This is a work of fiction. Nobody acts this way, and remember kids 'DON'T TRY

Note: Annette was Kelso's summer girlfriend in California she was played by
Jessica Simpson and for writing purposes she is living with her aunt in Point
Place, WA.

That '70s Show: Home Alone Part 2 - Fez's Wake Up Surprise (MmF,ir,oral,anal)
by Superjoint Ritual

Eric and Donna lead Fez to Lorie's room which is across from Eric's.

"Goodnight Fez," Eric said.

"Yeah see you tomorrow and stay in your room," Donna said as she shoots Eric
a look and a wink.

"Okay," Fez said obliviously.

Donna and Eric turned around leaving Fez to go to sleep.

"I wonder why Donna wants me to stay in this room." Fez thinks, "I bet they
have candy around! No, that wouldn't make sense for her to do that."

Fez undresses to his boxers as he crawls into Laurie's bed, closes his eyes
and rolls over. Fez falls asleep and starts to dream.

~ ~ ~
Fez is sitting in the Forman's basement were Jackie and Donna were standing
over his naked body wearing nothing but bra and panties.

"I want him first!" Jackie shouts.

"No Fez is mine!" Donna replies, "I have never had a decent fuck with Eric."

"You can both have me my darlings," Fez says solving the little problem.

~ ~ ~
As Fez is dreaming, behind him Laurie is crawling through her bedroom window
with an older guy. Both Laurie and her guy are very drunk.

~ ~ ~
Fez is lying back as Donna and Jackie prepare to both suck him off.

~ ~ ~
Suddenly Laurie falls into the room and startles Fez awake. Fez shoots up in
his bed and turns on the light only to find Laurie struggling to stand and
her guy-friend crawling through the open window.

"What are you doing here?" Fez asks.

"What do you think I live here," Laurie replied, "What are you doing in my
bed you foreign bastard?"

Laurie's guy-friend walked towards Fez in order to intimidate him.

"Eric said I could sleep here because you wouldn't be here," Fez said
obviously nervous.

"Well you can't!" Laurie snapped back, "This is my room"

"Please don't make me go home," Fez pleaded.

Laurie's guy friend whispered something in her ear and Laurie's face suddenly
changed from anger to something Fez had never seen on her face before.

"Okay, Fez is it?"

Fez nodded.

"This is Chip; I will let you stay here tonight if you do something for me."

"Anything," Fez replied.

"Fuck me."


"You heard me." Laurie said, "You heard the expression 'Two heads are better
then one'? Well 'Two cocks are better then one'."

Fez gulped as Laurie walked towards him with Chip in hand. Fez's boxers were
tenting bigger then they ever had before, but before Fez could do anything he
felt Laurie's hand on his crotch. Fez moaned as Laurie pulled off her best
innocent little girl routine and played with Fez's cock through his boxers.
Chip had walked up behind Laurie and began rubbing here modest breasts
through her shirt, as he kissed the back of her neck. Laurie had pulled
Fez's boxers down past his knees exposing his 6 1/2" dick.

"Okay," was all Fez could mutter before Laurie downed most of his dick in one
smooth motion.

Chip had begun to rub Lauries ass through her pants and slip one hand down
the front to play with her clit just enough to get her wet. Meanwhile Fez was
in heaven as he got his dick sucked by the town professional. He began to get
more courage as he touched the side of Laurie's face and fallowed the motions
with his arms. Laurie was in her element, her mouth sucking Fez off, her one
hand jacking him off, and her other hand was rubbing Fez's balls.

Chip had taken all his clothes off and moved around beside Fez and in front
of Laurie. Laurie's attention refocused, she stopped rubbing Fez's balls and
started to jack Chip off; Laurie then decided to give Fez a treat. Without
warning Laurie swallowed Fez up to his balls. She then took is cock out of
her mouth and looked at him.

"You like that?" Laurie asked.

"OH God yes!" Fez replied as Laurie lowered her mouth back on to Fez's cock
and deep-throated him again, while still jerking Chip off. Laurie flexed her
throat muscles and Fez had no option but to cum right there. "Oh No!" Fez
said hoping it was in time for Laurie to take her mouth off but she didn't,
to Fez's surprise Laurie swallowed all of his cum. "She really is a slut."
Fez thought.

"I really am a slut," Laurie said as if reading his mind, "why don't you go
back their and return the favor."

Fez got up and got behind Laurie as she stood bent over sucking Chip who was
sitting on the bed, and for the first time got a good view of her cock
sucking skills. She was deep throating Chip and then jacked him, then licked
up and down; sometimes Laurie just sucked on the head. Fez shook his head
and got back down to business, he undid Lauries pants and pulled them down to
find she wasn't wearing any underwear. Laurie spread her legs apart a bit to
give Fez easier access to her completely shaved pussy, Fez got down on his
knees and kissed both her ass cheeks before plunging his tongue deep inside
her hole. Chip had taken his dick out of Laurie's mouth and slapped her
checks with it; he then put it back in her mouth, and she hungrily gobbled it
back up. Laurie started swirling her tongue around the head of Chip's dick as
she jerked him off; she bobbed her head up and down as she started pinching
her nipples through her blouse. Chip reached out to grab her tits, holding
them in his hand Chip noted that they fit perfectly in his hand. Fez was
busy probing three of his fingers in Laurie's pussy and licking her clit.
Laurie kept jerking him but stopped sucking Chip off.

"Here," Laurie said as she grabbed one of Fez's fingers and sucked it to get
it wet, "stick it in my ass."

Laurie then went back to Chip, sucking one of his balls into her mouth.

"You are so fucking good babe," Chip said.

" want me to..." Fez started to say unsurely.

"Do it!" Laurie ordered.

Fez deciding to do what he was told took his wet finger and slowly sank it
into Laurie asshole as he continued to finger fuck her with three in her
pussy. Laurie feeling the intrusion of her asshole smiled as she sucked on
one of Chip's balls. Fez started to get a pace going when Laurie reached
down and started to stroke her slit, as she started to deep throat Chip
again. Fez felt Laurie's pussy and asshole suddenly tighten as she sucked
harder on Chip's cock. Fez removed his fingers and felt they were totally
soaked, he then brought his fingers up to Lauries mouth as she popped
Chip's dick out and sucked her juices off Fez's fingers. Laurie then went
back to Chips cock and worked harder on it then before. Laurie deep throated
Chip again but this time she licked his balls with her tongue as she throated
him. Laurie felt his balls tighten when she felt the fist load hit the back
of her throat.

"Oh Laurie I'm Cumming!" Chip said as he unloaded his seed down Laurie's
throat. Laurie swallowed it all down and stood up very content with herself,
naked from the waist down.

"Ok Fez you want to fuck me?" Laurie asked as Fez nodded in agreement.

Fez sat on the bed and Laurie undid her blouse to reveal a set of small
breasts. She walked towards Fez as Chip sat down on a chair in to corner to
recover; Fez tried his hardest to memorize her body. Nice shaved pussy
surrounded buy slim hips, a tight stomach and very decent breasts with small
nipples. She pushed Fez back onto the bed and bent over to suck his cock back
to life; standing straight up Laurie gave Fez's cock one final rub for good
measure and straddled him. She reached down and positioned his cock right at
her hole and sank herself down.

"God, how is she so tight?" Fez thought, "It feels like she is a virgin."

Laurie started riding Fez placing her hands on his chest, Fez reached up to
fondle her breasts and pinch her nipples. Laurie started bucking up on down
on Fez's cock, as Fez pushed further and further up into her. Laurie then
grabbed hold of his hand that was on her breast and sucked on his index
finger and smiled, Fez you knew exactly what to do. He reached around and
shoved the finger up her ass again and used the other hand to pull her down
into him so he could suck her breasts. Chip was jerking off in the corner
when Laurie looked over.

"Take Fez's spot," Laurie said, "I want to give him something special." Chip
lied down on the bed as Laurie got on top once again, and took Fez's cock in
her mouth to get in completely wet. Laurie leaned forward on top of Chip.
"Fez put you cock in my ass." Laurie said.

Fez got behind Laurie and saw her little asshole was red from the activity
tonight. He took hold of his dick and slowly pushed into her ass, meeting a
bit of resistance; after a few seconds Fez was all the way in and starting
to pick up a pace. Within minutes Fez was pumping into her at the same speed
as Chip, every time he pulled out Fez pushed in. Laurie was in bliss as she
had two holes completely filled, she knew she was very close to another
orgasm. Just as Laurie's orgasm started Chip blew his load inside Laurie's
pussy, and continued to pump a few more times to finish her up. Laurie got
up on to her knees and Fez got on his knees behind her, Fez reached around
and grabbed her tits as Laurie reached down to play with her clit as Fez kept
pumping into her. Laurie finally orgasmed once again and lied down flat on
her stomach as Fez laid on top of her and kept pumping into her asshole.
Finally Fez released himself inside of Laurie's ass with a sigh of relief.

"Finally!" Laurie said, "Where's Chip?"

"He left once he finished"

"Story of my life," Laurie replied, "oh well you can stay like we agreed."

Both Laurie and Fez lied down in her bed and fell asleep.


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