Disclaimer: This is a That 70's Show fan fiction story based when Jackie
moved in with Donna in Season 5. I do not own the characters in That 70's
Show and have no association with anyone involved in the show. Both the
girls are 18 or over.

Keywords: FF, Oral, TV-parody

That '70s Show: Donna's Bitch Part 5
by MTL ([email protected])

They had been driving for a long time now and Jackie was starting to get

Her mistress had borrowed the vista cruiser from her boyfriend claiming that
they were going to have a 'girl’s night out', just the two of them. Eric was
fine with it because apparently he was going to have a 'guy’s night out' with
their friends Michael, Stephen and Fez. When she had asked her mistress where
they were going Donna had told her it was a surprise.

When they were in the car and out of sight of the Foreman house her mistress
had handed her a blindfold and ordered her to put it on. Jackie had of course
obeyed without question but the blindfold only increased her curiosity about
what was going on. She trusted her mistress with all her heart, but since the
incident with Fez she had been very distant and that worried the brunette.

Ever since they had got together they had been sleeping in the same bed. That
hadn't changed, but her mistress didn't hold her anymore, and that's what
worried Jackie the most. For the last few weeks Donna and Jackie had been
having sex constantly and at the end of each night of passion Donna would
pull Jackie to her, and wrap her arms around her. The brunette had never felt
safer in her life than when she was in her mistress's arms. But that had all
changed after Jackie had sex with Fez. No more mind blowing sex, no more
sleeping in her mistress's arms, God the redhead barely even spoke to her

Part of her was terrified that her mistress was going to break up with her
and was taking her somewhere where she wouldn't be able to make a scene.
After the past few weeks Jackie genuinely didn't see how she could possibly
go on without her mistress in her life and she knew that if the redhead chose
to break her heart tonight it would destroy her. But her mistress had told
her she loved her and if she cared about Jackie even half as much as Jackie
cared about her than she would never let her go.

Finally the car came to a stop, where Jackie couldn't say.

"Keep the blindfold on and stay there." Donna ordered her bitch as she got
out of the car and moved around to help Jackie out.

Holding Jackie by the hand Donna led her to their destination and told her,
"Ok, you can remove the blindfold now."

Jackie did as she was told and was blown away by what she saw. They were in
a clearing on top of some kind of mountain or a large hill. There were trees
surrounding them but when she looked down Jackie could clearly see all of
point place stretched out before her. In the distance the sun was slowly
setting creating a breathtaking display of colours in the clear sky above.

Turning to her mistress Jackie saw the redhead was holding a hamper and
smiling at her, "I thought we could have a picnic, you know, just the two of

"Oh mistress... I... I don't know what to say." said Jackie, unable to find
the words to do justice to this moment.

"Well, if you don't like it we could always do something else." said Donna,
misreading the signs.

"Oh God no mistress, I love it." said Jackie, fighting back the urge to throw
herself into her mistress's arms.

"Good..." Donna said as the girls exchanged a warm smile and more than a hint
of sexual tension, "there's a blanket back in the car for us to sit on. Why
don't you be a good little girl and go get it for me."

Jackie excitedly scampered off to do as her mistress told her.

Donna unconsciously licked her lips as she watched her bitch's cute little
butt wiggle as she left. Her sexual desires for her friend were becoming
unquenchable and she found herself hungering for Jackie's body every second
of every day. The last few weeks had been amazing, but there were some
questions in the back of the redhead's mind which she felt needed to be
answered. The problem was she feared the answers, because those answers
could either strengthen her relationship with Jackie, or break them apart.
In reality she didn't want to even ask these questions so great was her fear
of losing Jackie, but if she didn't she might be running the risk of losing
her anyway. Donna's only saving grace was that if Jackie loved her half as
much as she loved Jackie then they could withstand anything.

When Jackie returned Donna silently motioned her to lay the blanket down on
the grass so they could face the sunset while eating. They watched as the sun
slowly fell over the horizon and night fell over point place. With the hustle
and bustle of their daily lives neither girl had taken the time to watch the
sunset properly before and found it to be stunningly beautiful and
overwhelmingly romantic. It was the first time they've ever sat in silence
before and while Jackie was loving the opportunity to be so close to her
mistress, Donna's mind was racing as she tried to decide how best to approach
something that might destroy this wonderful new relationship and in doing so
destroy her.

Donna turns to look at the woman who had forever changed her life. She seemed
to radiate in the moon light and Donna became lost in her beauty.

She is finally awoken by Jackie who had become concerned why her mistress was
staring at her in such a way, "Mistress... Are you ok?"

"I'm... I'm fine..." Donna said, searching for the right words.

Silence fell between them, but unlike before this was uncomfortable.

After a while Jackie finally broke the silence, "Mistress... can I ask you


"Mistress is this... is this a... is this a date?" Jackie asked, failing to
meet her mistress's eyes.

"........ do you want it to be?" asked Donna.

"More than anything else in the world mistress." said Jackie looking up to
stare deeply into the redhead's eyes.

"Then it's a date then." Donna said giving Jackie a smile that warmed her
submissive heart.

Again there was silence.

Gathering up all of her courage Donna said slowly and carefully, Jackie...
I'm going to ask you some questions... and when I do I don't want you to give
me an answer you think I want to hear. I want you to answer me honestly as
yourself, not as my bitch... do you understand?"

"Yes mistress."

"And don't call me mistress."

"Yes mis... I mean yes... Donna."

Donna let out a sigh and took a moment to try and choose the right words.
Finally she said, "Jackie... I love you but over the past two weeks I have
beaten and abused you and I can't understand why you would keep coming back
to me after the way I've treated you."

"... I keep coming back because I love you."

"But why? Why do you love me? After everything I've done to you... how could
you? How could you love me?" yelled Donna in frustration.

Looking at Donna in disbelief Jackie said, "How could I not? Don't you have
any idea what you've done for me? You've set me free. For the first time in
my life I feel at peace. Your a kind, loving, passionate and beautiful person
and if anything the real question is how could you love me? How can you love
me after what I've done?"

"Oh and what have you done Jackie." growled Donna, her temper flaring.

Since becoming Donna's bitch Jackie had stopped her argumentative ways. At
this moment they were back with a vengeance, "Well let's see now, I've spent
years treating you and everyone around me like crap. I've constantly insulted
you to your face and behind your back. I've gone out of my way to let anyone
with less money than me know that there beneath me. And let's face it, I'm an
arrogant, egotistical, self-centred bitch who should have been put in her
place years ago. And after all this time you finally give me the punishment I
deserve and you have the audacity to ask me how I can love you?"

"The punishment you deserve?"


"You said I gave you the punishment you deserved. You think you should be
punished?" Donna asked.

Jackie shuffled awkwardly on the blanket but didn't answer.

"Why do you feel that you should be punished Jackie?" Donna pressed, "Answer

"... You wouldn't understand."

"Try me."

Jackie sighed and said, ".... my entire life I've never once been told off.
Growing up my parents were never around. As compensation I was given money...
but I didn't want money... I wanted my parents... I wanted a family. I try to
be good but I didn't get any attention. And then I started doing bad things.
It was mostly just little things, like insulting the help and pushing people
over. One time I was even arrested for shoplifting but my parents did what
they always do, they threw money at it and it went away. Eventually I came to
the conclusion that I was untouchable, that no matter what I did I could do
no wrong. But some part of me, deep down, knew I was doing bad things. The
truth is I've hated myself for almost my entire life. But then you spanked
me... you actually spanked me. For the first time in my life I was actually
punished. For the first time in what feels like forever I didn't hate myself.
For the first time in my life I had inner peace. When I'm with you Donna, I
feel free, and if you can 't handle that please tell me now before I fall any
more in love with you."

Jackie burst into tears but before the first drop could run all the way down
her face Donna had pulled her into her arms, and said, "Jackie, I'd rather
die than lose you now. You have no idea how much you mean to me. I always
knew there was a side of you that you didn't let anyone see and if I helped
you to come out... I mean if I've helped you to achieve a better
understanding of yourself then it makes me want to be with you even more. But
I just think we need to make sure that this is something we both want because
if it isn't then I want to find out now so I might have a faint hope of being
able to survive without... without you..."

"I want this... I want us... I want you... and I don't understand why you
even need to question this... I mean... if you love me like you say you do
then why do you need to ask these questions?" Jackie asked, still whimpering
into Donna's shoulder.

"I want this too, and I don't want to ask these questions but I think I need
to ask them, I think we need to ask them. We need to try and get a better
understanding of what's happened to us. I mean, one day we're just regular
Donna and Jackie and everything is normal. And now all of a sudden I'm
mistress Donna and your my bitch and we're having this mind blowingly
wonderful sex. I think we need to ask each other some questions and answer
honestly. Before I had no idea why you or anyone would like to be spanked
but now I understand, and I'm ok with it. But I still don't understand after
everything that I've done to you that you could love me. You have no idea
how guilty I've been feeling lately, and I just want you to know that I am
so, so sorry."

Jackie lifted her head up and looked into Donna's eyes, "Please Donna, don't
be sorry. You can be anything you want to be just please don't be sorry.
Don't be sorry about what we've done together because I'm not sorry for a
single second of it."

Realising what Jackie thought she had said Donna quickly said, "No Jackie,
please don't think I'm sorry for being with you because I'm not, I'm only
sorry for the way I've been treating you. I know why you want it, now but I
didn't know for the last two weeks, and I abused you anyway and I have no
idea why."

"... You don't know... or you don't want to tell me." Jackie said truly
questioning her mistress for the first time in a long time.

"... I... I... I don't think... you'd..."


".... Yes...."

"Try me."

Donna sighed and said, "It was never about hurting you."

"I never thought for a second it was."

"..... My parents broke up and got back together constantly before my Mom
finally left. I tried to talk to Eric about it but he just doesn't get it.
And I love Eric but we're so different. He's already got his future planned
out and it involves me being a baby machine for him and that's not what I
want. I want to do something with my life but I don't know what and it scares
me that I don't know what I'm doing, it makes me feel so... out of control.
When I was younger I quickly learned by playing games like football and
basketball that I liked being in control. Moving around with the ball,
dodging opponents, trying to score, being the centre of attention, knowing
that the fate of that game rested on my shoulders, it all made me feel so
powerful... so alive... so in control. But lately I've never felt more out
of control. But when I'm with you Jackie, none of that other stuff matters
and it's just you and me. For the first time in so long I feel I'm in control
and it feels wonderful." Donna turns to look deep into Jackie's eyes and
said, "You told me that I set you free, well the truth is Jackie you're the
one who set me free. And how have I repaid you; I've spanked you, which ok
now I know you like but again I didn't before, I've made you lick me, I've
called you names, I've shoved a dildo up your ass for God sakes. After doing
all that to you can you really say that you don't hate me?"

"Donna Pinciotti I love, worship and adore you and I could never ever hate
you. After everything I've done I deserves spanking and verbal abuse and as
for the... as for the pussy licking and butt fucking... I... I liked it."
Jackie said, blushing from head to toe, "I never thought I'd like something
like that... I mean you know, it seems so gross and stuff, but... it felt
so... good... so right. I mean... the first time I tasted your pussy it was
like I'd found heaven on earth in between your thighs. I don't think I could
ever get enough of eating you out. And as for when you butt fucked me...oh
my god, I swear I've never cum so hard in my life. I mean sure it hurt at
first, but then it started to feel good... and then it started to feel...
awesome. Ever since you shoved a dildo up my butt I've been craving anal sex.
Ever since you shoved a dildo up my butt my butt has been craving anal sex.
My butt, along with all my other unworthy orifices, craves you Donna

Donna licks her lips subconsciously as she moves closer to Jackie. Her
bitch's words have set a fire inside her and she feels the need to be close
to her beloved brunette. Both girls close their eyes as their lips meet for
a soft, tender kiss. Donna tries to keep the kiss is gentle as possible but
she just couldn't resist slipping her tongue inside her bitch's mouth. A
battle starts between the two tongues which, although starts off soft, soon
turns into a passionate battle for dominance. Donna slowly pushes Jackie
down to the grass and mounds her, pressing her body onto hers, and slowly
began to rub herself against her bitch.

Donna finally broke the lip lock and began to kiss her way down Jackie's
neck. Normally Jackie would have craved this, and her entire body did, but
Donna's words had opened a floodgate of emotions inside her and there was
more she wanted to ask... there was more she needed to know.

Summoning all of her willpower and self-control Jackie asked, "What about our

What a mood killer...

Donna looked up, "What?"

"What about our boyfriends... you said we would tell them about us and they
could either accept that and be with us or we would be together without
them... but it's been two weeks and we still haven't told them..."

Donna sighed and sat up, "... I guess as long as I'm going to tell Eric I can
keep him and still have you... but if and when I tell him than I run the risk
of losing him... and more importantly... I might run the risk of losing you."

"... I feel the same way about Stephen... but Donna... you'll never ever
going to lose me. I'll always be yours. No matter what happens... I'll always
love you."

Donna looked into Jackie's eyes and saw nothing but love and compassion,
"... when do you want to tell them?"

"Whenever you're ready."

"I don't think I'll ever be, so you choose. When you're ready, tell me, and
then we'll tell them together, ok?"

"Ok." Jackie thought for a minute before she said, "Donna... over the past
few weeks you have made me feel so much better about myself... I have found
an inner piece with you that I didn't think was possible... but sometimes I
feel like it... isn't enough... the punishment isn't enough. Don't get me
wrong, when you spank me and boss me around I feel free... but after
everything I've done... and after all the people I emotionally hurt I feel
I need to do something to make it better... I feel we need to do something
to make it better..."

"Like what?"

"I don't know..." Jackie said, choosing her next words very carefully,
desperately trying not to upset the woman she loved, "I used to be so rude to
Fez... behind his back more than to his face... and I teased him constantly
for my own amusement... but after being with him... I don't feel so guilty
about what I did to him any more..."

"So what... you want to sleep with everyone in point place to make you feel
better about yourself?" Donna said, a mixed look of hurt and anger on her

"Yes... no... I don't know... I don't know what I'm feeling... I don't know
what I'm thinking... I don't know whether I'm straight... or gay... or even
who I am... I just don't know... I don't know anything anymore..." Jackie
said, tears running down her face again, "all I know is I have never been
more happy than I am with you..."

Donna pulled Jackie tightly to her again and comforted her as she cried.

Donna gave Jackie a few moments to let her emotions out before saying, "What
do you want me to do?"

"That's just it... I don't know... I don't know what would make this all
better... I don't know... I don't know anything... the only thing I know
is when I'm with you I'm happy and when you're punishing me I feel free...
maybe... maybe you could do something..."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean you could do something... no... I want you to do something... I want
you to do something that will make this feeling of guilt go away."

"Like what?"

"I don't know... I love what you do to me... but sometimes... sometimes I
wish you were a little more... rough with me..."

"You want me to be more rough with you?"

"Yes... is that weird? Do you hate me for wanting that?"

"Jackie, I could never ever hate you... it's just... I'm not sure what to

"I don't know either... something... anything... just pleased Donna... take
my pain away... I want you to take my pain away..."

Donna bit her lip, the pain of her next words hurting her before they even
came out, "... if I do... will you need me any more?"

"Of course I'll need you... how can you think I ever won't need you?" Jackie
asked, unable to comprehend not wanting or needing her mistress Donna, "I
love you. I need you in my life and I always will. I just need you to
alleviate my suffering a little more... ok?"

"Ok... but I'm still not sure what you want me to do..."

I'm not sure either... so... just do something ok..."

"Ok... but if you don't like it or you're in any way uncomfortable with it
you have to tell me ok... and that goes for anything else we do together...
I love you Jackie and I don't want to hurt you."

"I love what we do together and I don't think you could ever truly hurt me,
which is one of the many, many things I love about you."

The girls exchange a smile before Donna asks, "Why did you start talking
about the need to be punished when we were talking about what to do about
our boyfriends?"

Jackie took a deep breath and said, "Because first I want you to somehow
punish me for things that I've done... something more than just tanning my
bottom red with your bare hand. Then I'll be ready to tell Stephen and Eric
about us... is that ok?"

"That's ok... we'll tell them after..."

The sentence was left open because Donna really didn't have any idea what it
was Jackie wanted her to do or what she could do to this woman without truly
hurting her. Donna's mind began to race as she began to think of some place
or someone she could go to for advice but before she got the chance to come
up with a good idea she was woken from her thoughts by Jackie.


"Yes Jackie."

"Are we gay?"


"I mean... I don't want to lose Stephen and you obviously don't want to lose
Eric and I enjoyed having sex with Fez... but whatever I had with Michael,
Stephen and Fez can in no way compare to what I have with you and I'm
afraid... no not afraid... I'm... I'm just... I don't know what I am... I
just... I'm not sure... what I am any more... you know?"

"I know exactly how you feel Jackie... I love what I have with Eric... and
enjoy being with him... but being with you is so... different... in such a
good way... and it's scary... it's really, really scary... but if we stay
together I think we can get through this... we might not even have to lose
what we have with Eric and Hyde if we're lucky. But we have to play our
cards right, ok? Both of our guys might get jealous at the thought of us
together... but if we can sit down with them and slowly talk them into it
we might be able to keep them as well... and that's what we want... right?"

"... right..."

Silence fell over the girls once again.

Jackie admired the beautiful view of the place that Donna had brought her
too. From where they were sitting they could see the whole of point place
which was now lit up by thousands of street and household lights. Hundreds
may be thousands of people just going about their business unaware that two
girls were watching them from afar.

It was a clear night and the brunette could see every single star in the sky.
She spent some time counting them before focusing her attention on the moon
and how it's light shined down upon them, illuminating them in moon light.

"It's all so... beautiful." Jackie said as she took in the breathtaking

"It sure is..." said Donna, who's eyes had never left the brunette.

Jackie blushed when she realised that Donna was talking about her, but then
she turned to look at her mistress and was taken aback by just how truly
beautiful the redhead was.

As she thought about her mistress Jackie remembered another fear she had in
her mind which she couldn't stop herself from expressing, "... Donna..."

"Yes Jackie..."

"Don't you think it's a bit risky to be here?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean... this is a pretty romantic spot... and I'm sure lots of people come
here... how did you know we would be alone tonight?"

"I didn't... but lots of couples come here to see the sunset and since no one
else has shown up we'll probably be ok... besides... there's supposed to be
some big movie coming out today and everyone wants to go and see it... don't
worry... will be fine..."

"There's something else..."

"And what's that Jackie?"

"... what we're doing... well it's... it's... it's illegal here... society
says it's wrong and the church says it's a sin... to and... and... I don't
know..." Jackie trailed off, unsure what she was saying, and certainly not
liking what she was saying.

Donna took a deep breath, cupped Jackie's face so the brunette was looking
directly into her eyes and said, "Jackie... I want you to listen very
carefully to me... I don't give a fuck whether this is legal or not. I don't
give a fuck whether society or the church thinks it's wrong. As far as I'm
concerned nothing that could feel this good could ever be wrong, and if it
is then I don't ever want to be right. And as far as it being a sin...
firstly, I don't see how it could be... secondly, if it is, I would burn for
you. For you Jackie... I would happily burn."

"I'd burn for you too Donna!" Jackie said, a small smile creeping across her

The sentiment was twisted and yet somehow romantic... actually their entire
relationship was twisted and yet somehow romantic.

"There is nothing I wouldn't do for you... you're my world and I couldn't
imagine life without you..." Donna said, taking Jackie's hand into hers and
saying what was in her heart, "... I love you Jackie Burkhardt."

"I love you too Donna Pinciotti."

Donna smiled at Jackie and said something she'd wanted to say for two weeks,
"Will you be my girlfriend?"

"What!" Jackie gasped, not quite believing what she'd just heard.

"Will you be my girlfriend... as well as my bitch... I mean you don't have
too if you don't want to... I just thought..."

"Oh Donna, I want to be your girlfriend more than anything else in the

Donna smile could have lit up a stadium, "So... we're girlfriends now?"

"We're girlfriends."

The setting, the words, and the emotion behind them all caught up with the
girls and they fell into each other's arms, their lips crashing together in
a passionate kiss. Before she knew it Jackie was on her back on the ground,
her tongue fighting for survival in her own mouth as her girlfriend
effortlessly began to strip her of her clothes.

The kiss was broken momentarily as Donna pulled off Jackie's top and then her
own before she captured her girlfriend's lips with hers once again. As she
un-hooked and removed Jackie's bra the brunette did the same. They kicked off
their shoes at the same time as they both reached for the buttons to their
pants. They unbuttoned quickly and pushed their pants and panties as far down
their legs as possible before kicking them off the rest of the way.

The girls were very pleased to have been able to only have to break their
kiss once to remove their clothes but now other places needed the soft caress
of each other's lips.

Donna kissed down Jackie's jaw line, down her neck and upper chest until
she reached her girlfriend's pert breasts. Taking one of the already erect
nipples into her mouth Donna gently sucked on it, using her tongue to roll
it and coated with saliva before moving to the other nipple and repeating
the process. She used one hand to massage the other breast and the other to
press the nipple she was sucking on into her mouth. Jackie sighed and stroked
her mistress/girlfriend's hair lovingly as Donna wonderfully tortured her for
a few minutes before slowly kissing her way down her flat stomach towards the
treasure between her thighs.

When she reached her destination Donna took a few moments to study just how
beautiful her girlfriend was down there before she began to lower her face
and extend her tongue.

But before the first lick Jackie said, "Please... Donna... I need you too..."

Quickly realising what Jackie meant Donna crawled on her knees up and
sideways until her pussy was hovering over her girlfriend's cunt hungry
mouth. Before she got the chance to lower herself Jackie reached out,
grabbed her butt cheeks and pulled her down to her face, burying her
tongue inside her dripping wet hole.

"Jackie... no... stop..." said Donna looking down at Jackie.

As soon as she heard those words Jackie stopped and looked at her
mistress/girlfriend with a worried expression on her face, "Did I... did
I... did I do something wrong?"

"No Jackie, that was wonderful, but we’re in no hurry. We're in the middle of
nowhere and it's just us. There's no one around for miles. We have all night
so don't rush this ok?"

"Ok." Jackie said who then took a minute to study the delicacy that had been
placed in front of her.

Jackie had got so used to burying her tongue as deep inside her mistress's
cunt the second it was placed in front of her she had forgotten how beautiful
it was. As she stared at it Jackie fell in love with Donna's pussy all over

Finally the brunette extended her tongue and gave one slow, long lick of
her girlfriend's core. The flavour set her taste buds on fire and she had to
fight herself not to just devour the juicy cunt that had been put in front of
her. But she managed to remind herself that Donna, the woman she loved with
all her heart, wanted a nice long pussy licking. That thought managed to keep
her in line as she began to gently lap at the centre of her girlfriend's joy.

With Jackie gently eating her out Donna focused all her efforts on bringing
pleasure to her girlfriend and her delicious pussy. She slowly caressed the
lips with her tongue, every so often stopping to tease the clit or to give
one long lick down the centre of her girlfriend's cunt. Sometimes she'd even
gently press her tongue into Jackie's wet hole, teasing but never quite
achieving penetration. All this was driving Jackie wild and Donna had planned
to do this to her girl for hours if possible but the problem was that her
bitch was doing the exact same thing to her and the redhead didn't know how
much she could last.

It almost became a contest between the two lovers to see who would start
tongue fucking the other first. They used every trick they had picked up over
the past two weeks to make the other break first or make them orgasm trying.

The gentle teasing felt like it went on for an eternity. How long for sure,
neither girl could say.

Locked in this intimate lesbian embrace time lost all meaning. Minutes,
hours, days could have gone past and neither girl would have noticed. The
entire world now involved around each other's cunts and a overwhelming
desire to bring pleasure to them.

Finally the desire became too great and Jackie and Donna simultaneously
buried their tongues as deep into each other as they possibly could.
Closing their mouths around the dripping holes the girls began to slowly
and passionately tongue fuck one another towards the inevitable conclusion
of their 69.

It was only the thought that her mistress Donna wanted a slow and gentle
pussy eating that was able to stop Jackie from giving her girlfriend the
frantic tongue fucking she so wanted to give her. Donna's juices were
driving her crazy and she knew they were just the appetiser. Just the
thought of the creamy strawberry flavoured cum that would be her reward
for pleasing her girlfriend's pussy made Jackie salivate and want to use
every trick she had learnt about making her mistress cum so she might
drink the sweet nectar that was pure Donna. But her desire to please her
mistress outweighed her craving for her cum, but only just.

Meanwhile Donna was herself slowly trying to increase the pace of the tongue
fucking so she could keep the romance of the situation and still have her
sweet bitch's juice and a nice hard orgasm in the process. The taste of her
girlfriend's cunt was driving the redhead insane with lust and it was a
miracle she had lasted this long.

The slow build up had been torturous but soon it would be all worth it.

Donna could tell she was going to cum and cum hard soon but she wanted to be
able to send Jackie over the edge at the same time if not first.

Jackie had slowly copied her movements and now their tongues were moving like
a blur inside each other, the loud sucking noises created from them slurping
up each other's juices echoing throughout the mountainside.

At the height of their passion both girls, as if moving as one, lubed the
index finger of their right hand in pussy juice before slowly sliding it
inside the others ass hole.

The second the digits were into the knuckle inside their back passages the
girls simultaneously experience their first orgasm of the night, their juice
pouring into each other's mouths and down their throats. Neither girl slowed
their pace and they were able to quickly squeeze another climax out of their
lover followed by another and another and another.

They quickly lost count of how many orgasms they had both received but that
didn't matter to them at this point. All that mattered was to bring the other
pleasure and of course to swallow the liquidy reward of their efforts.

Finally when her mouth was sore and her tongue felt like it was going to
fall off Donna lifted herself off Jackie, who whimpered at the loss of her
mistress/girlfriend's pussy, turned herself around and collapse on top of
the brunette in a sweaty heap.

They lay there for a while, desperately trying to regain their strength but
at the same time very aware of each other's bodies pressed up against each

As her strength returned Donna slid her hand down until she could slip two of
her fingers into Jackie's soaking wet pussy.

Jackie moaned with pleasure as her mistress filled her. She was complete
again. Staring into her mistress's eyes she saw nothing but love and
compassion staring back at her. Those eyes captivated and enslaved her. If
she hadn't been so devoted to this woman before she certainly would have
been now.

Donna almost didn't want to continue and break this perfect moment, but her
own lust for her girl drove her over the edge. Unable to stop herself she
began to slowly thrust her fingers in and out of her girlfriend's sweet
little pussy.

The pleasure of her mistress moving inside her was overwhelming. Jackie could
have so easily slipped into the pleasure and become lost in it, but she found
herself really bothered by the fact that Donna wasn't receiving any pleasure
from this. Jackie wanted, no she needed to give pleasure back.

Slowly placing her hand on her mistress's body, Jackie slowly slid it
downwards until it reached the centre of the redhead's being. Donna's
breathing became heavier and Jackie searched her mistress's eyes for any
signs that she should stop what she was doing. Seeing none she slowly
pushed two of her fingers past her mistress's pussy lips and into her
tight channel. She was unable to stop a smile crossing her face as the
powerful woman she had come to call mistress moaned from her touch.

Donna's eyes never left Jackie's as they began to match each other thrust for
thrust inside each other's wet holes.

Feeling adventurous, Donna slowly slid a third finger into Jackie, making
sure to check her eyes for even a flicker of pain or discomfort. All the
redhead saw in Jackie's eyes were an increase in wonderment and sexual
desire. Moments later Donna felt a third finger had been added to her own
centre which the redhead was more than ready for.

Jackie had been afraid that trying to insert her unworthy fingers inside her
mistress's beautiful cunt would have angered the redhead. Luckily for her it
had only seemed to increase her mistress's desire for her to the point where
Donna actually push the third finger into her. Taking her chances Jackie had
done the same and much to her delight her mistress then slowly inserted a
fourth finger inside her. She did the same and carefully bawling her fingers
together, much like Donna was doing inside her own eager hole, slowly slid a
fourth finger into the redhead's hungry cunt.

In an attempt to relax each other's finger stuffed holes both girls
frantically rubbed each other's cilt's with their thumbs as they continued
to stare into each other's eyes.

It was so wonderful, so beautiful, so romantic, and yet at the same time it
was so torturous.

Donna and Jackie had never felt so connected to each other and they were
both trying to keep their emotions in check and just enjoy the moment of
love between them but their animal lust for each other was driving them
both insane.

As the pace slowly increased Jackie wrapped her legs around Donna's back
pulling her lover closer with each of the powerful thrusts. As the redhead
thrust inwards the brunette thrust inwards and as the redhead thrust outwards
the brunette thrust outwards their rhythm perfectly matched, the sensations
running through their bodies and the look in each other's eyes driving their
primal needs and urges to the point where they became almost unbearable.

Their eyes were locked together in a mutual understanding of the overwhelming
passion, desire and loved that they shared for each other. Those eyes spoke
of something deep inside them, something primal, something pure.

The world around them had long faded away into background noise. As far as
Donna and Jackie were concerned at this point the only thing that mattered in
the entire world was each other.

What Donna and Jackie were now experiencing was pure animalistic lust and
desire for each other but at the same time there eyes spoke of a love for
each other which an epic novel could not do justice too.

In this moment Donna wanted to know that Jackie was hers. There was part
of her that was worried she was running the risk of ruining the romantic
atmosphere she had managed to create for them, but she didn't care. All she
cared about was being told that this beautiful creature was beyond a shadow
of a doubt hers.

The moonlight, the stars, her mistress's fingers slamming into her pussy,
her fingers slamming into her mistress's pussy, everything just seemed so...
perfect. Jackie just didn't see how anything could be as perfect as this.
But as always just when Jackie didn't think things with Donna could get any
better they did...

"Jackie... are you... my girl..." panted Donna, her fragile mind and
exhausted body struggling to even say that simple sentence.

"... Oh Donna..." Jackie gasped, tears of joy running down her face, "I'm
yours... I'll always be yours... no matter what happens... I'll always be
your bitch... your slut... your girl..."

The moments before their climaxes seem to last forever. In many ways Donna
and Jackie wished they did. They wish they could live in this moment forever,
forever trapped together in a moment of pure love and devotion to each other.
But all too soon the world came crashing down around them. The world felt
like it was ending in a series of explosions which rocked their bodies.

In reality the world wasn't ending, they were just cumming together, the
whole time staring into each other's eyes as they surrendered themselves to
each other, their pussies covering their hands with their love juice.

As they finally lay still, panting and exhausted, they used the last few
ounces of their strength to bring their hands up to each other's faces and
licked the creamy reward of their sex off each other's fingers, their eyes
locked together like the idea of breaking eye contact with each other was
unbearable. As they finished their feast of pussy the girl’s almost endless
sexual appetite was momentarily satisfied and all they were left with was
their love for each other. Staring into each other's eyes they said the only
thing that they could possibly say...

"... I love you Jackie." Donna said voicing what her heart knew to be true
with every fibre of her being.

"I love you too Donna." Jackie said the words coming from the very deepest
part of her heart and soul.

When she was able Donna rolled Jackie and herself so that she was on her back
cradling the girl that meant the world to her to her bosom. They lay there
for a long time looking up at the stars and contemplating the series of
events which brought them together. There were still doubts and questions
about their future but right now none of that mattered. All that mattered was
that they were together and they were happy. Whatever the future held they
would face it together.

To be continued...


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