(fictional story about fictional characters)

That 70's Show: Fireworks At The Foreman's (dp,dpp,fist,MFf,Fff,Mmf,creampie)
by shaggy77

Point Place, Wisconsin was basically a small, boring mid-West hamlet whose one claim to fame was that every July 4th it staged one of the most impressive fireworks displays in the entire state. The event was officially hosted by the Chamber of Commerce, but all year long every organization in town; from the VFW to the Elks Lodge; would hold spaghetti dinners, pancake breakfasts, and penny-socials to foot the sizable bill for the explosives. Every business in town had a donation-jar on their counter for the "fireworks fund." Professional pyrotechnic engineers were hired to manage the extravaganza and it seemed like every resident joined in celebrating by having a good old fashioned backyard barbeque.

This year Red Foreman would be no exception. Being a veteran of the Korean War, Red enjoyed celebrating the birth of the nation he loved, and this year he had just been promoted to shift-manager at PriceMart so he had even more to celebrate. When his adored wife Kitty suggested the holiday cook-out, Red has surprisingly jumped at the idea. "We'll keep it small," she acquiesced, "just the kids and Bob and Pam," referring to their neighbor Bob Pinciotti and his current girlfriend, Pam Burkhart.

"Oh Kitty, not that dumb-ass," Red began to protest, "I see enough of him at work."

"Now Red, we can't NOT invite him," Kitty reasoned with her husband, "you know how easily his feelings get hurt...he'll pout for days. Besides, we can't invite Jackie and not her mother." Jackie was Pam's teenage daughter and one of "the kids" who hung out in the Foreman basement, seemingly constantly, with their son Eric and his friends.

"OK," Red surrendered, "beside I guess it won't be so bad having Pam around," and he chuckled.

"Oh Red, heh, heh, heh," Kitty cackled and slapped him on the seat of his pants, "you old horn-dog."

"You should know, my little fuck-bunny," Red answered and grabbed Kitty's left ass-cheek and squeezed. They were about to continue their playful exchange when they heard Eric bounding down the stairs in the living room and Red yelled, "let's get a move on it or you'll be late for work."

"That means you'll be late too," Eric chided him as he burst through the kitchen door with his PriceMart vest in his hand.

"I'm never late smart guy," Red corrected him, "I'm the boss. Now let's go before I put my foot up your ass."

Eric hated working for his father at PriceMart, but liked having money to spend on his gorgeous girlfriend, Donna Pinciotti. The Pinciottis had lived next door to the Foremans for as long as Eric could remember, and Eric had always had a crush on Donna. They had been formally dating for a couple of years now, and they were finally having sex. This Summer before their senior year promised to be the best of his life. Before Donna's mother, Midge, had left Bob, she had insisted that Donna go on birth control, and Eric still mentioned Midge in his prayers. Red had even recognized his age and let him have a beer now and then...if he was in a good mood.

When they got to PriceMart, Red reluctantly sought out "Brillo Head Bob," so named because of the curly black hair sprouting from his bulbous head; and invited him to his barbeque the day after tomorrow. Bob was working in the Produce aisle and Red couldn't help mentally compare him to a head of cabbage. "Thanks Red," Bob gushed, advancing to hug Red.

Red quickly stepped aside and reminded Bob, "here at work I'm Mr. Foreman; and you're was really Kitty's idea." Red had never really cared for Bob, but had felt obligated to hire him when the big Sears opened in Point Place and put Bob's appliance store out of business. Bob had once hired Red to work for him when the Plant had closed leaving Red unemployed.

"What's this Mr. Foreman stuff," Bob inquired, "did I make you call me Mr. Pinciotti when you worked for me?"

"Yes...yes you did," Red answered sourly, "oh, and make sure you bring Pam...Kitty enjoys her company," he lied. Kitty found the conceited Pam as annoying as Red found Bob, but he figured this was pay-back for him being forced to invite Bob; and besides, Pam was exceptionally nice to look at. "How the Hell does he do it," Red wondered, "he has had two of the most gorgeous women I have ever seen."

"We can have it in my backyard since yours is so small," Bob suggested, always trying to trump Red, "and I have the hot-tub."

"No," Red quickly squashed the idea, "we're having it in my yard, with the grill in the driveway so my grass doesn't get burned. There is plenty of room."

"Well, I'll bring my grill over too and we can cook up twice as many burgers," Bob offered.

"Ha, burgers," Red snorted, "you're looking at the new shift manager. I just got a great deal on some juicy steaks."

Bob waved his finger and continued, "oh no, no, no Red. July fourth screams for hot dogs and's tradition."

"I'll tell you what Bob," Red responded, "you bring your grill and burgers and we'll see who the better grill-master is."

"Deal," Bob shouted, "and I still have the hot-tub. I'll set up the volleyball net in my back yard."

Walking away, Red spoke over his shoulder, "you do that Bob," and under his breath, "what a dumb ass".

The next day was July third and Donna and Jackie slid the Foreman's back door open without knocking and entered the kitchen where Kitty was diligently toiling , making food for the next day's cook-out. "Hi girls," Kitty cheerfully greeted them as they made their way toward the cellar stairs.

"Hi Mrs. Foreman," Donna smiled widely back at her boyfriend's mother, "is there anything I can bring to the picnic tomorrow?"

"Yeah, Hi Mrs. Foreman," Jackie echoed, "my mother wanted me to ask you if there was anything we could bring...keeping in mind that my mom doesn't cook."

"Oh girls, heh, heh, heh," Kitty chuckled, "I told you to call me Kitty, after all we're almost family. No you don't need to bring anything but your bright smiles; but I could really use some help putting together my word famous potato salad. Heh, heh, heh, well at least famous in a corner of this neighborhood."

"Sure Mrs. Fore...Kitty," Donna assured her, "we'd love to help you. Just let us pop down to the basement and say Hi to the guys and we'll be right back."

As the girls bounded down the basement steps, they heard a cacophony of whistles and catcalls from the all-male gathering who appreciated their tight jeans. "Real mature," Donna drolly said as she sidled up to Eric, who immediately kissed her on the lips and dipped her back as if they were doing the tango.

"Looking good hot-stuff," Eric greeted her as they stood up.

"What's gotten into you," she asked, smiling.

"Oh nothing," Eric responded, "just glad to be here with my favorite girl and looking forward to the holiday. Maybe Red will even let me off early tonight.

Jackie went over to the blanket-covered sofa and sat next to her current boyfriend, Steven Hyde. "Hey," she offered as she threw her legs over his and leaned against him.

"Hey yourself," Hyde grunted, "what's up." He had come to be very fond of the air-headed cheerleader, but worked very hard at maintaining his "cool." "Don't get too comfortable," he urged her, "I have to go to work at the Photo-Hut...unless Leo's burned it down by now."

"That's cool," Jackie answered, "we have to go help Mrs. Foreman anyway. You'll be at the barbeque tomorrow, right?"

"Of course, I wouldn't miss free food for anything. Hey Foreman, tell your mom I'll No, seriously ask her if I can use her oven tonight to make some of my special brownies," Hyde laughed as he got up to leave. "Hey Fez, you're coming to keep me company...let's go...we can open up the envelopes and look at everyone's pictures."

Fez, the always agreeable foreign exchange student, jumped up smiling, "oh goody. The last time there were pictures of Mrs. Shields' naked boobies...I love boobies."

"Hey, what about me," Michael Kelso whined, "can I come too." Kelso was Jackie's former boyfriend, but she had dumped him when she found out he was unfaithful.

Just as Hyde was about to answer, they heard Red bellow down the stairs, "Eric...Kelso, get up here, I have a job for you."

Hyde opened the outside cellar door laughing, "see ya chump...come on Fez."

The other four "kids" trudged up the inside stairs to the kitchen where Red was waiting. "I need you two to go with me in the Vista Cruiser to get a block of ice and the keg," he announced. It needs to be on ice overnight to be cold enough for tomorrow, now get your asses in the car."

"The Vista Cruiser sure comes in handy sometimes, huh Red...I mean Dad," Eric stated chuckling as they slid the kitchen door open.

"Yeah, wise guy," Red answered pretending to be annoyed, "the way the rear seats fold down makes enough room to lay down, and that's where you'll be sleeping if you don't stop being such a smart ass."

"Well girls, are you ready to get to work on that sptato smalad...I mean potato salad," Kitty slurred her words.

"Whoa, Mrs. Fore...Kitty," Donna exclaimed, "you seem much more perky than usual. What did we miss when we were in the basement? And just out of curiosity why are we making the salad today instead of tomorrow?"

"First of all, the salad has to sit in the fridge overnight so that every chunk of potato can absorb the flavor and secondly," Kitty opened the refrigerator and pulled out a pitcher full of green liquid, "I never make my famous salad without making a pitcher of daiquiris...would you like to join me. They really make the work go much faster...and much more fun."

Both girls nodded vigorously in the affirmative and Kitty quickly poured each a large glass of the icy rum concoction. They drank them straight down and poured a second glass. Neither had eaten a meal yet so the alcohol was immediately absorbed and by the time they were slicing boiled potatoes, they had to be extra careful with the sharp knives. Kitty's counter top was covered with food: potatoes, boiled eggs, jars of relish and mayo, huge pickles that needed to be diced, and cucumbers to be sliced for cucumber salad; and soon the floor was littered with the scraps.

They tool a daiquiri break and soon the topic turned to men and sex; just three girls sharing their thoughts. "So I'm not a prude, but are you girls taking know...birth control," Kitty inquired.

"Oh sure...we're both on the Pill," Jackie volunteered, "Donna was first."

"Heh, heh, heh," Kitty cracked, "oh I know...the whole neighborhood knew. It was all anybody talked about. I might not have agreed with all of Midge's ideas, but she was ahead of her time about birth control. Speaking of which, Donna, is my Eric a good and thoughtful lover?"

Turning beet red, Donna blurted out, "jeez Kitty, I can't discuss that with you." And then the rum loosened her tongue, "well to tell you the truth, he does kind of rush things."

Not to be forgotten, Jackie added, "Steven does that too...and so did Michael."

"Ah yes, teenage boys," Kitty sighed, taking a sip of rum, "sometimes all they think about is themselves. I'm going to show you a trick to spice up the foreplay and give you a chance to get warmed up before they race to the finish line. First you have to think of something your fella likes to eat, heh, heh, heh, besides you I mean. With Red, it's mayo or strawberry jelly, heh, heh, heh."

Donna spoke up, "oh, Eric loves peanut butter."

Thinking for a few seconds, Jackie offered, "and Steven always has one of those freeze-pops in his mouth."

"Perfect," Kitty said reaching above her on the shelf for the jar of Jiff. She swiftly hiked her peasant-style skirt up to her waist, slid her plain white panties down and off her legs, used her arm to clear a space, and jumped up to sit on the counter with her legs spread wide. Their inhibitions lowered by the rum-concentrated daiquiris, the girls were not particularly shocked, but just looked at each other wide-eyed for a few seconds and then returned their attention to Kitty. "I use this trick on Red all the time, although he doesn't really need the encouragement any more, heh, heh, heh." She proceeded to scoop peanut butter out of the jar with her fingers and smear it all around the dark-blond bush that surrounded her pussy. "Now Donna you just pretend you're Eric, and believe me he'll be eager to munch on his two favorite things."

Donna dropped to her knees on the kitchen linoleum, with a slight reluctance placed her hands on Kitty's thighs and moved her face closer to Kitty's crotch. "Go ahead Donna," Kitty urged, "like I said, just pretend you're Eric."

"Well actually Kitty," Donna confessed, "Eric has never really licked me there...although I have always wondered what it would feel like."

"Yeah, me either," Jackie added, "neither Michael or Steven has ever done that."

"Oh you poor deprived girls," Kitty sympathized, "this will get their attention and you will finally get the foreplay you go ahead dear, clean up that peanut butter."

Donna could smell Kitty's musky scent as she extended her tongue and hesitantly began to lap at the peanut butter caked bush. The more she licked, the more excited they both became. Jackie had kneeled beside Donna for a closer look and spontaneously began to squeeze Donna's breasts through her t-shirt. "Holy crap those are big Donna," she remarked as she grabbed them more firmly. Totally turned on by Jackie's fondling and Kitty's scent, Donna parted Kitty's thick pubic hair and began to lick her exposed slit. She let her tongue trail the entire length of Kitty's opening and then as if by instinct, she let her tongue slide between the lips and into her pussy.

"Oh Donna, heh, heh, heh," Kitty moaned, "are you sure you've never done that before. Trust me when Eric does this to you, you'll be in heaven." Donna continued to delve inside Kitty's hole with her tongue, her face now covered with peanut butter and Kitty's juices. Using her thumbs to part Kitty's folds, Donna easily uncovered her clit and bit down gently.

"Holy shit," Kitty muffled her scream with her forearm, as her body shivered on the counter top. "Oh my," she wheezed as Donna withdrew her head, "now Jackie, quick run down to the basement freezer and get a freeze-pop. We don't have much time before the boys get back."

Jackie bounced down the stairs and when she returned with a grape freeze-pop, she saw Donna wiping off her face with a dish towel and Kitty holding her skirt up to her waist as she scrubbed her bush with a dish cloth. Seeing Jackie, Kitty urged her, "quick get those pants off and hop up onto the counter." Jackie handed the freeze-pop to Donna and swiftly shucked her tight jeans and skimpy bikini panties before jumping eagerly onto the counter top. As Donna peeled the paper from the frozen treat, Kitty remarked, "oooo, fancy," as she spied Jackie's completely bare pubic mound.

Blushing only slightly, Jackie took a long swallow of daiquiri and admitted, "I read in 'Teen Beat' that all the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders shave between their legs so nothing peeks out of their uniforms when they do the high kicks."

"Well I guess we won't have to worry about picking any stray hairs out of our teeth, heh, heh, heh," Kitty giggled while elbowing Donna. Kneeling between Jackie's legs, they noticed that her labia were incredibly puffy and made up of several folds of skin. When they stretched Jackie's lips with their thumbs, they resembled a butterfly's wings. She was already very damp and Kitty warned, "this is going to be cold, but just try to imagine Steven waiting to lick it, heh, heh, heh."

As they held her open, Donna grasped the stick of the slowly melting ice and began to twist it into Jackie's cunt. "Oh my God," Jackie squealed, "I can't tell if it's cold or hot...I just know it feels amazing. Push it deeper."

Kitty began to nibble on the sides of the frozen dildo while Donna lapped up the melted drops that dribbled down between Jackie's tiny, taut ass cheeks. Donna slowly slid the icy prick in and out of Jackie's pussy and the heat of her excitement soon melted the entire pop leaving Donna with the bare stick in her hand. "Ooooo that's incredible," Jackie moaned as her body shook and Kitty and Donna licked her mound until it was completely clean.

"You see girls," Kitty lectured them, "that's all it takes to get your man to slow things down and pay attention to your needs."

"Thanks Mrs. Fore...Kitty," they said in unison, "we are definitely going to try this."

"Now come on, we better get cleaned up before the boys get back," Kitty reminded them, "we still have some work to do. I want to make some cupcakes for dessert, too."

"That reminds me," Jackie spoke up, "Steven wanted to know if he could use your oven tonight to make a batch of his special brownies."

"That would be so nice," Kitty agreed, "he is such a thoughtful young man. What makes them so special, by the way?"

"Oh it's the secret ingredient," Jackie began, as Donna gave her a stern look.

"You must mean love," Kitty guessed.

"Yeah, that's it exactly," Donna answered.

The trio was busily slicing, dicing, chopping and mixing when the men returned with the keg. Red had them put the block of ice in a huge old wash-tub on the back porch, then put the keg on top and covered it with a canvas. "That will be perfect when we tap it tomorrow," Red declared, "now remember what I said; you're welcome to some beer, but take it easy or you'll get my foot up your ass."

In the kitchen, the girls were all having trouble walking in a straight line after finishing the pitcher of daiquiris and were being very careful with the knives. When the men entered the kitchen there was an excessive amount of giggling going on and Red remarked, "you sure are a happy bunch."

"And why wouldn't we be with you big, strong men to take care of us, heh, heh, heh, " she cackled. As they passed on their way to the living room, Donna staggered over to the counter, grabbed a cucumber that was about seven inches long and pointed to Eric's back. Jackie and Kitty giggled loudly and Kitty pointed toward Red and held her hands about a foot apart.

Both girls' jaws dropped and their eyes widened as Donna blurted out, "no way."

"No way what gorgeous," Eric stopped and put his arms around her waist.

"Ummm, no way you're going to walk by and not give me a kiss," she slurred.

Beaming from ear to ear, Eric leaned forward and gave her a long kiss on her lips, surprised at her sudden urge for public affection. "Mmmm, you taste good," he smiled, "is that grape I taste?"

All three girls burst out laughing and the men just went through the living room door with a bewildered look on their faces.

When they were alone again, Donna gasped, "you're exaggerating, right?"

"Yeah, no one could be that big," Jackie added.

"Heh, heh, heh," Kitty giggled, "I probably shouldn't say it, but my Red is hung like the proverbial horse."

"Wow," Donna and Jackie exclaimed together, and then they resumed the preparation of the picnic feast. Kitty was going all out, even making a red (cherry) and blue (blueberry) Jello mold. She planned on adding whipped cream for the white topping. When they were finishing up and putting everything in the Foreman refrigerator to cool overnight, Eric passed through the kitchen and Donna quickly pulled him aside and whispered, "hey lover do you have time for a quickie, I'm really horny."

Eric's eyes bulged because Donna never initiated sex and he groaned, "oh man, it figures. No, I'm on my way back to PriceMart. Red is making me close-up tonight...but we have all day tomorrow; the store is closed for the holiday."

Sticking the tip of her tongue in his ear, she pouted and whispered, "you don't know what you're missing."

Eric looked like he was on the verge of tears as he answered, "that's the trouble...I do."

As Eric left through the back door, Kitty asked, "would you girls like to stay for dinner. Thank you for all your help."

Donna replied, "thanks Kitty but I promised my Dad I would help him put up the volleyball net and clean the hot-tub. That's a disgusting job because he sheds hair like a dog...yuck."

"Yeah and my Mom is probably there; she usually is now that she and Bob are dating; so I'm going to go with Donna and help my Mom watch," Jackie stated.

"Bye girls," Kitty waved as they left, "thanks...see you tomorrow."

July fourth dawned a hot and humid day, well into the nineties. The kind of day that you could count on one hand in northern Wisconsin; and definitely only in July. There were a few puffy white clouds (what are those...cumulus) in the deep blue sky; perfect for fireworks and picnics.

Everything was going as planned: Kitty had covered the picnic tables with red/white and blue plastic tablecloths and had even given Bob one because he insisted on having a table in his back yard also: "for the overflow," he said.

Hyde had remembered to bake up a batch of his "special" brownies when he got home from the Photo-Hut. Of course what Kitty didn't know was that the special ingredient was marijuana. When he and Eric came up from the basement, Kitty was smelling the brownies, still in the pan, and offered to cut them in squares. "Thank you so much for making the brownies Steven, you are just so thoughtful," she beamed as Hyde smiled back.

As they went into the back yard to distribute the lawn chairs, Eric shoved Hyde with his shoulder and scolded him, "you are such a kiss-ass."

"Hey, I'm the good son," Hyde teased him. Hyde was not, of course, Eric's brother, but after his own parents had left town, Kitty and Red had invited him to live in their basement.

"Hell, he's there all the time anyway," Red had complained, but the truth was, Red had become fond of him.

They were horsing around and tossing the bamboo tiki torches at each other like javelins when they heard the brakes of Kelso's van screech out front and they said in unison, "Kelso's here."

On cue, Kelso and Fez strolled up the driveway, shoving each other and challenging each other, "you, you flinched."

Hyde walked over to Kelso, feigned punching him in the arm, and then did slug him, shouting, "no...YOU flinched." They were quite a group, all dressed in blue-jeans and sneakers; Hyde in a t-shirt depicting Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock, Kelso's t-shirt showing the classic Rolling Stones "tongue" logo, and Eric is a plain blue t-shirt. Fez was the only one dressed semi-conservatively in a button polo-shirt and Hush Puppies. His host parents picked out his clothes, so he was at a disadvantage. When they were done stabbing the torches into the lawn, the quartet sat in the lawn chairs eyeing the keg on the back porch.

"When's Red going to tap the keg," Kelso inquired, "it sure is hot."

"Oh you know Red," Eric offered, "he'll make a big production out of it...showing us how to do it properly, because we've never done it before." And with that they all laughed loudly.

Just then Bob Pinciotti came barging through the break in the hedge between the neighbors back yards, "happy holiday boys." As they groaned a response, Bob was followed by Pam, Donna and Jackie.

Pam greeted them with an enthusiastic, "so this is where they're keeping all the handsome young men." She had sandals on her feet and they noticed her toenails were painted a bright red. She was wearing a mid-thigh length white terry-cloth robe, like a beach cover-up and they could see glimpses of a bright red bikini underneath. "You're welcome to use the hot-tub; it's not hot, just nice and cool like a swimming pool...just in case you get overheated," and she winked sexily at them.

Starring at her long sexy legs, they all mouthed, "thank you Pam," and then turned their attention to the girls. They had both dressed-down because of the oppressive heat, with Donna showing what seemed like miles of long shapely legs in her extremely short jean-shorts. She had worked hard on the shorts, washing then several times to get the right amount of fraying around the legs. Of course every time she had washed them, the fraying had caused them to become even shorter, until now whenever she bent over you could actually see the swell of the bottom of her ass cheeks. She had on what Eric called a "girly t-shirt;" a shirt with such short sleeves that they barely covered her shoulders. She truly was a dream walking. Jackie wore a similar t-shirt and actual "hot-pants." They actually had cuffs on the legs, but were so short that they just concealed her cheeks.

All four boys whistled their appreciation and Jackie and Donna stuck out their tongues in response. As Bob and the girls went into the kitchen to see their hostess, Kelso stated, "man do I love Summer."

"Yeah, Jackie's mom is pretty hot," Hyde concurred.

"I could almost see her boobies," Fez added.

They were interrupted by Red and Bob coming out the back door carrying the beer keg tap, "all right, you boys gather 'round and I'll show you how to tap this bad boy," Red ordered. Eric winked at Hyde and they all watched Red get the party officially started. As soon as all the foam was cleared, everyone grabbed a red/white/blue plastic cup and sampled the golden brew. Surprisingly, the canvas cover had saved almost half of the block of ice, and Red filled the tub with the bags of ice Eric had brought home the previous night. "Ahhhh, that's good," Red proclaimed, "happy holiday...and you boys watch how much you drink...I've got my eyes on you," and he pointed two fingers at his eyes and then at the boys.

As they were drinking, around the corner trotted a sweaty, beleaguered Leo, his gray ponytail bouncing on his back. "Hey man, there you are," he panted, "you forgot to tell me the address of the picnic. Man I've been knocking on doors for an hour...some of the people actually chased me. You'd be amazed how many houses aren't yours."

"Leo, what are you doing here," Hyde wanted to know.

"Hey man you said you were having a picnic, and I didn't want to be rude and not show up," Leo proclaimed.

Hyde looked at Red and exasperatingly said, "I'm sorry Red, I didn't really invite him, I was just talking about it and I guess he got the wrong idea."

Red just shook his head, "hey anybody who puts up with you every day deserves a break...the more the merrier," and he handed Leo a plastic cup.

"Thanks man," Leo said graciously, still breathing hard. He started to pull a paper bag out of his back pocket, saying, "and I have something to contribute...," but Hyde stepped in front of him to block it.

"That's OK Leo," he interrupted, "we'll talk about that later."

Timing it perfectly to take the attention off Leo, Eric's slutty sister Laurie came strolling out of the back door proclaiming, "hey aren't you going to pour me one of those." She was dressed in a plain white tank top, and judging by the perky nipples plainly visible she had "forgotten" to include a bra. Her shorts were the popular cut-off jeans like Donna's, but not quite as short; they looked like she had just cut them off. She was definitely cute and the reason Kelso was no longer with Jackie was because he had fooled around with her. That was nothing new: Laurie fooled around with almost everybody, but Red still treated her like his little princess.

"Where have you been, I swear I haven't seen you for days," Red inquired.

"Oh just hanging out with some of my...uh...girlfriends," Laurie volunteered, "you know Daddy, it's Summer vacation."

Fez timidly held out a beer-filled cup and she smiled, "thank you handsome."

Kelso came over and stood in front of her, fidgeting and said, "hey Laurie, looking good."

Grinning seductively she replied, "hey Kelso, are you here alone?"

Trying to act cool, Kelso answered, "oh yeah, you know me, always playing the field...trying to spread myself around."

He almost fainted when Laurie flirted, "yeah I know how it is to spread myself. I like your gives me all sorts of ideas."

All afternoon friends Red had known at the Plant and those Kitty knew at the hospital came and went and everyone had a pleasant time interacting with each other. It was so hot and humid that not much physical activity was taking place. Red had set up a horse-shoe pit along the driveway and occasionally a few people threw some shoes; but mostly everyone was content to drink, eat, drink, converse and drink. Red was not paying particular attention to how often the "kids" were pumping the tap and everyone was drinking more just to keep up their fluid levels, since they were perspiring. Kitty, not that fond of beer, had been almost constantly bring out pitchers of daiquiris for her guests to enjoy.

Donna, Eric, Leo, Hyde and Fez were gathered around one of the picnic tables playing cards. Donna kept running her hand up and down Eric's thigh under the table, still horny from the previous day and; unable to concentrate on his cards, he was losing with great frequency. Fez proclaimed, "go fish."

Hyde punched him in the arm and said, "you dumb ass we're playing poker."

"Oh man," Leo added, "no wonder I never win, I thought we were playing gin."

Red had just finished grilling another round of steaks, placing them on the table and wiping the sweat from his brow. Pam remarked, "it must be so hot standing over that grill in the hot sun Red...I'm going over to the hot-tub to cool off, why don't you join me. Think of how good that cool water will feel all over your body."

"Thanks Pam, but isn't a hot-tub, you know, hot," Red asked.

"Oh no, not today," Pam assured him, "we turned it off so it's just as cool as a swimming pool," she began to untie the sash on the robe, giving Red a peel at her skimpy red bikini.

Actually feeling flustered, both with embarrassment and with the copious amount of beer he had consumed. Red continued, "well, I would Pam, but I don't have any trunks to wear."

"That's nothing to worry about Red," Pam encouraged him and stepped even closer so that he could smell the suntan oil on her skin, "you could borrow a pair of Bob's, of just wear your boxers."

Not knowing how to continue this conversation, Red asked, "how do you know I wear boxers?"

"Because that's what a real man wears," she declared, "and besides, I've seen them on the clothesline. Come on," she urged taking him by the hand, "I won't take No for an answer."

Red couldn't take his eyes off her bikini as he asked, "well, what about Bob?"

"Oh he and Kitty and some of the others are playing pinochle in the kitchen, let's go," she informed him as she dragged him by the hand towards her back yard.

Not resisting, Red followed her through the hedge and over to her hot-tub where she quickly shed her robe and climbed into the cool water. He was speechless as he stared at her superb body covered only in the tiny bikini. Pam's legs were long and shapely, and while her breasts weren't overly large, they were incredibly perky. Red became even more self conscious as he pushed his pants down his legs, realizing that he had a partial erection, and trying to face away from Pam as he eased himself down into the water. When he was fully immersed in the invigoratingly cool water, he turned to face her and was stunned to see that she had shed her bikini top.

Her breasts were just how he had imagined them: perfect firm handfuls with small areola and already erect jellybean sized nipples. "It's not polite to stare," she teased him as she slid over to stand in front of him. "That's very flattering," she added as she nodded to his crotch. His erection was now at full staff and was poking out of the top of his boxers and breaking the surface of the water. "My God Red," Pam gushed, "that is quite impressive," as she reached down and grasped the tip of his cock in her soft hand. She could feel his veins pulsing as she gripped his pole tighter. She couldn't take her eyes off his crown which was as big as a tangerine, but she released her grip just long enough to untie the side of her bikini bottom. letting it float to the surface, and to pull Red's boxers down and toss them onto the lawn.

She dipped under the water when she pulled his underwear off his feet and on her way back up she ran her tongue along the entire length of his massive cock. "Jeez Red, that's got to be a foot long," she said dreamily as she surfaced, but stayed on her knees in front of him. "Bob's is pretty thick but yours is about twice as long," she surmised, wrapping her lips around the very tip of its head, and tickling his piss-hole with her tongue.

"Thirteen inches Kitty says," Red told her matter-of-factly, thinking that he knew it was old-fashioned, but he loved a woman with lipstick; and Pam's was bright red. He reached down and began to fondle and squeeze her perfectly round tits, and they were just as firm as they looked. When she stood, he could see that her pubic mound was as bald as the day she was born and Red found it to be a real turn-on. She really was a gorgeous woman and Red knew Kitty would agree.

"I love a real he-man, and I think I need to feel that giant cock inside me," she calmly stated as she turned and bent over, her back towards him and leaning against the side of the hot-tub. Spreading her long legs and pushing her beautiful ass cheeks higher, Pam ordered, "fuck me Red." He could see her prominent lips beginning to separate and he stepped forward and rubbed his enormous crown up and down her slit spreading her lubrication along its length. Wedging his head between her fleshy folds, Red grasped her slender waist in both hands and shoved forward. Pulling her taut body toward him, he rammed the entire length of his cock into her pussy in one motion; impaling her on a foot of fat,hard cock. "Holy shit," Pam groaned as Red held her against him, grinding his pelvis against her beautiful ass.

"Holy fuck, no one had ever been that deep inside my pussy," Pam purred, "fuck me Red, jam that big, beautiful cock into me." Holding her tightly in his hands, Red began to thrust forward, slamming his massive meat into her juicy cunt, fucking his attractive neighbor as hard as he could. She began to shove her ass backwards, meeting his strokes, loving the sensation of having her cunt stuffed with cock. Red started to slap her firm ass cheeks, watching them redden, but barely jiggle. Reaching around Pam, he pawed at her tits, trapping her nipples between his fingers and squeezing. He wasn't making love to Bob's cheating girlfriend...he was fucking her.

The water in the hot-tub was sloshing out all over the lawn and they were making such a noise that they didn't even hear Jackie coming through the hedge. She had been siting patiently by Hyde's side, sipping beer and watching him play cards, but had become bored.

"I'm hot, I think I'll go jump in the hot-tub," she had told Hyde, hoping he would get the hint and join her. But he had just grunted, making her mad, so she left anyway...alone.

For such a tiny girl, she had consumed a large quantity of beer and hearing the commotion in the hot-tub, her eyes were finding it difficult to focus. She picked up a pair of wet boxer shorts off the lawn and was standing right next to the tub before the occupants even noticed her. Flushed, her mother greeted her, "oh Hi sweetie," and then the first thing to pop into her head, "it's so hot, why don't you join us. That would be OK with you wouldn't it Red?"

Even if Red had not been totally inebriated he still would have agreed, "that would be great," and then for the second time that afternoon, "the more the merrier." Jackie felt like she had been hypnotized because she couldn't take her eyes off the incredible pole that was penetrating her mother's pussy. Red had not missed a stroke as he slid his prick in and out of Pam's hole. As Jackie quickly undressed, Red suggested to Pam, "I'll bet you've never had anything this big in your ass. Since you're already bent over, you wanna give it a try?"

"Go for it stud," she agreed, and felt Red slide out of her pussy; his cock replaced by the cool water, "just take it easy with that thing." Red's pole, completely coated with Pam's juices flopped onto her back with a "slapping" sound as he used his thumbs to spread her wonderful cheeks. He was watching Jackie take off her flimsy bra, revealing her tiny 34 B breasts. Surprisingly her rosy nipples were incredibly long, Red guessed at least 3/4 of an inch. As she peeled her skin-tight hot-pants and bikini panties down her petite legs Red observed that this little waif was as bald as her mother. His cock twitched at the sight of Jackie's naked body as he twisted the huge head against Pam's sphincter, and lunged forward jamming it past her muscle ring. "Hooollly shit," Pam squealed as Red steadily pushed forward, inching his giant rod up her ass hole.

As a nude Jackie splashed into the tub, feeling relief from the scorching hot air, she watched as Red's insanely huge cock slowly somehow disappeared up her mother's ass. Wading over to the copulating couple, Jackie was mesmerized at the size of Red's tool, "wow, Kitty wasn't kidding," she whispered aloud to herself. "Mom, are you OK," Jackie inquired, wondering how Pam's ass was not bleeding or splitting apart.

"Oh I'm wonderful sweetie," Pam grunted as Red began to thrust up into her rear tunnel, "Bob fucks my ass all the time; of course he's no where near this big, but I'm used to it. If you've never tried should...not with one this size of course. Oh yeah Red...fuck my fucking ass."

Red continued to slide his massive cock in and out of Pam's sphincter and Jackie could not resist reaching just under the water to fondle his large scrotum. While Jackie was squeezing his huge balls, Red surprised her by leaning forward and clamping his lips around one of her long nipples. He flicked his tongue around the nub and then rolled it between his teeth, before biting down and causing her to jump. Startled, she gripped his balls hard and Red thrust forcefully until his pole was buried to the hilt in Pam's ass.

"Oh fucking yes," Pam yelled as Red flooded her ass hole with his hot seed. "Oh my God that's good," she wheezed as Red pumped into her.

Red backed away from Pam, his rod sliding slowly out of her while Jackie grabbed onto it with both hands. It was still hard as steel and she slid her hands up and down as if she were milking a cow. "Well little lady," Red asked, "are you ready to be fucked by a real man? I think what's good for the mother is good for the daughter." She was such a cute little pixie that Red couldn't wait to feel her tight little pussy wrapped around his cock.

Jackie looked at her mother for guidance. Pam had sat down on the built-in seat, the water now up to her neck and her eyes seemed glazed. As Pam sat, Jackie saw streams of white fluid drift to the surface as Red's cum leaked out of her ass hole. Jackie knew the decision was hers, and she knew she wanted to feel Red's monstrous cock inside her. Red lifted her as if she weighed nothing and sat her up on the edge of the tub, leaning forward between her legs as she spread them wide. He lapped at her bare slit, slipping his tongue between her lips and nudging her clit with his nose. "Oh shit that feels good," she breathed, "I've been trying to get Michael and Steven to do that for two years."

"They're dumb asses who just don't know how good you taste," Red assured her, "they'll learn as they get older."

That's what Kitty said," Jackie moaned as Red lapped at her slit.

"Did she now," Red smiled between Jackie's slender legs, "that's experience talking."

Ducking his nearly bald head underwater to cool off; when Red resurfaced he stood in front of Jackie, his prick pointing to the sky. "Well do you want to try it," he asked.

"Oh God yes," Jackie chirped, sitting on the edge of the hot-tub. Red advanced to the naked nymph and urged her legs further apart. Using both thumbs, he parted her plump lips and watched then cling to his giant crown. He had bent his legs and she was at the perfect height so that when he decided to stand up straight, he would be fully imbedded inside her. Looking down between her legs she saw his tangerine sized head poised at her entrance and was convinced that penetration would be impossible. Red grasped her tiny waist with his calloused hands and held her steady as he flexed his knees and pressed into her. Feeling the pressure against her slit she watched as Red thrust upward, his crown plowing through her slit and into her pussy, "oh shit."

Still looking down, she watched in amazement as inch by inch, Red's massive cock disappeared up into her tiny cunt. Jackie could feel her tunnel being stretched to its limit as Red pushed up into her. He surprised her by pulling her forward, her ass slipping off the side of the tub, and she immediately sank onto the entire length of his cock. "Oh my God," she screamed, feeling like someone had stuck their whole arm up her cunt. She rolled her head from side to side, trying to comprehend the sensation of having Red's horse-cock inside her.

Her little body was so buoyant in the water that Red held her waist firmly and began to lift her off his cock and then jam her back down, impaling her. "Oh fuck," she groaned, feeling Red's cock slide in and out of her stretched out pussy, "fuck me Red...fuck me...fuck me hard." He started to bend his knees and then thrust upward, putting all his weight behind it, causing Jackie's tiny body to rise out of the water and then slap down again. Every stroke made water splash out of the tub as Red fucked little Jackie as hard as he could, his giant cock stretching her tiny hole with every stroke. She wrapped her legs around him, holding him tight as her body convulsed, "oh my fucking God, fuck me...fuck me."

Her orgasm caused her already tight hole to squeeze his pole even tighter, and Red slammed into her as deep as he could, trapping her against the side of the hot-tub. The water felt cool on her naked body, but the inside of her pussy felt like it was on fire as Red came deep into her belly. He ground his pelvis against hers as he pumped his seed into her hole. When he had emptied his balls into her, Red complimented Jackie, "that is one tight pussy you've got there; Steven is a lucky guy, you make sure he pleases you from now on."

"Thanks Red," Jackie panted, "it used to be tight anyway; we all thought Kitty was exaggerating, but you lived up to her praise."

"Well, I try," Red admitted as he climbed out of the tub, his cock hanging between his legs like a python. "I guess I better be getting back to the party before those dumb asses burn the place down."

Kitty was just about to come looking for Red when he pushed his way through the hedge, seemingly dripping with perspiration. "You're just in time," she informed him while carrying a large tray of cupcakes and brownie squares, "I just cut up the brownies and it's time for some dessert."

"I just had mine, but I'll have a brownie," Red stated, chuckling.

"I know that look Red Foreman," Kitty fake scolded, "were you having fun without me."

"Just a little," Red grinned, grabbing Kitty's ass cheek and not caring who was watching.

Pam and Jackie burst through the opening in the hedge and Red winked at his wife as she nodded her approval; then continued around the back yard serving baked goodies. She was a little wobbly on her feet, a result of all the daiquiris and the brownies and she nearly fell into Hyde's lap as she passed the card-players. "Oh Steven, that was so sweet of you to contribute your brownies," she gushed as she set down the tray and massaged his shoulders. "Maybe you could give me the recipe some day," she asked, "they have such a unique flavor. I hope you don't mind that I added some red/white and blue icing."

"No that's great, as a matter of fact if anyone asks, you can take credit for the brownies. Maybe I could help you with that recipe right now if you're not too busy," Hyde volunteered."

She immediately tugged his hand, "right now would be just perfect," she slurred.

"Hey Kelso," take my place here, and don't lose all my firecrackers," Hyde called out.

The poker pot had been made up of firecrackers, and Kelso; who had been in a corner of the yard flirting with Laurie; bounded over to the picnic table and assumed Hyde's cards, "you can count on me Hyde."

"That's what I'm afraid of," Hyde called over his shoulder as Kitty yanked on his arm.

"Oooo burn Kelso," Fez teased him, and Kelso slugged him playfully in the shoulder.

The daiquiris and brownies had also combined to increase Kitty's libido and she actually had no interest in any recipe as she began to drag Hyde toward the cellar stairs, "I assume you keep your recipes down in the basement," she winked.

"Right...that's exactly where I do my best cooking," Hyde answered, "you must be a mind reader."

"I don't have to be clairvoyant to know what a teenage boy wants," Kitty stated as they reached the bottom of the stairs. The duo had always had an unspoken sexual tension between them ever since Kitty had taught Hyde to dance for the school prom. She remembered fondly feeling his erection pressing against her as they waltzed. Kitty immediately began to unbutton her blouse, shrug it off her shoulders and remove her plain white bra. Her breasts where a full 36 C and sagged on her chest, but would still pass the "pencil test." Large brownish areola capped by pencil eraser nipples acted like magnets for Hyde's soft hands. "That's right Steven, take your time...I love to have my nipples sucked," she guided him, "I have heard some complaints that you rush things a bit."

"You have fantastic tits Kitty," he glowed, "Jackie's are like little mosquito bites."

"You know Steven, sometimes the smallest breasts are the most sensitive," she informed him.As he alternately suckled at each nipple, Hyde was unzipping his jeans and shoving them down his legs. "No underwear Steven," she asked.

"No, I never bother with them...too constrictive, besides the Man wants you to wear underwear," he answered as she reached forward to grasp his erect seven incher.

"My thoughts exactly," Kitty agreed as she unzipped her skirt and let it drift to the floor revealing that she was also not wearing underwear.

"You sly fox," Hyde remarked as he saw Kitty's dark blonde bush, "your pussy is exactly like I dreamed it would be."

"Heh, heh, heh, so you dream about me," she teased.

"Wet ones," Hyde admitted.

Kitty backed away from Hyde, turned, opened the chest freezer and pulled out a freeze-pop. Hyde just watched as she hopped up on the freezer, peeled the paper off, and spread her legs. "Now you are going to learn to take your time with a woman...foreplay is everything for a girl, Steven." He just watched in amazement as Kitty nudged the cherry freeze-pop through her bush and inserted it into her slit. She began to slowly fuck herself with the frozen treat and urged Hyde, "now eat me Steven." Leaping at her offer, Hyde dropped to his knees and sucked and nibbled at the cherry pop. He took the stick between his teeth and slid it in and out of Kitty's dripping nest. When the stick came loose, he spit it out and used his tongue to scoop the remaining chunk out of Kitty's pussy and then licked her clean.

"Oh yes," Kitty moaned as her legs shuddered, "now that's how to please a I think it's your turn." Hopping off the freezer, she led him over to the well-worn sofa and pushed him down in a sitting position, before dropping to her knees between his legs. She held his prick in her hand and without hesitation enveloped the head with her ruby-red lips.

"Oh yes," Hyde exclaimed, "you're the best Kitty. Teenage girls don't do blowjobs." Hyde's seven inches was no comparison to Red's, so Kitty had no difficulty in deep-throating him; her lips all the way down to his balls. Hyde began to thrust into her mouth as she sucked on his hard-on, ready to explode in her throat. But Kitty had other plans and squeezed the base of his cock between her thumb and forefinger, not allowing him to ejaculate. She stood up, straddled his legs and then kneeled on the sofa, her knees on each side of Hyde's body. Reaching down between them, she grasped his rod, pointed it straight up and then smoothly and steadily lowered herself on his cock, sliding it between her slit and into her cunt. "Holy crap that feels good," Hyde grunted as Kitty settled on his lap.

After a few seconds, Kitty looked him in the eyes and asked, "that's enough foreplay...are you just going to sit there or are you going to fuck me?"As if he had been shocked with a cattle prod, Hyde began to piston his hips and thrust up into Kitty's juicy hole. "Yes...fuck me...fuck me hard Steven." For years Hyde had wanted to sink his cock into Kitty, and he was now fucking the MILF of his dreams.

"Your pussy is amazing," he complimented her as he slammed his cock in and out of her.

Kitty's breasts were flopping up and down on her chest when they heard a voice coming down the basement stairs, "hey man...are you down here. Kelso said you were down here."
Leo appeared on the steps and did not seem the lest bit shocked as he advanced toward the couple on the couch. "Hey man, I forgot...are you working tomorrow or am I?"

Hyde had stopped thrusting and angrily said, "jeez Leo, can't this wait?"

As Leo answered, "yeah, I guess so, man," he was nonchalantly unfastening his pants and pushing them down to his ankles. He was also not wearing underwear and his very long prick was rapidly growing. It was about nine inches, but very slender like a hot-dog.

"What the hell Leo," Hyde yelled as Leo kicked off his loafers and pants.

"It's a party man, and she's the hostess," Leo innocently answered.

Kitty, amused at the exchange, laughed, "heh, heh, heh, it's OK Steven, I have another hole," and she leaned forward onto Hyde's chest, presenting her ass to Leo..

Leo had set his beer down on the coffee table, and now picked it up and poured it along the length of his rod. Positioning himself behind Kitty, Leo separated her ample ass cheeks with his hands, pushed forward and easily penetrated her sphincter ring. Not even pausing, Leo shoved forward and buried his slender cock in Kitty's ass hole. Hyde and Leo could feel their penises separated by only a thin membrane as they began to withdraw and then thrust simultaneously. "Oh, yes...heh, heh, heh, now that's nice," Kitty cooed as they fucked her holes. Enjoying the feel of their cocks sliding in and out of her, Kitty added, "that's it boys, be good to your hostess...fuck me...fuck me good."

Her tits squashed against Hyde's t-shirt, Kitty felt them drilling into her holes and encouraged them, "fuck me...fill me fucking holes. Hyde's feet were planted firmly on the floor and he was slamming upward into her cunt, while her ass cheeks rippled when Leo rammed into her ass. "Come on boys," Kitty urged, "I want to feel your cum inside me."

Leo and Hyde picked up the pace as Kitty pushed back against their thrusts and, as if planned, they began to spurt their fluid in both of her holes at the same time. Feeling them twitch inside her, Kitty pinched her own nipples and shivered as she joined them in orgasm,"oh yesssss, that's amazing."

Leo stood up and backed away from the sofa, nearly tripping over the coffee table, "wow...that was great. Hyde what did I come down here for...thanks for a great party Mrs. Foreman."

"Heh, heh, heh, I think you can call me Kitty," she giggled, "you're welcome, but don't leave. Make sure to stay for the fireworks...we get a great view of them from the driveway, and there's plenty of food left." When she stood and Hyde's shriveling prick slid out of her pussy, Kitty looked down and saw cum running down her legs from both holes. She grabbed a t-shirt from the back of the sofa and wiped herself before getting dressed.

"Ha, that's Eric's shirt," Hyde stated

"Yeah, I thought so," Kitty admitted, "he's always leaving his clothes laying around. Heh, heh, heh, it would serve him right if I put it back instead of throwing it in the laundry basket."

(But of course she threw it in the basket...after all, she was Kitty).

In the yard, Red was cutting up the big, juicy watermelon he had prepared that morning by cutting out a small plug, pouring vodka into the melon, and then replacing the plug. This was well before anyone had heard of the "designated driver" but Red had offered to call a cab for anyone who felt uncomfortable driving home. By now most of their peripheral friends from work had left anyway, and everyone in the yard was feeling very uninhibited.

Bob and Kelso switched out the horseshoes for Jarts. These were actually lawn-darts; large plastic fins attached to heavy, sharp spikes which stuck in the ground when you threw them at plastic rings on the ground. They were actually very dangerous, and their sale had been banned by the government, but if you already owned some.... Laurie sauntered over to watch, stood behind Bob and when Kelso was throwing his dart, she would pull her tank-top up to flash her breasts. This totally unnerved Kelso and he unleashed a wild throw that nicked Bob's arm, cutting it slightly. Laurie really couldn't care less, but quickly grabbed Bob's arm and sexily said, "do you want me to kiss your boo-boo."

Feeling the effects of the beer and brownies, Bob answered, "is that the best you can do?"

Slyly, Laurie pulled on his arm, "I think you need a band-aid, you should come upstairs with me."Bob followed her as if in a trance and Kelso followed him, as Laurie led them into the house, up the stairs, and into her room. Almost like magic, her tank-top and shorts (no underwear, of course) had disappeared and Laurie was completely naked, "do you see anything that would make your "ouchy" go away. Her breasts were indeed tiny, but her nipples were the perkiest they had ever seen and the sparse blond bush did nothing to hide her fleshy pussy lips. Kelso threw off his t-shirt, jeans and leopard-print underwear almost as quickly reveling his eight inch hot-dog of a penis...but of course Laurie had seen it before. Bob took a little more time and had to sit on the side of the bed to pull his Bermuda shorts off. His boxers had covered a short, stubby rod. It's length was certainly not impressive but it may have been the stoutest prick Laurie had ever seen (and she had seen a lot). It reminded her of a beer can growing out of his groin.

Crawling up onto her bed, Laurie remained on all fours; she liked it doggy-style. Motioning for the boys to join her, she instructed, "Bob I think I would like to feel that stuffed into my pussy...Kelso, I know how much you like to cum on my face." Bob climbed up behind Laurie as she spread her knees wide, giving him a perfect target as her already slippery lips began to part. Excited to get a chance to plug the cute blonde, Bob wasted no time nuzzling his crown between her folds, enjoying how they surrounded his head. He started to push forward and, despite Laurie's sexual experience, he experienced some difficulty gaining entrance with his thick club. Grasping her thin hips, Bob thrust forcefully forward and began to slide into Laurie's slick hole. Pushing hard, he didn't stop until his balls slapped against her skinny ass.

"Holy shit Bob," Laurie exclaimed, "you're really stretching me. Now I know how you get such gorgeous women to sleep with you.."

"Well that, and the fact that I go deep into hock buying them all kinds of nice things," he admitted.

"Hey, I like nice things," Laurie offered, "just something you might want to remember the next time you're horny and Pam kicks you out."

"Wow, you really are a slut," Bob proclaimed as he withdrew, and then rammed his "beer can" back into her cunt.

"You bet," Laurie proudly admitted, "and loving it." Bob began to fuck her hard, seemingly wanting to punish her; loving the way her lips gripped his fat cock. Laurie loved it hard and she encouraged him, "oh yeah...fuck me Bob...fuck me.

Not to be forgotten, Kelso bounded onto the other end of the bed, crawled up to Laurie's head and presented his "hot dog" to her face. She may have been a slut, but she sure was cute and Kelso was well aware at her prowess at blow-jobs. Tilting her head back, she silently opened her mouth, allowing him to slide his cock inside. She immediately sucked him into the back of her throat while tickling the underside with her experienced tongue. "Oh God Laurie, you are the best cocksucker," Kelso claimed as he threw his head back, enjoying the feeling of her warm mouth.

Kelso began to fuck her face in time with Bob plowing her pussy; both thrusting in at the same time. She was so slender that no matter how hard they rammed her orifices, neither her tiny tits or her skinny ass hardly jiggled. Bob reached around and began to manhandle her little tits, squeezing then hard and pinching her hard nipples. "Mmmmmm," she mumbled around Kelso's rod, loving it when men were a little rough with her. Knowing this, Kelso held the sides of her head as he thrust into the back of her throat, his scrotum slapping against her chin.

Bob continued to ram his fat log into her pussy and Laurie groaned, "mmmmm, muck me, muck me," sucking Kelso's cock like a vacuum.

"Oh shit Laurie," Kelso exclaimed as he bucked and began to spurt his semen deep into her mouth. His whole body twitched as he pumped into her warm orifice.

Bob joined him by jamming his cock as hard as he could inside Laurie's cunt and flooding it with his ejaculation," holy shit, I think your pussy is so snug that it's watertight," he remarked when nothing leaked out. "You may be a slut, but you're a great slut."

Pam and Jackie had joined Eric, Donna and Fez at the card game and Red had thrown more charcoal on the grill, and just brought out a tray containing the ingredients for smores. That's right: stern, strict old Red Foreman loved smores. Pam had suggested they use the fondue forks to toast the marshmallows and Red thought that was a great idea. The sun was getting lower in the sky and the air was cooling off somewhat, so Pam suggested they go to her yard and get a game of volleyball going, since they had gone to the trouble of putting it up. Fez and Eric looked at each other and smiled, thinking the same thing, Pam would probably lose the robe to play volleyball and then they could watch her bounce around in her bikini.

As they were walking across the Foreman driveway, Donna noticed that Jackie has seemingly "lost" her bra, because her nipples were plainly poking through her t-shirt. When she confronted her, Jackie cryptically responded, "I'll tell you later, but for now you have to take off your bra too. I know you've been horny since last night and this will get Eric's attention for sure." Being completely under the influence of the beer and brownies, Donna giggled, ducked behind the hedge and did that mysterious thing that girls do: she drew her arms inside her t-shirt and removed her bra without taking her shirt off. Emerging from the bushes, Jackie almost clapped her hands when she saw Donna's breasts wobbling under her shirt. Her breasts were at least 36 D and they swayed from side to side when she walked.

Fez and Eric were right: before the game began, Pam tossed her robe aside and they ogled her bikini clad body. It was the girls versus the boys and Pam's first serve hit Eric right in the head because he never took his eyes off her body. Donna spoke up, "eyes forward there stock-boy."

"Hey," he laughed, "you know I also round up shopping-carts and...whoa...," he stopped in mid sentence when he saw Donna jump up to get the ball that Fez had tossed back. Her tits nearly flopped out of her shirt and Eric and Fez just stared...speechless. Eric had of course seen his girlfriend naked, but somehow watching her tits wobble under her shirt and seeing the bottoms of her beautiful ass cheeks peek out from under her shorts-legs when she bent over was just as sexy. He and Fez didn't know what to look at: Pam's bikini body, Donna's bouncing rack, or Jackie's perky nips. What they didn't look at was the volleyball, and the game was soon over.

Hyde and Bob came sweating through the hedge to join the game and Donna grabbed Eric's hand and urged, "come with me."

"I really have to go to the bathroom first," he informed her, "too much beer."

"OK, meet me in the Vista Cruiser...I have a present for you," she teased him.

She made a quick stop in the Foreman's kitchen and then made for the garage. Red had made Eric back the Cruiser into the garage to get it out of the way for the picnic, and had parked his car and Kelso's van at the head of the driveway to prevent anyone from pulling in and accidentally running over the picnicers. Red had been right, there definitely was room to sleep in the back of the Vista Cruiser when all the back seats were folded down; especially if you left the tailgate down. Donna quickly spread out the blanket they covered the torn backseat with and waited for Eric.

When Eric approached the garage it was just getting dark and the Cruiser was completely in the shadows of the garage, so you could barely make out its shape from the outside. He rounded the back of the car and when he looked in, there was a totally nude Donna, with her incredibly long legs spread wide and what looked like peanut butter smeared around her pubic area. "Holy crap," was all he could think to say as he just stood in his tracks and stared at his naked girlfriend. "God she is beautiful," he thought as he stared at her incredible tits. They had flattened out on the sides of her chest like huge water balloons and her nipples looked like pink gumdrops. Her amazing red hair was spread out on her makeshift pillow (her rolled up clothes) and framed her gorgeous face.

But what really caught his eye was her unbelievably long legs and the target between them. In the Summer she kept her bright red pubic hair trimmed very short and shaped like a V so that it wouldn't show when she bore her bathing suit. He liked to think if it as an arrow pointing to her pussy. Her pussy lips were long, almost like fleshy flaps guarding her slit, and now that whole area was covered with...JIF? Yep, it was JIF, he confirmed when she held up the jar for him so see. "Hey stud," she purred, "you don't get to fuck me until my pussy is totally dive in." He wasted no time in shucking his clothes; nearly falling when his foot got caught in his "tighty-whities," and crawling into the Cruiser between her incredible legs. Eric had a nice sized, seven inch penis with a large plum-sized crown; and he never failed to please Donna.

"You are the best girlfriend ever," he assured her as he lowered his head between her thighs and inhaled the aroma...a mixture of peanut butter and arousal. He attacked her mound like a hungry dog, actually using his teeth to scrape the peanut butter from her bush. Using his tongue to lap up her fluids which were leaking from her slit, he remarked, "I like your "jelly" best." Eric licked and sucked the mixture of Jif and Donna as if he was starving. He used his fingers to pull her long flaps apart, cleaning every crevasse and fold. "I love your pussy," he admitted when he finally began to nibble on her exposed clit.

"Holy crap Foreman," Donna groaned as her body trembled and she flooded his face with her cum, "now get up here and fuck me."

Not having to be told twice, Eric crawled up her smooth body and without even aiming, sunk his entire cock into her juicy cunt in one thrust. "Oh yessss," Donna tried to muffle her scream, "fuck me Eric...fuck me hard baby." They were both nearly crazed with drunken-assisted lust and Eric began to slam his cock into her as hard as he could, loving the way her wonderful tits undulated on her chest...they were nothing short of magnificent.

"God I love you," Eric confessed as he ground his pelvis against hers.

"You mean you love fucking me," Donna corrected him, "you love my body."

Chuckling, Eric admitted, "well I DO love fucking you...but I also love you."

Donna wrapped her endlessly long legs around her boyfriend, forcing as much of his prick into her as possible, and then flipped them so that now she was on top...and in control; even though, in her inebriated condition, the flip left her slightly dizzy,"I love you too, stock-boy," now shut up and fuck me... jam that fucking cock into me."

Eric was nearly out of control as he thrust up into Donna's sopping cunt, trying to drive his cock all the way to her throat. He was mesmerized by the way her incredible tits were flopping aimlessly against her chest, making slapping-sounds.

Hyde had been looking for Eric and Donna to see if they wanted to set off some firecrackers, and on a whim decided to look in the Foreman garage. As he entered the darkened garage, he could hear some commotion coming from the back of the Vista Cruiser. Rounding the corner all he saw at first was Eric's skinny legs and the most beautiful naked ass he had ever seen bouncing on his lap. Immediately he knew Eric was getting busy with Donna, but he couldn't avert his gaze if you had paid him. Even from behind, he could see the sides of Donna's giant tits bouncing up and down. He had lusted after Donna for as long as Eric and he figured that watching might be as close as he ever got to sampling her body. Almost unconsciously Hyde opened his jeans and began to stroke his erection.

Donna saw motion out of the corner of her eye, but nothing would have convinced her to stop what she was doing. Turning her head, she sarcastically commented, "why don't you take a picture, it would last longer."

"Hey, I would if I could find a camera," Hyde snapped, surprised at being caught masturbating, "that's one fine ass Donna."

Eric really didn't care what was going on at that point...he just wanted to fuck Donna. "Well Hyde," Donna teased, "we both know you've always had the hots for me...I have another hole you know...and it's virgin."

His face lit up like a roman-candle and Hyde asked, "are you serious or is this a burn?"

Donna didn't answer verbally; she just leaned forward against Eric's chest, her huge tits flattening out, reached behind her with both hands and spread her ass cheeks wide giving him a perfect target. Hyde kicked off his sneakers, shoved his jeans down and off, and climbed into the back of the Cruiser. Not knowing how else to lubricate his dick, he spit in his hand and rubbed his crown. Admiring Donna's perfect ass, Hyde started to push his head against her tight sphincter ring, finding it very difficult to penetrate her. Feeling the increased pressure against her ass, Donna helped him out by pushing forcefully back and impaling herself on his crown.

"Ooooo," she exclaimed as Hyde began to push forward, his seven inches slowly gaining entrance into her ass hole. She could feel her insides stretching as two hard cocks penetrated her. Eric had thoughtfully stopped thrusting to allow Hyde's invasion of Donna's rear tunnel, actually enjoying the sensation of her pussy becoming even tighter as she accommodated Hyde. He could feel Hyde's prick rubbing against him, separated by a layer of skin and the feeling was unique. Donna released her cheeks and planted her hands on either side of Eric, bracing herself, staying motionless for several seconds while becoming used to having two cocks inside her. She surprised them by wriggling her hips and demanding, "are you two losers going to fuck me or not?"

"Oh...burn Pinciotti," Hyde laughed, "you're going to be sorry," and they both began to slide their cocks in and out of her holes in unison. "Shit your ass is tight," Hyde grunted, "I can't believe Foreman hasn't loosened it up by now."

"Hey I wanted to but she wouldn't let me," Eric claimed. "God I love fucking you, neighbor," he whispered to Donna. They thrust their poles in and out of Donna's holes, her silky hair flying around the back of the Cruiser.

"Holy crap," she groaned, "fuck me...fuck me...jeez your cocks feel good." she was actually screaming pretty loud, but lucky for them, Red had brought the stereo out to the patio and put on his favorite John Phillip Sousa album of patriotic marches to get everyone in the mood for the fireworks. "Fill me up," she begged, "I want to feel your cum in me."

Almost as if they didn't dare fulfill her wish, Eric and Hyde started to slam their cocks into her as hard as they could until Eric virtually exploded in her pussy. Feeling Eric's rod twitching against him, Hyde also began to dump his semen, warming Donna's ass hole as he pumped. "Holy fucking shit," she shrieked as her body convulsed between them, collapsing onto Eric.

"Man, that's some sweet ass Donna," Hyde congratulated her as he slipped his prick out of her.

She was exhausted, but the alcohol and brownies kept her going as she climbed off of Eric, his dick sliding out of her pussy, and lay beside him in the back of the car. "Thanks Hyde, but don't get used to it," she scolded him.

Eric had a grin on his face from ear to ear as he leaned over, kissed her passionately, and resigned himself, "don't go anywhere, I'll be right back. I should go see if Red needs me for anything before he grounds me."

"Yeah, or puts his foot up your ass," Hyde quipped, and they all laughed.

They both dressed quickly and left, while Donna just lay there, totally nude, with cum leaking out of both holes. The cooler night air felt good on her sweaty body and she closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of being satiated. She heard a noise and when she opened her eyes, she saw Fez standing behind the car staring at her body, his bottom jaw hanging against his chest. Ordinarily, she would have been upset, but too much beer had made her insatiable and she merely said, "hey Fez."

"I'm sorry Donna, I was looking for Kelso. You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen...may I please look at you a little longer. I love your boobies," he stated rapid-fire, running every sentence together.

Still horny, Donna was loving the look on Fez's face as he stared lustfully at her and she slowly spread her wonderful legs showing him her damp mound, "well, it's like this Fez...would you like to fuck me instead of just looking?"

"Oh Donna...I would like that very much," Fez replied as his Hush Puppies flew and he shoved his pants and boxers down all in one motion. When he turned back to Donna and literally leapt into the back of the Cruiser, it was Donna's turn to stare open-mouthed.

Hanging between Fez's legs was the largest cock she had ever imagined. It had to be ten inches long, as thick as a soup can, and the crown was the size of a tennis ball. "Holy crap Fez," she blurted out, grabbing his pole in both hands and weighing it, stroking it, trying to get her fingers around it. Donna was almost panting with desire; she couldn't wait to feel Fez's cock inside her. She lay back, spreading her legs as far as she could in the car, and urged him, "Fez I need you fuck"

"Oh my God I'm really going to fuck Donna," Fez said, he thought to himself, but actually aloud.

"Yes you are if you hurry up," she ordered, "I need to feel that monster in me now." On his knees between her outstretched legs, Fez wedged his huge crown between her slit as Donna grasped her long lips and pulled them apart. she had never been penetrated by anything that large and Fez kind of corkscrewed his head, trying to push it inside her. Donna thrust her wide hips upward and Fez's "tennis ball" lodged into her cunt. "Hooollly crap," she gasped, feeling her lips spread wider than they had ever been.

"Your pussy is so beautiful," Fez complimented her as he stared at her lips grasping his rod.

"Thanks Fez," she replied, "now you can fuck me." Fez immediately leaned forward, and Donna could feel every inch of her cunt being stretched as he entered her. It was like having a battering ram spreading the walls of her pussy as Fez pushed into her juicy hole. Donna's entire body was wriggling beneath him as Fez steadily slid his pole further inside her. When his balls finally rested against her ass cheeks, Donna finally breathed and lay back to savor the sensation of being totally and completely stuffed with cock. "I love your cock Fez," she admitted, "now fuck me...fuck me hard."

Fez was in heaven as he withdrew his giant prick, watching how Donna's long lips gripped it as it slid out...and then how they disappeared inside her as he thrust back in. He picked up the pace and began to jam his monstrous cock into the tight hole, stretching it with each stroke. He couldn't believe it: he was fucking the girl he had dreamed about so many times, and her naked body was even more gorgeous than he had imagined. "Oh my fucking God," Donna squealed as her body shivered; Fez's pelvic bone grinding against her swollen clit. "Fuck me Fez...fuck me...fuck me...stretch my fucking pussy."

Her magnificent tits were flopping up and down on her chest like giant water balloons and Fez leaned forward to capture her left nipple in his mouth. When he had secured her gumdrop nipple between his teeth, he bit down hard sending Donna into another orgasm.

She felt crazed, out of control, and she craved cock. Once again Donna pulled her patented move: she wrapped her long legs around Fez and flipped them over so that she was in control. Donna began to ride Fez's cock like a rodeo star, slamming her body down on his pelvis. Her incredible tits now hung down like milk-bags and Fez reached up to knead them. Capturing both nipples between his fingers, he pinched hard and could feel Donna's cunt contract around him as she screamed, "oh my God...oh my God."

Around the back of the car Kelso came running, "I've been looking for you Fez...holy that Donna." You could have knocked him over with a feather: there was a totally naked Donna, riding Fez's cock. "Holy shit Donna...nice bod," Kelso proclaimed as he automatically began taking off his sneakers and jeans.

Donna was now just sitting on Fez's lap, almost glad for the interruption so she could catch her breath. When she saw Kelso sliding his ridiculous bikini briefs down his legs, she just resigned herself to the inevitable, "all right Kelso...get in here." Like a gangly puppy, Kelso climbed into the back of the Vista Cruiser, his "hot dog" waving in front of him. Donna lay down on Fez's chest, her huge tits acting like cushions between them as Kelso crawled between her legs. She prepared for his anal invasion, but was shocked when she felt the tip of his cock at the entrance to her pussy. "What the Hell Kelso," she demanded when she felt him pushing against her slit.

"You've been teasing me with that great body for years," he stated, "I'm going to fuck your cunt." She could feel his fingers jamming into her pussy alongside Fez's cock and spreading her lips even farther...if that was possible. There seemed to be semen drooling out of her anus, and Kelso smeared it all around the head of his prick. Donna could feel the pressure of his crown against her slit, trying to gain entrance to her sweet hole. Kelso was so turned on that his rod was like steel and finally it slipped into Donna's cunt along side Fez's monster. Not waiting for any objections, Kelso thrust forcefully forward until his entire cock was buried in Donna's pussy.

"Holy fucking crap," Donna screeched, and she swore she lost consciousness momentarily. It felt like someone had shoved a telephone pole up her cunt...and yet if felt wonderful...exquisite. "Oh my fucking God...fuck me...fuck me...split my fucking cunt," she screamed. Fez and Kelso began to withdraw and then thrust into her simultaneously as if she were being fucked by an elephant's cock. Her cunt was stretched to its limit as they fucked her. Donna was nearly delirious as their cocks slammed in and out of her pussy, and she was now convinced that she would never be happy unless there was a hard cock inside her. "Jam your fucking cocks into me...fuck me...fuck me...fuck me," she cried as tears of ecstasy rolled down her face, "oh my God I love your cocks."

Her enthusiasm was spurring them on, and Fez and Kelso shoved their cocks into her cunt as hard and fast as they could. They were fucking the girl they had wet-dreams about, and she was virtually begging them to do it. "Kelso, we're fucking Donna," Fez grinned as he slammed into her stretched out pussy.

"Holy crap, I know," Kelso exclaimed, "what a body she has...I knew it all along. Hey, what a burn on Foreman."

"Just shut up and fuck me," Donna demanded as she thrust her hips against them, helping to jam their poles into her belly. Kelso loved the way her ass cheeks giggled when he rammed against them, almost like the ripples on Jello. Donna could hear firecrackers and yelling in the distance, and knew her boyfriend had become distracted.

"Holy shit Fez, I'm gonna cum," Kelso declared.

"Me too," Fez announced, "let's shoot it as far up Donna's pussy as we can."

Trapped between them, Donna could feel the inside of her cunt stretching even more as they forced every inch of their cocks into her, and then it felt like her tunnel was on fire as they spurted and pumped her full of their juices. "Oh my fucking God," she cried out, her body twitching and jerking as she joined them in orgasm, "fill my pussy...cum in me...fill me up."

Fez had never been as happy: he had just shot his load into the pussy of the red-headed beauty he dreamed about every night, "thank you Donna," he expressed his gratitude. Kelso backed away and sat on the tailgate, as Donna rolled off Fez and lay there spent, a stream of cum running out her wide open cunt.

"Wow," was her first comment, then, "that's some dick you've got there Fez."

Hearing the firecrackers, Fez and Kelso reverted to the little boys they truly were, "hey they're shooting off all the firecrackers without us," Fez scolded.

"Yeah, I'll bet it's Hyde," Kelso agreed and they quickly dressed and left the garage.

As Donna lay there, her head still spinning from all the beer and hashish-brownies, Red's head popped around the corner of the Cruiser.

Even in the darkness of the garage, Donna could see his eyes grow wide as he scanned her nude body, settling on her breasts. "Holy crap," Red whistled, "that's some rack you got on you Donna. Hey sorry to bother you...I was just looking for that blanket we keep in the car...wanted to spread it out on the lawn for the fireworks show, but I can see you're using it."

It was actually amusing because Donna had never seen Red embarrassed before. "Yeah, sorry Red but it's pretty damp now," she informed him as she slid to the edge of the tailgate, noticing that Red's eyes never left her chest. Still horny, she spread her legs so Red could see between them and reached forward to caress his crotch. "Holy crap Red," she remarked, "what have you got in there."

Knowing that he had to take advantage of this situation, Red replied, "would you like to see?"

Licking her lips, Donna teased, "you know I would." She unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and tugged them down with his boxers. It truly looked like an anaconda hanging between his legs as Donna wrapped her slender fingers around it and remarked, "and I thought Fez was large." Fez's penis may have been slightly fatter than Red's, but his was at least four inches longer and once again Donna felt that familiar "itch" between her legs. Spreading her incredible legs even farther had the desired effect as Red stared at her swollen mound. He loved the way her bright red patch seemed to point the way to her slit. He stood in front of the tailgate between her legs, reached out and began to knead her magnificent breasts; bouncing them in his calloused hands, rubbing her gumdrop nipples with his harsh thumbs, "you have one of the nicest set of tits I have ever seen," he assured her.

Inching to the edge of the tailgate, Donna grasped Red's monster and pulled him to her, aiming it at her sopping wet slit. Parting her long lips with his huge crown, Red simply stepped forward and easily buried his snake all the way up Donna's stretched out cunt. "Oh yesss," Donna groaned as she threw her head back, her sensuous long red hair cascading down her bare back, "that feels so fucking good." Red's pole was bumping against her cervix, penetrating her farther than anything ever had. "Oh my God Red, fuck me...fuck me," she wailed. He reached under her and grasped a perfect ass cheek in each hand to hold her steady, and she locked her hands around his neck as he very slowly slid his horse-cock in and out. Donna was in nirvana as it seemed to take forever for his monstrous cock to slide in and out of her pussy. She looked down between them and couldn't believe that something that long was actually disappearing inside her.

Red picked up the pace, joining her in looking down, and marveling at her beautiful tits flopping against her chest. "That Eric is one lucky bastard," Red thought to himself; a thought he never dreamed he would have. He started to fuck the gorgeous red-head hard, their bodies slapping together; her pussy making "squishy" sounds.

"Oh hey Red, there you are," they heard, and suddenly Leo was standing there watching them fuck. "Sorry to interrupt you man, I just wanted to say thank you for inviting me to your party...oh Hi Donna...hey nice tits."

"Hey Leo," was all she could think to say, and then, in her inebriated state, not wanting to seem rude, "would you like to fuck me too."

"Swwweeet, that would be radical," Leo responded, already shoving his pants down to his ankles.

Without saying a word, Red's hands were already caressing her ass, so he just picked Donna up and turned around. Instinctively she wrapped her legs around him and he leaned against the tailgate, presenting her pale ass to Leo. Donna was glad that even though Leo's prick was quite long; it was also slender. Leo could see there was lubrication already peeking out of Donna's sphincter hole, so he positioned his crown against her anus and thrust forward. With surprising ease he slid all the way into her ass and grasped her waist to help steady the trio.

With Leo now in her ass, her pussy tightened around Red's snake and Donna moaned, "oh yesss...that feels so fucking good, I really love it when there's a cock in me."

"Then you must be in heaven with two," Red declared as he began to shove his giant cock in and out of his son's girlfriend. As Leo and Red fucked her holes, Donna's beautiful body shivered and twitched as she experienced numerous orgasms. When they thrust into her together, it felt like they were going to split her wide open; and when they alternated their strokes, it was the most incredible sensation Donna had ever experienced.

"Oh my God, fuck me...fuck me," she begged as they battered her holes, "jam your fucking cocks in me." She was trapped between them as they rammed her holes, and Red was right: she was in heaven.

"Man this is one hot broad," Red thought as he ran his hands all along her incredible legs, "holy crap, teenage skin is smooth."

"Fuck me...fuck me," she pleaded, "cum in me...cum in me now."

"Oh that's sweet," Leo calmly said as his body twitched and he began to spurt into her ass hole.

"You asked for it," Red told her as he jammed his elephant-cock as far inside her cunt as he could and pumped his sperm deep up inside her belly. "Oh crap that's nice," he groaned as he emptied his balls into her teenage pussy. "You are one great fuck, Donna, if my son can't satisfy you; you know where I am."

Leo let his prick slip out of her ass and began to pull up his pants, "oh man, now I got the munchies...thanks Donna."

Red turned around, set Donna's wonderful, naked body down on the tailgate. As he backed up, his enormous cock slithered out of her cunt like a snake leaving its hole. Sitting on the edge of the tailgate with her legs spread wide, cum was literally dripping out of her wide open holes onto the garage floor. "What a great memory I'll have whenever I see that stain," Red assured her. He took one long, last look at her incredible body as he put on his pants and said, "well I better get is MY party."

Pam had cornered Fez and Hyde and asked them, "do you two big, strong boys think you could do me a favor?"

Staring at her skimpy bikini under her open robe, they both jumped at the opportunity, "sure, you name it."

"Well I need you to bring our picnic table back over to our yard so Red can arrange the chairs for the fireworks. He says you can see them perfectly between his house and the garage, and the table is just in the way now. I would be very grateful to you," and she trailed her delicate hand along her bikini top.

"It would be our pleasure," Hyde blurted out as they each grabbed an end of the table and followed Pam's perfect legs through the hedge into the Pinciotti yard. "See, that was nothing...light as a feather," Hyde proclaimed when they were done.

"Thank you so much," Pam teased, "Bob always says his back is bothering him whenever I want him to do something physical...if you know what I mean." Both Hyde and Fez were sporting erections as they stared at Pam's body under her robe.

"Well if there's ever anything we can do for you..." Hyde began.

"You are so sweet," Pam interrupted him, "I can see why my daughter likes you. And Fez, you are just a little sweetheart." It was getting dark, but she could see an incredible bulge in Fez's pants and she commented, "well, maybe not so little. I really think I should do something to express my gratitude." She shrugged her terrycloth robe off her lovely shoulders, untied her bikini top and let it slide to the lawn, and casually stepped out of her bottoms. "I think there is something else you can do for me, Steven," she seductive said as she reached out and rubbed Fez's crotch.

"Way ahead of you Mrs. Burkhart," Hyde agreed as he dropped his jeans, sat down on the picnic table bench and pulled Pam toward him. He suckled on first one tit and then the other, marveling how firm and perky her 36 C breasts were for a Mom, as he squeezed her perfect ass cheeks and held her in front of him.

"Oh my that is so nice Steven," Pam purred as he worshiped her tits. When she turned her head she saw that Fez had discarded his clothes and was now standing naked behind her, with what looked like a fence post pointing at her from his crotch. "Whoa...there is nothing little about you is there Fez," she exclaimed as she broke away from Hyde's grip and turned so that her back was to him. Facing Fez, she reached out with both soft hands, encircled his pole and drew him toward her. Running her hands up and down his shaft, she could feel Hyde reaching between her legs and rubbing her bald mound with the palm of his hand. Bending over, she thrust her ass in his face while extending her tongue and licking Fez's crown.

"Oh, Mrs. Pinciotti you are so beautiful," Fez groaned as her tongue tickled his penis.

"It's Pam, handsome," she replied, "I would love to suck on your wonderful cock, but there is no way it will fit in my mouth. Would you settle for fucking me?"

"Oh please, that would be so nice," he couldn't believe his luck.

Spreading her shapely legs, she immediately felt Hyde's tongue lapping at her mound and turned to him and smiled, "no wonder Jackie likes you."

She straddled Hyde who was still sitting on the bench, reached back between her legs to grasp his prick and aimed it at her moist slit. Feeling her lips surround his crown, Pam slowly bent her knees, lowering her body and letting Hyde's hard-on penetrate her cunt. When his cock was fully inside her, Pam sat on his lap, leaned back against his chest and spread her legs even farther. Motioning to Fez, she said, "OK handsome...slide that monster up my pussy." Fez looked at her quizzically, and she reassured him, "don't worry cutie, we'll make room. I want you both in my cunt."

She and Hyde leaned back against the picnic table as Fez stood between her legs and bent his legs until his giant penis was prodding her milky white thighs. Pam inserted her forefingers beside Hyde's rod and pulled her slit as wide as she could, inviting Fez to penetrate her. Fez was hesitant to touch Hyde, until Hyde yelled at him, "come on Fez...the lady wants us to fuck her." Fez could feel his penis get harder as he stared at Pam's luscious body and he pressed his crown against her opening. She pulled on her lips and Fez thrust forward until the pressure finally forced his huge head into her hole.

"Holy shit," Pam howled as her cunt was stretched to new limits. Relaxing against Hyde, she coaxed Fez, "it's OK handsome, put it in...don't stop until it's all the way in." Fez planted his feet and leaned in with all his weight, driving his enormous cock up Pam's totally stretched out pussy. He could feel the underside of his prick scraping against Hyde's as he stretched her tunnel. "Oh my God," Pam wailed, feeling their meat expand her cunt walls. At first she thought it was pain, but the more she got used to it, Pam knew it was pure ecstasy. Leaning back against Hyde catching her breath, Pam encouraged them, "fuck me boys...fuck me as hard as you can."

With two cocks inside her, her pussy was so tight that at first it was actually difficult for Hyde and Fez to move their rods; but they started out slowly until she was drenched in her own juices and then they began to build up a rhythm. Moving in and out of her cunt together, she felt like she was being fucked by a donkey. As their cocks slithered in and out of her stretching hole, they could hear a "squishy" sound, she was producing such a great quantity of natural juices. She threw her head back, cracking it against Hyde's forehead, but didn't even notice. Fez's horse-cock was scraping against her sensitive clit giving her endless orgasms and she moaned, "oh my God...oh my God."

It felt like they were splitting her open and Pam wondered if her cunt had stretched that far when she gave birth to Jackie; she just knew that being fucked by two cocks was exquisite, "fuck me boys...fuck me...fuck me. Oh my God...jam your fucking cocks in me."

Fez had a grin from ear to ear as he worked his giant cock in and out of Pam's pussy; looking down and watching how her lips gripped his shaft as he shoved it into her.

Hyde began to thrust up into her as hard as he could, her tits jiggling against her chest. She lay back over his shoulder, draping herself on the picnic table, and Fez took full advantage by leaning forward and capturing her nipple between his teeth, "mmm, boobies," me mumbled, gently nibbling her brown nub. Feeling Hyde pick up his pace, Fez joined his rhythm and soon they were pounding Pam's cunt, stretching it even wider.

"Oh my fucking God," Pam screeched, "fuck me...fuck me...cum in me." Eager to please this perfect MILF, they almost immediately began to flood her hole with their seed. Feeling their hot fluid deep in her belly sent Pam over the edge and her body convulsed as they pumped every drop into her. The evening had cooled off, but Pam was sweating like a marathon runner as Fez let his shrinking snake slide out of her tunnel. Hyde gently lifted her off him and slid out from under her heaving body. Her legs were still spread and she could feel the cool night air drifting up inside her wide open hole.

Trying to be gentlemen, the boys retrieved Pam's bikini and robe; handing them to her before getting dressed themselves. Using the robe to wipe her crotch, Pam smiled when she saw the two teenagers still staring at her naked body: "I've still got it," she congratulated herself.

"Holy crap," they heard Hyde yell, "a damn mosquito just bit my ass.

Donna was just sitting on the tailgate, completely naked, with a dazed expression on her face and cum dripping from both holes when Laurie came into the garage," oh hey, it looks like you've been having fun. Red told me to find "little brother" and I thought he might be hiding in here."

Donna thought to herself, "man, Grand Central Station has nothing on the Foreman's garage;" shook her head, too exhausted to answer verbally.

"Listen, I know we haven't always seen eye to eye," Laurie continued, "but us sluts need to stick together...let me help you get cleaned up. You wouldn't want to miss the fireworks." Donna didn't even argue about being labeled a slut, because she guessed she was. She was puzzled though when Laurie kneeled between her knees because Donna hadn't noticed a towel or anything. She was shocked and her body shivered when Laurie just dove between her legs and began licking the cum running down her thighs.

As Laurie lapped closer to Donna's pussy, she remarked, "yep, Kelso's been here."

Puzzled, Donna began, "how did..."

Laurie interrupted her, "how did I know...every man's jizz tastes'll learn." Continuing to lick she added, "ooo Hyde's been here dirty girl."

"You mean you and Hyde," Donna asked, knowing how much Hyde pretended to hate Laurie.

"Oh yeah," Laurie admitted, "I know they all like to call me slut, but when their girlfriends or wives won't put out...they all call Laurie. I don't mind...I love being know what I mean." Noticing that Donna's pussy was still wide open and still dripping wet, Laurie remarked, "wow, you really serviced the troops tonight. You have beautiful cunt lips." When Laurie began to lap around her clit, Donna's body trembled with another orgasm. Seeing that she was embarrassed, Laurie calmed her, "oh don't's OK to cum when another girl touches you...who knows what a girl likes better than another girl."

Laurie continued with her monolog, "isn't it strange that when girl likes to fuck, she's labeled a slut; but when a man likes to do it, he's a playboy...kinda not fair."

"Holy crap," Donna thought, "that's just what I think," and Donna liked to think of herself as a liberated woman.

"You have amazing breasts," Laurie rambled on, "It must be nice to have big ones. My tits are too small. You know they have breast-implants to make them bigger, but it's pretty expensive. If I ever had them done, I would choose the saline instead of the silicone...I read the silicone ones would poison you if they burst."

"Wait," Donna thought, "Laurie reads!" The closest she had ever come to seeing Laurie read was leafing through a magazine. And then the unthinkable occurred to Donna: "she could actually see herself becoming friends with Laurie...people were all wrong about her."

"You know Kitty has really big breasts," Laurie just kept talking, "so much for heredity, right. Hey, I wonder if Eric and Red have the same size dicks."

Donna thought it was better if she didn't comment on that.She was shocked when Laurie reached up with her dainty hand and shoved it completely inside her cunt. Her body shivered as Laurie used her hand to scoop gobs of cum out of her hole, "oh my God," she groaned.

"What...never been fisted before," Laurie asked, slurping all the cum out of her hand. "Jeez Donna, judging by all the different really had a good time tonight." When she had finished licking every drop from around Donna's ass, Laurie stood up and said, "you better get dressed now, the fireworks are going to start. If you ever want to know some embarrassing secrets about Eric, just let me know."

"Thanks Laurie," Donna sincerely declared, "I hope we can be friends, and I'm truly sorry for anything I said about you in the past."

"It's cool," Laurie told her as she disappeared around the front of the Vista Cruiser.

A few minutes later everyone was gathering in the Foreman backyard to watch the fireworks: Eric sitting on a blanket with Donna snuggling between his legs, Jackie trying to nuzzle against Hyde, and Bob proudly holding Pam's hand as they sat in adjacent chairs. It had been a great holiday and everyone had smiles on their faces...especially Fez. Red had extinguished the tiki torches so that their light wouldn't interfere with the fireworks display and the backyard was bathed in darkness.

Red was laying back in a chaise-lounge and motioned for Kitty to sit on his lap. As she walked up to the chair, she handed him a damp marshmallow. Jeez Kitty, if you weren't going to make me a smore, you could have at least gotten a fresh marshmallow."

"Smell it," she grinned, "heh, heh, heh."

As he passed it under his nose, Red sat straight up, smiling and asked, "has that been up your...."

"Oh yeah, heh, heh, heh," Kitty chuckled.

In the darkness as Kitty straddled Red's lap she heard his zipper being pulled down. Arranging her skirt around them to conceal his lap, Kitty, still going commando, lowered herself onto his groin; slowly impaling herself on his monstrous cock. Feeling her pussy stretching around his giant pole, Kitty whispered, "oh my God...welcome home Big Red."

"This has been a great holiday," Red declared loudly, and everyone voiced their agreement. Everyone in the Foreman backyard was surprised at how much Kitty was enjoying the fireworks display that year, judging from the "ooo's" and "ahh's" emitting from her mouth and the contented smile on her face.

(Thank you for reading my story. I know it's not perfect, but remember: it's just for fun. As always, all comments are welcome and appreciated. [email protected])


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