That's So Raven: That's So Dykey (ff,inter,spank)
by Hamster ([email protected])

Raven was used to her psychic visions blind-siding her but this one really
did come from out of nowhere. She was in gym class when she was struck by a
vision of her best friend Chelsea making out with her. She was so stunned
and surprised by this vision of lesbian kissing that she accidentally sent
the basketball in her hand flying into her teacher's face. There was as
collective gasp from her classmates as the woman was flattened and sent
sprawling to the ground. Mrs. Hagen sat up with blood freely flowing from
her nose. Raven squeaked and covered her face in horror.

"Oh my gosh Mrs. Hagen I'm so sorry, here let me help you up." Raven said as
she ran to assist her teacher in standing.

"NO...No, no miss Baxter that's quite all right. I'm going to go see the
nurse you just stay put. Don't move or touch anything."

Mrs. Hagen left in an angry huff.

Raven watched her teacher leave and wished for the 800th time that she wasn't
a psychic. Her friend Chelsea, a white girl with bright red hair ran over to

"Wow Ray did you just have another vision?" Chelsea asked.

"Yeah, yeah Chel." Raven said half distracted by the thought of how many laps
Mrs. Hagen was going to make her do in retaliation for breaking her nose.

"Well I hope it was important because Mrs. Hagen is really going to let you
have it for breaking her nose and..."

"OK Chelsea that's enough thanks OK." Raven interrupted.

This can't be, Raven thought, how am I going to stop this from happening? I
can't kiss a girl can I?

"What Ray your looking at me weird did you have another vision?" Chelsea

"Uh yeah, Chel uh don't eat the meatloaf OK. I gotta use the little psychic's
room OK buh-bye." Raven said as she dashed away and left Chelsea looking

Raven spent the rest of the day avoiding Chelsea as if she carried a plague.
Whenever her friend showed up Raven found somewhere else she needed to be.

Later at home she was at home when she peeked out the window and happened to
see Chelsea walking up the driveway.

"EEEEEK. OK Corey you tell Chelsea I'm not here OK." Raven said to her little
brother as she shot up to her room.

Chelsea knocked on the front door and Corey answered.

"Hi Corey where's Raven?" Chelsea asked.

"Up stairs baby, looks like we're all alone." Corey replied.

Chelsea opened the door to Raven's room and heard Raven squeal in shock.

"So hi Chel, how are you doing?" Raven squeaked.

"Have you been avoiding me Ray?" Chelsea asked.

"Uh no Chel, what would make you say that?" Raven asked.

"Well it just seems that no matter where I am you find someplace else that
you need to be." Chelsea said.

"Look Chel, I had a vision OK. In my vision we were kissing. And I don't want
you to freak out but I-I liked it OK." Raven said.

"Really Ray? Because you know I want to kiss you too." Chelsea said.

The redhead pulled closer to her stunned friend a kissed her on the mouth.
Raven's lips parted and Chelsea's tongue invaded her mouth. Their hands
caressed each other's hips and asses as they shared their sweet kiss. Chelsea
pushed Raven her down on her bed and began squeezing Raven's massive boobs
through her shirt.

"Oh Chelsea, squeeze harder girl. Squeeze harder." Raven urged.

Chelsea was more than happy to oblige and squeezed roughly as she ground her
groin into her friend's. Raven sat up and removed her shirt then unfastened
her bra. Chelsea bent down to suck on Raven's hard nipple.

"Oh, oh yes Chel, yespbite them Chel, bite my tit..." Raven moaned.

Chelsea started chewing the nipple then opened wide and gave her friend's
big tit a good bite. Chelsea took off her own shirt and bra then unbuttoned
and unzipped Raven's pants. She pulled them off and Raven's panties quickly
followed. Raven got on all fours then looked back at her friend and licked
her lips.

"I've been a bad girl Chel I really need a spanking." Raven said as she
wiggled her ass invitingly.

Chelsea needed no further invitation. She pulled her hand back and SLAP!

"Again, harder." Raven encouraged.


Raven bit her lip to chew back a scream as Chelsea reddened her firm round
ass. Tears were streaming from Raven's face when Chelsea finally stopped.

"Oh bite my pussy Chel..." Raven said.

"What do we say?" Chelsea asked.

"Please and thank you." Raven growled angrily.

"That's better." Chelsea said.

Chelsea traced Raven's pussy lips with her tongue and explored her friend's
sloppy wet cunt until she found the clit. As Raven whimpered and moaned in
pleasure Raven gave the clit a little love bite. Raven gasped in pleasure
and pain. She was soon cumming like a demon as Chelsea's tongue burrowed
into her cunt like a saliva coated gopher.

"OH YES CHELSEA, FUCK YES!!!" Raven cried.

Raven turned around and tackled her friend down smothering her with a kiss
and shoving her fingers deep into the juicy, wet, pussy their tits rubbed
against each other. Chelsea gave Raven's ass a really good hard slap.

"Mmm yeah Chel. I'm going to hand fuck you so hard." Raven moaned as she
pumped her hand in her friend's cunt faster and faster.


Raven pulled her fingers from her friend's pussy and licked them clean. The
two lie in a gasping, panting heap.

"Wow Ray, that was great. Bet you didn't see that coming." Chelsea gasped.

"Don't worry Chel, my psychic powers are telling me we'll be doing this again
real soon OK." Raven said.


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