Disclaimer: This is a That 70's Show fan fiction story based when Jackie
moved in with Donna in Season 5. I do not own the characters in That 70's
Show and have no association with anyone involved in the show. Both the
girls are 18 or over.

Keywords: F/F, BDSM, Oral, Language, spank, TV-parody

That 70s show: Donna's Bitch Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

It had been two days since Donna and Jackie had sex. Neither girl had said a
word to the other since. They both knew they would eventually have to talk
about what happened between them but they were afraid what the other would

Donna wanted Jackie but was afraid after years of being insulted by the
spoilt girl that Jackie would consider her beneath her.

Jackie wanted Donna but the redhead was with that scrawny loser Eric and she
couldn't stand the thought of being rejected.

Little did they know that it was going to be a small thing, a mundane
household object which would bring them together...

Fresh out the shower, Jackie was looking for her hairdryer. Unable to find
it she saw Donna's a few feet away. She bit her lip. Not so long ago Jackie
would have taken the hairdryer without even thinking and usage dry her hair.
But that was before she and... her mistress had that wonderful night. What
would her mistress do if she took something without asking. Which she punish

Jackie smiled to herself, an idea forming on her head. Without another
thought she took the hairdryer and began using it.

Donna came into the room and saw Jackie using her hairdryer.

"Is that my hairdryer?"

"Yeah, so?"

"So, if I've told you once I've told you a thousand times don't borrow my
stuff without asking!"

"What are you going to do, spank me?" asked Jackie, staring into Donna's

"Maybe I should." said Donna, staring back.

"So do it..."

There was silence for a few moments before Donna sat on her bed, pointed to
her lap and said "Put my hairdryer down, take off that towel, come here and
lay across my lap slut!"

Jackie hesitated for only a moment before she did as she was told.

"How long have you wanted this slut?" Donna asked, running her hand over
Jackie's freshly exposed buttocks, gently cupping and squeezing them as she

"Ever since you spanked me two days ago !" Jackie answered truthfully.

"And since then not only have you been ignoring me, but you've been denying
me your whore body as well?"

"Yes, I'm sorry mistress."

"And there's that word again. What, have you forgotten?"

"No mistress."

"Then why haven't you been addressing me properly slut?"

"I... I... I was afraid mistress."

"Afraid of what?

"Of you rejecting me mistress. I couldn't bear the thought of you rejecting

Donna was blown away by Jackie's statement for a moment, before smiling
wickedly. "Well then, let's see now. That's 10 spanks for using my hairdryer,
another 10 spanks for not addressing me properly, and another 10 spanks for
denying me your slut body for two days. Is there anything else I'm forgetting

"Your brush mistress, I used your brush!"

"I see, I'd better make it 40 spanks then shouldn't I?"

"Yes mistress, please spank my worthless flesh!"

"Oh I will, and you better count and thank me for every single one of them!"

"Yes mistress, owww, one, thank you mistress! Owww, two, thank you mistress!
Owww, three, thank you mistress! Owww, four, thank you mistress!"

* * *

"Owww, thirty seven, thank you mistress! Owww, thirty eight, thank you
mistress! Owww, thirty nine, thank you mistress! Owww, forty, thank you

The second she stoped spanking the brunette, Donna began to run her hands
over Jackie's buttocks again, soothing her aching ass with her gentle touch.
Jackie's ass was now a beautiful bright pink, and Donna couldn't resist
reaching under the brunette and pressing her fingers to Jackie's exposed
pussy. As Donna expected, Jackie's centre was dripping wet.

"What a surprise, my slut enjoyed her spanking. You know, we really need to
think of a better punishment for you since it seems spanking is almost enough
to make your perverted little pussy cum." Donna said thoughtfully as she
rubbed Jackie's needy pussy. "Maybe I should use the hairbrush! Or maybe I
should get some whips, or something! What do you think slut?"

"Anything you want mistress... you can do anything to me you want."

"Mmmm, I'd be careful what you wish for if I were you Jackie!" Donna smirked
as she continued to tease Jackie's cunt.

After only a few moments of torturing her wet hole, Jackie began to thrust
herself back and forth on Donna's lap, trying to get more friction on her
pussy, or better yet her mistress's wonderful fingers inside her.

"I suppose you want a treat now that I spanked you don't you slut?" Donna
asked in mock disgust.

"Yes mistress, please put you're wonderful fingers inside me." Jackie begged

"And do you think that's fair slut? Do you think that it's fair that you get
a treat first, without earning it, again?"

"... No mistress."

"So slut, what should you do?"

"... Earn it mistress?"

"Yes that's right, good slut, you should earn it!" Donna said pushing Jackie
off her lap onto the bed. "Now lie down now on your back and shut up!"

Jackie moved herself so she was on her back on Donna's bed. Her ass was sore
and it hurt to put weight on it, but the last thing she'd ever do is disobey
her mistress.

She watched in fascination as Donna first pulled off her top, then stepped
out of her shoes, and then unbuckled her jeans and pulled them down, taking
her panties with them until they were around her ankles. She stepped out of
them and stood there for a moment in her naked glory. They stared at each
other for a moment with nothing but lust in their eyes, before Donna stepped
up onto the bed and walked carefully until she was standing over the
brunettes face. Jackie was now looking directly up into her mistress's
beautiful pussy.

"Beg me slut, beg me to let you eat my pussy." Donna said staring down at
Jackie's eyes with pure lust.

Jackie stared right back at her mistress and said in a very clear voice,
"Please mistress, I beg you with every fibre of my worthless being, to
allow me the privilege of eating your beautiful pussy. Please let me stick
my unworthy queer girl tongue inside your wonderful wet hole and try to
please you. Please let me use my dirty lezzie mouth to make you cum. Please
mistress, let your bitch eat your pussy!"

Satisfied by Jackie's submissive outburst Donna falls to her knees, and then
sits on the brunettes face, smothering her friend with her pussy. There is no
gentle teasing or build up, just a hungry tongue being immediately thrust as
deep as it can go into a dripping wet love hole. Jackie glues her mouth to
Donna's pussy and brings her hands up to grab the redhead's ass, encouraging
the smothering of her face.

Donna began to grind her pussy on Jackie's face, with no regard for her
friends will being.

"That's it slut!" Donna moaned as Jackie tongue fucked her. "Eat your
mistress's pussy. Come on girl, get that dyke tongue in my fucking cunt.
Tongue fuck me, my little lezzie bitch!"

Donna continue to call her friend all kinds of disrespectful names as she
rode her face towards her climax. Donna still couldn't believe how good this
girl's tongue felt in her pussy. It was so soft and gentle, and yet Jackie
was moving it so roughly within the walls of her cunt, sending pleasurable
sensations, all the while sucking her pussy lips. Jackie was becoming an
expert pussy licker and Donna wondered if Jackie had in fact been put on this
earth to eat her pussy.

Jackie was an absolute heaven. She was where she was meant to be. She was
where any lesbian bitch would want to be, in between their mistress's legs,
bringing her owner as much pleasure as she could. And that was what Donna
was Jackie realised, she was her owner. Donna owned her and now it's up to
the redhead if she would except her as her bitch, or caster away.

Jackie couldn't bear the thought of not being Donna's bitch. She had spent
the last two nights crying her eyes out at the thought of the redhead
rejecting her and she knew if it actually happened she wouldn't be able to
live with herself. Gripping a firm hold of Donna's ass cheeks, Jackie pulled
her Mistress's sex titre against her face, burying her face further into her
pussy. As she did that she couldn't stop thinking how she'd rather die from
suffocation as she tried to bring pleasure to her mistress than to have Donna
throw her aside like a broken toy. She needed to prove to her mistress that
she was worth something. Maybe if she could prove that she could please her
mistress with her tongue, Donna would keep her.

As this last thought when through Jackie's mind, she immediately redoubled
her efforts on the sweet tasting pussy put in front of her face and began to
tongue fuck her mistress with every ounce of her strength.

Donna's insulting taunts were interrupted by waves of pure, un-adulterated,
ecstasy as she came. It was just as good if not better than before. Her head
snapped back, she cried out, and let her pussy juice cover her friend's face.
The orgasm was so strong that it made Donna question, if only for a moment,
her need for Eric and she loved Eric with all her heart. Or at least she
thought she loved Eric with all her heart. But as her juices covered her
friend's face Donna couldn't deny that there was something deeper than just
lesbian lust between her and Jackie.

Jackie tried to swallow all of her mistress's cream, but there was just too
much of it. To her dismay her mistress's cum covered her face and ran into
her beautiful, freshly washed hair. This was terrible... she had let some of
her mistress's precious creamy gift to her escape. She was unworthy of her
mistress's cum. The only possible way Jackie could think of making it up to
Donna was by continuing to eat her pussy and to hope against hope that Donna
would forgive her if she succeeded in swallowing all of her gift the next

When Donna had come down from her climax, she turned herself around on
Jackie's face so she was now facing her pussy. She leaned down until she was
at face level with Jackie's dripping hole.

"Would you like your treat slut?" Donna asked rubbing Jackie's swollen pussy

Jackie moaned something unintelligible into Donna's cunt which the redhead
decided to take as a yes. Donna bought her fingers to Jackie's sweet
entrance, and teasingly caressed them for a few minutes. At the point where
it was becoming agonising for her poor little bitch Donna took mercy on
Jackie and slipped two fingers easily inside her. Donna began to furiously
finger fuck Jackie's squirming pussy, but found herself mesmerised by the
sheer beauty of it. The way those lips contracted on her fingers, the
feeling of power and her bitch's juice oozing from her dripping hole, it
all made Donna very, very curious.

As her bitch continued to munch her rug, Donna removed her fingers and place
them into her mouth. She was blown away by the sensations that were tickling
her taste buds. Jackie's pussy juice tasted like the sweetest cream Donna
ever tasted in her life. She had to see whether the liquid tasted this good
from the source. Donna bent her head down, taking a quick moment to breathe
in Jackie's heavy aroma, before sticking out her tongue and giving one long
lick of Jackie's sweet little cunt. Unable to believe how good it tasted,
Donna licked the juicy hole again, and again, and again. By the fifth lick
Donna was unable to control herself and she opened her mouth as wide as she
could, practically swallowing Jackie's tasty pussy, and burying her tongue
deep inside it.

Jackie couldn't believe how lucky she was. Not only was she being allowed the
privilege of eating her mistress's pussy, but Donna, her wonderful mistress,
was now putting her magnificent tongue in her worthless cunt. The feeling of
Donna's tongue sliding through her walls, and the feeling of her lips wrapped
around her most sensitive area was causing Jackie the greatest pleasure of
her life. She was still trying to comprehend it, she is lying on her back
with her mistress's pussy smothering her face, and she had Donna's mouth
glued to her centre. There was simply no way that her life could get any
better than this.

Donna couldn't get over the sweet taste of Jackie's pussy. It was like no
matter how much cunt cream she devoured into her hungry mouth she was still
starving for more. It was addictive, and she just couldn't get enough.

Both girls became lost in each other's cunts, their entire world revolving
around the beautiful hole in front of them and the sweet tasting juice
pouring out of them. And the more they concentrated on giving the other girl
pleasure it was returned to them tenfold by the other. The most amazing thing
to them was how it felt like it was the most natural thing in the world, as
if this was how it was meant to be, as if they'd always meant to be lovers
and everything else that ever happened between them was a build up to this.
Neither girl could imagine ever not wanting to eat each other out ever again.
They secretly promised themselves that they'd be licking each other's pusses
for the rest of their life's.

Simultaneously they use their hands to cup and caress each other's buttocks
as they brought their fingers to the entrance of each other's virgin
ass-holes and press their way inside. They both reacted immediately by
cumming in each other's mouths. Both girls swallowed hungrily but there was
just too much of it, and there girl cream drenched each other's faces, and
ran into their hair and down their chins. The girls never stopped licking an
they manage to force another climax out of their partner and then another
and another and another.

Time passed. It could have been minutes, hours, or days neither girl had any
idea. But it didn't matter. All that mattered was that they felt like they
were in paradise with their faces buried in each other's pussy's. They knew
at that moment that they'd never been, and never would be, happier than when
they were locked in that 69. But, like all good things in our world, it had
to end eventually.

With a sore and swollen pussy, Donna used all her willpower to lift herself
off Jackie's face. It broke her heart when she heard her lovers cry of
despair when she denied the brunette her creamy cunt. Donna wasn't thrilled
with the prospect of leaving Jackie sweet pussy either, but she thought she
might die if she had any more orgasms, so she lifted herself off Jackie and
turned her body around so they were now face to face. She fell exhausted on
top of her lover as their bodies pressed together in what felt like a perfect

They lay their panting for a long time. Where there had been the sound of
cunt cream sucking and pussy juice slurping before there was now a deafening
silence. What would they say to each other thought Donna. Would this change
things between them? Did she want them to change? She hated this feeling of
awkwardness, and she couldn't stand the idea of losing Jackie, not now, not
after everything they've shared.

As she ponders what to do the silence is broken by a voice barely above a

"I love you..."

Jackie immediately regretted saying it. She had just ruined everything. She
could of just let her wonderful mistress use her like a toy whenever she
pleased. But now she is going to get freaked out and reject her. Donna was
going to yell at her and tell everyone that she was a pussy loving queer
girl. She tried to turn her face away in shame but Donna grabbed her face
with her right hand and forced her to look into her eyes.

"I love you too..."

Donna meant it, every word. She didn't know how or when it happened, but she
was in love with Jackie Burkhardt. Maybe it was when she was finger fucking
her, or when that wonderful tongue was in her pussy, or maybe she had been in
love with her always. That would be funny thought Donna, if they had been a
each other's throats this whole time because they had been in love with each
other and couldn't deal with it. But none of that mattered now, all that
mattered was now Jackie was hers and she would never ever let her go.

A tear ran down Jackie's face. Her mistress Donna Pinciotti had just told
her that she loved her. And she had meant it, Jackie could see that in her
eyes. They were together, and they were in love. She had to be the happiest
submissive bitch in the whole wide world.

Unable to control themselves the girls lips crash together in another
passionate kiss. They instinctively began to rub their bodies against each
other as their strength returned. There cunts were sore, but under the
circumstances they wanted to give each other one more orgasm, even if it
was a painful one.

Jackie's legs wrapped around Donna's body as their passion grew. Breaking
off the kiss they began to lick their cum off each other's faces. When there
was nothing left but saliva they returned to swapping spit and to trade the
juices they had collected. As Donna's tongue dominated Jackie's her pussy
seemed to be doing the exact same thing to the brunette's pussy.

Unable to control herself Donna had began moving herself in a fucking motion,
slamming her cunt on to Jackie's, as if she was penetrating her with a dick.
In some ways Donna wished she had a dick so she could feel what it was like
to be inside Jackie's pussy, but the feeling of her cunt on the brunette's
cunt was too good for her to want to truly change anything at that moment.

The friction of the pussy on pussy fuck was soon racing both girls quickly to

It was so primal. At that moment Donna Pinciotti felt like a predator, like a
wild beast, like an alpha female taking a weaker female as its mate. At the
very same moment Jackie Burkhardt felt like prey, like a tamed beast, like a
weak female who could do nothing to stop a more dominant Alpha female from
using her for its pleasure and taking her as its mate. Of course, the last
thing on Jackie's mind was to stop her powerful mistress from taking, mating
and turning her into, what she was, an alpha female's bitch.

Breaking the kiss, Donna stared into her lovers eyes and saw nothing but love
and devotion staring back at her. She marvelled at the small girls beauty and
smiled to herself realising she was all hers.

The last thing she said before she went over the abyss of her climax was, "I
love you Jackie!"

Fresh tears ran down Jackie's cheeks as her mistress's loving eyes told her
that she was speaking the truth. And when she joined her mistress in orgasm
Jackie said in a voice barely above a whisper, "I love you too Donna!"

There was no screaming. Both girls just stared into each other's eyes and
marvelled at how beautiful each other were as their climaxes raced through
their bodies. There pusses exchanged juices like kissing lovers exchange
saliva. It was incredible for both girls to think that there cunts were
getting covered in each other's cream and some of it was even finding its
way inside each other's holes. The idea that there juices were now inside
each other, was just too much for them and Donna collapsed on to Jackie's
body completely and utterly exhausted.

After some heavy breathing the redhead rolled them so now she was laying on
her back with the brunettes had resting on her breast. They lay like that for
a long time, basking in the afterglow of their climaxes as Donna held Jackie
to her, stroking her hair as if she was a pet. Of course, in some ways that's
exactly what Jackie was now, Donna's pet, her bitch.

"What now?" Jackie finally asked breaking the silence.

"I don't know." said Donna. Silence again. Finally she said, "I love Eric..."

"And I love Stephen..." Jackie said, before raising her head so she could
look Donna directly in the eye, "But I'd leave him if you asked me too..."

Donna bit her lip thoughtfully. If Eric made her choose between them she
would have to choose Jackie. She truly did love Eric but her feelings for
him paled in comparison with her overwhelming feelings for the brunette in
her arms. But maybe there was a way that she wouldn't have to choose.

"Maybe you won't have too."

"What do you mean by that?" Jackie said, the fear of rejection clear in her

"Maybe we give them the choice." Donna said, "Maybe you tell Hyde that now
you and I are together and he can still be your boyfriend, but you belong to
me. And I'll tell Eric the same thing. If they can handle it, they can keep
us. If not, there loss, because there is no way I'm letting you go!"

"Oh mistress, I'm so happy you said that. I'd die if you let me go."

"Don't worry about that Jackie. Your mine now and I promise you that won't
change." Donna said stroking Jackie's face lovingly, "Now get some sleep
because you're going to need it. Tomorrow is the weekend and my dad is
leaving early to go on a fishing trip. When he leaves you're going to call
Hyde and tell him your very sick and can't hang out with him all weekend.
He might try and come and see you, but I know how persuasive you can be
when it comes to getting him to leave. I'll tell the same thing to Eric
and we'll have the whole weekend together, just you and me."

"Wow the whole weekend... I wonder what we could do?" Jackie said slyly.

"Oh I'm sure we'll think of something." Donna chuckled as she and Jackie
snuggled together, getting ready for sleep. Just before sleep overcame them
Donna said, "Oh and I expect to be awoken by your tongue in my cunt, licking
me to orgasm, my little pussy slut. If I don't I might have to spank you."

Jackie smiled, "And wouldn't that be just awful..."

To be continued...


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