Disclaimer: This is a That 70's Show fan fiction story based when Jackie
moved in with Donna in Season 5. I do not own the characters in That 70's
Show and have no association with anyone involved in the show. Both the
girls are 18 or over.

Keywords: F/F, BDSM, Oral, Language, spank, TV-parody

That '70s Show: Donna's Bitch Part 1
by MTL ([email protected])

Donna Pinciotti was feeling very frustrated. In some ways she had no right to
be, she had a good, if a little weird, group of friends, a father who loved
her and a boyfriend she adored. There was just one problem, her new roommate
Jackie Burkhardt.

It wasn't that Donna hated Jackie... it was just that... she could kind of
be... annoying, very annoying.

In truth Donna had once hated Jackie, but after the last few years of Jackie
being Donna's only female friend she had grown fond of her in a way. But she
didn't want to live with her!

Unfortunately for Donna, through a series of unfortunate circumstances, that
was exactly what was happening. So far Jackie had redecorated her room, throw
some of her favourite clothes out, and had plastered a variety of posters
that Donna did not in the slightest bit care for. And she was constantly
playing irritating music, and making comments about her looks, or her
clothes, or something. It was like she was trying to find Donna's flaws and
point them out for her own amusement.

The main thing that had kept them friends for this long was the fact that
Donna could get away from Jackie but that was no longer an option. Her room
had been Donna's place of sanctuary and now had been invaded by this
irritating brunette. It had only been a few days and already Jackie was on
her last nerve. It wasn't going to take much more for Donna to break.

On this particular day Donna was in a bad mood already. She had had a fight
with her boyfriend Eric over yet another insignificant little thing. Donna
loved Eric, but he did have a tendency to find a way to make a dumb ass out
of himself in new and interesting ways each week. She sometimes thought to
herself that he should have his own show, but right now she is very angry
with him.

When she got home her father had been no help, as usual. She had thought
about trying to explain what was wrong, but she didn't really want to discuss
her boyfriend trouble with her father. And in any case, tonight he was going
round the Forman's house to play cards with Eric's parents and she didn't
have time to talk to him much before he left. When she got to her room she
immediately went to escort Fez out of her closet and kicked him out of her
house. Fez was a loyal friend who she was very fond of, she just wish he'd
stop trying to see her naked. After five years it was getting very old.

On the bright side no Jackie to be seen so Donna lay on her bed for some
quiet contemplation and decide what, if anything, she should do about her
boyfriend's latest mess.

But the second she lay down Jackie entered the room immediately going into
a monologue of her day at the mall pausing only briefly to tell Donna how
horrible that shirt was and how her jeans made her look fat. Finally, Donna
couldn't take it any more...

"Jackie, will you, please, shut up!" Donna practically screamed in
frustration. She immediately regretted her harsh tone of voice when she saw
the hurt expression on her friend's face. "Sorry Jackie, it's been a long

"Sure... whatever... bitch." The last part Jackie had said under her breath,
so Donna wouldn't hear her. Unfortunately for Jackie Donna had better hearing
than she thought.

"What did you just call me?"


"Yes, you did, you called me a bitch! Don't call me a bitch, bitch!"

"Hay, I called you a bitch because you were acting like a bitch, so don't
blame me for just stating facts!"

"Stating facts! You've been acting like a bitch since the day I met you!"

"Oh, that is like so not true!"

"Oh, that is like so true!" said Donna giving her best Jackie impression.

"What's your problem?" Jackie said glaring at Donna.

Donna had had enough, she was going to take out all her frustrations out on
Jackie, "What's my problem! You must know what my problem is? It's you!
You're my problem, Jackie!"

"Me! What have I done?"

"What have you done! Let's see, you come in here yapping about your day and
things that I don't care about all the while stopping to insult me. You've
been criticising me for years, my clothes, my hair, my boyfriend, my family!
And now you've invaded my room, my personal space, and you act like you own
the place and I'm the visitor! Is that enough for you or do you want more?"

Jackie was silent for a minute, before she went into a big, long rant, "First
of all, I was trying to be friendly and tell you about my day. Secondly this
is now my room too, therefore I do own the place, therefore it is my personal
space, and therefore you are a visitor in my personal space! Thirdly I've
been trying to help you for years. I'm constantly trying to tell you to get
new clothes and change your hair and be more like me. And I know you can't
get rid of him but you could at least act like your father doesn't exist! And
don't get me started on that poor excuse of a boyfriend of yours!"

"Don't you dare say anything bad about Eric or my dad!" Donna growled,
stepping towards Jackie menacingly.

Jackie smiled sweetly for saying, "Your father's a pig and your boyfriend's
a spineless loser!"

"Take that back!"

"Make me!"

Both girls where now nose to nose, waiting to see what the other would do

Donna was furious with rage. How dare this little slut insult the people she
loved most when they had been nothing but nice to her. Her father had taken
Jackie in and if it wasn't for him she'd be living on the streets. And
Eric... well Eric hated Jackie, but at least he tried to be nice to her...
for the most part. The point was that Jackie had across the line and she was
going to pay.

Jackie was almost 100% sure that Donna wasn't going to do anything. As far as
she was concerned Donna was the one who was out of line and she had only been
trying to help.

After a few moments Donna, a little unsure of herself, extended her hands to
give Jackie a little push backwards. The look of shocked horror on Jackie's
face would have been enough for Donna if the brunette hadn't immediately
slapped her across the face.

The smacking sound echoed throughout the room. The force of the blow had
turned Donna's head sideways. Donna turned her head back to look at Jackie.
Her eyes screamed murder and they terrified the brunette.

Jackie pulled back her hand to slap Donna harder, but her hand was caught mid
slap and twisted behind her back. Jackie screamed in pain as Donna pushed her
face down into her own bed.

Donna had taken self-defence classes in her high school and had learned a
variety of techniques to come in handy in a fight. She had a firm grip on the
girl's arm and she wasn't going anywhere. She perversely enjoyed the feel of
Jackie squirming underneath her, desperately trying to get free.

"Let me go you fucking bitch!" screamed Jackie. "Let me go! Help me someone,
please help me! This bitch is crazy! Help me! Help me! Help me!"

"You can scream all you want bitch, no one's coming to help you! My dad's
playing cards with the Foreman's and who knows where my dumb ass boyfriend
and his little buddies are! No one is going to stop me from teaching your
spoiled little ass a lesson!" Donna yelled in Jackie's ear, stopping mid
flow as an idea suddenly crossed her mind. "Speaking of your spoiled little
ass, I just thought of the perfect way to punish you!"

Reaching round, Donna un-did the zipper at the front of Jackie's jeans and
exposed the brunette's buttocks.

"What the fuck!" Jackie screamed, a fearful tone re-placing her normally
confident voice. "Your going to punish me by raping me!"

"You wish bitch!" Donna growled, raising her hand and bringing it down with
a mighty smack, on Jackie's behind.

"Ooowww, what the hell are you doing you redheaded bitch!" Jackie cried

"Something someone should have done to you a long time ago you spoiled little
brat!" Donna yelled, bring her hand down with another mighty smack, followed
by another, and then another.

* * *

Finally, after what felt like hours, Donna stopped spanking Jackie's by now
beaten red ass.

When Donna first started spanking her, Jackie had thrown every insult
imaginable at the redheaded teen. When she finally ran out of insults Jackie
started to beg for mercy, promising Donna anything if she would just stop
spanking her ass.

Through the whole ordeal Donna had said nothing. It had been like an out of
body experience for her. Somewhere in the back of her mind she knew she was
still spanking Jackie, but she almost felt like someone else was doing it.
And yet she felt this rush of adrenaline and satisfaction at reducing this
snobbish girl to a whimpering wreck. But the thing that worried Donna was
the fact that she wasn't just feeling pride that she had taken out her
frustrations on Jackie's spoiled little ass, she was feeling something else
too... something that felt very much like... arousal. She was actually
enjoying this in a sexual way, how perverted was that?

Staring down at the whimpering brunette's ass Donna felt a little guilty.
Jackie's ass had gone from a light pink to an angry red during the spanking,
and although Donna was sure that she deserved it, she still felt a little bad
about doing this to her friend. And she had enjoyed it which was just awful.

Donna was about to release Jackie and maybe apologised to her but notice
something out of the corner of her eye which got her attention.

When Donna had pull down Jackie's jeans and panties she had only pulled them
down far enough to expose the brunette's behind, she didn't removed them. Her
jeans and slid down and were now lying in a pool around her knees. Her
panties seem to be clinging to Jackie's pussy... almost like.. no... that was
impossible... right?

In curiosity Donna reached out and pressed her fingers on to Jackie's panty
covered pussy and made a shocking discovery.

Jackie's cheeks burned with shame and fresh tears filled her eyes as Donna's
fingers touched her sex.

"Oh my God... you fucking lezzie slut!" Donna laughed as she ran her fingers
over Jackie's soaking wet pussy. "You're fucking getting off on this! You
fucking like getting spanked by me you little pervert!"

Jackie buried her head in the bed covers and wept uncontrollably, waiting
for Donna to throw her to the floor in disgust, waiting for Donna to call
everyone they knew and tell them that she was some kind of lesbian slut,
waiting for Donna to ruin her life, but she didn't.

Time passed. Minutes seemed like hours.

Donna was vaguely aware that she hadn't removed her fingers from where they
are pressed against Jackie's pussy. She also became aware that she had been
rubbing her friend's sex for a few minutes now and hadn't been able to stop
herself. And she didn't want to stop herself.

As she continued her gentle caresses, Jackie's cries of distress turned to
moans of pleasure. Both girls wait for what feels like an eternity for the
other to say something. Finally, in a voice barely above a whisper Jackie
breaks the silence...


"Please... please what Jackie? Please stop?"

There was no reply.

"... Or please put my beautiful fingers into your little dyke cunt and fuck
you?" Donna said in a voice that oozed sexuality

Still silence.

"Well, which is it? Do you want me to stop what do you want me to fuck you?"

"...Fuck me." Jackie whispered meekly.

"I didn't quite catch that, Jackie, what did you say?"

Jackie closed her eyes, gritted her teeth and clearly said, "Fuck me!"

"Fuck you what?"

"Fuck me... Donna...owww!" Jackie screamed as Donna slapped her sore ass.

"Be fucking polite when you talk to your betters bitch! Now say 'Please
mistress fuck me' you queer little whore!"

There was silence as Jackie wallowed in her humiliation before she replied,
"Please mistress fuck me!"

She then cried out as two of Donna's fingers slid easily inside her slit.
She was so wet that Donna had no problem in getting her fingers up to the
knuckles. Once the fingers were inside Donna began to move slowly in and
out of Jackie's pussy, marvelling at the feeling of the brunette's soft,
wet lips clenching on her digits. Jackie moaned in pure pleasure as Donna
finger fucked her helpless pussy. She tried to push herself back in time
with Donna's inward thrusts, which caused Donna to laugh.

"God Jackie, I had no idea you were such a total lesbo slut!"

Jackie softly cried at the insulting remark. She cried louder when Donna
forced a third finger inside her.

"Your so fucking wet for me Jackie. You love my fingers inside you don't you.
Come on Jackie, I want to hear you say it! I want you to tell me how much you
love my fingers inside your slutty little queer girl pussy!"

The room was silent for a few moments, accept for the wets sounds of Donna's
fingers moving inside Jackie's cunt, until the brunette finally spoke up...

"Donna... I... oooowwwww!"

Jackie screamed as in a flash Donna pulled her fingers out of the helpless
girl's cunt and began bringing her hand down hard on her bruised red ass.

"Don't you dare use my name without permission slut!" Donna growled viciously
in Jackie's ear.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, mistress please forgive me!" Jackie cried
for mercy.

Donna stop spanking Jackie so she could look down at the defeated girl. This
had gone further than she had intended to go, but Donna found she couldn't
stop herself now. It was like she was possessed by some horny lesbian

"I'll tell you what slut, you beg me properly to put my fingers back inside
that whore hole you call a cunt, and then maybe I'll consider forgiving you!"

"Please mistress, fuck me! Please put your wonderful fingers back inside my
dirty dyke cunt! I'll do anything! Please mistress, I need to feel you inside
me! I'll do anything to feel you inside me again mistress!" Jackie wept
uncontrollably, her bitchy attitude completely gone, replaced with total

Donna replied by reinserting her fingers back inside Jackie and began fucking
her like never before.

For the next 10 minutes Donna viciously fucked Jackie's cunt, all the while
telling her what a slut whore bitch she was and how much her dyke pussy loved
her fingers. Donna took out all her frustrations in her life out on Jackie,
both physically and mentally abusing her.

Finally Donna pulled out her fingers briefly before reinserting them back
inside Jackie's cunt. This time however Donna left her index finger out and
thrust her other three fingers inside Jackie's love hole, before pressing
the tip of her free finger against the puckered entrance to the brunettes

Jackie's eyes went wide as Donna's finger pushed past her sphincter and into
her virgin ass-hole. The effect of the double penetration cause Jackie to
come harder than she ever had before, screaming in pleasure she rode Donna's
fingers to ecstasy.

When Jackie's body had finally come down Donna released her and stumbled back
to her own bed. Jackie rolled onto her back clutching her arm which had been
behind her back for what felt like hours. She immediately had to roll onto
her side when she found she could put no weight on her sore, beaten ass. She
looked over at the woman who had both humiliated her, and given her the
greatest orgasm of her young life.

Donna stared back at her, "Well, aren't you going to thank your Mistress for
giving you a treat?"

They stared at each other for a minute before Jackie said, "Thank you
mistress, for giving me that treat!"

"And don't you think it's only right that you now return the favour and give
your loving mistress a treat?" Donna asked.

"Yes mistress." Jackie said softly.

Donna stood up and slowly stripped off her clothes. Jackie watched in
fascination as she removed her top and bra, closely followed by her pants
and then finally her panties. She stared at the naked form of her mistress
in wonderment.

Donna began to worry that the sight of her naked body might have broken
whatever spell there was between them. She nervously asked, "Do you like what
you see slut?"

"Yes, mistress." Jackie said with out a moment's hesitation.

This pleases Donna and she was able to retain her earlier confidence. Donna
sat down on her bed and said, "Good now come to me my little whore!"

No sooner had Jackie taking a step forward Donna yelled, "No slut get down on
your hands and knees like the bitch you are!"

Jackie thought about protesting, but only for a moment. The brunette girl
fell to her knees and slowly crawled until she was face-to-face with Donna's
pussy. She stared in fascination at the cut short red hairs surrounding
Donna's moist love hole. She then moved forward, reaching out to touch her
mistress's sex before Donna stopped her.

"Use your tongue, bitch!" Donna commanded.

"But mistress... I've never..." Jackie stuttered.

"Do as you're told slut!" Donna growled.

Jackie bowed her head in defeat and moved her head forward until her face
was a millimetre away from Donna's dripping cunt. She closed her eyes and
breathed in the heavy aroma of her mistress's most private of areas. Finding
Donna's sent to be intoxicating, Jackie gave one long lick of the redhead's
pussy. It tasted like... strawberries!

Growing up strawberries had always been Jackie's favourite fruit and
coming from a wealthy background she could afford the least three bowls of
strawberries each day. Of course this meant she had to work out from the age
of seven to keep her body, but it was a small price to pay as far as she was
concerned. And her mistress's pussy tasted like them.

Jackie's second lick was more eager and was immediately followed by a third,
and then a fourth and then a fifth. Soon Jackie was licking away at Donna's
pussy like a natural born cunt-lapper.

"Oh fuck yes, eat that pussy you cunt loving dyke! Eat it!" Donna groaned,
grabbing Jackie by the hair and pushing her face into her moist hole.

Jackie did her up most best to please her mistress's pussy, making sure to
lick all around the lips, the clit, and of course her leaking hole itself.
The brunette found that sucking down on Donna's clit seemed to make her
mistress go wild. So she wrapped her lips over as much of Donna's pussy and
she could and sucked for all she was worth.

By now Donna was thrusting her pelvis up and down on the bed, pushing
Jackie's head down to meet her upward thrusts. As Donna used her face as a
fuck pad, Jackie stuck out her tongue and began thrusting it in and out of
the redhead's pussy. The brunette began to rapidly tongue fuck Donna's cunt,
loving the feeling of her mistress's moist walls clenching down on her
tongue on every stroke.

It wasn't long before Donna gave one final ear piercing cry, grabbed hold of
Jackie's head to keep it in place on her pussy and came like she'd never came
before. Jackie's tongue worked overtime to try and gather up as much of her
mistress's precious cum as possible so she could swallow it into her unworthy

Finally when she could take it no more Donna pushed Jackie away and rolled
over onto her side.

Jackie looked up at the woman who had just had her way with her. Every fibre
of her being wanted to go and lie down next to Donna, to have the dominating
redhead wrapped her arms around her and hold her. But as Donna's pussy cream
dried on her face, the reality of the situation began to sink in and Jackie
became a little freaked out about what had just happened between them.

She had just cheated on her boyfriend... with her friend Donna Pinciotti! She
wasn't even sure how it happened, all she knew if anyone ever found out she'd
be ruined. But the question was, did she care? She had spent her whole life
maintaining her public image and worrying about what other people think. But
if Donna, the woman who had just show her an ecstasy she'd never known,
demand she handouts leaflets in school telling everyone that she was Donna
Pinciotti's little lesbian bitch she would've done it in a heartbeat if it
meant the leaflets were true. That fact was more than she could hope to fully
comprehend right now, so still covered in cum of her mistress, Jackie crawled
into bed and went to sleep.

Donna lay awake for hours thinking about what she had just done.

She had just cheated on her boyfriend... with her friend Jackie Burkhardt!
She felt like she had betrayed Eric and that hurt, but having sex with Jackie
had been incredible. Her soft tongue in her pussy was the greatest thing
Donna had ever experienced sexually. She didn't want to give up what she had
with Eric, but she couldn't bear the thought of losing Jackie's sweet little
tongue. The question that race through her mind as she drifted off to sleep
was could she find a way to have her cake and eat it too?

To be continued...


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