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That 70's Show: Best Summer Comes To An End (cons, group, oral, anal, inc)
by Tori ([email protected])

The Saturday morning before school started began as every morning the past month had with Eric waking up to his sister Laurie giving him a blowjob. After she finished, he got dressed and made his way downstairs for a bowl of cereal before heading down to the basement.

On this particular Saturday morning, he found Hyde and Jackie watching cartoons. Kelso was also there and a few minutes after Eric came down, Donna came in and squeezed between Jackie and Eric on the couch. They were already stoned out of their minds by the time Fez arrived. He looked totally depressed and Donna said, "Fez, what's wrong?"

Fez rubbed his hands together and said, "My good American friends. I have something I must tell you. I am being sent back to my native country today."

Everyone looked at Fez and said, "WHAT?"

Fez looked at them and said, "I have a secret, something that might make you not like me anymore."

Donna smiled and said, "You're gay, we know."

Fez was stunned. "How? Who told you?"

Kelso said, "I saw you and Buddy up at Mt. Hump."

Fez said, "So you told everyone?"

Kelso laughed and said, "Of course I told everyone. It's not every day we find out one of our friends is a fag......BURN!!!"

Jackie reached over and punched Kelso in the arm and said, "You suck Michael. Fez, why are you going home?"

Fez sat down and said, "My crazy Christian host parents caught me fucking Buddy in the ass and they flipped out. I am catching a plane this afternoon."

Everyone sat in silence for a long time and then Hyde said, "Well, this sucks. There's only one thing left to do." Hyde rolled a big fat joint and everyone sat in the circle one last time with Fez.

After he left, the remaining friends looked at each other and then Eric said, "You know, I'm really going to miss that asshole."

Hyde laughed and said, "So is Buddy!"

Everyone laughed and then Jackie stood up and grabbed Donna's hand. "Come on Donna. I'm taking you shopping for some new clothes. You might have to wear that ridiculous uniform during the day but you don't have to dress like a lumberjack the rest of the time."

Donna let Jackie drag her out of the basement and after the girls left, Kelso said, "Hey guys, there's this new movie theatre downtown that shows porn. Let's go."

Hyde looked at Eric and said, "Want to?"

Eric stood up and said, "What the hell, I'm in."

The three friends made their way to the front row and sat down just as the movie started. As they watched the credits roll, they noticed one of the stars name was Laurie Lips. They all chuckled at that but stopped as soon as the first scene started and there, with her mouth wrapped around the biggest black cock anyone had ever seen, was Eric's sister. Laurie was deep throating the massive cock and as the camera panned back, they saw another black man fucking her in the ass. They stared in disbelief at the sight of Foreman's sister up on the screen getting DP'd by two black men. They sat through the entire movie which featured Laurie doing oral, anal and even a lesbian screen with a hot black chick. When the movie ended, everyone left but the guys stayed in their seats, speechless.

A few minutes later, the usher came down and told them they had to leave. Once outside, they got into the Vista Cruiser and Hyde said, "Well, what do you know? She DID end up in porn."

Eric looked straight ahead and said, "If Red finds out, he'll kill her."

Hyde laughed and said, "If Red finds out, he'll probably want to fuck her." He kept laughing and then Kelso laughed.

Eric turned around and said, "Shut up Kelso. This isn't funny."

Hyde grabbed his arm and said, "Calm down twitchy. It's no big deal. After all, she still sucks your cock every day and if I remember correctly, you had a taste of that fine ass once yourself, didn't you?"

Kelso sat wide eyed and yelled, "NO WAY!!!! YOU FUCKED YOUR SISTER?"

Eric punched Hyde in the arm and said, "Great. You had to blab in front of this moron. You know he can't keep a secret."

Kelso said, "Hey, I can keep a secret and don't call me a moron."

Eric turned back and said, "I swear Kelso, if you say anything to anyone, I'll fucking kill you."

Kelso held his hands up and said, "OK, OK. I promise I won't tell anyone."

Eric started the car and then Kelso said, "Hey Hyde? Was she a good fuck?"

Hyde said, "Let's just say I wouldn't kick her out of my bed."

Eric started to drive and said, "Can we stop talking about my sister? Please?"

Hyde smiled and said, "Sure Foreman. How about we talk about Donna's ass. How tight is it?"

Kelso leaned up over the front seat and said, "WOW! You finally got to fuck Donna in the ass. AWESOME!"

Eric smiled and nodded and said, "So tight. Even tighter than Jackie."

Hyde chuckled and said, "Well at least she used to be."

They all laughed and then Kelso said, "Wait a minute. Jackie let you fuck her in the ass?"

Eric said, "A few times. Hyde here has turned her into major league cock whore, haven't you Hyde?"

Hyde smiled and said, "Yes, yes I did and I'm quite proud of how she turned out."

Eric laughed and said, "Oh, you turned her out alright."

* * *

Across town at the mall, Jackie and Donna were in the dressing room trying on some outfits. Jackie had picked out some tight skirts and sweaters for Donna. Donna finished putting on a particularly short skirt and a pink sweater that showed off her ample breasts. She turned around a few times, looking at herself in the mirror when Jackie said, "God Donna, you look so hot!"

Donna stuck her ass out and said, "I do, don't I?"

Jackie came up behind her and placed her hand on Donna's ass and said, "You really do. I never noticed how gorgeous your body was before."

Donna stood there and let the short brunette rub her ass and then Jackie put her arms around her and squeezed her tits. Donna felt Jackie's lips on the back of her neck and started to breathe heavy. She closed her eyes, enjoying Jackie's soft touch and then she turned around and kissed her. Their mouths opened and the two sucked each other's tongues. The kiss ended and Donna said, "You have really soft lips."

Jackie smiled and said, "You taste like strawberries."

They kissed again and then Donna said, "Let's get out of here."

They gathered up their things and Donna after quickly paid for her new outfit, the two girls ran out to Jackie's car. Jackie drove as fast as she could and pulled in the Le Motel. Donna paid for a room and as soon as the door was closed, the two girls were pulling each other's clothes off.

* * *

Back at the house, Red walked into the kitchen and said, "Where are the kids?"

Kitty said, "I don't know. Haven't seen them all day."

Red came up and hugged her and said, "How about the two of us go out to dinner."

Kitty laughed and said, "Phillies?"

Red said, "Can't beat the food or the prices."

Kitty kissed him and said, "Oh Red. I could use a night out. Let's go."

They changed and headed down to their favorite eating place and had a quiet dinner together. Red had the meatloaf and Kitty had the chicken.

* * *

Meanwhile, Eric, Hyde and Kelso were driving around, smoking dope and just cruising when they passed the Le Motel. Kelso pointed and said, "Hey, isn't that Jackie's Dad's Town Car?"

Hyde looked at the big silver beast and said, "You know? I think it is. Foreman, quick, pull over."

Eric slammed on the brakes and pulled into the parking lot. Hyde got out and went into the office, coming out a minute later. He hopped in the car and said, "The guy at the desk said a tall redhead got a room about an hour ago. Room 6."

Eric drove down and parked next to the Lincoln and they got out. Kelso looked at the room next to it and said, "I wonder what's going on in there?"

The three friends looked and saw bright lights through the closed blinds and then flashes.

Hyde said, "Forget that. This is the room." He walked up to the door and pressed his ear against it.

Eric said, "Hear anything?"

Hyde said, "Yeah, moaning." He slowly turned the knob and the door opened. He held his finger to his lips and said, "Shhhhhh." He pushed the door open and went in, followed by Eric and Kelso.

The three of them stood there staring at the bed. They couldn't believe it. Donna had her legs spread wide open while Jackie had her face buried in her pussy. Both girls were completely naked and Donna had her hands on Jackie's head, holding her tight against her snatch. "Oh fuck Jackie. Lick me......make me cum again!"

Eric and Hyde stood there, staring, when Kelso said, "I think I just died and went to heaven."

Jackie pulled her head up and turned around. Her face was covered in Donna's pussy juice and she still had two fingers deep in Donna's hole.

Donna opened her eyes and said, "So, are you just going to stand there or are you going to join us?"

* * *

After Red and Kitty finished their meal, they hopped in the Toyota and headed home. Kitty was looking out the window as they passed the motel and said, "Red, stop!"

Red pulled the car over and said, "What's wrong?"

Kitty said, "Back up. I thought I saw Eric's car at that motel."

Red backed up and sure enough, the Vista Cruiser was parked in front of one of the rooms. Red pulled in and parked and said, "I'll bet he's got Donna in there. Stay here, I'll be right back."

Red got out and walked passed the room next to the one the kids were in and stopped. He couldn't help but notice the bright lights and the flashes going off. He peaked through the blinds and saw several people standing around the bed with cameras and lights. He squinted the best he could and saw a blonde girl on top of a black man riding his cock while another black man was fucking her in the ass. He stood back and smiled. He thought to himself, "So, this is where they make those smokers. Who'd have thunk it."

He peaked back in and that was when he saw her. It was Laurie. The man fucking her ass had her by the hair and was pulling her head back as he rammed her hard and deep. Red stumbled back and grabbed his chest.

Kitty watched in horror as her husband fell to the sidewalk. She got out of the car and knelt down beside him. "Red? Red? Are you alright?"

Red was grimacing in pain and said, "I'm.........having a heart attack."

* * *

In the next room, Eric was busy fucking Jackie in the ass while Kelso and Hyde were double fucking Donna. When he heard Kitty scream, he quickly got up and ran to the door. The others stopped fucking and watched as he opened the door, still naked, and found his parents outside.


Eric ran into the room and dialed 911 while the others quickly got dressed. Donna tossed Eric his clothes and then the five of them went out to find Red unconscious.

Just then the door to the next room opened up and Laurie came out and said, "Mom? What are you doing here?"

Kitty fainted and Laurie looked at Eric and said, "What's wrong with Daddy?"

Eric looked at his naked sister and said, "He's having a heart attack."

The brother and sister knelt down by Red while Donna and Jackie helped Kitty.

Hyde and Kelso stood back and then Hyde laughed. "So much for the perfect summer. Way to go Laurie!"

Eric looked at Laurie and then at the people standing behind her and said, "Get dressed!"

Kelso looked at Hyde and said, "Guess that's what they call a wrap in the movie business."

* * *

The next day, Hyde, Kelso, Donna and Jackie were sitting in the basement waiting for word about Red. It was just before noon when Eric came in and told them that Red was going to be fine. He was going to have to stay in the hospital for a few days but otherwise, he was going to survive.

Jackie stood up and hugged Eric and said, "I'm so happy for you. I really like Mr. Foreman."

Eric hugged her back and said, "I know you do and he really likes you too."

He patted her cute little butt and then Hyde looked at Eric and said, "Yeah, he really likes ALL of her."

He chuckled and then Donna said, "Do you mean to tell me that Red fucked Jackie?"

Eric looked at her and said, "Donna, come with me. I have something to tell you."

The two went upstairs leaving Jackie, Hyde and Kelso behind. Kelso grabbed a fudge sickle from the freezer and said, "I can't believe this. I'm gone for a couple of months and you start fucking everyone in Point Place. Geez Jackie. If I'd have known what a whore you are, I never would have left."

Jackie sat down on Hyde's lap and said, "I may be a whore but I'm Hyde's whore. Right Steven?"

Hyde squeezed her tit and said, "Damn straight and don't you forget it."

* * *

Upstairs in Eric's room, Donna paced around while Eric sat on the bed telling her what happened while she was in California. When he finished, he waited for Donna's response.

After a few minutes she said, "So, let me get this straight. First Hyde and Jackie hook up. Then Red catches you jerking off, listening to them fuck and somehow persuades Hyde to let him get a blowjob from her. Then, instead of just a blowjob, she ends up fucking him too. Am I correct so far?" Eric nods and then Donna continues. "So while she's fucking both of them, you get caught by your sister jerking off and she helps you out by swallowing your cum?" Eric nods again.

Donna sits down next to him and says, "That's just weird. Jackie and Red, you and Laurie. What happened next?"

Eric looks down at his hands and says, "Well, the next day, Hyde asked Jackie to do him a favor. She came over and I fucked her in the ass."

Donna stood up and said, "WHAT?"

Eric said, "She looked so hot! She had on these black satin pants, like the one's Olivia Newton John wore in Grease, and well, she let me fuck her in the ass."

Donna slammed her fist into her palm and said, "I'm going to kill that little slut."

Eric said, "Calm down. You and I were broken up, remember? Besides, you were away and I was, well, I was horny as fuck!"

Donna looked at him, "Fine, go on. Tell me rest."

Eric told her about Jackie and Red fucking every day and then he told her about joining Red and having a threesome with Jackie. Finally, he took a deep breath and told her about him and Hyde fucking Laurie in the ass. "Let me just and that she was passed out most of the time and well, she didn't stop us."

Donna stood up and said, "Why would she stop you? She's a fucking porn whore for Christ's sake."

Eric stood up and said, "Hey, why don't we talk about Jackie going down on you in a motel room, huh? Why don't we talk about THAT? Or, how about we talk about you inviting me and Hyde and Kelso to join in? What about THAT?"

Donna sat back down and said, "Look, I love you. That's never going to change but let's just agree that from now on, we only fuck each other. No more fucking Jackie and especially, no more fucking your sister."

Eric hugged her and said, "Agreed and I do love you, more than you'll ever know."

They kissed and then Donna said, "It was fucking hot though, in the motel, wasn't it?"

Eric smiled and nodded, "So hot!"

Eric and Donna walked out of his room and ran into Laurie. She was carrying her suitcase and Eric said, "Where are you going?"

Laurie hugged him and said, "Mom kicked me out. She screamed at me for an hour, calling me a whore and then she said she never wanted to see me again."

Eric saw a tear run down her cheek and said, "Listen, stay away for a few days and I'll smooth everything over with her, OK?"

Laurie kissed his cheek and said, "You're the best, little brother." She looked at Donna and said, "Don't ever let him go."

Donna put her arm around Eric and said, "I won't."

Laurie ran out of the house and Eric and Donna went down to the basement. They told the others what was said upstairs and also about Laurie.

After a few minutes, Hyde said, "Well, there's only one thing left to do."

After the third joint, the gang was totally fucked up. They were all laughing and talking about anything that popped into their heads when Hyde said, "Wait. Did I tell you about this car that runs on water?"

Everyone stared at him and then pelted him with empty beer cans.

He held his hands up trying to block the cans and said, "IT RUNS ON WATER MAN!!!!"

The End.


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