This is a work of fiction. Nobody acts this way, and remember kids 'DON'T TRY

Note: Annette was Kelso's summer girlfriend in California she was played by
Jessica Simpson and for writing purposes she is living with her aunt in Point
Place, WA.

That 70's Show: Home Alone Part 4 - Kelso Pops Annette's Cherry
by Superjoint Ritual

As Eric, Donna and Fez headed upstairs Hyde, with his arm around Jackie, saw
Kelso out.

"What are you up to?" Hyde asks Kelso.

"Going to swing by Annette's house, see if I can score." Kelso replied.

"Later," Jackie says.

"Cool see you tomorrow bud," Hyde said as Kelso walks out the door.

Michael Kelso walks up the stairs to the Formans backyard and heads over the
Annette's house, which is about ten minutes away.

"I bet I'm the only guy who can go the California and find a virgin." Kelso
thought, "A hot virgin."

With prospect of finally getting Annette in to bed Kelso started running.
Kelso ran through backyards and hopped fences until he finally reached
Annette's aunts street. Kelso was running across Annette's lawn when he
slipped and fell into a puddle of mud.

"Damn!" Kelso said out load.

Kelso stood up and looked down to see that his pant legs and butt where
covered in mud.

"Shit!" Kelso said out loud again.

He walked around to Annette's window and threw a small rock at her window...
nothing...this time a larger rock...nothing... Kelso then threw an even
bigger rock. Annette opened up her window and threw her head out.

"It's not raining out," Annette said, "Whats that noise?"

"Pisst, Annette it's me Michael...Kelso," Kelso said.

"Oh Michael what are you doing here?" Annette said with a vapid shake of her

"Um..." Kelso thought, "You wanna play scrabble?"

"OK," Annette said as Kelso climbed up a tree and crawled in her window.

Annette stood before Kelso wearing a light skirt and yellow tight top which
focused all of Kelso's attention to her very large breasts.

"Oh my Goodness Michael youre all dirty!" Annette exclaimed, "Here take off
you pants and shirt and I'll wash them for you."

"Okay!" Kelso said nearly jumping out of his clothes all together.

Annette stuck her head out of her door and looked down the hall as Kelso
undid his belt and took his pants off and then took off his shirt. Annette
turned around and looked at Kelso standing in his tighty-whities and suddenly
felt dirty thoughts.

"Um...Michael hand me your clothes," Annette said shaking her head trying not
to think 'naughty' thoughts, "But be quiet my aunt might think you're here
with impure intentions."

"Okay," Michael replied as Annette left the room, "Annette's bedroom,

Michael opened up her top drawer and searched around; he found a bunch of
white panties, and a white thong!

"Yes, shes got a bit of a wild streak."

Suddenly he heard footsteps coming upstairs so Kelso quickly shut her drawer
and hide behind the bed incase it wasn't Annette. The door opened and
Annette walked in the room.

"Michael," Annette called. Kelso stood up and Annette couldn't help but look
down at the bulge in his underwear. She shot her eyes up so not to get caught
and said, "Lets watch some TV." Annette said as she stretched out on the bed;
Kelso lay down beside her and noticed that he could look down her shirt; he
saw she was wearing a plainwhite bra.

Kelso and Annette watched random shows for about fifteen minutes before
she noticed that Kelso kept squirming about; Kelso had been staring down
Annette's shirt for fifteen minutes now and he kept trying to discreetly
adjust himself. Annette suddenly switched focus from the TV to Kelso's
underwear, and saw that they were starting to tent up. Annette smiled to
herself and decided that she wanted to have a little fun.

"Michael do you want to see my teddy bear?" Annette asked.

"Sure I guess."

Annette then leaned over Kelso's hips, he felt her hair lightly brushed
against his package; reaching down under the bed her breasts slid along his
now obvious erection. Annette finally grabbed the bear and put it in front of
her face.

"Hello, Michael," Annette said in a scruff voice, "I want you."


"To hold him silly," Annette said giggling.

"Oh," Kelso said as he took the bear and tried to cover up his hard on with
it. "Listen Annette, I really care about you and I want to show you how much
I care."

"Well Michael, I have been thinking about it but I really don't know."

"How about I show you, it could be really fun." Kelso said still trying to
convince her, "Sometimes you gotta do something new, so when you look back
you'll know you were cool."

"Um ok...but we gotta be careful not to wake my aunt"

"YEAH! Whatever! Lets go," Kelso said.

"Hold on you gotta show me what to do." Annette said pushing Kelso off of

"OKOK lay back," Kelso said.

Annette lay down on her bed and Kelso sat at her feet and ran his hands up
and down her bare legs, gently rubbing her calves and he went further and
further up and pushed her skirt further up. Kelso moved his hands up to her
thighs when Annette decided to take off her dress. She unzipped the side and
Kelso pulled it off her hips and tossed it on the ground leaving her lying on
the bed in her yellow shirt and white virginal panties. Kelso lightly parted
her legs and saw that Annette panties were soaked right through, Kelso looked
up at Annette and she smiled and nodded so he hooked his fingers on her
panties and pulled them down to reveal a nicely trimmed blond pussy just
dying to be fucked.

Once Annettes panties were on the ground Kelso lightly touched her pussy lips
with his finger, and then rubbed the clit very slightly causing her to moan
out. Annette rubbed the stomach and traced her belly button and ran her
finger up her tight stomach and up until her hand was resting on her breast.
Kelso then licked her inner thighs and then licked her outer lips tasting her
juices; and brushed her clit with his nose, and Annette squeezed her tit and
then stuck her hand under her shirt and rubbed her tits through her bra.
Kelso wet his finger and slid one finger in to Annette; he pushed very slowly
until he was buried all the way in and felt no hymen.

"I thought you were a virgin?" Kelso asked.

"I am..." Annette panted, I was a gymnast...touch my clit again."

Kelso shrugged his shoulders and licked her clit, causing her the tense up
and arch her back. Kelso then pulled his finger out of her and pushed his
tongue as far in as it would go, licking and sucking her dry; Kelso wrapped
his lips around her clit and started sucking it and rolling it along his
lips while he inserted a finger into her.

"YES!" Annette near yelled as her began to orgasm.

Kelso's finger felt like it was going to get cut off she became so tight. He
began to push in and out of Annette and lapping at her open pussy; Annette
kept cumming and she reached down and pulled Kelso's head tighter into her.
Kelso continued to suck on her and probing her inside, he slowly twists his
finger around to give her as much pleasure as possible. After what seemed
like forever for Annette, her orgasm subsided; she stood up on her bed with
Kelso kneeling beneath her and took off her shirt. Annette's white bra pushed
her already big breasts together and she reached behind her and undid her bra
letting it slide off her shoulders and into her hands where she threw it on
the floor.

Kelso had never seen a better pair of breasts before in his life, they hung
with little sag yet were full and quite big; her nipples were small and
pinkish and about the size of quarters. Annette kneeled down and fell into
Kelso, kissing him deeply.

"I never knew I could feel like this," Annette said.

"What can I say, I'm good," Kelso replied with a chuckle.

Annette kissed him again and reached down to feel his cock through Kelsos
underwear; she stroked him gently as she kissed down his chest and stomach.
Kelso reached down and pulled off his underwear, letting his cock pop free;
Annette was caught be surprise but smiles nervously.

"Lick it," Kelso suggested.

Annette cautiously licked the tip of Kelso's cock, she decided that it wasn't
so bad so she kept on licking it; she licked up the sides and swirled her
tongue around the head.

"Good put it in you mouth like a sucker," Kelso asked again.

Annette slowly put Kelso's dick in her mouth and bobbed up and down on it;
after she got a little braver she bobbed up and down and licked him at the
same time. Kelso looked down at Annette and she looked up at him with her
big blue eyes. Annette kept bobbing on Kelso's pole when she reached down
and started playing with herself; slipping two fingers inside and pumped in
and out. Kelso took her arm and directed her to play with his balls, she
started stroking and tickling them, while she sucked his cock; Kelso grabbed
her head and pushed her down until she started to gag. Annette sat up and
looks at him; Kelso leaned in and licked up and down her cleavage, and
Annette looked confused.

"Lets try something else," Kelso said, "Wrap you boobs around my

Kelso stuck his dick in her cleavage and she pushed her tits together and
engulfed his dick, as Kelso started bucking his hips up and down sliding
though the top of her breasts.

"Lick it when it comes out," Kelso said.

When the head of his cock popped up out of the top of her tit she quickly
licked the tip of it. Annette giggled as she liked this game. Kelso kept
bucking up and down watching Annettes mounds surrounding his dick and feeling
her soft skin masturbating his cock. Kelso let lose and let out several
large streams of cum on to the top of Annettes breasts and on to her cheek.

"Sorry," Kelso said, "I could help it. You know girls usually clean up."

Annette not knowing any better took her shirt and wiped his cum off her tits
and face and reached for his cock when Kelso stopped her.

"No use you mouth," Kelso suggested once again.

Annette leaned down uncertainly and licked his cum of the end of his cock.
She liked it, so she kept licking and stoking, hoping more would come out for
her but all that happened was Kelso got hard again.Annette deciding the time
was right, very slowly lowered herself onto Kelso's cock; Kelso leaned his
head back in disbelief of how tight she was. Annette stopped half way and
let herself adjust to his size before lowering herself completely on to him.

Letting Annette take control Kelso laid back and watched the sight before his
eyes. The beautiful blond was stretched tightly around his cock as her big
breasts swayed in front of him, Kelso rested his hands on her waist and felt
her bounce up and down and watched her tits bounce up and down with her.
Suddenly Kelso saw her abs contract as she orgasmed again, she froze in
position and closed her eyes; her pussy wrenched down on Kelso's cock and
Kelso tried hard not to come and when she finished he flipped her over and
she got on her hands and knees. Kelso kneeled behind her and looked at her
perfectly shaped ass.

"I gotta fuck that," Kelso thought, "But not step at a time."

Kelso pushed in to her again and held onto her hips, and watched the breasts
swaying in the air. She looked back at Kelso and smiled as he leaned in and
kissed her and gave her breasts a squeeze. Straighten back up Kelso began
thrusting in and out of her tight pussy and rubbed her clit as he did it.
Annette was burying her head into her pillow to keep from screaming as she
came again; her pussy squeezing Kelso's cock, but this time Kelso didn't
worry about holding it, Kelso let lose a huge stream of cum inside of Annette
as she bit down on her pillow. Kelso pulled out and gave her ass a smack
thinking about the fun he will have with it later.

"I'll call you tomorrow," Kelso said as he slipped his clothes on and climbed
out her window and headed home.

"OK," Annette said.

Annette laid back and threw her blanket on her naked body.

"That was amazing," Annette thought, "I wonder who else I could score with."

Annette drifted off to sleep thinking about having sex with Kelso and his


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