Disclaimer: This is a That 70's Show fan fiction story based when Jackie
moved in with Donna in Season 5. I do not own the characters in That 70's
Show and have no association with anyone involved in the show. Both the
girls are 18 or over.

Keywords: M/F/F, BDSM, Toys, Oral, Language, Rim, spank, anal, TV-parody

That '70s Show: Donna's Bitch Part 4
by MTL ([email protected])

It was another typical day in Eric Foreman's basement. The gang was hanging
out doing the thing they most like to do in the basement... watching TV.
Well, maybe it was one of the things they most like to do in the basement.

The gang was all there... except for one...

"Where the hell is Fez?" asked Eric, as he looked around just noticing his
foreign friend was gone.

"I think he said something about getting something to eat." said Hyde
nonchalantly, not even bothering to look in Eric's general direction.

"All right, but he better not be looking through my sisters things again."
grumbled Eric.

"Hay, remember that time we found him rubbing himself on Laurie's bed?" Kelso

"And that time we found him sniffing her underwear?" Hyde chuckled.

Guys seriously, cut it out!" yelled Eric. He hated it when they talked about
his sister in this way. Eric hated Laurie with every fibre of his being, but
the one thing he hated more than her was having his friends talk about her
in a sexual way.

Donna sighed. Another typical day in Eric's basement indeed. Same thing over
and over. When we these guys going to grow up.

She stood up and made her way over to the stairs. Before she even reached the
first step Eric called out to her, "Where are you going?"

"I need to use the bathroom, if that's ok with you?" Donna said

"Oh great, I'll come with you." said Jackie jumping up.

"You want to come with me... to the bathroom?"

"Yes, I've got some things to talk to you about in private."

"Fine come on then." Donna sighed as she began to walk up the stairs.

"Hay, you girls take all the time you need to 'talk' in the bathroom." said
Hyde, smiling at his own innuendo.

"Yeah, be sure to have a long hard 'talking' session." laughed Eric.

"Yeah, and while you're at it you guys could have sex!" Kelso said with his
trademark big grin on his face. The grin was knocked off his face by the
other two guys slapping back his head in punishment for his stupidity.
"Owww, was that for?"

"For being a dumb ass!" said Hyde.

"Whatever, you guys are disgusting." said Donna, managing to reach the top of
the stairs before they could see her smile.

"Yeah, disgusting." said Jackie who was also able to hide her smile as she
followed her mistress up the stairs.

* * *

The second the bathroom door was closed the girl's fell into each other's
arms. Donna kissed Jackie passionately, her hands running all over her body.
But only a few seconds into the kiss there was a loud crashing sound. The
girl's immediately broke apart and stared in the direction of the noise.

There, laying dazed in the bathroom tiled rubbing his head was their friend

Before he had the chance to say something Donna walked over to him and knelt
down so that she could look him directly in the eye.

"Fez, look at me," said Donna who waited until Fez was giving her his full
attention before continuing, "I want you to take a moment to think about
this, really think about this. You could yell and scream and then tell
everyone about what you just saw. But what do you gain from that Fez? For
one thing it's our word against yours and our boyfriends are more likely to
believe as than you. And even if they believe you chances are that they'll
partially blame you if only because you were the one to tell them. But if
you keep your mouth shut maybe we can come to some kind of arrangement..."

Fez lay there staring blankly for the longest of time. There was something
captivating in Donna's eyes which made him wonder what she meant by
'arrangement'. Before he had a chance to ask about it there was a knock at
the door.

"Is whoever is in their ok? I heard a crash?" came the voice of Eric's mother
Kitty Foreman through the door.

"I'm fine," yelled Donna, "I just tripped."

"Oh do you want me to get some ointment or something?"

"No, I'll be fine, thank you."

"Ok than." Kitty said, as she walked away happily.

When she was gone, Donna turned back to Fez and said, "Come round my house
tonight at nine. My dad will be leaving for his weekly card game and will
probably let you in as he leaves. Tell him that I'm actually expecting you
this time. If you don't tell anyone about what you saw and show up I promise
that I'll make it worth it for you. Do you understand?"

When Fez nodded silently, Donna got up open the door to check that Kitty was
gone and there was no one else there before escorting Fez out and closing the
door behind him.

* * *

Jackie sat silently on the bed watching as her mistress reapplied her makeup
and lipstick in preparation for whatever she had planned for their foreign

After the incident with Fez the girls had waited in the bathroom for a short
time before going back downstairs to Eric's basement to join the rest of the
gang. They had sat there for a few hours acting as normal is possible.
Luckily Eric, Kelso and Hyde hadn't really noticed that the other half of the
group hadn't said that much for the rest of the evening.

In fact the girls hadn't spoken to each other since they had been discovered
and it was really beginning to worry Jackie. She was also worried what her
mistress had meant when she told Fez that she would 'make it worth it for
him' if he was to keep quiet about the true nature of their relationship.

Unable to take the silence anymore Jackie blurted out, "Mistress... what are
we going to do about Fez?"

Donna turned to her pet and said simply, "I'm going to convince him not to
tell anyone about us."

"I know mistress... it's just... how are you planning to do that?" Jackie
asked, afraid that she already knew the answer. When Donna looked away from
her it told Jackie all she needed to know, "No mistress, you can't do that."

"I have to Jackie or Fez will tell everyone about us."

"But you can't do that to Eric. You love him and it would hurt you if you did
that to him."

"Jackie, if I don't we'll be outed and we'll lose everything, and besides
I've already been cheating on Eric for weeks now."

Donna instantly regretted saying those words when she saw the hurt look on
her bitch's face. But it was true though, if Fez started telling people about
what he saw she could lose Eric, and more importantly she could lose Jackie.
Although it didn't come out the way she wanted it too. But the thing that
bothered Donna the most was the fact that until she had said it she hadn't
thought of being with Jackie as cheating on Eric. But now she had said that
she'd was flooded by mixed feelings. She felt guilty for betraying her
boyfriend, but she couldn't even pretend to regret a single moment of it.

Her mistress's words cut into Jackie like a knife wound. Was her mistress
beginning to regret being with her? Would she leave her for that scrawny
little man? Or worse, would she pretend like nothing had ever happened
between them, like these last few wonderful weeks never happened? Why would
her mistress say something like that if she truly loved her? What she
beginning to think of her as a burden? Was she getting bored of her? Was
her mistress going to abandon her, dump her as if she was garbage?

No, Jackie couldn't let that happen. She had to show her mistress that she
was worth something. Maybe if she could prevent her from cheating on Eric
than her mistress would keep her.

"Mistress, I agree that we should try and bribe Fez with something, but I
don't see why we can't just give him money. I mean it's not like I don't
have any or anything."

"Jackie, if we give Fez money he'll spend it quickly and within a week he
will either get sloppy and accidentally tell someone or he'll get greedy and
asked for more money. We need to give him some incentive to keep quiet for
as long as possible. The best way to do that is if I have sex with him once
and then plant the idea in his head that if he keeps quiet it might happen
again." still saying that hurt in her pet eyes Donna then said, "Jackie, its
Fez. I'll just give him a quick blow job and maybe let him spend a few
minutes inside me and then it will be done and we can go back to the way
things were before tonight."

Jackie took in what her mistress had to say, took a deep breath and said
"You're right mistress, but you shouldn't be the one to do it. You love Eric
too much, and besides, you're the mistress here and I'm the bitch so I should
be the one to do it."

Donna stared at Jackie for a few moments before opening her mouth to speak.
Before she got the chance their was a knock at the door.

"Hello... it's me... Fez... you said I should come here... now... Bob let
me in... he's gone by the way... erm... is anyone there... hello..." the
slightly muffled voice of Fez came through the door.

Donna wondered what she should do. She didn't want to cheat on Eric, but
while she had no desire to see Jackie cheat on her boyfriend, it certainly
wasn't the main reason why she didn't want Jackie to sleep with Fez. It
barely came second. But before she got the chance to analyse it Jackie got
up and opened the door to let Fez in.

"Hay Fez, come in, we were just talking about you."

“Thank you..." Fez said handing Jackie the flowers he had bought. Jackie put
them to one side and watched to see what her mistress would do.

"Take a seat Fez." Donna said pointing to a chair that was set up in front of
her bed. When Fez sat in the chair, Donna sat on the bed in front of him and
motioned for Jackie to join her. When the girls sat comfortably in front of
their foreign friend Donna said, "Ok Fez, here's the deal, Jackie and I
are... together and we have no intention of stopping... being together. We
are going to tell Eric and Hyde, just not yet. We know they're both your best
friends so we have a compromise."

Donna turns to look at Jackie studying her face. She desperately looked for
some sign that Jackie can do this, which would give her an excuse to do it
instead, the brunette's face was a mask of unreadable calm.

Jackie assuming the way her mistress was looking at her was a sign that she
should say something so she said, "Fez, my mistress Donna and I were talking
and we agreed that I'll fuck you if you keep quiet."

"Really... ok!" Fez says excitedly.

"But if we do this then there is some rules you will need to abide by. First
of all you do everything that my mistress Donna tells you to do without
question ok?"


"And you can't ask or request any thing. You'll get what we give you and like
it!" said Donna, taking over.


"And you can only cum three times."

"Ok... wait what?"

"Those are the rules. You get to cum three times and then you get out. I
think that's more than generous considering the circumstances," Donna said,
"after all its our word against yours and like I said before our boyfriends
are more likely to believe us than you."

"Ok... but... then why bother with this?" Fez said, immediately regretting
questioning his good fortune.

"Because Fez, we both love our boyfriends very much and we don't want them
to get hurt. When we're ready to tell them we'll tell them, but we don't
know when that will be. And when we do finally tell them we don't want them
to be hearing about it for the second time. Can you imagine how it would look
if you told them we were sleeping together and then we denied it only later
to tell them that it was actually true? It would only make the situation
worse than it already is and we don't want that. Do you want that Fez?"


"Good than are you going to agree to our terms?"


"Alright let's get started, take off your clothes."

Fez was a little reluctant at first to take off his things. He thought this
might be some kind of trick. Maybe it was all set up and the other guys are
going to jump out and take pictures of him naked. But when he finally pulled
his pants down revealing his whole naked body there was no friends jumping
out of him, no pictures, no joke. Just him standing naked in the middle of
Donna's room. The fact that he was naked and the other two girls were fully
close was a little unnerving.

"So... how are we going to...

Before Fez could finish his sentence Jackie grab the back of his head with
both hands and pulled his head down to meet her lips in a passionate kiss.
When she thrust her tongue into his mouth Jackie was surprised to find that
Fez was actually a pretty good kisser. She found it particularly impressive
because he was up against some pretty stiff competition. Both Michael and
Stephen were excellent kissers and her mistress's lips were so soft she
could get lost in them for hours.

Donna was filled with a mixture of emotions as she watched Jackie and Fez go
at it. She and Jackie had always talked about sharing each other with other
men, pacifically with their boyfriends, and it always got her hot and
bothered. But now that it was happening it felt somehow different. It was
hot, and Donna was feeling very aroused, but was also feeling something
else... something that felt like... no that couldn't be it... could it... man
those two are really going at it... what is this sex or a smooch-a-thon...
"Ok Jackie that's enough, now start kissing down his neck."

Jackie did as she was told, breaking the lip lock to kiss down first Fez's
neck then down his chest until she reached his fully erect cock. Fez had been
in a constant state of arousal since he had seen Donna and Jackie kissing
earlier and that combined with Jackie's soft lips all over his body had him
ready for action. Jackie, who was now kneeling down in front of Fez, took his
cock into her right hand and began to stroke it up and down. He let out a
long sigh and she looked up into his eyes before she closed her lips around
the head of his shaft and began to gently suck.

Jackie had always like giving blow jobs. She had been a enthusiastic cock
sucker for both her current and her old boyfriend but since her mistress had
bought that strap on Jackie had gone from being able to give good blow jobs,
to being able to take more dick in and out of her mouth than a street hooker.

With practised ease Jackie lowered her head until Fez's cock hits the back of
her throat then, relaxing her throat muscles Jackie lowered her head further
until her chin was resting against Fez's balls, her nose buried in his pubic
hair and she had the last few inches of her foreign friends cock inside her
mouth. Fez's shaft was a respectable 7 inches long, but Jackie had been
spending the last week learning how to deep throat her mistress's 10 inch
dildo so the spoilt little rich girl had no problems taking every inch
without choking.

Fez couldn't believe that Jackie had taken all of him inside her mouth. Fez's
girlfriend Nina had recently broke up with him and he couldn't help make
comparisons. Nina had been the only one ever to give him a blow job and she
certainly hadn't taken him all the way like this. Of course what happened
next completely blew the poor man's mind.

As she lowered her mouth on Fez's shaft Jackie had only been concentrating on
relaxing her throat muscles, but now she had every single inch of his dick
inside her mouth she began to suck on it with every ounce of energy she had.

A few years ago a lonely Fez had stuck his dick inside a vacuum cleaner. The
highest setting on the turbo suck had absolutely nothing on Jackie's mouth.

Jackie began to move slowly off Fez's dick until their was only the head
inside her mouth, then she slowly lowered her head again until it was
completely buried inside her throat. She began to slowly increase her pace
making sure massage his balls and of course to hungrily suck on the piece
of man meat in her mouth. Loud sucking and slurping noises filled the room
as she bobbed her head on the foreigners juicy cock.

Fez did all he could to prolong this blow job, but it was no use. His young
body was in a constant state of arousal anyway and what he'd seen in the
bathroom had been driving him crazy all day and now these wonderful lips
moving up and down his shaft, those delicate hands cupping his balls sack
and that warm wet sucking mouth sent him crashing over the edge. Screaming
something in his native tongue Fez's balls tightened and he shot the first
spurt of his cum into the back of Jackie's throat. Jackie, who was a cum
guzzling slut for her boyfriends even before her mistress had got that
squirting strap on, swallowed the first shot with ease. To get a better
taste of her foreign friends cum, Jackie quickly pulled back until only the
tip of the shaft was in her mouth. The next few blasts landed on her tongue
and she savoured the taste before happily swallowing. She then milked the
last few ounces of jizz from Fez's now shrinking cock before letting it fall
from her lips.

Looking up at her dazed friend Jackie said "Thank you Fez, can I have

Seeing the look on Fez's face Donna laughed and said, "I think you need to
give Fez a chance to recover after that performance Jackie."

"Ohhh, I wanted more cum." Jackie said like the spoilt brat she truly was.

"I'll tell you what, walk over here, stripped for me and bend over my knee
for your daily spanking and I might consider letting you have some of mine."
said Donna smiling wickedly.

Not needing to be told twice Jackie sat up and started slowly stripping off
her clothes, first her top, then her bra, then her shoes followed finally by
her pants and panties. Fez gasped when he saw the tattoo on Jackie's ass
cheeks. He got a better view of them as Jackie bent over Donna's knee who
was now sitting on the bed.

"Do you like my little pets tattoo Fez?"

"It's... it's very nice." Fez said as the blood started rushing back to his

"It is, isn't it." Donna said as she ran her hand over the soft flesh of
Jackie's buttocks. "It never fails to turn me on looking at my bitch's sweet
little butt, so soft, so spank-able, so mine. Look, it even has my name on
it." with that Donna brought her hand down hard on Jackie's ass cheeks. The
hard smacking sound and Jackie's little yelp of pain echoed throughout the
room. "So Jackie my sweet little bitch, how many spanks do you think I should
give you today?"

"As many as you think I need mistress." said Jackie submissively.

"Good girl, that's right, as many as I think you need. Well, let's see
now..." Donna said thoughtfully as her hands shamelessly groped Jackie's butt
cheeks. "You know Jackie, I think you've been a very good little bitch the
last few days... except when you got us caught because of your lustful lezzie
urges for my body! You know I should punish you harshly for that right?"

"Yes mistress, you should beat my worthless flesh until I'm black and blue."
Jackie whimpered.

"Your right I should... but I won't... do you know why... it's because you
have a loving and forgiving mistress who understands your unquenchable slutty
lesbian need to worship my beautiful body. Because of this your mistress is
willing to only give you 30 spanks, in addition to the 10 spanks for not
calling me mistress of course, for your behaviour today. What do you say to
that slut?"

"Oh thank you mistress, thank you for understanding my slutty lesbian needs.
I'm so sorry that I'm a pussy craving dyke who can't control her slutty
desires for your beautiful body."

"Oh believe me Jackie, when I'm done with your pretty little ass you'll be
sorry, you'll be very very sorry. Now remember to count each of the spanks
and thanked me for each and every one of them. And you better not embarrass
me in front of a friend or I'll double the spanks, and use the crop instead.
Is that clear slut?"

"Yes mistress, Owww one, thank you mistress... Owww two, thank you
mistress... Owww three, thank you mistress... Owww four, thank you
mistress... Owww five, thank you mistress..."

Fez was both frightened and aroused by the sight before him. He had
worshipped both Donna and Jackie from afar for a long time now and now see
them together in this way was an incredible turn on. Not to mention that it
was Jackie, who even though was incredibly attractive was also incredibly
spoilt, who was submitting. But the force of Donna's blows seemed incredibly
harsh and Fez worried about the nature of their relationship. When most
people met him their original opinions of him was that he was weird, but
anyone who took the time to get to know him knew that at heart Fez was a
nice guy, he was just an incredibly horny nice guy. So naturally he was
concerned for his friend, but Jackie wasn't complaining, in fact she seemed
to be raising her ass to meet each of the spanks.

"Owww eleven, thank you mistress... Owww twelve, thank you mistress... Owww
thirteen, thank you mistress... Owww fourteen, thank you mistress... Owww
fifteen, thank you mistress..."

Donna felt like she was having a out of body experience. She was aware that
she was still spanking Jackie but she felt like she couldn't control the
force of the blows. She was blown away by how forceful they were but she
couldn't stop herself. She hadn't spank Jackie this hard since the first
time and that was because she was genuinely angry with her. Of course she is
beginning to realise that she was angry with her now although she shouldn't
be. After all this was the plan, Jackie was going to convince Fez not to say
anything about them by sleeping with him. So why did it feel like Jackie was
cheating on her? She had slept with Eric twice since she and Jackie got
together and hadn't felt guilty at the time... but now... what the hell is
going on with her?

"Owww twenty three, thank you mistress... Owww twenty four, thank you
mistress... Owww twenty five, thank you mistress... Owww twenty six, thank
you mistress... Owww twenty seven, thank you mistress..."

Jackie was really worried. It wasn't the pain, the pain was bearable, very
bearable, pleasurably bearable, but her mistress was obviously upset about
something and Jackie couldn't bear the thought that she might have somehow
upset this woman who she adored with all her heart. As far as Jackie was
concerned if she'd somehow offended or hurt her mistress in any way she
deserve to be punished. In her mind she was a naughty little girl who always
deserved to be punish but now more than ever.

"Owww thirty six, thank you mistress... Owww thirty seven, thank you
mistress... Owww thirty eight, thank you mistress... Owww thirty nine, thank
you mistress... Owww forty, thank you mistress..."

When the spanking was done Donna was overcome by a sense of guilt. Jackie's
butt was now a bright pink and looked very sore. She ran her hand over it in
an attempt to soothe it and heard her pet gasp. Running her hand down between
the brunette's legs Donna couldn't help smiling to herself when she found
that her bitch was soaking wet.

Suddenly remembering Fez was still in the room Donna looked up and smiled at

"As you can see Fez little Jackie here is a total pain slut who actually
likes it when I punish her. When ever I'm done spanking her I can just
slide my fingers into her like a knife through butter." Donna said as she
demonstrated her point by burying her index and middle finger up to the
knuckle inside Jackie's cunt. "See what I mean, like a knife through

Both Jackie and Fez let out a whimper as Donna began to gently finger fuck
her bitch's tight little pussy, her eyes never leaving her light chocolate
skinned friend.

You know Fez, right after I'm done spanking her it doesn't take long for my
little bitch to cum, especially when I finger fuck her hard like this..."
Donna said as she speeded up thrusts to alarming rate before slowing them
down again. "But normally I prefer to take my time when I'm fucking her...
like this... you see Fez? Do you see how my fingers moving slowly and out
of her... you see how her pussy lips of clinching down on my fingers...
trying to keep them inside her... like my beautiful fingers are precious to
her slutty dyke pussy... they are aren't they slut?"

"Yes mistress, you're beautiful fingers are precious to my slutty dyke
pussy." Jackie whimpered in response.

You see what I mean, and that's nothing... watch what happens when I twist
my fingers inside her and rubbed this sensitive area here..." Donna says
wickedly as Jackie frantically writes and moans underneath her as she makes
good on her promise. "This is what I love about fucking my pet... how she
writhes and moans as I play with her. It's so hot to know I can reduce her
spoilt little ass to mush with just my fingers... hey Fez, do you want to
see how easily I can push Jackie over the edge?"

When Fez nodded enthusiastically Donna bent her head down and pressed her
softly lips to Jackie's sore little butt cheeks.

"You see Fez... all it takes... is one little... teeny tiny... thing... to
send her... over the edge..." Donna placed a little kiss on Jackie's buttocks
on each pause, slowly working her way to the puckered treasure that was her
destination. Reaching Jackie's ass-hole Donna licked her lips before pressing
them to her tiny brown hole and shoved her tongue as far inside Jackie's butt
as possible.

At that moment everything caught up to Jackie and she came screaming like a
banshee, pumping herself back on Donna's invading tongue and fingers. The
cock sucking and spanking had made Jackie more than ready for the finger
fucking and with the added stimulation of her mistress's wonderful tongue in
her unworthy ass-hole easily sent her over the edge.

Acting quickly Donna removed her tongue from Jackie's rectum and her fingers
from her pussy so she could move her mouth down to the brunette's cunt and
created a seal over it to prevent any of the yummy girl cum from escaping.
Donna wasn't disappointed as her pet shot its juice down her throat and into
her stomach. When Donna was sure she had swallowed all of the delicious cream
she straightened herself up and licked any remaining liquid off her fingers
before pushing her bitch to the floor.

Staring down at her Donna said, "Well you've cum, Fez has cum, but what about
me? Don't you think that I deserve to cum slut?"

"Yes mistress."

"Well what are you going to do about it bitch?"

"Help you to cum mistress?"

"No you're going to fucking begged me to let you help me cum slut! Now remove
my things!"

"Yes mistress." Jackie said as she got up and assisted her mistress with her

She pulled Donna's top off and then removed her bra. Donna pulled Jackie's
head to her breast as she un-did her pants. The brunette eagerly accepted the
nipple into her mouth and gently sucked on it as she pushed her mistress's
pants and panties down slowly. Donna took some time guiding her pet from one
nipple to the other before sitting back down on the bed and pushed Jackie's
head lower. Jackie eagerly complied, quickly removing her mistress of her
shoes and pulling off her pants and panties. When her mistress was naked
Jackie began to kiss slowly up the redhead's thighs until she reached her own
personal paradise.

Jackie breezed in the sweet smell of her mistress before remembering her
words and saying, "Please mistress, may I be allowed to use my unworthy
tongue to try and please your beautiful pussy and make you cum?"

"Ok slut, but only because you asked so nicely." Donna chuckled before she
grabbed a handful of Jackie's hair and pushed her face first into her cunt.

Over the last few weeks Jackie had practically lived in between Donna's
thighs. As a result she had become an expert at eating her mistress's
delicious pussy. First she would slowly run her tongue around the lips
before taking the small bundle of nerves known as the clit into her mouth
and sucking on it gently. She would then repeat this process over and over
until her mistress gave her a sign that it was time to get down to some
serious muff diving. That sign normally was her mistress grabbing her by
the hair and pushing her face first into her cunt. As always Jackie didn't
have to wait long.

Donna grabbed her hair with both hands this time and pulled her face as
deep into her pussy as it would go. This is Jackie's cue to use her mouth
to create a seal around her mistress's love hole, so that she could start
to gently suck the redhead's sweet pussy. It also meant that she could
ensuring the cunt cream she craved had nowhere to go but down her throat.
She would then move her tongue in and out of her mistress's womanhood,
slowly increasing the pace making sure to occasionally twist her tongue
up and down and side to side as she licked her mistress to orgasm.

Grinding her bitch's face into her pussy Donna encouraged Jackie in her own
special way...

"That's it you cunt lapping lezzie slut, eat me, eat my fucking pussy you
fucking cunt craving dyke bitch!" Donna growled as she tightened her grip
on her bitch's hair before looking up to where a now fully erect Fez was
still standing. "Well Fez, as you can see Jackie may be an experienced and
enthusiastic cock sucker but she was put on this earth to eat pussy. That's
actually how we got together. You see Fez, from the moment she moved in
little Jackie has just been begging to eat my pussy. Every night she would
get down on her hands and knees and plead for just a taste of my sweet cunt.
Finally I took pity on her and let her put that made for rug munching tongue
to work on my pussy. Of course, from their it only got worse to the point
where I had to start spanking her in an attempt to give her some negative
reinforcement but she even like that, the fucking slut. So now we've just
had to both accept the truth... she's nothing more than a natural little
muff diver whose purpose in life is to lick me like the fucking cunt craving
dyke she truly is. Isn't that right Jackie... your nothing but a disgusting
little cunt craving dyke who lives to eat her mistress's pussy... aren't you
slut... answer me!"

Jackie's replied was muffled by her mistress's muff which her face was still
buried in.

"Don't you dare speak with your mouth full when addressing me slut!" Donna
yelled at her bitch, "Now take you're greedy mouth off my cunt for five
seconds and address me properly you stupid dyke!"

Jackie immediately responded by reluctantly pulling her mouth off her
mistress's pussy and said in a clear panting voice, "I'm sorry mistress,
I'm a stupid worthless dyke bitch who doesn't deserve you or your beautiful
pussy. And you're right mistress, as always, I'm nothing but a disgusting
little cunt craving dyke who lives to eat her mistress's pussy. Please
mistress, allow me the privilege of eating your yummy pussy so I can try and
earn your forgiveness with my unworthy tongue."

“All right, but you'd better stop pussyfooting around and start fucking
eating me properly bitch!” Donna sneered, pushing Jackie's head back down
to where it belonged.

The second Jackie's mouth met Donna's pussy she wrapped her lips around the
horny hole and began sucking and tongue fucking the redhead for all she was
worth, eager to show her mistress what an eager little rug muncher she was.
Donna, who had already been thoroughly aroused by the previous antics, was
about ready to explode and Jackie's pussy hungry mouth sent her over the
edge after only a few minutes of good hard tongue fucking.

Screaming at her bitch to swallow all of her cum Donna bucked her hips,
pushed Jackie's face deeper into her cunt and came hard into the brunette's
sweet little mouth. Jackie's eyes fluttered as her mistress's yummy cream ran
down her throat and into her stomach. Like the well practised cum guzzler she
was Jackie swallowed almost every drop of her mistress's precious love juice,
but unfortunately there was just too much of it and some of it ran out of her
mouth and on to her face. Jackie hated when this happened, she always felt
like she was failing her mistress when she couldn't swallow all of her
precious gift. What Jackie did not know was that Donna really loved to see
her cum drying on her bitch's face. As far as Donna was concerned it was a
mark of ownership and the redhead just loved to mark her bitch as her

Finally done with the orgasm Donna pushes Jackie away somewhat reluctantly
and looks over to where Fez is standing and said, "Well Fez, are you ready
for a little more fun?"

"Oh yes." Fez said, nodding enthusiastically.

"Ok, lie down on your back on the bed, we're going to play a game." Donna
said walking over to her closet and retrieving her strap on dildo. Upon
seeing this Fez's eyes go wide in fear. Upon seeing this Donna laughed and
said, "Oh don't worry Fez, this isn't for you." she then turned to Jackie
and said, "Ok Jackie, get on all fours on the bed and start stroking Fez's
cock, but don't suck it until I say you can."

Jackie excitedly did what her mistress told her to do, having a feeling she
knew exactly what that big strap on was for. When her mistress strapped on
the dildo and crawled up behind her on the bed Jackie knew she had been

Donna pressed the tip of the false phallus to Jackie's wet pussy lips and
push forward gently. She didn't need to be so gentle, Jackie was soaking wet
and the first few inches slipped in easily. But Donna didn't want to hurt her
bitch, so she slowly, gently eased the large dildo inside her until she was
up to the fake balls inside Jackie's tight little love hole.

Donna gently stroked Jackie's back, and whispered words of encouragement as
her bitch grew accustomed to the large object inside her. As she did this she
looked down until she met Fez's eye, "Ok Fez, here's the deal. In a minute
I'm going to tell Jackie to suck your cock and if you can last ten minutes
inside her mouth I'll let you fuck her. If you can't then after you cum you
get dressed and leave which will allow me to have Jackie all to myself for
the rest of the night. Is that clear?"

"Yes." Fez responded immediately. There was something in Donna's eyes that
scared him, something demanding, something dominating, something almost

"Good. Now as she is sucking you I'm going to fuck her with my big strap on
cock here. If you're able to last ten minutes then I've done a good job of
stretching her out for you. If you fail, well then it's just fun for me."
Donna chuckle before getting serious again, "Ok now let's get started, Jackie
start sucking his cock, and when he comes I want you to let him cum all over
your pretty little face! You can swallow anything you catch in your mouth,
but the rest stays there to dry with my cum, got that bitch... good now start
sucking like the good little cock sucker you are!"

Obeying her mistress eagerly Jackie opened her mouth wide and swallowed Fez's
cock in one mighty gulp. The combination of licking her mistress's delicious
pussy and the nice big strap on cock that was now buried inside her made
Jackie incredibly horny and she eagerly started moving her lips up and down
on Fez's shaft, sucking his dick with every ounce of her being.

As Jackie began slurping on Fez's poll Donna began to slowly slide in and out
of her bitch's cunt, slowly building up a steady rhythm. It was obvious that
Jackie was more than ready for this fucking, the large dildo was moving
through her pussy like a knife through butter. Donna was surprised by how
easily her bitch was taking it. Of course she had spent most of the week
pounding Jackie's pussy but the sweet little love hole that seemed to have
adjusted to taking every inch of the fake cock was still nice and tight. It
was an incredible turn on for Donna and she slowly increase the pace until
she was slam fucking her bitch's sweet little cunt.

Jackie thrilled in her spit roasting, pushing herself back against her
mistress is pumping hips as she greedily sucked on Fez's cock. The harder
her mistress Donna fucked her, the harder she slurped on her foreign friends
shaft. She wondered to herself why she'd never tried this before. She loved
cock and she loved to get fucked so why wasn't this one of her favourite
pastimes are ready? Maybe later her mistress would pimp her slutty mouth on
the street so she could suck cocks while her mistress fucked her. But she
only wanted her mouth to get pimped out because surely no cock could satisfy
her like her mistress's cock could satisfy her.

At that moment the thought of other cocks made Jackie think of her boyfriend
Stephen Hyde. If sleeping with Donna wasn't cheating then sucking Fez's cock
definitely was. But as much as it hurt her thinking about cheating on
Stephen, the alternative would be for Fez to tell everyone about her and her
mistress and she might lose the redhead for ever if that happened. And Jackie
couldn't let that happen, she would die before that happened. So with renewed
vigour Jackie slid her lips up and down Fez's cock, deep throating him in
effort to make him cum. She was unsure if her mistress wanted him to come
before or after the ten minutes but she sent she should do her best no matter
what her mistress wanted.

Just as before watching Jackie suck a cock both turned Donna on and made
her feel jealous at the same time. Under the circumstances her feelings of
jealousy were insane but it only seemed to add to her horniness. She began
pounding into Jackie's pussy with almost no regard for her bitch whatsoever.
She was about ready to cum but someone else beat her to it...

The past nine minutes thirty seconds had been a weird mixture of heaven and
hell for Fez. The feeling of Jackie's warm wet mouth enveloping his prick was
wonderful but the urge to cum was driving him crazy. The raunchy lesbian play
had left him almost ready to cum before he lied down on the bed and now he is
here it took all of his will power not to come into that vacuum cleaner like
mouth. Jackie was using all of the tricks she used before only much faster.
She would take the cock out of her mouth and run her tongue up and down the
shaft quickly before putting it back in her mouth where she would of course
lower her mouth down until her lips were around the base and the head was
buried in her throat again. She repeated this process all the while cupping
his balls, urging him to cum.

Fez dug his nails into the sheets, turned his head away so he wouldn't have
to look at the incredibly arousing sight of Donna slamming into Jackie as
Jackie sucked his cock, and fixed his eyes on the clock to count each and
every pleasurable yet painful second of this bizarre torture. As his body
raced with sensations his mind thought about the most weird, un-sexy,
disgusting and disturbing things he'd ever seen in his life in an attempt
to prevent him from coming. He found the irony in the fact that considering
where he came from, the majority of weird, un-sexy, disgusting and disturbing
things he experienced were in America with his friends. Finally he began to
count the last ten seconds in his head. Ten, nine, eight, six, five, four,
three, two, one, blast off! Seconds after the ten minutes Fez erupted deep
inside Jackie's hungrily sucking mouth.

Jackie really wanted to swallow Fez's load, but her mistress had given her an
order and she would never ever even dream of disobeying her mistress. As the
first squirt ran down her throat Jackie pulled back and opened her mouth as
wide as she could and stuck out her tongue in an effort to catch as much of
her foreign friend's sperm as possible. A good third of the jizz landed on
her tongue or shot into her mouth but, much to her disappointment, most of it
landed on her face, covering her nose, cheeks, forehead, and eyebrows. Some
of it even tried to land in her hair and worse on her eyes, but luckily she
was able to close them in time so it only landed on her eyelids. By the time
Fez was finished her face was covered in white cream.

"Well done Fez, I'll tell you what you can fuck Jackie... if you're able to
get hard again in the next two minutes... don't worry our little Jackie here
is going to suck you hard again... if you still have it in you." Donna
panted, never missing a stroke inside Jackie's pussy as she raced towards

Fez got the feeling like Donna was testing him or something. Of course this
is the greatest kind of testing he'd ever experienced and wished all tests
could be like this. Surely if somehow someone could harness cock sucking in
his school as some kind of incentive or something the world would be a better

As Fez contemplated this Jackie took his now soft dick back into her mouth
and began to suck any left over cum that was either still on the shaft or
dripping out of his piss hole. When she had swallowed the last few drops she
concentrated on sucking him hard again. It didn't prove to be that difficult.
He's young horny teenage body combined with her expert cock sucking skills
soon had him at full mast. However his cock was not Jackie's priority
anymore. Her world became centred on the huge shaft slamming in and out of
her wet gash, driving her towards her impending orgasm.

Her mistress had been pounding her strap on into her pussy relentlessly
throughout her cock sucking and with a long drawn out moan around Fez's dick
Jackie came hard on her mistress's fake shaft. As always her first orgasm led
into another and another and another. Every time her mistress fucked her like
this Jackie was able to come multiples, something she'd never been able to do
with any guy previously. This is just another sign to her that she and her
mistress belonged together.

Everything else had fallen away and Donna's entire world centred around
Jackie's tight little orgasming pussy. The extra vibrations that passed
through the dildo to the clit stimulator on the strap on was enough to
send Donna over the edge and she came pounding into her bitch's sweet cunt.
At the high point of her orgasm Donna squeezed the fake balls on her strap
on to release her cum deep inside Jackie's love tunnel. Donna had grown to
love marking the inside of her bitch. It was like marking her as her
territory. And, in her mind, that's exactly what Donna was doing now, she
was marking the inside of Jackie's pussy so when Fez went inside her he,
Donna and Jackie would all know that he was using her personal property
and he was only there because she allowed him to be there.

An exhausted Donna slowly pulled out of Jackie, stood back and said, "Ok
Jackie you can ride him now."

Eager to obey her mistress Jackie crawled up until her pussy was hovering
above Fez's crotch, grabbed his dick, and lined it up with her dripping, just
fucked hole. Taking careful aim, she moved her body downwards penetrating her
own pussy on her foreign friend's prick. She then slowly lowered herself
until she was sitting on Fez's lap with every single inch of him inside her.
After being stretched out by her mistress's large 10 inch dildo Jackie was
easily able to accommodate Fez's respectable 7 inches. After a brief pause
Jackie began to slowly move up and down on Fez's poll, riding him cowgirl

Fez was redefining his definition of heaven tonight. He had thought there
could be no place as good as Jackie's wet, warm mouth but he had been wrong.
The brunette's wet, warm pussy was squeezing him so wonderfully he thought
he was going to die with joy. Sure his ex-girlfriend's pussy was tight, but
it was nothing compared to this. And the sight of Jackie's perky boobs
bouncing up and down as she rode him was almost hypnotic. He became so lost
in them that he didn't notice Donna getting off the bed and going over to
her bedside drawers.

The strap on Donna had bought came with a few spare pairs of balls all of
which could be filled with liquid to squirt through the dildo. Since
purchasing it Donna had been having Jackie lick her to orgasm just so that
she could fill all the balls with her creamy cum. There was just something
about filling Jackie's holes with her cum which really turned Donna on. It
just felt so primal to her. And speaking of Jackie's holes, she was about
to go fill another one with her cream.

Replacing the balls with fresh ones Donna made her way back to the bed and
commanded Jackie, "Stop bouncing around for a second and lean forward."

Jackie was given no explanation, but she didn't need one. She already had a
good idea what was going to happen next.

When Jackie was bent over Donna spread her bitch's ass cheeks and spit on her
vulnerable little butt-hole. She then kneeled behind Jackie and pressed the
tip of her strap on at the entrance to the brunette's tiny rosebud and began
pushing her way in.

Fez was shocked. Surely Donna wasn't going to do what he thought she was
going to do... was she?

This question was answered when Jackie gasped as the head of the dildo passed
through her sphincter and into the gateway to her bowels.

As always Donna was a lot gentler when invading her bitch's back-door than
when she went in her main entrance. She gave Jackie a short time to recover
before pushing a few more inches into her rectum. When she thought it was
too much she would stop and then repeat the process. She continued this until
she had every single inch buried in her bitch's butt-hole.

Donna leaned down until her boobs were pressing into her bitch's back and Fez
was being crushed under heavenly soft flesh. The redhead licked, sucked and
bit gently down on Jackie's neck and she ran her hands all over her body
encouraging her bitch to relax and get used to the new sensation of double

Finally Donna whispered into Jackie's ear, "Are you ready my pet?"

Jackie was overcome by feelings of love that her wonderful mistress would
even for a second take her feelings into account when she should be nothing
but an orifice to her now. She bit her lip and moaned, "Yes mistress... I'm

"Then ask me to fuck you my pretty little slut."

"Please mistress, please fuck me. Fuck your slut. Fuck your slut's ass like
the little anal bitch she is."

"Good girl, now tell Fez to fuck you too."

"Fuck me Fez, fuck my slutty little pussy. Fuck my slutty little pussy as my
mistress fucks my whoreish ass. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeee..."

Jackie's words dissolved into a long moan of both pain and pleasure as her
mistress began to slowly slide the large dildo out of her stretched shit hole only to push it back in all the way seconds later. As this continue Jackie began to lift herself up on the outwards thrusts. This achieve two things, firstly it meant that there would be less of her mistress's wonderful strap on leaving Jackie's back passage and secondly it meant that when her mistress thrust forwards it would impale her fully on Fez's shaft again. This created a feeling of horrible emptiness as both the real and the fake cock slid out of her and a wonderful feeling of fullness as they re-entered her.

As the two girls did all the work Fez just lay back and enjoyed the ride. As
Jackie and Donna were doing all the work all he really needed to worry about
was not cumming too soon and since he'd already cum twice even his normally
constantly horny body was relaxed and ready for a long hard fuck.

It was taking every ounce of willpower she had for Donna not to start
hammering into Jackie's tight little ass with every ounce of strength. Over
the past week Donna had been constantly sodomising Jackie just about every
chance she got. There was just something so perversely dominating about butt
fucking another woman that really turned the redhead on. But tonight the
desired to bugger her bitch hard was overwhelming. For some reason she was
feeling threatened by the fact that Fez was inside Jackie to and felt the
need to establish or more accurately re-establish her dominance over the
brunette. And in Donna's mind there was nothing said 'I'm in charge' like a
nice big dildo up the butt. The only thing stopping Donna at this point was
her love for Jackie and her desire not to seriously harm her in any way. So
Donna waited for her bitch to beg her for the deep hard anal fucking she
longed to give her. She didn't have to wait long...

Her asshole now fully relaxed and ready for the kind of hard butt pounding
that she knew her mistress could give her Jackie cried out, "Oh please
mistress fuck me harder. Fuck my slutty little ass harder! I need you to
fuck my slutty ass harder!"

A sadistic smile crossed Donna's lips as she heard what she wanted to hear.
The constant pounding she had given Jackie's holes must have stretched them
out because she hadn't expected her to be begging for it this soon. Deciding
she was in the mood for a little fun Donna simply said in a teasing voice,
"Ha, you want it harder do you slut?"

"Yes mistress, please fuck me harder, fuck my whore ass harder!"

"Then tell me how much you love my big, fat, beautiful strap on cock in your
slutty ass bitch!" Donna growled in Jackie's ear.

Jackie turned her head so she could better look at her mistress and said, "Oh
mistress, I love your big, fat, beautiful strap on cock in my slutty little
ass! I love how you fuck my slutty ass with your big, fat, beautiful strap on
cock! I'm complete when you're big, fat, beautiful strap on cock is inside my
slutty little ass! Please fuck my slutty ass with your big, fat, beautiful
strap on cock! I love it so much! I want it! I need it! I crave it! I love
it! I love you! I love you mistress and I love how you fuck me in my slutty
little ass!"

"That's it, good girl. Now tell Fez how much you like taking it in the
butt for me." Donna chuckled she began to slowly increase her thrusts into
Jackie's back alley.

Jackie turned so she was looking directly into Fez's eyes and said, "Fez, I
absolutely love it when my mistress takes me in the butt. It makes me feel so
owned. And I am you know, owned, by her, by my wonderful mistress Donna. My
mistress Donna owns me completely. Every hole on my worthless body belongs to
her and when she takes my butt it's a reminder to me just how much she owns

Pleased with her bitch's submission Donna then told her, "Good girl, now tell
him how much you love his big, hard dick inside your horny little pussy."

Licking her lips Jackie said, "Oh Fez, I love your big, hard dick inside my
horny little pussy. You feel so good inside my horny little pussy. Can I
tell you a secret Fez? I've always had a little crush on you... I mean you're
really cute and that accent of yours makes me so wet... I used to wonder what
it would be in like to have you inside me... and now I know and it feels
great. I mean, you're totally beneath me... in a social way... your poor and
foreign which makes you like forbidden fruit which makes you even hotter. And
to be able to feel your nice, big, hard dick inside my hot little pussy with
my mistress's nicer, bigger, harder dick inside my horny little butt is
fantastic. My mistress may be bigger than you Fez but don't be disheartened,
nobody and I mean nobody could ever compare to my mistress and you are doing
very well by almost keeping up. If I wasn't so into Stephen and more
importantly the property of my mistress Donna I might even consider you for
a sex buddy or something... but only a sex buddy... because you know...
you're still foreign and everything."

Watching Jackie speak to Fez like that made Donna insane with jealousy which
was crazy because it's what she told Jackie to do. This was the plan they had
agreed on, they were going to have sex with Fez, or more accurately Jackie
was going to have sex with Fez, so he wouldn't tell anyone about seeing them
together. But watching her with him had been making the redhead feel a weird
combination of jealousy and arousal which right now was driving Donna to
start slamming her dildo into Jackie's ass as hard as she could.

She wanted Jackie to scream out in submission to her and only to her. She
wanted Jackie to scream in pleasure because of her girl cock in her ass, not
because of Fez's real cock in her pussy. She wanted to drive home the fact
that even though Fez was being allowed inside her Jackie was her bitch and
she belonged to Donna.

Donna's hips became a blur as her hip smacked against the wonderfully tight
flesh to Jackie's buttocks as her bitch's poop shoot struggled under the
force of the sodomy. The nails of the redhead's fingers dug into the flesh
of Jackie's hips, showing her who's boss. Donna gritted her teeth as she
rearrange Jackie's bowels with her relentless butt busting thrusts. The
sound of her hips striking against the brunette ass cheeks echoed throughout
the room.

Jackie had never felt so wonderfully full in her life. When her mistress was
inside her like she was now Jackie was complete but the added bonus of Fez's
wonderful poll inside her as well was exquisite. She just couldn't get
enough. She bounced herself up and down on Fez's shaft and slammed herself
against her mistress's large anal invader, desperately horny for more of
this wonderful double fucking.

Her mistress's wonderful big strap on dick pounding into her pooper, her
pussy bouncing up and down on Fez's nice hard cock, the constant dirty talk,
it all caught up with Jackie and she came screaming like a banshee. As always
when sex with her mistress was involved her first orgasm quickly led to
another and then another and then another and so on.

As Jackie was experiencing pure pleasure Fez was trapped in his own personal
hell. Jackie's pussy had given him pleasure he'd never known before and he
didn't want it to end but the urge to cum was almost unbearable. The most
horrible ghastly and unpleasant memories ran through his mind an attempt to
prolong the inevitable it was no use. When Jackie came her pussy clampdown
on his dick and squeezed it in a way it would've made any man shoot his load
in seconds. Fez was lucky to last five.

With a final, almost pitiful cry Fez blew his load into Jackie's love hole
shooting his cum deep inside her. As his balls emptied into Jackie, Fez
looked up at the site before him. There was a blissful look of submission
in Jackie's eyes and a sadistic look of dominance in Donna's. The look in
his redheaded friends eyes scared him and as his dick deflated inside the
brunette Fez decided that now was the time to go.

He tried to slowly crawl from under the girls, but this drew Donna's
attention to him for the first time since she entered this haze and the
look she gave him frightened him. He opened his mouth to say something but
before he got the chance Donna lifted Jackie up off Fez and placed her bitch
facedown on the bed. Then Donna lay on top of her and began her hard butt
pumping again. If Fez hadn't been in such a hurry to gather up his things
and leave he might have been impressed with the fact that when Donna moved
her bitch's limp body the dildo never left Jackie's butt hole.

When he was dressed he looked back to see a site that was both arousing to
him and disturbing. Jackie had her face pressed on its side on the bed and
he could clearly see the look on her face. She looked like she was in a
vegetative state with a faraway look in her eye and a face that spoke
blissful pleasure as her mistress hammered her ass. If Jackie seemed at
peace, Donna seem to be in complete war with herself. She seemed to be
angry about something and Fez was very thankful that it didn't seem to be
about him. The way she was slam fucking Jackie's shit hole was beyond
vicious and if the brunette hadn't look so happy Fez might have tried to
stop her. Then again the idea of trying to get between them at this point
terrified him to his very core.

Without another word he slipped out of the room and out of the house, the
events of this night replaying in his mind over and over as they would do
for weeks to come.

Both Jackie and Donna were so caught up in the wonderfully savage sodomy that
they were completely unaware that Fez even existed at this point.

Right now Jackie couldn't even remember her own name let alone count how many
orgasm she'd had. They all seem to just bleed together creating a feeling of
a constant high. The only thing she was aware of was that the source of her
pleasure was coming from her ass hole and the wonderful hard strap on cock of
her beautiful mistress Donna. She couldn't remember who she was or what she'd
done to deserve this ecstasy but she clung to the memory of her mistress
determined not to forget that it was her and only her who could bring her
this kind of joy. She vowed to herself that she would find some way to return
this pleasure, and if that meant spending a few days with her face buried in
her mistress's tasty pussy then all the better for it.

These loving thoughts of her mistress was the last thing Jackie thought as
the pleasure overwhelmed her mind and she passed into unconsciousness...

Somewhere in the back of Donna's mind there was a voice that was screaming
at her to realise what she is doing. It told her to realise that no hole on
any human body could cope with the force of the thrust she was now using on
Jackie's pooper. It told that the only reason Jackie wasn't screaming in
agony right now was that she was probably trying to please her mistress with
her ass and was being too much of a good bitch to complain. It reminded her
that even though Jackie was her bitch she loved her and she never wanted to
truly hurt her. But no matter how loud that voice screamed its words didn't
get through to her. The redhead was far too gone, completely lost in a world
dominated by Jackie's tight little back door and the away the dildo vibrated
on her clit each time her bitch's ass hole clamped down on the shaft buried
in its rear.

Even orgasm didn't stop Donna's relentless pooper poundings. As the first
few orgasms rolled through her body Donna kept up her steady pace and even
as she tired and the orgasms started to affect her she merely laid down
tissues lying on top of her bitch's back with her hips banging her dildo
relentlessly into Jackie's butt. Time ceased to matter to Donna. Everything
ceased to matter to Donna. The only thing in the world she cared about was
her bitch's sweet little ass hole and how taking it was making her feel.

Finally, her whole body drenched in sweat the collapsed on to Jackie for a
final time and lay still. Her mind temporarily in another world her
subconscious mind realised there was no way she could continue the buggering
of her bitch so she decided it was time to lay claim to her territory. Her
arm slowly move down until she was cupping the strap on dildo's ball sack and
squeezed it releasing her stored up girl cream deep into her bitch's bowels.
A sadistic smile crossed her face as she coated the inside of Jackie's pooper
with her juice, marking her rear hole as her territory. As her cum filled her
ass Donna bit down on Jackie's neck, desperate to mark her as her bitch in
every possible way. In Donna's mind she was marking Jackie as what she was,
what she had always meant to be, her property, Donna Pinciotti's property.

Donna lay on Jackie's back as her mind slowly returned to. When it did
feelings of fear flooded her. What had she done. She loved Jackie so much
and she just brutalised her and used her for her own pleasure.

Donna was about to pull out of Jackie's well fucked ass and beg her
forgiveness until she heard her bitch moan and said dreamily, "Mmmm mistress,
that was wonderful."

Donna was shocked by these words. How could anyone enjoy such a savage sodomy
like the one she had just given to Jackie. What was wrong with Jackie, why
did she like pain? Why did she get wet when Donna spanked her? Why did she
enjoy such brutal fuckings? Why was it that no matter how badly Donna had
treated her over the past few weeks that Jackie seemed to beg for more? And
why was she enjoying doing all these things to Jackie? How could she do this
to someone she loved? And why did she loved Jackie? She knew she did love
her, and she couldn't bear the thought of living without her, but she was
unsure how it had happened. How had all this happened? What was Jackie
becoming? What was she becoming? What was happening to them?

For the rest of the night Donna lay awake watching her bitch sleep. As these
questions raced through her mind the only one she could answer was the
question did she love Jackie. With Jackie lying in her arms, Donna felt at
peace with herself in a way she never knew before. But why did Jackie love
her? After the way she treated her how could this wonderful creature possibly
love her?

Donna needed some answers. She felt like if certain questions weren't asked
and answered she might run the risk of losing Jackie and she was never ever
going to let that happen. All she could hope for now was that when she
finally got the answers she felt she now needed they were the ones that she
would want to hear, the ones that would mean that she and Jackie could be
together, the way it should be, the way it always should have been.

To be continued...


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