Note: All characters described in this story are from That 70's Show on
Fox "Copyright 1998 The Carsey-Werner Company. All rights reserved." Any
resemblances to real life, whether it be characters or situations are
strictly coincidental.

That 70's Show: Eric And Lori (mF,mFff,inc)
by Charlie Brown ([email protected])

It had all been over so soon, Eric was making out with Donna in his bedroom
when he pulled out a dildo. He'd found it in his sister's room the day before
and really wanted to try it out on Donna.

She was surprised, so much so that she walked out on him, it wasn't that Eric
hadn't been to Donna's nether regions before, it was just that she had never
seen a dildo before and wasn't comfortable with it. Eric's plan for the
weekend had been ruined. His parents were gone and this was the weekend he
would have fucked Donna's brains out, but it didn't look like that would
happen now...

Later that night Eric was on the couch watching some stupid shit on TV,
trying to get Donna out of his head.

"Hey little brother," said Lori, Eric's older sister, she had recently
flunked out of college and was spending most of her time at home just
hanging out.

"Hey Lori," Eric said gloomily.

"So, you and Donna have fun while I was out?" She said.

Eric looked surprised by this comment. "How did you know?!"

"Well, I have to admit, I wasn't really gone, I was sort of listening on the
other side of the wall. She really got upset over that dildo that you found
under my bed?"

"Wh--What?" Eric was trying to play dumb now but Lori all ready knew that
he'd stolen her dildo from her room. Secretly, ever since he'd hit puberty,
Eric had wanted to fuck his older sister -- even if it was gross. The fact
that was she was the hottest girl he knew, and now that she had that devilish
smile on her face made him even more aroused than usual. He suspected that
she had contemplated the same scenario.

"Looks like you're getting excited there little bro," she said commenting on
the tent that his hard-on was making in his tight pants. "You know if you
give me back my toy I might show you something of mine," she said, licking
her pouty lips. She casually placed a hand on her brother's crotch and began
to rub him there.

Before he could protest Lori had Eric's seven-inch hard-on out of his pants
and at her lips. "Its so warm and," she licked the head of his swollen prick,
"tasty. Oh let me suck it little brother, I'm sure you won't mind." After
saying that she plunged his stiff cock deep into her throat.

Eric pushed her away and said that he wanted to see her naked body first.
Lori quickly agreed and stood up, but instead of following Eric's command she
walked upstairs, "I'm going for a hot shower if you'd like to join me."

A smile grew on Eric's face as he ran upstairs behind his sister's lovely

Lori began to unbutton her tight blouse, as she did Eric tore off his
clothing and stood in front of his sister totally nude. As Lori's blouse
dropped her large tits sagged free and Eric began to turn on the shower. He
stepped in and waited for the best fuck he would ever receive to step in with

Lori took off her cut-off shorts and felt her panties, they were sopping wet,
she quickly got out of them and stepped into the shower with her brother.

"Now let me finish what I started earlier," she said as she dropped to her
knees and took Eric's stiff teenage prick into her mouth. The water rushed
over them making the experience all the more erotic.

Then Eric started cumming, filling his sister's mouth with huge globs of his
jism as she helped to milk his dick with one hand and massaging his balls
with the other. She expertly swallowed it all.

But even with a great blowjob by his sister, Eric wasn't done. Not by a long
shot. Still stiff as a flagpole Eric still needed to fuck her. They dried off
each other then to Lori's bedroom and quickly sat on the bed.

"I've wanted to do this for so long," Eric said as he laid back.

"Me too," Lori seductively whispered in his ear. Climbing on top of her
brother, she slowly descended her blond-haired slit onto his ridged dick, her
box was so tight, much tighter that Eric though a girl who screwed around as
often as she did should have.

Eric started to lick her tits and bite her erect nipples as she moved faster
on his shaft. Eric bit down on one of her nipples and Lori's eyes widened,
she screamed out in an orgasm as he pulled her face down to his. Their
tongues danced together as Lori convulsed above him. This time Eric filled
his sister's cunt with spurts of his cum and they both collapsed together.

After about fifteen minutes Lori started to play with herself again. Eric
regained his previous erection and ran to his room to get the dildo. He came
back and told her to fuck herself with it while he watched. As she did Eric
got some lubricant from her bedside and pushed her onto her back. Lori was
totally confused as to what her brother was up to, but she kept pumping
herself with the ten-inch toy as her brother began to rub the lube on her
puckered anus.

"What are you doing?!" She asked and began to squirm. He quickly held her
down and spread her asscheeks apart.

"I want a whole that hasn't been fucked before, he said as he stuck his dick
into her tight backdoor.

"OH FUCK," she moaned as the pain overtook her. After a couple pumps though,
she began to feel better and found that it was a more pleasurable experience
than she'd thought it would be and quickly started fucking herself with the
dildo again, while her brother fucked her rear end. After about a minute of
this Lori and Eric came. He grunted and shot his load up her dilated anus.

"Yes, Yes, YES, Oh shit don't stop!" Lori screamed as her brother's cum
filled up her ass.

Then Eric looked over to see Donna and Jackie standing in the doorway of his
sister's bedroom, "Oh shit!" They were caught.

"We came to--" Donna started to say.

"Um we wanted to see if you wanted to go to the Hub--" Jackie finished.

When Lori said nothing but gestured for the girls to join them on the bed,
to Eric's surprise they actually did.

The truth of the matter was Donna and Jackie had been licking each other to
orgasm for about a month and they'd begun to have threesomes with Lori too.
Donna wanted to surprise Eric with the news, but finding Lori there made it
that much easier to broach the subject.

Eric had rolled back onto the bed. Lori was still lying on her stomach and
Jackie saw Lori's cute ass and immediately put her mouth to it, she spread
the ass cheeks and started to lick Eric's cum from his sister's tail. Lori
moaned with pleasure at the familiar feel of Jackie's tongue.

Donna on the other hand had taken her time and started to undress, as she
undid her bra Eric saw those huge tits that he loved to rub while making out.
Then Donna took off her panties to show her beautiful red-haired pussy.

During this time Jackie had taken off her clothes and was in a sixty-nine
position with Lori. Lori was licking the beautiful shaven cunt in front of
her face while Jackie sucked on the hard clit in front of hers. Seeing this
Eric instantly regained his erection and pointed it at Donna's virgin cherry.

He grabbed her and pulled her to him, rolling her over on her back. In one
smooth motion Eric slid his dick into his girlfriend's pussy and began to
thrust wildly. Donna gasped as he slammed her with his rod and felt the pain
as she was ripped from her virginity.

Jackie was now ramming two fingers up Lori's rectum as she plunged her tongue
into Lori's sloppy treasure. Lori was also busy shoving the dildo up Jackie's
slick hot spot -- until they both came multiple times.

After Eric had shot his load up Donna she spread her legs and Jackie sucked
her clean, making little mewling noises of appreciation as she did. Jackie
had her ass high in the air as she sucked Donna's pussy, and as Eric saw this
he decided to fuck Jackie from behind.

He got in position and slipped his tool deep into Jackie's twat. Finally Lori
lowered her G-Spot over Donna's face and leaned over to make out with her
brother while fucking his girlfriend's face.

Their final orgasms were huge and left Eric, Donna, Jackie, and Lori happy,
sated and exhausted.

The End


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