NOTE: Guest stars are Shannon Elizabeth as Brooke, Brooke Shields as Pam
Burkhart, Morgan Fairchild as Carolyn and Tanya Roberts as Midge Pinciotti.

That 70s Show: Mother And Child Reunion Part 1 (MF,MFF,inc,voy)
by Honker

Michael Kelso pulls up to a stoplight behind another car - the light turns
green and the other car doesn't move forward, so he honks his horn several
times, and then leans out the car window, "Move it, you moron!" When the
driver still fails to move, Kelso gets out of his car and approaches the
other driver.

"What the hell is the matter..." he starts to say, but then leaning down, he
sees that inside the other car are his pregnant girlfriend and another woman.
"Brooke? What are you doing here?"

"Michael? Umm, Michael, this is my mother, Carolyn. She's in
town visiting from Chicago."

"Oh, um...hi," he mumbles. "Sorry about the whole moron thing."

* * *

Meanwhile, Red Forman and Steven Hyde are helping Pamela Burkhart, Jackie's
mom, move in with Bob Pinciotti. Jackie's mom and Donna's dad had only been
dating for a few weeks, so it was a shock when people heard they were moving
in together. Red and Hyde are carrying boxes upstairs when they pass Bob in
the hall.

"Hey, I really want to thank you two for helping out."

"No problem," says Hyde. "But then, Jackie made me."

Bob goes downstairs, leaving Eric and Red to deal with the boxes they were
carrying. "Where should we put these?"

"I don't know," says Red, pointing to a door. "How about in there?" Hyde uses
one hand to open the door, and standing in that bedroom is Pam, topless,
facing them. The men are dumbfounded at the sight of her breasts, but Pam
doesn't seem to care.

"C'mon in, guys, just put those anywhere."

Hyde is still in shock. "Huh?"

"The boxes, just put them down anywhere."

Red pushes Hyde forward, who is still staring at Pam's beautiful tits. Hyde
follows Red, as if in a daze, and they put their boxes on the floor. Red
shields his eyes with one hand and pulls Hyde out of the room behind him,
shutting the door.

"Listen, this never happened, you got that?" Red demands.

"What do you mean? She totally wanted me!"

Red holds him back. "Kitty will kill me if she finds out about this, and what
about Jackie?"

"I guess you're right," says Hyde.

Red walks away, and Hyde sneaks over to open the door again. Pam is still
standing there topless, brushing her hair.

"Do you...need anything?" asks Hyde.

"No thanks, I'm all set for now."

Red comes back, pulls Hyde away again and shuts the door. "Remember, mum's
the word!"

* * *

"I'm telling you guys, Pam's breasts are gorgeous!" says Hyde, sitting in the
pot circle in Forman's basement with Eric, Kelso and Fes.

"That, my friend, is a beautiful story!" says Eric.

"Yes, Hyde, please tell it again!" says Fes.

"Damn, Hyde!" says Kelso. "I can't believe you saw your girlfriend's mother
naked! I only saw Brooke's mom in her car, and she was pissed at me! And her
mom is totally hot - but ice cold, if you know what I mean. I'm going over to
have dinner with them tonight, and Brooke's mom totally hates me now!"

Spin to Hyde. "Yeah, but ever since I saw Pam's boobs, I can't get them out
of my mind! They were perfect, which would be a good thing, except now when
I'm with Jackie, I'm thinking about her mom's jugs! I'm afraid I'm going to
slip up and call out Pam's name in the heat of passion!"

Spin to Eric. "You think you've got a problem? Donna and I haven't done it in
weeks! She suddenly decided she wants to wait until we get married! I think
she called her mother in California and got some bad advice - then she cut me

Spin to Fes. "Oh, Eric, it's not so bad. You'll get used to it. I married
Laurie months ago, and I'm still waiting to do it. She's always too tired
when she comes home in the morning. I wish she didn't have to work at night,
but she says that's when single men want her to model lingerie for them..."

Spin to Kelso. "Yeah, Brooke's always tired, too, being six months pregnant
and all. And we can't even do it because of the baby. But maybe..."


Kelso is in Brooke's living room, having drinks with her and her mother,

"Here, Brooke," says Carolyn, "I made you some iced tea, since you're not
supposed to drink alcohol."

"Oh, there's so many things I can't do now that I'm pregnant! I can't even
have sex with my boyfriend because of this baby!"

"That's OK, Brooke," says Kelso, "I just want what's best for our baby."

"Isn't he sweet, Mom?"

"Yes, he sure is," replies Carolyn, "and probably ready to explode! You know,
Brooke, there are still things you can do together, besides intercourse."

"I know, Mom, but..."

"You have to please your man, if you want to keep him around..." Carolyn runs
her hand under Kelso's shirt.

Brooke sees what her mother is doing. "I suppose you're right." She starts to
unzip his pants.

Carolyn stands up and unzips her dress while Brooke pulls out his cock and
starts jacking him off. "That's it...Momma's gonna help you take care of your

As Carolyn takes off her bra and panties, Brooke leans over on the couch and
goes down on Kelso. Carolyn sits back down on the couch and starts touching
herself while watching Brooke giving head. After a while she moves closer and
pulls Kelso's head over to her breasts. "Come on, suck on Momma's titties..."

While sucking on Kelso's dick, Brooke looks up at the sight of him licking
her mother's nipples. This makes her more excited, so she starts rubbing her
own tits.

"Oh, jeez," Kelso says between licks, "that feels so good..."

Carolyn motions Brooke to let go of his dick, so she can climb on top and
fuck him. While she's riding him, Brooke takes off her top and positions her
breasts close to Kelso's head.

As Kelso put his mouth around Brooke's nipple, he is surprised by a little
bit of milk coming out of her tit. But then he starts to suck deeply on it,
and he gets so excited by this that he cums inside Carolyn.

* * *

Back to the pot circle and a grinning Kelso. "That would be so cool!"

Spin to Hyde. "Yeah, I wouldn't mind getting a hold of Pam's tits, either..."


Hyde enters Jackie's living room, where she's sitting on the couch with her
mother, Pam. Jackie yells, "Steven! Come here! You need to settle something
for us! My mom and I just got makeovers - whose hairstyle do you like

"This is a trick question, right?" asks Hyde.

"No, come on, it's OK! Just tell us whose hair you like better!"

"Well, you know I don't like women with hair curlier than mine, so I like
Jackie's straight cut better."

Pam seems disappointed but puts her hands forward. "What about our nails?"

"Well, I don't like nail polish," says Hyde, "so I like Pam's clear nails

Jackie seems offended, but continues. "Well, what about our make-up?"

"I don't's about even," says Hyde tactfully.

"Well, what about our tans?" asks Pam, pulling open her blouse a little bit
to expose some cleavage.

"No fair! I don't have a tan!" complains Jackie. "Steven, will you stop
staring at my mom's breasts!"

"I can't help it! They're really nice!"

"Nicer than...these?" asks Jackie as she lifts up her top and her bra. Steven
starts staring at Jackie's tits as she moves around, showing them off. Pam,
realizing she's being ignored, takes off her blouse and starts modeling her
tits too. Hyde doesn't know where to look.

"I bet my ass is better!" shouts Jackie, lifting up her skirt.

"You wish!" cries Pam, dropping her skirt and pulling her panties aside.

"Mom!" screams Jackie, upset that she's showing Hyde her naked ass. Hyde is
dumbstruck, with his mouth hanging open.

Jackie removes the rest of her clothes. "But whose pussy is nicer, Steven?"

"They both look pretty good..."

The two beautiful women sit down on the couch. "But whose pussy tastes
better?" asks Pam.

"That's a very good question..." says Hyde, and he drops to his knees to
lick Jackie's pussy. After a couple of minutes he switches to Pam's. "I'm not
sure, I'll have to taste them again."

Hyde was in heaven, switching back and forth between two pussies, taking a
few licks of each and then moving to the other, which was having the effect
of teasing both women.

"Why don't you see which one is tighter, Steven?" suggests Jackie.

"No fair - she's younger and she's never had a kid!" complains Pam.

"And I'm not a gold-digging whore like you!"

"Well, I bet I can make Steven cum first!"

"You're on!"

Steven pulls out his dick and plunges it into Pam, and her inner muscles
start pulling on him. It's too much for him to handle, and after just a few
strokes he cums inside Pam. "Sorry, Jackie..." he says.

* * *

Back to the pot circle and an ecstatic Hyde. "Yeah...."

Spin to Eric.


Eric is with Donna in her bedroom, trying to put the moves on her.
"Come on, Donna, it's been like four weeks already!"

"No, Eric, I think my mother was right - she said if we keep having sex
before we get married, we'll have nothing to look forward to!"

There's a knock on the bedroom door - Donna opens it, and her mom, Midge
Pinciotti, is standing there, holding her suitcase. "Mom, what are you doing

"Donna, I came to tell you I was wrong about what I said. You see, I've been
making some movies in California, and it's really helped me out - I'm so in
touch with my sexuality now! I learned that you have to be free and open if
you want to succeed in a relationship."

"Movies?" asks Donna. "What kind of movies?"

"Oh, you know, teen comedies, beach movies, some adult pictures... I was in
a sci-fi parody called 'Star Whores'."

Eric gets up from the bed. "Oh, my god, you played Princess Lay-Me? That was
fantastic! I mean, I heard it was good..."

Donna gets upset. "Eric! Did you see my mother in a porno flick? That's

Midge interrupts, "No, Donna, it wasn't like that. See, here's the costume I
wore..." She pulls out a revealing sci-fi costume from her suitcase and holds
it up. "Would you like to see me in it?"

"Would I? Absolutely!" says Eric.

Midge goes into Donna's bathroom to change. "I can't believe this," says
Donna. "You've totally got the hots for my porno mom!"

"Donna, you should have seen it! Princess Lay-Me was being held captive by
Dick Vader, and he comes into her cell with these two stormtroopers, and they

"I don't want to hear this!" yells Donna, covering her ears.

Midge comes back into the room, wearing a very skimpy silver minidress, and
Eric's jaw drops open. She slinks over to Eric. "This is how I defeated Dick
Vader..." she says as she unzips his pants and kneels down in front of him.
She takes his cock in her mouth and gives him a blowjob.

"Use the sex-force, Princess Lay-Me!" screams Eric. Donna is disgusted and
turns away, "The sex-force is strong in this one!"

After Eric cums, Midge moves over to Donna. "Then, I had to seduce the evil
Empress..." and she starts making out with Donna. Donna resists at first, but
after her mother caresses her breasts and kisses her, she gives in. Eric is
watching as Donna starts to melt and Midge begins taking off Donna's clothes.
Midge gives Donna a deep tongue-kiss and squeezes her tits, then moves down
to lick her pussy.

Eric gets hard again from watching this and gets behind Midge to fuck her
while she's going down on Donna. As Donna gets closer to orgasm, Eric starts
quoting lines from "Star Wars" - "Stay on target! Watch out for those enemy
fighters...that's it!"

Donna starts to cum as Midge sticks her fingers in her hot pussy.

"Fire photon torpedoes!" screams Eric as he fucks Midge from behind. Donna
screams and Eric cums inside Midge.

* * *

Back to the pot circle, where Eric is grinning and nodding.

Spin to Fes. "Yes, it's nice to have a mother-in-law..." he says.


Fes and Laurie Forman are sitting at the Forman's kitchen table, eating
breakfast. Kitty Forman is serving them orange juice from a pitcher. "Thank
you, Mrs. Forman," says Fes.

"Oh, please, Fes, call me Kitty, we're family now that you're married to

"Mom, this bacon is really great!" says Laurie. "Isn't it, honey?"

"Yes, it is, Mrs....I mean, Kitty."

"Well, I'm glad," says Kitty. "Did you get enough, or would you two like...
something else to eat?"

* * *

Cut back to the pot circle, where Eric is punching out Fes.

"Hey, that's my mom!" says Eric.

"Dude, that's sick!" says Hyde.

"What?" asks Fes. "She was about to serve us French toast!"

To be continued....


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