A fictional story about fictional characters.

That '70s Show: Donna And Jackie Get Mad (MMFFF,oral,anal,bukkake,cream pie,first,shave,toys)
by Shaggy77

Donna and Jackie were, they were pissed. The entire gang (except for the foreign exchange student, Fez, who was on an outing with his host family) was in the Foreman basement (when weren't they in the Foreman basement) and Jackie and Donna were being ignored. Jackie Burkhardt was used to being the center of attention: the rich, cute, nearly perfect brunette with the petite body was dating Michael Kelso and usually he hung on her every word like a puppy dog, but not today. Eric Foreman's older sister, Laurie, had come bounding down the basement stairs wearing the shortest cut-off jean shorts and a tube top. The way her breasts had bounced, it was obvious that the "slut" had not been wearing a bra, and Kelso was now flirting with her...right in front of Jackie. She had never been so humiliated in her life and somehow Kelso would pay for this indiscretion.

Donna Pinciotti was similarly being ignored by her boyfriend Eric. Usually he couldn't wait to sit by her so that their legs were touching, but lately he had been a stupid movie. It was 1977 and Star Wars had just come to the theatre in Point Place. Eric was absolutely obsessed with the film, had seen it countless times in the last month and he was currently having an argument with another one of the basement regulars, Stephen Hyde, about who was more powerful: Darth Vader or Obi-Wan Kenobi. It was an argument they had relived seemingly every day and Donna was fed up. Not only had Eric been ignoring her, but she had finally decided that it was time they lost their virginity together, and he had missed all the signs she had trying to display. Since she had reached this decision, with every passing day she was becoming more horny and all Eric could think about was the seemingly gay Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker.

For months he had been pressuring her to take their relationship "to the next level" like Kelso and Jackie. Now she was ready to surrender herself to the boy she loved, and he was so distracted he was oblivious to her needs. Donna had even convinced her mother to let her begin taking birth control pills. Normally Donna was not terribly fond of the snobbish, pretentious Jackie, but it was nice to have someone to confide in; a kindred spirit. Jackie had finally had enough when Kelso brushed past her to retrieve a freeze-pop from the chest freezer for Laurie, "let's get out of here Donna, we're not appreciated here."

"You're right Jackie," Donna angrily agreed, "I bet they won't even notice that we're gone." The two teenagers stormed out of the basement, up the outside stairs, and into the Foreman driveway...and they were correct, the boys never even noticed them leaving. "Well, what now," inquired Donna as they stood in the sunlight squinting.

"Oh, I have a great idea," Jackie replied with a wide grin on her face, "we'll show them what they're missing, and when they come crawling back...we'll ignore them. Let's get into our bathing suits and sunbathe right here in the driveway...that'll show 'em."

Normally Donna was not a big fan of the sun: she was a red head and sunburned very easily; not to mention the freckles, but it seemed like the perfect plan to tease the guys. They retreated next door to Donna's house and up into her bedroom to change. Actually Jackie was wearing her bikini under her clothes because Kelso had hinted that they would be driving to Jackson's quarry to go swimming. There was a deep pond there formed by years of digging shale and it was a favorite hangout for young people...sometimes there was even skinny-dipping up on the cliffs. Jackie was not that fond of swimming, but she enjoyed showing off her perfect little body. If Kelso did force her into the water it wasn't so bad since it was a manmade pool and there were not "icky" fish swimming around.

When Donna emerged from her bathroom wearing her beige one-piece swimming suit, Jackie looked her over and suddenly exclaimed, "Oh no, no, no Donna."

Seeing that Jackie was staring at her crotch, a suddenly self conscious Donna blurted out, "What...what's wrong."

"Donna your red jungle is sticking out the sides of your suit," Jackie informed her aghast.

Looking down, Donna could see that her bright red pubic hair was plainly visible around the sides of her suit. It was the first time she had worn the suit since last Summer and was shocked to know her bush had become that overgrown. It was widely agreed that there were three seasons in Wisconsin: July; Packers season; and Winter. This was the first stretch of nice warm weather of the year. "Oh we're going to have to do something about that," Jackie told her.

"Well, what do you do," Donna inquired.

"Look," answered the petite brunette pulling the bikini bottom to one side to expose her completely bald, smooth pubic area, "I read that all the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders have to do this so that nothing shows around their uniforms. You don't have to shave like me, but go get some scissors, shaving cream and a razor and we'll trim that jungle."

"All right, I guess," agreed Donna as she went into the bathroom to get the items, "why don't you go down to the kitchen and steal a couple of Bob's beers."

When Jackie returned, she had brought an entire six-pack. Although they were of legal drinking age, Donna's father did not like to think of his "little girl" drinking. After a couple of beers, Donna had finally lost some of her modesty and was ready to bare her pubic area to Jackie. She slipped off her suit and Jackie, slightly inebriated, whistled, "Wow Donna, I knew they were big, but your chest is huge." Donna blushed with pride while Jackie stared at her 38C breasts. All the high school boys stared at them and Eric worshipped her chest: he loved to bury his face in her cleavage. Her areola were the size of half-dollars, capped by gumdrop sized nipples. When she skipped a bra, they swayed from side to side like water balloons, but of course she would never go out in public without a bra. Not Donna, the "good girl."

Donna sat on the bed, a towel under her, with her legs crossed, sort of in a yoga position and laid a warm, wet washcloth over her pubic area to soften the skin and hair. After a few minutes, Jackie crawled up in front of her, removed the washcloth and began to trim Donna's fiery red bush with the scissors. "I feel like one of those jungle explorers hacking away at the undergrowth with a machete; that's what you call those big knives isn't it," Jackie stated with a big grin.

"Oh's not that bad is it," Donna answered sounding exasperated.

"You could hide small birds in this bush," Jackie laughed as she kept cutting the hair shorter, "what does Eric say when he sees it."

"Oh he's never seen me completely naked," Donna divulged.

Jackie stopped the grooming, her mouth hanging open, "Get out of here...never. Do you mean you two have never done're a virgin?"

"No we've never had intercourse," Donna admitted, but I'm not technically a virgin...I do know how to pleasure myself."

"Wow, what are you waiting for, you know Michael and I have been doing it for months," Jackie confided.

Feeling tipsy and uninhibited, Donna admitted she was ready, "I've been trying to get him alone to tell him, but he's been such a dumb-ass since that stupid movie came out."

"Well, let's get this done and we'll show him what he's missing," assured Jackie. She had trimmed the patch very short, reached for the shaving cream Donna had borrowed from Bob, squirted some in her hand and smoothed it all around Donna's mound. "Now what will it be, a triangle or a landing strip," Jackie asked.

"Oh I think a landing strip would be sexy," Donna admitted.

"Landing strip it is then," Jackie agreed and began to carefully shave the sides of Donna's mound. "Jeez Donna," Jackie exclaimed, "those lips must be almost two inches long...I've never seen lips that long; can you tie them in a knot...just kidding." She continued to scrape the razor over Donna's groin until all that was left was a small patch of shaving cream just above Donna's slit. Donna would never admit it to Jackie, but she could feel the inside of her pussy growing moist from all the attention and she had to bite her lower lip to keep from moaning. Jackie was doing a marvelous job of inadvertently manipulating Donna's pussy and it was driving her mad. Finally Jackie wiped off the remaining shaving cream and smoothed baby oil all around Donna's crotch until it glistened. Oblivious to the effect she had on Donna, Jackie suggested, "OK, get your suit back on and let's go tease the crap out of the guys." Donna was glad for the reprieve because she didn't think she could take the stimulation much longer without screaming.

* * *

Little did the girls know that while they were grooming Donna, the guys had left the Foreman house, leaving only Red in the house. Kelso had convinced them to go get some French Fries and then go to his house, telling them, "This is about the time Mrs. Feldman sunbathes topless in her backyard every afternoon, and you can see her perfectly from my bedroom window." Not even questioning where the girls had disappeared to, they almost fell over themselves bounding up the basement stairs. Even Laurie had been picked up by one of her college professors to work on some "extra credit." If Kitty had been home she might have questioned this, but Red was just proud of her for trying so hard; she was his little girl and she could do no wrong.

* * *

Throwing on their sandals the girls took two folding lawn chairs from the Pinciotti back yard and set them up in the Foreman driveway in direct view of the kitchen sliding glass doors. Jackie was in her element: leaning back in her tiny blue and red flower print bikini basking in the warm Summer sun; while poor Donna was not feeling comfortable at all. To begin with, the encounter with Jackie's slippery fingers had left her horny and unsatisfied, she really did not like the sun, and she felt uncomfortable displaying her body (even with a modest one-piece suit). She was, however, taking solace in knowing that her display of skin was probably driving Eric crazy. "You just wait," Jackie assured her, "any minute they'll come running out that door, drooling; and then we'll have the upper hand."

Little did they know that standing back in the shadows of the kitchen, out of sight, there was only one interested soul: Red Foreman. He was only working four days a week at the plant now, so he was home on a weekday while Kitty was at the hospital working an extra shift. "Just look at those bitches," he mumbled to himself while he rubbed the crotch of his pants, "I'd like to stick something up their asses and it's not my foot. I could make that little one scream, and look at the tits on Eric's girlfriend."

Suddenly he felt a second hand fondling his groin and a familiar voice in
his ear, "Do you see something you like?" He had been so intent on watching the girls that he hadn't heard his wife Kitty come in the front door. "I got out of work early to surprise you," she whispered, "Why don't we ask them to come in and have some fun. I would love to watch you sink "Big Red" into some teenage pussy." Sometimes Red forgot what a total pervert Kitty was at heart.

He smiled broadly, kissed his bride and headed for the back door. Sliding the door open he called out, "Sorry to tell you girls this, but the boys went out someplace. Kitty would like to invite you in for something cold to drink."

"Those bastards," exclaimed Jackie under her breath, knowing Red didn't like it when the kids swore, "They didn't even tell us. Come on Donna let's go inside."

"Well they couldn't tell us, we were here," Donna defended them. A little unsteady on her feet from the beer, Donna followed Jackie into the Foreman kitchen; self conscious about Red seeing her in her bathing suit. She knew her nipples were protruding and quite visible. Red pulled out chairs for them around the kitchen table and the always smiling Kitty sat down a tray filled with glasses and a full pitcher dripping with condensation.

"My world famous...well at least in Point Place, heh,heh,...strawberry daiquiris," Kitty cackled. "We're all adults now; just don't you go driving when you leave here, heh, heh," she continued, her trademark laugh somehow comforting and relaxing. Feeling flushed from the hot sun and already tipsy from the beers, the girls readily drank the cool beverage and several refills. Kitty excused herself to go change out of her nurse's uniform, saying, "You girls keep Red company, and I'll be right back."

Normally the girls would have felt totally uncomfortable and self conscious around the stern Red, but today he seemed different; more accessible and friendly. Maybe it was the beer and alcohol that loosened their inhibitions, but they found it quite easy to talk to him and were soon talking about the most intimate subjects. Donna had completely forgotten to be self conscious about the amount of skin she had on display and did not notice Red practically staring at her cleavage. When Kitty returned wearing an old threadbare robe, or "housecoat" as she called it, they were discussing what insensitive boyfriends they had. Kitty sat on Red's lap and put her arm around his neck, her housecoat falling slightly open. Donna could swear that Kitty wasn't wearing anything under it because she could see almost all of Kitty's breast. Red commented, "all teenage boys are dumb-asses with only one thing on their minds."

"Now Red," scolded Kitty, "you're talking about your son."

"Eric," Red continued, "he probably wouldn't know how to have sex if he had the opportunity."

"I'm not sure Red," Donna volunteered, "he does kind of fumble around, but we've never had sex. Lately all he seems to care about is Star Wars. I'm getting very frustrated." Displaying no inhibitions at all after yet another daiquiri, Donna divulged, "Actually I was ready to go all the way...I am so curious about what it feels like."

"There, you see Kitty," Red stated, "Eric doesn't take care of business. That damn Star Wars crap and that fruit Luke Wingwalker, or whatever his name is. With a beautiful girlfriend like Donna, I don't know how he can keep his hands off her. I'm beginning to wonder if he's a fruit."

"Thanks Red," Donna responded blushing, "do you really think I'm beautiful?"

"Oh trust me Donna," Kitty answered for Red, "he's always saying he doesn't know what a knockout like you sees in Eric." Donna, unconsciously thrust her impressive chest out even more, and could feel herself becoming aroused knowing that this "mans man" thought she was desirable.

Feeling left out, Jackie began complaining about Kelso, "It's the same with Michael...he has been ignoring me, and never satisfies me."

"Whatever do you mean, dear," Kitty cajoled her, winking at Red.

"You know," Jackie continued, also having totally lost her inhibitions, "Sex. I guess it's no secret that we've been doing it for awhile now. It's supposed to last more than a couple minutes, right?"

Red laughed, and Kitty answered her, "Oh my yes. But that's a teenage boy for you, they're all quick on the trigger. More experienced men make you feel incredible and last much longer. I'm so lucky; Red is a terrific lover...and hung like a horse, heh, heh, heh." The girls looked at each other, just assuming that Kitty was also getting tipsy; not realizing that the Foreman's were just playing along. Donna was becoming more aroused as she watched Red's hand reach inside Kitty's housecoat and caress her breast.

Jackie knew that Kelso didn't measure up to that description, and Donna had never actually seen Eric's penis, but had held it in her hand so knew it's approximate size. Donna was the first to quickly speak up, "Can we see it...please," and Jackie nodded her encouragement.

Kitty and Red exchanged smiles and Kitty stood up so that Red could do the same. As he unbuckled and unzipped his pants, the girls leaned forward in anticipation. When he shoved his pants and shorts down to his knees, a huge piece of flesh flopped out directly onto the kitchen table. Their eyes bulging, in unison, almost as if reading a script, the girls exclaimed, "Oh my God." It was at least ten inches long and still flaccid. As it lay there on the table, it drew them like flies to meat and even before asking, Donna's hand reached out. "May I," she asked Red, her eyes pleading with excitement. Red and Kitty nodded in the affirmative and Donna began rubbing Red's cock as it lay on the table. Immediately it began to grow, startling Donna, who recoiled her hand. Then she grinned and began again to rub Red's meat stick. Not to be outdone, Jackie also reached forward and began to stroke Red's flesh.

As it grew, it raised itself off the table and both girls attempted to wrap their fingers around it's girth. It grew to over a foot in length, "Thirteen inches," Kitty informed them with pride, and was as big around as a Coke bottle. Donna ran her fingers around the head, which was the size of an orange, marveling at its smoothness. They were both completely mesmerized at the huge cock, and a firecracker could have gone off next to them and they wouldn't have noticed. "Yep, I'm one lucky girl," Kitty assured them, "you've never known pleasure until you've had a big one." She made her way around the table to stand behind Donna, and slowly reached around her to begin fondling her huge breasts. Donna's gumdrop nipples were already engorged and she moaned at Kitty's touch.

Unbridled lust in her eyes, Donna looked at Red and stated, "I need to know what it feels like to be fucked...what it feels like to have a cock inside me."

Jackie, again feeling left out, pleaded, "Will you fuck us Red?"

"Whoa there," Red chortled, winking at his wife, "you'll have to ask Kitty about that, she has the last say on extramarital sex."

Winking back, Kitty spoke up, "I think it would be an educational experience for the girls...I think we could both teach them some things. So that being said, let's take this party up to the bedroom where we can spread out and get comfortable." What the girls did not know is that back when Red was in the Army, he and Kitty had quite the "swinging" life. There was a reason Kitty had been the favorite USO "entertainer."

Kitty led the way with Red following Donna, his eyes on her round cheeks as they peeked out of the sides of her swim suit the whole way. Jackie was half way up the stairs and her bikini top was already off, her perfectly round little 34 B breasts jiggling with each step. As soon as they reached the Foreman's bedroom, Kitty whipped off her housecoat revealing nice, if slightly sagging, 36 D breasts. "Wow Kitty," Donna inadvertently blurted out, "I never dreamed your tits were so big." It was official, both of the girls were totally drunk and uninhibited as they stared at Kitty's plentiful dirty-blond pubic hair. "Watch out for Jackie," Donna warned, "she hates to see a full bush."

"That might not be such a bad idea," Kitty answered, "then Red wouldn't have to spend so much time picking hair from between his teeth, heh, heh, heh."

Finally getting the reference in their cloudy minds, both girls blushed at the inference. Jackie quickly shoved her bikini bottom down and off to display her totally shaved mound. As Red removed the last of his clothes, his cock hanging down like an elephant's trunk, he agreed with Kitty, "you might be right honey, her pussy is kinda cute that way; but I do like the way your bush tickles my nose." The two girls could not divert their eyes from Red's cock as it swayed back and forth with his every movement.

"I'll be happy to go first Donna, if you want to watch before you do it," Jackie gleefully volunteered.

"Oh I think we should let Donna be first," Kitty stated as she stood behind Donna and began to peel her swim suit down her body, "she might back out if she thinks about it too much."

Lifting her arms through the holes and letting Kitty peel the suit down over her enormous breasts, Donna answered her, "No, I want to be first...I need to be first; and don't worry I have no intention of changing my mind." Kitty dropped to her knees and pulled Donna's suit all the way to the floor, revealing her bright red landing strip and her mound which glistened with a combination of baby oil and her own juices. She was a vision of loveliness as she stood completely nude, her long legs topped by a sexy thigh gap which emphasized her incredibly long labia.

Donna felt weak in the knees as Red stepped up in front of her, his cock brushing against her stomach, took her breasts gently in each hand and hefted them, almost like he was weighing them. His rough, calloused hands excited her as he fondled her tits; they were a stark contrast with Eric's soft, almost feminine hands. He leaned forward and buried his face in her cleavage, breathing in her scent. "Wow, like father like son," Donna gasped, "that's just what Eric does."

"Heh, heh, heh," laughed Kitty, "and you thought you and Eric had nothing in common Red."

"I have to admit," Red agreed, "I never thought I would be envious of Eric for any reason; but he is one lucky bastard." Red put one arm around Donna's back and another around her legs, lifted her into his arms, carried her to the big king-size bed and gently placed her on her back in the center. "Just gorgeous," Red admitted as Donna's long scarlet hair flowed outward on the pillow. Red thought she looked like a princess...a nude, sexy, totally desirable princess. He gently place one large hand on each of her knees and urged her legs to part as he slowly crawled up between them, his cock dragging on the bed. He leaned in to her crotch and with his thumbs and forefingers, grasped her long lips and spread them apart. "My God Kitty," he exclaimed, "look at these lips...they look like the wings of a beautiful pink butterfly."

And they did. The way he had them spread far apart made her cunt look just like a butterfly. "You're right Red," Kitty agreed, "I don't think I've ever seen labia that long before...see how she tastes." Donna spread her endlessly long legs even wider as Red bent forward, inhaled her scent deeply, and then ever so slowly ran his tongue from the bottom of her slit to the top.

"Holy shit," Donna moaned as her body shuddered and she coated Red's lips and chin with her juices.

"In answer to your question Kitty," Red spoke while lapping up Donna's cum, "she tastes like baby oil, and she tastes really good. I swear that's the pinkest pussy I have ever seen." Red inserted his tongue into Donna's cunt as far as he could reach and scooped her fluid into his mouth. Her red landing strip tickled his nose and when he twitched he brushed against her ultra-sensitive clit and she climaxed for a second time, her thighs closing around Red's head. Kitty and Jackie sat on either side of the bed and watched as Red crawled further up and began to knead Donna's magnificent tits with his sandpaper hands, squeezing them and bouncing them. Red gently licked and nibbled all around the diameter of the areola, carefully avoiding the nipples until finally biting down on the left one, while pinching the right gumdrop.

Her body shivered as Red crawled up between her thighs and lay his massive hunk of meat between Donna's tits, deep in her cleavage. Her fleshy globes hung down the sides of her chest, and Red used his hands to force them together around his cock. "You have a gorgeous set of jugs Donna," Red told her, and I've wanted to do this ever since I saw you in that bathing suit. He began to slide his cock up and down in her cleavage; essentially fucking her tits. On every up stroke, his huge crown would bump the underside of Donna's chin. She turned her head down to look, and with every stroke, she began to lick the pre-cum from his cock-slit. It was her very first taste of "man fluid" and she was surprised at how salty it was.

It was as if Kitty was reading her mind as she heard Red's wife tell her and Jackie, "Every man's sperm tastes a little different, heh, heh, heh; I could tell Red's taste with my eyes closed."

Donna returned her attention to Red and suddenly realized how heavy his cock was laying on her chest. With it's large slit, it looked like a huge snake slithering between her ample mounds. Kitty retrieved a plastic bottle from the bedside nightstand marked "PPCH" (Point Place Community Hospital) and squirted its contents all along Red's pole.

"Medical lubricant," Kitty announced, "we use if for everything: catheters, enema tubes, massages, heh, heh, heh." The feeling of the warm fluid and Red's slippery log sliding through her breasts was almost soothing and Donna felt very relaxed; still horny but relaxed. Sitting beside her on the bed stroking her legs, Kitty looked so "motherly" (except for the naked part) that Donna truly felt loved. Jackie was sitting on the other side of her watching Red and fondling her own small tits.

Red let go of her tits, allowing them to fall down on the sides of her chest like fleshy bags and began to back down between her outstretched legs. "Are you ready to become a woman," he queried.

She answered by admitting, "I'm on the pill you know."

"Yes dear," Kitty chuckled, "heh, heh, heh, the whole neighborhood knows."

Feeling suddenly apprehensive as she stared at his meat resting on her stomach, she began thinking, "There is no way that thing will fit inside me...where will it go." And yet the more she feared it...the more she craved it. "I'm so ready," Donna assured him, "I need to know what it feels like to be fucked...please fuck me Red."

His cock already slick from the lubricant, Red rubbed his crown up and down Donna's slit making sure everything was wet. Kitty gently grasped one of Donna's unbelievably long lips, and Jackie following her lead, the other; and together they pulled them apart as far as possible, opening Donna's pink hole. If Donna had not been so drunk, she would have been afraid as Red began to nudge his orange sized crown against her slit. He pushed forward and she could feel the pressure against her body, almost pushing her up the bed as he attempted to gain entrance to her hole. It was just too big as he tried to force his way into her. With her free hand, Kitty squirted some more lube on his head and they used their fingers to spread her lips even farther. Donna was now aroused almost beyond control, and as Red pushed forward, she shoved her body towards him. It felt like her entrance was splitting apart as Red's huge crown plowed past her lips and into her pussy.

"Holy shit," she grunted as all three of the others checked her face to make sure she was OK. Red just kneeled between her wonderful legs, pausing to let her get used to the intrusion. Kitty quickly dribbled more lube on the length of Red's penis and Jackie began to rub Donna's belly. Donna smiled at Red and he immediately began to push forward, his giant snake slowly disappearing up into Donna's cunt. She could feel every inch of her tunnel being stretched to its extreme as he slowly pushed into her. It felt like someone was shoving their arm up her pussy as he continued to slide further up into her belly. It seemed to take forever for him to fully enter her and Donna thought to herself, "for crying out loud, how long is that thing anyway." The sensation of her cunt being completely stuffed with his hard cock was exquisite. Why had she waited to do was wonderful. Donna had already reached the conclusion that she loved cock.

When Red finally hit bottom and his balls rested against her ass, he just sat there, his arms on each side of Donna; the only part of his body touching hers was his cock. She was totally impaled on his tree trunk, her body squirming under his as she relished the sensation of her cunt being completely stretched. Then he began to slowly back out and the stimulation of his giant cock scraping against every nerve in her canal caused her entire body to quiver and spasm as she coated his cock with more natural lubricant. Her legs jerked and she nearly kicked Kitty and Jackie off the bed as she screamed at the top of her lungs, "Oh my fucking God...that feels so fucking good." When Red finally had withdrawn everything but the crown, he paused for a brief second...and then jammed the entire thirteen inches of monstrous cock up inside Donna's cunt in one swift motion. Donna shrieked, "Oh my fucking God...fuck me Red...fuck me...fuck me...fuck me."

Red didn't have to be invited twice as he began to jam his enormous cock in and out of Donna's tight pussy. Her massive tits flopped on the sides of her chest as Red hammered her cunt. It seemed to Donna like every thrust was going deeper inside her, stretching her pussy even more. With every stroke his meat was raking against her clit and she was literally seeing bursts of light in front of her eyes. "Fuck me...fuck me...fuck me," were the only words that came into her mind. Her whole world right now consisted of Red's cock fucking her; sliding in and out of her slippery hole.

Kitty leaned in, cupped Donna's fleshy tit in both hands and began to nibble on her pink gumdrop. She nodded at Jackie to follow her lead but Jackie mouthed, "ewwww," and just sat on the side of the bed. Kitty gave her a stern look and Jackie reluctantly began to lick Donna's areola. The way Donna's pliable tit giggled when she licked it, fascinated the inebriated Jackie and she began to attack it with more passion.

Red was fucking Donna with all his enthusiasm, slamming his enormous cock deep into her stretched out cunt, his balls slapping against her ass. She was so wet that her pussy was making a "squishy" noise with each bed-shaking thrust. Red told her, "Eric should thank me for this, now there is no reason you two can't go at it like rabbits. You will be welcome in his room any questions asked...and into ours." Donna responded by wrapping her incredibly long legs around Red's waist, attempting to draw him deeper into her cunt. Pounding his monstrous cock into her pussy, Red warned her, "I hope you're ready because I'm about to fill you up."

She felt Red drive into her, hold there and then his cock began to twitch inside her. Suddenly it felt like the inside of her pussy was on fire as Red's firehose flooded her hole with his seed. He ground his pelvis against hers, mashing her swollen clit and causing her body to erupt with his. "Oh my fucking God," she screamed, "fuck my fucking pussy Red...fill me up." Her arms and legs shot straight out as her entire body went into a spasm. Red seemed to cum endlessly, squirting hot fluid deep into her belly. He very slowly began to withdraw his massive cock and she could feel her tunnel shrinking around it. When he withdrew his huge crown it made a sucking sound as if a vacuum had been broken. Donna felt immediately physically drained and just lay there basking in the pleasure. Without even thinking she said, "Thank you Red...that was fantastic."

It was amazing; his gigantic cock was still hard, waving back and forth in front of him. Kitty helped Donna to the side of the bed while Red lay down in her place, his tool laying on his stomach like a baseball bat. "OK little one," Kitty nodded at Jackie, "Your turn...climb on for the ride of your life."

"The GI's in Korea would have called you a spinner," Red told Jackie, "a girl so tiny they could just set you on their cock and spin you around."

"But before Red makes a real woman out of you, there is an opportunity here too good to waste Jackie," Kitty called her, "come over to this side of the bed and help me with Donna." The naked little waif made her way to where Kitty was kneeling between Donna's legs as she sat on the side of the bed, and at Kitty's urging, kneeled next to her. Donna had an almost dazed look on her face, a combination of the alcohol and being violated by Red's monster, as Kitty leaned into her crotch, placed her hands on Donna's knees, and spread her legs farther apart. Donna's pussy was no longer a tight slit, but had been transformed into a wide open pink hole. Copious amounts of white fluid were dribbling from her pussy and Kitty leaned quickly forward, stuck out her tongue and began to lap up the cum that Red had deposited inside Donna.

"You want me to lick another girl's pussy," asked an astonished Jackie, "ewww."

"You haven't lived until you've tasted Red's semen," Kitty declared, "Have you ever tasted Michael's?"

"Ewww no, that's gross," Jackie answered.

"Well get over here and try it," Kitty urged her.

Hesitantly, the light-headed Jackie leaned forward, placed her tongue under Donna's hole and let the stick white cream drip onto it. Reluctantly she swallowed; then a grin came over her face and she leaned in and began to lick Donna's opening. Suddenly there were two tongues lapping at her hole and Donna moaned as she leaned back on Red's thigh. He responded by vigorously massaging her right tit, and pinching her gumdrop between his calloused fingers. "Ohhhhh," she groaned as the two females finished cleaning her pussy. As Donna looked down between her outstretched legs, she couldn't help but think Jackie looked like a little kitten lapping at a bowl of milk.

When they were through, Jackie stood up and began to crawl up the bed towards Red's prone body. As Jackie straddled Red's groin, facing him, he exclaimed to Kitty, "Holy crap hon...did you see her nipples?" Kitty and Donna now stared at Jackie's nipples which were inhumanly long...they must have protruded from her tiny tits by 3/4 of an inch. Red reached out his hands, trapped them between his fingers and they stuck through all the way to the other side. Red was astonished that such a tiny girl could have nipples so long and told her, "Jackie, your nipples are incredible."

She had never been so happy to be noticed as she enjoyed the feeling of Red's large hands palming her tiny little handfuls. "I need you to fill me up Red," she pleaded as she raised up on her knees directly over his groin. He didn't even have to let go of her tits as Kitty reached over, grasped his cock and pointed it straight at the ceiling. Jackie used her tiny fingers to hook inside her puffy mound and spread her lips wide apart. She had never had anything larger inside her than Kelso's "hot dog," so she knew this was going to be tight. His crown looked like a softball against her tiny body, but she knew if she could just get the head inside her, it would be a piece of cake after that. Red sensing her apprehension, put his rugged hands on her waist (nearly encircling her tiny girth) and steadied her body. Donna, knowing what Jackie was thinking, grabbed the bottle of lube and squirted it all over the tip of Red's penis.

Even if it was only with Michael, Jackie had at least some experience with being penetrated by a man, as she slowly bent her knees, wedging the crown of Red's snake between her puffy lips. She pulled herself as wide open as she could get, deliberately dropped a couple inches and felt incredible pressure as his huge head popped inside her pussy. "Ohhhhh shit," was all Jackie could say as she sat propped on top of his great pole. She looked to Donna like a midget sitting on a fence post, her eyes closed and mouth open, as Donna rested her chin on the mattress to get a better look. Red stared at the tiny, perfect little body perched on his cock and could feel his rod swell even more as he anticipated fucking her. Kitty let go of his cock and began to stroke Jackie's belly, trying to loosen it up for what was to follow.

Jackie, feeling her cunt stretch with any movement, started to slowly lower her body onto Red's monster cock; stretching herself. Red, becoming more aroused as her pussy squeezed his tool, tightened his grip on her waist and in one swift motion pulled her completely down until she was sitting on his groin...her tiny cunt fully impaled on his gigantic cock. "Ahhhhh...holy fucking shit," screeched Jackie as she felt the entire length of her cunt expand at once, "you're splitting me apart." Donna stared in amazement as Red's enormous cock disappeared inside Jackie; she half expected to see his crown pop out of Jackie's mouth. Not even waiting for her to adjust to his size, Red used his hands to raise her petite body up and down, thrusting his cock up into her hole. "Oh my fucking God," she screamed, "your cock is so fucking big...fuck me Red...fuck me hard. Holy shit...Michael's cock is like a baby's compared to yours." And he did...he fucked her little cunt as violently as he could...slamming his elephant cock up into her. Red thought to himself that her pussy was going to be bruised the next day. He looked down between their groins at his huge cock penetrating her totally hairless cunt and he felt particularly he was screwing some underage cutie; but Red had some scruples and would never have touched Jackie unless it had been legal.

She looked like a cowgirl riding a bucking bronco in the rodeo as she bounced up and down on Red's pole, her dark hair flying and her tiny tits jiggling. "Fuck me Red...fuck me...stretch my fucking pussy," Jackie begged as she pressed her palms on his chest to brace herself.

Suddenly they all heard a familiar voice in the hallway shouting, "OK you guys...where are you. You said to meet you here...are you playing hide and seek...I hear you in there."

Momentarily halting, Red exclaimed, "Holy that the foreign kid? Why isn't he with the rest of the dumb-asses?" Kitty looked at him for guidance and he shrugged, "Well, get him in here and do something to keep him quiet about this."

Kitty grinned and called out, "Oh Fez dear, come on in here, we have a surprise for you."

Fez could be heard muttering, "Ooo I love surprises...should I close my eyes."

"No, I think you'll want your eyes open for this one, dear, heh, heh, heh," Kitty replied as she and Donna gathered around the door. Normally Donna would have been horrified at the thought of Fez seeing her naked, but the beer and daiquiris worked their magic.

As Fez rounded the corner into the Foreman's bedroom he stopped dead in his tracks at the sights that met him, "Oh, Mrs. Red...oh, Donna...boobies." His mouth now hanging open, he just stared at their nude bodies from top to bottom and bottom to top...speechless. He heard noises coming from the bed, glanced in that direction and saw a tiny naked body riding Red's groin and guessed, "Is that Jackie...does Kelso know?"

He heard Red mumble, "What a dumb-ass," as he continued to plow Jackie's pussy, never missing a stroke.

"Heh, heh, heh," chuckled Kitty, "What Red means is that no one but the five of us has to know anything about this...right," as she grasped the crotch of Fez trousers. He jumped, but began to smile and nodded in the affirmative as he began to comprehend the situation. "Oh my," yelled Kitty, "I think you may have some competition here Red...I have quite a handful here, heh, heh, heh." Red was now sitting face to face with Jackie, his large hands totally encompassing her cute little ass cheeks as he rammed his giant cock deeper into her as he pulled her to him. She was like a doll sitting on his lap as he fucked her as hard as he could.

"Oh my God," she squealed, "your cock is so big...fuck me...fuck me."

Donna, following Kitty's lead had begun to unbutton Fez's shirt while Kitty unbuckled and unzipped his pants. His chest was much hairier than Donna expected and when Kitty yanked his pants and shorts down to the floor, she gasped, "oh my Fez." Fez' cock, already rock hard, sprang out and smacked Kitty's chin as she sat back on her knees to admire what she had uncovered. Fez's cock was nearly as long as Red's and even fatter. It looked like a long soup can sticking out from his groin. It was totally straight and the crown was the same girth as the shaft; Donna giggled because for some reason the "lead pipe" from the board game of Clue popped into her head.

She lowered his shirt from his shoulders and pulled the sleeves off his arms, then encircled his rod with her hands, her fingers just touching. "Wow, Fez," Donna remarked, "you're full of surprises." He smiled, staring at her magnificent tits as they swayed on her chest and she encouraged him, "Go's all right." Fez raised his hands and began to, almost reverently, knead Donna's fleshy bags. She could feel his cock twitch in her hands and knew he was enjoying himself tremendously.

"Now Donna," Kitty called her back to reality, "you said you've never actually had sex until today, so I'm going to give you a lesson on how to give a blow-job. My baby boy will have me to thank when you wrap your lips around his penis, heh, heh, heh." Donna released his prick and looked down as Kitty began to lick Fez' cock from the balls all the way to the head like an ice cream cone. Fez rolled Donna's gumdrop nipples between his fingers as Kitty stuck out her tongue and flicked the pre-cum from his head, sticking the tip into his cock-slit. His cock was much too fat to get into her mouth, so she just wrapped her lips around the tip and sucked so hard Donna could see her cheeks go concave. Donna reached down and fondled his scrotum, feeling his large balls shift around in her hand.

Fez began to hurriedly shout, "Oh no Mrs. Red, here it comes," as he yanked his hands from Donna's tits and tried to push Kitty away.

"Heh, heh, heh, that's OK dear," Kitty laughed as she disengaged her lips but pointed his cock at her face, "come on down here Donna, let's share this." Donna dropped to her knees beside Kitty just in time to have Fez shower their faces and open mouths with what seemed like quarts of his warm seed. Fez' smile could not have been wider as he looked down and saw his cum dripping off Donna's face and down onto her huge tits.

Red had scooted off the bed and stood up, his hands still cupping Jackie's round ass cheeks, her tiny body still impaled on his pole. He began to walk around the bedroom, bending his knees and thrusting up into her as he walked. She was so petite that she looked like a piece of meat on a barbecue skewer as he walked. When he got to the nearest wall, he braced her up against it and began to pound his cock up into her stretched out hole; fucking her so hard that the pictures on the wall shook. "I'm not on the pill like Donna," she breathlessly informed him.

"Well, maybe you should be," answered Red as he slammed his monster into her cunt and began to fill her with his cum.

Jackie could feel the intense heat of his semen deep inside her belly and she began to spasm in his arms. Her legs flew out to the side twitching and her cunt muscles clenched and unclenched around his cock. He rammed his cock into her, slamming her body against the wall as she just opened her mouth and gasped, "ahhhhhhh."

Red stood there trapping her against the wall, pumping her full of his hot cum, holding her as effortlessly as if she were a doll. When he was done, he released her cute ass and she stood against the wall on shaky legs. Jackie had never felt anything so completely satisfying in her young life; she felt dazed from being so sated. Glancing down at her pale, thin legs, she saw a stream of white fluid dribbling down her thighs, scooped some with her fingers and licked them clean.

"Well babe," Red announced, "I think there's one beauty in here that hasn't been fucked yet...your turn."

"I can't wait to get my turn with Big Red," Kitty admitted, inadvertently giving away their nickname for Red's penis. No one in the room seemed to notice the slip as Red climbed back onto the bed and lay on his back again. "I have a different variation in mind Red," Kitty informed him as she pounced on the bed, the bottle of lube in her hand. His cock was a physical wonder because it was still hard after two ejaculations and Kitty dripped lube on the crown and watched it run down the length, completely coating it. "Now you girls gather around because I'm going to show you another variation of sex that you may want to try," Kitty instructed. The teenagers couldn't help but marvel at the youthfulness of Kitty's naked body. Her large breasts sagged only slightly and she had virtually no paunch around her waist.

They were somewhat astonished when she sat on Red's lap, facing away from him, raised up on her knees, reached under her to grab his pole and nudged the huge crown against her ass hole. "Oh my God, do people really do that," Jackie gasped, "ewwww."

"Oh dear, don't knock it until you try it," Kitty scolded her, "just don't try it with a penis this large for your first time." Kitty began to corkscrew her body against Red's crown, gradually impaling herself. When his giant head finally popped past her sphincter muscles, she just continued lowering herself until his entire massive cock was imbedded up her ass. "Oh Red, that just never gets old...your cock feels so good," she cooed as she turned her head to him. They kissed passionately and then she called to Fez, "Well dear, would you like to fuck my pussy?"

Fez stood next to the bed, his "soup can" hard as a rock and asked shyly, " mean now...with Mr. Red?"

Jackie and Donna looked at each other in amazement at what Kitty was suggesting; especially given the size of the cocks involved. Fez jumped into the bed, his thick pole in his hand and crawled between Kitty and Red's legs. "Just one thing," Red admonished him, "try not to touch me, I'm not fond of naked men touching me."

"Heh, heh, heh," Kitty joked, "don't worry Fez, just get that big thing up here and fill my pussy." She reached down between her wide spread legs, hooked her fingers inside her fleshy cunt lips and spread them apart, giving Fez a target. Her thick dirty blond bush was already soaked with her juices and resembled a bird's nest between her thighs. She leaned back against Red's chest, forcing his cock deeper into her ass as Fez nervously pressed his crown against her slit. He looked at her expectantly and she urged him, "go ahead dear...fuck me." His cock was thicker than Red's so the initial penetration was a bit of a struggle, but as soon as he slid between her lips there was no stopping him. Fez pushed steadily forward, burying his tremendous cock into Kitty's pussy, wedging it inside her beside Red's. Her eyes rolled back in her head and Kitty moaned, "Oh my...that's fucking great. I love cock." Fez' tremendously thick cock was stretching her pussy farther than anything since Eric was born.

She just lay there on Red's chest feeling her holes stretch to permit this extreme penetration; her body completely stuffed with the two biggest cocks she had ever seen...she was in heaven. Coming out of her trance, she saw the two naked girls watching her and suggested, "if you get tired of just watching, there is a nice toy in my nightstand drawer you can play with, heh, heh, heh." Jackie rushed over to the nightstand and Kitty told Red and Fez," well, come on boys...fuck me...fuck me hard...jam those huge cocks into me." Red began to thrust his hips upward, stuffing Kitty's ass hole with his giant cock, as Fez started to piston his monster log in and out of her cunt. Kitty had never known such ecstasy as her body was fucked by two feet of fat cock. There was so much cock stuffed inside her that it seemed almost difficult to breathe, and yet all she wanted was more.

Jackie reached into the drawer and retrieved a huge two-headed rubber dildo; it must have been eighteen inches in length and nearly as thick as Red's penis. In their impaired consciousness, both Donna and Jackie immediately had the same idea as they got on their hands and knees, their asses nearly touching as they faced away from each other. Jackie had grabbed the lube bottle (thank heaven for Point Place Community Hospital) and proceeded to coat its length with the slippery substance. They each reached back between their legs, took hold of an end and guided it into their pussies. In unison they moaned, "mmmmm," as the slick rubber cock slid deeper into their cunts. They moved their bodies forward and back, their ass checks jiggling as they banged together. Donna's magnificent tits swayed beneath her like water balloons as she and Jackie fucked each other, and themselves.

Red reached around his wife and roughly squeezed her tits as he thrust into her ass. She could feel the two giant cocks rubbing against each other deep inside her separated by only a thin layer of skin, and it felt wonderful. Kitty just couldn't get enough as she begged them, "Fuck me boys...fuck me. I love your fucking huge cocks." She had never been double-fucked before, except with a dildo. Fez looked down to watch his cock sliding in and out of Kitty's pussy, and saw a creamy white froth that had worked up around her slit. He couldn't believe he was fucking Eric's mother and she was great. He heard Kitty scream, "Cum in me boys...fill me up, as her pussy contracted around him."

Hearing his loving wife's command, Red wanted nothing more than to please her as he slammed his cock upward into her tight ass and erupted inside her, spewing his hot seed deep inside her sphincter. Fez could feel Red's pole jerking and twitching next to his, inside Kitty's body so he grabbed her waist and shoved his giant cock as far up Kitty's cunt as he could. "Holy shit...God bless America," he grunted as he flooded her hole with his seed.

Kitty was overcome with ecstasy as her body flailed and jerked. Her cunt gushed its own cum as her holes contracted around the monstrous invaders. "Ahhhh, fuck me...fuck me," she breathlessly screamed as they continued to pump her holes full of cum.

Jackie simultaneously was shivering as she climaxed around the rubber cock and her weak knees gave out as she collapsed onto the floor, pulling the dildo from her pussy. Noticing that Donna was now pushing back against nothing, the fake cock still protruding from her slit, Jackie grasped her end of the dildo and began to thrust it into Donna's pussy. Jackie jammed the dildo as far up Donna's dripping cunt as she could, watching almost the entire eighteen inches disappear inside her tunnel. Donna dropped down onto her elbows, raising her firm ass and giving Jackie a better angle to screw her. Jackie rammed the rubber cock up Donna's cunt as hard and fast as she could, Donna's huge tits flopping beneath her and slapping against her chest. "Oh my God," Donna moaned, "fuck me Jackie...fuck me." Donna thrust her ass back onto the dildo one more time and then just collapsed onto the floor, the cock still inside her as she quivered from her orgasm.

"Wow Donna," Jackie remarked, "you really lost control." Donna just weakly smiled and closed her eyes.

From the bed, they heard Kitty's voice, "oh girls...come over here and do your duty." Fez had climbed off the bed and stood there, his cock hanging between his legs, flaccid but still impressive. Kitty was now sitting on the edge of the bed, her legs spread wide and her holes stretched even wider, pointing to her crotch. Donna and Jackie walked over to the bed, and Donna realized the dildo was still lodged in her cunt. Ever the gallant gentleman, Fez reached between her legs and slowly slid the rubber cock from its sheath and began to lick it like a lollipop.

"Thank you Fez," Donna smiled as she and Jackie kneeled between Kitty's thighs. They obediently began to lick and suck all of the slippery white cum as it dribbled out of Kitty's holes. Jackie even lapped up Red's juices as they dripped out of Kitty's ass hole, smacking her lips in the process.

Kitty looked down and watched their tongues cleaning her; her dirty blond bush soaked and matted against her mound. "Oh that feels nice girls," she encouraged them, "do a good job now...don't be afraid to get your tongues all the way inside there." Red just lay there on the bed, propped up against the pillows watching his bride bask in the pleasure. When they were done, both Donna and Jackie sat back with cum dripping off their chins. Then they did the most erotic thing Fez had ever seen: they leaned into each other with their nipples rubbing, and they licked the cum off each others chins. Fez' cock sprang to immediate attention and Jackie grasped it in her tiny hand, making it seem even larger.

Whatever was destined to happen next was interrupted by the sound of the "dumb-asses" horse play in the Foreman driveway. Jackie and Donna swiftly grabbed their swim suits and dashed into the Foreman's upstairs bathroom. Fez snatched his clothes and ran into Eric's room to dress; and Red and Kitty simply locked their bedroom door and flopped onto the bed, which now seemed so empty.

(Thank you for reading my story. I know it is flawed but's just for fun. I tried to keep the characters in character. All comments and suggestions are welcome and appreciated. [email protected])


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