This is a work of fiction. Nobody acts this way, and remember kids 'DON'T TRY

Note: Annette was Kelso's summer girlfriend in California she was played by
Jessica Simpson and for writing purposes she is living with her aunt in Point
Place, WA.

That '70s Show: Home Alone Part 1 - Eric And Donna's Night Alone (mf,oral)
by Superjoint Ritual

12:00 PM Point Place, WA. -The Forman's Doorway

"Bye kids," Kitty Forman said as she slipped on her shoes, "there is enough
food to last you all till Tuesday when we come home. And remember we love

"Bye Mrs. Forman," the kids replied in unison.

Red Forman shifted his eyes between the kids standing in front of him. Eric,
his gangly son looked twitchy and uncomfortable as usual. "Eric! Don't screw
up or I'll bury my foot so far up your ass!" Red commanded.

"Yes Sir." Eric responded, still trying to look semi-cool in front of his
attractive, red haired girl-friend Donna.

"Eric is a pretty good kid," Red thought to himself as his eyes looked at the
group of kids. Looking at Donna, Red couldn't believe his son bagged a girl
like her. She was tall, attractive, with big breasts and a full ass. Red
then looked at Eric's other friends, or squatters as he liked to called them.
Steven Hyde was laid back and mellow, the exact opposite as his bubbly
cheerleader girl-friend Jackie. Michael Kelso was a dumb ass, nothing more.
Then there was the foreign kid, Red still didn't understand a damn word this
kid said.

"Okay Kitty we gotta go if we want to get to the motel in time to unpack,"
Red said as his picked up the luggage. Eric grabbed a suitcase and followed
his parents to the car. Putting the suitcase in the trunk of the Vista
Cruiser and slammed the door.

"Careful Eric, you're going to break the door right off and remember, don't
screw up!" Red ordered as he and Kitty drove off.

"Freedom!" Eric screamed as he shut the door to his smiling friends.

"What are we going to do first?" Donna asked.

"Oh! I know." Kelso shouted as he raised his hand, "Lets dress up like people
in Happy Days...I'm the Fonz!"

"Shut up Kelso!" Eric said.

"Yeah," Hyde chimed in, "Besides, I would be the Fonz. You can be Potsie."

"Common it'll be fun," Kelso said trying to convince them.

"Poor Potsie," Fez laughed.

"He he, anyways I know what we gotta do," Hyde said holding up a plastic bag
full of weed.

* * *

11:30 PM The Forman's Basement

"I'm tired," Donna said as she raised her hands in the air.

"Yeah I think it's time to turn in," Eric agreed.

"I don't want to leave!" Fez complained, "Its too long of a walk back home.
Kelso lives just down the street, and I have 20 minutes more to walk after he

"Fine Fez, Laurie is probably over at one of her John's places, you can take
her room," Eric said trying to accommodate his friend.

"Careful what you touch in their man, you don't know where it's all been,"
Hyde said.

"Hey man! I was there," Kelso said objecting.

"Exactly," Hyde replied.

As Eric, Donna and Fez headed upstairs Hyde, with his arm around Jackie, saw
Kelso out.

"What are you up to?" Hyde asks Kelso.

"Going to swing by Annette's house, see if I can score." Kelso replied.

"Later," Jackie says.

"Cool see you tomorrow bud," Hyde said as Kelso walks out the door.

Hyde and Jackie walk towards the back of the basement where Hyde's room is.

* * *

Meanwhile Upstairs

Eric and Donna lead Fez to Laurie's room which is across from Eric's.

"Goodnight Fez," Eric said.

"Yeah see you tomorrow and stay in your room," Donna said as she shoots Eric
a look and a wink.

"Okay," Fez said obliviously.

Donna and Eric turned around leaving Fez to go to sleep. Donna and Eric walk
in to Eric's room and Eric immediately shuts the door behind him. He turns to
see Donna standing and smiling at him.

"God she looks good tonight," Eric thought as he looked at Donna. Donna was
wearing tight blue jeans and a rainbow striped top which extenuated her
lovely breasts. Eric ran towards her and lightly tackled her on to the bed.
Eric started to tickle her as Donna squirmed beneath him. They embraced as
Eric moved his hand up to her breast, and grinded his pelvis in to hers.

"Hold on," Donna said as she pushed on one side of Eric's chest forcing him
on to his back. Donna lifted up Eric's shirt exposing his boney chest.

"I don't care about his physique, I love him," Donna thought as she started
to kiss down his chest onto his stomach. Donna started unbuckling his jeans
when she looked up at Eric in pure bliss. She grabbed his bulge and watched
his expression. Continuing Donna opened up Eric's jeans and slides them and
his underwear down his legs, causing Eric's cock to pop up. Donna smiled at
his modest 6" as she started stroking him slowly at first and then speeding
up as she stuck her tongue out and lightly licked his balls.

"OH GOD DONNA!" Eric said as she finally slipped his cock in between her full
red lips. Donna bobbed her head up and down of Eric's cock making sure to get
it nice and wet. Donna's red hair started to get in her way so Eric pulled it
away from her face and put in a ponytail using his hand to hold it in place.
Eric then used the ponytail to speed Donna's already fast moving lips. Donna
removed her mouth from Eric's cock as smiled at him, as Eric grabbed one of
Donna's shirt covered breasts and massaged them as Donna went back to work of
Eric's cock. Donna once again engulfed him but this time started using her
tongue to rub his dick all over. As she worked her tongue up and down his
shaft and swirling around the head, she used one of her hands to stroke
Eric's balls.

Donna raised her head again and continued to jerk him off, "Just tell me
when," Donna said sensing the finish that was about to come.

"Yeah, yeah ok." Eric said urging her to keep going.

Donna then sank her mouth back down Eric's shaft and proceeded to get him
off. She was bobbing her head full speed and jacking him off with her hand,
getting faster and faster.

"'s time" Eric said as his grabbed a Kleenex from his
nightstand and released his load into it.

Donna stood up from the bed and lifted her shirt over her head, revealing her
very large breasts trapped in a purple lace bra. She then started to undo her
jeans when Eric stood up and started unbuckling them for her.

"Here, let me," Eric said as he pulled her zipper down. Eric looked down as
he slowly exposed her panties, and pulled down her tight jeans. Donna stood
before Eric, beyond shame, in matching purple lace bra and panties. Eric then
walked around Donna until he was behind her, he unclasped her bra and she let
it fall gracefully to the floor.

Eric then looked down at Donna's still panty covered ass, "nice" he acclaimed
as he softly massaged her ass. Donna then walked away and lied down on
Eric's bed, staring at him. Eric just stared back for a few second trying to
take it all in. No matter how many times they have sex he still marvels at
her body, she is lying on her back wearing only lace panties. Her breasts are
full and slightly spread out from gravity and she has a paleness of her that
reminds Eric of a Greek statue.

"Com'on Eric," Donna pleads as he moves toward her and slowly draws her
panties down, taking in the sweet sent Eric dives in. He first licks her
outer folds as he reaches up to rub her breasts. Eric lightly bites down
on her pussy and pushes his tongue deep into her. Eric gives her breasts
a final squeeze as he moves his hands down to her pussy and starts
spreading her folds, Eric continues to lick and probe until he sees Donna
take a deep breath in.

"I found the clit," Eric thinks triumphantly, "I am a God!"

"Thank God," Donna thinks, "He finally found it, how long has it been 3

Eric upon locating the clit starts to ravish it, first licking it like a
madman, then sucking on it; Donna continues to get wetter and wetter. Eric
then starts licking around it and easing his fingers into Donna's pussy.
Donna begins to squeeze her breast and pinching her nipples. Eric has two
fingers in her and rubs her clit with his thumb. Eric rubs Donna red pubic
hair with his other hand. Eric realizes that his erection has returned so
he moves his hand from Donna's lower stomach and starts to jerk him self
off in a attempt to keep his hard on. Suddenly Donnas whole body tenses up
and she arches her back.

"Oh...Oh...Oh...YES!" Donna says as she finally subsides from her orgasm.

She looks down at Eric and lets out a small whimper. Eric looks up and sees
Donna never looking sexier, her hair is a mess and thrown all over her face,
she has beads of sweet on her face and she is rubbing her tits. Donna looks
at Eric as he is slowly jerking off and smiles. Eric smiles back knowing
full well what is coming next.

Donna leans back as Eric kneels over her and cock in hand moves closer to
Donna. Eric slowly presses his dick in Donna's wet folds, Donna's body parts
as Eric enters her more and more. Eric his about half way in when Donna grabs
his ass and pulls him the rest of the way inside her. They kiss each other
passionately as Eric moves his hands up to her breasts and starts sucking on
her nipples as he moves in and out of her. Eric continues to lick her
breasts while Donna grabs the headboard above the bed and starts slamming her
body against Eric. Eric realizing this starts to pound harder and harder in
to her. Eric then repositions himself slightly hoping to rub her clit on the
way in; he sees that he has succeeded when Donna bites her lower lip. Eric
feels Donna clamp down on his dick as she starts to come; Eric uses every
inch of willpower to subside his own orgasm. Eric looks at Donna's face as
she closes her eyes and concentrates on every feeling. Donna then opens her
eyes and smiles at Eric.

"Fuck me Eric!" Donna yells.

Donna then flips Eric over so she is on top and riding him. Eric is on his
back and relishing the experience, Donna is pumping him in and out of her
with a quicker speed. Eric looks down and sees Donna's folds clinging to him
like a glove. Eric noticing Donna's bouncing breast grabs hold of them as
Donna rides him.

"Eric, I'm coming again," Donna says as Eric moves his hands off Donna's
breast and on to her ass as her inner muscles grip down on him again.

Donna keeps bouncing up and down as Eric holds her round ass, Donna's orgasm
is too much for Eric and he finally releases himself inside of her. Donna's
pussy keeps on contracting as it milks the entire seaman out of Erics cock.
Eric's orgasm finishes soon after Donna's as she flops down on Eric's chest,
her breasts pushed flat against him. Eric's cock goes limp inside her and
Eric pulls out, they spoon together as Eric pulls a blanket over their naked

"I hope Fez didn't hear us." Donna says, "I felt free knowing your parents
weren't in the house but I forgot about Fez."

* * *

Luckily Fez was too busy in the other room to hear or even care about Eric
and Donna.


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