That 70's Show - Bent (MMF, alcohol, reluc)
by Michael (phoenlx [email protected])

Donna was pissed. How dare Eric give her an ultimatum.
But in reflection she was also sad. Eric was her first
lover, and he was also her best friend. Or at least he
had been up until their fight.

These thoughts were going through her head when Donna
walked up to the basement entrance to the Forman's
house. It was almost second nature for their group of
friends to hang out at the Forman's house, she didn't
know why, it had just always been that way.

Donna felt nervous as she turned the doorknob and
pushed the door open. Would Eric forgive her? She knew
that saying she wasn't sure were their relationship
would be in the future had hurt Eric's feeling. He was
so sensitive, but then that was what had attracted her
to him in the first place.

As she walked into the dank basement room she saw Hyde
and Kelso sitting in their usual places. Eric was
nowhere to be seen. "Hey Hyde, Kelso, how's it going?"
Donna said in a breezy tone that she didn't feel.

Hyde looked at her, smirked and said, "Forman's gone.
Red took the whole family for the weekend to see Aunt
Bessie who just got out of the hospital." He looked at
Donna trying to gauge her reaction to his news.

Donna was disappointed but tried to hide it from the
guys. "Well, Hyde you don't have to look so self
satisfied about it. I know you know that Eric and I had
a fight, so quit trying to get my goat."

"Goat?" Me?" Hyde smiled.

Michael said, "But Hyde I thought you said you were
gonna burn her the next time you saw her?"

"Shut up butt wipe!" Hyde shot Michael an annoyed look.
Then he turned back to Donna and held out a bottle of
Jack Daniels. "Here, have a swig, it'll make you feel

"You know I don't drink hard liquor."

"Yeah I know, but you look like you need a pick-me-up
right now. And I am sorry that I ragged on you about
Eric being gone. What was the fight about anyway?" Hyde
handed a hesitant Donna the bottle of booze.

"Well, we were just talking and he started saying all
that dorky stuff about how things were going to be, you
know the old "kids and picket fence" speech again. He
knows that's not what I want, but I got a little
carried away this time and said that I wasn't sure
where we'd be in a couple of years."

"Wow, that would piss old Forman off. He worships you
body and soul. I bet that's when he told you to blow it
outta' your barracks bag, huh?" Hyde said as he watched
Donna take a quick swig of Jack Daniels.

"Wow, that stuff is pretty strong,"
Donna said trying to recover from the biting spirits
that were still burning their way down her throat.

Hyde took the bottle and continued to probe, "So he got
mad and walked away did he?"

"No, I got mad and walked away," Donna said, sounding

"Well, Donna if it makes you feel any better these
things usually blow over. Me and Jackie were really mad
at each other for like ever and we got back together,"
Michael said, then took a swig of JD and handed the
bottle back to Donna.

She felt really depressed and took another long pull
from the bottle, feeling the burning sensation again as
the fiery liquid spread through her veins making her
feel relaxed. She took another gulp, wiped her lips
with the sleeve of her shirt and then handed the bottle
to Hyde who took a swallow and handed it right back.

"Yeah, well, Forman's a jerk to fight with a pretty
woman like you Donna, you're too good for the little
pip-squeak." He smiled brightly as Donna took a couple
more slugs of booze. The thought crossed his mind that
if Eric was out of the picture maybe he could get a
little lovin' from the fiery redhead. He'd always
admired the Amazon female and thought that they had
more in common that she and Eric ever would.

'Yes,' he thought as he watched Donna knock back a
couple of more swigs of JD, 'She would benefit from the
experience of a real lover.'

Eric was a virgin when they first had sex, he couldn't
have been very good, Hyde knew. He also knew that Donna
was beginning to get drunk. And that's when he decided
to fuck her.

He hadn't had sex for almost 6 months and Donna was
looking damn good to his half blazed brain. He knew
he'd had too much to drink, (not as much as Donna
though) but he didn't really care. The thought of
plugging this big beautiful woman quickly became an
immediate obsession for him.

'How to get rid of Kelso,' he wondered for a moment.
'Or maybe I should get him involved. That way if Donna
complained or we somehow got caught I wouldn't take the
fall alone.'

Hyde looked on as Donna emptied the dregs of the
bottle. She was sitting on the couch with her head
thrown back swallowing the amber liquid like a pro.
'For a girl who didn't drink hard liquor she was really
putting it away,' he thought.

"Shush, slash swash goodshit man," Donna slurred as she
licked the last few drops from the neck of the bottle
with her pink tongue.

"Yeah, damn right. Guess what; I got more." Hyde was
out of his set and into the back room so fast that
Donna fell back against the couch when she tried to
follow his movement.

Michael said, "Hey Hyde, save some of that, we don't
wanna use it all in one sitting."

"Kelso man, come here," Hyde called from the other

Michael tottered to his feet slightly drunk and went
over to see what the problem was. As he entered the
room, Hyde grabbed his T-shirt and pushed him up
against the wall. "Listen ass wipe, I gotta plan, and
if you want some of it then get smart will yeah."

Michael began to protest, "What the fuck are you doing
Hyde, let go ass hole!"

"Shut up dill hole and listen to me. I'm gonna get
Donna good and drunk then I'm gonna fuck her brains

Michael was shocked. His eyes went wide and he began to
struggle in Hyde's grip. "You're crazy man, Eric would
kill you, he'd go berserk, you're fucking insane."

"No, I'm not. Eric and Donna had a fight. They broke up
and she's fair game now. Tell me you never thought
about sticking it in her before. Tell me you wouldn't
like to ride those big smooth breasts. C'mon man, she's
just about there. Once she's totally snockered she'll
be ours to do with what we want. Think about it!"

Michael did think about it. Sex with Jackie had become
a little mundane lately. She made him jump through so
many hoops to get into her panties that he was warn out
by the time the good stuff started to happen. A drunk
Donna on the other hand would be different, and she
wouldn't have any rules that he'd have to obey.

Suddenly the thought of Donna's naked body stretched
out on the floor being humped by him and Hyde appealed
greatly to Michael. "K dude, I'm in," Michael whispered
and Hyde let his shirt go.

The two of them walked back into the outer room and
Hyde cracked open the new bottle of booze and handed it
to Donna.

She looked at the bottle and then at Hyde. Her
expression changed to concern, "Whash are yous trying
to do, get mesh drunk?"

"Fuck no Donna. Tell me; do you feel good, do you care
whether or not Eric is mad at you?"

"Well, no I guesh not, but I probably shhould drink

"Yeah maybe you're right, here give me that and I'll
put it away."

"Hyde, what are you doing?" Michael asked confused.

"Donna's right, no more alcohol, I got a great big
honker of a joint we can fire up."

Michael just smiled and remained silent.

By the 4th toke on Hyde's joint Donna lay back and
closed her eyes. Her head was spinning and she felt
like she was in another world. It was a different,
strangely swirling place, but she liked it. She always
liked new and different things and she'd never felt
like this before. Her body was buzzing and her mind was
floating, it was a wonderful feeling.

As Donna lay there in her own world other sensations
began to take hold. She was daydreaming about making
love to Eric and was becoming aroused. It was funny, as
soon as she thought about sex with Eric she could
almost feel him with her.

His hand was squeezing her breasts and it felt really
good. Donna moaned her satisfaction and the feeling of
his hands needing her. Then his hands were at her
shirt, unbuttoning it. She rose up from the couch just
enough so that he could unsnap her bra from behind.

Then his fingers were playing with her nipples. "Oh,"
escaped her when his moist lips began to suckle first
one nipple then the other. 'Oh God, that feels
wonderful,' she thought to herself.

Her excitement began to build. Until Donna felt the
hands at her blue jeans she'd been relaxed, taking the
sensual tit-massage as love play. But now the urgent
fingers at her jeans-fly made her anticipate what would
come next.

Reflexively she strained her body up off the cushion as
her jeans were pulled down. She was amazed at how fast
his hand found home. As a finger slipped between her
slick pussy lips Donna opened her eyes for the first

She was staring straight into Kelso's eyes. He was only
inches away from her and naked as a jaybird. Donna
moved her head slightly to see where Hyde was then
noticed that warm flesh that was pushing up against her
from underneath.

For the first time Donna realized that she wasn't with
Eric and that she was naked with Hyde and Kelso.
Through her alcohol haze her first instinct was to
scream, what the fuck were they doing? But her second
instinct was to push down hard onto Hyde's stiff meat.
"Oh, yes!" was all she said as Hyde's big dick slid
smoothly into her, filling her up like Eric had never

Hyde groaned as he slid home. Donna's hot body was
weighing down on him in a sitting position so he
couldn't move very much. But when she started to thrust
down and then lift up in a quickening rhythm Hyde could
only gasp in time with his Amazon redhead's movements.

Donna moved like an automation without missing a beat
until finally she moaned, "I'm going to come, oh fuck
Hyde you're going to make me come." Donna stopped her
thrusting motions and ground down on Hyde's up thrust
prick, hard. Her body shivered and squirmed as her
orgasm flashed white hot through her trembling body.

That was enough for Hyde, he jerked once, then twice
and he was coming in Donna with full force. When the
hot redhead felt Hyde's orgasm begin she began to ride
him again until he finally groaned; begged her to stop.

Before Donna could disengage herself she felt a pair of
strong hands pulling her off Hyde's still stiff dick
and down to the floor. Now on hands and knees Donna
felt Kelso behind her, hovering, fumbling at her pussy
opening. She was still feeling an alcoholic buzz but
she knew what he was trying to do to her.

And to her surprise she didn't try to stop him. Kelso
was a stupid dill hole, but she'd always liked looking
at his body whenever the gang was at the municipal
swimming pool. She'd always compared his body to Eric's
and Eric always came out the looser. Now that body was
hovering over her back, pressing down on her and into

Donna threw her head back and moaned as Michael slid
home in her come soaked cunt. It felt incredible being
taken like this from behind. Donna looked over at Hyde
who was still sitting on the couch. He had his legs
wide open and was slowly jacking himself as he watched
Kelso fucking her. She could see his big balls moving
with his hand motion and the sight of those balls that
had so recently emptied themselves in her made her want
him closer.

Donna gasped, "Hyde, come here." Kelso didn't miss a
beat as he kept fucking away at her pussy as if his
life depended upon it.

Hyde heaved his naked body off the couch and then knelt
in front of Donna's swaying body. Donna reached out and
grasped him slowly pulling him toward her until his big
prick was looming over her.

Then Hyde closed his eyes in heavenly bliss as Donna
sank her full red lips over his sticky manhood and
began to suck and tongue him like a professional. "Oh
fuck Donna, you're great at this, oh fuck that feels so
fucking good." Hyde could feel his come rising again.

He looked down at Donna's pretty bobbing head and
watched his dick disappearing between her fill pink
lips; as she pulled back he could see her saliva
sliming his shaft and her lips pulling along his
sensitive flesh.

Kelso was still riding Donna hard when Hyde came for
the second time. This surprised Donna and she pulled
away only to receive several gushes of come all over
her upturned face.

Hyde watched fascinated as his sperm slapped onto
Donna's perfect white complexion. The first glob
splattered to one side of her pert little nose and he
groaned in perverse pleasure when unplanned, his next
gush splatted across her full pink lips.

When Donna opened her mouth and licked Hyde's come,
tasting it with approval, Hyde only wished he had some
left to give her. 'She was so fucking hot, that little
shit Eric should worship the ground she walked on,'
Hyde thought. Then Donna really blew his mind when she
moved to him again and started licking his dick clean.

Then finally the mighty Kelso grunted and thrust once
more, deep, holding himself tight to Donna's hind end.
He grunted again holding her hips tightly; his body
jerking uncontrollably several times as he filled
Donna's cunt with his hot sticky come.

Donna knew what Michael was doing; that he was emptying
himself in her like he must have done many times with
Jackie, and Eric's slutty sister Lori. Only this time
his firm muscled body was emptying its lust into her.

The thought of Kelso fucking Eric's slutty sister made
Donna even hotter for some reason. She'd always
secretly been attracted to Lori and here she was taking
the same dick that had fucked Lori. This realization
brought Donna to her second intense orgasm; she slowly
descended to the floor with Michael still on her back
as her body gave out.

Then the only sound in the room was of the 3 teenagers
labored breathing. Then they all looked to the sound of
the door opening. Fez walk into the room.

At first he looked shocked and even a little frightened
then a broad smile showed white teeth against his dark
brown skin as he quickly began to tear at his clothes.

Donna sighed and rolled over on to her back. She knew
that there was no way to talk Fez out of this, and
after all, she'd imagined him as her lover from time to
time when she masturbated at home. His Latin ways and
his smooth almost hairless body had a strange
attraction to her.

Donna sighed again as she saw Fez climb between her
legs and position himself. She idly thought to herself
as Fez sank easily into her come soaked cunt, 'I wonder
if Jackie is on her way over, that might be



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