Are you gonna come for me? Can I feel you come?"

Jackie closes her eyes in ecstasy. "Oh, yeah, Donna! Make me come! That's it!
Suck my pussy!"

Donna dives into Jackie's pussy and licks her to orgasm.

* * *

"I can't take this any more!" says Hyde as he starts to leave.

"Wait, are you going to stop them?" asks Eric.

"No, I'm going inside to jack off! I'm horny as hell!"

"Well, what are we going to do about this? You know, your girlfriend, fucking
my girlfriend..."

"WE are going to do nothing. I am going to go jack off, then I'm going to
figure out a way to get in the middle of that sandwich! I suggest you do the
same, and may the best man win!"

Hyde gets down off the roof, and Eric follows, leaving Fes behind, still
looking through the window.

* * *

After Kelso uncuffs Carolyn, she straightens out her dress and goes to the
kitchen to wash her face. Kelso follows her.

"So, Carolyn, that was pretty hot. OK, very hot. But there's no need to tell
Brooke about what just happened, right?"

"Sure, Michael. On one condition."

"What's that?"

"Simple. I want her to move back to Chicago with me. And I want you to tell
her that's what's best for her, and for her baby."

"No way, we're going to get an apartment together, just as soon as I get out
of the Academy!"

"And do you think that will happen, after she finds out what you did to me -
how you cuffed me and forced yourself on me?"

"But you wanted me to!"

"Michael, what's she going to think when she sees my torn dress, and the
stains on my bra? And the pictures..."

"Pictures? What pictures?"

"I hired a photographer, he's in a car across the street, with a telephoto
lens. And you just cuffed me, slapped me, and "made" me suck your dick -
right in front of the window."

"Dammit, you set me up! You tricked me!"

"Yes, and it really wasn't that hard. What is it you kids say - "Burn"? Now
get out of here, and tomorrow you're going to talk to Brooke and convince her
to move back to Chicago with me, or else she sees the pictures."

Michael gets his coat, and struggles for what to say. "'re even
naughtier than I thought!" He storms out.

To be continued...


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