Disclaimer: This is a That 70's Show fan fiction story based when Jackie
moved in with Donna in Season 5. I do not own the characters in That 70's
Show and have no association with anyone involved in the show. Both the
girls are 18 or over.

Keywords: MFF, BDSM, Toys, Oral, Language, Rim, spank, anal, TV-parody

That '70s Show: Donna's Bitch Part 7
by MTL ([email protected])

Jackie Burkhardt was brushing her hair in front of her mirror... or more
accurately her mistress Donna's mirror. Everything in this room, including
her, belonged to her mistress Donna and Jackie had no delusions otherwise.
Sitting on her sore, constantly well spanked bottom always reminded her of
her proper place in life and it warmed her submissive heart.

That submissive heart skipped a beat when she saw her mistress Donna enter
the room and closed the door behind her. This was a signal that Jackie could
throw off her facade of being Jackie Burkhardt: bitchy teenager and settle
into her true state of being as Jackie Burkhardt: Donna's bitch.

Unable to resist Donna pulled up a stool behind Jackie and pressed herself
into her secret girlfriend's back, kissing her neck.

Jackie gasped as her mistress's hands roamed her body, "Mistress... we don't
have much time... the movie..."

"The movie, doesn't start for another hour and it takes less than a half-hour
to reach the cinema. The boys will be a long in a minute, but until then
you're mine." Donna said firmly, before gently biting down on Jackie's neck,
wanting to leave a mark but knowing that she couldn't risk it.

"I'm always yours mistress." Jackie sighed as she allowed herself to melt
into her mistress's arms, "I belong to you."

"That's right Jackie, you belong to me. I'm your mistress and your my bitch.
And guess what Jackie?" said Donna, her wandering hands slipping downwards
towards Jackie's centre, "Tonight, your mistress has a little present for

"I like presents mistress." Jackie gasped as her mistress's fingers slid into
her panties and began playing with her already wet pussy.

"I know you do Jackie, I know you do." Donna chuckled as she thought about
the kind of presence she had been giving Jackie lately, "Now, stand up, and
bend over the desk so you can earn your mistress's present."

Jackie did as she was told, wondering what her mistress Donna was up too. She
would soon find out.

Donna smiled, Jackie was always such a obedient little bitch for her.
Reaching into her school bag Donna removed some items from her bag and walked
over behind Jackie. Donna pushed the brunette's short skirt over Jackie's
hips before pulling her panties down to just above her knees. The redhead
couldn't help smiling with pride when she saw Jackie's butt cheeks still a
light rosy red from her last spanking and the 3 inch butt plug still firmly
buried in her bitch's back door.

Ever since their little adventure in the sex store Donna and Jackie had been
experimenting further with their sexuality. One of their latest kinks was for
Donna to insert a small object into Jackie, usually a dildo, and force her to
spend the whole day with it inside her. Jackie would have been enjoying this
a lot more if she hadn't been forbidden to cum under any circumstances until
she had permission to do so from her mistress Donna and she found it
impossible to control herself for long when she had a toy inside her cunt. So
mistress Donna had started using butt plugs to keep Jackie in a constant
state of arousal for her, sometimes further teasing the poor girl by ambush
in her in the girls toilets or a dark corner and shoving a few fingers into
her cunt for a few quick thrusts before leaving like nothing had happened.

Tonight Donna was going to use a brand new butt plug which unlike all the
others which were just long and straight was small at the tip but increased
in diameter towards the bottom. It was a little frightening looking, but
Donna knew her girl could take it, especially after all the butt pounding she
had been giving Jackie's rear end lately.

But first she was going to add a little more colour to Jackie's already rosy
little butt cheeks.

"You know Jackie, I would really love to spend some quality time beating your
naughty little ass but sadly we just don't have time for me to give your
little behind a proper seeing too." said Donna as her hands roamed over the
soft flesh of Jackie's butt cheeks, "But don't worry when the movies done I'm
going to give you exactly what you deserve."

"Thank you mistress... ow... one, thank you mistress... ow... two, thank you
mistress... ow three, thank you mistress... ow four, thank you mistress... ow
five, thank you mistress..."

Donna's blows were slow, deliberate and more than a little playful. Her
intent was not to truly punish Jackie but to gently remind her of her place
and to have a little fun with the woman she owned.

"Ow... thirteen, thank you mistress, ow... fourteen, thank you mistress... ow
fifteen, thank you mistress... ow sixteen, thank you mistress... ow
seventeen, thank you mistress..."

Jackie would have much preferred a serious spanking with her mistress
breaking out some of her toys, but she did enjoy the intimacy of hand on
flesh spankings and any spanking was better than no spanking as far as the
brunette was concerned.

"Ow... twenty six, thank you mistress, ow... twenty seven, thank you
mistress... ow twenty eight, thank you mistress... ow twenty nine, thank you
mistress... ow thirty, thank you mistress..."

"Good girl Jackie," Donna praised her secret girlfriend like you would praise
a well behaved pet, "I knew you were going to be a good little slut for me.
And now I'm going to give my obedient little bitch her reward." said the
redhead as she began to slowly remove Jackie's current little butt plug.

When Jackie's butt plug was removed Donna couldn't resist sticking her tongue
into Jackie's gaping shit hole, smiling to herself that she could taste her
cum still buried deep within her bitch's bowels. Her dominance of Jackie had
increased to the point where the brunette wasn't allowed to even take a shit
without the redhead's permission and although Jackie was given plenty of
enemas which would unfortunately remove her cream from her girl's colon Donna
insisted on slamming Jackie's shit pipe with a strap on and refilling her
back door with her cum often before even leaving the bathroom.

Eventually removing her tongue from Jackie's ass hole Donna lubed up a couple
of fingers with KY jelly and inserted first one and then two fingers into her
bitch's already slightly stretched shit hole.

Jackie moaned as Donna played with her ass. Jackie loved it when her mistress
Donna played with her ass and she only relaxed her muscles in welcome as her
mistress began to slide the new butt plug into its new home for the next
couple of hours. When they reached the halfway point it was a little bit of a
struggle that Jackie took the plug like a trooper and eventually it slid in
all the way without the submissive brunette uttering a word of protest.

Donna's heart swelled with pride as she pulls Jackie's panties back up and
skirt back down before standing up, turning around and pulling her girl into
her arms.

"Thank you mistress for your present... I will treasure it." Jackie said,
unable to stop the smirk appearing on her face.

Donna was so horny she barely noticed, her hands greedily fondling Jackie's
plug stuffed rear, "God Jackie, you make me so proud."

Jackie opened her mouth to tell her mistress how much it made her heart melt
to hear that her mistress was proud of her when her lips were cut off by the
redhead's which pressed against her own. The kiss that passed between them
was so animalistic it was almost violent in nature, Donna's hands mauling
Jackie's flesh as she pressed her up against the desk.

Just then the door was flung open and Michael Kelso ran inside.

"Hey Jackie, hey Donna, sorry if I walked in on you guys nak..." Kelso lost
his will to speak mid sentence as he was bowled over by the sight before him.

Donna and Jackie separated, but it was too late, they had been caught.

There was silence before Kelso finally said, "Oh my God."

"Kelso..." Donna began.

"Oh my God." said Kelso again, still waiting to see if he woke up.

"Kelso..." Donna said more firmly.

"Oh my God!" Kelso yelled out, his mind finally comprehending what he had
just seen.

"Kelso..." Donna yelled getting his attention, "Close the door and shut up."

"But..." Kelso protested

"Close the door!" Donna yelled in the most threatening tone of voice Kelso
had ever heard in his short life.

Kelso did as he was told, partly because he was curious where this was going,
partly because he was afraid of Donna.

"Sit down!" Donna said, her voice had dropped in volume but it was still full
of anger and rage, more at herself for not locking the door than Kelso for
barging in on them. Once Kelso sat down Donna took a deep breath and said,
"Kelso... Jackie and I... we've... been seeing each other... as in dating,
but we don't want anyone else to find out, not yet, so you have to keep your
mouth shut. Do you understand?"

"Fine." said Kelso, the grin on his face exposing the fact that he was
thinking about telling everyone the second he got out of the room.

"No, not 'fine' Kelso! You will not tell anyone about us! Do you understand?"
Donna growled. She was desperately trying to keep her voice down in case
anyone overheard, but Kelso was making it very hard.

"Fine." said Kelso in a dismissive tone of voice which didn't sound

Of all their friends Kelso was the biggest gossip barring Eric's sister
Laurie, who wasn't really there friend anyway and Jackie of course. Both
Donna and Jackie knew they were going to have to come up with a better way of
keeping Kelso quiet and although both of them could only think of one way
Donna did not want to even consider it.

Apparently Jackie did.

"Michael," Jackie said sitting next to Kelso, "What if we gave you a really,
really good reason to keep our little secret?"

"What kind of reason?" Kelso said, completely oblivious to what Jackie was

"Jackie no!" Donna said.

"But mistress?" Jackie said turning to Donna.

"Mistress!" Kelso said, his eyes lighting up, "This just keeps getting better
and better!"

"Jackie, a word with you, in the corner, now," Donna said, grabbing Jackie by
the arm and pulling her over into the far corner of the room, "Kelso don't go

"Fine." Kelso said, who was considering just leaving but decided to see where
this went.

"You cannot be serious." Donna whispered.

"He won't keep our secret if we don't mistress." Jackie said simply, "And
besides... you might... enjoy what he has to offer."

"Eww no!" Donna protested.

"Then what do you suggest we do mistress?" Jackie sighed, "In one moment our
friends will be here and if we don't give Michael a good reason he's going to
tell on us. You were the one who wanted to experiment a little with boys
before we told our boyfriends about us, so why don't we use this situation to
kill two birds with one stone. Besides... I think I'd feel more comfortable
with someone I knew as opposed to a random stranger..."

Donna bit her lip. The truth was she didn't want to sleep with Kelso because
he was an absolute dog who would sleep with anything that moved if it gave
him half the chance. He was also incredibly dumb. And most of all... he had
hurt her Jackie and for that he should be punished... not rewarded! But then
again what choice did she have? And from the look in her eyes Jackie seemed
to want this, and Donna would never deny her bitch something she truly

"Ok." Donna sighed, already feeling like she was going to regret this.

"Yea," Jackie said, turning around and walking over to where Kelso was.
Sitting down next to him Jackie put her hand on his thigh and said,
"Michael... me and my mistress Donna were talking and we agreed that if you
were to keep our little secret you could come back here after the movie and
we could... reward you for your silence."

"Reward me how?" Kelso asked, completely missing the point.

"As in reward you." Jackie said again even more suggestively.

"... but how?" Kelso asked again.

Donna sighed and decided that subtlety wasn't working, "Kelso. If you keep
your mouth shut Jackie and I will have sex with you."

Kelso looked stunned and had to take a few minutes for this to sink in, "...
really... oh man awesome!"

"So that's a yes than?" Donna said.

"Oh hell yeah!" Kelso said enthusiastically.

"Great, now remember, you keep quiet and you get a threesome, you say a word
and I'll kill you!" Donna said firmly, making sure that Kelso finally
understood. When Kelso nodded his head dumbly Donna pushed him out the door
and the three went to join their friends to go to the movies.

* * *

Donna paced the room up and down, not saying a word. She was really nervous
about what was going to happen with Kelso. It was true that she wasn't
exactly excited about the prospect of sleeping with Michael Kelso but her
biggest worry was that she was going to lose Jackie. Her bitch had once loved
Kelso with all her heart and despite the fact that he had cheated on her and
lied to her time and time again didn't stop the fact that some part of Jackie
still loved the doofus.

Before she got the chance to overanalyse what was going to happen Kelso walk
in with the biggest grin she had ever seen on his face. Once again he hadn't
knocked but that seemed irrelevant now.

The agreement had been simple. Once the gang split up Donna and Jackie would
make their usual excuses to their boyfriends to go home alone but this time
Kelso was under instructions to wait 15 minutes before coming to visit them
so they could reward him for his silence.

"So... how do you want to do this?" Kelso asked.

"How about we start with you taking off your clothes?" Donna said, feeling it
was important to gain control early. After all she enjoyed being in control
of Jackie so if she was in control of this situation she may enjoy it more.

Kelso shrugged and stripped himself of all his clothes. He had a good body
and wasn't at all ashamed of it.

When his pants came off Donna couldn't help but stare at the bulge in his
shorts. Her eyes grew wide when she saw his cock which even in its soft state
was almost the size of Eric's when her boyfriend was completely hard.
Suddenly Jackie's love for Kelso all became clear.

"Like what you see?" Kelso said with a grin.

"... Erm... it's soft." Donna said shaking herself awake from her trance.
Yup, she was definitely bisexual, "Jackie, why don't you see if you can do
something about that?"

"Yes mistress." Jackie said before falling to her knees in front of Kelso and
taking his soft member into her eager mouth.

Kelso groaned as Jackie's soft lips wrap themselves around his shaft, "Why
does Jackie call you mistress?"

Donna smirked and said, "Because that's what she needs, a mistress and that's
what I am to her, a mistress. I'm her mistress and she's my bitch. What do
you think about that Kelso?"

"I think that's hot." Kelso sighed as his meet grew in Jackie's warm wet
mouth, the head already beginning to push its way down her throat.

The invasion inside her throat didn't bother Jackie. She had learned to deep
throat Kelso when they were dating which she liked to think helped her to
train for life as Donna's bitch. Her redheaded mistress had quite the
fondness for using her mouth as a cunt from time to time and Jackie had
learned to love it. She loved anything that would please her mistress Donna.

Donna was amazed about how quickly that piece of man meat grew, and how big
it grew, in Jackie's mouth. Her girl was already bobbing her head on that
large poll and the redhead couldn't help but imagine what it would be like to
take a cock that big inside her.

Seeing that Donna's eyes were fixed on his cock Kelso said, "You wanna suck

Donna consider this for a moment. Not that long ago she would have bitch
slapped him for even suggesting it, but under the circumstances that would be
unwise. Besides, she couldn't deny she was curious about trying it.

So kneeling down beside her girl Donna made a little coughing noise to let
Jackie know she was there. Removing her mouth from Kelso's cock Jackie looked
at her mistress for a moment before moving aside to allow Donna access to the
impressive poll. A little nervously Donna takes the shaft in her hand and
begins to stroke it up and down before taking the head into her mouth and
beginning to suck it. The pre-cum oozing out of the head was sweet and
encouraged Donna to bob her head on the dick to squeeze out some more.

As her current girlfriend began bobbing her head her old boyfriend's cock
Jackie lean down so she could take Kelso's balls into her mouth and began
greedily sucking on them. She knew how much Kelso liked his balls licked and
she could only imagine he was thoroughly enjoying feeling a pair of soft lips
on his balls as well as his cock.

Kelso couldn't stop grinning. He'd had a couple of threesomes before but he
never imagined he would be able to get both Donna and Jackie in a threesome
with him. Well that was untrue he had imagined it many times but this was so
much better.

For two girls who were apparently into each other Donna and Jackie was
sucking his cock and balls better than any girl had before. He could always
remember Jackie being a good cock sucker but she had apparently gone from a
good cock sucker to a awesome cock sucker since they had last done it. And
Donna was awesome too. Even if she couldn't take it all down her throat like
Jackie had been doing this was still awesome.

Donna had actually become lost in sucking on Kelso's enormous cock until he
placed a hand on her head and said, "Oh man Donna, you're such a great cock

At this point Donna removed her lips from around Kelso's shaft and slowly
stood up, leaving one hand firmly on his cock as the other removed his hand
from her head.

"Kelso, listen to me very carefully. If you behave tonight will be the
greatest night of your life. But if you're an ass hole than, trust me, you
will regret it." Donna said softly, squeezing Kelso's cock until it was
almost painful, "Do you understand?"

"Yes." Kelso said quickly, deciding it wasn't a good idea to piss off someone
who literally had you in the palm of their hand.

"Are you going to call me a cock sucker, or any other bad name again?" Donna
said, her hand still squeezing Kelso's dick.

Once again Kelso was quick to answer, "No."

"Good boy, now behave yourself." Donna said smiling before returning to her
knees to take Kelso's man meat into her mouth again.

Donna started to bob her head on the shaft again, quickly returning to her
rhythm but this time trying to take more. She was trying to relax her throat
muscles enough to take all of Kelso's huge member into her mouth but there
was just too much of it. She was suddenly even more impressed Jackie had been
able to take this monster, not to mention her own similarly large strap on,
down her throat with out protest. She also was feeling suddenly a little
guilty. Before that guilt could fester she was awoken from her thoughts by

"What?" Donna said when she pulled Kelso's cock from her mouth.

"I said can we move on... I really want to fuck." Kelso said hopefully.

"Sure." Donna said, thinking that Kelso wouldn't be able to last long after a
blow job like that.

Donna and Jackie stood up and stripped off their clothes slowly as Kelso
watched, jacking himself off to maintain his hardness.

"Ok Jackie, lay down." said Donna.

"No." said Kelso before Jackie could obey, "I want you first."

Donna bit her lip. She had never had anything nearly that big inside her, but
Kelso probably wouldn't last too long and she had to admit she was a little

"Ok." said Donna, lying down on her back on the bed. Feeling slightly
vulnerable in this position Donna looked over at Jackie and said, "Jackie,
get that pretty pussy over here and planted right here." She said pointing to
her mouth.

Donna smiled inwardly. There was no way Kelso was going to last even without
the added visual of her eating her bitch out. With the added visual it was
doubtful that Kelso would last seconds inside her.

"Yes mistress." Jackie said jumping up onto the bed and slowly lowering
herself onto her girlfriend's waiting lips. Jackie was always eager to obey
her mistress, especially if it meant she could feel Donna's wonderful mouth
on her pussy again.

As soon as Jackie's pussy was hovering over her lips Donna grabbed a firm
hold of her bitch's hips and pulled her juicy cunt down on to her face,
smothering herself in her girlfriend's tasty womanhood. Far too horny for
teasing Donna dived in tongue first into Jackie's pussy squeezing the
sweetest moans out of her girl as she easily touched her most sensitive

Eating Jackie's pussy had been Donna's way of taking her mind off Kelso's
huge dick.

It worked, so well in fact that it took the redhead a second to realise what
was happening when she felt something pressing against the entrance to her
love hole.

"Just relax, and let me know if it becomes too much." Kelso said, his voice
reeking of a self-righteous egotistical tone which made Donna just want to
slap him but under the current circumstances she decided to just relax and
get this over with.

It was a little easier said than done because when Kelso entered her Donna
had to admit there was a little pain. She hadn't really had anything this big
before and she'd been mostly spending her time fucking Jackie for the last
month or so and the biggest thing she took during their sessions was a soft
tongue and a couple of fingers. This was very different, but not necessarily
different in a bad way. Donna found herself relaxing quite quickly and Kelso
who seem to have some kind of six sense or something was actually being a
considerate lover and allowing her to adjust before he pushed himself into
her a little further.

His consideration for her well-being was genuinely shocking and even
continued when he was finally balls deep. Instead of just plowing into her he
gave her yet another chance to relax before beginning a gentle thrusting,
slowly moving himself with her.

Kelso was dumb but he wasn't stupid. He was a very horny teenager who was
willing to do just about anything for sex but once he got it he knew if he
made it an unpleasurable experience for the girl involved he would never get
it again from her. If he was gentle with her, at least at first, then there
was a chance he would be able to do this again, and he definitely wanted the
chance to do this again with Donna. Donna's pussy felt so wonderfully tight
and wet around his dick and if that wasn't enough he got some hot lesbian
action in the form of Donna eating Jackie's pussy, something he had always
dreamed about but never thought he'd actually see. It was definitely a
struggle for maintaining control but he just about managed it. He had to make
this good so they would be a chance that Donna would let him fuck her again.

Donna was in sweet agony. She tried desperately but she couldn't stop herself
moaning in pleasure into Jackie's pussy. Her womanhood had been surprisingly
accepting of Kelso's meat and now any uncomfortableness she may have been
feeling had quickly become a thing of the past and now she was only
experiencing pleasure.

If Jackie or Eric was bringing her this type of pleasure it wouldn't be a
problem but because it was Kelso it was a problem as far as Donna was
concerned. Kelso was a dumb ass with no future... and he cared way to much
about his looks... and he was always trying to fuck anything that moved...
and... and... he was a jerk... who cheated on her girlfriend... and... and...
he was stupid... ... and... and... he had a really big cock... no wait, she
shouldn't concentrate on that, she had to concentrate on... Jackie's pussy,
yes Jackie's sweet little pussy, man this thing tasted so good, eating it was
almost giving her as much pleasure as... no she needed to concentrate on
Jackie, she would concentrate on Jackie.

And she did, Donna put all her focus on making her little slave feel good and
it worked. Jackie's moans became louder and louder to the point where it was
hard for her not to cum. She wanted to wait for her mistress but it was
incredibly hard to do so considering that Donna had almost spent as much time
between her thighs as she had between Donna's and the redhead had become
quite an expert little pussy eater. Her mistress had been awesome at muff
diving from the first time that she had eaten Jackie out but she only seem to
get better and better every time she went down on her. Her tongue knew just
what to touch and went to touch it. Whether it would be soft and gentle
lovemaking or hard tongue fucking like it was right now Donna could play the
brunette's pussy like a fine instrument. And that mouth, oh that mouth...

As Donna continued to eat Jackie's pussy Kelso increased his pace inside the
redhead until he was fucking her pussy like a man possessed. Her wonderfully
tight cunt had relaxed to accept him and there wasn't a word of protest from
Donna's mouth. On the contrary, there was nothing but pleasurable moans
coming from in between Jackie's thighs which of course was the current home
for Donna's mouth. If that wasn't sign enough Donna had reached up and
wrapped her legs around Kelso's lower back, pulling him as deeply into her as
possible on every thrust. Met with such encouragement what man wouldn't use
all his strength to pound the very willing pussy in front of him?

As Kelso continued to pound into her mistress's pussy Jackie desperately
tried to prevent herself from cumming in the redhead's wonderful mouth but it
was to no avail. She knew the stamina Kelso possessed but had hoped she could
wait until he brought her mistress Donna to her climax before she came. But
alas, Donna's tongue was just too good and she found herself screaming out
her cum squirting into her mistress's awaiting mouth.

Donna had also been trying to prevent herself from coming but once Jackie's
sweet girl cum touched her lips she was done for. She came, screaming into
Jackie's pussy almost choking on the delicious girl cream which was oozing
directly into her mouth and down her throat. As a result she was unable to
swallow all of it and quite a good portion of Jackie's cum covered her face.
Try as she might Donna had problems concentrating on swallowing Jackie's
yummy girl cum when she was experiencing the hardest dick induced orgasm she
had ever had.

She used her legs to pull Kelso back and forth, using him like a puppet,
making him further increase the speed of his thrusts. At this point he was
hammering into her at almost a violent speed, but she was so greedy for the
pleasure she was feeling that she didn't care. It wasn't like there was any
pain or anything. If anything the continuous hard thrusts were helping to
milk her orgasm for all it was worth and she really liked the feeling of her
pussy clamping down on that big dick. She felt like she could spend hours
being pounded by that hard cock, but instead Kelso unwrapped her legs from
around him and slowly removed himself from inside her and stood up, that
cocky grin returning to his face.

"Can I do Jackie now?" Kelso said, grinning from ear to ear.

Jackie lifted herself from Donna's face and looked to her mistress for
instructions. Taking a minute to regain her composure Donna said to Kelso,
"Alright..." before turning to Jackie and said, "but I want you to eat my
pussy while you're getting fucked." as she was speaking Donna moved up the
bed until she was resting with her back against the head board. She then
spread her legs and beckoned her bitch.

Jackie eagerly obeyed, crawling on her hands and knees until she could lower
her head and begin the task that her mistress had given her.

Seizing his opportunity Kelso moved behind Jackie and pushed himself into
her, taking care not to give her too much too soon. With a little patience he
was able to get himself all the way into her and began fucking her gently,
but not as gently as he fucked Donna. Kelso hadn't known how well Donna would
accept him so he had gone slowly with her, but he had been with Jackie many
times so he knew that the brunette could take anything he had to offer. So he
was quick to speed up his thrusts inside her, enjoying the feeling of her
pussy which was nice and wet, and tight which was surprising after all the
time they had spent together. In any event he was soon fucking Jackie hard,
his eyes glued to the sight of his former girlfriend moaning her pleasure
into her new girlfriend's pussy.

The pleasure was overwhelming Jackie as she drank from her mistress's centre
at the same time she was being pounded by Michael's hard cock. Despite his
many, many flaws Michael Kelso was a brilliant lover who had never failed to
make her cum. Ok, so the first few times he was a little sloppy, make that
very sloppy, but he had improved very quickly into the lover the brunette had
struggled to get over. Steven was no slouch in the bedroom and certainly made
her cum just as much as Michael, but her former boyfriend had a little bit of
a size advantage over her current boyfriend. Although both men were dwarfed
in fucking skills by her mistress Donna. Over the last month the beautiful
redhead had made Jackie cum almost as much as the other two men had in years.
However it had to be said that she had constantly denied her boyfriends sex,
but she had never denied her mistress. Thinking of her beautiful mistress
reminded Jackie that as good as that cock felt pounding inside her sensitive
walls she had a job to do and desperately tried to focus all her efforts on
making her mistress Donna cum.

At this point Donna was lovingly stroking her pet's hair as Jackie eagerly
lapped away at her pussy, her tongue dancing its way inside her touching
every right spot at the right time. Jackie was such a good little rug muncher
and she had only seem to get better over time. Donna had lost count of how
many times she had cum in that sweet mouth and she knew this time would be no
exception. However she couldn't take her eyes off Kelso pounding into her
girl from behind as Jackie fulfilled her duties as her bitch.

Out of all of her friends Donna had always imagined that Michael Kelso would
be the last person she would ever 'do it' with but as much as she hated to
admit it to herself she was having fun in this situation although she
couldn't stop herself from feeling jealous that it was he who was squeezing
those soft moans out of Jackie's mouth and not her, but there would be plenty
of time for that later.

Donna tried to concentrate on the wonderful pleasure Jackie's mouth was
bringing her but she was interrupted from her thoughts by Kelso.

"What's this?" Kelso asked, his finger playing with the butt plug which was
still firmly embedded inside Jackie's ass hole.

Donna wasn't sure if the dumb ass had been wanting to ask her about it for a
while or if he'd only just noticed it but in any event she didn't see the
point in lying to him now so she said, "It's a butt plug." The look on
Kelso's face told Donna she needed to be a bit more specific so she said, "It
is a small dildo... which is a fake cock made out of plastic or rubber by the
way, which can be inserted into a Sub's ass to keep them nice and loose for
their owner or to remind them who they belong too."

"What's a Sub? And why would you need to keep their ass loose?" Kelso asked,
never missing a stroke inside Jackie's pussy.

"A Sub is short for submissive which is what little Jackie here is. A
submissive. My submissive. And as for keeping her ass loose..." Donna paused
so that a wicked smile could cross her lips, "So that I can fuck her ass when
ever I want."

Kelso's eyes went wide and a grin crossed his face, but then confusion
crossed his mind and he asked, "But how... I mean you don't have a..."

"A dick?" Donna finished for him before reaching across to her bedside table
and pulled out her trusty strap on.

"... Oh my God..." Kelso said, the grin returning to his face as the little
hamster wheel inside his head began to turn and an idea was slowly created,
"Can I fuck her ass?"

Donna bit her lip and thought about this for a moment. She wasn't sure how
much she liked the idea of Michael Kelso invading her property any further
than he already had, but she knew how much Jackie loved it up her butt and it
would be wrong to deny her girl the pleasure of Kelso's thick poll sliding
through her ass.

"Ok..." said Donna before quickly adding, "But on my terms."

"Fine." Kelso said dismissively.

"And you have to make Jackie cum first." Donna said, somewhat challengingly.

"Fine." Kelso said, taking a firm hold of Jackie's hips and beginning to
pound her pussy harder than ever before, making the brunette scream with joy
into her mistress's love hole.

Donna was unsure whether she came first or whether Jackie came first or
whether they came together, although it didn't really matter. All she knew
was that when Kelso sped up his fucking the vibrations on her pussy from
Jackie's moans sent her over the edge and she found herself creaming in her
girlfriend's sweet mouth as she watched her bitch writhing underneath the
first-class pussy pounding she was receiving.

For Jackie it was a struggle to swallow all of her mistress's delicious girl
cum as her own body was rocked with a powerful orgasm. In fact a lot of it
ended up covering her face but the brunette did her best. Once Donna's orgasm
was over Jackie happily cleaned her cunt of any remaining juices before the
redhead got off the bed and pulled some KY jelly out of her bedside drawer.
Jackie had heard her mistress's conversation with her old boyfriend and was a
little nervous about taking such a large dick in her ass but she couldn't
deny that she was also excited.

Kelso was a little surprise to see Donna retrieve a tube of lubricant before
strapping the harness around her waist. He removed his cock from Jackie as
Donna lubed the dildo and laid back down on the bed.

Seeing her mistress wordlessly beckon her over Jackie crawled up the bed
until she was on top of Donna, her pussy hovering over the false phallus
strapped around the redhead's waist. Her mistress grabbed her gently by the
hips and lowered her down onto the lubricated shaft. Jackie was so wet from
the previous activities that the extra lubrication was probably unnecessary
but it warmed her heart to know that her mistress Donna cared about her so
much. She was well stretched out from the previous fucking and found herself
being able to take Donna's dildo to the balls inside her with ease. Once it
was firmly resting inside her Donna lubricated a finger and reached around to
massage the jelly into her tight sphincter. She moaned loudly as Donna's
lubed finger slipped through the tight ring of her ass hole and into her
forbidden depths. She could feel her redheaded lover's finger gently massage
the walls of her rectum, preparing it for the invasion that was to come.

Donna took her time lubing Jackie's ass, adding a second and eventually a
third lubricated finger inside her tight little butt hole until she was
finally satisfied that her bitch was ready for Kelso's massive tool.

"Ok, lube yourself up with this and then start pushing your way in," Donna
said, tossing the KY jelly to Kelso, "And go slowly. If you hurt her I swear
to God I'll kill you."

Kelso nodded his head and began to slowly lubricate his shaft with the jelly.
There was something in Donna's tone of voice which scared him somewhat but he
had no intention of hurting Jackie and had no problem with going slowly. The
truth was this was something he had always wanted to try but up until now it
had eluded him. He had begged and pleaded with just about every girl he'd
ever been with on his hands and knees to let him fuck them up the ass but to
no avail. When he had been with Jackie the first thing he had wanted to do
after they had done it the regular way was to fuck her up the butt but she
had always told him that it was disgusting and she would never ever do
something like that. It seemed Jackie's new relationship with Donna had
changed all that. While Kelso was upset that he wasn't the first to fuck
Jackie's ass he certainly didn't mind being the second. That is if he was the

Kelso decided to put such thoughts out of his mind as he placed his well
lubricated cock to Jackie's well lubricated anus, took a moment to savour the
experience and than push forward, doing something he had wanted to do for

Jackie gritted her teeth as her ass hole stretched around the tip of
Michael's large invader until finally her back door opened to allow his entry
and the head of his shaft slid into her butt.

She and Michael simultaneously let out a gasp. Hers was more of pain than of
pleasure but after about a month of almost non-stop butt fucking at the hands
of her mistress Jackie's ass was well-prepared and relaxed around the head
sooner than she would have thought possible.

When her ass hole had properly relaxed Michael slid an inch or two inside her
rectum before stopping to give Jackie much-needed time to relax again before
sliding a few more inches inside her increasingly well stuffed butt. Just
when Jackie was beginning to wonder whether or not she could take that
massive piece of men meat inside her back door she felt Michael's balls come
to rest against her buttocks announcing she had been able to take every
single inch of her old boyfriend's monster cock in her ass.

Despite the pain Jackie couldn't help feel proud of her accomplishment.

As the pain began to fade away Jackie snuggled her body closer to her
mistress, who she had been pressed up against during the anal invasion, and
prepared herself for the butt fucking to come.

Kelso had never been so proud of himself. He was finally balls deep inside a
chicks ass and it felt even better than he imagined. The tightness of
Jackie's rear hole and the sheer forbidden aspect of it was driving him crazy
and it was very hard for him not to just plow her ass right then and there.
But he'd managed to prevent himself from doing that to Jackie's pussy so he
wasn't about to be an asshole and do it to her ass. This last thought caused
the simple minded teenager to chuckle to himself which made Donna look up and
stare at him with eyes that told him that now was not the time for any lame
jokes. Reminding himself he had a job to do Kelso got serious.

Believing he had given Jackie enough time to adjust Kelso began to slowly
slide himself out of Jackie's back door before slowly reinserting himself and
repeating the process. It took him a while but eventually he was able to
build up a steady pace, fucking Jackie's ass as gently as he possibly could
which was a strain because that tight little ass hole seemed to just be
screaming at him to pound it as hard as he could. He just hoped Jackie would
relax in time so he could have a proper go at ass fucking her before he blew
his load up her butt.

It had been a struggle but Jackie had managed to relax her ass around the
huge shaft and allow Michael to sodomise her without complaining. Her
mistress Donna had been a big help. Her body had been pressed up against the
redhead's and her mistress had been gently running her hands up and down her
back and cooing in her ear as she held her tight. Donna hadn't moved her cock
an inch inside her pussy, allowing Jackie to concentrate on relaxing her ass
around Michael's big poll but now the brunette was craving a fucking from
both of her holes. Not only that but her back passage had relaxed enough so
that she not only wanted both her holes to be fucked, she wanted both her
holes to be fucked hard! Normally she would have held her tongue but she was
so horny that she found it impossible.

"Oh please Michael fuck me, fuck my ass! Please fuck my ass with your dick!"
Jackie moaned, beginning to push herself backwards against Michael's anal

"It's not Kelso you should be asking Jackie," Donna said firmly, "It's me, or
did you forget who owns you?"

"I'm sorry mistress," Jackie said, lifting her head so she could look her
owner straight in the eye, "I'm so horny I forgot my place. Please beat my
worthless flesh for forgetting my place my wonderful mistress."

"Later, I promise," said Donna with a smirk on her face, "but first I want to
hear you beg me to allow Kelso to give your slutty little ass the fucking a
butt slut like you deserves."

Jackie didn't hesitate, "Oh my wonderful, kind, compassionate mistress Donna,
I beg you with all of my worthless heart to allow Michael to use your
property for his pleasure so the sight of my wretched body writhing beneath
him might please you. I beg you to allow him to tear through my ass hole and
rip my bowels apart for your amusement. Allow him to give me the pleasure I
do not deserve but can't help but crave. My wonderful mistress knows how much
a butt slut like me needs it up my slutty little ass and is caring enough to
fulfil my wanton desires by taking my slutty little ass as your property. I
beg you now to allow him to use your property and fuck my slutty little ass!"

Hearing enough Donna looked over Jackie's shoulder to Kelso and said, "You
heard my bitch, fuck her slutty little ass already you stupid dill hole!"

Not needing to be told twice Kelso began to steadily increase his pace inside
Jackie's ass listening carefully to her moans for the slightest sound of
pain. Hearing none he soon found himself pounding his way into her pooper,
rearranging her bowels so that her butt could better accept his shaft.
Controlling himself inside Jackie's ass was the hardest thing Kelso had ever
done in his life. Her ass hole was so wonderfully tight and the friction of
it squeezing on his dick as he slid himself in and out of her back door was
amazing. Luckily for Michael Kelso while God hadn't blessed him with brains
he had blessed him with stamina and lots of it which Jackie knew all too

Jackie had been on the receiving end of many hours of pussy pounding at the
hands of her old boyfriend. Michael could go for hours without cumming and
bring her to climax after climax. It was the only thing in which he showed
true self restraint. Jackie was very interested to see whether or not he was
going to be able to last as long in her ass as he had in her pussy.

Speaking of her pussy her attention was drawn back to her womanhood when her
mistress began thrusting her hips upwards and downwards, moving her strap on
inside of her in a steady rhythm which matched Michael stroke for stroke.

At this point Jackie was beyond ready for the double fucking and moaned in
pleasure as she rode herself back and forth on the huge cocks inside her. One
real, one fake. One in her ass, one in her pussy. One giving her amends
pleasure, one giving her tremendous pleasure. It was all too much and she
became overwhelmed by it, screaming out loud in pleasure as she rode those
girl pleasing dicks for all she was worth.

It was a struggle for Donna to hold on and keep up the thrusting but she
somehow managed it. She loved the sight of her girl writhing in pleasure and
although part of her was jealous that it wasn't all because of her she was
far too caught up in the fucking to overanalyse it. She was far more
interested in bringing Jackie pleasure and making her bitch cum, and, with a
bit of luck and pressure on her clit from the stimulator inside the strap on,
herself as well.

Kelso deserved a medal for being able to hold off cumming as long as he did.
He had been able to survive a double blow job and he had fucked two very
tight pussys to orgasm but this extremely tight ass would finish any man off.

In all fairness he was doing all right until Jackie had started going crazy,
thrusting herself back against him, the sound of his pelvis smacking against
her soft yet firm ass cheeks and the sweet music of her extremely loud moans
dancing in his ears as Jackie's ass clamped down on his dick creating the
tightest vice like grip he had experienced in any hole. This technique cause
more vibrations on Donna's clit stimulator which made Jackie's redheaded
mistress always butt fuck her harder but on this occasion it was a real cock
inside her back passage and the feeling of her rectum walls clamping down on
him like that made Kelso blow his load deep inside Jackie's ass hole.

Kelso had experienced some great orgasms in his life but this was by far the
best. The amount of his cum that squirted into Jackie's butt hole was
amazing. He had never shot so much cum. It seemed to go on forever just more
and more of his cream coating the inside of his ex-girlfriend's crack,
filling her bowels with his cum.

The feeling of Michael's cum filling her ass was very different to when her
mistress Donna's strap on filled her back door and Jackie couldn't help but
compare them moments before her orgasm disrupted any hope of normal thoughts
moving through her brain. Donna's cum was always cold after being filled in a
pair of fake balls but Kelso's load was straight from his warm body and his
semen felt piping hot inside her shit locker. The experience of hot cum in
her bowels actually sent Jackie over the edge and she came, creaming over
Donna's dildo as she rode the two invaders through her orgasm even as one
slowly began to shrink inside her. As stars flew passed her eyes and her body
rocked violently Jackie desperately squeezed down on the invading cocks,
trying to keep them both inside her, but it was to no avail.

Eventually Kelso's orgasm subsided and he finished shooting his juice up
Jackie's ass and his completely drained cock slid from her abused back door.
Of course he wasn't really aware of this. He wasn't really aware of anything.
His orgasm had drained him so much he slowly fell backwards off the bed and
onto the floor where he landed with a loud thud. He didn't cry out or even
make a sound. All he really did was lay there, the grin he'd been sporting
since he came firmly glued to his face.

Whether it was the fact that her position had restricted her thrusting power
or whether it was because she had felt a little crushed being on the bottom
Donna hadn't been able to cum yet and she was possibly more horny now then
she'd ever been. The vision of Kelso filling her bitch's butt with his cum
angered the redhead. That was her property he had just violated, and even if
it had been willing she was about to reclaim what was rightfully hers.

Lifting Jackie off of her Donna got up and spun herself around so she was
behind Jackie pressing her strap on, wet from her girlfriend's pussy, into
Jackie's gaping ass hole. Jackie's back door hadn't had a chance to close
itself up after Kelso's invasion and was defenceless against Donna's dildo.
The lust craze redhead slid her strap on into Jackie's shit hole, slowly
forcing it through her bowels, not stopping until she was balls deep inside
her bitch's butt.

Jackie's rectum was so loose from the pounding it had just received that
there was almost no pain from this pooper penetration and only the slightest
bit of uncomfortableness as her mistress began to slide her way in and out of
her loosened back passage. Quickly recovering from her previous and very
intense orgasm Jackie, who was hungry for more butt fucking at this point,
began to push herself back against her mistress's invading shaft, telling the
woman who had conquered her that she was ready for a proper ass pounding.

And a proper ass pounding is just what she got.

Donna quickly increased her pooper pounding thrusts until she was viciously
violating her bitch's back door with quick, hard strokes, her hips banging
noisily off Jackie's tight butt cheeks as she redefined the term proper ass

At this point Donna felt that she had something to prove. Kelso had fucked
Jackie, and herself for that matter, to some truly mind blowing orgasms and
she refused to be out done by Michael Kelso. The truth was Donna was afraid.
After all these years she could now truly see what Jackie saw in Kelso and
she had to admit it was a tempting package. The redhead felt like she had to
show Jackie that while Kelso had a lot to offer in the bedroom department she
had more. She had to prove that she was a better fuck than Kelso. She had to
proved that she could fuck Jackie better than Kelso. She had to prove that
she could fuck Jackie better than anyone! Jackie was her bitch and she was
going to drive that home into both Jackie's and Kelso's heads. And she was
going to do it by driving her dildo through her bitch's ass and butt fuck her
better than Kelso or anyone else ever could.

Jackie was in bowel bliss as her mistress relentlessly buggered her towards
orgasm. It normally took a while for her mistress to get this worked up when
it came to butt fucking her, and although Jackie certainly wasn't
complaining, she had to wonder why her mistress Donna was pounding her pooper
so violently, so soon when her mistress normally preferred a slow gentle
sodomy at first just to drive her crazy until she would ultimately give her
the proper ass pounding she craved. Her only guess was that her mistress was
somehow jealous of Michael which was absurd because as far as she was
concerned Michael was her past and the only future she truly envisioned was
in the arms of her mistress Donna. However, even though her mistress didn't
need to prove anything by butt fucking her like this Jackie certainly didn't
mind her mistress taking her frustrations out on her ass, especially in the
anal hungry mood she was in.

Kelso had just about managed to get over his orgasm at this point and had
crawled backwards until his back was against the wall facing the bed so he
could take in this incredibly arousing sight of one woman butt fucking
another. Donna was really going to town on Jackie's ass and Kelso couldn't
take his eyes off it. He was definitely going to have to try and watch this
more often, whether Donna and Jackie knew he was watching or not, and he was
definitely going to have to find a way back into their panties.

The arousing sight became even better when Donna pulled Jackie's hair and
screamed, "You like this Jackie? You like it when I butt fuck you? You like
it when your mistress butt fucks you?"

"Oh God yes mistress," Jackie cried, eagerly thrusting herself back against
her mistress's anal invader, "I like this, I fucking love this! Please my
wonderful mistress butt fuck me! I love it when you butt fuck me! Nobody butt
fucks me like you do mistress, nobody!"

"Damn right nobody butt fucks you like I do!" Donna said as she continued to
violently slam her bitch's shit hole, "Do you know why that is Jackie? It's
because I own your ass hole! Nobody butt fucks you like I do because I own
your ass hole! Your ass hole like every other part of your body belongs to me
and is nothing but a toy to be used for my pleasure! And that's what I'm
doing right now Jackie, using your ass hole for my pleasure! What do you
think about that Jackie? What do you think about your mistress using your ass
hole for her pleasure?"

"Oh mistress, I don't think the opinion of a stupid bitch like me really
matters," said Jackie submissively as the brutal buggery continued, "but for
what it's worth I think that my mistress has every right to use what
rightfully belongs to her anyway she sees fit and if my mistress wants to
allow me the privilege of having my ass hole pleasure her then I welcome it!"

"Good girl," Donna said as she continued to relentlessly sodomise Jackie. Her
urge to cum was rapidly catching up with her but she was determined to make
her bitch cum first, "Are you going to be even more of a good girl and cum
for me?"

"Yes mistress!" Jackie said eagerly, happy that she was being allowed to go
over the edge she had been on for a while.

"Then do it, cum for me Jackie, my little bitch!" Donna screamed, calling on
her reserved energy to pound Jackie's pooper with renewed vigour, sodomising
her bitch with every ounce of her strength.

Jackie eagerly obeyed, screaming out in orgasmic bliss as climax after climax
rocked her body. She became a wild woman thrashing around on the bed,
thrusting herself finally back against the source of her pleasure as worlds
exploded inside her mind and her body trembled.

Satisfied that she had been able to make Jackie cum Donna finally allowed
herself the orgasm she had been holding back on for a long while, her brain
frying as if she was back inside 'the circle' as she continued to thrust her
pleasure wrecked body into Jackie's and she reached below her to squeeze her
dildo's balls. She hadn't been able to reach them when she had been on the
bottom of the 'Jackie sandwich' but now she was very much on top she was free
to squeeze them and release her girl cream deep into Jackie's bowels. In
Donna's mind even though she had allowed Kelso to fuck Jackie he was still
trespassing inside her private property and when he had cum inside her ass it
felt like he was trying to claim her territory as his. So in Donna's lust
craze to mind she was reclaiming her bitch as her property by slam fucking
her ass full of her cum.

Eventually the power of her orgasm cause Jackie to lose all strength in her
body and she fell on to her stomach on the bed below. Her mistress crashed
down on top of her, still savagely sodomising her through both of their

As Donna's thrusts finally slowed she slid her hands under Jackie's body to
play with her bitch's tits and pussy as they came down from their orgasmic
high, the dominant redhead biting into the soft flesh of her slave's neck,
further marking Jackie as hers.

The girls were so wrapped up in each other they didn't even notice the door

"... Donna!" Eric said in disbelief.

Hearing the sound of her boyfriends voice Donna looked up with the expression
of a deer caught in a car's headlights.

"... Eric..." Donna said in equal disbelief.

Eric stood there for a minute taking in the vision of his almost completely
naked girlfriend on top of her completely naked best friend before turning
around and running out the door.

"... Eric..." Donna said as she tried to clear her head.

Donna quickly removed her strap on from Jackie's well fucked ass hole,
removed the dildo and grabbed her dressing gown before running to the door.
Before she exited she gave Kelso a hateful look. Kelso shook his head with a
look on his face that said that he didn't do anything but she wasn't in a
mood to believe him.

Donna ran out of her house just in time to see her boyfriend running down the
street. She heard laughter and spun round to see Eric's sister Laurie.

Laurie laughed at Donna for a few moments before turning to return to her
house yelling loudly, "Dyke."

Her mind clouded in completely confused by the situation Donna ran after Eric
even though he had a head start and it was unlikely that she would catch him.

"... Eric..." Donna called after her boyfriend in vain as she ran after him.

Jackie came out of the house dressed in a robe of her own just in time to see
Donna running down the street. She stood there watching her
mistress/girlfriend running after her boyfriend for a few moments before she
called out to her.

"... Donna..."

To be continued...


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