A story of complete fiction about fictional characters.

That 70's Show: Hot Day In Point Place (MmmmFFf,inter,anal,dp,first,exhib)
by shaggy77

It was a hot ,sunny August day in Point Place, Minnesota; a rarity even for August in this usually frozen neck of the country. There were normally two seasons in Minnesota: July and Winter. Midge Pinciotti had turned off the heat to their backyard hot-tub and was now using it as a miniature pool. She and her teenage daughter Donna, had decided to spend the afternoon just hanging out together and talking like two high school had been a long while since they had just spent a day bonding; talking girl-talk. Midge had made a large pitcher of strawberry daiquiris, extra heavy on the rum; and even though Donna was barely eighteen, Midge allowed her to have just one as long as they were together.

Midge had become pregnant with Donna when she was just a teenager herself, and being just in her mid thirties; she had a body to kill for. She was every man's wet-dream. Her long flowing , naturally wavy brunette hair cascaded around her shoulders and perfectly framed her flawless face. Her 36 C breasts were perfectly round and totally firm, jutting out from her chest, and jiggling when she moved. She was extremely proud of them, and usually went braless to showcase "the twins." There was not an ounce of fat on her stomach or her shapely legs. She really had a perfect body. She had done some modeling before Donna was born, and to this day kept her pubic area completely shaved, because she had read that "all the European models do it."

As she sat on the built-in bench in the hot-tub, sipping on her cool drink, she came to a decision," Donna, I think I'll take my top off...I hate those tan lines."

"Sounds good, Mom. You have such a great body, it's almost a shame to keep it covered anyway," her daughter answered.

As Midge unhooked her bikini top and slung it over the side of the tub, Donna rolled over onto her stomach on the chaise lounge and untied the top of her bright green bikini. She let the straps fall to her sides and realized it made her feel very naughty to have her top undone. She was a teenage boy's dream come true. Her endlessly long slender legs actually made her taller than her mother, and her long, lustrous, fiery red hair perfectly complemented her bright emerald eyes. Her breasts were what all the boys noticed first: they were huge, 38 D; but they were pendulous instead of perky. They actually swayed instead of jiggled when she walked. They definitely commanded attention from men of all ages. She probably could have had her pick of almost any boy in school; but she had been in love with her childhood sweetheart, and neighbor, Eric Foreman, since they were in grade school. She normally would have been hanging out in the Foreman's basement with her friends, but Eric had gotten a Summer job at PriceMart; where he worked with his father, Red.

The Foreman basement had become a second home for Donna and her friends: Stephen Hyde, the resident wise-ass, and instigator; Michael Kelso, the vain-glorious teenage lothario; Fez, the foreign-exchange student whose last name or country of origin, no one seemed to know; Eric, of course; and Jackie Burkhardt, the self-centered little rich girl, who thought the earth revolved around her. The six of them were almost inseparable; and had shared much of their childhood. One of their favorite activities in the basement was to gather around a table made from a discarded electrical wire spool, and smoke marijuana. They discussed many of the world's problems gathered around this table, but never remembered the conversations the next day. Kelso and Jackie had been dating (having sex), for several months, and Donna and Eric had dated "officially" for over a year. They were both still virgins, assuming that one day, when the time was right, they would lose their cherries to each other. Eric had seen and fondled Donna's impressive breasts many times, but second-base was as far as he had gotten. Donna had stuck her hand down inside Eric's pants on a couple of occasions, and rubbed his erection; but had never actually seen it.

As the morning progressed, Donna and her mother discussed many different subjects; all the while sipping their daiquiris and becoming gradually more inebriated. Donna was supposed to be limited to one glass, but every time Midge would become distracted, Donna would refill her glass. Now, Donna, and all the gang would often sneak cans of beer from Red's refrigerator; but she could not tolerate hard liquor. On her first real date with Eric, he had taken her to a fancy restaurant where she consumed a few "Long Island ice teas." Neither had known that the drink contained vodka, tequila, rum, and gin...they thought that Long Island must just be famous for its iced tea. She had proceeded to make an embarrassing scene in the restaurant, and had spent the remainder of the night with her head in a toilet with Eric holding her hair. Midge was also feeling quite tipsy, and didn't even notice when Donna words became slightly slurred. Midge was droning on about how Bob's (her "Brillo"-headed husband, and Donna's father) appliance shop was not doing very well since PriceMart came to town, and Donna was thinking that it was about time she got out of the sun because, with her fair skin, she burned quite easily.

Just then they heard a car door slam, followed by Kitty Foreman's (Eric's mother) shrill voice coming closer, "Oh Midge...are you over there?" She burst through the hedges separating their adjoining properties, "I thought I heard water splashing over here." She immediately saw Midge standing topless in the hot-tub, and emitted that trademark high-pitched chuckle of hers, "Oh, heh, heh...isn't that nice...taking advantage of the sun. Oh, hi Donna." She was still dressed in her nurse's uniform, and seemed uncomfortable with Midge's exposed breasts.

The Pinciottis both welcomed her, and Midge inquired, "What brings you over this afternoon, Kitty?"

Trying not to stare, Kitty replied, "Well, I just got home from the hospital, and remembered I forgot to pick up a bottle of wine on the way home. It helps me unwind, and I was wondering if you had an extra bottle."

Midge apologized, "Gee, I'm sorry Kitty but I don't have any wine, but why don't you join us and have a's just us girls. I was just going inside to make a fresh pitcher." And without waiting for a reply, she climbed out of the hot-tub and made her way to the kitchen; not even bothering to replace her bikini top.

Kitty sat in a nearby lounge chair, kicked off her shoes, and made small talk with Donna; warning her about the dangers of sun overexposure; waiting for Midge to return. When she did, staggering slightly, she poured Kitty a large glass of rum-heavy refreshment, and returned to the hot-tub. Kitty, taking a long swig, remarked, "That sure hits the spot. I can't believe how hot it is today. That hot-tub isn't on, is it?"

"Oh, no," Midge assured her, "it's nice and cool. Why don't you get down to your underwear and join me...there's lots of room. All the guys are at work, so no one will bother us."

"Yeah, Mrs. Foreman," slurred Donna, "just us girls."

Kitty, already feeling the effect of the rum, looked nervously around, and began to strip off her uniform. She carefully lay her uniform and slip over the back of the lounger, and, making sure to bring her drink, slipped awkwardly into the tub. Donna smiled as she saw the conservative plain white underwear Kitty wore with her uniform. She seemed to have a decent body for a middle-aged housewife. She was a little on the chubby side, but her breasts seemed more than ample.

After a few more drinks, and at Midge's urging, Kitty decided to lose her bra. "Might as well join the crowd, heh, heh...don't want to be a party-pooper," she rationalized. She nervously added, "By the way Midge, my goodness your breasts are perky." She liberated her own breasts and threw the bra over to the chair with her uniform. Her breasts were indeed generous; probably 36 D, and sagging slightly down her chest.

As the time progressed, and the sips became more frequent, the talk became more intimate and raunchy. Midge and Kitty even began comparing the various lovemaking techniques of Bob and Red. Donna would have been embarrassed if she hadn't been so drunk; and the lewd discussion was even having the effect of arousing her.

Suddenly they heard voices growing closer, and Hyde yelling, "Donna, are you over there? Have you seen Mrs. Foreman?" Donna, realizing her top was still untied, glued herself to the lounger, as Hyde, Kelso and Fez came crashing through the bushes. As Hyde saw a topless Midge and Kitty in the tub, he nervously exclaimed, "Oh shit, Mrs. Foreman; I'm so sorry...I didn't know...."

Kitty, not the slightest bit embarrassed in her intoxicated state, replied, "Oh Stephen, no need to be embarrassed about the human body; but watch the language. What did you boys want?"

While Kelso and Fez just stood, open-mouthed, their eyes darting between Midge, Kitty and Donna; Hyde stammered, "We..ah...we know Eric is working, but we wondered if we could raid your refrigerator."

"Now Hyde, you know you are always welcome to food; our house is your house," she reassured him.

After their raunchy talk about lovemaking and all things sexual, Midge was feeling more than a little horny, and suggested, "Why don't you boys join us for a drink."

Kelso couldn't contain himself any longer, and blurted out, "Wow, you are gorgeous, Mrs. Pinciotti."

She blushed slightly, "Why thank you Michael. I've always thought you were a handsome young man...would you like to join us in the tub?"

"Would I ever," he yelled, and was stripped down to his zebra striped bikini briefs in record time. They tented in front of him as he couldn't take his eyes off Midge's firm tits. He jumped into the hot-tub, splashing both Midge and Kitty.

Hyde, finally noticing Donna's untied top walked over to her chair and sat beside her prone body. "Well, what have we here," he teased. "I think you are beginning to burn. Would you like me to rub something on your back...or front?"

"Hyde, you ass hole," Donna replied, "but you're right...would you mind spreading some of that lotion on my back...the back only!"

Fez, meanwhile, had stripped down to his red-striped boxers and was climbing into the hot-tub, keeping his eyes focused on the topless women in front of him; and mumbling, "Boobies...I love boobies." All eyes were on him as he entered the water because, as incredible as it seemed, it appeared that the tip of his penis was protruding beneath the bottom edge of his shorts. Midge and Kitty both looked at each other, wide eyed.

Hyde squirted suntan oil on his hands and began massaging Donna's bare back and shoulders. Her skin was so warm and silky that he just closed his eyes and followed the contour of her back. His hands drifted far down her sides and he gently kneaded the sides of her huge breasts, flattened out against the lounger. Donna, her eyes also closed as she relaxed, loved the feel of his slippery hands sliding all over her body. When he had finished with her torso, Hyde shifted his position and began to distribute oil on her seemingly endless legs. As he worked his way up her smooth limbs, Donna unconsciously spread her legs even farther apart, allowing him access to her inner thighs. Hyde, now watching her body intently, gently massaged her silky skin; gradually approaching the thin green fabric covering her pussy mound. He could clearly make out the cleft between her prominent lips, and it appeared to be already wet. His hard-on was straining his jeans, as his oily fingers hesitantly bumped against her fabric-covered mound. Donna's body squirmed as he massaged suntan oil deep into her crotch, "accidentally" rubbing against her pussy. They both pretended he wasn't doing it intentionally; but both knew the truth; and were enjoying mutual satisfaction. Several times his thumb traced the length of her bathing suit covered slit, and her body pushed back into it. Hyde could see her bright red pubic hair peeking out on the sides of her bikini bottom, and found it to be incredibly erotic.

In the pool, Midge was quizzing Kelso on his love life, and his relationship with Jackie.

"Oh she's my girlfriend and all, but we're both free to see other people," he told her, trying to sound adult.

"Oh, I'm so glad to hear that," Midge answered, as she deliberately reached inside his shorts and grasped his erection.

"Oh my God, Mrs. Pinciotti," he yelled; attracting absolutely no one's attention.

With her other hand, she calmly lowered her bikini bottoms and tossed them over the side with her top; and then leaned forward to push his shorts down his legs, where he stepped out of them and they floated to the top. She advanced on him until they were face to face; her marvelous tits pushing against his chest; and began to stroke his cock. Kelso raised his hands and began to roughly knead Midge's incredible tits, her hard nipples poking between his fingers.

"Oh, you like it rough," she stated, and began to jerk his penis harder.

He jumped at the violent attack on his cock, and leaned forward to bite down on her right nipple; causing her to grasp his tool even more tightly.

"Let's see what kind of lover you really are," Midge proclaimed as she used the buoyancy of the water and threw her wonderful legs up around Kelso's waist. In her drunken condition, she didn't even care that her daughter was present, as she aimed the cock in her hand at her pussy and thrust her hips forward. Her aim was perfect, and about half of his slender seven inches slid into her juicy, bald cunt. Kelso wasted no time responding, and immediately drove his entire length into her belly.

He began to piston his prick in and out of her pussy with blinding speed; like a rabbit on a date, exclaiming loudly, "Oh yeah."

Midge, floating on the surface, swiftly wrapped her beautiful legs around his waist and locked him in place, preventing his thrusts, declaring, "Hold on lover, let's make this last awhile."

Kitty, all modesty now gone thanks to the daiquiris and the proceedings beside her, reached down and slid her panties down and off, and tossed them into the yard, laughing, "Heh, heh, ok Fez, let's see what you smuggled into this country, heh, heh." She bent down, her head momentarily going under water, and slid his boxers off his legs; tossing them aside with hers. "Oh my," was all she could say as the clear water revealed the log between his legs.

Kitty's breasts floated on the surface as she reached down to grasp Fez's remarkable tool. It had to be as least a foot long and as wide as a Coke bottle. His head expanded and was shaped like a giant mushroom, and his scrotum was swollen by incredibly large balls.

Midge, looking over Kelso's shoulder exclaimed, "That's the biggest prick I've ever seen Kitty."

Kitty answered, "I think it's even longer than Red's...not as thick though."

"Oh Kitty," responded a startled Midge, "no wonder you're always in a good mood."

As Kitty reached out with her right hand and grasped Fez's prodigious tool, he began thrusting his hips forward, attempting to assist her in jerking him off.

"Slow down now, Fez," she scolded, "I am going to teach you how to go slowly and please your woman."

"Thank you Mrs. Foreman, I would like that," Fez admitted. "I have never actually done it before."

As he glanced down the length of her naked body, and under the water to her sparse blond bush, Fez thought he was going to ejaculate with just her hand touching him; but Kitty sensed his excitement, and quickly squeezed his cock at its base, and the feeling subsided temporarily. Still pinching his cock, Kitty took a deep breath, dropped to her knees (her head now underwater), and enveloped his flared crown with her lips. Fez could feel her tongue tickling the underside of his prick, and her mouth sucking him deeper down her throat.

Hyde had discarded all pretense of applying suntan oil as he continued to massage Donna's inner thighs and fabric-covered mound. Donna, of course, had no intention of letting Hyde fuck her, but in her condition, saw so harm in letting him "get her off." She squirmed on the chair, and Hyde knew her inhibitions were weakening, as he pulled the material covering her slit to the side and gazed at Donna's curly red bush. He ran his middle finger up and down her slit, separating her very prominent pussy lips, and then without warning slid it all the way inside her cunt.

"Oh Hyde, you bastard," Donna wailed; but she wasn't really protesting, as she bucked her hips back against his hand, sucking in every inch of his finger. She gyrated her hips as Hyde began to finger-fuck her; moaning, "Oh...that feels so good."

Kitty had resurfaced to breathe, and instructed Fez, "Now young man, I am going to turn around with my back to you and lean over the side of the tub. When I do, you slowly insert that impressive penis into my vagina; and if you feel like it's too much for you, just pinch the base like I did." Her nurse's training had taken over and she inadvertently made the action seem purely clinical. Fez could not have cared less, as he watched Kitty lean over the side of the tub, and push her delectable ass toward him.

She positioned her feet as far apart as they would go, and Fez advanced between her legs, aiming his giant cock at the slit between her legs that was just beginning to open. It was somehow even more erotic, since their crotches were underwater; and he had to pinch his base as his crown nudged between her puffy lips.

As he watched his cock disappear between her cunt lips, Kitty encouraged him, "Oh yes, that's just perfect just stop for a couple minutes and enjoy how it feels."

Fez couldn't believe how warm her pussy felt like a hot washcloth was wrapped around his dick. He wanted to jump up and down shouting, "I'm fucking Mrs. Foreman; I'm fucking Mrs. Foreman!" He began to fuck her very slowly; watching every inch as it withdrew and then slid back inside her. He reached around her and began to fondle her hanging breasts. They were like sacks filled with pudding, and he wished he could lick them. He quickened his thrusts, and the way she was moaning; Fez figured he was doing it right.

Midge was enjoying getting fucked by Kelso; but what she really wanted, was to have Fez's monster buried inside her. The sight of Hyde's finger sliding in and out of her daughter's pussy seemed to turn Midge on even more. Kelso was fucking her as fast as he could now, water splashing everywhere and her ass banging against the side of the tub.

Donna felt like she was in heaven as Hyde jammed his finger inside her. It felt so good that almost all thoughts of Eric had faded. Hyde couldn't believe his luck: he had always lusted after Donna, and he figured he now had gone farther with her than Eric had. He could never understand how she could choose that little "goody two shoes" over him. He added his index finger to his probing and Donna moaned with pleasure, her juices now dripping off his digits. She bit her lower lip as she stifled a scream, and Hyde could feel her cunt muscles grip his fingers as she came. Her entire body tensed and shivered, and then crumpled into the lounger. Hyde slid his fingers out of her hole and licked them clean. When she regained her composure, she looked back to see Hyde hurriedly shedding his clothes. As he shoved his jeans down, she saw he wasn't wearing any underwear, and consequently saw her first cock at close range. she had felt Eric's, but never seen it; and from her vantage point, could not really see what was going on in the hot-tub.

It fascinated her, and she wanted to touch it. It looked about the same size as Eric's felt in her hand. It must have been about seven inches long, with a large purplish head. It was, of course, fully erect and waving in front of Hyde's body. Even in her drunken state, she told him, "You know I'm saving myself for Eric, but I really want to do something for you."

Hyde, eager to savor her luscious body, requested, "Turn over so I can see you completely naked. I want to see all of you...close up."

As aroused as she already was, this seemed like a reasonable request; so Donna rolled over on her back, exposing her incredible breasts, and allowed Hyde to remove her bikini bottoms. It seemed to take forever to slide the bikini down her infinitely long legs. As Hyde watched her marvelous tits flatten out on her chest, he was overcome by her beauty, "My God, you're beautiful Donna," he exclaimed.

As if rewarding him for his compliment, she immediately spread her legs wide; placing her feet flat on the ground on either side of the chaise lounge. She was totally nude and exposed for Hyde to inspect. Her legs were so wide, that her slit, which had been obscured by her red bush, was now fully visible, and it drew his eyes like a magnet. As he placed his hands on her knees and ran them all the way up her inner thighs to her crotch, her body shivered with delight. He leaned forward, his face inches away from her pussy, and used his thumbs to spread her quite prominent cunt lips apart. He wondered if he could actually tie her lips in a knot. Hyde was amazed at the sight; the inside of her pussy was the most vivid shade of pink he had ever seen...almost a psychedelic color. He had never been this close to a cunt before, and he just had to taste it. The scent of her arousal was intoxicating. Without any preliminaries, he delved her hole with his tongue; burying it as deeply as he could.

Donna moaned, "Oh Hyde, you sick bastard...lick my pussy."

Water was splashing and flying in all directions as Midge and Kelso jammed their crotches together; fucking as hard as they could. Fez grasped Kitty's waist in his hands and slammed his gigantic tool into her pussy from behind. She grabbed the edge of the tub and thrust her ass back to meet his strokes. She could tell he was nearing the point of no return and wanted him to remember his first time forever.

Just as Fez groaned and Kitty felt him emptying his balls inside her, a
familiar voice bellowed out, "Hey Kitty, are you over there...I decided to come home for lunch."

Red Foreman pushed through the bushes into the Pinciotti back yard and just stood there in a daze, speechless, taking in the sight before him. His wife, her naked tits dangling in the water of the hot-tub, with the foreign kid nudged up to her backside. Midge Pinciotti obviously fucking with that idiot Kelso; and wow, was she ever gorgeous. And his son's girlfriend laying on a lounger completely naked, with her arms folded over her tits, and Hyde's head in her crotch. Regaining complete consciousness, he hollered, "Holy crap...what the hell is going on here? Kitty, I decided to come home for a "nooner" and this is what I find."

Still tipsy, with Fez's rapidly shriveling cock slipping out of her pussy, Kitty replied, "Heh, heh, oh loosen up you old fuddy-duddy and get those clothes off and join us."

Donna, suddenly realizing that if Red were here, Eric must also be home, asked, "Where's Eric, is he with you."

Red, already beginning to unbutton his shirt, answered, "No, I left him in charge back at PriceMart...I hope the dumb-ass doesn't screw it up."

She was sober enough to be relieved: she really didn't want her boyfriend to see her with Hyde. When Red finally dropped his pants and boxers, Donna's jaw fell open at what she saw swinging between is legs. His cock was enormous. It was still rising and it must have been a good ten inches long. But the most astonishing thing about it was its resembled a salami dangling there...she was certain it was bigger around than her forearm, and it was capped by a crown the size of a tangerine. Donna could feel her pussy get even wetter just looking at it, and she realized she craved it inside her.

Kitty called out, "Stephen Hyde, you get in this hot-tub this minute...I have a surprise for you."

Fez turned around and saw Midge caressing her own magical breasts, and immediately regained his prodigious erection. He noticed that Kelso's cum had already leaked out of her pussy and was now floating on the surface. She hooked her finger and motioned for him to join her, saying, "Get over here and jam that monster up my pussy."

Hyde had climbed into the hot-tub and Kitty took his hand, "I want you to fuck me Stephen." She stood in the middle of the tub with her legs spread wide apart, and grasped his cock as they stood face to face. He bent his knees slightly, as she guided his prick to the hole recently vacated by Fez, and he slipped inside her with ease. Hyde was not a virgin, but he was almost overcome with the feeling of her hot cunt grasping him tightly.

Kelso, looking like a lost puppy, questioned her, "What about me, Mrs. Foreman?"

"Michael, I am going to give you something that prissy little debutante Jackie will never give you...I want you to slide that penis up my ass. Red won't do it...he says it's too deviant."

Kelso had never indulged in anal sex before, but he was game for anything...any hole, "Whatever you say, Mrs. Foreman." He spread her fleshy ass cheeks apart with his hands, and wedged his cock-head into her sphincter. When his head broke through her muscle ring, he thrust upward, encountering resistance because her pussy was already stuffed with Hyde. Kelso was hesitant to push any farther; then understood that their cocks were not actually touching; and pushed upward with all his strength.

Both Kelso and Hyde had their cocks buried to the hilt inside Kitty, and she felt like she was in heaven. "Oh, my stars," she groaned as they double fucked her. With the buoyancy of the water, they were actually lifting her off her feet as they pushed upward, their cocks buried balls-deep inside her. The waves they were making went splashing over the side of the tub.

Red stood in the middle of the lawn, wearing only his white socks, staring at his son's nude girlfriend. "My God, she's beautiful," he thought as she lay there on the lounger totally naked, with her marvelously long legs spread wide. Her red bush glistened where Hyde had made her orgasm. She saw him ogling her and dropped her arms from her chest, revealing her magnificent breasts...inviting him to join her. She had been saving herself for Eric; but at least Red was a Foreman. She could not take her eyes off his prodigious cock as it swayed in front of him, hypnotizing her. Red stared at her tits as they spread out on her chest like a pair of water balloons. As he kneeled on the lounger between her silky legs, he remarked, "That's some set of jugs you got there, Donna." He thought to himself, probably for the first time, "That dumb ass Eric is one lucky bastard."

"Thanks, Mr. know I'm a virgin," she informed him.

"I figured as much. Eric is such a wimp. I'm going to do him a favor...once I open you up, there will be no reason you two can't do it. And when you do it with Eric, you won't have to worry about feeling any pain," Red told her.

Although overcome with lust, the closer his cock got to her slit, the more convinced Donna was that it would never fit inside her. His cock-head was bigger than her fist. Red wasn't quite ready to take her cherry, as he straddled the lounger above her waist, reached beside the chair to retrieve the suntan oil, and proceeded to squeeze the bottle, coating the entire length of his proud erection. He bent his knees and began to slide his slippery tool between her mammoth breasts.

"Every time I see you in our house with those big tits wobbling around, I have wanted to do this," Red admitted.

"Oh, he's a breast man alright," called out a breathless Kitty, who was getting her belly stretched by two cocks.

Donna, fascinated by the sight of Red's cock slit sliding toward her face, and then retreating, helped out by reaching up and squashing her huge melons together, forming a slippery channel around Red's prick. She leaned forward, and licked the pre-cum off his head on every up-stroke; the taste exciting her even more.

Even though Kelso had just finished fucking Midge, Fez was struggling to stuff his huge mushroom head inside Midge's well lubricated pussy. She planted her feet as far apart as she could on the bottom of the hot-tub and ordered him, "Go ahead lover, jam that log up in me."

Fez could not believe that the most beautiful woman he had ever seen was begging him to fuck her, so he bent his knees, nudged his crown between her separated slit, and thrust upward with all his strength. He raised her right off the bottom, as she was totally impaled on his massive cock.

"," everyone in the yard heard Midge yell, as her pussy was suddenly stretched to a new extreme. She let go of the sides of the tub, letting her body float, supported only by Fez hard log. Fez turned around with Midge impaled on his cock, as if proudly displaying his catch to his friends. The feeling was incredible for Midge; she was going wherever Fez's cock directed her, like being impaled on a skewer. He backed her against the side of the tub, and began to violently thrust into her. Fez had already come inside Kitty, and knew that he could last a lot longer the second time.

Kitty, already used to having Red's huge penis inside her, was thoroughly enjoying the novel sensation of having two hard cocks invade her body. She had always wanted to feel a cock in her ass, but Red had always refused; saying that only a deviant would do that. She smiled and thought, "That's Michael Kelso for you." The feeling of having two young, hard teenage cocks inside her was indescribable. She; middle-aged Kitty; was their fuck-toy, and she was enjoying every minute of it. Her tits flopped and slapped against the surface of the water as they plowed her holes. They were young and inexperienced, and there was no finesse to their technique; but their cocks were hard and they fucked her with abandon. Kitty had never been double-penetrated before, and she was enjoying every minute. When they thrust together, it felt like her insides were on fire.

Red and Donna were completely oblivious to what was going on in the hot-tub: they were concentrating on each other. Every sensation was new to the virginal Donna; and Red realized that for the first time in his life, he was going to have sex with a teenager...and that time was now. Donna knew that alcohol was clouding her judgement, but she also knew she was so horny that she wanted to feel Red's cock inside her more than anything in the world; and the fact that it was so enormous, made her want it even more. There is a time when lust overcomes all other emotions; and Donna would not have stopped Red now even if Eric had been standing beside her. It was simple and plain: she wanted to be fucked. Red, sensing her eagerness, was not shocked when she suddenly pleaded with him, "Fuck me Red...fuck me now."

With her feet still planted firmly on either side of the lounge chair, Donna reached both hands between her legs and used her long, slender fingers to spread her pussy lips apart, making a target for Red. When he lodged his massive crown against her slit, she again felt some trepidation: it looked like an orange trying to fit into a hole the size of a golf ball. She knew lubrication was no problem, as Red rubbed his crown up and down her totally wet slit; his cock still slick with suntan oil. Red, on his knees between her marvelous legs, started to push forward, stretching her pussy lips farther than they were meant to go. Donna literally gritted her teeth, as she watched his bulbous head be enveloped by her pliable folds of flesh. Her pussy lips stretched around his tip...and suddenly it was in her...only the crown, but he was in. As she just sat there looking at her pussy lips stretched around the huge invader, she reasoned with herself that since the head was the largest part...the rest should be easy. Red had seen the lust mixed with fear on her face, and paused, letting her lips get used to being stretched so wide. Donna thought it looked like the end of a baseball bat was sticking in her pussy.

Red tried to soothe her worries, "I know you're a virgin, so there might be some pain; but the best way to do this is quickly...then you will love it."

Donna smiled and nodded as Red very slowly pushed forward until about three thick inches were inside her, and he felt resistance. He paused, then forcefully pushed forward; suddenly and all the way. Donna groaned, as her hymen gave way and she felt like someone had cut her deep inside...then it was over. Red looked down at her, a total vision of loveliness, and the frown on her face gradually gave way to a smile of relief. She really was gorgeous, he thought, her silky smooth skin, her long red hair spread out on the lounge chair pillow, her huge tits flattened out on her chest. He instinctively leaned down and took her jellybean sized right nipple into his mouth and nibbled on it. As he did, he withdrew his cock a few inches very slowly, just to distribute the lubrication inside her pussy...still allowing her to get used to his size. When a big smile appeared on her face, he knew she was ready...ready to be fucked.

Red excruciatingly slowly withdrew the entire length of his enormous pole, then, just as slowly, slid the entire length back inside her. His cock was so long that it seemed to take forever. He repeated this pattern several times, each time enjoying the sight of her long pussy lips gripping his cock on the out stroke. Her pussy was unbelievably tight around his was actually an effort to drag it out of her. Donna would never be able to describe the sensation of having this monstrous log inside her. The pleasure was almost torture, it was so extreme. His massive cock was stretching her cunt as far as it would permit, and he was making contact with every nerve ending inside her. Her body squirmed beneath him as she struggled to process this extreme sensation. Her pussy was absolutely stuffed with cock, and her whole belly felt like it would burst. It was like someone had jammed their entire arm up her cunt. Then Red altered his pattern: he slowly withdrew all the way, then rammed his monster back inside her with all his strength, his balls slapping against her ass cheeks.

The sudden stimulation was more than Donna could process as her whole body went into a spasm, and she shrieked," oh my fucking God...fuck me Red...fuck me...jam that fucking cock into me."

She continued to cum as Red began to roughly slam his enormous cock deep up into her belly. Her pussy, stretched to new limits, gripped him like a glove as he drove into her. Her massive tits flopped uncontrollably on her chest, exciting Red even more.

He thrust violently up into her cunt, sending her into an orgasm frenzy. Donna, her eyes rolling up in their sockets, urged him on, "Come on Red...fuck me...fuck me...fuck me hard."

His cock was stretching her to her limits, but she wanted more. She never wanted to be without a cock inside her. Donna's orgasms were endless; her body twitching and jerking around the enormous invader. She wanted three, four, a hundred cocks. She instinctively wrapped her exquisite legs around Red's waist and locked her ankles, as if she were afraid he would pull out. Red's monstrous cock had ignited a fire somewhere deep in her totally stretched out cunt; had turned on some sort of switch deep inside her, as the walls of her pussy continued to spasm. She felt like she was going out of her mind as she kept imploring him, "Oh my God, Red...fuck me...fuck me...fuck me harder!" She absolutely could not get enough cock.

She slammed her body hard against his as she met every thrust; grinding her crotch against his, trying to stuff even more of him inside her. With every withdrawal, his huge pole scraped the walls of her pussy; exciting her all over again. Red reached behind him and grabbed her ankles, unlocking them and raising her legs up to his shoulders. Then he spread them wide in the air; stretching her legs so wide that they were almost straight across, as he held them aloft. Her legs could not possibly be spread any wider, but it seemed to Donna that Red was able to sink even more of his cock into her in this position. He was grazing the very top of her slit now; making contact with her clit on every stroke. Donna's eyes rolled as her head thrashed back and forth on the waterproof pillow, and her cunt muscles gripped his cock even tighter. Her entire body gyrated as she came again, providing him with more juices. Red pushed her fantastic legs up until her knees were touching her shoulders and pushed down into her cunt with all his weight as he began to pump his seed deep inside her pussy. Donna felt like her womb was on fire as he gushed his hot cum into her cunt. She felt his monster girth expand even more inside her, stretching her even further. She opened her mouth to scream, but only a gurgling sound escaped her lips.

As Red spewed his cum deep up inside her, he looked at the beautiful teenager under him and thought, "Holy, crap does this hot little bitch love cock. That dumb ass Eric should thank me for this because from now on she is going to fuck his brains out every chance she gets."

When he was done pumping her full of his spunk, Red withdrew his shrinking cock and could hear a slurping sound as the head popped out. He looked between her legs as he lowered them to the chair and saw a stream of fluids drooling out of her wide open cunt hole. Donna was completely spent as she lay on the lounger, her legs still wide apart; cum leaking out of her cunt, and a glazed look in her eyes. Red, suddenly feeling protective of his son's girlfriend, covered her with a beach towel as he made his was over to the hot-tub.

Kelso and Hyde saw Red approaching, and not knowing what to expect from him, jammed their cocks into Kitty one last time and began emptying their loads deep inside her. Kitty, feeling her insides suddenly heat up with their spurts, locked eyes with Red and groaned, "Oh my stars that's good." No on had ever cum in her ass before and the sensation excited her as her body shook with her orgasm.

Red had that usual stern look on his face so Hyde and Kelso didn't wait for their cocks to shrivel; they quickly withdrew and waded to the far side of the hot-tub, where Fez was oblivious to his surroundings as he pounded Midge's pussy. Leaning over the side of the tub to peck Kitty on the lips, Red noticed that the surface of the water surrounding her was coated with cum. He turned and stared at the amazing sight of the gorgeous Midge getting her cunt plowed by the foreign kid. She was truly beautiful as her long legs floated in the water around his waist; her magnificent tits so firm that they barely jiggled when he slammed into her pussy. Sometimes when driving to work, Red fantasized that he was James Bond in his Austin-Healy, and Midge was his "Bond-girl."

Fez, sensing a change in the atmosphere, noticed Kelso and Hyde next to him and turned to see Red watching him. "Oh hello, Mr. Red," he stammered, but didn't slow down his pace. He couldn't believe his luck: his second piece of ass was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, and he would not be interrupted. Her tits were absolutely magnificent, as he leaned into her and took her left nipple into his mouth. Midge braced herself by reaching back and grabbing the sides of the tub as Fez increased the intensity of his thrusts. His monstrous cock was fucking her cunt as a blazing speed. He stood up straight, grasped her wonderful ass cheeks in both hands and jammed her body into his. Midge was not exactly inexperienced, but she had never had a cock even close to that size inside her pussy before, and she loved the feeling of being totally stuffed with meat. Suddenly Fez shoved Midge back against the side of the hot-tub, pinning her there, and ground his groin into hers as his cock erupted deep inside her belly. Feeling his monster twitch and jerk inside her, sent Midge over the top as well. She tipped her head back and screamed at the top of her lungs; not words, just shrieks of passion; her feet and legs kicking uncontrollably on the surface of the water. The spasm in her cunt milked every drop of his cum from his balls, as he continued to pump into her.

Fez lowered his head and rested it on Midge's soft shoulder, catching his breath; then realized he was the center of attention. He released Midge's superb ass, lowering her to sit on the built-in bench, as his cock slipped out of her stretched pussy.

"That's some weapon you got there kid; did you have to declare it at the border," joked Red, breaking the awkwardness. You could actually hear a collective sigh of relief from the three teenagers, who didn't know what to expect from him. "Listen up you dumb-asses," he commanded in his stern voice, "what happened in this back yard, stays in this back understand. If one word of this gets out; especially to Eric; you are going to go through the rest of your lives with my foot up your ass." They all silently nodded their agreement, as he continued, "Midge, you are one gorgeous woman and I would like nothing better right now than to give you a taste of Red, but I'll have to take a rain-check, because I have to get back to PriceMart before Eric screws things up...or before he comes looking for me." He kissed Kitty lovingly, gathered up his clothes, and got dressed. Before leaving, he checked on Donna who was still lying on the chaise lounge covered with the towel. She was actually sleeping peacefully, curled up in a ball. "One more thing, you dumb-asses," he bellowed, "no one touches her."

Midge and Kitty were beginning to recover their sobriety, and knew that Bob would be home soon, so they climbed out of the tub and quickly dressed. The boys, suddenly embarrassed about their water-shriveled dicks, stayed in the tub until the women had gone over to the lounger to help Donna. When they exited the hot-tub, the biggest smile was on the face of Fez, who exclaimed, "Did you see me? I had sex with two women...two."

"Yeah, we saw you," Kelso assured him.

Wise-ass Hyde felt the need to thank his host, "Thanks for a great afternoon Mrs. Pinciotti; maybe we can do it again sometime." Without waiting for a reply, the boys headed for the Foreman basement.

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