Disclaimer: Third Rock From The Sun belongs to The Carsey-Werner Company and
YBYL Productions. This story is not-for-profit but I own it.

Date: 07/29/2008

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Strong language, voyurism, drug use, female/female sex, male solo
sex, female solo sex, male/female sex

Categories: Het, slash, bi

Pairing: Sally/Mascha/m/f

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Summary: Mascha returns to Rutherford and pays Sally a visit just in time for
Mascha to invite Sally to visit a new friend's house with her.

Other Notes: This AU story is a birthday gift for Adele Stephens -- who was
born on July 29th, 1969 -- and takes place after the two-part episode
entitled '36! 24! 36! Dick (The Super Bowl Episode)'.

Dedication: Happy 39th Birthday to Adele Stephens!--ATK 2008

Third Rock From The Sun: One Of The Greatest Summers On Earth
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

It had all began when a group of extraterrestrial scientists under the
orders from the leader of their home planet known as The Big Giant Head had
volunteered themselves to go on an expedition of what they had considered to
be the least important planet in the entire cosmos known as the planet Earth
by posing as a human 'family' of four in order to observe human beings in
their natural habitat.

And as soon as they had arrived in the small college town of Rutherford, Ohio
and placed themselves inside a loft apartment, the High Commander and leader
of the expedition had taken the identity of Dick Solomon, who had to take a
position as a physics professor at Pendelton State University -- where he had
found himself falling in love with a beautiful anthropology professor whose
name happens to be Doctor Mary Albright -- because he had also became the
family provider and the team's information officer has been given the body of
a teenager known as Tommy Solomon and forced to enroll in high school and
later college while the security officer, Sally Solomon and the
communications officer, Harry Solomon had spent their time taking one
miniscure job after another.

And of course, it was also true that Cupid's Arrow had caused Sally to fall
in love with an overweight and incompetent police officer whose name happens
to be Officer Don Orville but it was unfortunate for Sally that her little
romance with Don had not allowed itself to last at least one more day and as
soon as they had broken up, poor heartbroken Sally had no choice but to sit
herself down on the roof of the back porch, look up at the endless sea of
stars, let out a sigh and think to herself, *Why did I have to volunteer for
this crappy expedition? If I had known that I would do something that would
leave me feeling like total shit, I would had walked myself right up to The
Big Giant Head's face and told him to go kiss his own fucking ass!*

But then, on the morning of the 29th day of July, as soon as she had closed
her eyes, lowered her head in shame and allowed a single tear to run down her
cheek, a mysterious female voice from out of nowhere had asked, "Say, Sally?
Are you feeling okay? You seem to be depressed about something!" which had
caused Sally to open her eyes, look down at the ground below her and notice
that the one Venusian woman who had once fell in love with Harry known as
Mascha was standing right where she was and looking at Sally with concern on
her face.

And after she had allowed a big smile to appear on her lips, climbed back
into the loft apartment and rushed herself downstairs and out of the
building, a really-happy Sally had given Mascha a big friendly hug, let out
a small giggle and said, "Oooohhhh! I really am so glad to see you again,
Mascha! But what are you doing here? I've thought that you should be off
doing modeling jobs with Prell, Chloe and the other girls!", before a
small-smiling Mascha had rolled her eyes and answered, "Well, I actually
was. But that was before I had just met a wonderful couple who happen to be
living right here in Rutherford and invited me to come back with them for
the Summer. And I had also figured that since you and the rest of your team
are still based here, you might want to come with me and say 'hi' to them.
That is if you really want to."

And then, after Sally had given that idea some thought and decided to accept
Mascha's invitation before the experdition's own security officer had looked
at her Venusian best friend with confusion on her own face and asked, "But
may I ask what do I need to wear over at your newfound friends' house?" which
had caused a small-smiling Mascha to place her gentle hand on Sally's
shoulder and answer, "It's funny that you should ask, Sally. I just happen to
have a little something that I had just purchased through the BikiniDeals.
Com website. Why don't we go inside and let you try it on, okay?"

Then, after they had stepped back inside the loft apartment, Mascha had taken
a box out of her tote-bag and handed it to Sally just in time for her to open
it and discover that it had contained a bikini-swimsuit that had looked like
Old Glory itself, causing a small-smiling Mascha to let out a small giggle
and say, "You see, Sally. This little item happens to be Item Number
UJ-236-2003 and it's made for that certain American Girl. Just go ahead and
try it on. I bet that you would look great in it."

And with that, a small-smiling Sally had gone into her bedroom, stripped off
all of her clothes and put on the bikini-swimsuit that Mascha had given her
just before she had stepped out of her room and asked, "Well, Mascha? How do
I look?" only to have her look with wide eyes at the bikini-swimsuit that
Mascha had just changed into before she placed her hands on her hips, looked
at Sally with a small smile on her face and answered, "Not bad, Sally. Not
bad at all. Oh, and before you ask about my swimsuit, I had also bought for
it through the BikiniDeals. Com website. It's Item Number UJ-J368, also known
as the Ujena Teeny G-String. Well, now that we have our swimsuits on, let's
go over to the Lithgow residence and say 'hello' to David and Jennifer."

And then, after they had left the loft apartment and headed straight over to
a large house on the other side of town, Sally had walked herself up to the
front door and was about to ring the doorbell, only to have Mascha stop her
from doing that and say, "No, Sally. We don't have to go in through the front
door. They said that we're allowed to go into the back yard," before they had
walked around the back and noticed that an adult couple were splashing around
in the water of a swimming pool and enjoying themselves.

But that was before a small-smiling Mascha had placed her gentle hand on
Sally's shoulder and cleared her throat which had caused the female half of
the couple to climb herself out of the pool with a big smile on her face and
not a single piece of clothing on and say, "Hi, you must be Sally Solomon.
I'm Jennifer Lithgow. I really do understand that I look just like this hot
blonde porn-star known as Adele Stephens and I'm not willing to hide it just
like you're not willing to hide the fact that you bear a striking resemblance
to Playboy Magazine's September 1986 Playmate Of The Month, Rebekka

But just as she was about to say something in objection to that little piece
of logic, Sally's own eyes had became wide again at the sight of a handsome
blonde male stud climbing himself out of the pool, drying himself off with a
towel and looking at the three hot-looking babes with a small smile on his
face before a small-smiling Jennifer had pointed her index finger at the
blonde hunk and said, "Oh, that's my husband, David. They also say that he
looks just like a young Lex Luger. As for why we don't have any swimsuits on,
it had became so hot out here that we had decided to swim around in the nude.
So, would you like to come inside and have something to drink?"

And after both Sally and Mascha had agreed to accept Jennifer's kind and
generous offer, both David and Jennifer had put their robes on and allowed
the two outer-space babes to step into the house with them just in time for
Jennifer to step into the kitchen and pour some iced tea into four glasses,
only to also have her drop a small white-power-filled capsel into the fourth
glass before she had placed those iced tea glasses on a tray and carried that
tray out of the kitchen and into the living room, where she had handed two of
the iced tea glasses to both David and Mascha and the one iced tea glass with
the drug capsel in it to an unsuspecting Sally.

And after she had lifted up the last glass filled with iced tea and said,
"And now, my friends. Here's to one of the greatest Summers on Earth," they
had all gulped down the iced tea within those glasses, only to have Sally
suddenly feel so sick that she had started heading towards the door in order
to step outside and get some fresh air.

But as soon as she had taken at least four steps towards the door, poor Sally
had became so woozy that she had nearly dropped herself down to the floor but
that was before Jennifer had caught Sally, placed her on the sofa and
stripped off her entire bikini-swimsuit just in time for Jennifer to take her
robe off, take a dildo that just happens to be known as Tera Patrick's Big
One out of the robe's pocket and say, "And now, Sally. I do believe that it's
time for you to have a really good fuck."

And after Jennifer had started pumping the dildo in and out of Sally's
exposed cunt and sucking on her uncovered tits, David had removed his robe
and began stroking his stiff cock and Mascha had stripped off her bikini
swimsuit and started pumping two of fingers in and out of her hot, wet pussy
and carressing her own tits with the other hand before David had placed his
hands on Mascha's firm breasts and his stone hard dick inside her asshole and
began blowing his hot breath on the nape of her bare neck.

And then, after Mascha had placed one of her hands on David's bare shoulder
and the other hand on his bare arm and said, "Aaaahhhh, yeeeessss! That's
it! Do it, David! Touch me! Touch me there! Fuck me in the ass! Aaaahhhh!"
Jennifer had tossed the dildo aside and started licking on Sally's hot, moist
snatch and carressing her stiff mounds which -- in turn -- had caused Sally
to place her hands on Jennifer's bare shoulders and suddenly realize that
even though she has been drugged and forced to have sex against her will, she
was able to enjoy each and every minute of experiencing the one thing that
she had never experienced with anyone other than Don before which happens to
be pure and untamed sexual pleasure.

Then, after both David and Mascha had moved themselves closer to Sally and
Jennifer and Mascha had one of her hands on Jennifer's bare back and the
other hand on Sally's bare shoulder and started sucking on her tits, a
sexually-energized Sally had moved one of her hands over to Mascha's bare
shoulder and yelled at the top of her lungs, "AAAAHHHH, YES! THAT'S IT! DO

And after the four newfound bi-sexual lovers had started moving themselves
harder and faster and their lovemaking had finally zoomed itself off into
outer space, Sally, Mascha, Jennifer and David had all came and collapsed due
to exhaustion just in time for Jennifer to place her hand on Sally's bare
shoulder and say, "Look, Sally. I really am sorry for what I had done to you.
But as soon as you had arrived here with Mascha, you had the look on your
face like you had lost your one true love. What I had done was help you
retrieve that lost love. And I hope that you would forgive me for drugging
your iced tea in order to do it."

And after she had rolled her eyes for about a minute or two, a small-smiling
Sally had placed her gentle hand on top of Jennifer's and said, "To tell you
the truth, Jennifer. I really do forgive you... and thank you for helping
me find that lost love," before they had snuggled himself up to each other
and fell asleep with their naked arms in a lover's embrace.

Just then, as soon as Sally had finally returned to the loft apartment, a
curious Dick had looked at the new bikini-swimsuit that she was wearing and
said, "Well, Lieutenant. It looks like you really had enjoyed your visit to
Mascha's new friend's house," which had caused Sally to look at Dick with a
small smile on her lips and say, "As a matter of fact, Dick. I just had one
of the greatest Summers on Earth."



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