This is a work of fiction. Nobody acts this way, and remember kids 'DON'T TRY

Note: Annette was Kelso's summer girlfriend in California she was played by
Jessica Simpson and for writing purposes she is living with her aunt in Point
Place, WA.

That 70's Show: Home Alone Part 3 - Jackie And Hyde's Wild Night
by Superjoint Ritual

As Eric, Donna and Fez headed upstairs Hyde, with his arm around Jackie, saw
Kelso out.

"What are you up to?" Hyde asks Kelso.

"Going to swing by Annette's house, see if I can score." Kelso replied.

"Later," Jackie says.

"Cool see you tomorrow bud," Hyde said as Kelso walks out the door.

Hyde and Jackie walk towards the back of the basement where Hydes room is.

"You know Kelso is such a jerk," Jackie said, "I don't know why I was with
him for so long."

"Neither do I," Hyde said. "You are so much better for me."

"I know, so what do you want to do?"

"Do you want to tell me how great I am?" Jackie asked.


"Play Candy Land?"


"Gee Stephen, what do you want to do?" Jackie said sarcastically.

"Do you want it?" Hyde asked.

"Only if you say 'make love'," Jack offered back.

" you want to make love?" Hyde asked.

"Yes Stephen!" Jackie said as she wrapped her arms around Hyde's neck as they
landed on Hyde's bed with Jackie on top.

Jackie had black hair and was much smaller then Hyde she had a great ass and
perky breasts; tonight she was wearing brown pants and a flower shirt. Hyde
and Jackie made out for a few minutes until Hyde started sliding his hands up
under her shirt and rubbing her breasts through her bra. Hyde rolled over
with Jackie underneath him and slid down her legs until she was on the bed
and Hyde was kneeling on the floor. Hyde ran his hands up and down her legs
and watched as she closed her eyes and taking shallow breathes, he then undid
her belt and unzipped her pants. Hyde took hold of her arm and directed it
under her panty line. Jackie took over and slid her hand down onto her pussy
and began to rub her folds, she started on the outside and used her juices to
wet her fingers and slid one of them in her hole. Pumping her finger in and
out of herself, Hyde reached down under her panties and rubbed her clit;
pinching and rolling her clit around in her hands, Hyde gave her little nub a
final rub for good measure as he and moved on to the bed. As Jackie was
masturbating Hyde knelt down on the bed, rolled her shirt up to her bra and
kissed her stomach. He started at the top of her ribcage and proceeded down,
he watched her stomach contract and relax as she slowly rubbed herself to
orgasm; Hyde stuck his tongue in her belly button and kissed her gently.

"Oh Hyde, touch me."

Hyde smiled and got off the bed and licked her stomach once again as he
pulled her pants off to reveal a pair of plain white panties with a pick
rose in the middle. Jackie pulled her hand out of her panties and rubbed
her juices all over her stomach leaving shinny streaks surrounding her belly
button. Hyde leaned over Jackie and sucked her fingers and then licked her
neck, before moving back down on his knees between her legs.

By the time Hyde had pulled her panties down and reached Jackie's pussy he
was pleased to find out she was nearly done and very wet. Jackie had shaved
her pussy except for a small patch of black hair above her slit. Hyde cupped
his entire mouth over her small pussy and sucked away at it as Jackie raised
her arms above her head and nodded her head. Hyde slid both his hands under
her ass and pulled her forward, he then stuck his tongue in her pussy and
sliding it around as he squeezed both her ass cheeks. Jackie sat up a bit on
the bed and pulled her top off and unclasping her bra exposing two
magnificent and perky breasts. Hyde pulled one hand off her ass and kneaded
her breast as Jackie got closer and closer to orgasm. Jackie's whole body
started twitching as she began to orgasm; she grabbed the back of Hyde's head
and pulled him closer into her. Hyde then took her clit in his mouth and
sucked on it pushing her further over the edge. When her orgasm subsided she
flopped down as Hyde took off his pants his shirt and underwear and straddled
Jackie's upper chest. Jackie looked up to see Hyde's 7 1/2" cock staring at
her hard as a rock, she knew exactly how Hyde liked it and intended to give
him just that. She slowly worked her hand up and down his shaft and bit her
lower lip, the combination of the hand job and the cute face drove Hyde over
the edge. Jackie stuck her tongue out and lightly licked the tip of Hyde's
dick, Hyde getting anxious shifted forward and Jackie put the head of Hyde's
dick in her mouth and sucked on it like a lollypop.

"'re killing me," Hyde said.

Jackie giggled as she reached down and played with her slit again. Hyde
looked down to see his girlfriend's full lips wrapped tightly around his
cock, Jackie winked at him telling him she was ready. Hyde leaned forward
and pushed more of his cock into her mouth until he was practically
horizontal pumping in and out of Jackie's warm mouth. Jackie raised her
head to open up her throat as Hyde slipped more of his cock in her throat.
Jackie could taste his pre-cum in her mouth as they rolled over to a more
relaxing position. Hyde lying on his back looked down Jackie's form and
stared at her perfectly formed ass. Hyde reached down and played with
Jackie's tits again; he then taped her on the head, signaling her that he
was going to cum. Jackie removed her mouth from around Hyde's dick as Hyde
came in an old ratty Sabbath shirt.

"I want to...make you from behind tonight." Hyde said.

Jackie walked to a small desk that Hyde had and lent over, Hyde looked at her
perfect form as he walked up behind her. Hyde took hold of his cock and slid
it under Jackie's butt cheeks and into her tight pussy. Hyde started working
himself in slowly and let her accommodate to he size. When Hyde felt the
time was right he pushed the rest of the way in. They both moaned as Hyde
slid into her, and started moving in and out of her warm pussy. Hyde wrapped
his arms around her waist and pushed into her, harder and harder until she
was in the air being held up by Hyde's arms and dick.

"Oh Jackie," Hyde said as he put her down and rubbed her breasts around.

He pushed them together, tweaked her nipples, or just fondled them. Hyde
kept pushing into Jackie with all his might when Jackie started cumming; they
both fell back onto Hyde's bed with Jackie sitting in Hyde's lap. Jackie
kept cumming until she slumped off Hyde and stretched out on her back on the
bed. Hyde crawled in between Jackie's legs and pushed his cock into her
again. Hyde lied down on top of Jackie and kept thrusting as he kissed her
neck and lips. As Hyde pushed into her Jackie reached down and felt Hyde's
cock slide in and out of her tight pussy, she arched her back when she
touched her sensitive clit as Hyde rubbed his hands up and down her sides.

"Harder...Harder," Jackie yelled thrusting back as she orgasmed again but
this time with Hyde.

Hyde felt his cock spasm as cum gushed out and filled Jackie; Jackie's pussy
flexed and milked Hyde's dick, tightening up around him tighter then before.
Hyde let lose on last burst when Jackie finished climaxing and felt himself
soften up inside her.

Hyde pulled out after he came and moved beside Jackie's head as her put her
head to the side and licked Hydes cock clean. Jackie kept on licking Hyde's
cock all down the sides and slipping it in her mouth; she felt it grow hard
once again. Hyde grabbed the side of her head and pumped his cock in and out
of her mouth trying to push it down as far as it would go; Hyde pulled out
as Jackie started to gag, Jackie smiled as she stuck out her tongue with
Hyde's cum on it.

With Hyde ready to go again, he lied down on the bed with his head on the
pillow and his dick standing straight up in the air. Jackie kneeled down
beside him and bobbed her head on his dick once again; Hyde reached down and
stroked her pussy. Hyde inserted two fingers into Jackie and her felt her
moan on to his cock causing vibrations to pass threw him and send shivers
threw his spine. Jackie took her mouth off him and rubbed his shaft.

With Hyde still stroking her Jackie swung one leg over Hyde's hips and
positioned herself over Hyde's cock, Jackie moved Hyde's cock so that it
was right in front of her hole and she sunk down; Hyde filled her up and
she placed both hands beside his head as she started moving up and down on
her boyfriend's cock. Jackie leaned down and kissed Hyde as Hyde reached
down and rubbed her ass cheeks, squeezing them as Jackie thrusted herself
down upon Hyde over and over; Hyde bucked his hips up to meet Jackie and
rubbed her back with one of his hands, moving it higher until he slid it
down her side and rested it one her tit. Jackie pushed off Hyde and rode
him as sweat dripped off the forehead and on her chest then slowly sliding
down the curve of her breast and on to her flat stomach. Jackie felt a wave
of pleasure flow through her as her biggest orgasm of the night overcame
her and Hyde unloaded this last bit or sperm in his body into her. Jackie
collapsed of Hyde in exhaustion as Hyde pulled a blanket over both of them.

They both fell asleep with Hyde's cock still in side her as Jackie fell
asleep straddling Hyde.


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