Disclaimer: This is a That 70's Show fan fiction story based when Jackie
moved in with Donna in Season 5. I do not own the characters in That 70's
Show and have no association with anyone involved in the show. Both the
girls are 18 or over.

Keywords: FF, BDSM, Toys, Oral, Language, Rim, spank, anal, TV-parody

That '70s Show: Donna's Bitch Part 8
by MTL ([email protected])

Laurie Forman was in the basement of her home doing her laundry. It was the
exact same basement where her brother and his stupid friends used to hang out
together, but she had put a stop to that.

Laurie loved to cause pain and misery and there had been a lot of pain and
misery around here lately.

Thanks to Laurie her brother had locked himself inside his room, Hyde had
left and no one knew where he was and Kelso and Fez hadn't been allowed back
into the house. Hell, thanks to Laurie even that disgusting pig man Bob
Pinciotti hadn't been seen or heard from around here lately.

For Laurie life was great, but little did she know that was about to

"Hello Laurie."

Laurie was startled and turned around to see her brothers now ex-girlfriend
Donna Pinciotti.

"Donna," Laurie said smiling, "I didn't hear you come in."

"I used the key Eric gave me." Donna said.

"Oh, is that right." Laurie said, "I'm surprised Daddy didn't change the
locks yet."

"So am I." Donna said, desperately trying to control her emotions. She wanted
so badly just to knock the smile off Laurie's face. But that wasn't the plan,
"So, I was having a few friends round for a party and wondered if you'd like
to come."

Laurie was somewhat taken aback by this, but she soon recovered from her

"I'm surprised you have any friends left." Laurie said cruelly before pausing
to think for a moment. She certainly wasn't expecting this, but she was
somewhat curious to see where it would go, "Will there be free booze?"

"Sure." Donna said.

"Then I'll be there at eight." Laurie said, turning to continue doing her

"The party starts at seven." Donna said.

"Then I'll be there at nine." Laurie said, not bothering to turn around.

Donna had an incredible urge to teach Laurie a lesson there and then, but Red
was probably upstairs and if he was she wouldn't get very far before he came
to the rescue of his precious daughter. Donna had always liked Red in a kind
of 'I can respect you but you scare the crap out of me' kind of way but she
wished he would see his daughter for what she truly was. There was always the
chance that Red wasn't in but even if he wasn't there was always the chance
that Kitty or even worse Eric would show up, and she couldn't let that
happen. Next time she saw Eric she wanted it to be on good terms and somehow
she didn't think Eric walking in on her with Laurie would be a good idea. So
Donna suppressed her desire and left the Forman house. It was almost time for
some payback and she had to go and prepare.

* * *

Before knocking on the door of the Pinciotti household Laurie stopped to
think for a minute.

There were no cars parked outside and there was a suspicious absence of any
loud music coming from the house. The whole thing reeked of some sort of trap
but Laurie wasn't worried. She seriously doubted that those little dykes
Donna and Jackie were going to do anything to her and even if they did she
was pretty sure she could take them.

So Laurie knocked on the door and not long afterwards Donna opened it and
welcomed her in.

"So, let me guess," Laurie said as she stepped inside, "You invited the whole
school and no one showed up."

"No," Donna said, locking the door and then turning to Laurie, "I only
invited one person and they showed up right on time."

The girls stared at each other for a moment before Laurie laughed and said,
"So, I'm here... what are you going to do?"

Donna slowly walked up to Laurie until they were face to face, "Follow me and
find out."

The redhead then walk past Laurie and through the door to the main room.

Laurie paused for a moment but followed, still interested to see where all
this was going.

The blonde followed Donna into her bedroom, like a lamb to the slaughter. As
planned Donna's bitch Jackie Burkhart was sitting on the floor, her head
bowed as her mistress entered the room. In front of Jackie there were three
bottles of vodka and three glasses. Walking up to her bitch Donna ruffled
Jackie's hair as a reward for being an obedient little pet before sitting
down next to the enslaved brunette.

Looking down at the scene Laurie began to laugh out loud.

"What the hell is this?" Laurie cackled, "You two muff divers trying to get
me drunk so you can eat my pussy? Are you that cunt hungry?"

"The thought never crossed our minds." Donna said, gritting her teeth and
lying through them.

"Then what is all this about then?" Laurie said, still chuckling.

"To thank you." Donna said simply.

"Thank me." Laurie said, obviously confused by that statement, "Thank me for

"For helping us break up with our boyfriends." said Donna, "You see we were
trying to think up ways to break up with them for weeks. We were going to try
their regular 'we can still be friends' bull shit, but the truth is after
talking about it we think we're probably better off without them and thanks
to you Eric and Hyde will probably never speak to us again."

"Especially not after walking in on you with Kelso," Laurie laughed again,
"But I didn't tell Eric anything about you little rug munchers."

"Sure you didn't." Donna said, as she poured a glass and held it up to the
blonde, "Now, are you sure you don't want a drink?"

The bitchy blonde arrogantly shrugged, sat down with Donna and Jackie and
began to drink. She was still suspicious of the other girls hospitality,
especially after what she had done to them, but she wasn't too worried. She
was fairly certain that Donna was all talk, and as for Jackie, well she was
just a push over.

Of course what the blonde didn't know, what she couldn't have known, was that
she was the only one really drinking tonight.

Before Laurie's arrival Donna had obtained three bottles of vodka but had
emptied the contents of two of them down the drain and filled them with
water. It was from these bottles that she and Jackie were drinking from.
Laurie of course was drinking from the only bottle to contain real alcohol.

The girls sat there for the next hour talking about all sorts of things,
starting with quite mundane things like shopping and shoes before ultimately
moving on to things of a more sexual nature as they continue to drink.

After only a few drinks Laurie soon loosened up, which certainly didn't come
as a surprise to Donna or Jackie. What did somewhat surprise them was just
how graphically Laurie described her many, many conquests once they had got
her on the subject.

"Wow, 14 inches," Donna said, after the blonde had finished her second 'so
I'm in the guise locker room' story, "really?"

"Really," Laurie grinned, "I have to say out of all of the guys on the
football team Gary was definitely my favourite... or was it Greg... or
Grant... I'm pretty sure it began with a G... or an S..."

"Anyway," Donna said, eager to move on, "How many guys have you actually
slept with?"

"A lot." Laurie shrugged.

"That's what I thought..." Donna said, as she looked Laurie up and down,
"ever considered being with a girl?"

"Ewww no," Laurie said, "That's disgusting. And wrong."

"Wrong?" Donna said raising her eyebrow.

"Yes Donna wrong," said Laurie, "It's against society and God. But don't
worry Donna, I'll pray for your dyke soul."

Donna had to fight herself to keep from laughing. Considering her sexual
exploits Laurie was the last person who should be preaching moral values.

"So, you don't like Jackie and I being together, because you think it's
wrong?" Donna asked, trying to get back to the point.

"That's right."

"Is that why you told everyone about us?"

"I didn't tell anyone anything."

"That's not what Fez said."

There was silence for a few moments before Laurie smirked, "You know what?
Yeah I did it, I told everyone about you disgusting little dykes. And I'd do
it again too."

"But why? What did you have to gain?"

"Nothing. I did it because it was fun." Laurie said, before leaning in to
Donna, "You should've been there when I told Eric. The look on his face was
priceless. The look on all their faces was priceless. Accidentally seeing you
dykes was the best thing ever."

"Enjoyed watching us did you?"

"Hardly," Laurie snorted, "It was disgusting. The only reason I stayed to
watch was because I couldn't take my eyes off how ghastly it was.

"You stayed and watched us?"

"... Yes but I didn't enjoy it."

"I'm sure you didn't."

"Hey, hey, hey, I didn't. I'm not like you disgusting little dykes. You all
make me sick."

"So you don't regret telling on us?"

"Regret it! Are you kidding? Why should I regret it?" Laurie cackled, "It was
so easy, and so fun. If I could do it all over again I would. The only thing
I would change is that I would be there when my dear brother saw his precious
Donna in bed with another guy, and another girl."

At this point Laurie was laughing out loud but what Donna said next wiped the
smile off her face.

"Good." Donna said slowly getting to her feet.

"Good... what do you mean by that?" Laurie said.

"I mean it's good you don't regret it Laurie," Donna said, coming to stand
directly in front of the blonde, "because I'm certainly not going to regret

What happened next seem to be in slow motion.

Even though she could physically see the slap coming Laurie felt rooted to
the spot and could do nothing to stop it. She just wasn't expecting this from
Donna. She also wasn't expecting the slap to be that hard.

Donna put all her strength and her hatred for this girl into that one slap
which connected beautifully right across the blonde's face.

Donna was on Laurie in a second. She pinned the bitchy blonde to the ground
using her own body weight to keep her in place as she grabbed both her arms
and pulled them behind her back. Laurie struggled but it was no use. The
blonde wasn't much of a fighter even before she had started drinking and the
redhead had been wrestling her male friends for as long as she could remember
and the slutty blonde was no match for her.

Jackie was by Donna's side a second later, handing her mistress the handcuffs
she had been hiding just like they planned. The brunette watched as her
dominating girlfriend easily secured the handcuffs, trapping Laurie's arms
behind her back.

Standing up Donna grabbed Laurie by the hair and began to drag her towards
the bed.

"What are you doing, get the fuck off me!" Laurie screamed angrily as Donna
almost pulled her hair out.

Donna ignored Laurie as she pinned the blonde to her bed, in much the same
way she had done to Jackie all those weeks ago. It seemed like a lifetime ago
now and it made Donna physically sick that she was going to have to sully the
memory of how she and her sweet little bitch got together, but she and Jackie
had agreed this was the best way to teach Laurie a lesson.

"Are you fucking deaf, I said get the fuck off me you stupid dyke!" Laurie
screamed again, but this time there was definitely some fear in her voice.

"I don't think so." Donna said coldly as she began to remove Laurie's jeans.

"Oh my God, somebody help me, this fucking dyke is trying to rape me!" Laurie
screamed at the top of her voice.

"First of all we're the only ones here you stupid bitch," Donna said with an
evil smile on her face as she pulled down Laurie's jeans to reveal a lack of
underwear and a nice firm, tight ass, "and as for raping you, well all in
good time."

Laurie screamed out for help again but the words became lost in a painful cry
as the first strike of Donna's hand connected with her ass.

The first blow was quickly followed by the second, and the third, and the
fourth, and so on. Only this time there would be no numbers, no keeping
score, no end in sight. Donna was going to spank Laurie until her hand hurt.

And that's exactly what she did.

One blow followed by another in a seemingly endless spanking which made
Laurie scream until she could scream no more. At first those screams were
angry and full of hate but they soon deteriorated into fear and pain which
ultimately led to Laurie begging Donna for mercy. The blonde promised Donna
almost anything if she would just stop her assault but the redhead paid no
attention. Eventually Laurie just lay there defeated and whimpering as Donna
gave her the spanking of a lifetime.

Donna took great joy in beating Laurie's ass into a light pink and then soon
afterwards a dark pink and then finally to a darkening red. The redhead had
found spanking Jackie's cute little butt very therapeutic in recent weeks and
Donna found this just as if not more therapeutic. She had no sympathy for
Laurie whatsoever and it showed.

After what felt like a lifetime Donna stopped spanking Laurie, allowing the
blonde a few moments to actually believe her ordeal was over before turning
to the enslaved brunette.

"Would you like a go Jackie?"

"Me?" Jackie said in obvious surprise. This was not part of the plan, but was
this something her mistress was asking if she'd like to do or was this
something her mistress wanted her to do. Just in case it was the latter
Jackie said, "Ok."

Kneeling behind Laurie, next to her mistress, Jackie reached out and brought
her hand down against the blonde's already beaten red buttocks.

Her mistress was unimpressed.

"Harder!" Was her simple command.

Jackie tried again.


And again.


And again.


And again.

"Come on Jackie," Donna said, clearly not happy with her bitch's efforts,
"Remember what this bitch did to us? Remember how she made us suffer? How she
made our friends and family suffer? How since we've known her she's been
making everybody around her suffer for no other reason than it amuses her.
Think about it Jackie, think about all the suffering she's caused you and the
people you love. And then spank her."

Donna's words awoke something deep inside Jackie. Something dark. Something
primal. Something that made the brunette viciously bring her hand down again
and again and again against the soft flesh of the blonde's ass cheeks with a
force which surprised Donna, Laurie and even Jackie herself. But it shouldn't
have. She was merely making Laurie pay for all the suffering she had caused
her, her friends, her family, and most importantly of all her wonderful
mistress Donna.

Donna had been surprised at the force in which her bitch beat Laurie's ass,
but she had to admit she was also very proud. Her girl had even managed to
make Laurie, who she was sure she had beaten into submission, make another
desperate attempt to escape which of course had been thwarted easily by the
redhead who was still holding her down with her left hand.

When she got tired of watching Donna joined Jackie in the beating of Laurie's
ass which by now was a dark angry red. Every time Donna bought her hand down
upon Laurie's backside Jackie would raise her hand up ready to strike and
vice versa.

The spanking seem to go on forever. Donna and Jackie spanked Laurie until
their hands stung and their arms ached. When they started to double team her
Laurie had originally started a fresh round of screaming and crying but she
soon ran out of energy again and lay back excepting this horrible and, in her
mind, undeserved punishment. She continued to quietly whimper, but her sobs
were less about the fact that she was getting spanked and more about what the
spanking was making her feel.

When Donna decided enough was enough she finally stopped spanking Laurie.
Jackie continued the spanking for a couple of strikes, but a quick glance
from her mistress soon put a stop to that. There plan had gone perfectly so
far, but now it was time to see just how far they could push this thing.

Donna was about to reach down for Laurie's pussy for the moment of truth when
she and Jackie noticed something. Smiling widely to herself the redhead
reached out and cupped the blonde's pussy just to make sure she was right,
and she was.

"Oh my fucking God, you're soaking!" Donna laughed as Laurie wept with shame,
"You got off at being spanked. By girls no less. Tell me Jackie, what kind of
girl gets off at being spanked by other girls?"

"Perverts mistress," Jackie said, "Filthy, disgusting, perverts."


"Dykes mistress?"

"That's right Jackie, dykes get off at being spanked by other girls." Donna
said, beginning to slide her fingers up and down Laurie's wet slit, "Are you
a dyke Laurie?"

"No." Laurie whimpered meekly, the usually bitchy blonde a shadow of her
former self.

"No? That's not what your pussy is saying. Your pussy says your a little dyke
that wants me to fuck you. That means one of your holes are lying." Donna
said, turning to her pet, "Which of her holes do you think is lying Jackie?"

"Her mouth mistress," Jackie said, "Her mouth is a liar."

"You hear that Laurie? My bitch thinks your mouth is a liar." Donna said,
turning back to the blonde, "Is she right Laurie? Is your mouth a liar?"

"No," Laurie said weakly.

"Oh, so if I do this," Donna said, running her finger over Laurie's clit, "It
will have little or no effect on you, right?"

Donna's last few words were drowned out by a loud moan from Laurie as she
thrust her hips back against the redhead's digits.

"Interesting." said Donna, her fingers going back to playing with Laurie's
pussy lips, "You say you're not a dyke, but you seem to love another girl
playing with your pussy. So I wonder Laurie, are you sure you're not a dyke?
Are you sure you're not a filthy, closet cunt eating, dyke who's just
desperate for the touch of another woman? Are you sure you don't want me to
just slide my pretty fingers into you and fuck your slutty little cunt? Are
you sure..."

"Yes, yes, yes, alright, whatever, just do it, just shut up and do it!"
Laurie pleaded, interrupting the redhead.

"Do what?" Donna teased, "Say it!"

"... Fuck me!" Laurie said gritting her teeth.

"I'm sorry Laurie, I didn't hear you. What was that again?"

"I said fuck me you stupid dyke!" Laurie snarled, "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!
Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck mmmmmmeeeeeeeeee!

Laurie's words dissolved into screams of pleasure as Donna granted her wish
and buried two fingers up to the knuckles inside her needy pussy. Laurie
continue to moan as Donna began to slowly move her fingers in and out of her,
giving the blonde her first ever fucking at the hands of another girl.

Donna smiled to herself as she began to give the bitchy blonde exactly what
she had asked for, sort of. Sure the blonde had asked to be fucked, and there
was no doubt that's exactly what Donna was doing to her now, but there would
be no satisfaction for Laurie, at least not until she had done something to
earn it.

The submissive brunette was waiting patiently on her knees for further
instructions from her mistress as she watched her fucked the bound blonde. In
truth Jackie felt a little jealous, but she was also incredibly aroused by
watching Eric Foreman's bitchy sister getting put in her place. She wanted
very much to finger herself, or at least rub herself through her jeans, but
her mistress had forbidden her to do so, and Jackie would never disobey her

Laurie couldn't believe how good this felt. Sure she had masturbated herself
many times but that couldn't even compare to this. Donna's fingers seem to
know her pussy better than she did herself, and they were certainly more
knowledgeable than any guys who had fingered her in the past. Hell, those
fingers were better than a lot of the guys she had been with in the past,

But there was a problem. The speed of Donna's fingers was all over the place.
One moment the redhead would be slowly finger fucking her, then she would be
pounding her pussy, and then she would go back to the slow fucking like
nothing had ever happened. At first Laurie had preferred the slow fucking but
now it was definitely the hard fucking she was craving. But Donna wasn't
giving it to her. In fact Laurie got a sneaking suspicion that Donna was
deliberately teasing her, fucking her but not allowing her to cum.
Concentrating she realised she was correct when she felt Donna's skilled
fingers deliberately avoiding her most sensitive areas despite the fact that
the redhead knew very well by this point where they were. In an attempt to
get what she wanted the blonde began to thrust herself back against the
invading digits, but it was no use, the redhead had a firm grasp of her and
she couldn't move nearly enough to get herself off.

Finally Laurie gasped, "Please, make me cum."

"You wanna cum? You wanna cum? What have you done which makes you think you
deserve to cum?" Donna said, slowly removing her fingers halfway out of
Laurie's cunt.

No, Laurie thought, she couldn't do this, Donna couldn't do this to her.
Donna couldn't fuck her with those wonderful fingers and just leave her
unsatisfied. That was just cruel.

Laurie opened her mouth to demand that Donna fuck her to orgasm right now but
all that came out was a weak, "Please."

"I'm sorry Laurie, but please isn't good enough. You see Laurie, you're a
bitch, and bitches need to earn their orgasms around here." Donna said,
turning to her bitch, "Isn't that right Jackie?"

"Yes, that's right mistress." Jackie replied obediently.

"So what do you think Laurie should do to get an orgasm Jackie?" Donna asked
her pet.

"Earn it mistress." Jackie said.

"That's right Jackie, she should earn it." Donna said smiling, "Now, take off
your clothes, slowly."

Jackie did as she was told, carefully going to stand where Donna and Laurie
could have a perfect view of her as she slowly stripped off her clothes in
front of her mistress and the bitchy blonde.

Much to Laurie's horror in her current state she found the sight of Jackie's
body arousing. She wanted to look away, but she just couldn't.

"Very good Jackie," Donna said, "Now, go sit down in front of Laurie and
spread your legs."

Once again Jackie did as she was told, bringing her pussy directly in front
of the blonde's face.

"Look at that, that's so pretty." Donna said, leaning down so she was
practically whispering in Laurie's ear, "Doesn't my Jackie have a pretty
little pussy Laurie?"

"I... I... oww!" Laurie started and then cried as in a flash Donna pulled out
of her pussy and delivered one hard slap on her already sore ass before
reinserting her fingers into the blonde's cunt. Getting the message Laurie
said, "Ye... ye... yes... she has a pretty pussy."

"And doesn't it look good enough to eat?" Donna asked.

"... Yes... it does." Laurie said weakly, hating the fact that she genuinely
found this whole situation arousing.

"I'm glad you think so Laurie," Donna said, an evil grin crossing her face,
"because if you want to cum you're going to have to eat Jackie's pussy."

Laurie's mind became a battlefield of emotions. She had always found
lesbianism disgusting and made it her personal mission to ridicule and
torture any girl if she so much as just kissed another girl. But nothing in
her life had ever felt as good as those fingers inside her cunt, and she
would do anything, anything, to feel them bring her to climax. So ultimately
she began to lean her head down towards the brunette's dripping love hole.

"Oh, and by the way Laurie," Donna said reaching out and pulling the blonde's
head back by her hair so she could growl in her ear, "If you try anything,
and I mean anything, even the slightest hint of teeth on my girl's cunt then
me and Jackie are going to beat your ass until it bleeds! Do you understand
me? I said do you understand me bitch?"


"Yes what slut?"

"Yes..." Laurie gritted her teeth, hating what she was about to say next,

"Good girl." Donna said releasing her grip on Laurie's hair and patting her
like a pet, "And that's what you're going to call me for the rest of the
night. And if at any time you don't refer to me as either mistress or
mistress Donna, trust me, you'll regret it."

Deciding to take Donna's word for this Laurie said nothing and only meekly
lowered her head again. Reaching her destination Laurie stopped for a minute,
studying Jackie's pussy as if it were a work of art in a museum. She found it
oddly captivating and, much to the horror of her inner homophobic self,
extremely erotic. Her examining of Jackie's cunt ended with another stinging
slap to her already sore behind.

"Don't just stare at her pussy you dumb bitch," Donna said, "Eat it!"

Laurie gritted her teeth in anger again but she did nothing to protest. She
was dying for an orgasm and if she had to lick a little pussy to get her own
satisfied then she would do it.

So the blonde squeezed her eyes shut, stuck out her tongue and, preparing for
the worst, gave Jackie's love hole one long lick. The sweet taste caught her
off guard and she gave Jackie's pussy another lick just to make sure she
wasn't mistaken. No, she had been right the first time... Jackie's pussy
didn't taste bad, not bad at all. In fact it tasted... good... she gave it
another lick.... really good.

Laurie soon became lost in Jackie's pussy, her world revolving around that
sweet hole with those tasty juices oozing from it. She soon started
shamelessly licking them up, and when that wasn't enough she closed her mouth
around Jackie's delicious cunt and started sucking those tasty juices out of
the brunette's hole. So much so in fact that for the first time in her life
Laurie actually forgot about her own pleasure for a short time. This didn't
last long however.

From out of nowhere Donna began to slam her fingers in and out of Laurie's
horny honey hole, causing the blonde to scream in pleasure into Jackie's
pussy which in turn gave pleasure to the brunette. But as soon as Laurie was
about to cum Donna stopped, leaving her fingers slowly moving inside Laurie's
needy cunt.

"I told you Laurie, no cumming until Jackie cums." Donna said, gently moving
her fingers a millimetre or so inside the blonde, which was enough to tease
her but not enough to get her off, "So if you wanna cum I suggest you hurry
up and make my bitch cum you cunt lapping little dyke!"

As Laurie did what she was told she came to a realisation. Donna was right,
that's exactly what she was now. A cunt lapper. A cunt lapping little dyke.
And she didn't care. Jackie's pussy just tasted so good and she was desperate
for as much of it as she could get.

As for Jackie she was quite surprised how well Laurie ate pussy considering
it was her first time, but then again in her experience pussy eating just
seemed to come naturally to girls and Laurie was certainly a natural. Of
course no one could compare to her mistress Donna but since being enslaved
the brunette had come to be quite the little slut who just loved all sources
of pleasure no matter where they came from, and Laurie's mouth and tongue was
definitely a great source of pleasure.

Looking into her mistress's eyes Jackie could tell that Donna wanted her to
hold off her orgasm as long as possible so that the redhead could really
torment Laurie but she was already very horny from first watching and then
helping in the spanking of Laurie and now the blonde's mouth and tongue was
bringing her to heights of pleasure that she hadn't known since... well since
her mistress had been 'playing' with her shortly before Laurie arrived but
still being the horny little girl loving slut she was Jackie just couldn't
get enough of the blonde bitch's oral worship. She tried her best and held
out for as long as she could but ultimately she cried out in pleasure and
came directly into Laurie's mouth.

With her first taste of another woman's cum Laurie went berserk. Burying her
face into Jackie's pussy as far as it would go the bitchy blonde glued her
mouth to her cunt and began greedily slurping and swallowing down as much of
the brunette's tasty liquid as she could. Unfortunately a lot of it escaped
her hungry mouth and covered her face but this only drove her to get more,
hammering her tongue into the wet hole in an attempt to squeeze more juice
out of it.

As Jackie's orgasm was dying down Laurie screamed and came herself, Donna's
fingers working overtime inside her to get her off. Once Jackie had began
cumming Donna had slid another couple of fingers into Laurie's cunt and began
to increase the pace, until she was slam fucking the blonde's pretty pussy
with her fingers as she expertly worked her clit with her thumb. If anything
it surprised the redhead that it took Laurie that long to cum.

When it was finally over Donna removed her fingers from Laurie's pussy, stood
up and walked towards where Jackie was sitting, stripping herself of her
clothes as she went. Without needing to be told the submissive brunette got
up and allowed her mistress to sit in her place. Before Donna could even open
her mouth to order Laurie to eat her the blonde dived face first into her
pussy and started eating her as if she had been starving for pussy her whole
life. Then again perhaps that was the case and all of Laurie's homophobic
feelings were masking some inner desire. Not that Donna really cared. She
just liked the feeling of a girls mouth on her pussy.

Looking over at Jackie the redhead's heart swelled as she saw her bitch
kneeling on the ground before her with her head bowed waiting for her next
instruction, just like she had taught her. It had been so much fun training
Jackie and now it was time to give her obedient little pussy loving slave a
little treat.

"Come here Jackie," Donna ordered her faithful pet who of course obeyed her
without question.

Once Jackie was at her side, where she belonged, Donna pressed her fingers
which had been inside Laurie's cunt to her girl's lips, allowing the brunette
to take them into her mouth and suck them clean of girl juice.

"Does she taste good my little slut?" Donna asked as she pulled her fingers
out of Jackie's mouth.

"Not as good as you mistress." Jackie replied, "But good."

"Would you like some more of her?" Donna said.

"Only if it would please you mistress."

"Good girl," Donna said, ruffling her bitch's hair affectionately, "Yes, it
would please me. And you would do anything to please me wouldn't you Jackie?"

"Yes mistress," Jackie said, positioning herself behind Laurie and lowering
her mouth to her cunt, "Your little slut would do anything to please you."

Donna and Jackie had actually rehearsed this so that Laurie could see how she
should behave around a more dominant woman like Donna. Well, more accurately
it was so Laurie could hear how she should behave around a more dominant
woman like Donna, because she wasn't in the greatest position to watch them
right now.

The girls act was lost on Laurie anyway. She was far too busy eating Donna's
pussy to notice anything else around her. Because of this Jackie's tongue
came as a complete surprise to her. A good surprise, but a surprise never the

Right before her surprise Laurie had been thinking what a fool she had been
for ridiculing a girl just because she liked to eat pussy. There was nothing
wrong with pussy eating, in fact now Laurie thought it was fantastic, and if
anything she should be only ridiculing the girls who made the choice between
pussy and cock. In the past she had made that mistake but those days were
definitely over. The bitchy blonde was never really the most understanding
person anyway but at that moment as she revelled in a new side of herself
that she was unaware of before Laurie couldn't understand why anyone wouldn't
want to be bisexual.

As if to emphasise her point Jackie's tongue chose this moment to introduce
itself to the blonde's pussy, licking her from the top to the bottom and back
again in a long sweep. Fuck, and Laurie thought that Donna's fingers inside
of her had felt good. And it only got better as Jackie slowly increased the
speed and force behind her licks until eventually she covered Laurie's pussy
with her mouth and shoved her tongue as deep into the blonde as it would go.
Screaming with pleasure into Donna's pussy Laurie thrust herself back against
the invading tongue before a firm grip on the back of her head reminded her
what she was supposed to be doing. She eagerly returned to her duty of
snacking on Donna's delicious pussy as Jackie did the same to hers, paying
close attention to what the submissive brunette was doing to her so that she
could return the favour to Donna.

Ever since she had accepted her true place in life as a bitch to a far
superior woman Jackie had eaten a lot of pussy. Hell, truth be told she had
been practically living in between Donna's legs. Not that she minded. Not at
all. But Jackie did have to admit that part of her did like feasting on a
fresh pussy, and Laurie's was no exception. The blonde tasted sweet and spicy
and Jackie loved it. Because of her experience Jackie easily found all the
most sensitive areas inside Laurie's cunt and started going to town on it,
working hard towards an orgasm which she ultimately wasn't going to give her
until her mistress Donna told her too. It didn't take long to work Laurie
back up into a frenzy and Jackie was very tempted to just tongue fuck her as
hard as she possibly could on everyone of those sensitive areas, but the idea
that the submissive brunette would disobey her mistress Donna to bring
pleasure to Laurie was laughable. Jackie however kept her composure, looking
up to see the pleasure on Donna's face as the blonde's tongue brought her
closer and closer to orgasm, the once snobby rich girl awaiting her
mistress's climax so that she could taste Laurie's cum again.

Donna dug her fingernails into Laurie's scalp, guiding the blonde's head this
way and that, making that soft tongue go exactly where she wanted it, when
she wanted it. God, girls really were the best at giving each other head.
After an only ever so slightly awkward start Laurie had soon found the right
spots, and the blonde went about bringing pleasure to them almost as much as
Donna's sweet little pet Jackie. Speaking of Jackie she was making Donna very
proud with her good behaviour and obedience to her better. Donna might have
to do something later to reward Jackie for being such a good girl, but for
now the redhead was more concerned with getting off. It wasn't that Laurie
wasn't doing a good job, she was, but with Jackie now a expert little rug
muncher Donna had become spoiled when it came to having her pussy eating and
she would accept nothing but the best. As a result Donna held off her orgasm
for as long as she could, partly waiting for Laurie to get it perfect, partly
because she wanted the blonde to be so desperate to cum that when she finally
did she would be putty in her hands.

The plan worked pretty well because the second Donna allowed herself to cum
and her sweet juices touched Laurie's lips the bitchy blonde came also,
thrashing herself wildly back against Jackie's sweet, pleasure giving mouth.
In the midst of this Laurie went totally cunt crazy, licking, sucking,
slurping and swallowing down every drop of Donna's precious liquid as she
experienced another hard orgasm which sapped her of all her strength.

Donna herself had a nice much needed climax but she quickly recovered and was
ready for more. Pushing Laurie's face away from her cunt Donna couldn't help
smiling when she heard the formerly self righteous blonde bitch whimper in
disappointment, like a child who had just had its favourite toy taken away.
It had been a amusing idea to turn the homophobic blonde into a little cunt
lapper, but Donna had no idea that it would be this easy.

Jumping off the bed Donna had Jackie remove her mouth from Laurie's cunt with
just a simple look at her submissive slut and walked over to her cupboard
where she retrieved her bag of goodies. Inside the bag was Donna's ever
growing collection of toys which included dildos of all shapes and sizes, all
of which by now she had tested on her bitch with great success. However it
was two toys in particular that Donna was after tonight.

Reaching an Donna grabbed her good old 10 inch strap on and handed it to
Jackie before reaching back in to retrieve her new 12 inch strap on. She had
used this dildo only once before on Jackie to test it out, and although she
was somewhat hesitant about using such a new toy on a cheap slut like Laurie.
But for what Donna had in mind it would definitely be worth it.

Donna strapped on her dildo before helping Jackie with hers. The brunette had
never worn a strap on before and looked very out of place wearing one.
Although it could be that after she had pound fucked all of Jackie's fuck
holes Donna just couldn't see her bitch in any kind of dominant role. Of
course the dominant role in their relationship was already taken, and both
girls couldn't be happier about it.

Turning their attention back to Laurie they could both see a huge smile on
the blonde's face.

After Laurie had started really getting into licking Jackie's pussy Donna had
stopped holding her down and when Laurie was eating Donna the submissive
brunette hadn't even bothered to hold the blonde down because she was
obviously too busy licking pussy to even think about leaving. When they had
left to get the dildos it hadn't really occurred to them to do anything to
try and restrain Laurie further, after all how far was the blonde going to
get naked, with her hands tied behind her back in a house were all the doors
were locked? There had of course been the possibility that Laurie would try
to do something stupid, like get freaked out and try and crawl away, but
Donna and Jackie were pleasantly surprised to see Laurie awaiting their
return on her knees like a good little bitch.

"Do you like cock Laurie?" Donna said smirking as she approached the blonde,
confident that she already knew the answer.

"I love cock mistress Donna!" Laurie said grinning as Donna came to a stop in
front of her with her dildo directly in the blonde's face.

"Are you a cock slut?" Donna asked, pressing the tip of her strap on to
Laurie's mouth.

"Yes mistress Donna, I'm a total cock slut!" Laurie said, opening her mouth
to try and take the dildo inside but Donna stepped back at the last second.

"Open your whore mouth for me cock slut, and keep it open!" Donna commanded

Laurie obeyed, opening her mouth wide, and waited for her next instruction.
Donna grabbed the blonde by the back of her hair and guided her strap on into
Laurie's open mouth, slowly feeding it inch by inch until she reached the
back of her throat. Instead of stopping and pulling out Donna continued,
slowly pushing down Laurie's throat until the dildo's fake balls rested
against the blonde's chin.

"Ok, now suck it you fucking cock slut!" Donna said, finally letting go of
the back of Laurie's head so the bitchy blonde could set the pace.

Instead of immediately pulling away so that she could breathe normally Laurie
started eagerly bobbing her head up and down on the phony phallus without
even the slightest hint of gag. The ease of which Laurie took that dildo down
her throat actually surprised the other two girls. They knew Laurie was a
total slut, but this was beyond total slutty, to a level of slutty which
possibly couldn't even be defined. It certainly was a sight to behold. It had
taken every ounce of self control Jackie had to be able to take that dildo in
any hole on her body, and she hadn't taken it half as easily as Laurie was
doing right now.

"Ok, now suck Jackie's." Donna said, snapping herself out of the trance she
had been in from watching Laurie's cock sucking skills and pulling the blonde
roughly off her strap on and pushing her towards Jackie.

Without hesitating for a second Laurie swallowed Jackie's dildo in one gulp
and began shamelessly bobbing her head on the cock. Completely out of her
element Jackie stood there awkwardly, her hands and body position all over
the place as she tried to get used to being on the receiving end of a strap
on blow job.

Seeing that her bitch was a little lost Donna took charge of the situation
again, "Alright you little cock slut, start moving those blow job lips
between our cocks!"

Laurie obeyed without any difficulty whatsoever. She may never have eaten
pussy until today, but she could have taught a master-class to porn stars on
sucking cock.

The blonde went back and forth in between them for some time but ultimately
Donna became bored and decided it was time to move on.

"That's enough of that crap," Donna said, pulling Laurie by her hair off of
Jackie's strap on and forced the blonde into a standing position.

Keeping one hand on Laurie's hair, Donna slid one hand down the blonde's body
until she reached her pussy. Sliding two fingers into her with no problem
Donna added another finger, and then another, and then finally her thumb.

Pushing her digits up to the knuckles inside the blonde's cunt Donna growled
in her ear, "For the love of God, I can practically fit my hand inside this
overused cock depository. I bet you'd like that wouldn't you Laurie? You'd
like me to stick my whole hand inside your loose cunt!"

"Oh god yes," Laurie cried shamelessly, "please mistress Donna, stick your
whole hand inside me! Fill me up!"

"What do you think Jackie?" Donna said, turning to her bitch, "Should I fist
this slut?"

"I think you should do whatever you want mistress." Jackie replied.

"Good girl, that's right, I do whatever I want!" Donna said, as she began
pushing forward, "Whatever. The. Fuck. I. Want."

With each of her last words Donna gave a hard push into Laurie's cunt forcing
it to spread wider than ever before to accept the redhead's hand. Laurie's
mouth fell open in a wordless cry as her pussy lips closed around Donna's
wrist. Sure she had taken a lot of cock but the bitchy blonde had no idea she
was capable of this. It hurt like hell, but it was a hell full of painful
pleasure and her inner muscles were already relaxing around it's invader.

"Oh my God Laurie," Donna said in disbelief, "What are you, the Grand Canyon?
Your whore hole just swallowed my hand like it was nothing. Just how many
cocks have you had in this gaping cave you call a cunt? No wait don't answer
that. I don't have time for you to do all that counting. Let's just
concentrate on what you've got in that bottomless pit right now shall we?
You've taken my hand, now let's see if you can take this!"

And with that Donna began to slam her hand in and out of Laurie's pussy
without giving a second thought to the blonde's well being. Laurie cried in
pain, but what could she do? It wasn't like she could fight back, even if she
wanted too. Her hands were still bound and she was also both physically and
emotionally drained. It was hard enough for her to remain standing. Her knees
were so weak she thought she was going to collapse any second. The only thing
that was keeping her up was the desire to please mistress Donna and the fact
that the redhead was holding her up by her hair.

Donna pounded her fist unmercifully through Laurie's cunt, twisting and
turning her hand inside her. The redhead had agreed previously with Jackie
that after spanking Laurie they shouldn't move into the hard stuff too soon,
and that if they slowly introduced Laurie to lesbian sex then the blonde
would be far more accepting of the rough stuff later on. Donna had been
careful to stick to the plan so she could get to this moment and now she was
here she was going to enjoy herself. Even before Laurie went and stuck her
nose where it didn't belong Donna had wanted to grudge fuck the bitchy blonde
for a number of other offences and as far as the dominating redhead was
concerned Laurie was getting exactly what she deserved.

The punishment was perhaps not as effective as Donna would have liked. The
blonde had been seriously turned on during the cock sucking and the fisting
had been so vicious that not long after it started Laurie's body began
shaking like a leaf. Before she knew it she was cumming, screaming in
pleasure until eventually she became limp and fell forward into Donna's arms.
If it had been Jackie the redhead would have caught her, but because it
wasn't Donna stepped aside and allowed the blonde to fall on the floor, her
hand sliding out of her pussy as she went.

Hitting the floor hard Laurie clutched at her aching pussy and whimpered in
pain, but she received no mercy from Donna.

"Get the fuck up slut," Donna sneered, "we're not done with you yet!"

Laurie slowly, fearfully got to her feet. When she got there she was greeted
by Donna's hand which was still soaking in her pussy juice.

"Clean slut!" Donna ordered, pressing her hand to Laurie's face.

Once again Laurie obeyed without question. Running her mouth and tongue all
over Donna's hand the blonde was surprised just how good she tasted. Only a
short while ago Laurie would have been disgusted at the idea of tasting
herself, but now she couldn't get enough.

"Go lay down on the bed Jackie." Donna said as Laurie continued licking her
hand clean. Once Jackie was in position Donna pulled her hand away and told
Laurie, "Go sit on my pet's cock. Your slutty cunt isn't good enough for my

Laurie bowed her head in shame and began to make her way back to the bed.
Slipping herself out of her shoes Lourie kicked off her jeans and panties as
she stumbled over to the bed, got on top of Jackie and began to slowly lower
herself down on the cock. Her pussy was still very sore from the abuse it had
suffered at Donna's 'hand' and she struggled stretching around the strap on.
However the slutty blonde was determined to get every single inch of that
cock inside her and she willed herself not to stop lowering her body until
she had every last inch of it inside her cunt.

Once she had completely lowered herself Laurie waited for a second, giving
her pussy time to adjust before beginning to bounce up and down in Jackie's
lap, driving the dildo in and out of her cunt. She didn't get far before
there was a stinging slap to her already harshly beaten backside.

"Did I tell you to fuck that cock slut? I don't think so." Donna growled
angrily, "Bent forward and stay still bitch."

The blonde obeyed, leaning forward until her breasts were pressed up against
Jackie's as Donna knelt behind her to spit on her ass hole before pressing
her dildo to it and began forcing her way inside. The second she felt
pressure at the entrance to her back alley Laurie concentrated on relaxing
her sphincter so that Donna's strap on could enter her shit shoot. The slutty
blonde loved anal sex but she had never had anything quite as big inside her
ass before and it stretched her to her very limits. But Donna would not be
denied and sooner than could have been expected the redhead's hips came to
rest against Laurie's buttocks, announcing she had been able to stuff every
single inch of her strap on inside the usually bitchy blonde's butt.

Finally showing a little mercy Donna did not start slamming Laurie's shitter
straight away, even giving the blonde a short time to recover before
beginning to slide in and out of her, fucking her ass at a gentle but steady
pace. Tonight was definitely about revenge and Donna would soon get some
revenge out of Laurie's ass both figuratively and literally, but the redhead
was not planning on seriously hurting Laurie and she knew she would if she
just started pounding her pooper the first chance she got. Donna wanted
Laurie to enjoy this, she wanted her to grow to crave this, and then in a few
days when Laurie came back looking for seconds Donna would not give it to
her. She couldn't wait to have the self-righteous homophobic slut Laurie
Foreman begging and pleading for her to use her like the slut she was. To see
Laurie grovel before her in such a way would be a far better revenge than
beating her up because it meant that Donna had beaten and broken the blonde
mentally as well as physically.

However Donna's plan had one little flaw in it, and that flaw's name was
Jackie. The little brunette had never really been dominant or controlling
inside the bedroom before she had become Donna's bitch and now after
everything that had happened to her Jackie just couldn't get into the swing
of fucking Laurie. She did her best, but her thrusts were awkward and clumsy.
They really stood out next to the well timed pace of Donna's ass taming
thrusts. Of course in reality all Jackie really needed to do was lie back and
let Donna do all the work. Every time the redhead thrust into Laurie's ass
she pushed the blonde downwards, impaling her on the cock strapped around the
little brunettes waist and every time Donna pulled out, whether meaning to or
not, Laurie would lift her body a little off Jackie's body, just enough so
that some of the dildo would slide from her cunt. All this would be fine, but
her mistress Donna had been very clear that she wanted them both to fuck
Laurie and from the look in the redhead's eyes right now Jackie could tell
that her mistress wasn't happy.

"Come on Jackie, you can do better than that!" Donna said, "Just think about
all the things this whore has done over the years. Think about what she has
done to our friends, to our families, to us!"

Her mistress's words really got to Jackie and the enslaved brunette started
to think about all the pain and suffering Laurie had caused, not just to her
but to her friends, and most importantly her mistress Donna. Laurie had never
really had the opportunity to hurt Jackie's family but the bitchy blonde had
stolen Michael away from her, and although that was a long time ago and the
submissive brunette no longer cared about Michael Kelso in the way that she
used to, it was definitely a painful memory which helped Jackie get into the
swing of things. After that memories started to flood into Jackie's head. She
remembered everything bad that Laurie had ever done to her, from boyfriend
stealing, to name calling, to actually physically fighting each other and of
course the blonde's contribution to her and her mistress's 'outing'. Seeing
red Jackie grabbed Laurie by the hips and began to thrust upward with all her
might, slamming her strap on in and out of the bitchy blonde's cunt.

"That's it Jackie, good girl, just like that," Donna encouraged her bitch,
"Rip that slut's cunt wide open! Rip it wide! Rip it as wide as I'm going to
rip her ass hole!"

While before Donna's words had been inspirational to Jackie now they were
just a distant echo as the usually submissive brunette frantically pounded
Laurie's pussy, delighting in the moans of pleasure coming from the blonde
sluts mouth. Wanting to get even more moans Jackie slid her hands from
Laurie's hips up to her top which she tore from her body so that she could
get at her firm breasts. Once the blonde's boobs were finally free Jackie
greedily cupped them in her hands and pinched the nipples. Not satisfied with
merely pinching Jackie began to tweak, caress and even slap the blonde's
breasts, the whole time her hips working in overdrive to slam her strap on
through Laurie's cock hungry cunt.

Donna felt incredibly proud of her bitch as she helped her give Laurie the
kind of double fucking a slut like her deserved. Although she was slightly
concerned that Jackie might forget her place but she found it unlikely. Donna
was fairly confident that she had beaten Jackie into submission, but even if
the brunette got any ideas it wouldn't be too hard for her to put her in her
place again. Oh yes, a nice round of hard spanking should do the trick,
perhaps followed by a hard fucking. That would definitely help remind Jackie
exactly who the bitch was around here. Well technically Laurie was the bitch
tonight but that was only a temporary arrangement. Speaking of Laurie the
redhead was tired of this slow and gentle butt fucking she had been giving
her. It was about time that she started to give the blonde a proper pooper
pounding. After all, Donna couldn't have her bitch out fucking her could she?

Increasing her grip on Laurie's hips Donna sped up her thrusts until she was
in perfect sync with Jackie's, their dildos sliding in and out of the
blonde's pussy and ass respectively.

The increase of the pace caused Laurie to go crazy, thrusting herself up and
down in an attempt to get as much dildo into her hungry holes as possible.
Unlike before when she had tried bouncing up and down on Jackie's poll the
blonde was not stopped. If anything she was encouraged by harder groping,
squeezing and fucking. It was a good thing to because Laurie was so lost in
pleasure that if either of the other women had tried to stop her she might
have had to make them regret it. Either that or she would have started
crying, she wasn't sure which.

The truth was Laurie had never felt so much pleasure in her entire life and
the blonde had known a lot of pleasure in her lifetime. It was probably
because her submission seemed to be adding to her arousal, and the fact that
this was something new and interesting, while at the same time something in
which she was very much within her element.

Sure she had never been double fucked by girls before, although after tonight
she was definitely going to have to make it her mission to do so, but she had
been double fucked before and now that her cunt and ass hole were fully
relaxed she was feeling nothing but pleasure, blissful, wonderful pleasure.
While there was the familiar sense of growing pleasure in her fuck holes the
bodies pressed against Laurie were soft and feminine and it was definitely
giving her some unique sensations, sensations which she would spend the rest
of her life chasing again. Before Laurie was just a slut, but now she was a
bisexual slut who swore she was going to sleep with every hot guy and
beautiful girl that crossed her path.

As if to put the explanation point on her submission Laurie's holes gripped
down on the dildos inside them and she threw her head back in a long scream
as she came. She had tried to hold off as long as she could, to enjoy this
pleasure while it lasted, but it was all just too much and one climax after
another rocked her body. Laurie's cunt was usually easy to please and it
didn't take much to give her multiple orgasms, but she'd never had so many
before that she had lost count. Tonight however was very different.

Jackie was not that far behind Laurie, the clit stimulator doing its job well
to bring her off. Although the brunette's orgasm surprise to her a little and
she quickly began to lose her rhythm to the point where it was only really
Donna who continued to pound into Laurie.

Donna kept going long after Jackie stopped thrusting, wanting to prove a
point about her dominance and superiority not just to Laurie but to Jackie as
well but ultimately she had to allowed her climax to wash over her or she
would explode. As her body tingled with pleasure Donna reached beneath her
and squeeze down on both strap on's balls, releasing her cum which was stored
in them into Laurie's pussy and ass simultaneously, marking the blonde slut's
holes as hers to do with as she pleased.

When her climax was over and she was sure every drop of her girly liquid was
inside Laurie the redhead slowly got up, pulling her strap on out of the
blonde's now gaping back door and walked over to grab something off her

Laurie lay on top of Jackie panting in exhaustion, desperately trying to get
over her orgasms. The blonde was also trying to figure out what had been
squirted into her before she got the chance to ask her world went dark as
something was placed over her eyes.

"Stay still slut," Donna said securing the blindfold, "Right, that should
hold, come on Laurie," the redhead continued, as pulling Laurie off of Jackie
by her hair and began to drag her towards the door, "We're going for a little


Laurie had no idea where they were going. It seemed like they had been
travelling for ages. She had been gagged right after she had been blindfolded
before she had been escorted out of the Pinciotti household and shoved into
something which was small and box-like. When she heard the car engine start
up and her new home began to move she quickly figured out that Donna and
Jackie had put her into the boot of their car. It was actually Donna's
father's car but that didn't really matter. The fact was that Laurie's hands
were still securely cuffed behind her back and all she could do was just lay
there and wait to be let out.

Eventually the car came to a stop and she was pulled out. Finally they
removed the handcuffs, but did not allow her to remove her gag or her
blindfold. Donna and Jackie walked either side of her so she didn't trip or
fall, but rather than comfort her Laurie found that even more nerve-racking.

When they apparently reached their destination the girls separated, Jackie
going on ahead as Donna moved behind Laurie.

"Climb." Was the simple command as Donna pushed the blonde forwards.

Reaching out Laurie grabbed onto something that she could only guess was a
ladder and began to climb. A little way in front of the blonde Jackie kept a
close eye on her so that she didn't fall while Donna did the same from behind
her. Reaching the top Donna and Jackie press Laurie up against some kind of
circular wall and secured her to it. Then Laurie heard some kind of spraying
sound and felt something land on her chest. Suddenly Donna removed Laurie's
blindfold but the blonde couldn't really see anything but the dominating
redhead in front of her.

"Listen up Laurie," Donna said angrily, "From now on if ever me or Jackie
feel like using you in any way you'll do whatever we want without question.
You'll be my bitch in the sense that I'll fuck you when ever I feel like it
but you mean nothing to me. Your just a piece of ass. Jackie's my true bitch
and that's never going to change. Oh, and if you ever, and I mean ever fuck
with me or my bitch again they'll never find you!"

And with that Donna turned and left via the ladder, much as Jackie had done
moments ago, and left Laurie to take a good look at her surroundings.

To Laurie's horror she realised that she was tied completely naked to the
water tower and she had the word 'dyke' sprayed across her chest.


Donna and Jackie watched from the base of the water tower as Laurie struggled
in her bounds. There were two ropes, one tieing Laurie's hands, the other her
feet, keeping her in a spread eagle position. The ropes that they had put
round the tower was just tight enough so that Laurie couldn't move more than
a few millimetres. The ball gag was still securely inside Laurie's mouth and
there was little or no chance that anyone would hear her mumblings from up
there. All in all, a job well done.

Walking back to the car Jackie asked, "Mistress, what are we going to do
about Eric and Stephen?"

"Don't worry Jackie," Donna said, smiling at her bitch, I have a plan."

Both girls looked up as a rather loud cry echoed in the wind. Laurie was
obviously having more luck making noise with that gag in her mouth than Donna
would have thought possible.

"What about her?"

"Oh, don't worry about her. We'll call the cops when we get home and tell
them there's someone on the water tower. Hopefully she'll get arrested and
spent the night in jail. It would be a perfect end to a perfect evening for
her." Donna chuckled, as the girls got into the car they had borrowed from
Donna's father, "And after this I doubt she'll bother us again."

Jackie bit her lip, thought for a moment and then said, "Mistress, do you
think we could wait a while before we call the cops?"

Donna turned to Jackie and smiled, "We can wait as long as you want my little
pet, as long as you want."

Jackie return the smile as Donna drove them home.

To be continued...


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