(a fictional story about fictional characters)

That 70's Show: Happy Halloween (mF,MmFf,mmf,MFF,Mmf,oral,anal,dp,fist)
by shaggy77

"No, not that. Anything but that," Red Foreman implored his wife Kitty, " you know I hate...people."

"I've thought about this long and hard, Red," Kitty explained. "Last month I put up with your visiting mother for over a week, and you promised that you would owe me big time...anything I wanted, you said. Well this is what I want. I want to give a Halloween party...a costume party...and you will participate and pretend to enjoy it. Now don't give me that pained look; if you just let yourself, you can have a good time. You can drink beer and make snide comments about all our friends."

"Well, you do make it sound almost tolerable... who would you invite," Red wanted to know.

"The kids, of course, and Bob and Midge and any friends you want from PriceMart," his perky spouse declared.

"I don't have any friends at PriceMart," Red responded, "I'm their boss and they're all dumb-asses."

Kitty sidled up against Red, rubbing his back and looking up into his eyes pleading, "you promised Red...and I will take care of all the details; and I bet the kids will help."

"Yeah...don't hold your breath on that," Red scoffed, trying to sound disgusted, but already knowing that Kitty had won this round. "You better pick a good costume for me," he continued, "if it's stupid I'm not wearing it."

"Oh, I already know what I'm going to put together for you," Kitty beamed, knowing she had worn his resistance down, "and trust me, you will be the most envied one at the party."

The following day the whole gang had gathered in the Foreman's basement (as usual) after school and were discussing the news that Red was letting Kitty throw a Halloween costume party. Eric challenged them, " bet you will never guess who I'm going to be."

"Luke Skywalker," five voices answered in unison. It was certainly no secret that the tall, gawky teenager was obsessed with the Star Wars character.

Looking crestfallen that they had guessed his costume, Eric responded, "maybe...and Donna is coming as Princess Leia."

"I am," Donna asked, surprised that Eric would not even consult her opinion. Seeing the saddened look on Eric's face and once again realizing that she should support the boy that she loved, Donna added, "well, of course I am...who else would I dress up as."

"Well, it sounds lame, count me out," declared Stephen Hyde, the self proclaimed rebel of the group.

"Oh you'll come...and you'll enjoy yourself," ordered the suddenly bold
Eric, "you wouldn't want to disappoint my mom would you?"

Since the Foreman's had been kind enough to let him live in the basement and Kitty had been like a mother to him, Hyde acquiesced and answered, "All right, I'll come, but I'm not having fun...and I want beer."

"Ha, ha, you caved like a big...cave," laughed Michael Kelso, the self proclaimed teenage lothario of the group, pointing at Hyde.

Hyde pretended to punch the perennial joker, and then did pound him hard in the left biceps, replying, "You flinched man."

"Well I can't wait to dress up," stated their foreign exchange student friend, Fez, "but my costume is a secret."

"What are you going as...Little Fez Riding Hood," joked Kelso, "yeah, my costume is a secret too."

"There is only one choice for me," interjected the debutante Jackie, "my lifelong dream...a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader."

"Are you sure you can fill out one of those costumes," chuckled Kelso, elbowing Hyde.

It was obvious to all that the petite Jackie, cute as a pixie, had been shortchanged in the breast department. "Oooo, nice burn Kelso," agreed Fez.

Hyde once again slugged Kelso in the arm, warning, "hey that's my girlfriend, so knock it was a nice burn though."

Kelso and Jackie had dated, but she had tired of being taken for granted and insinuated herself as reluctant Hyde's "significant other" almost without his realizing it.

Just then Eric's slender blonde, older sister, Laurie, came bounding down the cellar stairs. Every male, including Eric, couldn't help but notice her bra-less chest bouncing beneath her t-shirt. Laurie had a well earned reputation of being the town slut; a label she thoroughly enjoyed. "So what are you delinquents talking about," she asked, "if it's Dad and Mom's party, I have already thought of the best costume, but you'll have to wait until the party to see it. Hi, Kelso."

She and Kelso had "hooked up" on a few occasions, which had contributed to his problems with Jackie. He suddenly became shy and embarrassed and looking down at his feet merely mumbled, "Hi, Laurie."

Knowing just which buttons to push, Laurie also greeted Hyde, "hey, Stephen...looking good," and she sauntered back up the stairs.

"I hate that bitch," Jackie announced for everyone to hear.

"Just ignore her...I do," advised Eric, "let's not let her spoil the party for us. If I know Red there will be plenty of beer."

"And maybe some of my special brownies," smiled Hyde, meaning his marijuana laced "Alice B. Toklas" concoction.

For the next two weeks, Kitty spent every moment away from her nurses' job at Point Place Community Hospital working on the preparation for her Halloween party. She decorated the house with black and orange crepe paper streamers, cardboard skeletons, numerous candles and jack-o-lanterns; and it seemed like she helped all the kids with their costumes. Red had gotten in the spirit (somewhat) and had ordered an entire keg of beer, "to keep the good times flowing," as he put it.

On the night of the party (Kitty had actually scheduled it before Halloween night so they wouldn't have the distraction of trick-or-treaters), Kitty baked her favorite mini-pizzas and made a huge bowl of punch. She used Hawaiian Punch because it was "the color of blood," and had surreptitiously spiked it with vodka to lighten the mood of any "grumpy Gusses." Hyde had surprised her by commandeering the kitchen for a couple hours that afternoon to make his contribution to the party: a double batch of his "special recipe" brownies. Kitty had given him a jar of bright orange candy sprinkles for the top, and left him alone while she put the finishing touches on the decorations.

Since all the kids had turned eighteen the previous summer, Red had given them permission to have two beers each; but "if I catch you taking any more than that, I'll bury my foot up your ass."

"The place looks great Mom," Eric assured Kitty as he came down the stairs into the living room in the costume she had sewn for him. He really did look like Luke Skywalker, right down to the boots and the "authentic" lightsabre. "Wow, look at you," he exclaimed, "has Dad seen your costume; maybe you should cover up a little."

Kitty was dressed in a very tight one-piece bathing suit, bare legs and high heels, with a big fluffy cotton tail and rabbit ears on her head. It was obvious she was masquerading as a Playboy bunny. "Yeah, I've seen it," Red thundered as he came down the stairs with a pipe in his hand. He was attired in blue satin pajamas, corduroy slippers, and a red velvet robe; doing his best Hugh Hefner impression, "all my Pets dress that way when they're at the mansion."

Hyde came in from the kitchen saying, "I left the brownies on the counter with the other food...whoa...Mrs. Foreman, looking hot."

"Why thank you know you can call me Kitty," she told him.

"Down boy," Red ordered Hyde, "who the hell are you supposed to be...this is a costume party you know."

Hyde dressed in his usual blue jeans and t-shirt, had added a scarf tied around his neck, replied, "I'm Hendrix, man."

Red just shook his head and said, "Now you boys come here and I'll show you how to tap a keg."

Hyde and Eric just winked at each other and poured a couple more bags of ice into the washtub holding the beer keg.

The doorbell rang and the door opened without anyone answering it admitting Kelso and Fez into the Foreman living room. Kelso was also wearing what appeared to be his usual clothes with the addition of a denim jacket. Red, obviously annoyed, demanded, "now what, another Hendrix?"

"What," asked Kelso, "no way...I'm know from Starsky & Hutch," as he opened his jacket to reveal a gold plastic badge attached to his belt and a squirt-gun tucked into his waistband.

Fez, on the other hand, was dressed to perfection, as if he had just stepped off the disco dance floor. His platform shoes were shined to a mirror finish, the crease in his pant legs was razor sharp and his wide lapel shirt was wrinkle free. "Well who are you supposed to be," demanded Red.

"Oh Mr. Red," replied Fez, "I am John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever," and he immediately went down into a split and popped back up smiling.

"Yeah...OK," Red acknowledged, rolling his eyes, "you dumb asses just remember what I said about the beer...two each and no more."

A few of the Foreman's friends began arriving, dressed as various historical or popular figures. Jackie and Donna strolled into the living room, having let themselves in through the patio/kitchen door. Jackie filled out the Dallas Cowboys cheerleader costume quite nicely, even showing impressive cleavage...for Jackie. Her slender legs seemed even more shapely as they disappeared into her white boots. All male eyes stared as Donna entered the room clad in her long, white flowing, floor length Princess Leia tunic. It was belted at the waist, but the thing that begged everyones' attention was the fact that she had very obviously kept in character and was bra-less. Her pendulous breasts swayed and wobbled against the silky material, her nipples clearly protruding. Donna had gone to the trouble of braiding her long red hair into Leia's trademark buns on the side of her head, but no one was looking above her chest.

"Holy shit Foreman," Hyde whispered to a stunned Eric, "you lucky bastard."

Despite the fact that she was only eighteen and his son's girlfriend, Red could not take his eyes off this red-headed goddess and think, "that Eric is one lucky bastard."

Just then everyone in the room turned because they could actually hear Laurie Foreman descending the stairs into the living room. Her blond hair had been braided into cornrows with colorful beads woven into the ends, and they were making a "clicking" noise as she walked. She was wearing a skintight, flesh-color one piece bathing suit and was obviously mimicking Bo Derek's role in the movie "10." Although not as well endowed as Bo, her nipples were quite prominent and attracting the attention of every male in the room...including Eric. "Jeez Laurie," ordered Red, "go put something on."

Hugging him in her most convincing style, Laurie begged, "oh Daddy, I'm just trying to be like a movie star...Mommy is wearing a bathing suit too."

Knowing that she had him wrapped around her little finger, Red relented, stating, "I need another beer."

Answering the doorbell, Eric stepped aside to allow Donna's parents (and the Foreman's next door neighbors) Bob and Midge Pinciotti to enter. Bob was dressed all in white: white pants, white shoes, white shirt and jacket; but the most stunning thing about him was that his "Brillo" black hair was missing and he was completely bald. Red began chuckling and asked, "who the hell are you supposed to be...the Good Humor Man?"

"Ha, good one Red but anyone can plainly see that I'm Boss Hogg from Dukes of Hazzard, and Midge is Daisy Duke." He stepped aside to let everyone get a good look at Midge's costume...what there was of it. Bob's amazingly gorgeous wife Midge was wearing the tightest, shortest cut-off jeans shorts that they had ever seen. Her flannel shirt was knotted at the waist exposing her navel and flat tummy. Only about two buttons were fastened, leaving her impressive cleavage on display. Her high heels made her already shapely legs seem endlessly long. She was a total knockout, and for a moment Red's mouth just hung open.

Recovering, Red shook hands with Bob, "well of course you are Bob and a great costume at that." Red put his arm around Midge's shoulders and ushered her into the living room, "come right on in Midge, I mean Daisy, that October air must be cold." His eyes were glued on her twin mounds and he had already ascertained that she wasn't wearing a bra. "How the hell did a loser like Bob end up with this babe," Red though to himself. Of course everyone in the room was wondering the same thing.

"Don't forget Red," Bob reminded him, "tonight you have to call me Boss...just like when I hired you to work in my appliance store after you got fired from the plant."

Already annoyed with Bob, Red fired back, "Oh you mean the store you ran into the ground before I hired you to work for me at PriceMart."

Out of the corner of his eye Red could see Kitty giving him "the eye" so he quickly added, "OK Bob...I mean Boss... just for tonight." Bob's lower lip had begun to protrude into a pout, but hearing Red's apology he smiled and headed for the food table in the kitchen.

Kitty had recorded lots of spooky sounds, shrieks, and screams on her tape recorder to add to the Halloween mood, but as the party progressed, the kids put the soundtrack record of "Saturday Night Fever" on the stereo so they could dance; and no one seemed to object. Eric, of course, had scolded Kitty about how the future of recording was 8-tracks, not cassettes. She had strung orange strings of lights all around the living room for effect, so the room was dimly lit to begin with, and after consuming some alcohol, it seemed more romantic than ominous. Red continued to drink from the keg, while others opted for the spiked punch. After Kitty had initially added some vodka to the punch bowl, Bob, Red, Eric and Kelso had also done the same; so that eventually the punch was more vodka than Hawaiian Punch. Everyone was beginning to feel the combined effects of the alcohol and the special brownies, and the men were conspicuously leering at the scantily clad females at the party.

Kitty's speech had begun to slur when she cornered Hyde in the kitchen and asked if she could have the recipe for his "scrumptious" brownies.

Hyde had always had a crush on his friend's mother and immediately recognized his opportunity to take advantage of the inebriated Kitty. "I think I have it in my room in the basement, if you want to come down and get it," he encouraged her.

"Heh, heh, heh, that would be fine," Kitty answered with that distinctive cackle of a laugh. Her laugh was famous in the neighborhood, and there didn't seem to be a middle ground of opinion: you either thought it was unique and endearing, or you thought it was annoying and you hated it. She carefully followed Hyde down the cellar stairs, her heels clicking in the steps, and when he stopped at the bottom step and turned around to face her, she was not terribly surprised.

Hyde thought to himself, "it's now or never...she may not even remember this in her condition," as he encircled her with his arms and pressed his lips against hers in a sensuous kiss.

"Oh Stephen," Kitty gasped when he broke the kiss, "that was even better than I dreamed it would be." She quickly grasped his head in her hands and returned the kiss, adding her tongue to the equation. Hyde's hands found their way to Kitty's bathing suit covered ass cheeks as their tongues played tag. Kitty broke their kiss and quickly and decisively told Hyde, "let's not over-think this...let's just do it; I've wanted you for a long time." As they walked to the well-worn sofa, Hyde began to shed his clothes. By the time he was at the couch, he was shoving his jeans down revealing a lack of underwear and a nice seven inch cock as thick as a salami. Kitty stood in front of him, kicked off her heels and reached behind her to pull down the zipper on her bathing suit costume.

Hyde stepped closer, his cock waving like an excited dog's tail, and slowly lowered Kitty's costume down her slightly chubby body. It was stiffer than a normal bathing suit, molded so as to not lose it's shape, and it fell easily down her torso to the floor. Sucking in his breath when he saw that the costume was her only garment, Hyde sunk to the floor and gently lifted her feet one by one to pull the suit off. His face was now directly in front of Kitty's bushy dark blonde muff and he could clearly smell her arousal as he leaned in and pressed his nose into the jungle. His hands reached up and grasped her impressive 36D breasts as they hung slightly on her chest.

Almost involuntarily, Kitty spread her legs as Hyde's tongue worked it's way through her bush and found her lips. They were moist and meaty as he sucked each one into his mouth and ran his tongue up and down her slit. Kitty's knees buckled and she dropped back onto the sofa, her legs spread wide. "Stephen, I need you inside me now," she urged as she worked her fingers through the thick pubic hair and spread her lips. Kneeling, Hyde grabbed her behind the knees, pulled her to the edge of the cushion, and nudged his cock-head between her slit. He steadily moved forward and felt the warmth of Kitty's cunt as he slid deeper inside her until his balls were wedged between them. "Oh that's nice fuck me."

She leaned back against the sofa as Hyde began to thrust his cock in and out of her tunnel. Her tits were bouncing as he held her ass cheeks firm so he could pound into her harder. Her breasts were capped by large brown areola and hardened nipples which Kitty began to pinch so hard they turned almost white. Hyde had fantasized about fucking this desirable housewife ever since she had given him dance lessons, and his cock was a blur as he sawed in and out of her cunt. Kitty's head was spinning as she looked down her body and watched a cock that was not Red's plunging into her. "Oh that feels good Stephen," she encouraged him.

Lasting longer than he had expected, Hyde could feel his balls begin to pump their contents through his cock. He swiftly withdrew his staff as it began to spray his seed, and it squirted white streams of goo all over Kitty's stomach and all the way up to her tits.

"Heh, heh, heh," she giggled as the warm fluid began to drip down her naked body, "I guess you really were glad to see me tonight, heh, heh, heh." Kitty reached next to her, grabbed a t-shirt that someone had discarded there, and began to wipe Hyde's cum off her belly. Thank you Stephen, that was really nice but I guess I had better get back to the party...I am the hostess, heh, heh, heh."

"No, thank you Mrs. Fore...I mean Kitty, you have an amazing body."

"Yes, that's right Stephen...I think we can be on a first name basis now, heh, heh, heh...after all, you did just fuck me."

In the living room, Midge Pinciotti was pressing the side of her body into Red and asking, "so Mr. Hefner, what does a girl have to do to get an audition to be in your magazine?"

Feeling no pain after countless beers and a couple of cocktails, Red played along, "Well, of course I would have to see her naked to evaluate whether she was Playboy material or not." In response, Midge pulled her shirt straight in front of her out so that Red could look down inside and see her entire chest, nipples and all. "Wow, that's a nice set for sure," Red exclaimed, his face turning pink, "but you know I would have to see everything."

Midge grabbed Red's hand and began to pull him toward the stairs leading to the second floor. Glancing around nervously, Red realized that absolutely no one was paying any attention to them as they mounted the stairs. Watching Midge's ass undulate in her tiny shorts, the bottoms of her cheeks actually escaping the material, as they climbed the stairs was almost more than Red could handle. Red guided her to his bedroom and shut the door as Midge turned to face him. "Are you ready for my audition," Midge inquired as she unbuttoned the remaining buttons on her shirt, untied the knot and pulled the front open.
"Hell yes," encouraged Red.

"To be honest Red, I'm quite surprised that you would consider cheating on Kitty...but very pleased," Midge remarked.

"Trust me," Red explained, "there is only one reason Kitty likes throwing these parties. Haven't you ever heard her talk about 'variety is the spice of life.'"

"I have heard her use that expression in the kitchen, but I always assumed she was referring to baking," Midge admitted.

Midge exposed the most perfect set of tits Red had ever seen. They were impeccable...a perfectly round 36C with large brown areola, and they were so firm that Red thought he could probably bounce a quarter off them. Midge's breasts stood straight out from her chest and barely jiggled when she moved. Her jellybean sized nipples were erect and begging so be sucked. She didn't stop there; struggling because they were so tight, she forced the tiny denim shorts down her endlessly long legs, proving that there had been no panty line for a good reason. Midge's pubic area was as bald as the day she was born and Red just stared at her meaty mound, "holy crap," was all he could whisper.

"Oh, you like," Midge asked, "I did some modeling before I married Bob and we always kept ourselves don't want any hair peeking out."

"It's a good look," Red agreed, "my God you're a gorgeous woman Midge," and he thought to himself, "I wish Kitty was here, she would really enjoy you."

"You seem a bit over-dressed Red...I mean Hef...let's do something about that," Midge said seductively as she untied his robe and slid it off his shoulders. Red kicked his slippers off as Midge unbuttoned his pajama tops and slipped the sleeves off his arms. "Oooo, I love a hairy chest," she cooed as she ran her fingers through his thick red chest hair. Seeing that his pajama bottoms were sporting a sizable "tent" Midge remarked, "it looks like someone is glad to see me." Dropping to her knees, Midge began to tug Red's bottoms and boxers down and over his erection. "Holy shit," Midge squealed, "Red that's the biggest cock I've ever wonder Kitty is always smiling." His pole was already over ten inches long and still growing, but the most remarkable feature was its girth. She held her arm up next to it and it was definitely thicker than her wrist with a crown the size of a peach.

Red loved the look a woman got on her face the first time they saw his was a mixture of awe and fear. Midge hefted his meat and lay it on her shoulder like a log as she began to lick and fondle his scrotum. She could feel the moisture growing between her legs as she imagined his cock inside her, and she ran her tongue up and down his hard shaft, circling the head. Holding it with both hands and marveling that her fingers didn't quite touch, she placed her lips around his giant crown. Knowing she could never fit it in her mouth, she just licked his cock-slit and slid her hands up and down his length.

Looking down at her absolutely beautiful face as she serviced him, Red remarked, "you truly are a beautiful woman look good with a cock in your mouth."

"I look even better with one in my pussy," she returned. Red put an arm around her back and one around the back of her knees, swept her off her feet and carried her to his bed like carrying a bride across the threshold. She lay back on the king size bed and scooted into the center while Red crawled between her marvelous legs. He reached up for a pillow and jammed it underneath her perfect ass cheeks, then hoisted her legs up and draped them over his shoulders.

"Normally I only eat Kitty," Red admitted, "but that bald pussy is just begging for a tongue bath." Bending, Red lowered his face to Midge's crotch and just inhaled her arousal. Nudging his nose against her already exposed clit, he licked the sides of her fleshy lips before delving his tongue as deep inside her as he could. His stubble tickled her thighs as his tongue probed her moist cavern. Midge's body shook as she came in Red's face, leaving it dripping wet. "Mmmm, that's good," Red acknowledged as he lapped up her orgasm.

"Oh God Red," Midge purred, "I need you inside me...fuck me."

"Your wish is my command, Daisy," Red answered as he sat up and rubbed his crown against her juicy slit. Using his calloused thumbs, Red spread Midge's lips apart and placed his cock-head at her entrance. Her opening was not even close to being big enough to permit his entrance, but Red knew that one of the great things about vaginas was that they were very elastic. Red watched his her lips stretch around his huge crown as he pushed forcefully forward, until he finally popped through her slit and into her pussy. He continued to push forward, his mammoth tool expanding every inch of her tight tunnel until his balls rested against her ass cheeks.

The sensation was exquisite for Midge, as she felt Red stretching, inch by inch, her entire cunt. It felt like someone had shoved their arm up her pussy, and she loved it. She had never had a cock that enormous inside her before and all she could say was, "oh my God Red...fuck me...fuck me hard." Red began to slowly withdraw, and then jam his monster back into her as Midge writhed on the bed under him. "Holy shit that's big," she groaned as Red fucked her, slamming his horse-cock in and out of her pussy. Midge's tremendous breasts were so firm that they barely jiggled when Red thrust into her, and he reached up to grasp them in his rough hands. His hands were like sandpaper on her nipples and Midge had to moan, "mmmm that feels good...fuck me Red...treat me like your whore."

Red had left Eric in charge of the bar, even though he had no clue how to mix drinks. There were not many complaints though; the free booze seemed to placate everyone. He had run out of vodka and came upstairs in search of Red to ask him if there was more. Since he had just seen his mother in the kitchen, Eric was surprised when he heard groaning coming from his parents bedroom. Knocking very gingerly, no one in the room heard him so he opened the door and looked in. There on his parents bed was his girlfriend's naked mother and she was being fucked by his father...and what the hell was that between Red's legs. "Holy crap is she beautiful," Eric thought as he stared at Midge's nude body.

"Well, dumb ass," he heard Red bellow, "are you just going to stand there like some sissy boy, or are you going to join us." Red took this interruption to shuck Midge's sensational legs off his shoulders, reach his arms around her, and easily flip them over so that he was now laying back on the bed, and Midge was on top riding his cock. Eric carefully placed his lightsabre on a chair, and then the various pieces of his costume flew in all directions until only his "tighty-whities" remained.

Midge paused humping Red, looked directly at Eric and asked, "have you ever fucked Donna in the ass?"

All his reservations about their secret sex life had disappeared many beers ago, and Eric responded, "ummm...noooo...I tried it once and she punched me...hard; so I told her it was a mistake and never tried it again."

As Eric pulled his underwear off, Midge directed, "well, sweetie...just come right on over here because I like it," and she leaned forward against Red's hairy chest, presenting her delectable ass cheeks to him.

Eric's seven inch prick waved in front of him like a pepperoni stick as he bounded over to the bed and crawled up behind Midge. Red ordered, "try not to touch me; and grab your mother's bottle of baby oil from the nightstand...that woman has elbows like sandpaper."

Getting the gist of Red's suggestion, Eric snatched up the bottle and squirted the oil all along his cock and into Midge's ass crack. "Easy dumb ass," Red yelled, "you don't have to drown us with it." Midge reached behind her and used her delicate hands to spread her ass cheeks apart giving Eric a clear target at her brown hole.

Eric rubbed her ass and complimented her, "your ass is great, Mrs Pinciotti."

"Why thank you; you're such a gentleman Eric," Midge acknowledged, "now how about sticking that prick up my ass." Eric's crown was about the same size as his shaft, so he really had no trouble slipping it past Midge's sphincter ring and into her anus. Shoving forward with all the eagerness of a child on Christmas morning, his cock disappeared all the way inside Midge's ass hole. He could feel his father's cock, separated from his by a thin membrane of skin, but he was careful not to touch Red's thighs. When they both began to withdraw from Midge's holes the sensation was too much for her to bear and her whole body shook in orgasm. "Holy fucking shit," Midge squealed, "fuck me boys...jam those fucking cocks into me."

She loved having both holes fucked at the same time, and pushed back against Eric when he thrust forward. Red was slamming upward, bouncing her up and down on his gigantic pole. Midge was in ecstasy as the Foremans thrust their cocks into her pussy and ass, stretching her with each stroke. "Oh shit that's good," Midge moaned, "I love cock."

Downstairs, Donna had grown weary (and horny) of every male at the party ogling her chest when she moved. The combination of beer and brownies had acted like an aphrodisiac and she was searching for her boyfriend. The kids had not broken their promise to Red about only two beers each, but they reasoned that as long as the cup never went below half, it was still the same beer; so they just kept refilling them. Thinking that maybe Eric had gone to his room, Donna went upstairs and heard the same noise that had attracted Eric. Drunkenly teetering down the hall, Donna approached the Foreman's bedroom. Eric had neglected to shut the door and when Donna rounded the corner of the doorway she just stood there with her mouth open. Her naked mother was being double penetrated by Red and her boyfriend Eric. "What the hell," she shouted as all three turned to look.

Past the point of no return; being startled by Donna seemed to trigger both of the Foremans as they began to empty the contents of their balls into Midge's holes. Feeling the hot sperm squirting into her, Midge threw her head back so hard it cracked into Eric's face, "oh my God that feels good...fill me up boys...fuck me." Donna just stood there astounded as Eric and Red pumped their juices into her mother.

Eric was so drunk that he just said, "oh hi Donna," as his shriveling cock slipped out of Midge's ass. Not knowing what exactly to do, Eric just sat on the side of the bed and waited for something to happen. Donna was mesmerized by the sight before her and just stared as her mother climbed off of Red, his incredible snake sliding out of her pussy and flopping between his legs.

"Is that real," she whispered as her nude mother approached her, putting her arm around her.

"Oh it's real alright," Midge confirmed, "why don't you join us honey, maybe I can teach you and Eric a few things." Donna let her mother lead her to the side of the bed as if in a trance, never taking her eyes off Red's monster cock. Midge unfastened Donna's belt and then swiftly slid the silky white tunic off Donna's shoulders, letting it fall slowly to the floor, revealing Donna's naked body as it fell. Everyone had known she wasn't wearing a bra, but now they discovered that she had been totally commando as her closely trimmed, V-shaped pubic patch was uncovered.

"It was a surprise for you Eric," Donna admitted as she kicked off her white boots and they stared at her crotch.

"You are the best girlfriend ever," Eric exclaimed excitedly.

Donna's breasts were magnificent, a full 36D and they hung on her chest like water balloons. Her areola were large and pink, topped by fully erect jellybean nipples. "How the hell did that wimp Eric get so lucky," Red thought as he stared at Donna's pussy. She had the classic thigh-gap and her unbelievably long pussy lips hung down like flaps. He sat on the side of the bed, his cock hanging like an elephant's trunk as Midge instructed Eric to lay back where Red had just vacated.

"Mom, I still don't want anything in my ass," Donna stated as Midge urged her to back up to her eagerly awaiting boyfriend.

"That's OK honey," Midge agreed, "I think we can figure something else out. Now just raise up on your knees and let Eric's dick slide into you...I'm sure you've done this before."

With her back facing Eric, Donna kneeled over his groin while he pointed his rod at the ceiling; rubbing his crown against her already wet slit. Then she just sat down, impaling herself on the only cock that had ever been inside her.

"Ohhhh that's nice," Donna murmured as Eric wiggled beneath her.

"Now just lean back against Eric and spread your legs as far as you can," directed Midge as she urged Red to crawl up between Eric's and Donna's legs.

"Mom, what the hell," a shocked Donna inquired.

"Trust me honey," Midge assured her daughter, "there is no better feeling in the world than having your pussy fucked by two cocks at the same time."

"But that will never fit in me," Donna's eyes bulged, "and how do you know these things."

Midge added, "you know I would never hurt you honey, trust me, it will fit and you will love it. I know these things because I haven't always been just a mother, you know."

"If she only knew," Midge thought. The truth was that the modeling profession can be a fickle one, and sometimes you simply fell out of demand for no reason. In Midge's case, it was her incredibly voluptuous body that had betrayed her. When she was enjoying her most success, the "Twiggy era" of modeling was taking hold and Midge found herself out of work. She had actually posed for some "'Men's" magazines and made a couple of X-rated videos in Europe to support herself. Sometimes she had to trade sexual favors in exchange for work and she had been careless, leading to her pregnancy. Not even sure who the father was, she had searched for a husband to support her and had convinced a man named Bob Pinciotti that he had impregnated her. Sometimes Bob had been as ass, but he was usually a good provider. She stayed with him because he let her enjoy the "swinging" lifestyle as long as Donna never found out. In return, she sometimes let him join in...or at least watch.

Donna just watched Red as he crawled up between her legs, his cock in his hand like a huge anaconda. Stopping in front of her, Red laid his snake on her belly and it was actually as heavy as it looked. Midge retrieved the baby oil, squirted it onto Red's meat and into Donna's opening. "Ooo, that's cold," Eric complained as it dripped onto him and dribbled down between his ass cheeks, and hey Red, don't touch me," he added just to piss Red off.

"Shut up, dumb ass," Red snapped, "now let's fuck your girlfriend."

Midge sat next to her daughter, grasped her elongated pussy lips between her index fingers and thumbs and stretched them far out to the sides, opening her cunt as wide as possible. Nudging his huge head into Donna's slit, Red began to push forward, attempting to penetrate the teenage pussy. As Donna grit her teeth she felt the pressure against her opening increase until finally her lips stretched enough and Red's cock plowed into her cunt. Red paused for only a second and then pushed forward, stretching her vagina inch by inch, extending well past Eric's crown until he was stopped by her womb.

Feeling like her cunt had been invaded by a fence post, Donna wriggled between them and shouted, "oh my God." The feeling was indescribable...her cunt was so full of cock that it was actually difficult to breathe. All three just lay there for several minutes, getting used to each other and then Red and Eric began to slowly withdraw simultaneously. Every nerve ending in her pussy was being stimulated by their cocks and Donna again screeched, "oh my fucking God...fuck me...fuck me...fuck me...fuck me with your fucking cocks." She was almost delirious as her body convulsed in constant orgasms. Her pussy was stretched so tight that Red's cock was making constant contact with her clit and driving her crazy. As they slid in and out of her together, it was as if one gigantic cock was fucking her, stretching her cunt beyond comprehension.

Eric thrust up into his beautiful girlfriend while his father pounded her pussy from above. Red leaned back, never losing a stroke, and just absorbed the beauty of the gorgeous teenager he was fucking. Her face was almost angelic as she enjoyed their cocks; her marvelous tits flopped on the sides of her chest like Jello filled bags. He leaned forward and cupped her left breast in both hands, presenting it to his mouth. Red kneaded it and weighed it, then took her jellybean nipple into his mouth and bit down. This added sensation caused Donna to shudder and he could feel her vaginal muscles contract around their cocks.

"Holy shit...fuck me...fuck me hard," Donna begged, "stretch my fucking pussy." Red took both her hard nipples between his rough fingers and pinched hard. Donna shivered and shook, verbalizing her orgasm with a simple, "ahhhhhhhhhh," and she collapsed against Eric's hairless chest.

Her cunt muscles went into a spasm and Red and Eric thrust all the way into her as they filled her tunnel with their combined seed. There was absolutely no room inside her crowded hole for their ejaculations, so it shot forcefully out around their cocks, squirting all over Red's thighs. "Damn," was all Red said as he continued to pump Donna's pussy full of his sperm. When he was finished, Red backed up, allowing his snake to slither out of Donna's battered cunt. He sat on the side of the bed and watched Midge who was sitting in a chair by the bed, her legs splayed wide and hooked over the arms of the chair as she jammed Eric's "authentic" lightsabre in and out of her bald pussy. "Now there's a sight you don't see every day," Red remarked, "although I wouldn't mind."

An exhausted Donna rolled off her boyfriend and lay back into the pillows, her legs spread obscenely wide. Her slit was now a large wide open hole and when she sat up, a steady stream of white fluid gushed out of it. It seemed to be begging for his attention, calling to him, and Eric responded. Curling his thumb under his fingers, Eric began to slide his entire hand up into Donna's stretched out cunt. There was virtually no resistance as his hand advanced inside her all the way past his wrist. Lubrication was certainly no problem as Eric began to fist-fuck his gorgeous girlfriend. "Oh my God that feels good," Donna groaned as she adjusted the angle of her hips to allow the penetration.

"That's my boy," Red gushed with pride as he watched Eric's hand sliding in and out of Donna's stretched out hole.

Eric actually closed his fist as he pumped it farther up Donna's vagina. She was writhing against the pillows in ecstasy as Eric extended his fingers inside her, fingering her G-spot.

"Oh my God Eric," she wailed, "don't stop...fuck my pussy with your hand." As she flailed against his wrist, Eric was watching her wonderful tits flop against her chest and all he could think was how incredibly lucky he was to have her for a girlfriend. She grabbed his forearm with both her hands and tried to jam even more of it up inside her cunt. Finally Donna was completely spent and dropped back onto the bed allowing Eric to slip his hand from her pussy.

Eric licked her juices off his hand saying, "you taste great."

"Hey dumb ass," Red reminded him, "you know you're licking my cum too."

"Oh shit...what the hell," Eric jumped off the bed and began scraping his tongue with his fingernails.

As Red watched Donna bathe in the afterglow of a total fucking, he noticed the white stream flowing out of her pussy and though to himself, "there's going to be a big wet spot there tonight."

In the kitchen, a drunken Jackie was nibbling on the last brownie and looking for Hyde when Kelso sidled up to her and whispered, "I just saw Hyde making out with Mrs. Foreman."

"Are you kidding me," she yelled, "that bastard."

"You know how you could get back at him," Kelso cajoled her, "we could do it...just like old times."

"Michael you're such a slime ball," Jackie scolded him, and then after thinking about it, "you know what, you're right." She took him by the hand and led him out through the sliding glass doors and into the Foreman's backyard. Backing him up to the Foreman's picnic table, she whisked off the top of her Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders costume, uncovering her tiny, but perfectly shaped, 34B breasts that Kelso had seen many times before. It was Jackie's nipples that were amazing because they were more than three quarters of an inch long. Kelso had often told her that her nipples put Farrah's to shame. Dropping to her knees in front of her former boyfriend, she undid his pants and struggled to tug the tight-fitting garment down to his ankles. "Still not wearing underwear I see," Jackie stated as his slender seven inch hard-on sprang out.

"No, you know the chicks dig it," Kelso grinned.

"Whatever," slurred Jackie as she grasped his prick and wasted no time sliding it past her lips and into her eager mouth.

"Oh shit Jackie," Kelso reacted to the vacuum job she was giving him, "you always were the best cock sucker."

"Ummm hmmmm," she mumbled as her tongue looped around his crown and she fondled his scrotum.

Kelso urged her to her feet so he could caress her tiny hand-fulls and Jackie stood leaning over with her ass in the air. Suddenly a familiar voice came through the Foreman's kitchen door, "Kelso, where the hell did you go...I got us some Halloween candy." When Fez turned toward the picnic table he stopped dead in his tracks. "Oh, shit Kelso," Fez exclaimed, then, "nice boobies Jackie...I love boobies."

"Well don't just stand there Fez, get on over here...Jackie's horny," Kelso directed him.

Hearing no objections from the girl of all his wet dreams, Fez gulped down his miniature Snickers and advanced toward Jackie. He reached around her and took her titties in his hands, rubbing them with his palms and squeezing them. She could feel his erection press up against her tiny ass and began to push back against him and wiggle. "Oooo, those nipples are amazing," Fez complimented her as he rolled the flesh between his fingers.

Feeling bold, Fez unsnapped the short-shorts of Jackie's costume and started to pull them down her slender legs, along with her lacy bikini panties. She voluntarily lifted her feet one by one so he could remove her garments and he placed them reverently on the picnic table, as she spread her legs to allow him access to her pussy. "Oooo, holy crap," remarked an amazed Fez when he saw her completely bald mound. Jackie had read in a magazine that all the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders shaved their pubic areas so that no hair peeked out around their shorts. Her pussy lips were meaty with many folds of skin and she spread her legs even farther giving Fez a better view of her treasure. Fez dropped to his knees as if he was worshipping her ass, rubbing his hands all over the round flesh, amazed at its smoothness.

His head was so close to her rump that his nose was brushing her ass crack as he blew hot air onto her slit. Fez stuck out his tongue and plucked a drop of Jackie's fluids before it dripped onto the ground. "Oh Jackie, you are beautiful," Fez proclaimed as his thumbs separated her fleshy folds, exposing her pink opening.

When he gently slid both thumbs inside her, she jerked with an orgasm and bit down on Kelso causing him to protest, "what the hell it."

"Morry," she mumbled, her mouth full as Fez began lapping her slit like a dog lapping at his water dish. He found that Jackie's clit matched her nipples and protruded prominently, the size of a gum-drop candy. He wanted to nibble on it but could not really reach it no matter how far she spread her legs.

So excited that he couldn't wait any longer, Fez stood, kicked off his loafers, and removed his trousers and boxers. "Whoa...holy crap Fez, do you have a license for that thing," Kelso exclaimed when Fez' penis sprang into view. It must have been at least twelve inches long as it slapped against Fez' stomach. If they had a chance to compare, it would have been even longer than Red's, but not nearly as thick. It did, however, have an incredibly large tangerine sized crown.

Hearing Kelso, Jackie glanced back toward Fez and her eyes bulged as she murmured, "molly mitt." His meat stick in his hand, Fez stood behind the nude little pixie and rubbed his cock-head against her wet slit, separating her lips. Pushing forward, Fez was surprised at how easily he penetrated little Jackie's hole as his crown disappeared inside her. "Mmmmm," she moaned as he pushed steadily forward, his monster cock sliding deep into her cunt. As his considerable hard-on slid deeper and deeper into her pussy, Jackie wriggled her ass against him as her arousal grew. Nothing had ever touched the depths of her vagina like Fez' pole and the sensation was excruciatingly exciting. Finally, after what seemed like minutes, Fez hit bottom and firmly pushed against her cheeks, gaining maximum penetration. His huge head was crowding her cervix and Jackie felt like she was in heaven.

Fez began to slowly withdraw his tool and then just as slowly slide back into Jackie. It seemed to take forever to slip the entire length into her and Jackie backed her head off Kelso's cock momentarily to implore Fez, "jeez Fez...quit teasing...fuck me...fuck me hard." As she resumed sucking Kelso off, Fez slammed back into her cunt, her tiny cheeks jiggling as her head drove Kelso's cock deeper down her throat. Fez grasped her petite waist and began to jam his salami in and out of Jackie's hole. Fez was finally fucking his dream girl, and her little pussy was just as tight as he dreamed it would be as it gripped his cock.

Watching his former girlfriend being fucked by a giant cock proved to be more stimulating than Kelso would have guessed and he soon erupted into Jackie's throat, pumping her mouth full of his seed. He finished his ejaculation, his shriveling penis slipping from her lips, as Jackie gripped the edge of the picnic table with both hands to steady herself against Fez' assault. "Oh God Fez...fuck me...fuck me," she pleaded as Fez pounded her pussy. It felt to Jackie like his cock was so far inside her that it was going to pop out of her mouth. They could hear the music from inside the house and it occurred to Jackie that Fez was fucking her to the rhythm of the Bee Gees "Staying Alive." Performing a move that an Olympic gymnast would be proud of, Jackie twisted around, threw her leg up and over Fez' head (nearly kicking his nose), and ended up facing him, his cock still lodged firmly inside her.

Throwing her arms around his neck and interlocking her fingers, she jumped up and wrapped her shapely legs around Fez' waist, virtually attaching herself to his body. Fez' eyes lit up as he could now see her angelic face as he fucked her. As she bounced up and down on his snake, Jackie cooed, "oh Fez...your cock feels so good in my pussy...fuck me baby, fuck me." Feeling his legs getting weak as he supported her weight and jammed up into her, Fez turned around and leaned back against the picnic table, her legs still wrapped around his waist. In this position, Jackie's ass cheeks were spread wide presenting her tiny brown hole to a still horny Kelso. He bent his long legs behind Jackie, rubbed his crown with the juices leaking out of her pussy, and swiftly began to wedge his cock against her anus. "What the hell Michael," she yelled over her shoulder, "you know no one has ever done that better be careful."

Spreading her cute cheeks far apart, Kelso pushed upward as Fez helped out by bending his knees, effectively dropping Jackie's little body down onto Kelso's prick. Pushing past her sphincter, Kelso drove steadily upward into her back tunnel. He could feel Fez' hot cock in close proximity to his, as he pushed deeper into Jackie's ass. Feeling her trim little body being stretched by two cocks, Jackie screeched, " Fuck me you guys...fuck me."

Her body shivering in yet another orgasm, Jackie heard a familiar voice, "so this is where you are...isn't this nice,"as a sarcastic Hyde came strolling out from the kitchen.

"Shut up Stephen," snapped Jackie, "how was Mrs. Foreman?"

"Surprisingly good for a woman her age," declared Hyde, not to be outdone.

Jackie was unconcerned with romance at the moment; her only concern was pure sex, and the two cocks slamming into her holes. Fez and Kelso were thrusting into her ass and cunt simultaneously, stretching her insides to new extremes and Jackie's body convulsed in Fez' arms. "Ohhhh...fuck me...fuck me," she moaned as she ignored Hyde.

"Uhhh, oh," Fez announced, "here I cum," and with that he crammed every inch of his giant cock up into Jackie's cunt and began to pump her full of his fluid. Feeling Fez' rod quiver against his, Kelso also erupted inside her as they both pumped hot liquid up into Jackie's holes.

Hyde could not believe how turned on he was watching his girlfriend getting double fucked, her tiny titties jiggling against Fez' hairless chest, and he merely said, "I'm next."

A scheming Bob Pinciotti had cornered a totally inebriated Kitty in the kitchen and informed her, "right now Red and Eric are having sex with my wife and daughter, and I think I know a way you could get some revenge."

"That bastard," Kitty exclaimed, feigning concern. Little did Bob know that it was a little game she and Red enjoyed: they both would have the most extreme sexual adventure possible at parties, then later would compare notes; leading to explosive sex between them. "What did you have in mind Bob," she inquired, "I'll teach that playboy to cheat on me."

"Well, since Red is debauching both of the female Pinciottis, I think a little tag-team action with both of the Foreman females would be justice," Bob stated calmly.

"Hmmm, I've never performed with Laurie before but it does sound like a bonding experience," Kitty pondering the situation, "I guess you're right Bob, it is only fair...two for two...tit for tat, so to speak...heh, heh, heh." "Let's go find Laurie," Kitty added, "she probably has had a crowd of men around her."

True to form, they found Laurie in the living room performing some kind of lewd dance surrounded by all the mature men still in attendance at the party. Bob actually licked his lips as he stared at her crotch. In the skimpy bathing suit it was obvious that she had not worn panties because her camel-toe was plainly visible. Kitty grabbed Laurie's hand and pulled her toward the stairs, telling her,"come on upstairs with me...we owe Bob a private show."

"Oh, not old Brillo head," Laurie protested as Bob watched her firm ass cheeks undulate against the suit's fabric as they climbed the stairs.

"In case you haven't noticed," Bob told her, "I'm not Brillo head the only place there's Brillo is in my pants." When they reached Laurie's bedroom, Bob informed them, "I've been giving this some thought and I've decided that for starters I want you to ride me Kitty, while I lick Laurie's young snatch." The sentence was no sooner out of his mouth before Laurie's "10" bathing suit hit the floor revealing a beautiful, firm set of 34C breasts with very large brown areola. Just a thin "landing-strip" of sparse blonde hair appeared above her slit which was a perfect "camel-toe." There were no visible lips, just puffy mounds on each side of her slit, back-lighted through her wide thigh gap. Perpetually horny, she fondled her own tits waiting for the action to begin.

Watching Kitty easily lower her costume to uncover her huge breasts and hairy mound, Bob swiftly removed his Boss Hogg suit, being careful to drape it over a chair so as not to stain the white material. Bob's cock was probably what Kitty would have expected if she had ever given it a thought...which she hadn't; only about seven inches long but quite remarkable in its girth. He did indeed have what resembled black steel wool wrapped around it. His penis was probably the widest Kitty and Laurie had ever seen, at least as fat as a beer can, it reminded them of two beer cans put end to end. Luckily, Kitty thought, the crown was no wider than the shaft. Gazing at the two naked Foreman women had guaranteed Bob's cock was rock hard as he lay back on Laurie's pink bedspread. "Go ahead,climb on," he encouraged Kitty.

Already wet from her encounter with Hyde, Kitty straddled Bob's hairy body, reached down between her legs to grasp his meat and wedge it against her slick slit. As his crown forced her lips apart, Kitty just let gravity guide her as she slowly sat on Bob's lap, impaling herself on his fat hunk of flesh. His cock stretched her pussy as Kitty moaned, "mmmm," as it reminded her of how much she enjoyed having a cock inside her. "That's some slab of meat you've got there Bob, heh, heh, heh," Kitty remarked as she ground her crotch against his, making sure every inch was penetrating her. Then she added, "well don't just lay there...fuck me, heh, heh, heh."

Bob began to thrust upward, driving his thick pole up into Kitty's hole and beckoned to Laurie, "well, let's go...I want my tongue in that juicy little pussy." Straddling Bob's head, Laurie braced her hands on his chest and bent her legs, lowering her crotch to his face. Bob thought, "it's too bad she is the town slut because she really has a beautiful little body." As her knees hit the bed on either side of Bob's head, her puffy mounds naturally opened to reveal a bright pink cunt. Laurie sat back on her heels as Bob began to lap at her pussy, nibbling on each side of her slit causing her to moan. Inserting his tongue inside her, Bob reached up with his thumbs and spread her opening wider.

By this time Laurie was actually dripping juice into his mouth and she complimented him, "ohhh Mr.'re really good at that."

Mumbling around her crotch, Bob replied, "sometimes I think that is the only reason Midge stays with me; because I am so good at licking pussy." Little did he know that the only reason Midge stayed with him was because of Donna, and the fact that he was her meal-ticket. It was difficult for him to concentrate on fucking Kitty and eating Laurie, so Kitty was now bouncing up and down on his groin, fucking herself. It is a scientific fact that man can not do two things at once, so he had to stop tongue-fucking Laurie, to jam himself up into Kitty. He rammed his fat cock up inside her as hard as he could, thinking,"that's for that annoying fucking laugh, bitch." Little did he know that it was just what Kitty loved: hard and fast and rough. After slamming up Kitty's pussy several times, he returned his attention to Laurie and thrust three fingers far up inside her, while rubbing her clit and licking her slit.

"Holy shit," Laurie moaned while trembling and suddenly Bob's face was drenched in liquid. "I guess I should have told you," Laurie explained, "I'm a squirter."

"Yeah I guess you should," Bob answered, "but it's all good...I love pussy juice." As he thrust up into Kitty's pussy, he unceremoniously slid the index and middle fingers of both hands up into Laurie's cunt; and began to finger-fuck her with his four pudgy digits.

"Holy fuck," Laurie cried out as she reached up and began to claw at her own tits, pinching her nipples so hard they turned white.

Bob wiggled his stout body back and forth, knocking Kitty's knees out from under her as he thrust his fat meat into her hole and his body shook as he pumped her full of his semen. He seemed to cum for minutes and Kitty remarked, "jeez Bob, how long have you been saving that up?"

"Oh that's just the way I am," he explained, "in ten minutes when I'm fucking Laurie, I'll be able to cum just as much." He let his fingers slide out of Laurie and she dropped back against the pillows, watching Bob pump hot cum up into her mother. Watching her mother's breasts flop around on her chest was highly erotic and Laurie began to finger herself as she waited for her turn on Bob's cock.

Midge and Donna lay naked on the Foreman's bed basking in the afterglow of the fucking of their lives, while Red had thrown his robe and slippers on and gone downstairs to find Kitty...and a beer, and Eric sat in a chair jerking-off staring at the two most beautiful women he had ever seen. Almost all the neighbors had left the party so no one even noticed Red was not wearing his pajama bottoms as he, feeling dehydrated, downed two beers (bottled, not the draft beer everyone else got) and wandered into the back yard after finding the door wide open. A naked Jackie was sitting on the edge of the picnic table, her slim legs spread wide and a stream of white fluid from her pussy was dripping onto the grass. She had already "pulled the train" on Fez, Kelso, Hyde and three other men at the party, and looked dazed as Red surveyed the situation.

"Well, what have we here," he boomed, "some kind of dumb-ass contest." Seeing that he had some competition from Fez in the size department, he suggested, "hey foreign kid, she obviously likes cock, what so you say we do her together and really stretch her out."

"I would like that very much Mr. Red," Fez agreed, "which hole do you want?"

"Oh no," Red instructed, "we're both going to fuck her pussy at the same time. Now get over here missy," he ordered as he threw off his robe and Jackie's eyes got big as saucers as Red's prodigious penis waved in front of him. She was so tiny that he grasped her little ass cheeks in his rough hands, picked her up like she was a rag-doll, split her slit and just let her slide down the entire length of his gigantic cock.

Her hole was so wet after her sixth cock of the evening that even with his huge size, she enveloped his meat with no difficulty. "Ooooo," Jackie groaned as she wrapped her legs around Red's waist and her hands locked behind his neck.

"Well don't just stand there dumb-ass," Red barked at Fez, "get over here and let's stretch this little cock-hound."

Fez moved behind Jackie and taking his pole in his hand, nudged it up against Red's at the Jackie's slit. "Sorry Mr. Red," Fez apologized as he touched Red's most private part.

"Don't be such a wimp," Red answered, "now jam that thing up into her and let's give her the fucking of a lifetime."

Even though Jackie had already had a workout, it was still difficult to get the two biggest cocks she had ever seen into her pussy at the same time. As Jackie wriggled her ass, Fez thrust and jammed his giant cock past her opening, stretching her cunt lips farther than they were made to stretch. When he finally gained penetration, he bent his knees and slammed upward, impaling Jackie on his pole. She opened her mouth to scream, but no sound came out, as she was now stuffed with two feet of hard cock. Her cunt felt like it was splitting wide open and she couldn't decide if it was agony or ecstasy.

Then they began to move inside her... and she knew it was the most wonderful sensation she had even experienced. "Oh my fucking God," she breathed, "fuck me...fuck me...fuck me." As they moved simultaneously, it felt like one gigantic cock was inside she was being fucked by some sort of wild beast." She closed her eyes as she had orgasm after orgasm, feeling their monstrous cocks sliding in and out of her formerly tiny cunt. All sorts of strange thoughts ran through her head; one being that she would never again be satisfied with just one cock in her pussy. "Fuck my little cunt," she begged as Red and Fez stretched every inch of her tunnel, fuck me hard."

As they drilled her hole with their monstrous cocks, the "squishy" sound could be heard all over the yard and Hyde and Kelso furiously jerked their rods. It felt to Jackie like their giant pricks were all the way up into her throat and she was breathing in short breaths. They were scraping against every nerve ending in her vagina as they stretched every inch of her cunt and she just leaned her head back on Fez' shoulder as her entire body shook with pleasure.
Red looked down and saw that her flat stomach was now distended from the massive cocks in her belly. He leaned forward, surrounded her whole left breast with his lips and bit down hard on her incredibly long nipple.

Jackie screeched, "oh my fucking God...jam your fucking cocks into me." Her pussy contracted around their poles and Red and Fez began to shoot their semen deep into her belly. Their incredible volume of cum stretched her cunt walls even farther and Jackie would later swear she lost consciousness momentarily as her tiny body quivered in orgasm. She tilted her head sideways, kissed Fez' cheek and whispered, "I love your cock in me."

As their shriveling pricks slid easily out of Jackie's now large hole, Red stated, "I think it's time we called it a night and wrapped this party up. You dumb-asses get your clothes on while I kick everyone else out." Red could hardly wait until he was alone in the bedroom with Kitty and they could compare notes of their Halloween experiences.

(Thanks for reading my story. I know it's not perfect but I tried to keep the characters "in character." I know I have already written a "party" story, so I hope my loyal readers don't mind another.")


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