Two Of A Kind: Two In A Bind Part 5 - The Big Switcheroo
by Pred ([email protected]) (m/f,Mm/Fff,oral,ncon,inc,orgy,pedo)

"What am I going to do, Carrie?" Ashley whined. Carrie was perched at the
edge of Ashley's bed, stroking her head and trying to soothe away the girl's
anxious tears... "It's going to be all right, Ashley. We have til tomorrow
at 3. Maybe if you keep practicing with your carrot, you might..."

"That's not gonna help," Ashley pouted. "Mary-Kate was right. I'm the Gag
Queen. I'll never be able to suck Taylor's cock like I promised."

"But look at all the other neat stuff you can do, Ashley," Mary-Kate pointed
out. "Maybe you can just lick his balls and asshole and stuff."

"He's going to want me to suck his cock, Mary-Kate, like I promised him. If
I don't do that, he'll go back to stupid Megan, or
find someone else. My life is over."

"Maybe not," a slow smile spread across Carrie's face. She looked at
Mary-Kate. "You want to help Ashley, don't you, Mary-Kate?"

"I'll do anything," Mary-Kate exclaimed.

"Didn't you once say that Taylor couldn't tell you two apart?" Carrie asked.

"Uh huh," Mary-Kate nodded her head, and then started smiling, too. "Oh, I
get it!" she beamed.

"Get what?" Ashley demanded. "What are you guys talking about?"

"Geez, Ashley, sometimes you can be so dense," Mary-Kate teased. "Don't you
get it? Taylor can't the tell the difference between us. I can suck cock
and you can't, soooo..."

Ashley still looked puzzled.

"Duh, Ashley," Carrie chimed in.

"Oh, I get it," Ashley's face erupted in a big smile as the solution dawned
on her. "You," she pointed to Mary-Kate. "You can suck Taylor's cock
instead of me, and he'll think it's me." Then she paused. "But we do we do
after that. He's going to expect blowjobs from me all the time. I can't
have Mary-Kate fake being me everytime I want to give Taylor a blowjob."

"Listen," Carrie cut her off. "This is just a temporary measure. You won't
have the gag thing, however. You just need to relax, that's all. After we
get through tomorrow, we'll work on your blowjob technique and you'll get it.
Besides, after Taylor gets his first killer blowjob, it's best to string him
along for a few weeks afterwards. You want him craving it, going crazy for
it, going crazy for you. By that time we'll have your little problem worked
out, and all's well that ends well."

"But what about Mary-Kate?" Ashley objected. "She's going to be giving my
boyfriend a blowjob."

"It's just temporary, Ashley. I don't want to steal your boyfriend. I

"You can't enjoy it," Ashley demanded. "You have to swear you won't enjoy

"Okay, I won't enjoy it. I swear."

"But you have to look like you do," Ashley suddenly realized. "He has to
think it's me, and I'd really enjoy sucking his cock."

"I know Ashley. Just relax. I'll be great."

"But not too great..." Ashley protested.

"Ashley, that's enough," Carrie cut her off. "Now thank Mary-Kate for
helping you, and let's go to sleep. You both have a big day tomorrow."

"Okay, Carrie," Ashley agreed. "I'm sorry, Mary-Kate. I know you'll do your
best. Thanks."

"You're welcome, Ashley."

"Now good night," Carrie got up, turned off the light and left the room.

"Mary-Kate?" Ashley pondered in the darkness.

"Yes, Ashley," Mary-Kate sighed.

"Tell me everything that happens, okay...?"

"I won't have to. You're going to be watching the whole thing from the
closet. That way you'll know everything that happens and you won't screw up

"You really think I should?"

"I insist," Mary-Kate answered. "Now let me get to sleep."


"Yes, Ashley?"

"Some night, can we... you know .. do what we did today. That felt really
good when you licked my... you know..."

"Only if you lick mine," Mary-Kate giggled.

"It's a deal."

"Good night, Ashley. I love you."

"I love you, too."

"So, what was the big pow wow all about?" Kevin asked Carrie as she came
down the stairs.

"It's private, Professor," she answered. "You know our deal."

"I know, I have to trust you keep the girls' secrets."

"It's not their secrets you should be worried about, stud," Carrie smiled.
"We have some secrets of our own that need your more immediate attention."

"Oh, we do, do we? And what may they be."

"Well, why don't I break out some lines of coke, and we'll see what develops.
Who knows, maybe we can even make some new secrets."

"Has anyone ever told you that you're the anti-christ?" Kevin asked.

"Once or twice," Carrie laughed.

* * *

"You hide in here," Mary-Kate pointed to the living room closet. "Keep the
door open a crack, and you can see everything."

"Can I watch, too?" Carrie asked. "I want to see my star pupil's big
performance, too."

"Sure, Carrie," Mary-Kate smiled. "That'd be cool."

"He's going to be here any second," Ashley bellowed anxiously. "Places
everyone, places." She opened the closet and ushered Carrie inside.

"This is so exciting," Carrie giggled.

"Grow up, Carrie," Ashley said before turning to Mary-Kate. "Remember your
promise, Mary-Kate."

"I won't blow it, Ashley, trust me."

The closet door closed and almost immediately afterwards there was a knock at
the front door. Well, here goes nothing Mary-Kate shrugged her shoulders
and opened the door.

"Hey, Ashley," Taylor said nervously as he entered. "I guess you really
weren't joking, were you."

"Nope," Mary-Kate smiled. "I was serious. Dead serious."

"Okay, then," Taylor shrugged. "Let's do it, then, okay? What do you want
me to do? Pull down my pants?"

"Relax, darling, I'll do that for you," Mary-Kate sank to her knees and
reached out for the snap on Taylor's jeans.

"Man, you don't screw around, do you...?" Taylor was pleasantly surprised.

"Oh, I screw around all right," Mary-Kate beamed up at him in her best Ashley
impression. "But it's the good kind of screwing around."

"I can see that," Taylor was warming up to his royal treatment, a thrill
coursing through his spine as the pretty pre-teen slowly slid down his

"I'm gonna make you feel so good, Taylor," Mary-Kate gushed as she fished her
hands in the teen's jeans. "Wow, you've got a nice big cock," she cooed as
she stoked it beneath the folds of his jockey shorts. "I can't wait to suck

"I never knew you were so cool, Ashley," Taylor shuddered as the
eleven-year-old gently pulled down his shorts and exposed his cock to the
chilly air.

"There's a lot you don't know about me, Taylor," Mary-Kate almost burst out
laughing. Yeah, like I'm not really Ashley. Man, he does have a nice cock!
It's gotta be six inches at least. After Eddie's whopper, this'll be a piece
of cake. This could be fun after all... "Let me show you something else you
might not know about me," she giggled, smiling up at him and licking her
lips. They locked eyes, and she let the drool collect along the corners of
her mouth. As she moved her mouth up to the pink bulb of his cock-head, she
let a glob of spittle slather across the top of his fleshy helmet. "Yummy,"
she cooed, licking the spit off his prick-cap in delicate swirls. She
slurped a little as she continued licking and covering his cock with drool.
"Do you want to watch me play the harmonica?" she smiled as she looked in his
eyes. Then she started sucking the length of his cock sideways, lavishing it
with more slurpy smooches.

"Playing the harmonica," Taylor laughed. "I get it. That's so funny."

"I've got a hundred of 'em," Mary-Kate imitated some old comedian she once
saw on TV. "You know, I think I need to brush my teeth."

"Brush your teeth...?" Taylor was puzzled before he caught the motion of his
cock as it glided sideways into Mary-Kate's mouth and butted up against her
cheeks. "I get it," he laughed. "You're a riot, Ashley."

"You can stick it in there yourself," Mary-Kate invited him, warming to the
little game. "You know, like slide it back and forth against my cheek.
Yeah, like that. Brush'ba my'ba teeth'ba with it," she mumbled as he got
the idea and thrust it in and out of her mouth.

"That feels so cool," Taylor sighed. "That's like the best feeling I've ever
had in my life."

Mary-Kate smiled up at him and plopped his dick out of her mouth with a
resounding 'pop,' "That's called a lollipop," she giggled. "Now you try it.
Just brush my teeth with it, and then pop it out of my mouth." He obeyed her
instructions, fucked the inside of her cheek for a few seconds before popping
his prick out. A mixture of spit and teenage pre-cum glistened like a pearl
inhis quivering piss hole. "Now spank it across my face, all over my lips
and cheeks and everything. Oh, Taylor that feels so cool," she giggled as he
beat his meat against her face and deposited the pearl of precum on the end
of her pert nose. "Now hold on, dude. Here's where we start getting wild,"
she beamed up at him.

Before Taylor could even comprehend what was happening, Mary-Kate had sucked
the bulb of his cock into her eager mouth and was well on her way. "God,
Ashley. That feels so awesome. You are so cool. Suck that cock. Suck it!"
He started bucking his hips in unison with Mary-Kate's downstrokes, and in a
second he was feeding her entire his six inches. He stared down at the
little beauty in utter awe. She was taking it all without even batting an
eye. All he saw her in eyes was utter joy and devotion. She was mad-crazy
for his hard cock. He was a super-stud. Fuck Megan, this is where the
action is. Annoying little Ashley Burke. Who would have thought? If going
with her means this kind of serious head, I'll put up with all the guys
making fun of me for dating an eleven-year-old... "Shit, Ashley, that's it.
Suck my cock, Ashley. Suck it, Ash, suck it!"

"Too bad, Taylor," a voice suddenly cut into the sounds of the suck-athon.
"Those are the last words you're ver going to say, and you don't even have
the right girl." Professor Burke strode into the room from the kitchen.

"Professor Burke...?" Taylor's jaw dropped in horror.

"Dad!" Mary-Kate shrieked in utter terror.

"Mary-Kate," Kevin snarled in disgust.

"Mary-Kate?" Taylor exclaimed, suddenly pushing Mary-Kate away. "But
you're... you said...?"

"Like I said, Taylor. It's too bad you'll have to die for raping the wrong
girl." Kevin moved over to Taylor with extreme violence in his eyes.

"Dad don't!" Ashley suddenly burst out from the closet. "Don't hurt Taylor!"

"Ashley?" Taylor was really confused now as Professor Burke tightened his
fingers around the teen's throat.

"Kevin, don't," Carrie flew out of the closet and knock the Professor away
from Taylor.

"You!" Kevin hissed. "I should have known you had something to do with this.
I never should have trusted a sick slut like you with my daughters." He
lunged at Carrie.

"You weren't saying that two night ago, or last night, dad!" Ashley stepped
between her dad and Carrie. "She was pretty cool when you were peeing all
over her face and making her eat your poo!" Ashley thrust her tiny chest
out in defiance of her father. "That's right, dad. Mary-Kate and I saw
everything you did. So you can't lecture us about sex or kill Taylor for
wanting to get a blowjob. If Mary-Kate and I want to suck cocks and eat each
other's pussies, that's our right, and you can't do anything about it."

"I certainly can," Kevin bellowed as he slapped his precocious daughter.
"You little fucking slut." He grabbed her by the hair and dragged her over
to the couch. "So it's your right, huh? I'll show you what's your right.
You want to be a sick slut like Carrie, well, then, I'll show you what
happens to sick little whore sluts." He pressed her face into the cushion
with one hand and tore at her stretch pants with the other. With one savage
yank, he pulled her pants and panties down past her thighs. She tried to
wriggle away, but he held her still, pressing his leg into her skinny back
and crushing both the air and the fight of her. With his free hand, he tore
off his belt and folded it twice in his hand. "Here you go, you little
freak. Now you can be just like your idol, Carrie. Howl for me while I whip
your little freak ass, Ashley. Come on," he cracked the belt hard across her
naked, bony butt. "Let's hear your little freak squeal. Beat me, daddy!
Beat my bony little freak as black and blue! Let me hear it, Ash!" He was
beating her ass like a madman now. Welts and then bloody slashes cut across
her skinny ass-cheeks as she howled in agony. "Say it, Ash. Say it, or I'll
beat you ass til you die!"

"Beat me, daddy!" she screeched. "Beat my bony little freak ass!"

"I'm outta here," Taylor announced as he tried to hitch up his jeans.

"You stay!" Professor Burke hissed. "I don't know what was going on here
today, but it has something to do with you and Ashley." He continued beating
Ashley's ass black and blue. "Now someone tell me what the fuck was going on

"Ashley told Taylor she'd give him a blowjob so he'd go out with her,"
Mary-Kate shrieked as she watched their father beat her twin sister's ass to
a bloody, pulpy mess.

"Then why were you sucking Taylor's cock?" Kevin snapped.

"Ashley couldn't do it because she gags when she gives head," Carrie tried
to interject some reason into the psychotic scene that was unfolding. "So
Mary-Kate pretended to be Ashley so Taylor wouldn't know."

"That is just plain twisted," Taylor shrugged his shoulders.

"And how the hell did Ashley find out she gagged giving blowjobs, and how
the hell did Mary-Kate ever learn to suck cock like a truck stop whore?"

"I taught them," Carrie answered.

"Finally, we're getting somewhere," Kevin beat Ashley's ass in a frenzy now.
"It's all you. You're sick. You are fucking deranged. I am going to have
you arrested and sent away forever."

"It wasn't Carrie's fault, dad," Mary-Kate howled. "Ashley and I blackmailed
her into teaching us how to suck cock. We told her we'd tell you we saw you
two having sex, and all the stuff you did. She knew you'd fire her. She was
only trying to save her job and help us."

"You help my children by teaching them to suck cock like two-bit whores?"
Kevin screamed at Carrie.

"Somebody would have eventually, Professor," Carrie snapped back. "I just
started them early, that's all."

"Carrie was a great teacher, dad," Mary-Kate added. "I can suck a whole
ten-inch cock down my throat without gagging."

"I'm not even going to ask you how you taught my daughter that."

"You don't have to ask me," Carrie retorted. "Just ask Eddie!"

"Eddie!" Kevin blew a gasket. "Okay, Taylor, get over here right now or I
will kill you. I probably will end up killing you eventually, but this way
you get to live longer and you get to fuck a tight, virgin asshole before you
die." He gestured to Ashley's ass. "Get that cock back out and fuck my
daughter's asshole raw, do you hear me? Now!"

Quaking in fright, Taylor shuffled over to the couch and dropped his pants.
He was surprised that he was so frightened and his cock was so hard. He
stared at Ashley's bare, bloody bottom, and hesitated. "Sodomize her or die
now," Kevin snarled as he slipped his belt around the boy's neck in a
makeshift garrote. The boy staggered up to Ashley's battered butt and poised
his cock instinctively at puckered ring of her tiny asshole. He knew his
cock-head couldn't fit in the aperture, but he drove it forward anyway
feeling Professor Burke tighten the belt with such force that he couldn't
inhale. The blood from her father's beating had made the crack of Ashley's
ass quite slick, slick enough to function as lubricant as pressed his teenage
warhead against her unyielding sphincter. "Jab it in there or you die," the
Professor hissed again, and Taylor gritted his teeth and slammed forward.

The sheer, viselike tightness of her hole seemed to peel the very skin back
along his teenage cock, but he plowed ahead just the same. The skin on his
dick might heal. He couldn't say the same about the broken bones in his neck
if he resisted. He grabbed Ashley's hair to give himself more leverage and
shoved himself further up her blood-slickened poop chute. He ignored her
groans of angusih as he buried inch after of bloody sword into her intestinal

"That's it," Kevin laughed, releasing the grip on the belt as Taylor's
natural instincts took over and he fucked the skinny little pre-teen's ass
with merciless impunity. "How's that, Ashley?" Kevin goaded his daughter.
"How does it feel to be a freak now?"

"Please, daddy, make him stop," Ashley howled.

"But you love Taylor!" Kevin howled with a malevolent glee. "You'd do
anything for Taylor, even get your sister to suck his cock. You should love
having him fuck you up the ass now, you little freak. Tell Taylor how much
you love his cock up your ass. Tell him or I'll never let him stop."

"I love you Taylor," Ashley screeched. "I love your cock fucking me up my

"Hear that, stud," Kevin ranted. "The little whore loves it. The little
whore loves getting her bloody asshole stretched out by her darling

"Dad, you are really scaring me," Mary-Kate bawled. "Please stop. Dad,
we're so sorry. Just please stop."

"Stop!? I haven't even begun yet." He lifted Ashley off the couch as Taylor
still continued to slaughter her sphincter into oblivion. "You," he pointed
to Carrie. "Get that strap-on dildo you fucked my ass with last night and
put it on. Your going to crawl underneath Ashley and pop her cherry while
Taylor drills her ass. How's that, Ashley? Freaky enough for you? Getting
your cherry popped by your freak babysitter and her strap on dildo while your
boyfriend barrels you up the ass. How's that for your rights, you sick
little whore? How's it feel to be all grown up now?" He wrapped the belt
around Ashley's neck now to encorage Carrie to move more quickly. "Get over
here, Carrie. Ashley's waiting for her sick freak lover to pop her
eleven-year-old cherry." He tightened the belt around his daughter's neck.
"Isn't she?"

"Yes, daddy," the twin howled. "Please come over here and fuck my pussy with
your dildo, Carrie. Please!"

White as a sheet, Carrie did as she was told, suddenly realizing for the
first time in her life she wasn't in control. She wasn't even fucking close.
She'd unleashed sadistic, psychopathic lunatic when she'd seduced Kevin the
other night. This was all her doing, all her fault, just like very other
freakish encounter she'd ever gotten herself into. Only this time, she had
somehow let the power get away from her, and now an absolute madman had taken
control. This wasn't fun anymore, nor hot, nor even dangerous. It was
horrific, and it appeared to be turning fatal. Kevin would kill somebody -
Taylor, Ashley, Mary-Kate, herself - and once he got that first taste of
blood there would be no stopping him until they all lay slaughtered --
slaughtered like bleating lambs in the wake of his insatiable, diabolical

All she could do for the moment, however, was play along and look for an
opening, one slight instance where she could turn the tables. Kevin was
giving her no such surcease, however. He was tightening the belt even
further, and Ashley was turning blue. Carrie knew what she had to do. She
had to fuck Ashley brutally with the dildo to save her life. So, that's
what she did, stabbing it up into the pre-teen's guts, shredding her hymen
with one, decisive, blood-smeared thrust.

"Oooooooooohhhhhhgggggghhhhh!" Ashley's banshee wail of unspeakable anguish
echoed throughout the house. And along with Kevin's satanic shrieks of
mirth, the sounds combined to make an inhuman symphony of the damned.

"Now let's work on that gag thing," Kevin suddenly danced around the pathetic
form of his twice impaled daughter. His cock was out now and he smashed it
into Ashley's gibbering, hysterical mouth. As she bawled with the last bit
of her dignity and strength, Kevin drove his cock one rock-hard inch at a
time down her howling mouth. With every orifice in her body now brutally
stuffed and defiled beyond redemption, she didn't even notice that she was
sucking her father's entire length into her throat without the slightest hint
of a gag. Mary-Kate noticed, however.

Her eyes bugged out as she saw her sister being violated in every way shape
and form. But the thing that really astounded her was Ashley's sudden
ability to take their father's savage choke fucking without batting an
eyelash. "You're doing it, Ashley," Mary-Kate screamed in joy. "You're
sucking all of dad's eight-inch cock, and you're not gagging. You did it.
Ashley. You did it!"

Carrie looked up, too, Mary-Kate alerting her to the wondrous transformation
that had occurred in her twin sister. Her eyes teared over in pride as she
saw Ashley deftly handling every sadistic inch of Kevin's inhuman throat
throttling. She was taking it harder than Mary-Kate ever had. In fact,
Ashley was handling more vicious cock-fury than Carrie had ever seen another
living human being endure. * (see below) Ashley seemed aware of this, too,
as the moans of anguish became squeals of delight.

"I'm doing it, dad," she gasped, lovingly kissing her father's cock. "I'm
sucking all your cock, and I'm not gagging anymore."

"I see," Kevin's infernal sadism suddenly melted into a wave of healthy,
incestuous lust. As he looked into his daughter's excited eyes, he forgot
all the anger that had been consuming him. He was sharing a special moment
with her, the most special moment in her life, the moment when she finally
learned how to suck her first cock. He stroked her brow lovingly and looked
over at his other daughter. Mary-Kate locked eyes with her dad and sister
and instinctively crawled over to be with them.

"You can suck dad's cock, too, Mary-Kate," Ashley gushed. "It tastes so

Mary-Kate accepted her dad's member into her mouth, and with one motion the
entire Burke family turned to stare into the eyes of their wild, wacky
babysitter. "Just one big happy family," Carrie joked as she fucked the
dildo deep into Ashley's cunt. Taylor pulled out of Ashley's asshole now
and wagged his spewing cock in the girl's face. She lovingly accepted his
hot sperm shower, sucking the blood and cum off his quivering tool while
Taylor milked the entire load into her mouth.

"Ahh ahh ahhh ohhh..." Ashley's body vibrated with the tremors of her first
pussy-stuffed cum. She swooned into Carrie's chest and kissed her sitter on
the mouth, letting Taylor's bloody cum dribble between the redhead's
succulent lips.

"Hey, I want to ride on that thing, too," Mary-Kate pushed aside her sister
and mounted Carrie, lowering her tiny, bony frame on the stiff black dildo.
"Dad," she tuck her ass in the air as Carrie's dildo bumped against her
hymen. "Can you do me in the butt while Carrie fucks my pussy? Please?"

Kevin smiled. How could he ever refuse either of his daughters anything when
they asked him so sweetly. He spread his daughter's skinny ass cheeks and
licked her tiny, puckering hole. "This could hurt little," he warned his
daughter. "Daddy has a pretty big cock, you know."

"I know, daddy," Mary-Kate giggled. "But love hurts sometimes, doesn't
it...? And I want all the love you can give."

"This is so cool," Ashley sighed as she kissed Taylor's cock, which was
already showing signs of rejuvenation. "Are you ready for the real thing
now?" she asked the love of her life.

"Sure," he shrugged his shoulders. "Are you going to talk or suck?"

"Why don't you tell me," she beamed up at him, sucking his entire length into
her mouth without the hint of gagging while Carrie Moore, her father, and her
twin sister Mary-Kate burned in hell.

* (See above) This is an extra added bonus, PRED's alternative ending. I
wouldn't read any further if you know what's good for you. Really, I'm not
kidding. Don't read this!! (Mm/Fff,ncon,inc,orgy,inc,snuff,necro,pedo)

"Now let's work on that gag thing," Kevin suddenly danced around the
pathetic form of his twice impaled daughter. His cock was out now and he
smashed it into Ashley's gibbering, hysterical mouth. As she bawled with the
last bit of her dignity and strength, Kevin drove his cock one rock-hard inch
at a time down her howling mouth. With every orifice in her body now
brutally stuffed and defiled beyond redemption, she didn't even notice that
she was sucking her father's entire length into her throat without the
slightest hint of a gag. Mary-Kate noticed, however.

Her eyes bugged out as she saw her sister being violated in every way shape
and form. But the thing that really astounded her was Ashley's sudden
ability to withstand their father's savage choke fucking without batting an
eyelash. "You're doing it, Ashley," Mary-Kate screamed in joy. "You're
sucking all of dad's eight-inch cock, and you're not gagging. You did it.
Ashley. You did it!"

Carrie looked up, too, Mary-Kate alerting her to the wondrous transformation
that had occurred in her twin sister. The sitter's eyes teared over in pride
as she saw Ashley deftly handling every sadistic inch of Kevin's inhuman
throat throttling. She was taking it harder than Mary-Kate ever had, even
from Eddie. In fact, Ashley was handling more vicious cock-fury than Carrie
had ever seen another living human being endure. Then Carrie looked into
Ashley's eyes and understood the real truth. The twin's pupils had rolled up
inside her sockets, leaving only the bloodshot whites visible. Long strings
of drool babbled effusively from her slack jaws, and sharp, gran mal seizures
contorted her lithe, previously pristine body.

"Damn, her ass is going wild!" Taylor howled in sadistic glee as the
pre-teen's sphincter muscle contracted wildly, alternately clamping down on
his cock like the jaws of life, then expanding into a veritable crater,
burping out hot volleys of diarrhea and bile.

Carrie felt a hot stream of liquid seeping down her legs, and looked down to
see Ashley's tiny urethra let loose a flood of pent up pee. "We're killing
her, Professor," Carrie tried to get Kevin's attention. "We're fucking your
daughter to death." She saw a glint of recognition sweep over the
Professor's gaze. "We have to stop now, or we will kill her!" Carrie added.

The Professor nodded slowly, and Carrie breathed a sigh of relief as he
yanked his cock from Ashley's devastated mouth and tore Taylor's cock from
her obliterated poop chute. Thank God... Carrie wept, until she looked
again at the expression on Professor Kevin Burke's face.

"Well, your time's up, stud!" Kevin sneered at Taylor, and with one,
quick, decisive move snapped the teen hunk's neck like a brittle twig. As
Mary-Kate's math tutor collapsed to the floor, Kevin kicked Carrie out from
under Ashley, disengaging the long dildo from the slender pre-teen's
piss-smeared snatch. "I understand there's nothing like the feeling of death
convulsions around a hard cock," Kevin sneered at his daughter's comatose
body. "I guess I'm going to find out, aren't I, you little freak." He spun
his daughter's body onto her back and hoisted her thin, coltish legs high in
the air, spreading them apart like a cracked wishbone, and then piledriving
his fleshy stake deep into her bare, flat, defenseless, pre-teen tummy. "Oh,
Christ, what a feeling!" he shrieked with the ear-splitting fury of Satan
himself, as he rode the tidal waves of Ashley's spastic death throes, her
slaughtered body flopping about wildly like the last pathetic moments of a
baby harp seal. "I am fucking my daughter," he roared, "fucking her
worthless freak corpse to the gates of Hell."

Carrie tried to turn away and spare herself the vision of Ashley's last,
ghastly moments, but she could not tear her eyes from the grisly tableau
before her. Somehow, in the back of her mind, she'd known it would always
come to this. The search for higher and higher peaks of carnal depravity
had inevitably led to this, the final taboo - Incestuous Rape and Snuff, the
Holy Grail of All Monster Orgasms. With this sudden revelation, the sitter's
soul separated itself from her body, hovering above the scene, watching the
inhuman drama, feeling the sensation of her pussy well up with a cauldron of
depraved desire. This final circle of hell had been her creation, and she
felt irresistibly compelled to reap the harvest of her vicious cycle of sin.

In a daze, she found herself crawling over to Taylor's broken body and
lovingly stroking the rigid, stone-cold cock still protruding from his
lifeless belly. Without giving herself a chance to think, she climbed aboard
the rigor mortis ramrod, crucifying herself on the teen's granite manhood,
burying her tongue between her icy lips, riding his stone-dead cock into the
pit of everlasting flames. Her eyes glazed over now in sheer, unspeakable
bliss, the rest of the room became a catatonic blur as her vulva detonated a
series of mind-numbing, crippling cum-blasts. Spurred on to even loftier
heights of arousal, Carrie 'Gimme' Moore humped the dead teen's zombified
cock further into her roiling entrails, producing yet another machine gun
round of multiple climaxes which slowly descended into a rhythmic pulse of
fresh-fucked euphoria. As her soul gradually settled back into her heaving,
cum-wracked frame, Carrie vaguely became aware that Kevin had finally fucked
the last bit of warmth from Ashley's body. Unable to move or even to speak,
she watched now as the mad Professor grabbed a handful of Mary-Kate's hair
and forcibly dragged her over to the carcass of her twin sister.

"Get on all fours," he commanded. The skinny, doe-eyed, pre-teen beauty
obediently obeyed her father, her squeaky little voice whimpering in abject
terror. "Now stick your ass up in the air like a good little freak whore."
He slapped the girl's skinny butt, then pushed down hard on her spine.
Mary-Kate's back instinctively arched, and her narrow, pre-teen ass-cheeks
jutted into the air. "You are still a virgin, aren't you?" he slapped her
slender, almost boyish ass-cheeks again, then punched her in the left kidney
for good measure.

"Yes, dad," she bawled. "I'm still a virgin. Please... please stop...
Ashley... look what you did to Ashley!"

"Eat her dead pussy," Kevin ignored his daughter's pathetic attempt to access
any humanity still remaining in the spent, black ember of his heart. "Do it,
or you'll die, too, right now." He jammed Mary-Kate's face into the cold
privates of her dear, departed sister, laughing as his only living daughter
puked into the dead girl's decaying crotch.

He's going to kill me. My daddy's really going to kill me... Mary-Kate felt
her father's hands encircle her slender throat and begin squeezing the life
from her. Horrified beyond all hope of salvation, the precocious pre-teen
obsequiously complied to her father's inhuman demands, lowering her sobbing
mouth into her twin's polluted snatch and running her tongue over the cold
folds of Ashley's ashen-white labia.

"That's good," Kevin hissed in her ear as he repositioned himself, his bloody
flesh dagger now poised at the entrance to her entrails. "Here it comes, you
little freak, the moment every girl waits for. Time to pop the old cherry,
Mary-Kate," her father hissed as he sliced his inhuman tool between her
delicate, virgin cunt lips. "What's that I hear breaking?" he ranted.
"Could that be your hymen? Or maybe it's your neck?" he chortled, increasing
pressure across her carotid artery and slowly strangling the life from her
ripe, nubile body.

Despite the absolute, unspeakable horrors being committed upon her mortified
soul, Mary-Kate Burke found it impossible to resist the sensations of
loathsome ecstasy flowing from her sopping, stretched-out snatch. Her bodily
instincts didn't know situation behind the stimulus raging through her tight,
bald cunt. Her hormones only responded to the waves of excruciating pleasure
surging through her thin, bony frame with every maniacal thrust of her
father's ghoulish fuck-saber. She wept as her blasted cunt walls lovingly
embraced the weapon gutting her soul, her thin hips unconsciously bucking
back to meet each savage thrust, her undeveloped pelvic muscles automatically
straining to milk every last bit of pleasure from the depths of her

"You like that, don't you?" her father bit her ear lobe off and sucked the
bloody wound. "Being a scientist, I know a lot about how the body works," he
raved. "Do you know what asphyxiophilia is, darling?" he mocked. "That's
when stupid little freak fuck toys like you get turned on by getting the life
choked out of your worthless, skinny necks. You see, oxygen deprivation
stimulates the pleasure centers in the brain, and the more these freaks get
their necks choked, the more helacious their climax becomes. Judging from
the juice flowing out of your hot, eleven-year-old cunt and the contractions
pounding through your flat little tummy, I'd say you're experiencing some
extreme asphyxiophilia right about now, aren't you, you sick little slut.
Feel that?" the Professor barked, tightening the grip around her neck even
further. "That's your body saying: 'Choke me while you fuck my bloody,
pre-teen pussy, daddy. Choke me good and hard so I cum all over your hard,
huge cock.' That's what your body is saying, sweetie. Can you hear it?" He
grunted, his thrusts becoming even more furious as Mary-Kate's silky snatch
snapped even tighter around his engorged jackhammer. "Listen to your body,
Mary-Kate. It's telling you where to go. Go to the light, you sick little
fuck-toy freak. The light is release, Mary-Kate - the monster cum of your
short, pathetic life. Go to the light, baby. Chase it. The light is
calling you. Chase it. Chase it..."

Her dad's voice droned on and on as Mary-Kate's world closed around her
buzzing, popping brain. I do see the light, she wept to herself, listening
to her insatiable bald cunt slap back and forth along the inhuman length of
her father's assault rifle. Harder dad... Choke me, fuck me... Harder... I
see the light dad, I'm almost there... Harder... Please God, harder... Choke
me... Fuck me... I see the light... I'm cumming, cumming into the light...
The very essence of her being detonated in a mushroom cloud of sheer,
all-encompassing, all-satisfying satiation. Every pore of her body exploded
with the deliverance of utter lust-fulfillment. Her nubile, rape-torn body
was bathing in the Light now, every last fiber of her being excoriated,
annihilated, and ultimately extinguished beyond any hope of resurrection.

I've done it! Kevin wanted to jam his entire body up the shredded cavern of
his daughter's tight, wet, sucking sluice. I've finally wiped that fucking
smile off her face, her and her fucking sister both. They won't be so bubbly
and precious anymore... EVER! Kevin rode out the volcanic eruption of
Mary-Kate's last earthly orgasm like an expert bronco buster breaking a rabid
filly, coaxing every last vestige of earthly pleasure from the undulating,
under-developed shell of her once effervescent body. With her last and most
ferocious spasm, the sharp constriction of her pulsating pussy drew forth all
the unholy vitriol Professor Kevin Burke had pent up in the testicles of his
lust-consumed soul. As he flooded his daughter's wasted twat with the
accursed seed of his putrid prick, he looked into the whites of her eyes,
longing to finally, at long last see the scars of utter defilement etched
across her perpetually perky and sickeningly sweet face.

My God, she's... she's still... He desperately shifted his gaze to Ashley.
Certainly she has to be... The visage of Mary-Kate's twin sister beamed up
at him with an identical expression -- the same, foul, unblemished

"The horror!" he shrieked, ripping his spewing bludgeon from Mary-Kate's
still cozy cunt and spraying the last vestiges of his existence across both
their accursed faces: the up-turned noses, the pouting lips, the doe eyes,
the adorable aura of precociousness that even the most horrific of all
soul-rapes could not wipe away. "The horror," he repeated, the words
snapping his brain into an aneurysm, his body going rigid before he could
think to turn away, rendering his eyes unable to extinguish the image which
would be the last thing Professor Kevin Burke would ever see -- the pitiless,
merciless, inexorable cuteness of Mary-Kate and her twin sister, Ashley.



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